X14U2NVXedbian: the broadband B431200:00
edbianX14U2NVX: beautiful00:00
thieven`dffd, if you boot a live cd or usb key, then you can get at your files and move them to a external hard drive or something. then you can wipe that computer and reinstall ubuntu.00:00
edbianX14U2NVX: Is the machine connected to the internet right now?00:00
big_tthieven`: trying to add freebsd to grub menu.lst , and its located on second drive sdb00:01
X14U2NVXedbian: I am using that machine atm... Using ethernet to get connection00:01
edbianX14U2NVX: please pastebin the output of dmesg00:01
edbianX14U2NVX: excellent.  i feel very confident about this right now00:01
n-iCehow do I join to the kernel folder?00:01
thieven`big_t, you will need to see if (where the bsd is) called sdb1 or sdb2.... and tell grub where on sdb to look.00:01
MJBrunei want to check my system if it has this http://it.slashdot.org/it/08/02/10/2011257.shtml exploit, anyone have a copy of this?00:02
big_tthieven`: sdb100:02
mattgyverEtherealWinterWi, run gconf-editor and take a look at /apps/nautilus/preferences/confirm_trash and see if it is checked00:02
dffdwont let me make a copy of /etc/00:02
thieven`dffd why would you want to copy that folder?00:02
dffdMost settings are in your home folder (in hidden folders) and system wide configuration files are in /etc/ (you'll only need to backup files from /etc/ which you edited yourself). If you backup these you should be able to reset most of you're current settings in your new install.00:03
terronHow do I delete a network interface?00:03
edbianX14U2NVX: mm, the card seems to be working but is not able to associated with the wireless router00:03
dffdthis is really stupid. how can an entire install be screwed up from me installing 2 or 3 packages. i want my desktop back00:03
thieven`mattgyver, "as long as it's a Linux kernel version 2.6.17 to"      in a terminal type uname -r    this will tell you what kernel you have.00:03
EtherealWinterWiIt is, that option is to only warn when deleting files from the trash00:04
edbianX14U2NVX: Can you tell me what lsmod | grep b43 says?00:04
X14U2NVXedbian: It does this for all routers00:04
sam-_-dffd, and we may help if you tell us specifics about the problem00:04
thieven`dffd, i agree mate. it is odd.00:04
sam-_-dffd, i doubt it's because of the installed packaged00:04
sam-_-dffd, i doubt it's because of the installed packages00:04
mattgyverEtherealWinterWi, oh sorry I thought that was what you needed00:04
dffdso the command sudo apt-get install totem-xine libxine1-ffmpeg libdvdread4 <--- screwed up my desktop. any help appreciated00:04
n-iCehow do I join to the kernel folder?00:04
sam-_-dffd, so you are dropped to console on boot now?00:05
dffdboots with no splash screen. asks for login and password which i give it. i just want my desktop back00:05
X14U2NVXedbian: it has been added to the pastebin00:05
Thunderirchey does anyone know why ubuntu server is using my routers ip00:05
sam-_-dffd, ask for password where? on a tty?00:05
MJBruneanyone have an example copy of the 2.6.17 exploit?00:05
edbianX14U2NVX: It made a new pastebin.  Please give me the new link00:05
dffdyes tty00:05
EtherealWinterWii mean a warning before sending a file to the trash bin as it is so easy to accidently push the delete button and not realise you've sent a file or folder there00:06
sam-_-then try: sudo restart gdm00:06
sam-_-dffd, then try: sudo restart gdm00:06
bholzingerI'm having serious display issues with my load. Using Kernel 2.6.31-14 - generic, help!00:06
edbianX14U2NVX: It's using the b43 driver already.  Did you do anything to set it up?00:07
goddardI have been trying to setup an email server with some luck but an something that is out of most tutorials it seems is one vital aspect and that is how to setup the domain.  Can anyone enlighten me?00:07
X14U2NVXedbian: I went into additional drivers and had it use the default one. The only other driver I have already tried, and does not recognize the device at all00:07
bastidrazorgoddard: #postfix may be a good channel00:07
edbianX14U2NVX: Additionally, can you give me more of dmesg?  I only got the last 10 linues00:07
X14U2NVXedbian: yes00:08
namnatulcoMJBrune: http://www.exploit-db.com/exploits/5092/00:08
edbianX14U2NVX: thanks00:08
dffdi have tried that and it said gdm unknown command. i tried sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart got the same message00:08
namnatulcoMJBrune: I think, anyway.00:08
MJBrunenamnatulco: thats it, thanks00:08
bholzingerAlternatively: how can I remove ubuntu (single load, no win partitions) and replace it with 10.10? is there a command in Gnome that says "hey, reboot the hard drive from the cd mounted."???00:08
dw-my cpus aer at 100% and System Monitor isn't showing what's causing it.  What other program(s) can I use?00:08
sergiorauberI'm having problem with the microphone jack on a Dell Inspiron 1545 with Maverick Meerkat00:08
dffdim going to try it all again and write down the error messages. i think my apt-get sources list may be a problem too if you can give me an url where i can copy and paste over my old list00:08
sam-_-dffd, which version of ubuntu? or are you using kubuntu?00:08
n-iCehow do I join to the kernel folder? the path where is located00:08
timbojimbo31488I am having some problems with ushare. It takes a long time for it to load. I have the directories set up to my downloads, videos, and music, but none show up on the PS3. I also have a directory set to my home folder and everything shows up there. except the video files. It was working before, but I'm not sure why it is not working now. any ideas?00:08
dffdubuntu 7.10 i think it is but i would have to check what it says in grub00:09
X14U2NVXedbian: new pastebin: http://pastebin.com/PSf0UFLT00:09
edbianX14U2NVX: what happens when you run 'sudo iwlist scan'  ?00:09
X14U2NVXedbian: lemme check00:09
markturnipMy analogue audio output isn't working. I'm using Ubuntu server. Where do I begin trying to debug this? 00:09
philsfdw-, system monitor must be using the "show my processes" option, choose "show all processes" from the menu00:09
dw-philsf: top showed the prob... guess it was hidden in System Monitor00:09
dffdis it possible a bad apt-get sources list couldve been responsible for the mess up to start with00:10
sam-_-dffd, oh then upgrade because 7.10 isn't supported anymore00:10
X14U2NVXedbian: for my wireless device it says "no scan results", for the rest, "Interface doesn't support scanning".00:10
dffdk. will upgrading keep my existing settings and install me a new desktop?00:10
bholzingerI'm having serious display issues with my load. Using Kernel 2.6.31-14 - generic, help! Alternatively: how can I remove ubuntu (single load, no win partitions) and replace it with 10.10? is there a command in Gnome that says "hey, reboot the hard drive from the cd mounted."???00:10
edbianX14U2NVX: Do networks show up in the applet?00:10
sam-_-dffd, hopefully00:11
minimecX14U2NVX: do you see any device with 'iwconfig' in a console?00:11
dw-philsf: ahh k cool :)00:11
X14U2NVXedbian: at the moment, no, but it was working earlier00:11
sam-_-dffd, can't promise anything because 7.10 is quite old00:11
sam-_-dffd, lsb_release -a|grep -i release00:11
edbianX14U2NVX: According to dmesg it associates to the access point twice but then it doesn't get a probe response and it is unable to connect again00:11
sam-_-dffd, see if you really have 7.1000:11
X14U2NVXminimec: yes it shows my router00:11
edbianX14U2NVX: What caused it to stop working?00:11
X14U2NVXedbian: not sure lemme restart it.00:11
goddardI have been trying to setup an email server with some luck but an something that is out of most tutorials it seems is one vital aspect and that is how to setup the domain.  Can anyone enlighten me?00:12
wasserhi people i installed ubuntu 10.10 and when i use apt-get install XXXXXX, my terminal doesnt autocomplete XXXXX with applications by pressing tab. any ideas?00:12
minimecX14U2NVX: so you see the ssid of the router, but you are not connected. So you have no ip for wlan1 when doing 'ifconfig'00:12
edbianX14U2NVX: sure00:12
X14U2NVXedbian: ok restarted it, now it shows stuff00:13
dffdcd in the drive is 8.10. is there a way to check the installed version because im running from the cd00:13
sam-_-wasser, are you using konsole and kubuntu by chance?00:13
edbianX14U2NVX: does sudo iwlist scan now show stuff?00:13
X14U2NVXminimec: that is correct00:13
wassersam-_-, no, im using the terminal00:13
bholzingerI'm having serious display issues with my load. Using Kernel 2.6.31-14 - generic, help! Alternatively: how can I remove ubuntu (single load, no win partitions) and replace it with 10.10? is there a command in Gnome that says "hey, reboot the hard drive from the cd mounted."???00:13
dw-dffd: goto a prompt and do cat /etc/*rele*00:13
ethernetwhat is the most win office compatible software for  ubuntu without WINE ( native nix ) ?00:13
Alexarm<thieven`> what is the grub it mentions and how do i find it?00:13
X14U2NVXedbian: yes it now does00:13
minimecX14U2NVX: Did you ever have a connection with this configuration? Did you change encryption key or mode?00:14
dffdthat also says 8.1000:14
sam-_-dffd, what dw- said but in the root directory of your install00:14
KM0201ethernet: open office?00:14
X14U2NVXminimec: I have never been able to connect, and the encryption key has not changed00:14
edbianX14U2NVX: The card and the driver are working.  Now we have to figure out why you cannot connect to an Access Point00:14
sam-_-dffd, you have to mount your install first00:14
dw-oh i wasnt apying attention00:14
edbianX14U2NVX: try to connect and monitor the changes in dmesg to get info00:14
ethernetKM0201: i cannot work with it give me some table errors, it can be payable ....00:14
X14U2NVX:edbian actually it shows alot of unknowns... i'll get it in pastepin.00:14
sam-_-wasser, is it working in say xterm or a tty?00:15
dw-i like the GParted disk it mounts things easy00:15
edbianX14U2NVX: ok?  What do you mean by unknowns00:15
KM0201ethernet: whats the file extension?00:15
X14U2NVXedbian: http://pastebin.com/kdLPhBim00:15
minimecX14U2NVX: Could you try to establish a connection once without any encryption, just to be sure that a connection is possible? What encryption do you intend to use?00:15
edbianX14U2NVX: reading00:15
castlealexHello good night I have a question how can I decompress a zlib file?00:15
KM0201ethernet: strange, i've had very good luck w/ open office and tables, graphs, etc.00:16
etherneti have huge xls files00:16
dw-castlealex: you mean a gzip00:16
X14U2NVXminimec: I am unable to connect to my wireless (which is WEP HEX) or my neighbor's (which isn't encrypted)00:16
dffdit says 8.10 when i use the cat /etc/*rele* command from the root folder. what must i mount the cd for00:16
ethernetincluding about 300 rows00:16
wassersam-_-, i have just logged into tty1 and tried it and works just fine (my ubuntu installation is relatively fresh. Installed yesterday)00:16
ethernetwith formulas and some of them don t work on Ooffice00:16
bengarrranyone know how to use mono00:16
dw-dffd: if you are running the cd that will be the root of the cd.. so you have to mount the drive to like /mnt/mydrive then do cat /mnt/mydrive/etc/*rele* :)00:16
philsfhi, I'm using ubuntu-netbook and unity collects my recently used files, but not recently used applications. Where should I look to find out why? All zeitgeist related packages seem to be installed.00:17
Alexarmthieven` :  what is the grub it mentions and how do i find it?00:17
edbianX14U2NVX: Don't worry about that.  My iwlist scan has the exact same sort of stuff and it works and they are almost identical cards, I have a 430600:17
fluvvellethernet:300 is not huge, ooffice.org has near on the highest level of compatibility with ms office00:17
minimecX14U2NVX: When using WEP HEX, you might have to use a Hex Converter and enter the passphrase in HEX... http://www.swingnote.com/tools/texttohex.php00:17
castlealexdw- : yes maybe it is a gzip00:17
edbianX14U2NVX: It should work. Try to connect and watch dmesg again00:17
fluvvellethernet, but there are things it does not do00:17
dw-castlealex: tar.gz ?00:17
X14U2NVXminimec: I will try this00:17
sam-_-wasser, log in as another user and try terminal then00:18
X14U2NVXedbian: I am doing this00:18
sergiorauberHi good, can anyone help me cofigure mi microphone jack?00:18
edbianX14U2NVX: ok.  Lemme know how that goes.  Feel free to pastebin whatever you want.  It's very helpful00:18
sam-_-dffd, you have to mount the root fs of your installed system00:18
castlealexdw- : the only thing I know is that it is compressed in zlib format but it's not a tar.gz00:18
minimecX14U2NVX: I have to do so with an old Siemens wifi dongle with a atmel driver.00:18
sam-_-dffd, there go to the etc folder00:18
dw-castlealex: just try right click -> Archive in Nautilus ?00:18
X14U2NVXedbian: http://pastebin.com/ykBtg4hJ00:19
acicula_castlealex: what does file <filename> say00:19
sam-_-dffd, there should be a file in there called lsb-release00:19
X14U2NVXminimec: this hex-converter says its already in hex00:19
wassersam-_-, just did it. works fine in other account00:19
X14U2NVXminimec: which seems about right, it is all hex00:20
castlealexdw- : Excuse me but i'm nex to linux Nautilus is something I must install via synaptic? acicula_ : Zeuss00:20
skilzHi, anyone know if it's possible to get the Nvidia physx screen saver for Ubuntu?00:20
sam-_-wasser, well then delete the config files of terminal and try again00:20
edbianX14U2NVX: what is new in this file.  i.e. what came after you tried to connect to a network?00:20
mOHawkim using lucid linux 10.04 and plugged in usb iphone but iphone doesn't show up under places as a device what's up with that?00:20
dffdsorry im new. is this right00:20
dw-castlealex: nautilus is the standard ubuntu file explorer00:20
dffdubuntu@ubuntu:/root$ sudo mount /dev/cdrom /mnt/ mount: block device /dev/scd0 is write-protected, mounting read-only00:20
dw-castlealex: jsut click Places -> Home Folder and youre in nautilus00:20
acicula_mOHawk: its apple00:20
dragonnutdsusing the windows installer, can i give ubuntu more room on the hardrive at a later after the installtion00:20
X14U2NVXedbian: i'm not sure I just tried reconnecting and did that00:20
mattgyverCan apt be configured to update a specific package when another package has an update (like force apt to think the package is a dependency)?00:20
X14U2NVXedbian: I can try to reconnect and copy again00:20
edbianX14U2NVX: yeah do that.00:21
ubottuFor information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - For the iPhone and the iPod Touch, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod00:21
X14U2NVXedbian: on it00:21
mOHawkyeah but isnt it suppose to reconigize device?00:21
edbianX14U2NVX: It might not be logging anything00:21
theTravI'm going to be doing some work on a private ubuntu cloud soon.  I've got some machines on order, but they may take a week or two to get here...  Is there a way for me to "fake" a cloud, by emulation or something while I'm waiting?00:21
mOHawkoh wait00:21
minimecX14U2NVX: I would still try a connection without encryption, first. Maybe your neigbours wifi is in critical range.00:21
sam-_-dffd, no you want to mount a harddisk00:21
wassersam-_-, you mean bashrc?00:21
ldz4201sam-_-: but it appears that in the netbook edition gnome-panel doesn't execute on start-up might be another panel application that unity uses that I might need to restart.. I will check but thanks00:21
sam-_-wasser, no00:21
castlealexdw- : ok I tried that already I misunderstood it says it cannt it shows me a red sign00:21
bholzingerwant to boot my 10.10 from my 9.10, bash/xterm cmd to do so?00:21
acicula_mOHawk: does it work yes, see link, but not in the way every other device works ;)00:21
Alexarmdoes anybody know ow to fix the microphone on ubuntu 10.04?00:21
TomCXsudo apt-get build-dep00:21
TomCXwhat is sudo mean?00:22
X14U2NVXedbian: http://pastebin.com/5mWQTb5q00:22
dffdubuntu@ubuntu:/mnt$ dir autorun.inf  dists    isolinux  picspreseed    ubuntu     wubi.exe casper     install  md5sum.txt  poolREADME.diskdefines  umenu.exe00:22
timbojimbo31488TomCX, super user do00:22
bastidrazorubottu: tell TomCX about sudo00:22
ubottuTomCX, please see my private message00:22
sam-_-ldz4201, oh u use the netbook edition. then my advice sure is wrong00:22
dragonnutdswindows instaltion question, after installing, can i grant ubuntu more space on the hardrive later?00:22
dw-castlealex: maybe you didnt download the whole archive.. what are you doing ? :)00:22
X14U2NVXminimec: actually I did remove it earlier, but to no success, so I put it back on because the rest of the computers in the household already use it00:22
TomCXwhat did it do?00:23
acicula_dragonnutds: typically no00:23
TomCXon all sudo apt-get build-dep00:23
skilzSuper user do00:23
dffddid we correctly establish the version of installed ubuntu yet. and would i be able to download the latest and reinstall desktop while retaining everything from my old install00:23
TomCXon all sudo apt-get build-dep game00:23
bastidrazordffd: pastebin the output of sudo fdisk -l .. then i'll tell you how to mount your harddrive.. you're looking for an /dev/sda1   if its there use: sudo mount /dev/sda1 /media   then the drive will be available on the desktop for you to click00:23
bholzingerwant to boot my 10.10 from my 9.10, bash/xterm cmd to do so?00:23
dragonnutdsdang it.... thanks anyhow acicula00:23
n-iCeis this the kernel path? /usr/src/linux-headers-2.6.35-24-generic00:23
sam-_-wasser, i think everything is in ~/.gconf/apps/gnome-terminal00:24
edbianX14U2NVX: see what's happening?  You can see it starting at 3111, it associates, prints a bunch of stuff, doesn't get a probe response after 500 ms and tries to re-associate and fails (timeout) everytime00:24
castlealexdw- : yes the archive is all download00:24
edbianX14U2NVX: Now I need to know why it's getting no probe response after 500 ms00:24
con-manwhats that command I have to execute to play DVDs? someone gave it to me a while back.00:24
con-manI know Im being vague00:24
con-manbut its all I have00:24
X14U2NVXedbian: Yes I see it, but i'm not sure why00:24
castlealexdw- : I just want to extract a zlib file is there any way to do it?00:24
TomCXbuild-dep = build all dependency of 'game'00:24
dffdbastidrazor:  http://pastebin.com/Fw7ninmK00:25
X14U2NVXedbian: i have no idea... is there any way to find out?00:25
sam-_-wasser, so rm -r  ~/.gconf/apps/gnome-terminal  should do the trick00:25
ubottuUbuntu's default installation and repositories do not include packages needed to play commercial DVDs for legal reasons. For information on adding them, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs | For information on the legalities involved, see the "DVD" section of https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats00:25
dw-castlealex: zlib is a library00:25
quizmehow do u get the 2nd column from a pipe stream ?00:25
edbianX14U2NVX: I think it's something wrong with the router, not the driver or the card.00:25
minimecX14U2NVX: Arethere some forum threads about your hardware on the net? What kind of wifi device is that?00:25
amlodipinecan not view "about ubuntu" on v10.10 system > "about ubuntu" - initially says in bottom bar : starting "about ubuntu" but it never shows up - any ideas or input peeps?00:25
dw-castlealex: not a compression format00:25
acicula_dragonnutds: actually im wrong, it is possible even if not using lvm, id still just allocate whatever it is you need00:25
edbianminimec: it's a 4312 I blieve00:25
bholzingercan my chat be seen?00:25
edbianbholzinger: yes00:25
acicula_!resize | dragonnutds00:25
X14U2NVXminimec: there are forum threads, but none pertain to this problem, i've tried many of them00:25
dw-castlealex: what are you trying to install / do ?00:25
bastidrazordffd: sudo mount /dev/sda6 /media    this should mount the partition and it will be available on the desktop00:26
castlealexdw- but it is also a compression format i checked on their website00:26
jukenAnyone think they can help me debug what is wrong with my openssl client? getting this on my machine http://paste.ubuntu.com/553024/  but getting this from another machine http://paste.ubuntu.com/553025/00:26
ubottuFor help with partitioning a new install see: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/switching/installing-partitioning.html - For partitioning programs see !GParted, !QtParted (!Kubuntu 8.10 and lower) or !PartitionManager (!Kubuntu 9.04 and up) - Other partitioning topics include !fstab !home and !swap00:26
wassersam-_-, do i have to logout then login again?00:26
n-iCeis this the kernel path? /usr/src/linux-headers-2.6.35-24-generic00:26
dw-castlealex: :/00:26
namnatulcoguys, I think the update manager might be the cause of some freezing/slowness. My whole X tty just froze, so I switched to another tty to install updates, when I checked back the update manager had launched, after closing this everything seems to work fine again. How do I go about reporting this? I run a fresh copy of 10.10 x86, on a netbook (ie. atom)00:26
X14U2NVXedbian: the router works with all my other machines, but they are all running windows, plus it is working with this while it is plugged in00:26
con-manI have libdvdread and libdvdnav installed but my DVDs wont play. what step am I missing?00:26
castlealexdw- wait00:26
songerhello im on this laptop with flashdrive and i want to know the patch for the hard drive00:26
sam-_-wasser, possible. don't know. gconf is quirky00:26
dw-castlealex: its a comperssion library00:26
dw-castlealex: for like... web servers00:26
con-mannevermind got it00:26
con-man" sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread4/install-css.sh"00:26
dragonnutdsacicula_, thanks, the problem is that i have limeted hard drive space right now, so i wanted to know if i could go back and grant myself more room when and if i need it by deleting stuff on windows00:26
sam-_-wasser, doesn't hurt anyway00:26
mimI am trying to open my home folder but I get the following message:   Could not create the archive00:27
mimArchive type not supported.00:27
wassersam-_-, hmmm... right now my autocomplete doesn't work at all when using sudo in front of things00:27
castlealexdw- yes its a compression library how can we extract whats inside when it is compressed?00:27
X14U2NVXedbian: plus, it doesn't seem to work on my neighbor's wifi, or my school wifi00:27
sam-_-wasser, so not even in a tty?00:27
songerhelp how can i see whats the path of the hard drive on this laptop00:27
KM0201X14U2NVX: well are you seeing networks?00:27
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edbianX14U2NVX: Are you using an encrypted network?00:27
dw-castlealex: things usually come in .tar.gz or .bz200:27
bholzingerconcerned... Serious issues with my kernel00:27
sergioraubercon-man I'm in Brazil and to play DVD for my region I neede to install libdvdread4 and install css00:27
TomCXcan i use apt-fast on ubuntu lucid?00:27
X14U2NVXedbian: atm, yes, but earlier I got rid of it and it didn't fix00:27
dw-castlealex: ive never heard of zlib compressed files but who knows00:28
X14U2NVXkm0201: yes, I can see them but not connect to them00:28
bastidrazorsonger: type mount   :that will show you what is mounted where00:28
wassersam-_-, im going to logout from gnome and try again, cause in a tty it works...00:28
edbianX14U2NVX: According to this http://www.mail-archive.com/bcm43xx-dev@lists.berlios.de/msg09481.html  it is a bug only on unencrypted networks00:28
sam-_-castlealex, use archive manager. it should be just a normal zip file00:28
castlealexdw- if i rename the file to .tar.gz says the following : gzip: stdin: not in gzip format tar: Child returned status 1 tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now00:29
sam-_-castlealex, compressed with zlib00:29
dw-castlealex: try .zip00:29
edbianX14U2NVX: It's common for some reason: http://www.google.com/#sclient=psy&hl=en&safe=off&q=No+probe+response+from+AP+after+500ms%2C+disconnecting.&aq=f&aqi=&aql=&oq=&gs_rfai=&pbx=1&fp=4bf22d7149b8df7200:29
songerbastidrazor ok00:29
X14U2NVXedbian: I see...00:29
nitaliai see00:30
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castlealexdw- not a zip file either00:30
edbianX14U2NVX: yeah?00:30
edbianX14U2NVX: IDK :/00:30
dw-castlealex: its evil.. just delete it.. :p00:30
nitaliayo wassup00:30
wassersam-_-, ok. situation right now: i logged out, logged in again and my autocomplete doesn't work at all with sudo stuff and apt-get doesn't autocomplete programs00:30
castlealexdw- when I renamed to .bz2 there was another file with the same name Zeuss00:30
X14U2NVXedbian:okay thanks for your time00:31
songerbastidrazor,  this is what i get: /bin/mount00:31
X14U2NVXedbian:I'll surf around on the web now that I know what the problem is and see if i can find some stuff00:31
sam-_-wasser, don't know an easy way then. delete all the configs and start over again :-)00:31
X14U2NVXedbian: to fix it00:31
nitaliar these fake people?00:31
edbianX14U2NVX: Good luck.  I think it's a bug in the driver after seeing.00:31
TomCXhi to u too00:31
bastidrazorsonger: what and where did you type?00:32
NUBUNTUcan some1 explain to me why xarchiver is good for nothing00:32
pac-manciao a tutti00:32
wassersam-_-, ok gonna try . thanks anyway ;)00:32
skutr3i need help00:32
skutr3No root file system is defined.  Please correct this from the partitioning menu.00:32
NUBUNTUit never works00:32
skutr3this is what i get when trying to install00:32
pac-manchi mi passa un canale italiano?00:32
skutr3No root file system is defined.  Please correct this from the partitioning menu.00:32
bastidrazorskutr3: you need to give / a partition during the partion section of the install00:32
songertype mount in terminal bastidrazor00:32
KM0201skutr3: so make a root partition00:32
sam-_-NUBUNTU, easy solution. don't use it00:32
dffd sudo mount /dev/sda6 /media "disk" could not be found00:32
bastidrazorsonger: /bin/mount doesn't make any sense for a response to that command.00:33
skutr3bastidrazor: how?00:33
dffdperhaps it has recently been deleted00:33
KM0201skutr3: are you using the advanced partition tool, or what?.. what partitions have you set?00:33
NUBUNTUdo you suggest another thing to use to replace it because it doesn't help with downloading anything00:33
skilzhow does one get bootspace to work?00:33
dffdwhats with that, i dont recall using any delete commands00:33
dffdwhat is this command supposed to do sudo mount /dev/sda6 /media00:33
Serialkin a bash script how can i save serie of pictures like this : pic-0001.jpg pic-0002.jpg  etc etc ?00:34
skilzsorry bootsplash00:34
dw-dffd: google how to mount on linux ?00:34
skutr3KM0201: i have win7 installed and i am trying to create a partition at the partition part of install00:34
skilzHow do I get bootsplash to work?00:34
songerbastidrazor i'm in ubuntu with a flashdrive00:34
dw-dffd: man mount or mount --help00:34
dffdi still dont see why i was given that command00:34
bastidrazorsonger: is the harddrive you're wanting to look at mounted?00:34
skutr3KM0201: you there?00:34
KM0201skutr3: answer your PM...00:35
mermahi im having problems reverting to single screen on my gnome box. In the nvidia X server settings I can't change the Separate X Screen to disabled or twinview since those checkboxes are disabled. Any idea :/00:35
dw-dffd: when you boot off the cd you have to load the drive with your files00:35
dffddid i just lose any files from typing that command. \00:35
dw-dffd: mount it to a folder00:35
dw-dffd: no mount is not destructive00:35
MrUnagiso i can cat /var/log/auth.log | grep "password for root" > ~/file.txt to get any line that contains "password for root".........but is it possible to append file.txt with any additions since the last time?00:35
bastidrazordffd: if you're on 7.10 it is more than end of life.. also 8.10 is end of life. use 8.04 LTS or 10.04 since 9.10 is shortly going to be outdated.00:35
sam-_-NUBUNTU, how about file-roller?00:35
edbianMrUnagi: yep, use a >>00:35
bastidrazordffd: you should make a backup of the things you want to save and do a fresh install.00:35
songeryes bastidrazor00:35
