inetpronuvolari: it's just you04:29
inetprogood morning04:29
nuvolarig'morning inetpro, superfly05:20
nuvolariMaaz: tell Kilos good morning05:20
Maaznuvolari: Okay, I'll tell Kilos on freenode05:20
superflymorning nuvolari05:33
Kilosmorning nuvolari superfly and others05:38
dwidge1maaz is pretty cool07:54
dwidge1like he's running ai or something07:54
dwidge1maaz: what's up?07:55
Maazdwidge1: *blink*07:55
dwidge1ok ok07:56
Kiloshey guys. can someone please tell me how to stop evolution receiving mail with a html attachment of the same text11:43
Kilosi have done something wrong but cant find what11:44
* nlsthzn lurks14:20
* highvoltage watches nlsthzn lurking14:31
* nlsthzn runs away14:32
* maiatoday watches highvoltage watch and empty spot14:32
nlsthznhow u guys doing? :)14:33
nlsthzngood to hear14:35
maiatodaybusy 14:35
maiatodaybut good, you?14:35
nlsthznfine as rain, thx14:36
nlsthznbeen awhile since I was on IRC so just wanted to come say a quick hello :)14:36
Kilosnlsthzn, quick hello14:37
Kiloshi maiatoday highvoltage 14:37
highvoltagehey Kilos, maiatoday and nlsthzn 14:37
maiatodayhello *14:38
nlsthznhey Kilos :)14:46
* nlsthzn disapears in a puff of a disconnect14:47
* highvoltage hoped for a bigger puff14:48
* maiatoday breathes14:49
highvoltageslow day in #ubuntu-za? :)14:53
Kiloslooks like it was a common new years resolution to become lurkers14:56
drubinthanks for the bday wishes! thanks14:56
Maazdrubin: By the way, maiatoday on freenode told me "tell drubin happy birthday" 1 day, 3 hours, 50 minutes and 24 seconds ago14:56
highvoltageMaaz: weather stellenbosch14:57
Maazhighvoltage: In Cape Town, South Africa at 4:00 PM SAST on January 12, 2011: 23°C; Humidity: 69%; Wind: South at 39 km/h; Conditions: Partly Cloudy; Sunrise/set: 5:46 AM SAST/7:59 PM SAST; Moonrise/set: 1:07 PM SAST/14:57
highvoltageah, heat wave over?14:57
drubinalthough it is 29.5C here though15:25
highvoltageah, still good15:35
highvoltagelast I read it was going up to 36-3815:35
drubinye it was damn hot15:39
dwidge1maaz: enumerate lurkers15:54
Maazdwidge1: Excuse me?15:54
inetprodrubin: wb16:05
inetprooh and hi to everyone 16:05
Kiloshi inetpro 16:06
Morganvdevening all17:16
Kiloshi Morganvd 17:16
Morganvdgot my new netbook today17:17
Kilosyou happy?17:17
Kiloswith or without ubuntu?17:18
Morganvdwith windows 717:18
MorganvdDell 101817:18
Kiloseish too17:18
Morganvdbut installing ubutnu as we speek17:18
Morganvdwhy eish for Dell17:19
Kilosno for win 717:19
Kilosi eish for anything ms related17:19
Morganvdi hate ms17:20
Morganvdbut the dell looks nice17:20
Kilosjoin the family17:20
Kilosany pc is nice with ubuntu on17:20
Kilosthere was something a while back about claiming back for the win installation17:22
Kiloson the lists if i member right17:22
Morganvdnot sure 17:25
Morganvdyou mean the restore section17:25
Kilosno to claim for the win that you dont want17:31
superflydrubin: ping17:44
Morganvdsuperfly: pin17:45
MorganvdKilos: you wil lbe glad to know17:46
Morganvdubutnu-netbook busy installing17:46
Kiloswhat Morganvd 17:47
Morganvdi said you will be happy to know that ubuntu-netbook is installing on my netbook17:48
Kilosoh yes i do a jig everytime windows gets dumped17:55
Kilosbut its taking long17:56
Kilosyou installing alongside17:56
Morganvdi removed all traces of windows17:57
Kilosit installs here in about 35mins17:57
Morganvdi usualy install under 10 min18:01
Morganvdbut the installer keeps crashing right now18:01
Kiloswow thats nice18:02
Morganvdi justdownloaded a new ISO18:02
Morganvdi preffer 10.04 netbook18:02
Morganvdnot a major fan of unity yet18:02
Morganvdbut im trying 10.10 netbook 18:02
Morganvdrealy funny keeps droping the usb18:03
Morganvdinput error18:03
Kilosok. i find 10.10 more work than 10.04 as well18:03
Morganvdk time to find a 10.04 netbook addition18:06
Morganvdthis is not funny18:06
drubinsuperfly: pong18:47
Kilosnight all sleep tight18:48
dwidgehi morganvd: i also had trouble with one of the current ubuntu releases a while back, but i think it was 10.4 not 10.10. had some trouble with an old ati radeon card, wouldn't start up with it i think. hope 11.4 will sort yours and my prob out.19:05
Morganvdmy installer just crashes19:06
dwidgehave you tried some googlin'? anyone have same prob?19:07
dwidgeot, i'm still wondering when, if at all, the synaptic/apt/yum (is it yum?) guys are gonna implement diff downloads for package updates. anyone heard anything about this? it would use up so much less cap. but i bet ms would never do it for windows, you know them..19:13
drubindwidge: yum already can do stuff like that. but it makes merging them together so much harder19:14
Morganvddwidge: what machine you trying to install on19:20
dwidgeit was a celeron desktop with an ati 9500 card19:25
dwidgewhen i took the card out it worked19:25
dwidgecan't remember exact details of what happened, long time ago, but i think it was the live cd that wouldn't start up, it stalled19:26
dwidgeit stalled after the dos-like menu of the cd, but before desktop loaded19:27
dwidgei found an interesting thread talking about the yum diff thingy, if anoyone interested:19:29
dwidgedrubin, haven't found anything other than that thread on yum..19:31
dwidgeoh wait a mo, now i did. called yum-presto it seems. cool19:32
dwidgethanks drubin for the hint19:38
Morganvddwidge: i sorted my issue out21:07
Morganvdit was the iso21:07
Morganvdused a older iso and it works right now21:07
dwidgehmm now that is interesting21:55
dwidgeiirc, i downloaded my iso pretty early21:56
dwidgethat might have had something to do with my prob as well21:56
dwidgeit didn't say beta or anything, but maybe it was some prerelease of sorts21:57
dwidgeor did you mean you're now using the older iso, which is working?21:59
nuvolari_not good :/ it's 0:54 already22:53
nuvolari_I'm gonna die by friday22:54

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