edbianMrUnagi: instead of a single one00:35
dffdwill my files return if i reboot00:36
MrUnagiedbian: ah thanks00:36
NUBUNTUdo i install that from the package manager?00:36
amlodipineunable to view "ABOUT UBUNTU" on v10.10 ------ system > "about ubuntu" - initially says at bottom bar : starting "about ubuntu" but it never shows up00:36
songerthe harddrive of this laptop i want to know the path00:36
bastidrazorsonger: when you type: mount  :it should list everything that is mounted.00:36
dw-dffd: if you remove the cd and boot off the drive............00:36
edbianamlodipine: who cares?00:36
hi5dffd a mount dont delete anything :-)00:36
skilzUBUNTU IS FAIL00:36
sam-_-NUBUNTU, sudo apt-get install file-roller00:37
amlodipineedbian - well i'd like to know why and what might be causing it -00:37
kwtmHi. Am connected via an old Live CD. I want to run GParted and make sure it and all its depencies are up to date, but not update any other packages (since it's just a LiveCD). How do I do this?00:37
skilzEPIC FAIL00:37
hi5for 10.10 skilz?00:37
NUBUNTUthanks boss00:37
sam-_-skilz, like what?00:37
dffdim just making sure he gave me a correct command. i can not see my files at all now is that normal00:37
skilzheaps of things00:37
sam-_-skilz, like?00:37
skilzright now its usplash00:37
sam-_-skilz, why would you want it?00:37
edbianamlodipine: Try to figure out what command will launch it from the terminal.  Launch it from the terminal, look for errors00:37
dffdi typed sudo mount /dev/sda6 /media and now i get "disk" could not be found00:38
skilzthen after something installs or fails I get that stupid error Items cannot be installed or removed untill the package catalog is repaired. Do you wantr to repair it now? I click repair and guess what? FAIL it keeps popping up....00:38
kwtmdffd: Did you literally say "sudo mount /dev/sda6 /media"?00:38
kwtmdffd: That replaces the entire "media" directory with what's on /dev/sda6.  But there are usually other directories under /media as well.00:39
dffdyes so does that mean all the files are not in a /media folder somewhere00:39
skilzI have to keep pressing cancel00:39
kwtmdffd: You may have meant "sudo mount /dev/sda6 /media/sda6"00:39
hi5skilz: i answered you in private00:39
thieven`dffd, kwtm it's best to make anew dir in that /media folder.00:39
thieven`dffd sudo mkdir /media/something    then do as kwtm said. (this helps avoid confusion)00:39
kwtmdffd: So if you had another disk like an external drive hooked up that showed up under /media/disk, now "/media/disk" is gone.00:39
thieven`then to edit what kwtm said, do sudo mount /dev/sda6 /media/something00:40
wassersam-_-, I solved my problem from http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=734023 (just for you to get closure) purge bash_completion, reinstall, add code to .bashrc00:40
mermahi im having problems reverting to single screen on my gnome box. In the nvidia X server settings I can't change the Separate X Screen to disabled or twinview since those checkboxes are disabled. Any idea :/00:40
dffdwill it return after a reboot though00:40
amlodipineedbian - i don't know what to type or even what to look for / i just found only one thread on the ubuntu forum by chance and it didn't have a solution. http://ubuntu-virginia.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1026028 > but in that care some about screen showed up . mine doesn't show up at all ( i can however view the "about gnome" info box and system > admin > system monitor info) but there has to be a reason for that "about ubuntu" 00:40
hi5can someone tell me what is the main characteristic of lubuntu - opposed to standard one00:40
kwtmdffd: Yes, do as thieven` said first: "sudo mkdir /media/sda6" and then "sudo mount /dev/sda6 /media/sda6".  But before that, this time, first "sudo umount /dev/sda6" so it's unmounted.  (Note the command is umount, NOT unmound)00:40
kwtmdffd: Oops, I mean not unmount or unmound, but umount.00:41
sam-_-wasser, never considered that because you said it worked on a tty00:41
ScuniziAAarrrgggg... Why does OOo take so long to respond to "Save As" directory choices?  Any solution?00:41
dffdi cant find this media folder at all00:41
minimecskilz: open a console type sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get -f install00:41
wassersam-_-, because it works, maybe the lines in bashrc changed something?00:41
kwtmthieven`: Hey, you look like you know something ... how can I upgrade a given package and its dependencies, but not any other packages? Will just "sudo apt-get install PackageName" do it?00:41
thieven`Scunizi, i think it first tries to go to the last place you saved soemthing. (or where that file was opened from.) maybe that place it is going is a network share or soemthing?00:42
dw-Scunizi: because you have a folder with 2000 subfolders? :)00:42
amlodipinei've been googling for a bit on "about ubuntu" not displaying or missing but nothing relevant is coming... hence why i came here to ask some of y'all.00:42
NUBUNTUu there00:42
NUBUNTUsam -_-00:42
LA9KSATried to install Ubuntu on macbook... Found out I DL'd 10.04, not 1010 after formatting the right disk (fairly sure it was the right) and went for a reboot to get back on OS X and DL and burn the right image... When it was about to shut down, it said to take out the disk and press enter... I did; and now the whole puter has frozen up! Can't even use the i/o to kill it.. What do?00:42
sam-_-hi5, opposed to normal ubuntu?00:42
Scunizidw-: nope..00:42
dffdah, thank you00:42
sam-_-NUBUNTU, y00:42
Scunizithieven`: it was opened on a share but I wanted to switch to a local directory00:42
minimecskilz: if apt-get -f install is not working, try apt-get -f remove00:42
NUBUNTUsam-_-, sorry that im an idiot but under which folder is file-roller00:43
sam-_-NUBUNTU, so you installed it?00:43
DaGeek247-PDAkwtm: sudo apt-get update packag-name should do it.00:43
kwtmDaGeek247-PDA: Thanks. Will try.00:43
sam-_-NUBUNTU, you can start it with the command file-roller00:44
thieven`kwtm i'm not as smart as i appear. hah.     apt-get install package-name : install is followed by one or more packages desired for installation. If package is already installed it will try to update to latest version.00:44
=== bruno is now known as Guest75800
sam-_-NUBUNTU, should be your default application for compressed files00:44
thieven`Scunizi, if you wait till it loads that share, then you can change directories and install it where ever you want right?   make srue it can see that share.  use nautilus to make sure you are connected to it, and then see if ooo hehaves.00:44
kwtmLA9KSA: You may have corrupted the boot-loading mechanism. If you were installing (whether 10.04 or whatever), part of the installation will load a bootloader, GRUB, so you can dual-boot. At the end of that, you're supposed to remove the CD so the computer will boot from hard disk (not CD) and start the bootloader.00:45
kwtmLA9KSA: If installation was not properly done, then the GRUB (bootloader) may not have been installed, so rebooting resulted in an error.00:45
X14U2NVXedbian: Are you there?00:46
kwtmLA9KSA: I think the easiest way is to go ahead and install *some* Ubuntu --hopefully 10.10, but if all you have on CD is 10.04, then install that --let the process complete, and it will install GRUB.  Then you can reboot computer and have it let you choose MacOS or MacBuntu.00:46
Scunizithieven`: It's a small spreadsheet I opened off a share directly from my NAS.  Then "Save As" (took forever).. click /home folder (wait forever)... click directory choice (wiat forever) etc ..00:46
sam-_-X14U2NVX, i think he went to sleep00:46
X14U2NVXyeah he's not on the list anymore, I should have just checked that00:47
kwtmLA9KSA: As a consolation, after you have installed 10.04 (if you can't burn the 10.10 CD with another computer), you should be able to upgrade it to 10.10 without needing a CD installation.00:47
thieven`Scunizi, that is odd. i know what you mean. after you click on your home folder, things should be snappy again as it is not trying to see the NAS at that point.00:47
kwtmLA9KSA: Not sure if that helps.  Does anyone disagree or have a better solution?00:47
X14U2NVXsam-_-: i found the solution but I'm a newb at ubuntu and terminal, can you explain to me how to perform this step?00:47
thieven`kwtm was that a good answer?  i pretend to be smart sometimes. :)00:47
Scunizithieven`: yea.. one of the several niggley quirks I have with OOo00:47
skilzminimec, http://pastebin.com/bZ5z4WRf00:47
LA9KSAkwtm: I noticed I burnt the wrong release before installing so I was going back into OS X (without installing, just formatting to EXT4) when the error occured... Formation was done by deleting the BOOTCAMP-partition and making a new one from the unlocated space00:48
sam-_-X14U2NVX, which step?00:48
kwtmthieven`: That was a good answer, yes. DaGeek gave another answer which seemed useful but was unfortunately wrong. :P  Oh, well.00:48
thieven`yaaaay. i win!00:48
X14U2NVXsam-_-: sudo touch /etc/modprobe.d/b43.conf echo "options b43 pio=1 qos=0" | sudo tee -a /etc/modprobe.d/b43.conf00:48
LA9KSABottom line, I can't turn of the macbook and I need it working before school in a few hoours... >.<00:48
X14U2NVXsam-_-: that would be what needs to be done to a b43, but i have a b431200:48
LA9KSAMacBook 7.1, built-in battery00:48
thieven`isteve will not let you remove the battery.   hahah. (sorry, that's just too funny.)00:49
LA9KSAFunneh... STill f'd00:49
thieven`LA9KSA, can you boot to a ubuntu live cd / usb key?00:49
DaGeek247kwtm: whoops.00:49
ubutomLA9KSA, try pressing the power button a few seconds00:50
sam-_-X14U2NVX, it's correct for your device as well. the driver is just called b43 it can access all b43xx devices00:50
kwtmLA9KSA: I'm not familiar with MacBook so you may need to explain. You said you realized the error "before installing", but you HAD already made changes to your hard disk, right?  You said that you deleted the "bootcamp partition". What did this partition do before?  It sounds like it was a boot loader (did it come with the Mac?) and was not something you should have deleted.00:50
LA9KSAubutom: As I stated in my first line, can't use i/o button to kill it00:50
kwtmDaGeek247: Oh, you're back.  I thought you had left, so I didn't talk to you. :(  sorry00:50
skilzLA9KSA, rip the battory out00:50
Strife89Hello, all. I have an HP Compaq TC4200, running Maverick. It works pretty well, but when I try to rotate the screen, the touchscreen's output does not follow. Any simple fixes out there?00:50
sam-_-LA9KSA, press it for 10sec00:50
LA9KSAkwtm: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MactelSupportTeam/AppleIntelInstallation00:51
thieven`<skilz> LA9KSA, rip the battory out        steve jobs says you may not remove the battery on that laptop. it's built in. hah.00:51
ubutomLA9KSA, what sam-_- said00:51
* Strife89 has been googling some things to no avail00:51
Jimmyhey all00:51
minimecskilz: Looks like you are mixing some ubuntu distributions or have a incomplete repository.00:51
LA9KSAsam-_-: tried that to.. could try again00:51
X14U2NVXsam-_-:thanks, I apologize, I failed at copy-pasting :(00:51
skilzthieven`, Steve Jobs is full of shit00:51
sphinxxxanyone know CDMA workshop here?00:51
kwtmLA9KSA: Apologies, I didn't realize your problem was that you couldn't turn off the MacBook... so you are not able to trigger a reboot, not that you have a problem during the rebooting process, then.00:51
LA9KSAThe eff...?00:51
Jimmyquestion, im trying to create a usb bootdisk from mac osx - I followed the instructions on the download page but it did not work00:51
LA9KSANow it worked...00:52
skilzminimec, How may I fix my incomplete repository?00:52
LA9KSAPressing i/o that is...00:52
Danny78_happy to report I downloaded xfce and things aren't slowing down as much as with Gnome (which was itself much better than KDE)00:52
skilzminimec, Or check if I mixed some ubuntu distros00:52
kwtmOut of curiosity, why do a lot of people have alphaALLCAPSnumeric nicknames? Are these ham radio callsigns?00:52
LA9KSATried to press it for a minute or so some time after it hung up on me00:52
LxndrI am attempting to RDP into my work computer (windows xp professional) from my home computer (ubuntu 10.10). I have discovered the Remote Desktop Viewer - but unfortunately, it does not seem to be working very well with the instructions and data I was given by my workplace. Does anyone know know enough about this to be able to walk me through?00:52
KM0201Danny78_: wait till you try lxde... it smokes xfce4, IMO.00:52
thieven`kwtm it's like their name is yelling at you.00:52
LA9KSAkwtm: Mine is... I usually lurk ham channels in freenode hence I use my callsign00:53
kwtmthieven`: I should change my nick to STOP_YELLING_AT_MY_NICK00:53
Danny78_KM0201:  I hadn't heard of it til now... hmmm  now you got me wonderin00:53
skilzLA9KSA, ctrl + alt + del, fn + power button00:53
LA9KSAskilz: read up ^00:53
=== gaurang is now known as fanaticgeek
Strife89kwtm: /nick rm_-r_.00:53
thieven`maybe they got real angry when they typed /nick ....00:53
sam-_-KM0201, there is always a lighter version, isn't there?00:53
KM0201Danny78_: its really nice... it's what xfce "used" to be.. xubuntu, while nice.. suffers a lot of bloat.. lxde is slick.00:53
KM0201sam-_-: lol, probably...00:53
kwtmskilz: Oh, do the MacBooks have Ctrl Alt Del now?  I thought it was Command -White Apple - Black Apple - Key with Steve Jobs' Face On It etc.00:54
Scunizikwtm: if you google it like LA9KSA you'll find he's a ham radio operator from norwayand that's his call.. as for the others .. No idea00:54
X14U2NVXsam-_-: This step has fixed one problem, but has generated another, do you think you could help?00:54
minimecskilz: If you want to create a new sources.list, check out that... http://repogen.simplylinux.ch/00:54
skilzLA9KSA, Try this, Command + Control + Power... That should restart it.00:54
KM0201sam-_-: but IMO.. Lubuntu is a great medium between "useable" and "light"... you start getting into enlight, and flux, and openbox.. while super light, they aren't nearly as user friendly00:54
sam-_-X14U2NVX, i can try00:54
* Strife89 will be receiving an old iBook G3 any day now ....00:54
Strife89Planning to put Ubuntu PPC on it, but it has only 128 MB of RAM installed.00:55
KM0201Danny78_: you outta take a look at 'Lubuntu', if "light" is what you're looking for.00:55
skilzkwtm, Been a while since my MacBook was stollen so I'm a little rusty...00:55
KM0201!ppc | Strife8900:55
ubottuStrife89: PowerPC.  Formerly used by Apple for the Macintosh line of computers. Variants are now used in popular gaming consoles. PPC was a fully supported Ubuntu architecture up to and including edgy. It is now a community port, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCFAQ00:55
LA9KSAScunizi: Correctomundo00:55
=== fanaticgeek is now known as gaurang
LA9KSAdkild: I said above, power button suddenly worked00:55
ScuniziLA9KSA: takes one to know one :)  KD6WQK here00:55
checkalgun foro en español00:56
X14U2NVXsam-_-: here's the pastebin of the new dmesg: http://pastebin.com/zVY8qAzT00:56
breadcrumb!es | check00:56
ubottucheck: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.00:56
LA9KSAScunizi: 7300:56
Strife89KM0201: Currently the RAM requirements exceed what it has, then.00:56
checkrequiero aprender programacion en gambas00:56
ScuniziLA9KSA: and 88's00:56
skilzLA9KSA, Did that key combo work?00:56
Danny78_KM0201:  I'll do that.  I do have 2 GB of 266 DDR RAM on the way and I think that will be a massive improvement00:56
sam-_-X14U2NVX, wrong password maybe?00:56
LA9KSAskilz: Didn't try it as _power_button_alone_suddely_worked_00:56
KM0201Strife89: 128mb is not near enough ram.... i would probably look at aptonsid (i think it has a PPC version)00:57
kwtmAlright, everyone, wish me luck! My laptop is now at the mercy of GParted ... may God have mercy on my soul ...00:57
bencahillDanny78_: what currently?00:57
gaurangwhy ubuntu doesn't hibernates well in dell laptops00:57
KM0201Danny78_: 2gigs of ram is quite a bit, even at 266mhz.... but  Lubuntu is awesome00:57
Strife89KM0201: Not familiar with that, unfortunately. I'm a Linux noob in general.00:57
skilzminimec, should I tick everything sources too?00:57
Danny78_bencahill:  512 MB00:57
KM0201Strife89: hold on00:57
X14U2NVXsam-_-:i don't think so but let me double check00:57
kwtmLA9KSA: Do I understand you correctly? Your problem is solved?00:58
sam-_-X14U2NVX, also there could be a mac address filter on the router00:58
LA9KSAkwtm: that would ne a positive, yes00:58
kwtmgaurang: What problem are you having with hibernate?  I haven't been having problems with my "Dellbuntu" (bought about 4 years ago...)00:58
KM0201Danny78_: i thought you said it had 2gigs00:58
kwtmLA9KSA: Congrats! Have you achieved booting up MacOS or have you encountered another problem?00:59
Danny78_KM0201:  it has 512 MB but 2 GB on the way from ebay00:59
X14U2NVXsam-_-: it appears the password is correct, but how could I disable a mac address filter?00:59
KM0201Danny78_: oh ok... well that 2gigs, it'll run great w/ gnome i'd bet00:59
gaurangkwtm, it doesnt hibernates00:59
gaurangjust freezes00:59
Strife89KM0201: *Hopefully* I'll be able to get the iBook a RAM upgrade before too long, as well as an Airport card.00:59
minimecskilz: in 'updates' ubuntu default is 'security updates' and 'recommended updates' (the first two), check everything in 'branches'01:00
KM0201Strife89: yeah, ubuntu is gonna suck w/ only 128mb of ram01:00
wasutton3 01:00
skilzminimec, yeah but I am limited to what software I can install them01:00
X14U2NVXsam-_-: I checked the mac filter, this isn't one01:00
kwtmgaurang: Sorry to hear that. I am running 10.04 Kubuntu on Dell Inspiron 1525n (came with Ubuntu 6.10 but I replaced it). Can I help you with anything?01:00
Danny78_KM0201:  yesterday I was trying to get help and something ate up all my memory and gnome became like molassess...  512 RAM completely full along with 1.-something GB swap01:00
LA9KSAkwtm: Downloading maverick in macos as we speak :D01:00
checkalquien sabe programar en gambas01:00
KM0201Danny78_: yup01:00
sam-_-X14U2NVX, unlikely then. if you don't know about it01:00
bencahillKM0201: could i check ram speed from bash? lshw -C memory isn't giving me that...01:00
checko en flahs01:00
dffdok im trying to back some files up. its saying i dont have permissions. this is using the GUi (desktop) from the ubuntu CD01:00
Strife89KM0201: It sucks with only 256 MB as well, for the most part.01:00
gaurangkwtm, how to make it hibernate01:01
gaurangkwtm, :D01:01
X14U2NVXsam-_-: well I meant there is one, but it is disabled.01:01
sam-_-X14U2NVX, y01:01
kwtmgaurang: For example, have you tried command line?  I am trying to look up command line cmd for hibernate...01:01
LxndrI am attempting to RDP into my work computer (windows xp professional) from my home computer (ubuntu 10.10). I have discovered the Remote Desktop Viewer - but unfortunately, it does not seem to be working very well with the instructions and data I was given by my workplace. Does anyone know know enough about this to be able to walk me through?01:01
Strife89dffd: Open a terminal and do sudo nautilus01:01
dffdwould i be better using sudo CP or an actual copy command and as a root user01:01
minimecskilz: Check your settings in Synaptics and use the same with the new list.01:01
wasutton3i am trying to transfer files from one computer to another (preferrably using rsync) how would i have it set up so that the source computer running the command removes the files from its local directories after the transfer is complete?01:01
=== skemo is now known as SkEmO
X14U2NVXsam-_-: my WEP password is hexadecimal: does that make a difference?01:01
sam-_-X14U2NVX, can you switch to wpa?01:02
checkdeseo aprender a usar gambas y flahs en ubuntu01:02
kwtmwasutton3: I know how!  One moment while I look it up...01:02
bencahillgaurang: https://help.ubuntu.com/10.10/hardware/C/pm-suspending.html01:02
X14U2NVXsam-_-: I can try01:02
DaGeek247gksudo app-name will runn any app as root.01:02
gaurangbencahill, :)01:02
sam-_-X14U2NVX, do that. wep isn't safe anymore01:02
KM0201Strife89: have you considered crunchbang linux?.. its basically Ubuntu, but w/ openbox01:03
xanguaKM0201: only official ubuntu supported here01:03
KM0201xangua: i'm aware of that.. but ubuntu isn't supported on his system.. .thanks01:03
kwtmwasutton3: Hmm, my setup might not be what you need, but let me give you my answer first before we go looking for another one:01:03
gaurangkwtm, i am looking for cmd01:04
goddardI have been trying to setup an email server with some luck but an something that is out of most tutorials it seems is one vital aspect and that is how to setup the domain.  Can anyone enlighten me?01:04
Strife89check: Pregunte en el canal en español: #ubuntu-es01:04
bastidrazorKM0201: if that is the case then why would crunchbang work since it is a direct rip of ubuntu?01:04
headkase314KM0201, crunch-bang is known as crunch-bang because it is not guaranteed to go *crunch-bang!*01:04
jukenCan someone tell me why openssl s_client -connect has issues making a handshake when no other ssl client does? (chrome, firefox, etc..)01:04
KM0201bastidrazor: cuz he only has 128mb of ram01:04
kwtmwasutton3: I put "ssh -p <port, default 22> username@computer.com "rm /path/to/files"01:04
Strife89KM0201: I have heard of the distro, but haven't tried it much.01:04
kwtmwasutton3: So that's where I actually send a command to the computer under a separate connection.  In my case I need to do a sophisticated command.  (I don't use "rm /pathname" but a series of move commands).  Let me look up the rsync man page to see if you might have a simpler solution.01:05
X14U2NVX_sam-_-: changed it to WPA, still reconfiguring wireless network settings on laptop01:05
sam-_-KM0201, i never understood why these distros exist. i use the alternate cd and install just the packages i wna01:06
sam-_-KM0201, i never understood why these distros exist. i use the alternate cd and install just the packages i wnat01:06
KM0201sam-_-: same here.. but honestly, 128mb of ram.. it's gonna be hard to get anything ubuntu to run on that.. in addition to the fact its PPC01:06
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kwtmwasutton3: You might try the --remove-source-files01:07
Strife89sam-_-: Not all users have the know-how to do that.01:07
sam-_-KM0201, yes he should consider an entirely different dist.01:07
kwtmwasutton3: I got this from "man rsync".  You might be able to find more.01:07
KM0201sam-_-: thus why i was suggesting "entirely different dist."... :)01:07
wasutton3kwtm: hmmm i will have to test that01:07
X14U2NVXsam-_-: how can i change the password to work with WPA?, the network manager only suggests WEP and LEAP?01:07
Strife89s/do that/do that properly/01:08
kwtmgaurang: Ah, I remember.  It's the "shutdown" command.  Hang on, let me read the man page.01:08
dffdStrife89:   http://pastebin.com/vAQMTxHE01:08
bencahillKM0201: unless you use ubuntu cli!01:08
KM0201bencahill: wel, that could work...01:08
sam-_-X14U2NVX, can you turn wifi off and on again?01:08
Strife89dffd: Ah, and this is on the Live CD?01:09
kwtmgaurang: Nope, I was wrong.  Not shutdown.  Darn, I know this --it's on the tip of my tongue!  Hang on a bit more...01:09
bencahillKM0201: depends on your usage :D I'm running ubuntu with no x on an old laptop using it as a digital picture frame, and it works great! :)01:09
headkase314KM0201, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=474074 Thread about low memory and PPC architecture.01:09
X14U2NVXsam-_-:ahh that did it thank you01:09
X14U2NVXsam-_-: well the WPA, not the problem01:09
dffdok im trying to back some files up. its saying i dont have permissions. this is using the GUi (desktop) from the ubuntu CD01:10
dffdsorry for repeating01:10
X14U2NVXsam-_-: is WPA case sensitive?01:10
LxndrI am attempting to RDP into my work computer (windows xp professional) from my home computer (ubuntu 10.10). I have discovered the Remote Desktop Viewer - but unfortunately, it does not seem to be working very well with the instructions and data I was given by my workplace. Does anyone know know enough about this to be able to walk me through?01:10
KM0201X14U2NVX: yes01:10
X14U2NVXkm0201:oh thanks01:10
jukenLxndr: I use rdesktop01:10
bencahillgaurang: have a look at /etc/acpi/hibernate.sh01:11
Danny78_Ok, anybody want to help me get windows shares mounted on boot up?  I can manually add through Gnome but I want them there permanently.  Here's my fstab:http://pastebin.com/D3gp58Pc  and here's my smb.conf: http://pastebin.com/zBk36JcQ01:11
KM0201X14U2NVX: if that was your problem all along, i'm going to laugh at you01:11
kwtmgaurang: Got it.  It's the pm-hibernate command, but you should also check out /etc/acpi/hibernate.sh01:11
powehi. where can i find the build script or confingure options a package was build with ? is there a place in launchpad with those?01:11
sam-_-X14U2NVX, as KM0201 says01:11
cntbI dont remember how to explore debian packages . what they contain what function they have and where will all files be put on system. please helpsaving me time01:11
bastidrazordffd: sudo chown $USER /media/sda6   ..this will make the files accessable by your user.01:11
KM0201headkase314: honestly, debian w/ lxde, is probably his best bet...01:11
Strife89headkase314: I'm following that forum link.01:11
nazgulhaving a problem "seeing" any wireless networks in 10.10, Gateway laptop, Broadcom BCM430601:11
Lxndrjuken: How? Can you give me more than just a program name? :(01:12
KM0201Strife89: is that laptop your onlymachine?... or are you planning to nuke the whole install and install linux01:12
mimorlo all01:12
KM0201!broadcom | nazgul01:12
ubottunazgul: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx01:12
mimorcan someone hilight me plz?01:12
mimor(just a test)01:12
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs01:12
KM0201mimor: yes01:12
mimorok thx!01:12
X14U2NVX_thank you KM0201 and sam-_- it now works01:12
headkase314KM0201, Strife89 Debian supports many architectures, that is why it is so glacial in movement ;)01:12
KM0201X14U2NVX: lmao....01:12
X14U2NVX_although before KM starts laughing01:12
Strife89KM0201: It will be my only machine that I own. I bought it from someone in a nearby country and they should ship it soon.01:12
bencahillgaurang: here: man pm-hibernate01:12
X14U2NVX_i had to change it FROM WEP to WPA, plus some terminal stuff to fix the driver01:13
X14U2NVX_so it wasn't JUST the cases XD01:13
Strife89s/my only/the only/01:13
sam-_-KM0201, i can confirm that :-)01:13
randomuserhttp://pastebin.mozilla.org/926426 - how do I delete user 'username' from group 'username' there?01:13
X14U2NVX_Thanks a bunch guys01:13
cntbI dont remember how to explore debian packages . what they contain what function they have and where will all files be put on system. please help saving me time01:13
Haunt_Houseis it possible to add a folder to the main folders in nautilus sidebar? (not the bookmarks)01:13
shcherbakrandomuser: usermod01:14
Strife89KM0201: So yes, it's likely I will nuke what's on there (although the swap list rules enforce HDD wiping before shipping) and just put Linux on it.01:14
xanguacntb: extract them¿¿01:14
cntbxangua only look at info of installed01:14
Danny78_How do I manually mount win shares in xfce?01:14
headkase314cntb, "apt-cache --help" ?01:14
KM0201Strife89: i'd try Debian stable-ppc w/ lxde   it's not a live cd.. and not nearly as user friendly as Ubuntu.. but you can get the hang of it.01:14
cntbheadkase tyvm01:14
bencahillgaurang: why do you want to do it from command?01:15
cntbheadkase314, tyvm01:15
jrmcmI need help compiling a wifi driver01:15
dotblankDanny78_, by using the mount command line tool01:15
bencahill!tab | cntb01:15
ubottucntb: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.01:15
ubottumount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount01:15
headkase314cntb, you're welcome if that was what you were looking for.. ;)01:15
Strife89KM0201: Relatively speaking, newbie-friendly-ness is high on my list right now, as the laptop will be used for college (classes start tomorrow)01:15
KM0201Danny78_: the "easy way"... would be to install Disk Utility (sudo apt-get install gnome-disk-utility).. it'll let you mount/unmount w/ the click of a button.01:16
KM0201Danny78_: since xfce has a lot of Gnome libraries anyway, you won't have to installa  ton of stuff.01:16
Danny78_KM0201:  even network shares?01:16
vida_apartre buenas01:16
gaurangbencahill, i am trying to figure out why it freezes when i hibernate my laptop , ubuntu 10.04 is installed inside windows01:16
KM0201Danny78_: network shares, i don't think so... that'll have to be done w/ Samba most likely, and i've never set up samba w/ xfce01:17
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KM0201but it should be doable01:17
bencahillgaurang: as in wubi, or vm?01:17
randomusershcherbak: you can see that I did try to use usermode there.01:17
gaurangbencahill, wubi01:17
dffdStrife89: ive backed up my /home/ directory. do you know if the new ubuntu 10.10 will retain my settings. im on 8.10 and its reverted back to tty (lost my desktop from a bad package install)01:17
cntbheadkase314, think yes explore progs and their files to tune startup and more, simple things for the time01:17
randomuserusermod *01:17
bencahillgaurang: so ubuntu freezes when you're booted up to it and try to hibernate?01:17
Strife89dffd: Have you tried sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop ?01:18
gaurangbencahill, when i try to hibernate01:18
dffdtried it, it asked me to use apt-get update again i beleive. so theres no way i can get it to work01:18
bencahillgaurang: it may just be that hibernate doesn't work with your laptop01:19
jrmcmI need help compiling a wifi driver. I have downloaded the driver from realtek, and am having trouble with make. It gives me the error no such directory os/linux01:19
gaurangkwtm, bencahill it is 1525 inspiron , dell01:19
dffdif i try it again and write down the error message and come back. it may just be a bad apt-get update list?01:19
KM0201jrmcm: what driver did you download/compile?01:19
gaurangkwtm, ur inspiron supports hibernating ?01:19
shcherbakrandomuser: yes, just read your post ;) http://www.techotopia.com/index.php/Managing_Ubuntu_Linux_Users_and_Groups#Deleting_a_Group_from_an_Ubuntu_Linux_System01:19
Haunt_Houseis it possible to manually add a folder to the main folders in nautilus sidebar? (not the bookmarks)01:19
van7huhi all,is there any snowboard game for ubuntu ?01:20
Strife89dffd: Not sure at the moment, but I'm not really knowledgeable here. :)01:20
randomuserplease tell me what to do to delete the user from his own group, I only want him to be in 'users' group ...01:20
bastidrazorHaunt_House: drag and drop the folder to the sidebar.01:20
KM0201van7hu: tux racer is sort of like a snowboard game.... :)01:20
shcherbakrandomuser: sudo deluser <user> <group>01:21
Strife89randomuser: chgrp ?01:21
kwtmgaurang: It always has yes. Didn't actually test it with the 6.10 it came with (or was it 5.10?) but I installed 6.06 (I think?), 8.04 and now 10.04, and it supported them all.01:21
dffdk. i will write down the error and google it more. that may be the answer even if i am currently DLing the ubuntu 10.10 iso01:21
jrmcmKM201: 2010_0709_RT2870_Linux_STA_v2.4.0.1.tar.bz201:21
bastidrazordffd: it would best to redo your 10.10 setup instead of trying to use old settings from 8.1001:21
* Strife89 disappears for a short while.01:21
kwtmgaurang: How big is your swap partition?01:21
bastidrazordffd: 8.10 is EOL.. there is no fixing it.01:21
KM0201jrmcm: ok.. and whats the problem?01:21
bastidrazor!eol | dffd01:21
ubottudffd: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades01:21
bencahillgaurang: searching for "inspiron 1525 hibernate" on google brings up a lot of things relating to that laptop, and some related to ubuntu...you may want to try this (http://spidertools.com/ub_power.php)01:21
Thunderirchey guys im running ubuntu server , to be able to run ircd . the ircd , bnc , and services is up and running .. im using linksys router , i already added 6667 to the iptables ... outside users cant connect .. does anyone have any knowledge to this , can u please message me01:21
bencahillgaurang: dammit, wrong link, i meant this: http://ubuntu-virginia.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=144035301:22
xanguabastidrazor: no one said 8.10....he said 10.1001:22
kwtmgaurang: Out of curiosity, is it a 1525n (no Windows preinstalled)?  It shouldn't matter, though --Ubuntu should be able to replace/squeeze in beside Windows and work properly.01:22
dffdyes but all i did was try get the dvd-rom to read dvds and i have inadvertenly scewed up a fax machine computer that wasnt mine to start with01:22
k4r1m_how many gnu's in a gnu :P?01:22
xanguayou are the one at his eol bastidrazor :S01:22
xangua!ot | k4r1m_01:22
ubottuk4r1m_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:22
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dffdi'll be back. going to try and get ubuntu-desktop to install01:22
bastidrazorxangua: he is on an 8.10 liveCD that is trying to fix an 7.10 install. read the logs01:22
k4r1m_oh ma bad wrong channel oops01:22
kwtmk4r1m_: a Gnu is a Giga nano micro, so there are 1e-6 in a Gnu.  Am I right?01:22
jrmcmkm201: unpacked to desktop, on the cl cd to the directory, changed the make file to target linux, when i use make, i get the error.  make -C tools01:23
jrmcmmake: *** tools: No such file or directory.  Stop.01:23
jrmcmmake: *** [build_tools] Error 201:23
Haunt_Housebastidrazor, nope, wont work. I guess this works with the bookmarks, But my nautilus doesn't show them. It show file system and home folder only01:23
van7huKM0201: not tux, I prefer people than penguins01:23
KM0201van7hu: then i'm not aware of one.01:23
gaurangkwtm, it is 255 MBs01:23
kwtmgaurang: What!?? 255MB swap partition!?  How big is your RAM?01:23
Thunderirchey guys im running ubuntu server , to be able to run ircd . the ircd , bnc , and services is up and running .. im using linksys router , i already added 6667 to the iptables ... outside users cant connect .. does anyone have any knowledge to this , can u please message me01:24
gaurangkwtm, it is 3 Gigs01:24
bastidrazordffd: in that case you should go with 10.04 that is supported far longer than 10.1001:24
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bencahill!patience | Thunderirc01:24
ubottuThunderirc: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/01:24
kwtmgaurang: Umm.. gaurang, when your computer hibernates and it needs to store the 3 Gigs of stuff that WAS in the RAM to hard disk, how do you think it's going to squeeze it into 255MB?01:24
gaurangbencahill, that thread is closed , no answer :(01:25
kwtmgaurang: There used to be a rule of thumb that your swap partition should be at least as big as your RAM, but from my experience, it's better to have it twice as big as your RAM.01:25
KM0201gaurang: well it is linux... can't it just overcome owner stupidity?01:25
bencahillgaurang: he said he fixed the problem by doing updates01:25
bencahillKM0201: :)01:25
jrmcmmake: *** [build_tools] Error 201:25
jrmcmkm201: unpacked to desktop, on the cl cd to the directory, changed the make file to target linux, when i use make, i get the error.  make -C tools01:25
gaurangbencahill, oops , i missed that01:25
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bastidrazorHaunt_House: right, it does work with the bookmarks .. i don't know how to add them to where you're wanting.01:26
bencahillgaurang: np :)01:26
kwtmAm I wrong?  Can someone correct me?  When Linux hibernates, doesn't it hole up in the swap partition?  Or does it create some new file on the hard drive on some other partition?01:26
gaurangkwtm, hell yeah , totally agree :)01:26
dotblankjrmcm, um.. what are you making01:26
itaylor57KM0201: lol01:26
biopytehow can i extract every 5th line from a plain text file using grep or others? if this is not the right channel for this kind of question, which one is? Thank you.01:26
jrmcmwifi driver01:26
kwtmgaurang: Perhaps you'd like to join me in booting off a LiveCD and resizing the partitions.  That's what I'm doing right now on this laptop that I'm typing from. :P01:26
bencahillok guys, is there a way I could use expect (or another application) to feed live input from one computer to another?01:26
dotblankjrmcm, what specific driver? have you tried using wireless compat from linux-wireless?01:26
cntbwhat part of maverick filesystem ia auto indexed for search what is the name of indexing system?01:27
bastidrazorbiopyte: #bash may be more helpful01:27
bencahillkwtm: he's using a wubi install :O01:27
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jrmcmnot sure what that is. but the driver i downloaded was for linux01:27
shcherbakbiopyte: combine head and tail01:27
jrmcmdotblank: 2010_0709_RT2870_Linux_STA_v2.4.0.1.tar.bz201:27
DaGeek247!patiance DaGeek24701:28
gaurangkwtm, sure , is it possible to resize the partitions using liveCD01:28
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kwtmbencahill: Okay, well, I won't hold it against him.  But am I right that it isn't possible to hibernate a computer whose RAM is bigger than swap?01:28
shcherbakbiopyte: cat <files> | head -n 5 | tail -n 101:28
dotblankjrmcm, hmm.. have you ried seeing if your card is supported here?01:28
DaGeek247!wifi DaGeek24701:28
IdleOne!msgthebot > DaGeek24701:29
ubottuDaGeek247, please see my private message01:29
bastidrazorDaGeek247: try /msg ubottu wifi01:29
jrmcmdotblank: not yet but ill look01:29
sam-_-cntb, take a look at man locate01:30
nazgulthe Wireless driver and firmware are correctly installed, and I tried WiFi Radar as well...01:30
sam-_-cntb, also /etc/updatedb.conf01:30
cntbsam-_-, ok tyvm01:30
bencahillkwtm: wouldn't make any sense to me :)01:30
bencahillkwtm: i.e. yes, i agree :)01:30
DaGeek247!wifi > nazgul01:31
ubottunazgul, please see my private message01:31
kwtmgaurang: Yes, but it may take a long time.  Step 1: back up EVERYTHING in case your hard drive gets hosed.  Step 2: boot from LiveCD (you know how to download and burn?)  Step 3: connect to Internet and "install" the package "gparted" into your liveCD session (does NOT mean "install" your liveCD ubuntu onto hard disk --different meaning of the word "install")01:31
kwtmgaurang: Then run gparted. You need to do this from LiveCD because you cannot use the hard disk you are repartitioning, while you are repartitioning it, so you can't boot your computer as normal.01:31
nazgulwent through the docs 3x and still no joy or I wouldn't have come back asking a second time01:32
KM0201gaurang: what exactly are you trying to do?01:32
gaurangi was curious what kwtm is doing , btw i lost my 500 Gigs of data because of my stupidity01:33
Fl0werRDouce nuit à tous ^^01:33
kwtmKM0201: I am urging gaurang to repartition his swap partition bigger so his computer can hibernate.01:33
KM0201kwtm: ahh, gotcha01:34
kwtmgaurang: Hey, I thought of a slightly different plan that might work better.01:34
gaurangnice !! tell me01:34
kwtmgaurang: In Linux, it is possible to use more than one swap partition.01:34
bepraaaYou can even have them on different disks.01:34
kwtmgaurang: So, instead of moving around a whole bunch of partitions making them bigger or smaller, just find a big partition that has, say, 6 Gigs of unused space at the end (hopefully you have some 60Gig partition or something), and shrink that partition by 6 Gigs.01:35
kwtmgaurang: So now you have a gap that's 6 Gigs in size, and we don't care where exactly in the hard drive it is.  (With other sorts of partitions we might care.)  And then create another Linux swap partition.01:36
j9lbexcuse me, I'm trying to enable SHMconfig, but I can't figure out how; I found the instructions for editing xorg.conf, but the docs claim this is outdated; do you know where I can find current instructions?01:36
Haunt_Housecan I show my bookmarks in Nautilus other than the menu?01:36
mimorStill no driver for the Ati Radeon HD 68xx series :'(01:37
kwtmgaurang: If I recall, Linux automatically detects any swap partitions and will use them.  You will still need to use backup the hard drive and use gparted, but it will be much faster and much less risk of corrupting your hard drive.01:37
kwtmgaurang: I imagine it might take 15 minutes (for gparted) instead of 2 hours, say.01:37
bastidrazorkwtm: no, it would have to be added in /etc/fstab01:37
kwtmgaurang: Btw, just in case I wasn't clear: back up EVERYTHING on the hard drive, including Windows partitions that you may think are unaffected, just in case gparted screws up the entire hard drive.  Backing up is the most time-consuming part of using gparted (though you should have been doing it already anyway).01:38
kwtmbastidrazor: I stand corrected, gaurang.  But editing the /etc/fstab file to tell Linux you have a new swap partition is relatively easy.01:38
gaurangkwtm, right01:39
kwtmgaurang: Oh, shoot, just thought of something ... bastidrazor, will the creation of a new swap partition change the numbering of the partitions and screw up booting up and all that?  (Eg. /dev/sda6 is now /dev/sda7 or something...)01:39
ChelseaDoes anyone know why there's no #banshee? Are banshee dev's hanging out somewhere else?01:40
bastidrazorkwtm: use UUID's and you won't have to worry about that.01:40
bencahill!info gimp-help-en01:40
ubottugimp-help-en (source: gimp-help): Documentation for the GIMP (English). In component main, is optional. Version 2.4.1-2 (maverick), package size 856 kB, installed size 8476 kB01:40
kwtmbastidrazor: Good idea.  Does Ubuntu do that already?  Hey, gaurang, you are using 10.10, right?01:40
xanguaChelsea: try in the gnome irc networl01:41
gaurangno 10.0401:41
bastidrazorkwtm: as of 10.04 it did not, "sudo blkid" will give yout he UUID's01:41
kwtmgaurang: What was that about losing 500G of data?01:41
gaurangkwtm, that was horrible01:41
gaurangkwtm, i saw my friend was having around 7 distros (different) in his Lappie01:42
gaurangkwtm, so i tried to do that , whole HD got corrupted01:42
Chelseaxangua, thanks, will try.01:42
randomusershcherbak: http://pastebin.mozilla.org/92655001:42
daxtguys please check this screenshot where gftp in my pc connects with external ftp server , but when i try to connect to that from an EC2 instance , it's giving problems , please help me to resolve this problem , Thanks http://img820.imageshack.us/img820/8213/screenshot18f.png01:43
gaurangkwtm, right now I just want to remove vista out of this laptop but i use pendrive to copy contents it will cost me 20 hours01:43
gaurangkwtm, you have something in mind ?01:43
gaurangi really want to get rid of windows01:43
* Haunt_House just discovered dolphin...how come it's for kde and works under ubuntu? Am I to expect troubles?01:44
kwtmbastidrazor, gaurang: I am not sure how Windows identifies drives --I don't want Drive C: to suddenly become Drive D:, so just to be safe I think the best thing overall is actually to increase the size of the swap partition (not create a new one) using gparted.  Or PartitionMagic / PartitionExpert, if you bought that.01:44
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kwtmgaurang: Why 20 hours?  Do you mean you will need to keep changing pendrives because each one is so small, or the drive itself is just slow?  Tell me a bit about your hard drive.  How big is it, how big are the partitions?  Is it 500G?01:45
LxndrI am attempting to RDP from my home computer (ubuntu 10.10) to my work computer (windows xp). My workplace has graciously provided me with instructions to connect (assuming I have windows) which include a server name and the 'name of my computer' both of which are apparently necessary. However, I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to make this happen in ubuntu. Could anyone, with enough patience, walk me through the steps? (Throwing pr01:45
Lxndrogram names at me isn't helping, and that's all I've gotten so far)01:45
bholzHaving issues uninstalling 9.10 w/ 10.1001:45
randomuseranyone, please say how to selete user 'username' from group 'username' here,  http://pastebin.mozilla.org/926550 , I have no idea how to set the primary group01:45
Jordan_UHaunt_House: You can use KDE apps in GNOME and visa-versa just fine.01:46
aitiba /join #jquery-es01:46
kwtmgaurang: I experimented once with many different distros, but I had a spare computer to work on.  My recommendation: don't tinker with your main computer you use for everyday living. Get some cheap desktop that someone else is throwing away and tinker with that. I am *very* conservative with my laptop (I have only installed LTS editions of Ubuntu on here).01:46
bholzHaving issues replacing 9.10 w/ 10.10, help?01:47
Haunt_HouseJordan_U, cool01:47
KM0201bholz: are you trying to upgrade 9.10 to 10.10, skipping 10.04?01:47
kwtmHaunt_House: KDE applications need the KDE libraries installed, but these are part of Ubuntu, so when you installed Dolphin, it installed the necessary KDE libraries so it should work fine.01:47
olskolircwow bholz why would you want to leave karmic01:47
bholzKM0201, yes01:48
olskolircback up your repository bholz (cough)01:48
KM0201bholz: thats not supported, you have to go 9.10 >> 10.04>>>10.1001:48
Haunt_Housekwtm, good to know, thank you01:48
bholzno idea loll01:48
KM0201bholz: or clean install 10.1001:48
kwtmLxndr: Will try to help you but am not very expert. Not familiar with RDP; let me look it up to see if I know enough to help you...01:48
gaurangkwtm, i have 160 gigs of HD having Vista installed , C / D drives , ubuntu installed as Wubi , I am tired of Windows , my PC has 2 TB HD and i guess first of all i need to create a image of Currently used Ubuntu and cut copy files from Vista , tell me whats the best way to do that ?01:48
Lxndrkwtm: Thank you very much!01:48
kwtmLxndr: What program did you plan to use on the Ubuntu client?  And which program names have been thrown at you so far? :)01:48
olskolircmake sure you back it up first bholz and your X1101:48
bholzKM0201, I want to wipe my 9.10 out completely, bad kernel just set it asside and never used it. i was going to start fresh with 10.1001:49
KM0201bholz: ok, have you download and burned 10.10?01:49
Lxndrkwtm: People have mentioned rdesktop to me, as well as 'vinagre' (which apparently is also called 'Remote Desktop Viewer').01:49
nazgulOK so I've reread and gone over all the docs I can find on troubleshooting my Broadcom Wireless device, but everything is dealing with getting the correct drivers and firmware installed, which I have, but I still can't see any networks01:49
olskolircI wish ubuntu would make a rescue cd where all you have to do is click replace grub option after you dual with windows like rpm distros do01:49
bholzKM0201: yes01:49
kwtm Lxndr: aaargh! Sorry, I take that back --I am running on a LiveCD session and don't have my normal computer set up with which I am familiar, so I can't look things up. Let me finish with gaurang and I'll see if I have spare tidbits of knowledge for you, but realistically I probably won't be much help.  Keep asking every 5-10 minutes --someone else might know.01:50
KM0201bholz: so whats the issue?01:50
bholzKM0201: its in the drive, but it wont boot upon start up. done all i can with bios, however grub isnt listening01:50
renatovCould someone please help me with a D-bus issue? Variable "$DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS" is not set, so I can't use commands like "banshee --stop".01:50
Lxndrkwtm: I appreciate it! I'll try asking in a while (I've learned not to ask things too frequently, I've gotten yelled at after doing 10 minute pauses)01:50
KM0201bholz: have you already installed 10.10, and now you're having a problem, or you can't get the cd to boot?01:50
bholzKM0201: cant get CD to boot01:50
kwtmLxndr: Just my own $0.02: I use Kubuntu (KDE) and it comes with krdc built-in.  It seems to be able to accept a few protocols, and seems user-friendly enough, but I have only used it with VNC, not RDP.  Might want to try?  May have to install KDE, though.01:51
KM0201bholz: are you sure you burned it proper, cd drive working properly, etc?01:51
bholzKM0201: yes, plugging it into another CD starts the wizard just fine, even ubuntu reads system files - however no wizard start up.01:51
bholzKM0201: yes, plugging it into another PC****01:52
kwtmgaurang: Okay, what I recommend is: get an external drive (you'll want one, anyway).  You can choose to buy an external, or buy an internal (these are cheaper) and then also separately buy a metal case that turns it into external. This way you can use it as an internal, too, if you like.01:52
KM0201bholz: so you're trying to boot an external cdrom01:52
bholzKM0201: Apologies - define...01:52
renatovCould someone please help me wCould someone please help me with a D-bus issue? Variable "$DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS" is not set, so I can't use commands like "banshee --stop".ith a D-bus issue? Variable "$DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS" is not set, so I can't use commands like "banshee --stop".01:52
KM0201external... USB01:52
bholzKM0201: Figured - no, on-board CDrom01:53
kwtmgaurang: Depending on your budget, you can choose different size drives.  Last year I bought a 1500 G drive (1.5TB) for US$120, so it should be easy to get a cheap 160GB drive that can hold everything.01:53
renatovCould someone please help me with a D-bus issue? Variable "$DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS" is not set, so I can't use commands like "banshee --stop".01:53
kwtmrenatov: I can help you.  Will finish my msg to gaurang then help you.01:53
kwtmrenatov: Okay, you are starting to repeat yourself --that's 3 times in 1 minute.  Stop being so annoying or I won't help.  Geez...01:53
KM0201bholz: so what happens when you try to boot the cd, it just acts like the cd isn't there, or what?01:53
markturnipWhat's the best way of running a scp in the background.01:54
nazgulI picked up a pair of 500GB drives for $25 bucks each, they were sitting on a clearance shelf next to a 512MB Creative Zen mp3 player for $60...I think I got the better deal, lol01:54
gaurangkwtm, sure i will get one , i had one but they are too fragile01:55
bholzKM0201: Good question, yes and no. It reads that their is a CD, but bios (or maybe because of grub) is passing up the boot process and pushing me straight into ubuntu. however when i see that there is a disk in drive on the ubuntu desktop, upon clicking it, i get nothing. just the dir files which take me no where01:55
kwtmgaurang: Suggestion #2: then go copy all the files onto external drive using your normal Windows and Linux copy commands; I say stay away from fancy Norton Copy-All-Your-Files-To-Some-Other-Drive programs that need you to run the same program just to restore files.01:55
KM0201bholz: it sounds like your CD drive s not first in yoru boot sequence in your BIOS01:56
kwtmgaurang: Then once everything is backed up (will take about 2-5 hours, not including buying the drive) go for the GParted thing.01:56
kwtmrenatov: Okay, DBUS session --it says DBUS session bus address not set, right?01:56
bholzKM0201: it is.01:56
bholzi even temp boot it01:56
kwtmrenatov: Darn, hang on, I'm not running on my normal hard drive so I have to go somewhere else to look up the info -- hang on...01:57
bholzKM0201: still no bueno, i just want to wipe it clean and start over w/ this 10.1001:57
bholzhowever i might need to go winxp then back across01:57
KM0201bholz: i dunno.. you have a mysterious pc, it is skipping a perfectly bootable CD, when the CD drive is first in boot sequence, don't take it to a computer repairman, take it to a priest01:57
bholzKM0201: LOL will do. I know its my kernel01:57
KM0201bholz: no its not... the cd loads before the kernel, if your BIOS is set up properly, because it loads even before the hard drive(where the kernel is)01:58
resnoif a one cron isnt firing, a help finding why not? i dont see any cron logs in /var/logs01:58
markturnipWhat's the best way of running a scp in the background?01:58
kwtmrenatov: Okay, I will tell you how to get the DBUS session address, and then show you a script I use to make it automated so you can run banshee or whatever.01:59
bholzKM0201: I thought of that but it seems.. man I dont know lol im brain fried on this. thank you for all your help, im going to buy a new hard drive :P01:59
nazgulcould still use some guidance with this issue I'm having with my wireless, either the answer I need isn't in the docs, or I'm not perceptive enough to recognize it...01:59
KM0201bholz: what is a new hard drive going to do?... your system can't boot the CD Rom...01:59
kwtmrenatov: Basically, the session address is an environment variable.  Are you familiar with command-line Linux?  (Ie. do you use Terminal/Console?)01:59
KM0201bholz: if you're gonna buy something new, buy a new cd drive.01:59
bholzit works though, it reads the disk02:00
kwtmrenatov: Oh, I see you do, because you mentioned "banshee --stop" which you can't do from a GUI. Okay, great.02:00
* KM0201 needs a drink02:00
Sina3hey guys02:00
gaurangkwtm, yeah !! sure i will do that today itself :)02:00
Sina3i just got ubuntu02:00
bholzKM0201: but IN the 9.10 OS02:00
Sina3i used wubi to install it to my external HDD02:00
Sina3but i cant access the movies i have on my external hdd from ubuntu02:00
gaurangkwtm,  how we run programs directly in RAM ?02:00
bholzKM0201: Not the bios - would you know of a cmd that says "hey, boot the disk in the drive please"02:01
Sina3i can only see them on windows02:01
KM0201bholz: i dunno... what i want to know, is how on earth do you think the hard drive is the reason the cd won't boot, when according to your BIOS, it should be checking the CD, before the hard drive even loads02:01
FaustusI'm just looking through theMacTel doc and am left wonder why only the root partition can be ext4. Can someone explain this to me?02:01
renatovkwtm:  sorry, I was afk, but now I'm back =D02:01
kwtmrenatov: the DBUS session address is set by your GUI, so if you have booted up Ubuntu (say) and open Gnome-terminal (I use Konsole in KDE, but it's the same), then you will be able to get the DBUS session address.02:01
KM0201bholz: some computers, have a option.. it's usually on the boot screen, like "Press xx to select boot device"... do you see a message like that?02:01
mermahi im having problems reverting to single screen on my gnome box. In the nvidia X server settings I can't change the Separate X Screen to disabled or twinview since those checkboxes are disabled. Any idea :/02:01
KM0201if so, press the designated key, and try to choose th cd02:01
renatovkwtm:  I use fluxbox02:02
bholzKM0201: Yes "temp boot device" like a one time deal, as i said i already gave that a shot02:02
renatovkwtm:  the terminal warning is this:02:02
kwtmgaurang: Yes, when you boot LiveCD, it turns part of your RAM into a RAMdisk so the computer thinks it has a hard disk.  It then "installs" itself into the RAM disk.  So you can run programs as if you're running on a slower computer with less RAM and a small hard drive (which is really part of the RAM)02:02
kwtmrenatov: fluxbox is fine.  This is the command I use:02:02
renatovkwtm:  [Warn  00:02:55.601] DBus support could not be started. Disabling for this session.02:02
kwtmexport MYDBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS=`set | grep -E DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS | sed -r -e 's/^[^=]*=//'`02:03
kwtmrenatov: ^^02:03
skutr3hey how do i get into the firefox plugins directory from the terminal?02:03
gaurangkwtm,oh ! so , is there any command or so for running specific program on RAM02:03
kwtmrenatov: If I understand you, the error is because the environment variable DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS is missing or wrong.  This happens for me because I use "screen" on the command line.  Do you?02:04
skutr3can anyone tell me how to get into the firefox plugins directory from the terminal02:04
renatovwhat does this mean? "screen on the command line"02:04
renatovkwtm:  what does this mean? "screen on the command line"02:04
kwtmgaurang: I don't know that you can say "Hey, run this program on RAM", but when you boot from LiveCD, the entire time you will be running in RAM (that's how you can do without using the hard drive, so that GParted can repartition it).02:04
renatovkwtm:  I runned the command you told me, but banshee still does not work =/02:05
kwtmrenatov: If you do not type the command "screen", then never mind.  "screen" is a command, like "ls" or "mv".  Anyway...02:05
renatovthe command "echo $DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS" is still returning a blank line too02:05
renatovoh I see02:05
kwtmrenatov: Okay, so you need to understand it a bit more before you use that command.  I did not mean for you to type the command exactly, just as an illustration.  Please do this for me: type this command and tell me what it says:02:05
kwtmrenatov: "set | grep -E DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS"  Type that, without quotes.02:06
renatovkwtm I typed the command, but it returned nothing02:06
kwtmsorry, I guess the "-E" is unnecessary.02:06
renatovok, i'll retry =]02:06
gaurangkwtm, thanks a lot for your kind help :)02:06
renatovkwtm:  nothing again =/02:06
kwtmrenatov: Ah, so it is blank.  So, you do NOT have an environment variable containing the DBUS session address.  Okay, now please open a NEW terminal window in Fluxbox (MUST be using GUI).02:07
renatovkwtm:  done!02:07
earwigs<3 ubuntu02:07
kwtmrenatov: Do *not* go to Ctrl-Alt-F1 for a text screen or anything like that.  Then in that new terminal window, type the same command.02:07
renatovkwtm:  nothing again02:07
kwtmrenatov: I'm expecting something like ... a long string of letters and numbers.02:08
renatovkwtm:  I'm typing this commando02:08
renatovkwtm:  $ export MYDBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS=`set | grep DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS | sed -r -e 's/^[^=]*=//'`02:08
kwtmrenatov: Okay, so next question is: does Fluxbox support DBUS?  If it doesn't, then that's why Banshee won't find any DBUS.02:08
renatovkwtm:  but it returns nothing02:08
Joseph__hi everyone02:08
Faustusis there a macbook channel?02:08
Joseph__i have question about ubuntu installation02:08
kwtmrenatov: That is the wrong command.  I expect it to return nothing. I will repeat.02:08
KM0201Faustus: #buyarealpc02:08
kwtmrenatov: "set | grep DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS"  Type that, without quotes.02:08
renatovkwtm:  yes, it does... in debian lenny I can use banshee with fluxbox02:09
Sina3anyone know how i can access files, on the hdd i installed ubuntu on?02:09
kwtmrenatov: Type only that above, starting with "set" and ending with "ADDRESS".  Do not type the command that starts with "export" bla bla02:09
Faustusthanks KM0201 It's always nice to see discrimination never dies02:09
KM0201Faustus: :)02:09
kwtmrenatov: First type that in the window where you first started, where you were trying to run Banshee.  Then type that in the new window I told you to open.02:09
renatovit returned some things... i'll pastebin it02:10
kwtmJoseph__: Who are you?  Why are you sending me a private message?02:10
renatovkwtm:  http://pastebin.com/7WZiQjug02:10
KM0201!rootirc | root02:10
ubotturoot: It's not technically our business, but we'd like to tell you that IRC'ing as root is a Very Bad Idea (tm). After all, doing anything as root when root is not needed is bad, and especially bad with software that connects to the Internet.02:10
=== root is now known as Guest31151
Joseph__kwtm: sorry, I would like to ask about the ubuntu installation. I have problem with it.02:11
kwtmJoseph__: I'm sorry to be abrupt, but please do not send me private messages because: 1) I have not agreed to help you with installation --I happen to know the answer to some questions but I am not in charge of answering all questions;02:11
cntb I am used to alt'shift for switching languages . where is this  turned on02:11
Guest31151oq e isso exatamente02:11
kwtmJoseph__: 2) someone else may be able to answer your question, so just ask it in public, and02:11
daxtIs there an FTP client that supports multiple concurrent remote logins and that allows me to transfer a file between the 2 remote servers without first having to download it to my local drive?02:11
Joseph__kwtm: I am so sorry :(02:11
Guest31151isso aki e um chat02:11
nazgulso, I could really use some help troubleshooting this wireless connectivity issue...02:11
kwtmJoseph__: 3) Someone else may benefit from knowing the answer to your questions, which will be hidden if we do this in private messages.02:11
KM0201!english | Guest3115102:11
ubottuGuest31151: The #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList02:11
FaustusKM0201: Buy a real PC? You mean with Windows on it?02:12
KM0201Faustus: no, w/o an OS.. :)02:12
kwtmJoseph__: No need to be sorry --you didn't know.  But I do want to tell you why not to ask in private msgs.  Go ahead, ask your question.  Lots of people here smarter than me. :)02:12
KM0201or build it yourself, thats what i do.02:12
Gnea!br | Guest3115102:12
ubottuGuest31151: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.02:12
Guest31151i am speak portugues02:12
syhello :D02:12
kwtmrenatov: Oh, crap.  I'm running on a LiveCD and I want to avoid opening a web browser.  Oh, well, hang on, lemme check the pastebin.02:12
FaustusKM0201: I take it you don't know anything about UNIX02:12
kwtmrenatov: Actually, can you send me a private msg and paste it in?02:12
skutr3thieven`: heyt02:13
KM0201Faustus: don't need to... been happily using Linux for 6yrs02:13
kwtmrenatov: I'm trying to conserve RAM here because gparted is running in the background.02:13
Joseph__I would like to install ubuntu in another partition which i have windows 7 pre-installed. I am able to boot from a thumbdrive but I am confused of the options: install alongside with other operating system, erase and use entire partition (not likely), and manually allocate another partition02:13
Joseph__which one should i choose?02:13
skutr3thieven`: hey*02:13
syanybody familiar with Asus Eee PC's?02:13
syand/or netbooks?02:13
KM0201Joseph__: along side.. or do ou want specific help?02:14
FaustusKM0201: You obviously don't know you're running a UNIX based system. If you knew that you wouldn't disparage Apple02:14
neothecathello.  has anyone had problems with BCM4311 running really slow on 10.10 32bit?02:14
gaurangwhats the problem with :: Failed to execute child process "/home/gaurang/qtsdk-2010.02/bin/qtcreator" (Permission denied)02:14
cntbsy asus eee pc should run ubuntu ok02:14
kwtmJoseph__: Install alongside other operating system.  (If you do not already know that you're going to manually allocate, then you probably don't have enough experience doing it manually.)02:14
Joseph__KM0201: yea02:14
KM0201Faustus: i think you need to take a paxil, i was joking w/ you to begin with.. you know nothing aout "what i know"... there are differences in Linux and Unix, and yes I know mac is unix based...02:14
skutr3help me02:14
syyeah I'm running ubuntu right now, but I need to find graphics drivers and I'm unsure about the process of getting the ones I need...02:14
Gneasy: yes.02:14
Gneasy: what's your question?02:14
KM0201Joseph__: answer your PM02:14
Faustusa whole 6 years huh?02:15
shcherbakFaustus: What is this mouning about? Search freenode.org for mac orientated channels.02:15
cntbgnea sy maybe lspci02:15
Gneasy: if you use netbook remix, it should all be automagically installed correctly02:15
KM0201shcherbak: he's butt hurt apparently.02:15
Faustusthanks shcherbak02:15
Joseph__kwtm: I have already made another partition out from windows storage manager, but I dunno how to install on the designated partition. Is 'install alongside with other operating system' option will install ubuntu system into windows 7 drive?02:15
kwtmKM0201: Be careful of having Joseph__ install something under our guidance and then not being able to support it (if you have to leave the IRC channel early today, or in future days)02:15
skutr3can someone help me??????????02:15
Gnea!ask | skutr302:15
ubottuskutr3: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:15
sywell I had netbook remix originally, but something happened to the gnome at one point and I had to reinstall the desktop version02:15
KM0201kwtm: i've talked a LOT of people through installs here over the years... i think i can handle myself.02:15
renatovkwtm:  I sent you a private msg02:16
Gneasy: oh, the desktop version is not oriented toward netbooks, you should really just use netbook remix02:16
kwtmKM0201: Okay, sounds like Joseph__ is in good hands.  Go for it.02:16
skutr3i want to use the terminal to acess the firefox plugins directory02:16
Gneaskutr3: so use it, what's holding you back?02:16
syhmm..... I guess that means I'll lose all the settings I've put in so far...?  also, will netbook remix automatically find the drivers I need...?02:16
skutr3i dont know how to acess it from the terminal Gnea02:17
kwtmrenatov: Thank you for your paste.  It looks like you do NOT have a variable DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS.  Do you get the same output when you run it from the terminal window that you newly opened when I told you to?02:17
skutr3Gnea: what is the directory02:17
Gneasy: netbook remix is designed to "just work" so if you have any gui settings, they won't really matter. but if you have any important documents, you might want to back /home up first02:17
shcherbakFaustus: sorry, http://irc.netsplit.de/channels/?net=freenode&chat=mac , that is right one02:18
Gneaskutr3: are you looking for the global or personal directory?02:18
kwtmskutr3: explore under the ~/.mozilla directory.  Somewhere down the directory it will have a directory name with random alphanumerics, like ~/.mozilla/profiles/087uwt4hi8f0pwae or something like that.02:18
renatovkwtm:  no, in that new window I get nothing02:18
renatovkwtm:  the command returns nothing02:18
kwtmskutr3: I can't remember exactly --Gnea can help, it looks like.02:18
skutr3Gnea: im trying to install java02:18
synackfinhow do I get the size of Linux's time quantum (aka jiffie aka time slice) ?02:18
Faustusshcherbak: no prob02:18
Gnea!java | skutr302:18
ubottuskutr3: To install a Java runtime on Ubuntu on 10.04 LTS and newer, see http://tinyurl.com/2ffg7cc -  For the Sun Java products and browser plugin, search for the sun-java6- packages in the !partner repository on Lucid (which must be enabled), or !multiverse repository on older releases.02:18
cntbsy maybe /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins02:18
kwtmrenatov: Okay, so for some reason when you get the command-line, that environment variable does not exist.  In my system, it does (Kubuntu 10.04).  Now the question is:02:19
syGnea: I prefer the desktop version though, because I need this OS to do more than just work, I know netbooks aren't desktops but I've had this for a year and it works pretty well02:19
Gneaskutr3: then you'll need to follow those directions from ubottu to get it done correctly02:19
cntbsorry skutr3 maybe /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins02:19
syI heard Intel just put out linux drivers for laptops, maybe someone knows where I should look for them?02:19
skutr3Gnea: im on mint though02:19
kwtmrenatov: Should that variable exist whenever a GUI uses DBUS?  Or is it just something that KDE/GNOME creates for convenience?  My suspicion is the former.  What version of Ubuntu are you on? (I know you're using Fluxbox for a DE)02:20
renatovkwtm:  10.0402:20
Gneasy: Okay, well AFAIK it's using the intel video driver02:20
Gneaskutr3: why did you ask here?02:20
Gnea!mint | skutr302:20
ubottuskutr3: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu, please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org02:20
kwtmrenatov: I wonder if you can access environment variables using some other program in Fluxbox?  E.g. does the file manager allow you to, say, "run a commandline program" or something?02:20
KM0201kwtm: yopu were right, he was an idiot... wasn't paying jack attention to anything02:20
renatovkwtm:  what do you mean?02:21
kwtmKM0201: Sorry to hear that ... hope he doesn't trash his hard drive or anything as he goes through the installation.02:21
kwtmrenatov: Well, when I run that command, I get this:02:22
KM0201kwtm: he probably did... i told him to wait and he just hits install now...lol, i have no idea what he done02:22
syGnea: I'm sorry, what is AFAIK?02:22
kwtmrenatov: "DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS=unix:abstract=/tmp/dbus-cEy8uwoDjv,guid=89c312c02ee7ec64a40e741c4cd8e5f4"02:22
Gneasy: As Far As I Know02:22
inaetyIf I partition some of the harddrive for another distribution, is it possible that I lose some of my data from the ubuntu patition02:23
renatovkwtm:  I guess my Dbus is ok because I can use "$ audacious --stop" etc02:23
kwtmrenatov: So that string of characters is the "secret code" of the DBUS session, and all programs apparently need it to be able to access the DBUS and get signals etc.02:23
jason_in_coloradhello one and all02:23
jason_in_coloradi have a slight issue, i install conky in ubunutu and when i click on the desktop is disappears02:24
kwtmrenatov: What!?  So audacious uses it?  Wait, try this: just run "audacious".  Does it start a new GUI window?  If yes, then either Audacious doesn't need DBUS, or somehow it's getting the correct DBUS address some other way.02:24
jason_in_coloradcan anyone help with this?02:24
kwtmrenatov: Btw, that string of characters changes each time you start the GUI, so don't just copy and paste mine into your computer.02:24
kwtmrenatov: can you do this?  "set | grep -i DBUS"02:25
LA9KSAGot to install Maverick now... Rebooted and checked tables; were synced. All seemed fine. Tried to boot Linux and now I'm stuck on tux screen :/02:25
LA9KSAFroze up on the tux image02:25
kwtmLA9KSA: Sorry to hear that. So GRUB let you choose which OS, and you were able to boot into MacOS if necessary?02:26
hlzxy_i need some help .  I just rm /tmp   and  now can not start ubuntu 10.04,  the error:/use/lib/libgconf2-4/gconf-sanity-check-2 exited with status 256   ...anyone could help me?02:27
kwtmHate to say it, folks, but an inner voice is saying to me, "Why are you helping all these people??  You have so many tasks of your own to get done!"  Am going to put a hold on responding to queries... will finish queries that I've already started.02:27
kwtmhlzxy_: Umm... why did you "rm /tmp"?02:27
xTheGoat121xIs anyone else in here testing Firefox 4?02:27
LA9KSAkwtm: A part of the process of putting linux on mac is to use another bootloader; rEFIt02:27
renatovkwtm:  i've sent you a prive msg with the return of that code02:28
hlzxy_I just think it is a tmp dir ,  my  root use 100%  so...02:28
Gneakwtm: yes, that would be the logical thing to do :)02:28
shcherbakhlzxy_: "rm /tmp" sould not work...02:28
kwtmrenatov: Okay, so somehow... you're not getting the dbus session address (the "secret code").  Sorry, not sure what to do next, but do you know a bit more now about what I was trying to tell you?  That there is a "session bus address" that needs to be retrieved in order to use Dbus.02:28
hlzxy_shcherbak:  why02:29
45PABOHGDhow do i log in under my registered nick/02:29
hlzxy_anyone can help me?02:29
renatovkwtm:  ok, thanx for your help... i'll try to google it02:29
renatovkwtm:  c' ya02:29
kwtmrenatov: Sorry I couldn't help more.02:29
shcherbakhlzxy_: rm do not remove directory without reclusive swith.02:29
renatovkwtm:  you helped me a lot =]02:30
hlzxy_shcherbak:  that is  a  mean,,,,I know it ...02:30
hlzxy_shcherbak:  I mean I remove it.02:30
kwtmshcherbak: Am I allowed to roll my eyes in exasperation when someone removes a directory that can only be removed by root?02:31
shcherbakhlzxy_: data recovery? or reinstall?02:31
kwtmshcherbak: Anyway, hope you're able to help hlzxy_02:31
rgoytacazHey, I got a problem with permissions, running a test website using apache, I've set the owner and group to www-data which apaches uses to run. The problem is that there are users that have FTP access to the server and they need to upload files but when they do, these files permissions are different from the folder. Is there a way to set this?02:31
kwtmgaurang: Hey, you still there?02:31
hlzxy_shcherbak:  tmp  dir, How I can do that.02:31
shcherbakkwtm: Was just picky.02:31
shcherbakhlzxy_: one second. Need live cd, or better live usb...02:32
LA9KSATrying again... Installed Ubuntu on macbook, tried to boot Ubuntu, froze on Tux logo, computer won't turn off...02:32
Thunderirc im lost here i changed my ip in ubuntu . and now i cant connect to SSH .. what should i do02:32
LA9KSANot even with the I/O button02:32
kwtmgaurang: Just wanted to let you know: I'm repartitioning my 160GB drive (it's working on a 123GB partition right now) and it's been 2 hours and I'm not even halfway through.  So I'd allow 5-10 hours for the whole thing.  Just a warning.02:32
hlzxy_shcherbak:  that need much time .any other idea.02:33
shcherbakhlzxy_: this is complete how to: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery read whole before you start02:33
timbojimbo31488I am having some problems with ushare. It takes a long time for it to load. I have the directories set up to my downloads, videos, and music, but none show up on the PS3. I also have a directory set to my home folder and everything shows up there. except the video files. It was working before, but I'm not sure why it is not working now. any ideas?02:33
shcherbakhlzxy_: Was /tmp, by chance on separate partition?02:34
* KM0201 hates the fact partitioning takes so long02:34
=== 45PABOHGD is now known as Blueleaf
Lindacan someone tell me if i made a mistake changing this settings and will afect me ? http://imagebin.org/13227802:35
allooshhello, seem like many people are having the same problem, php files are not being parsed, just a download prompt02:35
hlzxy_shcherbak:  seems not02:35
shcherbakhlzxy_: you could try to boot in text mode, via resque02:35
kwtmKM0201: It's mostly checking.  So first it "checked to make sure there were no errors (fix if possible)", then it shrank the filesystem, then it "checked to make sure there were no errors (fix if possible)".  I'm sure I've got about 6 more of these fsck'ing fscks coming up in between all the partition shuffling.02:35
thiefykwtm do you ever leave this channel?02:36
thiefyyou've been helping people all day mate.02:36
hlzxy_shcherbak: I can login in command mode.  how can i recover it.02:37
=== dust--- is now known as dust--
kwtmthiefy: I've got nothing else to do ... I can't run my normal computer because I've got Gparted taking its own sweet time repartitioning my hard drive.  By the time it's finished, I'll have cobwebs from my chin to the desk.02:37
shcherbakthiefy: He sneaked to kitchen to grab snack.02:37
bencahill!info wine1.002:37
ubottuwine1.0 (source: wine1.0): Microsoft Windows Compatibility Layer (Binary Emulator and Library). In component multiverse, is optional. Version 1.0.1-0ubuntu14 (maverick), package size 7544 kB, installed size 54268 kB (Only available for i386 amd64)02:37
kwtmAnyway, I'm going to go check out the analog world for a while. :P  See ya.02:37
sacarlsonalloosh: is php installed?02:37
thiefykwtm. don't do it. the real world is dangerous.02:38
allooshsacarlson: :) yes it is02:38
thiefykwtm and you can't make people do things by telling them to sudo do it.02:38
m1ndvirusI can see my iPod's filesystem but Ubuntu doesn't recognize it as an iPod. Any help?02:38
thiefym1ndvirus, what does it see it as? just like a usb drive?02:38
sacarlsonalloosh: I assume you are using apache to view it?02:39
allooshsacarlson: true02:39
m1ndvirusthiefy: It doesn't show it as a separate volume at all, actually.02:39
thiefym1ndvirus, it wouldn't know it's an ipod, cause to the computer, it's just a storage volume.   do you want to run itunes to move files to it?02:39
nazgulcould use some help here02:39
m1ndvirusthiefy: No... I use Banshee. It worked until recently.02:39
shcherbakhlzxy_: same link: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery, one moment02:39
zaeryDoes anyone know if there's a d-link irc channel? wifi drops every time a computer on the network shuts down.02:40
nesvnazgul: What's up?02:40
m1ndvirusI can see my iPod's filesystem but Ubuntu doesn't recognize it as an iPod. Any help?02:40
KM0201!ipod | m1ndvirus02:40
ubottum1ndvirus: For information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - For the iPhone and the iPod Touch, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod02:40
zaeryubottu, you never cease to amaze me :D02:41
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:41
nazgulnesv:my Broadcom wireless isn't seeing any networks, already gone over the docs, and the drivers and firmware are installed and active02:41
KM0201nazgul: did you restart?02:41
m1ndvirusKM0201: That didn't help much; sorry.02:41
KM0201m1ndvirus: well i don't know what more help you want than the official ubuntu ipod docs.02:42
sacarlsonalloosh: how about libapache2-mod-php5  is that also installed?02:42
thiefym1ndvirus, hmm, i use virtualbox and run itunes in an xp install. so i am not of any help to you.  sorry.   althoguh, maybe this will help. in itunes, i remeber seeing a setting wehere you can 'enable disk mode' on the ipod. what taht means is, it'll still work as an ipod, but also as a usb drive. so you can dump files on it (that aren't music) if you want to. maybe if you have itunes set that, it'll show up as a drive.02:42
m1ndvirusKM0201: Did you bother to read it?02:42
KM0201m1ndvirus: did you even read it?02:42
KM0201m1ndvirus: readit many times02:42
allooshsacarlson: yes. everything seem in place02:42
nazgulKM0201:yes, but I'm willing to try it again if you think it'll help02:42
m1ndvirusKM0201: I just said I use Banshee to read off my iPod.02:42
zaeryLOL, you both asked eachother the same question at the same time XD02:42
m1ndvirusI don't need help choosing a program.02:42
m1ndvirusI need troubleshooting help.02:42
sacarlsonalloosh: do you have mysql also installed?02:43
m1ndvirusMy problem is much deeper than some canned template page.02:43
LA9KSAWhen on can't power off a macbook, what do?02:43
allooshsacarlson: no, I don't need it02:43
KM0201LA9KSA: try sudo shutdown -h now02:43
zaerym1ndvirus, does banshee recognize that it's an iPod, even if ubuntu doesn't?02:43
allooshI have postgres02:43
m1ndviruszaery: No.02:43
sacarlsonalloosh: what application do you plan to run?02:43
LA9KSAKM0201: Computer has frozen on tux screen, can't get it off with pressing I/O button02:44
KM0201nazgul: what broadcom were you trying to install again?02:44
sacarlsonalloosh: in you server?02:44
allooshsacarlson: php script that can echo "hellp";02:44
zaerym1ndvirus, what ipod/generation do you have?02:44
m1ndviruszaery: That shouldn't matter as it just worked. Nano 4G.02:44
randomuserHow do I change primary group of a user? http://pastebin.mozilla.org/92655002:45
nazgulKM0201:4306v3 I think, and its all installed and active, but the network isn't showing up02:45
sacarlsonalloosh: have you tried a php file with this <?php phpinfo(); ?>02:45
KM0201nazgul: so you installed the b43 driver, right?...02:45
Lindahow can i set user privileges to defaul ? is there a command line for tha ?02:46
sacarlsonalloosh: like test.php  file with the line <?php phpinfo(); ?> in it02:46
KM0201nazgul: did you install the firmware?02:46
sacarlsonalloosh: at the location /var/www/test.php02:46
nazgulKM0201:yes, I followed all the steps in the docs in order02:46
ajwillhi all, I need help, desparately, I have a computer and I'm currently dualbooting ubuntu and windows (10.10 and XP respectively) and I changed a few settings in grub, suddenly, it automatically boots my windows partition without even giving me the chance to select my ubuntu partition, how can I get into my ubuntu partition to change the settings back and run update-grub? (I have ubuntu rescue02:46
ajwillremix 10.10 and knoppix on two pendrives if that helps)02:46
m1ndvirusI can see my iPod's filesystem but Ubuntu doesn't recognize it as an iPod. Any help?02:46
m1ndvirusajwill: Hold SHIFT on bootup.02:47
KM0201nazgul: ok, were you connected to the internet when you followed the instructions?02:47
zaerym1ndvirus, ubuntu recognizes it as a mass storage device, then?02:47
ajwillm1ndvirus: tried that, didnt work :)02:47
m1ndviruszaery: No.02:47
zaeryit didnt recognize it at all?02:47
m1ndvirusajwill: F2 over and over then,.02:47
m1ndviruszaery: I had to manually mount it.02:47
m1ndvirusI changed /etc/fstab to accomodate.02:47
shcherbakhlzxy_: http://wikinewbie.wordpress.com/2010/08/16/rm-rf-ext4ecryptfs-undelete/ this is easiest method02:47
allooshsacarlson: are you joking or something?02:47
m1ndvirusI'll see what happens when I comment out the line.02:47
sacarlsonalloosh: so it works?  http://docs.simplemachines.org/index.php?topic=479.002:48
ajwillm1ndvirus: lol F2 is the boot menu02:48
zaerym1ndvirus, after you mount it, can you see your music?02:48
fixerum I have a n00b problem02:48
fixerpostresql is hosed02:48
fixerI apt get remove it02:48
ajwillm1ndvirus: wait wrong thing, not boot menu, system setup02:48
fixerand reinstall and its still hosed02:48
m1ndvirusajwill: Depending on the BIOS, yes, but F2 was GRUB1's escape as well.02:48
fixerwhat the hell02:48
FloodBot4fixer: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:49
m1ndviruszaery: No.02:49
allooshsacarlson: I am not just starting here, php is not PARSING, so please do not tell me to make a file and put phpinfo() in it02:49
ajwillm1ndvirus: this is grub2 :)02:49
KM0201fixer: uninstall it, then purge it, then reinstall it.02:49
fixer/etc/init.d/postgresql   does not exist02:49
m1ndviruszaery: The only reason I have to believe that it works at all is that I can ls /media/henry (my iPod's mountpoint) and see iPod_Control and stuff.02:49
hlzxy_shcherbak: thanks ,I am trying cp it from other computer.  but seems failed02:49
m1ndvirusajwill: Good luck then. I'm all out of ideas.02:49
ghostnik11i am trying to run a command that allows mkisofs to burn files over 4gb to a 4.7 gb dvd, as I have a udf bug that prevents me from burning files over 4gb to a 4.7 gb02:49
fixeri did02:49
sacarlsonalloosh: ok pastebin your php file and I will see I I can parse it02:49
fixerthats whats pissing me off02:49
m1ndvirusajwill: What could very well be is Windows overwrote your MBR.02:50
KM0201fixer: i dunno, reinstall ubuntu..lol02:50
ghostnik11the command i am trying to run is this: mkisofs -allow-limited-size -udf -o ../2.iso capture002.dv02:50
zaerym1ndvirus: do you have another computer, possibly with another OS to try it on?02:50
ghostnik11i got the command from this web page: http://art.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=35238602:50
m1ndviruszaery: Yes. It works on Ubuntu.02:50
ajwillm1ndvirus: no, I changed some settings and made it so it automatically boots windows, I meant to have a few seconds to load the grub menu to boot ubuntu but I forgot and rebooted, now I cant boot ubuntu to get to it02:50
allooshsacarlson: are you even listening to me? here is my php file <?php echo "hello"; ?>  of course you can parse it if you have stuff running02:50
m1ndvirusajwill: Use a LiveCD.02:51
ajwillm1ndvirus: I toldja I have ubuntu rescue remix 10.1002:51
m1ndvirusajwill: Did not see that.02:51
fixerroot@ubuntu:/opt/metasploit3/msf3/external/pcaprub# /etc/init.d/postgresql restart02:51
fixerbash: /etc/init.d/postgresql: No such file or directory02:51
fixerwhat kind of shit is this02:51
m1ndvirusajwill: Boot off of that, fuck with shit in /etc/default/grub and /etc/grub.d/*02:51
IdleOne!language | fixer02:51
ubottufixer: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.02:51
ajwillm1ndvirus: I can boot the rescue remix, and edit the file, but I need to be able to run update-grub02:52
h00k!language | m1ndvirus02:52
ubottum1ndvirus: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.02:52
m1ndvirusajwill: So chroot.02:52
sacarlsonalloosh: your right your hello is fine as seen here: http://freenet.surething.biz/testphp.php02:53
zaerym1ndvirus, did you install/uninstall/update anything between when you could access your ipod and now?02:54
sacarlsonalloosh: what method did you use to install php and apache2?02:54
m1ndviruszaery: No idea.02:54
nesvfixer: I am pretty sure it's not "postgresql", but rather "postgresql-8.4".02:55
jon8when i do, apt-get remove <package> .. I get a list of things that are no longer required because i'm no longer using a package.. however i want to keep those "other" packages, how do I get them to stop being listed when using apt-get in the future?02:55
kwtm>sigh< Yeah, fixer, but I guess spouting curse words in all caps on this channel will magically make your problem disappear.  Thanks, h00k02:56
* KM0201 thinks someone was off his meds02:57
ajwillKM0201: totally agree.02:57
m1ndviruszaery: "Resetting" my iPod fixed it, it seems.02:57
mddtskHey friends.02:58
mddtskMy init has become lost after trying a xubuntu LiveCD02:58
=== yen-thao is now known as vubuntor439
kwtmjon8: Did your question get answered?02:59
jon8did i explain it right? do you understand what i mean?03:00
kwtmjon8: When you apt-get remove <package>, it only tells you what is no longer required, but apt-get does not actually get rid of those packages.  If you want to keep those packages, then just ignore the message.03:00
jon8kwtm right.. i know they dont get removed.. and that its recommended to remove them..03:00
jon8kwtm my question is, though.. how can i get rid of the message regarding those packages?03:00
kwtmjon8: Oh, you don't want the message?  I dunno... you want to filter it? (through grep or sed or something?)03:01
jon8kwtm nah, i just want to tell apt-get that those packages are ok.. without removing them and re-installing them03:01
kwtmjon8: The other thing you can do, I think, is apt-get install those packages.  That way, if I understand correctly (not sure), Ubuntu marks those packages as "installed because the user specifically wanted them installed" as opposed to "installed because they were necessary for another package".03:01
jon8yeah, maybe that will work03:02
jon8ill figure it out one way or another03:02
kwtmjon8: Okay.  I think you can apt-get install (without removing).  Apt-get will tell you that those packages are already installed, but (I think) it will change the mark so it knows you specifically want them installed.03:02
charlesnowhat are the risks of installing a program from the tar rather than getting a package?03:02
ajwillm1ndvirus: still not working, I tried running update-grub after chrooting into my ubuntu pc and it says cannot find a device for /(is /dev mounted?).03:02
jon8charlesno if you know what you're doing, the none.03:02
Ahrotahnteeanyone know of a way to prevent remote execution with OpenSSH? I have a user using it to evade utmp logs03:02
kwtmcharlesno: The qualitative risks are that it might not work properly , or break something.  Quantitative risk (the actual probability) depends on what package.  E.g reputable source? Etc.03:03
guest32hello, when i rebooted my ubuntu, when i arrived in the login menu, the keyboard and mouse stopped to works, why?03:03
charlesnocould you expound on the risks it can break something? how exactly could that occur?03:03
jon8kwtm, GOOD IDEA! Doing apt-get install <all those packages here> spit out, "already installed, already installed, etc".. then that "warning" message saying they were no longer required went away :)03:05
ghostnik11can anyone help or have been able to fix this udf bug in ubuntu that doesn't allow you to burn files over 4gb03:05
ajwillhi all, I have a probelm, I'm running ubuntu 10.10 maverik and windows XP on one comp, I have it dualbooting and I accidentally changed some settings the wrong way (as in meant to change them to something different) and I need to run update-grub from my ubuntu partition, however grub isnt showing up (even with holding F2 as I am running grub2) and the shift command is disabled as well, I do03:05
ajwillhave ubuntu rescue remix 10.10, help??03:05
jon8kwtm very good idea!03:05
kwtmcharlesno: There's the risk of it not being reliable, so it contains a trojan, etc.  Separately, if something else depends on your tar package, that something else might not work.  Also, your package may depend on another faulty package (might be your manual install: "I'll manually install this dependency so my tar will work" and then that package is flawed, etc.)03:05
kwtmjon8: Glad it worked!03:05
hobodavehey guys03:05
mddtskAnyone have experience fixing kernel panics? I've run into one recently, and would enjoy support.03:05
jon8mddtsk just to be funny, my popcorn kernel panic in the microwave.. i ended up eating it :)03:06
kwtmmddtsk: What!??  Oh god, oh my god, no no !  What do I do now?  Help me help me --- <pops Valium>  ahhh, no longer panicking.  Hmmmm, so, what were you asking?03:06
jon8mddtsk but i know you're asking a serious question.. i just had to say it :P03:06
kwtmmddtsk: just joking03:06
mddtsk: P03:06
jon8haha, we both joked with him, not good!03:06
charlesnoI see, thank you. I bring this up because I recently had trouble getting the Eclipse package to work correctly. I then dled the tar.gz Eclipse file and with 2 commands in the shell managed to get it working flawlessly03:07
kwtmjon8: Hey! Your joke interfered with my joke!!  Didn't you check /var/joke/.lock first???03:07
jon8kwtm i didnt03:07
istevenmonhi guys, isn't it the way to send a mail from console end it with a period in an new line?03:07
jon8kwtm i'll do that next time :)03:07
hobodaveI just had an issue with my ubuntu server losing its static IP address and picking up a DHCP address. Could someone help me figure out what's going on here? I'm looking at syslog history and it looks like out of nowhere on Jan 7 it dhclient started sending DHCPREQUESTs to our DHCP server this continued non stop until finally today it was issued a DHCP address which seems to have replaced the static. I have double check03:07
hobodaveed /etc/network/interfaces and confirmed the static IP is properly configured.03:07
mddtskWell, I have ubuntu 10.10 installed on my lappy.  I recently tried a xubuntu liveCD, and when I left that and tried to reboot I'm met with a message telling my my init is missing03:08
ajwillhi all, I have a probelm, I'm running ubuntu 10.10 maverik and windows XP on one comp, I have it dualbooting and I accidentally changed some settings the wrong way (as in meant to change them to something different) and I need to run update-grub from my ubuntu partition, however grub isnt showing up (even with holding F2 as I am running grub2) and the shift command is disabled as well, I do03:08
ajwillhave ubuntu rescue remix 10.10, help??03:08
jon8hobodave, do you have a router that declares local ip addresses using dhcp?03:08
kwtmcharlesno: If your package is already installed and known to work, then I think it's okay.  Watch out for when you upgrade or install on a similar system and have to go through the same manual procedure.03:08
dabukalamMaverick installations keep hanging at the "Preparing" stage, where it checks if power, internet etc. and has happened to me several times, bug or what?03:08
hobodavejon8: we have a DHCP server on our network. It is not a router.03:09
charlesnoktwm: yeah good call. thanks for the responses03:09
jon8hobodave but you have a DHCP server.. is the mac address of the laptop assigned a specific LAN IP?03:09
kwtmhobodave: Disagree with jon8; sounds like it's your own computer that's requesting DHCP, so do you have NetworkManager or something running which tries to automatically "help" you by looking for a DHCP address?03:09
jon8hobodave maybe i'm not the best guy to be talking to .. Ill let someone else help you ;)03:09
jon8^^ exactly03:09
hobodave... laptop?03:09
jon8hobodave misstyped ;)03:10
=== PreciousRoi is now known as nazgul
jon8kwtm is the man, he'll help you ;)03:10
kwtmcharlesno: Suggest documenting how you manually installed it NOW before you forget.  Next time you need that info might be a few years from now.  Happened to me (I was using a deprecated Python XML package.)03:10
hobodavekwtm: ps aux | grep -i network shows nothing03:10
hobodavethis server has been working just fine for months03:10
hobodaveon Jan 7 this started: https://gist.github.com/77563003:10
AhrotahnteeI have a user evading utmp logs (so, not showing up on 'last', or properly on 'who'); Anyone have any ideas how this is done, and how it might be resolved?03:10
kwtmhobodave: Gotta figure out what process is launching that dhclient ... is your error reproducible, or one-time?  Can you just kill the dhclient and be done with it?03:11
nazgulOK back03:11
randomuseranyone, please say how to deletee user 'username' from group 'username' here,  http://pastebin.mozilla.org/926550 , I have no idea how to set the primary group03:11
mddtskIs it possible to acces an encrypted partition from a liveCD?03:11
hobodavekwtm: I just found it today, I'm concerned there might have been a security breach03:11
=== nazgul is now known as PreciousRoi
hobodaveexcept htis box has no external addresses03:12
hobodavekwtm: should I just kill the dhclient?03:12
kwtmOh, $CREATOR, this GParted is going to take till next morning!!  In the time it takes to finish, I could *buy* a new computer and install Ubuntu on it and be more productive ... :(03:12
kwtmhobodave: Wait, dhclient is RUNNING right now?03:12
hobodavekwtm: yes03:13
hobodavedhclient3 -e IF_METRIC=100 -pf /var/run/dhclient.eth0.pid -lf /var/lib/dhcp3/dhclient.eth0.leases eth003:13
kwtmhobodave: Do a "ps -ef | grep dhclient" and see what process started it.03:13
hobodavepid 103:13
hobodavethis is weird, this box has an uptime of 99 days03:13
hobodaveno dhclient entries prior to what I gisted03:14
kwtmhobodave: Warning: I am *not* the person to talk to about (potential) security breaches.  This is far more serious and you are basically trying to solve a problem that can fight back.03:14
hobodavekwtm: well lets assume it isn't a security breach for now03:14
hobodavelastlog shows I'm the only user who has ever logged in via ssh03:14
kwtmhobodave: What I would do in your stead, given my own limited knowledge, is fix the problem so that it works, and then install intrusion detection system like tripwire or something.  Either reinstall server completely (if you've been rooted, nothing will detect this) or install it on some other computer that you bring onto the network.03:15
victorhugo289Excuse me, what network am I supposed to be????03:15
hobodaveinsufficient question marks to provide adequate answer03:16
kwtmhobodave: But you either decide to install a robust anti-rooting setup, or not at all, because there's no halfway with rooting.  (Installing "nothing" may be justified, so I'm not saying you must arm yourself to the teeth.)03:16
victorhugo289Tell me, please, is this Irc.freenode.net?03:16
hobodavekwtm: ok forget security03:16
hobodavewhat could have started this ?03:17
kwtmhobodave: But installing halfway is the same as installing nothing so don't bother.  This applies to rooting; if you have traces of other intrusions, then that's better.  But no traces means rooting so all or nothing.03:17
kwtmhobodave: So, if you decide no (additional) security, then, yeah, kill dhclient and you'll be done.03:17
victorhugo289What am I supposed to write on the 'Network' box in Launchpad???03:17
kwtmhobodave: Not sure... maybe some Ubuntu package that decided that "the default is dhclient, so of course EVERYONE MUST be using dhclient!!!" or some other dumb assumption.03:17
victorhugo289My nickname is Victorhugo28903:18
victorhugo289but i don't know my network03:18
hobodavevictorhugo289: this is not the appropriate place to teach you how to use the internet03:18
hobodavetry /join #freenode03:18
victorhugo289I am learning. I chose server: #Ubuntu when I came in here.03:18
kwtmvictorhugo289: What question are you trying to answer?  If you're signing up to launchpad, isn't "network" just an optional thing you can fill out, like "AOL" or "(none)" or something?03:18
victorhugo289I installed this Xchat just yesterday03:19
canonvictorhugo289: where do you want to be?03:19
kwtmWhat is "Launchpad", anyway?  Is that on the Ubuntu website, or is that a program that runs on your computer?03:19
hobodaveok I must leave this channel before I catch the stupid bug03:19
hobodavethanks kwtm03:19
kwtmhobodave: See ya03:19
victorhugo289no Kwtm, you have to put something in there, like when you put jabber.org in the server field03:19
kwtmvictorhugo289: Okay... sorry, must be an Ubuntu thing.  I use Kubuntu, so I don't know what Launchpad is.03:20
victorhugo289I am not stupid, I'm a newbie, but I'm sure you didn't mean me.03:20
kwtmvictorhugo289: Never mind him; no one thinks you are stupid, but unfortunately a number of stupid people preceded you here ...03:20
victorhugo289Ah, ok, I use Ubuntu 10.10. I have Kubuntu, it's not much different. Besides Launchpad is like the Ubuntu One... ah yeah for Ubuntu.03:21
dabukalam!launchpad | kwtm03:21
ubottukwtm: Launchpad is a collection of development services for Open Source projects. It's Ubuntu's bug tracker, and much more; see https://launchpad.net/03:21
=== TOGGI3_ is now known as TOGGI3
naiadIm looking to setup apt-cacher on my lan here, but for my laptop i'd like a way to fall back to live repo's if i don't happen to be on my home network.  do you know if that's possible without say testing for the network i'm on and changing out my repo files?03:22
victorhugo289Yeah, Ubottu, I want to use it to join the translators teams. Well thanks to all anyway.03:22
dabukalam!ubottu | victorhugo28903:23
ubottuvictorhugo289: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots03:23
Nanohammm, i like coffee.03:24
kwtmvictorhugo289: Sorry, unable to check out the web page for myself (am running on LiveCD and need to conserve memory).  Perhaps someone else can help?03:24
gnugr!sleep g/n03:25
kieppiehi guys (& gal's). how's everyone doing on this fine day?03:32
mewayhello I get a message that says This kernel requires an x86-64 CPU, but only dtected an i686 CPU. Unable to boot - please use a kernel appropriate for your cpu. I wanted to make sure that this is because the system is 32 bit system. I'm not sure if thats it idk.03:32
acalbazais there a way to show mouse click emphasis for screen recordings?03:33
dewwmeway: get the 32 bit version03:33
mewaydeww doing that now ^_^03:33
resnohow do i find the path of the executable?03:34
mewaybut its strange I could have sworn it was a 64 bit system. Could it be something in the bios?03:34
tauntIm tryin to get wow working on ubuntu and I got everything figured out but.... Im supposed to add some lines to xorg.conf in order for it not to crash on startup.. but ubuntu doesnt use xorg.conf anymore.03:34
tauntanyone have any ideas?03:34
dewwmeway: when it boots later, look at /proc/cpuinfo03:34
resnotaunt: youd have been luck talking with #winehq03:34
redvit does, you just have to create it taunt03:34
taunti did03:35
tauntdidnt seem to do anything tho03:35
mewaydeww its a tyan thunder 2500, 933mhz Pentium 3 8gb ram....03:35
strangehey guys when i plugin a headphone my built in speakers dont disable anyone have any ideas?03:35
mewaydual core*03:35
redvjust curious, are you using ubuntu desktop taunt?03:35
redvand you know you can launch WoW with -opengl in the parameter03:36
tauntdesktop 3203:36
redvand it'll launch in opengl mode which works in wine03:36
tauntya I have it in the conf file03:36
mewaystrange where are you plugging in your speakers and where are you plugging in your headphones?03:36
dewwmeway: pentium 3 didn't have 64 bit support.03:36
mewaydeww, than why does it have enough slots for 8gb ram support?03:36
strangemeway, the speakers are built-in03:36
=== vubuntor439 is now known as yen-thao
tauntredv can I pm u really quick?03:36
=== enrique is now known as tribalphoenix
dewwmeway: probably because it's a server board.03:37
redvtaunt: I'm not a linux expert I just go off of common sense so I probably can't be that big of a help03:37
redvare you using wine?03:37
mewaydeww i'm trying to install the server version03:37
redvand what video driver are you using?03:37
mewaydeww, 32 bit server supports 8g ram?03:37
kinksit appears that when I run a program on a second x server, it can't access the sound card at all - how can I fix this?03:37
dewwnot sure about that, guess you'll find out03:37
mewayI guess XD03:38
kinksspecifically, I am running nexuiz on a separate display so that I can switch back and forth03:38
kwtmnaiad: Did your question get answered?03:38
mewayin 7 min03:38
=== bullgard4_ is now known as bullgard4
us3rhey guys.. is there anyone who can tell me how to put down the fan sound in ubuntu ? Under Win7 my fan is very quiet but in Ubuntu 10.10 its very loud (running all the time) .. I dont know what to do..03:38
naiadkwtm, don't think so03:38
dewwmeway: i think you need a kernel that supports it, maybe that kernel does03:38
mewaysooo whos used ubuntu server edition that can help me get started. I never have03:38
kieppieI have a 1TB HDD I've not used for a while (think I was pondering using it for backups), but when I plugged it in, fdisk reports there is no valid partition table. I think I've loaded data on there, so I want to check it before I blow it. Is there a way to best-guess & force a mount of the disk?03:38
kwtmnaiad: If I understand correctly, you can set up more than one source for your repositories --just add the other repositories from home network and also the ("real") Internet repos, and it will fall back on the other if one is not found.03:39
kwtmnaiad: However, I don't know how to tell it to "first try the home network ones, and only use the other ones if the home network ones are not available".03:39
amlodipinewhere can i find the official linux kernels stable for 10.10? i.e. the headers/images i'm trying to run 2.6.35-24 but it keeps giving me a blank screen / tried 2.6.36 and 2.6.37 but seems to be slow on my p3 512mb laptop03:39
mewaykieppie, external?03:40
naiadkwtm, thanks :)03:40
kwtmnaiad: I seem to recall there was some command for "test which repositories have the fastest response" but I can't remember if that was for synaptic, apt-get, or something else entirely that was not Ubuntu repositories.03:40
kwtmnaiad: Are you really a mythical creature created from the foam splashing over the sea, and live in caves off the coast of Greece?03:40
kwtmnaiad: Cuz I was wondering whether you get broadband in Poseidon's cave. :)03:41
kieppiemeway: i think it was initially internal, but I now have it bolted into an external chassis. a HD caviar black 1TB, so I'm pretty confident the hardware should be sound03:41
mewaykieppie, try restarting the system with it mounted?03:41
bullgard4us3r: Ubuntu has hardware specific solutions for your problem. Start by reading what "ACPI" means. Have a look at /proc/ acpi/fan03:41
bullgard4us3r: Ubuntu has hardware specific solutions for your problem. Start by reading what "ACPI" means. Have a look at /proc/acpi/fan03:42
kieppiemeway: what good will that do? what are you hypothesising?03:42
mewaymaybe its not reading the port.03:42
mewaykieppie, ^03:42
mewaykieppie, I have had the issue its worked for me.03:43
kieppiewhat? the USB port? I've tried it with a different host too03:43
kieppiemeway: ^^03:43
mewaykieppie, its worth a shot to restart with it mounted :p03:44
kieppieok. I'll try, thanks. reporting back in a sec...03:44
plumhey guys03:44
plumi tried to sync with a github repo yesterday but now i want to delete it03:45
kwtmGood grief!!  After 2 hours of GParted fiddling with my partition, now it reports: "Okay, simulation worked.  Now we're going to do it for real ... "  Laptop computers will be obsolete by the time GParted gets done with this laptop's hd.... :(03:45
plumhow can i remove where it was installed?03:45
mewayplum, #gitorious03:46
plumthank you :)]03:46
wildintellectanynone know if you can add both deb and deb-src from a ppa with apt-add?03:46
us3rbullgard4: thx for your answer. isnt there any program for ubuntu like speedfan for windows which can put down the fan speed when cpu isnt in use ?03:46
wildintellectus3r, there are some apps that let you control the fans03:47
us3rwildintellect: can u tell me some ?03:48
us3ror a good one :)03:48
wildintellectus3r, I haven't used any on ubuntu but I see fancontrol in the rpos03:49
kieppiemeway: host is rebooted, but still no partition03:49
thiefykwtm,  needs six tacos. he has been helping people for the last 8 hours.03:50
neothecatcan anyone recommend an app like banshee, but handles syncing podcasts to an ipod correctly?03:50
piyushmishrahow to upgrade to php5.3.5 on my machine? apt-get says 5.3.2 is latest php03:50
researcher1I connect through proxy server but sometime I get Proxy Authentication Error while updating03:52
jshmoe24@ anyone I need someone who has about 5-7 minutes to help me get may hal daemon working, for some reason it's not picking up my dv+- in my /cdrom or /media directories and I just need someone who would know how to restart hal daemon. I have already tried sudo /etc/init.d/hald restart and that doesn't work so im stuck ;( Any good enough?03:53
steverI need help03:53
steverI'm a rookie who is completely lost03:53
tiocfaidharlai think i ran a bad command, can anyone give me a hand?03:54
kieppiestever: aren't we all?03:54
tiocfaidharlai deleted the /var/lib/dpkg/lock03:54
steverI was running the network manager applet03:54
tiocfaidharlaand now whenever i try to boot, it sets me to low graphics mode03:54
steverthen I started messin with stuff and I cant find it again03:54
tiocfaidharlaand i can't even get that, all i can do is login terminal03:54
jshmoe24what doe you need help with stever?03:54
yeatstiocfaidharla: that file shouldn't affect your graphics card...03:54
tiocfaidharlai know, im confused to03:55
tiocfaidharlabut the second i rm -rf'd it03:55
tiocfaidharlablacked out my screen03:55
tiocfaidharlaand set me to that03:55
tiocfaidharlaim confused03:55
jshmoe24tiofaidharlaif you fo the command -rm -rf'd it that means you just completely just erased your partition completly03:56
yeatstiocfaidharla: /var/lib/dpkg/lock just keeps one process at a time running dpkg - it should be able to be deleted without an issue - I would look for another cause03:56
steverhow do I get the network manager applet back and on my panel again03:56
tiocfaidharlayeats: what would you reccommend doing? i'd kind of a novice in this respect03:56
yeatstiocfaidharla: what else did you change?  what were you doing that led you to delete the dpkg lock file?03:57
BeiitaVPN problems :/03:57
jshmoe24Now you are going to have to reinstall ubuntu 10.10 or whatever linux you use by buring an image of your linux and the putting it onto a cd then rerun the installer03:57
tiocfaidharlayeats: i ran this03:57
tiocfaidharlasudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade03:57
rk_does anybody being able to have hdmi sound working?03:57
Beiita"No valid VPN secrets" wtf?03:57
tiocfaidharlaand i closed it during the process, bc it wasn't working03:58
steverIf I reinstall the newest ubuntu, what happens to my files? anything?03:58
yeatstiocfaidharla: ah...03:58
tiocfaidharlait earlier said something about not booting to a dependency based something?03:58
jshmoe24how can you still sudo update && sudo apt-get upgrade if you just rm rf'd? that doesn't make sense03:58
yeatstiocfaidharla: are you at the terminal?03:58
tiocfaidharlayeats: yep03:58
tiocfaidharlathanks so much for helping03:59
jshmoe24@tiocfariharla, read my last post03:59
yeatstiocfaidharla: okay - try 'sudo apt-get -f install' - that should attempt to fix any broken packages03:59
yeatsjshmoe24: he just deleted the lockfile - nothing else03:59
tiocfaidharlayeats: ok, thanks a lot. when this is done, should i just turn off the computer and try to start it again?04:00
steverI don't think I'm saavy enough to be running this04:00
yeatstiocfaidharla: depends on how it goes... does it seem to be working?04:00
paq7512do you alll know how i can save my gpu fan settings nvidia-settings on startup???04:00
doc|hometiocfaidharla: you mispelt your nick04:01
tiocfaidharlayeats: i think so, it keeps spitting out text04:01
doc|homeer, sorry, misread, ignore me :/04:01
tiocfaidharladochome: really?04:01
doc|hometiocfaidharla: no :)04:01
mayank_hi can anyone help me my pendrive had been write protected i tried formatting it but nothing is happening04:01
tiocfaidharlahahaha glad to see a fellow nationalist04:01
doc|hometiocfaidharla: more of a pedant04:01
tiocfaidharlathat wokrs too04:01
doc|hometiocfaidharla: interesting you're coming from a non .ie isp :)04:02
tiocfaidharlahahaha, great grandpa fought for the ira when it was legit, brits put a price on his head, fled to the us04:02
doc|homefair enough04:02
doc|homeanyway, we're off-topic04:02
* doc|home shuts up04:02
tiocfaidharlayeats: now i'm back at nick@nicklaptop:~$04:03
tiocfaidharlawhat should i try now?04:03
yeatstiocfaidharla: okay, that would indicate success...  try a reboot04:03
tiocfaidharlayeats: should i type something first, or just turn off the computer?04:03
yeatstiocfaidharla: 'sudo reboot' or 'sudo shutdown -r now'04:03
jshmoe24Can i get help with restarting hal daemon while running on ubuntu 10.10 x86 ? Anyone?04:03
sacarlsonmayank_: that's weird, my old usb flash had switches on them to write protect but I haven't seen one with those in some time, a small switch on the side?04:03
jshmoe24is there a support forum for ubuntu04:04
=== canon is now known as Acid190
tiocfaidharlajshmoe24: ubuntuforums.org04:04
jshmoe24right but for irc04:05
yeatsjshmoe24: this is it ;-)04:05
majnoon<--remembers when 10 MB was a huge hard drive04:05
jshmoe24ok  yeats04:05
tiocfaidharlayeats: i tried, and it said something like "welcome to grub" and it gave me a choice of a few, and i slected the first, it was something to the tune of  generic, and now im getting a blank black screen04:05
yeatstiocfaidharla: okay, reboot try selecting one of the other kernels from the GRUB menu04:06
yeatstiocfaidharla: it's possible the newer kernel broke something04:06
majnoonthere USUALY is a "failsafe" option also04:06
jshmoe24@yeats,  how do i restart my hal daemon while using ubuntu meerkat x86 10.10?04:06
=== root is now known as Guest55586
tiocfaidharlayeats: i booted to one of the recovery files, and it asked me for my root password, now it's just giving me a root command line04:07
yeatsjshmoe24: sorry - I'm not familiar with HAL...  I would think it would be something like 'sudo service hal restart'04:07
yeatstiocfaidharla: try a non-recovery one04:08
mayank_hi can anyone help me my pendrive had been write protected i tried formatting it but nothing is happening04:09
rusivi!forums | jshmoe2404:09
ubottujshmoe24: The Ubuntu forums can be found at http://www.ubuntuforums.org. There is also a channel on IRC freenode #ubuntuforums.04:09
tiocfaidharlayeats: now it's giving me something it's shown me before, just the ubuntu boot page (purple background, ubuntu, dots that are orange but turning white) but it just stays like that for upwards of ten minutes04:09
yeatstiocfaidharla: hmmm04:10
illuminarisUbuntu 11.04 / WINE 1.2.1 - WOW is running at 1 FPS (ATI Radeon 9800 PRO) I've played it with this same card in the past with no problems when there was proprietary driver support using Envy. I started it up in OpenGL mode and it crashed at character load. I've been running it in Direct3D but it only has 1-2 FPS at lowest possible graphic settings. Please advise.04:10
yeatstiocfaidharla: when did you start having problems with your system?04:11
sacarlsonmayank_: I guess you didn't find the micro switch on the side of your pendrive,  try provide us with the chip type with the command lsusb04:11
mayank_hi can anyone help me my pendrive had been write protected i tried formatting it but nothing is happening04:11
tiocfaidharlayeats: the second i ran the command that deleted the lock04:11
tiocfaidharlayeats: so maybe two hours ago04:11
mayank_i m newbie so plz tell me the procedure whats lsusb04:12
sacarlsonmayank_: do you know how to open a terminal?04:12
mayank_yes i knw how to open terminal what after that?04:12
yeatstiocfaidharla: not sure what to suggest...04:13
sacarlsonmayank_: then type lsusb04:13
mayank_ok i have done that wt now?04:13
tiocfaidharlayeats: hmmm, ok. is there anyway to make a bootable usb drive from a terminal?04:13
sacarlsonmayank_:  do you see a line with your pendrive in it?04:14
=== andrew_ is now known as Guest9919
yeatstiocfaidharla: I mean, you can look in your system logs (I'd start with /var/log/messages), but something got borked in the interrupted upgrade04:14
mayank_yes this one......Bus 002 Device 003: ID 0951:1607 Kingston Technology DataTraveler 10004:14
sacarlsonmayank_:   ok let me check it out04:15
yeatstiocfaidharla: there is a way, but if you can use another computer to do so (even Windows with UNetBootin) that would be better04:15
tiocfaidharlayeats: nah, i've not got much that's important on it, really. is there away to do a system reinstall? the problem being the only other comp i've got access to is a mac with like 300 megs of space left04:15
=== Guest9919 is now known as greenie
=== greenie is now known as greeniekin
yeatstiocfaidharla: ah, I see...04:16
jasonoCan someone please help me install Java SE 6 on Ubuntu?04:16
KM0201!java | jasono04:17
ubottujasono: To install a Java runtime on Ubuntu on 10.04 LTS and newer, see http://tinyurl.com/2ffg7cc -  For the Sun Java products and browser plugin, search for the sun-java6- packages in the !partner repository on Lucid (which must be enabled), or !multiverse repository on older releases.04:17
yeatstiocfaidharla: so can you boot in with low graphics mode?  the Startup Disk Creator program is very easy04:17
jasonoubottu Thank you.04:17
tiocfaidharlayeats: nah, i can't, unless they're a way to do it from terminal04:17
KM0201!thanks | jasono04:17
ubottujasono: You're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)04:17
usr_hello, is it possible to see the behavior of a program when I run it from terminal???. Something similar as looking at the code created by a macro in any ms office application.04:18
steverI have a question04:18
jshmoe24@yeats, how do i restart my thxhal daemon while using ubuntu meerkat x86 10.10?04:19
jasonoubottu I know. THat's cool. Cool you were programmed to say that. What do you run on?04:19
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:19
cablopthe latest kernel is driving me crazy, sometimes it hibernates, sometimes just not04:19
yeatstiocfaidharla: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/USB%20Installation%20Media - scroll down to "Creating bootable USB manually"04:19
jasonoubottu Hi04:19
cablopwould i change the hibernate module or something?04:19
steverwhen I run on the Ubuntu side, I can find files saved on the windows portion, but not vice-versa04:19
jshmoe24thx guys having a problem hith hal daemon right now so cant see what im typing but thank you04:20
yeatsjshmoe24: don't know - like I said before - sorry04:20
steverwhen I run on the Ubuntu side, I can find files saved on the Windows side, but not vice-versa04:20
steversomeone help04:20
yeats!bot | jasono04:20
ubottujasono: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots04:20
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cablopi saw there's one hibernation method, dunno its name it's the default, it is also hibernate|wswup or sth like that and it is also tuxonice... any recommendation?04:21
rusiviusr_: If your looking to debug MS Office you should ask in #dev.openoffice.org as they are focused on just that04:21
tiocfaidharlayeats: thanks, there's one part i'm confused about: how do i download the actual files using just the command line?04:21
rusiviusr_: They try to replicate MS Office features in openoffice.org04:21
steveranyone know how to do that?04:21
yeatsstever: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-read-ext3ext4-linux-partition-from-windows-7.html <-- see this04:22
jasonoyeats I know but fascinating.04:22
usr_rusivi, no, not precisely. I need to convert some documents but it is so extensive that I need to automate the process. I use an application that can be called from terminal. Just by opening a file and saving it with a different extension makes the conversion for me...04:22
yeatstiocfaidharla: you can do wget <URL of .iso file>04:22
jshmoe24so what channel do i go to for quick good answers on ubuntu commnds to restart hal daemon.04:23
dabbilli just installed 11.04, the normal desktop with the launcher on the left works fine, but the classic desktop wont allow me to change themes, the windows change but the menu bars dont change04:23
jshmoe24threre has to be a command line help ubuntu linux community around here somewhere04:23
ZykoticK9dabbill, ask in #ubuntu+104:24
yeatstiocfaidharla: you can also use one of the text-based browsers - w3m, links, lynx04:24
jshmoe24ru talking 2me?04:24
tiocfaidharlayeats: ah, thank you!04:24
usr_is 11.04 a beta?04:24
yeatstiocfaidharla: sure04:24
ZykoticK9usr_, yes04:24
jshmoe24@ ZykoticK9> was that channel suggested for too?04:26
Blue1ZykoticK9: does 11.04 have the unity interface, or is gnome still an option?04:26
ZykoticK9jshmoe24, #ubuntu+1 is the alpha/beta channel04:26
ZykoticK9Blue1, "classic" Gnome is still an option04:26
=== squ1d_ is now known as CB_Desktop
Blue1ZykoticK9: thanks I might d/l it and give it a shot.04:26
frankcox777Hi all04:27
sacarlsonmayank_: I didn't see any low level format of usb in ubuntu ,  did you try see what you can do to it from gparted or disk utility?  to run System>admin>Gparted  and System>admin>Disk Utility04:27
frankcox777hi r304:27
leenuxhi, can i ask for opinions of ubuntu and kubuntu here?04:27
frankcox777why not?04:28
dragonnutdsi just got ubuntu on my laptop, i was playing a game when my computer overheated, now i cant get a strange command line, can anybody help?04:28
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Blue1leenux: this is a support channel04:28
Blueleafcan anyone help me find a driver04:28
mayank_so how to do it tell me the procedure i dont know much about ubuntu04:28
mayank_wer do i find gparted n this04:28
KM0201Blueleaf: what driver?04:29
leenuxBlue1: i know but this is support-oriented... since i was curious if theres any issues to know about04:29
frankcox777what driver do you need Blue?04:29
AbhiJitBlueleaf, http://www.linux-drivers.org/04:29
=== gidimanunaki1 is now known as gidimanunaki
BlueleafA windows driver for my toshiba laptop wi fi04:29
Blue1leenux: than..what is the question?04:29
leenuxi'm more used to running kde but i am okay to install gnome .... just wondered if anyone compared the two04:29
KM0201Blueleaf: whats your toshibas wireless device?04:29
bullgard4Synaptic Maverick: "Banshee is a media management and playback application for the GNOME desktop, allowing users to import audio from CDs, search their library, create playlists of selections of their library, sync music to/from iPods and other media devices, play and manage video files and burn selections to a CD." What is here meant by »their library«?04:29
jon8is there away to automatically fetch updates to packages and write to a log file what was updated and when (FROM Command Line)04:30
frankcox777llenux-matter of preference-try both-keep one04:30
jon8I do not want to have to do apt-get update (and upgrade if available) every day04:30
AbhiJitleenux, gnome is more out of the box. kde can be highly configured as per user needs etc04:30
rusiviBlueleaf: I also have a Toshiba w/ an Atheros wifi works right out of the box on Karmic, Lucid, Maverick.04:30
bullgard4jon8: Yes.04:30
dragonnutdsi just got ubuntu on my laptop, i was playing a game when my computer overheated, now i cant get a strange command line when i try to load ubuntu, can anybody help?04:30
leenuxBlue1:  does running kaffeine, k3b and amarok, say, require a lot of kde dependencies in ubuntu?  am i better off running kubuntu if i like those apps?04:30
Blue1rusivi: I had issues with 10.04 let me see if I can find the post04:30
AbhiJitleenux, kde is more eye candy eye pleasent04:30
jon8bullgard4 care to elaborate? ;)04:31
leenuxAbhiJit:  true... i like gnome but those three apps i mentioned, i like04:31
AbhiJitleenux, yes rurrning kde aps in gnome require all those kde libraries to be installed04:31
leenuxi think there's some good alternatives but i like k3b04:31
AbhiJitleenux, but you can easily install and use them04:31
bullgard4jon8: You better elaborate.04:31
* KM0201 <3's Gnomebaker04:31
AbhiJitleenux, i am using k3b, quantaplus etc in my gnome04:31
Blue1leenux: i run k3b under gnome with no issues.  but yes it hauls in a lot of kde in the process.  I use guayadeque instead of amarok but that is a pref. issue04:31
jon8bullgard4 huh? you're the one that said yes.04:31
yeatsleenux: you can use those apps in GNOME, but they won't be as pretty ;-)04:31
Blue1yeats: well said.04:32
dragonnutdsmy ubuntu died.... can anybody help?04:32
leenuxyeats:  oh :)04:32
leenuxi don't know what to do then :)04:32
Blue1dragonnutds: maybe a little more specific info?04:32
dragonnutdsi just got ubuntu on my laptop, i was playing a game when my computer overheated, now i cant get a strange command line when i try to load ubuntu, can anybody help?04:32
bullgard4jon8: I have fully answered to the question which you have put here in this channel.04:32
jon8bullgard4 you said yes, but you didnt say how it is done.04:32
leenuxdo you think there's any difference in resources usage?04:32
bullgard4jon8: This is correct.04:32
leenuxor neglible?04:32
yeatsleenux: it's easy to run both side-by-side (though you might need to clean up your app menus)04:33
Blue1dragonnutds: well the simple question is did you let it cool down, and secondly what is the message?04:33
sacarlsonmayank_: try read http://www.ehow.com/how_4929061_format-hard-drive-ubuntu.html04:33
jon8bullgard4 can you explain how it is done?04:33
steverwho has about five minutes to help me out with a network manager issue04:33
rusividragonnutsds: May want to governor your CPU via CPU Frequency Scaling Monitor. My pc would always overheat unless I used it :D04:33
AbhiJitleenux, yes04:33
leenuxclean up the app menus?04:33
leenuxi read that kde 4.5 looks really good but i dunno04:34
AbhiJitleenux, kde willbe good on more powerful pc with a good gpu04:34
dragonnutdsyes, it says somthing about a simplified grub and hitting tab for commandes, it did cool down, but i cant go and check the message because i would have to restart my computer to try to load it04:34
leenuxlike what gpu?04:34
AbhiJitleenux, gnome is fine for normal pcs04:34
bullgard4jon8: The command 'sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade' will do that.04:34
steverseriously, just five minutes04:34
leenuxi have a nvidia geforce 7950 gt... is it good enough?04:34
AbhiJitleenux, graphical procesing uint.04:34
leenuxi have an intel quad core so i think its' good enough04:34
rusividragonnutssds: My internal fan speed is not controllable by gnome sensors applet but some are, definitely check it out and if possible, run the fan at 100% all the time.04:34
AbhiJitleenux, yah i think so.more info in #kde or #kubuntu04:34
yeatsleenux: if you install kubuntu-desktop, it will bring in all the KDE apps and put them in your GNOME menus - it's a matter of preference, but I like to keep the KDE apps out of my GNOME menus - that's all I meant ;-)04:35
steveryeats:  can you give me a hand when you are done04:35
jon8bullgard4 sigh.. yes, i know this, thats what i'm doing currently. I am wondering (and i already asked) if there was something i could turn on, that will automatically do that every day or so and write to a file what it did or didnt do.04:35
leenuxyeats: oh... yes, that makes sense04:35
dragonnutdsoh, my problem is not that it is still overheating, my problem is i cant load ubuntu04:35
AbhiJitleenux, if possible first try htis on virtual box. install ubuntu and in htat instll kde and see how it looks and runs04:35
yeatsstever: just ask your question in channel and someone will answer (if they know)04:35
frankcox777I set up linux mint 9 and then ubuntu 10.10 on a fellows acer laptop and when you try to watch videos in Hulu the audio plays strangely. Basically it plays the audio twice with a few seconds between. No problems anywhere else we have tried-any ideas?04:35
Blueleaf802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi04:35
KM0201Blueleaf: thats almost all devices.04:35
KM0201what chipset04:36
leenuxAbhiJit: okay04:36
steverI can't get the network manager to run04:36
leenuxhow much disk space do i need to do that?04:36
thesheff17would anyone suggest a quad port video card that works with ubuntu?04:36
Blue1dragonnutds: the easiest way to diagnose it would be to put in a live cd and see if it boots properly off of that - then we can go from there.04:36
Blueleafhold on ill try to find chip set04:36
AbhiJitleenux, in virtual box 8gb is fine04:36
KM0201Blueleaf: answer my PM, i'll tryt o help you04:36
dragonnutdsdarn, then i have to use one of my dvds and burn one....04:36
leenuxbut, on virtualbox, it uses a 'virtual gpu' so i can't get true idea of gpu related performance, right?04:36
AbhiJitleenux, no idea.04:37
leenuxAhadiel:  so 30gb is enough?04:37
Blue1dragonnutds: ah well but idea I can think of -- and cd's are cheap enough04:37
yeatsleenux: it would not be a good test of your GPU, no04:37
goddardI have been trying to setup an email server with some luck but an something that is out of most tutorials it seems is one vital aspect and that is how to setup the domain.  Can anyone enlighten me?04:37
AbhiJitleenux, 30gh? for virtual box? noooo 8 gb is enough04:37
yeatsleenux: *but* it would let you see KDE up close ;-)04:37
leenuxAbhiJit:  for the kubuntu or ubuntu partition04:37
AbhiJitleenux, both04:38
leenuxand then dedicate 8gb to virtualbox?04:38
bullgard4jon8: If this little problem is causing you a sigh then you better see your psychologist for a treatment. --  The command will write to a file what it did. --  You should put the command in a cronjob in order that the command will be executed automatically.04:38
jon8bullgard4 what file does it write to?04:38
leenuxtrying it in virtualbox is a good idea04:38
dragonnutdsit seems to happen whenever a hard shutdown accures, i have a desktop that has ubuntu, and it did the same thing when it crashed durring a update, i figured it was because of the crashing during updating so i just reinstalled....04:38
steverhow do i get network manager to work again?04:39
leenuxi think virtualbox only lists ubuntu 10.10 for the os, can i use that one if i install kubuntu 10.10?04:39
yeatsleenux: have you used virtualbox before?04:39
leenuxthe kubuntu channel is  quiet... is that a concern if i need to ask support questions?04:39
jon8bullgard4 n/m found it04:39
AbhiJitstever, what happen actually?04:39
leenuxyeats: no, i haven't.....why?04:39
AbhiJithi big_t04:40
bullgard4jon8: /var/log/dpkg.log04:40
jon8i found it thanks bud04:40
jon8i didnt know it logged what it did04:40
jon8i appriciate your time :)04:40
bullgard4jon8: Enjoy Ubuntu!04:40
yeatsleenux: just wondering from your question...  virtualbox will allow you to install any OS you want - it just gives you a "fake" computer to run on - you're not tied to a version04:40
steverIt was working fine, now even through the terminal I cant get it to come up04:41
leenuxyeats: last time i looked at their homepage... you can select an os for your host04:41
leenuxthere's only ubuntu as a choice not kubuntu04:41
yeatsleenux: virtualbox will run on any OS04:41
yeatsleenux: oh - I understand now04:42
yeatsleenux: yes - use Ubuntu04:42
yeatsleenux: sorry :-)04:42
leenuxthen again, it's not really de specific04:42
yeatsas far as apps go, Ubuntu = Kubuntu - it's the same OS underneath04:43
leenuxi guess desktop environment doesn't matter with virtualbox?04:43
yeatsleenux: right04:43
leenuxhmmmmmmmm kay :04:44
Blueleafi am back04:44
sacarlsonleenux: the choices of operating system is only to setup a default profile with mem size and hard disks space,  the ubuntu will work for you other version in virtualbox04:44
leenuxhey, yeats... i haven't used ubuntu for a while... last, i used was kubuntu 9.1004:44
leenuxsacarlson: you've used it?04:45
leenuxsacarlson:  i have 4gb of ram... is that enough?04:45
mayank_sacarlson nothing is happening04:45
Bel_PIs there a specific version of ubuntu for netbooks?04:45
sacarlsonleenux: yes I have over 14 different things that run in it04:45
leenuxsacarlson: how much ram should i dedicate?04:45
=== james is now known as Guest78408
leenuxdo i need more ram?04:45
AbhiJitBel_P, yes ubuntu netbook edition04:45
ZykoticK9Bel_P, yes UNE (Ubuntu Netbook Edition), personally I'd go with Desktop though04:45
leenuxi have a quad core cpu but virtualbox is heavy on ram resources, right?04:46
mayank_the pen drive is getting opened in read only mode04:46
sacarlsonmayank_: what number step in the procedure are you stuck on?04:46
AbhiJitBel_P, http://www.ubuntu.com/netbook04:46
koepigood morning04:46
frankcox777Sorry to repost so soon but I have to leave soon, if anyone could help it would be appreciated.04:46
frankcox777I set up linux mint 9 and then ubuntu 10.10 on a fellows acer laptop and when you try to watch videos in Hulu the audio plays strangely. Basically it plays the audio twice with a few seconds between. No problems anywhere else we have tried-any ideas?04:46
AbhiJitleenux, how much ram you have?04:46
leenuxAbhiJit:  4gb04:46
leenuxi thought i said already ;)04:46
AbhiJitleenux, its enough for virtual box04:46
sacarlsonleenux: on your hardware 4gb?  yes I run with 2gb hardware and the simulation I run about 512meg04:47
leenuxsacarlson: oh, okay04:47
leenuxsacarlson: the ubuntus use firefox, right?04:47
mayank_i opend the gparted then searched my device i tried formatting it bt still its nt happening04:47
yeatsleenux: with 4 GB, you could push that up to 1GB for your guest without issues - probably even 2GB04:48
sacarlsonleenux: I use firefox but there are options of other04:48
leenuxi guess i have a specific support question about this... do you have to install 64-bit flash from adobe website or is it included in non-free repo?04:48
leenuxyeats: right... but, i think i read it's hard to change the amount or at least, hard to raise it04:49
leenuxincrease it, rather... so if i set it to 512mb like sacarlson did, i think it's complicated to change to 1gb for e.g.?04:49
yeatsleenux: nah - not hard, you can slide it up without a problem04:49
yeatsleenux: I'd start with 1GB04:49
leenuxsacarlson:  yes, i know, like chrome?  i am wondering about 64-bit flash, though, if you can use it or if you need to install outside of the repository04:50
sacarlsonleenux:  I use the restricted package that includes flash and java and other codec needed for normal desktop pleasure https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats04:50
leenuxsacarlson:  i know but does that include 64-bit flash or is it using 32-bit?04:50
=== y-t is now known as vubuntor439
leenuxi am asking because i had a time with installing firefox in debian but they use iceweasel..anyway long story and i tried a firefox equivalent04:51
mayank_in this forum it is said to mark maximum partiton size bt m not getting any option here to set the maximum size04:51
sacarlsonleenux: I had run 64 bit ubuntu in 2008 but I had problems with other things so I now run 32bit,  I don't recall how I setup flash back then04:51
leenuxyes, 1gb is probably a good to start with, thanks for the tip04:51
leenuxsacarlson: oh04:51
leenuxsacarlson:  that's interesting... but, we should be able to run 64-bit nowadays, no? :)04:51
quentusrexAnyone know how someone can get started filling in and fixing the official documentation?04:52
leenuxtoo bad no one else responded... no one likes my questions, maybe ;)   maybe i blab too much ?04:52
AbhiJitleenux, no problem for my 64 ubuntu these days04:52
leenuxAbhiJit:  did you install 64-bit flash?04:52
AbhiJitquentusrex, please come in #ubuntu-docs04:52
bullgard4Synaptic Maverick: "Banshee is a media management and playback application for the GNOME desktop, allowing users to import audio from CDs, search their library, create playlists of selections of their library, sync music to/from iPods and other media devices, play and manage video files and burn selections to a CD." What is here meant by »their library«?04:52
c2tarunAbhiJit: are you using 64 bit ubuntu or kubuntu? I am having no problem with ubuntu04:53
sacarlsonleenux: I still see problems with 64bit,  the problems still out way the benifits for me,  as you have 4gb ram it might benifit you more04:53
leenuxi know it's from restricted package repo... i remember that much... i am okay at google and i think for finding that or i'd ask here if necessary for hints04:53
AbhiJitc2tarun, 64 ubuntu04:53
frankcox777Thanks anyway04:53
leenuxsacarlson: of course... yes, you are right... makes more sense to run 32-bit with only 2gb of ram...sorry...04:53
AbhiJitquentusrex, hey come in #ubuntu-beginners-wiki04:54
AbhiJitquentusrex, ask there04:54
sacarlsonleenux: I recall I had to run firefox in 32bit mode when I ran 64bit system with the added 32bit libs installed04:54
bullgard4!punctuation | AbhiJit04:54
ubottuAbhiJit: Punctuation is good, but its overuse hurts readability:  Please refrain from adding many ?'s or !'s to the end of your sentences.  See also !enter04:54
AbhiJitbullgard4, i ddnt used many ? or !04:55
sacarlsonleenux: I also never got my canon printer to work in 64bit and ended up running a 32 bit simulation in virtualbox just so I could print something04:55
sacarlsonleenux: skype was another problem and the list went on.............04:56
bullgard4AbhiJit: You did press the Enter key too often.04:56
AbhiJitbullgard4, ok04:57
tuxhackguys.. anyone know indepth of mdadm ?04:57
leenuxsacarlson: yes, i read about canon printers04:57
leenuxdidn't canon get new drivers for linux 64-bit, though?04:57
leenuxsacarlson: yes, it makes sense then... definitely04:58
tuxhacki just had a crash on sda.. and the hosting ppl is replacing the faulty disk04:58
sacarlsonleenux: by that time I already had my solutions so I"m not sure what has improved but I'm sure some things have goten better.04:59
Bel_PHow would I insert hardware RAID drivers during the install?04:59
jshmoe24 how!@Anyone - I am an experiencecd linux users that needs just a second of help with commands having to do with repariing or restarting hal daemon while using a gnome terminal.04:59
Bel_Pfor a desktop x64 install04:59
leenuxsacarlson: hopefully... i am going to try 10.10 soon... just haven't decided whether ubuntu or kubuntu but i have used kde usually ... i am more familiar with it04:59
Northwoodshow can i find/look where my apache2 is installed ?04:59
tuxhack@Bel_P make sure your hardware RAID is not winraid04:59
tuxhackie which uses software to simulate05:00
sacarlsonleenux: I prefer gnome apps but that's just like you because I am more familure with them05:00
tuxhacki had one such thing on an IBM x335 eSeries.. which blew my brains..05:01
bullgard4jshmoe24: You better put a more specific question here in this channel, directing it to the audience at large.05:01
leenuxsacarlson: well, i am not sure if the gnome equivalents are as good, but, must-haves are k3b and i like amarok too when listening to music files05:01
tuxhackand finally came to know that the built in raid is not supported by linux.05:01
ZykoticK9jshmoe24, is "sudo hald --daemon=no" what you are looking for?  Isn't hal deprecated at this point?05:01
leenuxalso, kaffeine is pretty good...05:01
leenuxbut other than that, i am okay with gnome apps...05:01
leenuxso, it's mostly 3 that are missing from gnome :)   i don't know how rhythmbox and brasero compare or if there's new choices05:02
sacarlsonleenux: oh yes but I have those also k3b is a must have,05:02
leenuxi'm not up to speed05:02
sacarlsonleenux: you can mix and match different gnome and kde apps05:02
leenuxi just thought that calling in all those other de libraries would bog things down but sounds like it's okay05:03
jshmoe24what does hal stand for and what does it mean. Would it cause my screen to mess up?05:03
sacarlsonleenux: you just have both libs installed05:03
ZykoticK9jshmoe24, hal = hardware abstraction layer.  what are you actually trying to do?05:03
leenuxsacarlson:  right... interesting... i haven't mixed before :).... not to much degree05:04
mister_mis bitchx still insecure?05:04
KM0201mister_m: even if its not, there's better irc clients05:04
sacarlsonleenux: we now have 1 terabyte disk drives who cares if we blow up ubuntu into a 10 gig install05:04
ZykoticK9!bitchx | mister_m05:04
ubottumister_m: bitchx (also known as ircii-pana) was dropped from Debian and subsequently Ubuntu (see: http://dy.fi/afb). Consider using irssi or weechat instead.05:04
leenuxsacarlson: true05:05
Blueleaf1back again05:05
dragonnutdsi am back, the boot disk loaded, and i got what the strange commandline says, the first sentince is "minimal BASH-like line editing is supported"05:05
dragonnutdsanybody know what that means05:05
william_so im trying to recover a hard drive that was shut down mid OS install, now disk is not even recognized by the existing OS on the other disk. help?05:06
jshmoe24\\I am trying to get the commands that i need to restart hal daemon or hal on ubuntu 19-8-==\]'05:06
xieterhellow world05:06
jshmoe24I am trying to get the commands that i need to restart hal daemon or hal on ubuntu 10.`10 meerkat05:06
dragonnutdsmy computer overheated so it crashed, now when i try to load ubuntu instead of the menu i get this strange command line that starts with "minimal BASH-like line editing is supported," help?05:07
ZykoticK9jshmoe24, FYI hal was removed from 10.04LTS, i'm not sure of it's status in 10.10 at all.  Why are you trying to use hal?05:07
william_dragonnutds, sounds like the grub menu when it isnt able to find a parition05:08
william_er not partition, kernel05:08
mechanateI install zsh to try it out but i want to switch back to bash without uninstalling zsh.  How do I switch back05:08
pluxhalp44I set a folder to "share", but it doesn't show up in "network" on windows05:08
dabbillmy icons and pannels wont change when clicking on other themes, even stock themes05:08
mechanatemy shell in /etc/passwd is bash05:08
dragonnutdsi didnt loose the kernal, did i?05:08
ZykoticK9mechanate, and if you log out/in do you get bash?05:09
mechanateZykoticK9: nope05:09
jshmoe24well the apt-get keeps whining abought it everytime and also i labtop wont restart its like its in a infinite spin update procure or something.05:09
william_ive had an issue before where my MBR was jacked up, and so when i pulled into grub, it listed that particular line05:10
william_do you have any other kernel versions present?05:10
ZykoticK9mechanate, try "chsh" change shell in a terminal05:10
dragonnutdsi dont think so, i am a newbie at ubuntu so i just got what the windows installer came with05:10
pluxhalp44I set a folder to "share", but it doesn't show up in "network" on windows05:11
mechanateZykoticK9: chsh shows /bin/bash as active05:11
william_i remember the issue was fixed when reinstalling grub, it reset the MBR. This may or may not have anything to do with your issue, but maybe a start05:11
ZykoticK9mechanate, sorry i have no idea then.  good luck.05:11
mechanateZykoticK9: thanks05:12
william_so im trying to recover a hard drive that was shut down mid OS install, now disk is not even recognized by the existing OS on the other disk. help?05:12
bullgard4Synaptic Maverick: "Banshee is a media management and playback application for the GNOME desktop, allowing users to import audio from CDs, search their library, create playlists of selections of their library, sync music to/from iPods and other media devices, play and manage video files and burn selections to a CD." Was ist hier gemeint mit »their library«?05:12
dragonnutdswhat is a grub and how do i reinstall it05:12
MagusOTBDoes linux have an OSX style unarchiver that works on zip/rar/tgz? (i.e. all it does is extract the archive to a directory with the same name as the archive had)05:12
william_grub is a program that finds the kernel after boot. can you get to a root prompt from your screen?05:13
IdleOnebullgard4: library = music directory in this case05:13
MagusOTBa CLI equivalent would be even better. I have a bunch of different types of archives that I need to extract and it's irritating that unrar/tar/unzip all have different interfaces, and I hate shell scripting.05:14
william_if you can get to a root prompt and 'apt-get install grub',05:14
dragonnutdsthe only promt i get is grub>05:14
dragonnutdsis that root?05:14
AbhiJit!fixgrub | dragonnutds05:15
ubottudragonnutds: grub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.05:15
bullgard4IdleOne: Thank you very much for explaining.05:15
william_nope, thats just grub. it means the grub is up and running but not finding a kernel05:15
AbhiJit!who | william_05:15
ubottuwilliam_: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)05:15
william_dragonnutds, nope, thats just grub. it means the grub is up and running but not finding a kernel05:16
dragonnutdswilliam_, ok, how can i get to the root from there05:17
william_dragonnutds, when I had the issue, I entered a seperate kernel and reinstalled grub and it fixed it.05:17
=== Kasjopaja23 is now known as Kasjopaja
dragonnutdsubottu, i dont think i lost the grub, i think the grub is the only thing i can get to05:17
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:17
=== Kasjopaja is now known as Guest8940
dragonnutdswilliam_, and i have no idea how to do that, i hate being a newbie.....05:18
william_dragonnutds, this may be the long way around, but you might try a smaller install of ubuntu on a separate partition, like 5 GB, then see if rebooting after install allows access to the previous kernels05:19
dragonnutdsi never partisoned, i have a internal install inside windows05:19
william_dragonnutds, i know the feeling :)05:19
william_dragonnutds, you mean like a vm?05:20
ZykoticK9william_, wubi probably05:20
AbhiJitdragonnutds, http://www.linux-solved.com/post/SOLVED-Help-Wubi-stops-at-grub-prompt-28340.html05:20
dragonnutdsyes, wubi05:20
Stronzeis anyone's graphic blurring since a recent update?05:20
dragonnutdsabhijit, is there a short answer to the post, some of what they are talking about i have no idea what they are talking about?05:22
william_but doesnt wubi just allow dual install from inside a running windows?05:22
AbhiJitdragonnutds, no idea. you read it neatly05:22
AbhiJitwilliam_, its inside windows. its not dual partitioon05:22
RobertSaganek2hey i'm having trouble getting my camera to work with ubuntu... can anyone help??05:22
william_AbhiJit, really? so it is just a virtual machine running as another app on the windows desktop05:23
AbhiJitwilliam_, right05:23
ZykoticK9RobertSaganek2, if you mean a web cam - have you tried it in "cheese"?05:23
plumhey guys05:23
RobertSaganek2no its a digital camera05:24
plumis there any program to remove unnecessary stuff like CCleaner for windows?05:24
AbhiJitplum, try bleachbit05:24
william_AbhiJit, how is it compared to vmware or virtualbox?05:24
Blue1plum: yeah hang on a sec05:24
plumlooking it up...05:24
Blue1plum: System/Administration/Computer Janitor does SOME of those functions05:25
dragonnutdsabhijit, wait, so when i boot ubuntu, i boot windows05:25
AbhiJitwilliam_, virtual machine is ap inside ubuntu in that ap another os is virtualized. wubi is method to run os inside windows as pretends to be just another ap to windows but its a os to user.05:25
plumi tried that recently Blue1 , that's cool. i didn't know it had that built in.05:25
AbhiJitdragonnutds, yes05:25
dragonnutdsabhijit, that might explane why my ubuntu on my desktop (not the one im troble shooting right now) might also be having problems like the windows install05:26
william_AbhiJit, I guess I dont understand the distinction between the two, how is a vm not exactly what you just described?05:26
Stronzewhat website can i post temp pics yo show what my screen looks like?05:27
tman--what would be causing a compaq presario desktop computer to randomly restart. ive checked the ram its fine, also i cleaned the inside of the case cpu heatsink etc. any ideas05:27
AbhiJit!imagebin | Stronze05:27
ubottuStronze: Screenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://tinyurl.com/imagebin and post a link to it.05:27
RobertSaganek2hey i'm having trouble getting my camera to work with ubuntu... can anyone help??05:27
AbhiJitdragonnutds, may be not sure05:27
AbhiJitwilliam_, :) may be i am unable to explain the difference. and there is not 'a lot' difference05:27
dragonnutdsok, new question, is there a way to reinstall wubi without reinstalling ubuntu too?05:28
Stronzeit happens randomly05:28
AbhiJitwilliam_, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=136415505:28
Stronzebeen playing eternal lands for awhile today and this the second tme it has happen05:29
=== FCTW is now known as WantsToBeSmartLi
=== WantsToBeSmartLi is now known as keFerus
dragonnutdswait, should there be more stuff in c:/ubuntu than just a few files? or can windows just not see them....05:29
=== keFerus is now known as FCTW
Stronzeanyone solutions to y problem?05:30
Stronzeim tired of rebooting05:30
william_AbhiJit, :) so in theory the same thing but different in execution. thanks for the info05:31
AbhiJitwilliam_, yah05:31
izinucsI'm looking for suggestions (packages/implementation) on how to help out a charity auction so remote bidders can participate in both live and a silent auction.  I've written some more about it here.. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1664452 .. any suggestions are welcome.05:32
mayank_hi i m new to ubunto can any one help me??? my pendrive has become write protected i tried doing all sorts  of things bt still its not working05:32
william_will wubi allow for a second kernel install that is accessible by the grun in wubi?05:33
izinucsmayank_: did you check the little switch on the side of the pendrive?05:33
william_grun = grub05:33
mayank_there is no swicth there in my pd05:33
AbhiJitizinucs, https://launchpad.net/projects/+index?text=auction05:33
bonjoyeedoes ubuntu support cpu overheat protection?05:33
izinucsmayank_: worth a shot.. sorry05:34
mayank_so what else should i do?05:34
izinucsAbhiJit: wow.. that's great.. thanks.. I did some searching but didn't come up with that one..05:35
Stronzeanyone know a way to solve my problem?05:35
sacarlsonmayank_: do gparted was a failure?05:35
william_dragonnutds, sorry i cant be more help.05:35
plumi have another question... why is it that my chat (at the top right of the status bar) won't let me change my status by default? here is a screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/2eQ76.png05:35
mayank_i tried gparted bt stilll its is unable to format it05:35
plumi have accounts on it05:35
dragonnutdswilliam_, thats ok, you did your best05:35
william_dragonnutds, i am also mostly still a noob. i feel your pain.05:36
Stronzedamn this screen is hard to read05:36
mayank_i opened gparted then05:36
sacarlsonmayank_: what is the device name of your usb pendrive?  like /dev/sdd ?05:36
plumAbhiJit: amazing, i will recover 10GB from bleachbit!!!05:36
tman--the model number is 5bw13005:36
* FCTW is away: /NICK FCTW[isAway]05:37
AbhiJitplum, nice :)05:37
* FCTW is back (gone 00:00:10)05:37
AbhiJitStronze, just wait for some time and till then post qyour question to ubuntuforum and askubuntu05:37
mayank_its dev/sdc @sacarlson05:37
ZykoticK9!away > FCTW05:37
ubottuFCTW, please see my private message05:37
Stronzei wish i could read you name. i guess ill reboot an post in forums05:38
=== Blueleaf__ is now known as Blueleaf
sacarlsonmayank_: and with the command mount do we see that device mounted at this time?05:39
mayank_should i unmount it using unmount in partition option???05:40
sacarlsonmayank_: yes you can't format something that is presently mounted05:40
mayank_i m doing it05:41
mayank_ohk i unmounted it what now@sacarlson05:42
victorhugo289You mount this way: sudo mount /dev/sda6 /media/devmount05:43
victorhugo289; )05:43
sacarlsonmayank_: repeat the gparted format option05:43
mayank_i formatted it to fat 32 bt it is showning that this operation is pending wt now@sacarlson05:43
Stronzeabhijit - interesting. i just pulled up the screenshot after rebooting and it shows up fine so screenshot wont be helpful lol05:44
sacarlsonmayank_: apply05:44
AbhiJitStronze, :)05:44
AbhiJitStronze, just wait for some time and till then post qyour question to ubuntuforum and askubuntu05:44
mayank_it is saying an erroe accured05:45
r3mDo you like beer05:45
r3mishwhat is asdf05:46
skilzIs it possible to do something like eyefinity with a gforce galaxy 210 1gb with 2 monitors?05:46
r3ma sex dog female?05:46
skilzI basically want to stretch my desktop across the 2 monitors05:46
sacarlsonmayank_: ok  maybe we will try shred  sudo shred -z -f --verbose /dev/sdc05:47
r3msynergy rock!05:48
RobbieThe1stGot a little harddisk question: I'm currently struggling with a couple of bad blocks not wanting to reallocate, and am thinking that the "ARRE and AWRE bits in the read-write error recovery mode page" may have been cleared(got the drive used - could have been in a RAID environment) - How can I check?05:48
mayank_whats that sacarlson?05:48
mayank_shud i type this in terminal?05:48
skilzmayank_, yes05:49
sacarlsonmayank_: that will fill the disk including partition tables with zero05:49
r3mishhey guys05:49
sacarlsonmayank_: be sure you use the correct /dev in this05:49
mayank_ohk i wil try05:49
fubadahi. this process crashed on apt-get install netattalk05:51
fubadaroot      6158  0.0  0.4  36352 17900 ?        Ds   Jan11   0:00 /usr/bin/dpkg --status-fd 23 --unpack --auto-deconfigure /var/cache/apt/archives/libcrack2_2.8.16-2_amd64.deb /var/cache/apt/archives/cra05:51
fubadaand I cant kill -9 it or anything05:51
fubadafull stack in dmesg05:51
FloodBot4fubada: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:51
mayank_it is saying failed to wrting read only file system05:51
=== Gnea_ is now known as Gnea
plumwhat are the BEST tweaks to do to an ubuntu system?05:51
mayank_what shud i do now?05:52
awkHi, hmm, is there any way to get the same graphics you would see on an ubuntu desktop as you would if you vnc'ed from a windows PC to that box?05:54
mayank_actualy i used pendrive as bootable after that it has become write protected@sacarlson05:55
mayank_@sacarlson it is saying it cant be done read only file system05:55
optikok so like an idiot i did sudo chown -hR optik / by mistake and now i cant sudo05:56
plumcan someone help me? i can't change my empathy chat status by default once i log in to ubuntu. screenshot here: http://i.imgur.com/2eQ76.png05:56
sacarlsonmayank_: and it is umounted?05:56
optikwhenever i sudo it says sudo: must be setuid root05:56
mayank_yes it is05:56
izinucsIs there a preferred method of getting files downloaded from bazaar.launchpad.net??05:57
sacarlsonmayank_: I guess you will have to get the utility from kingstone that does a low level format,  I don't think they have a linux version I've already looked05:57
optikanyone know how to fix it?05:58
mayank_utility from kingston05:58
awkoptik: you never going to fix those permissions05:58
mayank_i hav only linux05:58
awkTry 'upgrade'05:58
mayank_can u tell me how to make ped drive bootable?05:59
optikawk: so i basically need to reinstall ubuntu05:59
mayank_so there is no way of doing it on ubuntu?05:59
awkoptik: there is so many different permission on files and directories and proc fs and dev, etc. you never going to fix it..06:00
skilzI want to stretch my desktop across 2 monitors, how can I do this? I am using Nvidia Geforce Galaxy 210 1gb...06:00
Inf0del*tips hat*06:00
govielplum: are you logged in, it seems like you are not06:00
awkoptik: but you might be able to stick a disk in and say 'upgrade' and it fixes some.. However I doubt it will ever be 100% and you going to have a box that is damaged.. And06:00
optiki got it, im screwed and need to format and re install ubuntu from scratch, no worries06:01
mayank_@sacarlson no other way of doing it in ubuntu?06:01
Inf0deli love ubuntu's customizable keys06:02
izinucsmayank_: unetbootin .. it's in the repos06:02
Inf0deldont ever lose that06:02
mayank_i tried doing it wid unetbootin bt it gets stuck at 53%06:03
izinucsmayank_: reformat the pd with fat16 or 3206:03
plumgoviel: i am not signed in yet when it does that... usually it would let me sign in from there i think?06:04
izinucsIs there a preferred method of getting files downloaded from bazaar.launchpad.net??  other than "right mouse click save as" file after file after directory etc.. ?06:04
plumit does not let me select to be Available06:04
mayank_bt i still cant format my pd hav u got any soltn izinucs06:04
skilzI want to stretch my desktop across 2 monitors, how can I do this? I am using Nvidia Geforce Galaxy 210 1gb...06:05
izinucsmayank_: sorry no06:05
Inf0delskilz, yes06:05
izinucsskilz: do you have the nvidia driver enabled?06:05
Inf0deluse the same monitors thought06:05
govielplum: usually if your info is correct it should allow you to auto login. make sure it is, and then make sure the accounts you want to use are enabled.06:06
izinucsskilz: insstall nvidia-settings.. it will show up in system>Admin06:06
skilzalready got it :)06:06
Inf0delin the monitors setting06:06
Inf0delside by side monitors then combine06:06
optikand let me ask u guys this since im reinstalling ubuntu, should i choose desktop or server if i am planning to run apache and other servers06:06
skilzIt's on TwinView at the moment06:07
izinucsoptik: if you want a gui, desktop.. if no then server .. it has a differnt kernel06:07
skilzI can select: Disabled, Seperate X screen or Twin View06:07
izinucstwin view06:08
skilzthats what its on06:09
skilzbut it isnt stretching my wallaper and gnome bar ect06:09
izinucsthere's more options available.. poke around06:09
skilzit has the same wallpaper on each screen06:09
skilzand gnome bar on main screen06:09
skilzon the 24"06:09
skilzthe 17" has the icons06:09
Inf0deldiff size resolutions will do that06:10
Inf0delrather use the same monitors06:10
Inf0delsame resolutions rather06:10
skilzso set same res?06:10
Inf0delminght help06:10
skilzno go :/06:11
Inf0delgot a spare 24''?06:11
Inf0deli had same prob with my laptop lcd and a 19''06:12
Inf0delwanted side by side06:12
skilzPosition: Absolute is what its set to06:12
SnakkahHello. I was wondering, when using the Desktop Cube function of Compiz, is there a way to get labels for your desktops to display as the cube is rotating?06:13
carsonDoes anyone know how to get netflix to work on Ubuntu Linux?06:15
govielcarson: Sadly I don't think we will ever for the moment, netflix uses microsofts silver light, so the only alternative would be a virtual windows system06:17
izinucscarson: it won't06:17
doc|homecarson: I recommend emailing them to express your interest.06:17
skilz_I'm guessing the screens have to be the same size and res06:18
carsongoviel well then how is it mac compatible? why would they make it mac compatible and not linux compatible?06:18
sacarlsonmayank_: only low level formater I could find is http://www.apacer.com/en/support/downloads/Repair_v2.9.1.1.zip  that I found at: http://www.fixya.com/support/t345484-format_write_protect_usb_drive and as I said it's only runs on windows06:19
archeleusto where does ubuntu x86_64 install openexr libraries to?06:19
archeleusnot there in /usr/local/lib06:20
mayank_ohk i will try it06:20
govielcarson: silverlight works on the mac, there alternatives, but they have not been successful06:20
* kwtm rolls eyes to find that, after 5 hours, GParted has completed 0 of 3 tasks needed for resizing partitions on this laptop. :P06:20
carsongoviel, well that sucks... well thanks anyway06:20
carsonizinucs, doc|home thanks anyway06:20
oliver_Just wanted to thank you guys for always being such a great help.  Goodnight.06:22
kwtmcarson: Write a note to Netflix anyway, just to put a blip on their radar screen that someone wanted to use Netflix on Linux.  If enough people do that, maybe they will keep Linux in mind the next time.06:22
govielcarson: netflix is implementing it on android but its going to be hardware based which is bs since android is linux on the bottom. :(06:22
edhantmau nanya2 donk tentang fast-track metasploite06:22
edhanttolong bantu donk06:22
carsonkwtm i think i will06:22
carsongoviel yah that really sucks... why not just make it linux? or switch over to  media player that is more cross platform compatible then a windows media application?06:23
kwtmgoviel: Are you serious? Netflix will have an Android client but "it is hardware based"?  I wonder if it's because they want to Tivo-ize the client?  I mean, supposedly one should be able to run Android in a virtual machine...06:24
SnakkahHello. I was wondering, when using the Desktop Cube function of Compiz, is there a way to get labels for your desktops to display as the cube is rotating?06:25
skilz_Snakkah, Try #compiz06:26
govielcarson: i konw really sucks, i guess they are afraid of the movie studios coming down on them because someone saved a movie file...06:26
joe_Tried to upgrade to 10.4, I got the "Gave up waiting for blah blah blah", I tired every trick in the bug report.06:27
carsongoviel well you could do that anyways on windows or mac, theres tons of screen and audio recorders, it shouldnt be linux they fear, just people who know how to beat the system06:28
=== skilz_ is now known as SkiLZ
carsongoviel wich windows has those people to06:28
MuftiManHey guys, anyone that might be able to help me out? I'm having issues accessing my windows shares using ubuntu.06:29
izinucshow do you restart "nautilus service" .... ?? sudo service nautilus restart doesn't work06:29
SkiLZMuftiMan, What is the problem exactly? Have you mounted the partition?06:30
=== Guest42195 is now known as m00se
MuftiManI've tried, I just get that error 1306:30
=== m00se is now known as Guest13129
MuftiManPasting the info here if that's ok?06:30
m1chaelim having trouble deciding whether i should buy a cheap asus netbook ($289.99+free s/h) with windows 7 starter OR an asus netbook ($399.99+free s/h) with windows 7 pro.. i would like to dual boot with ubuntu.. what would you guys do?06:30
MuftiManmount error(13): Permission denied06:31
MuftiManRefer to the mount.cifs(8) manual page (e.g. man mount.cifs)06:31
MuftiManis the error I get06:31
govielkwtm: yes, hardware based... stupid idea. its going to be an app like slingtv on the ipad.06:31
soreauM1: try #hardware06:32
soreaum1chael: ^^06:32
SkiLZMuftiMan, NTFS or Fat32?06:32
MuftiManSkiLZ,  I've tried the "solution" listed here :06:32
MuftiManErrm the shares are ntfs06:32
mewayOk I have ubuntu server 10.10 lts or w/e is the newest version. Its not connected to the internet intentionally. It has its own network. How would I go about installing a webhost on it?06:32
MuftiManthey're on a windows 7 machine06:33
SkiLZMuftiMan, is it a network share or partition in the same computer?06:33
MuftiManit's a network shares SkiLZ06:33
mewayI have an external hardrive I can use as a resource to get things from the internet06:33
MuftiManI was following this guide too :06:33
MuftiManI changed the username as it suggested in that solution and then get "could not resolve address"06:34
SkiLZMuftiMan, You should be able to permanetly mount souch a drive with an entry in /etc/fstab, like: //server_name/share_name /path_to/mount_point cifs username=server_user,password=server_password,_netdev,uid=client_username,gid=users 0 006:34
SkiLZYou might have to change the server_name for the IP-adress06:35
mewaymaybe I should reword >_<06:35
actionparsnipMuftman: if the share is on Win7 and you use Live Messenger, there can be issues06:35
MuftiManhmm kk, I'll give that a shot06:35
MuftiManthanks actionparsnip , I don't use it but it IS installed06:35
MuftiManshould I uninstall?06:35
MuftiManI should probably add that I'm a complete novice with ubuntu. I'm heavily windows based so this is all pretty new to me06:36
Niglophow can I change my static IP address in ubuntu?06:37
mewayI have 2 routers 1 and 2, 1= internet, 2= private server network.   I want 2 to have one machine with ubuntu server on it and have a webhost on it without connecting to the internet. Is this possible and how? I also have an external hardrive I can use to get files from the internet.06:37
lvtriiMorning All06:37
lvtriiI just ran an upgrade from 8.04 to 10.04 on ubuntu server06:37
lvtriiAnd everything's working fine, except my apache virtualhosts06:38
SkiLZNiglop, System >> Preferences >> Network Connections06:38
lvtriiAll the sites are showing the default "It works!" pafge06:38
lvtriiany pointers of where to look?06:38
actionparsnipMuftiman: i believe its a service. If you websearch for: ubuntu linux windows 7 shares is a pain , it should show (it's a long doc on why. I have it06:38
actionparsnipIn favourites at work06:38
SkiLZNiglop, Click on connection type then edit settings06:38
=== lvtrii is now known as mheap
glacemanGood morning every1:D06:39
Haunt_Housewhy can I start a python script from the comsole, but not with a starter? It tells me permission denied06:39
MuftiManso actionparsnip , you reckon if I uninstall WLM on the w7 machine I should be able to access it?06:40
actionparsnipMheap::ease up on the enter key dude. You can write fairly large amounts of text on one line as I am showing you now06:40
soreauHaunt_House: What command are you using?06:40
Haunt_Housepython /path/script.py06:41
Haunt_Housein the console it works fine06:41
MuftiManFuckin wewt, I have to say SkiLZ , you are AWESOME06:41
mheapactionparsnip, alright. Any tips on where I should be looking?06:41
soreauHaunt_House: Could be an environment issue. Does it work if you put the command in a script with #!/bin/bash at the top?06:42
soreau! language | MuftiMan06:42
ubottuMuftiMan: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.06:42
kwtmHaunt_House: I'm not sure what "the starter" is (presumably some GNOME Ubuntu thing --I use Kubuntu KDE), but have you tried /usr/bin/python instead of just "python"?06:42
Haunt_Housesoreau, trying it06:42
MuftiManeep sorry guys06:42
SkiLZMuftiMan, :)06:42
MuftiManjust been bashing my head at this all week06:42
MuftiManand you help out in 10 minutes06:42
MuftiManwas amazing, thanks so much06:42
SkiLZThat's why they call me skilz :p06:42
actionparsnipMuftiman: there's a part to disable but i guess it does the same thing. Win7 changed the authentication method for shares as far as I can tell, typical Microsoft really06:42
Haunt_House#!/bin/sh I use this, but that works, soreau06:43
soreauHaunt_House: cool06:43
Haunt_Housekwtm, starter is a clickable icon06:43
kwtmHaunt_House: Well, you're really trying to run /usr/bin/python, not /bin/sh, right?06:43
soreauHaunt_House: yea kwtm is right06:43
Haunt_Housekwtm, basically I try to change my desktop background at startup, but I'm working my way there06:43
Haunt_Housekwtm, I included that lin in the actual script06:44
actionparsnipMheap: is the web page data in the right place? Does the new version use the same folder?06:44
soreauHaunt_House: using gconftool?06:44
MuftiManSecond, just trying to add other mounts06:44
kwtmHaunt_House: Are you sure a script at startup is the best way to do it?  Anyway, assuming that it is ... it sounds like "starter" is the menu system in (GNOME) Ubuntu?  Or do you have an actual desktop icon called "starter"?  If either one, I might be able to help; if "starter" is a non-menu desktop icon that came with Ubuntu already, I'd have to profess ignorance since I use KDE.06:45
mheapactionparsnip, yes. apache.conf contains "Include /etc/apache2/sites-enabled", and all of the vhosts are in there as before06:45
Haunt_Housesoreau, I tried it via system menu. There's one called sessions and it allows you to run stuff at login06:46
kwtmHaunt_House: well, not the actual script, but what command are you trying to run from "starter"?  If your *script* starts with "#!/usr/bin/python", that doesn't matter since only bash or some other console will read that line.  Does "starter" read that line?06:46
actionparsnipHaut_house: there are guides on how to create a script to change the wallpaper.with relation to time. It will give the gconf command06:46
kwtmHaunt_House: As an example, if I install a new menu item (under my Kubuntu) then I'd have to say:  run the command '/usr/bin/python /path/to/myscript.py'.  It might not be enough to say: run the command '/path/to/myscript' or the command 'python /path/to/myscript'  (even if my script starts with "#!/usr/bin/python")06:48
nickkontoshello, i recently bought a usb game controller and trying to configure it I accidentally made it to act as a mouse :/ how can I undo this? it's very annoying...06:48
soreauHaunt_House: FWIW, there is an automatic fading wallpaper changer in compiz 0.906:48
nickkontosubuntu 10.1006:48
Haunt_Housekwtm, I tried several approaches. right now I tried running it directly with 'python /path/script.py' and via a shellscript running script.py. both solutions work in the console, none work otherwise06:48
actionparsnipHaunt_house: http://joeamined.wordpress.com/2008/02/15/automatically-changing-wallpaper-relatively-to-daytime-in-ubuntu/06:48
soreaunickkontos: What did you do to make it behave this way?06:49
mheapactionparsnip, got it. I need to use NameVirtualHost in the newer versions of apache, I could get away without using it in previous versions06:49
actionparsnipMheap: glad you got the gold06:49
Haunt_HouseSystem>Preferences>Sessions thats exactly the place where I tried the pythonscript to run06:50
kwtmHaunt_House: Hmm... sorry, sounds like your query is specific to GNOME Ubuntu so I won't be able to help you.06:50
Haunt_Housekwtm, dunno, at least I got the button to say permission denied06:51
nickkontossoreau, I don't know :/ I just know that I did a lot of things trying to make it just work with no success.. until I rebooted! then it worked but it worked too much... some of the applications that I have installed during this was joy2key and jscalibrator06:51
kwtmWell, good luck, Haunt_House.06:52
actionparsnipHaut_house: you can add the script there and it will run once. You will need to mark it exectable and reference it absolutely06:52
nickkontosI just entered "joystick" on the search field of the software center and installed anything that I thought could help, soreau06:52
=== mister_m is now known as mister_m-away
kwtmHaunt_House: Of course!  actionparsnip has a point --is your script executable?  By all?  That must be the cause of the "permission denied" message.06:53
actionparsnip!away > mister_m-away06:53
ubottumister_m-away, please see my private message06:53
Haunt_Houseif it is, the button tells me it's not there, if it isn't it tells me permission denied06:53
kwtmHey, I want a private message, too.06:54
kwtm!away > kwtm06:54
ubottukwtm, please see my private message06:54
actionparsnipKwtm: ;)06:54
mister_m-awayyou guys know you can remove that stuff from appearing06:54
jpmonettesomebody know how to use mod_accesslog in lighttpd? I can't start my daemon06:55
mister_m-awayso stay out of my business please06:55
MuftiManBlah ok I celebrated a little early, SkiLZ , lol06:55
MuftiManI can only add ONE share at the moment06:55
kwtm? Not sure what that !away message is about.  Isn't it dependent on the client whether a user ends up announcing "Hey, I'm away!  Yes, away!  You hear me?"  Does the Ubuntu IRC channel want to recommend a particular IRC client that doesn't cause this problem?06:55
MuftiMantrying to add another, I get "Couldn't chdir to /mount/media/d: No such file or directory"06:56
MuftiManEven though I made it with sudo mkdir -p /mount/media/d06:56
mister_m-awaykwtm, something about a complex and napoleon06:56
SkiLZgimmie a sec06:57
MuftiManlol thanks SkiLZ , appreciate all the help you're givin btw06:58
kwtmYea! GParted has completed 2 of 3 operations and will now only take a *short* eternity to actually expand the size of my main Ubuntu partition!  (Why won't Ubuntu fit into 4G any more?  Used to be I'd install Linux in 2G partitions and have plenty of space left over)06:58
MuftiManOh, I thought I was done :( seems I only did a "proof of concept" lol06:59
tt What's the difference between Grub2 and Grub?07:00
ZorlinGrub2 is a pain in the ass07:00
Haunt_Houseif I put this in the python script '#!/bin/python' do I have to use the python command to start it?07:00
ZorlinNo, Grub2 is more modular and more advanced07:00
Zorlinand (AFAIK) has a lot of redesigned configuration (tt)07:01
kwtmHaunt_House: Not if you run it from the command line.  If it's some other program (e.g. "starter"), not so sure.07:01
ttZorlin:How to know which version I install?07:02
mewayHello I installed ubuntu server on a machine without it being connected to the internet. After plugging it into the network how do I make it obtain an IP address and connect to the internet?07:02
kwtmHey, let me try a factoid!07:02
kwtm!who | Zorlin07:02
ubottuZorlin: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)07:02
Zorlintt: Which version of Ubuntu are you using?07:02
Zorlinkwtm: I already knew that... =_=07:02
Zorlinkwtm: I was using it already07:02
kwtmHey, it's worked!07:02
kwtmZorlin: Yeah, I know.  I was just trying out factoids. :)07:03
kwtm!dont-overuse-factoids | kwtm07:03
Zorlintt: I would recommend using grub207:03
Zorlintt: as its generally considered the "supported" version of grub on the default system07:03
kwtmZorlin: So Grub2 is a more modular, more advanced pain in the ass.07:03
soreaumeway: ifconfig eth0 <ip> && dhclient eth007:03
Zorlinkwtm: Yeah, pretty much. I don't particularly like it, but its also probably the way forward07:04
kwtmZorlin: I'm still using Grub(1) because I used it before and I don't want to mess with it corrupting my triple boot.07:04
Zorlinkwtm: =]07:05
ttWhen I tap 'grub' in terminal,it says 'grub uninstall'.What's wrong?07:05
Haunt_HouseHAHA, I got it07:05
Zorlinso in truth tt: basically you can use either one07:07
Zorlinand tt: you need to run grub-setup I think07:07
ttZorlin:Th you07:08
bj0Wom 407:08
guinesswhats up room07:09
ttZorlin:I find it's hard for to learn Grub07:09
mewaysoreau: santex error near "&&"07:09
Zorlintt: generally users don't have to deal with grub07:09
mewaynear unexpected token "&&" *07:10
Zorlinwhy do you need to install it? did you uninstall it earlier or something?07:10
soreaumeway: You need to replace <ip> with a real internal ip07:10
meway>_> what?07:10
mewaysoreau without the <> ?07:10
soreaumeway: What nameserver is there in /etc/resolv.conf?07:10
ttzorlin:After installing win7,I have to learn Grub.07:11
mewaysoreau: can you be more specific of what the internal ip is? (routers IP) or what?07:11
Zorlintt: Oh, to restore it?07:11
Anom01yanyone know why google earth doesnt work in Ubuntu for me ?07:12
Zorlintt: As in installing Windows 7 got rid of it?07:12
soreaumeway: Keep it in the channel please07:12
Haunt_Housesoreau, kwtm, changing all paths in the script to absolute seems to have helped (:07:12
mewaysoreau: k I'm going to look in that file one sec brb server is in another room >_<07:12
soreauHaunt_House: Its never a bad idea07:12
kwtmHaunt_House: Oh!! I see now; the "permission denied" was not for the script itself; the script was executing and the "permission denied" error was generated by the script, then!07:13
TomCX..i have 'app' source code already downloaded+add modification, but want to do 'apt-get' for the dependency via internet...how to do that?07:13
kwtmHaunt_House: Note for the future: your environment is not necessarily inherited when you run the script, so $PATH etc. may be different.  I see a lot of people run python scripts not with "#!/usr/bin/python" but with "#!/usr/bin/env python".  But that doesn't always work, either, so set your $PYTHONPATH and $PATH.07:14
kwtmHaunt_House: and $PWD, too.07:14
Haunt_Housekwtm, starter works now and maybe it'll work at boot. Thank you both, kwtm  and soreau. If you want, I'll put you on the thanks list when my live action series starts07:14
kwtmHaunt_House: Live action?  Is that, like, Spongebob Squarepants using real actors instead of cartoon?07:15
soreau! work | Zorlin07:15
ubottuZorlin: Doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.07:15
Haunt_Housekwtm, yes, but with actors instead of spongebob07:16
Zorlinsoreau: ???07:16
santhoshhi guys some one help me07:16
Zorlintt: I think you'd want grub2 in that case07:16
EvilPhoenix!ask | santhosh07:16
soreauZorlin: You need to explain what about google earth isnt working07:16
ubottusanthosh: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)07:16
santhoshi run a ping command on ubuntu 10.04 server07:16
Zorlintt: if you're using a liveCD to fix grub07:16
kwtmTomCX: I think what you mean is: you modified an app that would otherwise be available as a package, so you want to install the dependencies for that package, but use your own customized version of that package itself, yes?07:16
rick_2047hello, for the past few weeks gtalk has stopped working on pidgin, I tried force old ssl option but it didn't work. Help?07:16
soreauZorlin: Oh sorry, getting you confused with someone elses nick07:17
santhoshit constantly pings and is not at all stopping and id have to restart07:17
Zorlinsoreau: Wrong user, I think :)07:17
Zorlinsoreau: Yeah. No problem, haha07:17
soreau! work | Anom01y07:17
ubottuAnom01y: Doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.07:17
soreauZorlin :)07:17
santhoshis there a way to stop a command like ping from executing instead of having to restart the sytem each time07:17
nVeeHey guys. I have a "testing" server (latest desktop build) running a clean copy of a LAMP server07:17
kwtmTomCX: If yes, then I guess you could install the standard version of the package first (which installs all the dependencies) and then modify the package.07:17
nVeeWE have multiple people working off files on this server. The default folder is var/www07:17
soreausanthosh: huh?07:18
kwtmHey, Ubuntu doesn't work!07:18
kwtm!work | kwtm07:18
ubottukwtm, please see my private message07:18
nVeecan anyone perhaps help me (please guide me) on how can I change the /var/www permissions so that its 777 to EVERYONE?07:18
ttZorlin:Thank u07:18
nVeeI have created a usergroup07:18
soreaunVee: chmod07:18
MuftiManSkiLZ,  you still about?07:18
kwtmHey, how come ubottu sent me a private message instead!?07:18
kwtm! work | kwtm07:18
MuftiManAm trying to save the fstab file but I'm unsure how to do so?07:18
mewaysoreau: ok the nameserver in there is
Zorlin!testing > kwtm07:18
nVeesoreau: That works but once someone creates a new file, then we have to everyday change the permissions07:18
santhoshi ran ping 192.... and the command is executing again and again07:18
santhoshhow can i stop it without having to restart my system07:19
soreaumeway: And that is the ip of your router, correct?07:19
TomCXwho the bot here07:19
sacarlsonsanthosh:  you can just hit <ctl> c07:19
nVeeit changes it on existing files, but once a new file is created then its read only to other users07:19
Anom01ysoreau, sorry just trying to fix it for a friend in #infozone07:19
TomCXi need to ask the bot07:19
Anom01yhe's running ubuntu + gnome07:19
mewaysoreau: <is the ip of my router07:19
nVeeI need that folder to have 777 for all users in the usergroup, for existing and new files07:19
soreaumeway: Can you ping the router ip from the server?07:19
mewaysoreau: idk07:19
kwtmUbuntu doesn't work!  It sits on the couch all day wanting more money!  It goes on IRC all day long.07:19
MuftiMananyone? =/ I've gotten to the point where it's almost done I think07:20
kwtmOops, wait, that describes myself.  Never mind.07:20
MuftiManbut I need to save the fstab file before I close terminal - I just don't know how07:20
soreaumeway: Try it and if you can, change the nameserver is resolv.conf to the ip of your router then try to ping google.com07:20
santhoshok i just installed ubuntu 10.04 i set a static ip for my system in /etc/network/interfaces . still im not able to ping any of my other systems in the network07:20
nVeewow whats the point07:20
soreauAnom01y: What kind of graphics card is it?07:21
mewaysoreau: network is unreachable07:22
aleiexhi, I need to burn an .mdf file, but can't with brasero07:22
aleiexany software to do that?07:22
santhoshok i just installed ubuntu 10.04 i set a static ip for my system in /etc/network/interfaces . still im not able to ping any of my other systems in the network07:22
mewaysoreau: you want me to change it anyway?07:22
nVeeGeez I would PAY for support07:23
nVeebut thats probably the thing with open source07:23
nVeeand why windows would just always be better07:23
nVeebecause linux have overcomplicated the simplist of tasks07:23
glacemanoups !lol wrong window07:23
Tm_TnVee: please stick on ubuntu support07:23
kwtmHoly cow! GParted is DONE!  Okay, bye everyone! Time to reboot my Dellbuntu and be productive again!07:23
Tm_TnVee: this is no place for personal rants07:23
nVeeTm_T: you're kidding me07:23
nVeeI asked a question07:23
santhoshok i just installed ubuntu 10.04 i set a static ip for my system in /etc/network/interfaces . still im not able to ping any of my other systems in the network. what should i do guys07:23
nVee4 times already07:24
nVeeand no one can help07:24
guinessnvee what is your question07:24
santhoshguiness:ok i just installed ubuntu 10.04 i set a static ip for my system in /etc/network/interfaces . still im not able to ping any of my other systems in the network. what should i do guys07:24
Tm_TnVee: patience (and yes there's commercial support options too)07:24
nVeeI need /var/www to give full access to a usergroup.07:24
kwtmnVee are you implying that Ubuntu is NOT the most perfectest, wonderfullest, bestest system in the whole wide world???  We won't have that on the #ubuntu channel!07:24
nVeethats the long of the short07:24
guinesssanthosh what are your other systems set to07:25
santhoshthey are all running on the same subnet07:25
guinessstst or dyn07:25
soreaumeway: Ok, try this: Set the nameserver to the router ip, then run something like this:  http://pastebin.com/eq1Z8ZCy07:25
nVee14 people work of /var/www for some testing sites. Everytime someone creates a new folder / file, we manually first have to go change the permissions so that theother users can also use it07:25
underdoneMy apologies for coming in and out,setting up Ubuntu for a friend, experience some issues with XChat07:25
guinessok and what are you trying to do...ultimately again07:26
Bokkie<nVee> can anyone perhaps help me (please guide me) on how can I change the /var/www permissions so that its 777 to EVERYONE?07:26
Tm_TnVee: you prolly like to have ACL for that07:27
klochneranyone willing to discuss the finer points of ubuntu services? (/etc/init.d/ scripts)07:27
soreaumeway: Then of course try to ping the router ip and google.com07:27
bareboneHello, how can I add Skype in startup?07:27
zenmowerwhat is the name of the program that lets you set your desktop options07:27
Myrttinvee 777 gives all rights to anyone, what you need to do is to use the sticky bit, user group and the second permission number07:27
mewaysoreau: the thing is the router is set to not respond to ping07:27
zenmowermy power cycled and i am missing my taskbars07:27
Anom01ysoreau, hey its an Nvidia 880007:27
bj0barebone: System->Preferences->Startup Applications07:27
=== Azoth[cf] is now known as Bitashk
mewaysoreau: idk why cause I did not do this07:27
barebonebj0, yes, I did. Now it wants to know the command.07:28
soreauAnom01y: And what is the problem with the program exactly?07:28
barebonebj0, and I don't know the command.07:28
bj0barebone: i think it's just 'skype'07:28
barebonebj0, I think not.07:29
Anom01ysoreau, well it installs to /opt/google/earth07:30
Anom01yand the link on the desktop does nothing07:30
nVeeGuys I apologise for coming off blunt07:30
soreauAnom01y: What about running it from CLI?07:30
nVeebut you need to understand my frustration thus far07:30
BzekHello. How to disable keyboard layout switching with Alt+Shift?07:30
nVeedoing a lot of "do this do that" but not reaping the benefits07:30
nVeeI really have very little experience so I dont know07:30
bj0barebone: it works if i type 'skype' in a terminal07:30
=== Guest13129 is now known as m00se
Anom01yCLI? how do I do that ?07:31
nVeeDoes anyone know of a resource online (and please a simple step by step one) to just help me change either /var/www to full write whoever logs in07:31
nVeeeven if they dont log in, just access /var/www as a shared folder07:31
=== m00se is now known as Guest716
barebonebj0, okay.07:31
nVeeso that they can just access the folder and do what they please07:31
mewaysoreau: brb I will go do that I had to wrte all that down07:31
soreaumeway: No worries, but if you get stuck and Im not here, try #networking for reliable information07:32
barebonebj0, okay, thanks. I'll see if it works.07:32
sacarlsonnVee: not sure this is what you want but you can learn how permitions are set and how they work heres a detailed site: http://www.zzee.com/solutions/linux-permissions.shtml07:35
Anom01ysoreau, what is CLI ?07:36
soreauAnom01y: command line interface07:37
mewaysoreau: ok I got errors like no such routing and no such device.07:37
soreauAnom01y: aka Terminal07:37
soreaumeway: Does ifconfig show an eth0 iface?07:37
govielnVee: http://www.apaddedcell.com/ssh-allowing-multiple-users-edit-files-and-directories-shared-folders07:37
mewaysoreau: brb XD07:37
Anom01ysoreau, duh yeah thanks07:37
jitithey,i am having trouble installing my network card's drivers correctly. can someone help me?07:38
mewaysoreau: the only thing it shows me is local07:39
mewaysoreau: is it possible that its not reading my onboard network card? If so how would I manually install it assuming its there just not active.. :|07:40
mewaycomputer was set up offline07:40
soreaumeway: Ah then the kernel module for your ethernet card likely isnt loaded or there is a problem with it. What is the card per lspci and does dmesg show any interesting messages about it?07:40
=== andrew_ is now known as Guest60283
MadRobotHi all07:41
MadRobotHow do I fix a BADSIG problem in Maverick?07:42
jitithi, does anyone know how to determine whther my USB network card works in "managed mode" ?07:42
soreaujitit: Since managed mode is the typical function, it should work07:42
jititoh hehe, thanks07:43
mewaysoreau: well I can tell you what the board is. the lan is onboard. (I will do dmesg in a moment) Tyan thunder 2500, dualcore pentium3 933 processor, 8gb ram.07:43
histojitit: managed mode should work. that's a normal connection to an AP07:43
jititmanaged mode means its ability to detect networks?07:43
mewaysoreau: idk if that helps with what you were asking or not :|07:43
soreaumeway: Yes but lspci gives you specific information about the pci hardware bus07:43
mewaysoreau: so what is it that you want me to do? dmesg gives me a very large list of things wich would be difficult to catch using just terminal. (this should also help. the drive was made on one machine and than stuck in the tyan thunder later on.)07:46
mewaysoreau: everything on the machine is new just out of the box07:46
mewaysoreau: the reason that the drive was stuck in later on is because the tyan had a tendancy to dislike disk drives and freeze07:47
soreaumeway: Its possible the module isnt being loaded. You need to look at the output of lspci, identify your NIC there and google it to find the kernel module name, then load it with modprobe and see if you get an eth0 iface07:48
mewaysoreau: its safe to assume that its not activated or the wrong drivesr are installed07:48
SkiLZI am using Google Chrome, when on facebook chat I get a message it makes a beep noise, it's really annoying, how can I disable this?07:49
mewaysoreau: ok so the command to do is lspci?07:49
soreaumeway: yes07:49
guinessskilz switch to the fox07:50
jititwhere is the /os/linux root in ubuntu?07:51
soreaujitit: /07:52
jititroot is the wrong word, isnt it?07:52
guinesswhat file are you looking for07:53
mewaysoreau: I'm looking for the ethernet controller right?07:53
jititim not looking for a file. im trying to install my network card's drivers07:53
soreaumeway: right07:53
SkiLZguiness, Firefox has many known security issues. Not to mention it uses more resources and 'looks' so 90's....07:53
soreaujitit: what chipset is it?07:53
guinessare you on linux07:54
jititralink rt287007:54
mewaysoreau: Intel corporation 82557/8/9/01 Ethernet pro 10007:54
mewayev 08)07:54
SkiLZYes I am07:54
guinessyou can use a theme, that will change the look07:54
guinessclam av for virus07:54
guinesswhat else u need lol07:54
SkiLZI don't want to use a theme! I like Chromium!07:54
guinessi found the fox to be faster than chr07:55
guinessi know i was a fervent chromie07:55
SkiLZOh, speaking of clamav...07:55
guinessi liked fox better for linux07:55
guinessi dont use clam tho07:55
SkiLZI used to use firefox07:55
mewaysoreau: googled I'm looking at the loopback topic :/07:55
soreaumeway: Which version if ubuntu is it?07:55
jititnm i figured it out thx07:55
soreaumeway: of*07:55
mewaysoreau: the newest server editon lts07:55
mewayat least I think lts07:56
meway32 bit07:56
guinessi still do with my win instalation07:56
soreaumeway: Do you see any output from this command?: lsmod|grep e10007:56
jon8is there an rss feed of sorts when there are updates to the maverick repositories??07:56
aoheadphones don't work (sound still comes out laptop speakers) suggestions?07:56
SkiLZClamAV: The database directory must be writable for UID 1000 or GID 100007:56
guinessao ur talking abotu the headphone snese07:56
SkiLZwhen I installed it first, it could not create the directories for quarentine ect07:57
aowhats snese?07:57
mewaysoreau: sec07:57
guinessoops sense07:57
=== ae is now known as Guest30634
guinesswhen u plug in headphones in and it swaps sound...07:57
guinesslike i said i dont use clam07:57
aoi guess... when i plug in any set the sounds doesnt revert over but instead plays out both07:57
SkiLZguiness, what do you use?07:57
jititthe readme file for my driver reads "define the GCC and LD of the target machine, define the compiler flags CFLAGS"07:58
jititwhat does this mean?07:58
guinessi still havent found a solution to that problem yet07:58
guinessi swap it manually07:58
aohow do u swap it?07:58
aomy laptop speaker sucks anyway07:58
guinessit is in the sound preferences07:58
ubottuAs you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)07:58
guinessskilz another program i found a while ago07:59
jankoprowskiI'm looking some NCURSES tool to set proxy in Ubuntu Server 10.04 LTS07:59
jitit!ubottu test07:59
guinessprolly time to udate my program07:59
SkiLZguiness, named?07:59
guinessdotn remember its automated07:59
mewaysoreau: yes I do08:00
mewaysoreau: would you like the specifics?08:00
hi5hi all08:00
aosound preferences / sounds tab?08:00
aoor devices?08:00
soreaumeway: hmm, you should probably have an eth0 interface then. Does dmesg say anything interesting?08:01
guinessao go to the output tab08:01
guinessclick on the speaker icon atop the screen08:01
hi5if with shutdown - r the pc goes reboot, but with shutdown from kde no way, what could be stopping it from work?08:01
aoi dont have that tab08:01
=== onre is now known as Guest78117
mewaysoreau: you would have to be more specific about that. It shows a tone of stuff :|08:01
aosound playback dropdown menu?08:01
jititdefine the GCC and LD of the target machine08:02
jititdefine the compiler flags CFLAGS08:02
jititanyone know what these mean?08:02
soreaumeway: You would be looking for anything indicating a problem with the network setup and/or module08:02
aoi am using 9.0408:02
=== KayAteChef is now known as Guest86614
mewaysoreau: how do I pause the screen when its scrolling ?08:02
mewayits a large list08:02
Planck_jitit: GCC would be a variable describing where to find the compiler, LD the linker, and CFLAGS the compiler options08:02
guinessclick on the volume icon08:03
guiness preferences08:03
guiness output tab08:03
guiness connector drop down menu08:03
FloodBot4guiness: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:03
histojankoprowski: what about something like webmin?  do it through a web page?08:03
=== Guest86614 is now known as djfgdfj
histomeway: somecomand | more08:03
mewayhisto: ??08:03
histomeway: to pause the output you put | more after the comand.  like lspci | grep more08:04
SkiLZI am using Google Chrome, when on facebook chat I get a message it makes a beep noise, it's really annoying, how can I disable this? I think it may be a facebook thing08:04
mewayhisto: ah ok08:04
aoguiness under volume control i have HDA intel drivers08:05
jankoprowskiHow set proxy server on Ubuntu Server from command-line?08:05
histojankoprowski: what proxy are you using?08:06
histo!proxy | jankoprowski08:06
ubottujankoprowski: Several Ubuntu channels prohibit access from open proxies and other anonymous connections due to a high level of abuse. The supported ways to hide your IP address on freenode are to use !Tor or get a !cloak08:06
aowait found it08:06
aois output another term for PCM?08:07
ubottuWant to hide your IP while connected to freenode? See http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#cloaks - More information available in #freenode08:07
jankoprowskihisto: I use some proxy-balancer (placed somewhere in my network) which work for http https and ftp08:07
jankoprowskiCommonly I set http_proxy, https_proxy and ftp_proxy but I need apply this for whole system08:07
histojankoprowski: well each proxy server would be configured differently. I'm not sure I really understand you questions.08:07
jankoprowskihisto: The problem is I don't have X on server08:08
histojankoprowski: yeah you don't need X08:08
histojankoprowski: /etc  will contain all your config files08:08
soreaumeway: Try Shift+PgUp to scroll08:08
nVeebash: /etc/pam.d/common-session: Permission denied - I get this when trying echo "session optional pam_umask.so umask=002" >> /etc/pam.d/common-session08:08
jankoprowskihisto: And I need eqivalent for System -> Preferences -> Proxy08:09
jankoprowskifrom GNOME environ08:09
jankoprowskihisto: something like this but in shell08:09
nVeei also tried sudo echo "session optional pam_umask.so umask=002" >> /etc/pam.d/common-session08:09
soreaumeway: The other option is to rmmod e100 && modprobe e100 && dmesg|tail08:09
jankoprowskihisto: Just GUI (NCURSES) to set system properly :)08:09
soreaumeway: This reloads the module and puts the information at the end of the syslog08:09
aoguiness: please help08:10
histojankoprowski: Have you installed a proxy server?08:10
histobrb reboot08:10
soreaumeway: You can even load it with parameters (see modinfo e100) like this: modprobe e100 debug=16 eeprom_bad_csum_allow=108:10
nVeebash: /etc/pam.d/common-session: Permission denied - I get this when trying echo "session optional pam_umask.so umask=002" >> /etc/pam.d/common-session08:11
nVeei also tried sudo echo "session optional pam_umask.so umask=002" >> /etc/pam.d/common-session08:11
bj0nVee: thats because the sudo only applies to the first command, not the '>>', you can do a 'sudo su' to become root in the terminal08:12
macobj0: no need08:13
gsouque_dose any body know a way to prevent user from shunting down a freenx server under a nx session ?08:13
maconVee: instead of >> use  "| tee -a"08:13
maconVee: sorry... "| sudo tee -a"08:13
maconVee: and then no need for sudo in front of the echo08:13
nVeei see08:14
nVeeokay I think I have it working08:14
nVeei question tho08:14
nVeethat changes deafault folder permission to 775 and files to 664 correct?08:14
nVeewell for new files?08:15
nVeeand folders08:15
nVeeIf I wanted to set it to 777 for both new files and new folders?08:15
maconVee: the 775 sounds right, though i didnt know it behaved differently for folders versus files...08:15
maconVee: 777 means umask is 00008:15
nVeemaco, i more question08:16
nVee1 more question08:16
nVeecan I add "nobody" to a usergroup08:16
nVeethat would mean that someone could access the shared folder08:16
nVeeand also have the same previledges of the users within that usergroup?08:16
mewaysoreau: I figured out how to scroll. I found nothing strange btw08:17
mewaysoreau: you wanted me to try other things? or were you saying other options for scrolling?08:17
MadRobotHi all, is gmake installed by default?08:18
soreaumeway: Well you could reload the module with those options.. debug=16 should be the most verbose output in dmesg08:18
maconVee: "nobody" isnt a user you tend to be wanting to give permissions to...08:18
mariMadRobot: dpkg -l | grep -i gcc08:18
vadimkiselev<MadRobot> check in synaptic08:18
MadRobotmari, vadimkiselev thanks08:19
mewaysoreau: as I said before I am a bit new so, I is confused ^_^08:19
nVeemaco: Whats happening is that when I access the shared folder from e.g. a windows machine08:19
nVeei dont get the authentication tab08:19
nVeeso technically most users log in without "authenticating"08:19
nVeeI want users to be able to modify that shared folder irrelevant if they are logged in or not08:19
MadRobotvadimkiselev, it seems it doesn't even exist.08:20
SkiLZguiness, Firefox makes that beep sound to on facebook chat08:20
MadRobotvadimkiselev, synaptic couldn't locate it..08:20
nVeei understand the security issues08:20
SkiLZso it may something to do with facebook08:20
nVeebut this really is just an internal box08:20
nVeesecurity is 0% a risk for me08:20
MadRobotIs make the same as gmake?08:20
maconVee: guess you could try it then08:21
marinVee: you share with samba ?08:21
nVeemari, i think so (judging from my idiot questions you can see im very new to linux)08:21
nVeebut i recall installing samba08:21
nVeeor something like that :)08:21
OdmincheG.ощшт №гигтег-кг08:21
mewaysoreau: is there a way I coud make it reconnect to the router08:22
nVeeit was one of those "do this, then do this, then do this" things :)08:22
mewayOdmincheG: english please08:22
marisecurity in samba is easy, mouse right in folder, Share, Then in the options you can put access08:22
guinessskilz hit ur mute button08:23
marisorry for my english08:23
=== ian_ is now known as blowers
guinessao go to the output tab uncer sound preferendces08:23
hi5if with shutdown - r the pc goes reboot, but with shutdown from kde no way, what could be stopping it from work?08:24
soreaumeway: You cant do anything without the kernel module working correctly - you need an interface to use the card08:24
jitithey, how do i check which drivers my wireless USB card is currently using?08:24
mewaysoreau: what if I put in another card?08:25
mewaysoreau: could that help?08:25
soreaumeway: If you have one, definitely try it08:25
* meway dies08:25
govielhi5: i dont know what version you are running but you can read this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=123983008:25
AscavasaionI have a DVDROM and a CDRW in my computer.  Ubuntu only detects the DVDROM, and ideas?08:26
hi5ok goviel08:28
jitit**How do i check the chipset of my USB network card?08:28
przemek_can anybody help with regular expresions?08:29
hi5ok nice workaround though08:29
jackeyHi, guys. Do someone have recovery ubuntu system document ? my computer can't start up. it contains very very important things. I want to recovery it by ubuntu disk.08:29
hi5jitit: do a lspci, it should show up08:29
marijitit: in a terminal with the command: lsusb08:29
guinessskilz ther eis a good avg out for linux08:29
mariprzemek_: Wich is your problem with regular expressions?08:30
=== Guest716 is now known as m00se
mewaysoreau: putting a new card in worked08:32
mewaysoreau: anything you suggest installing for a local server?08:32
=== m00se is now known as Guest34983
mewaysoreau: strictly local ^_^08:32
soreaumeway: Depends on what you are trying to do08:32
mewaysoreau: movie host, game host, shareing08:33
ao headphones in sound plays out the speakers (pls help) my neighbors cannot sleep!08:34
mewaysoreau: I guess I will figure it out when I get there XD. I'm just glad its working. Thanks for the help ^_^08:34
soreaumeway: No problem, glad you got it working ;)08:35
aoLinux ao-laptop 2.6.28-19-generic #66-Ubuntu SMP Sat Oct 16 17:39:04 UTC 2010 i686 GNU/Linux08:35
nVeeokay guys08:35
SkiLZguiness, That will interfere with my music and what is the AVG?08:35
kieffneed some help with webcam frame/timing advice anything?08:35
nVeemy ubuntu does not authenticate users when they try to access a shared folder08:35
soreau! server | meway08:35
ubottumeway: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Lucid (Lucid Lynx 10.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/ - Support in #ubuntu-server08:35
nVeeso user groups and permissions dont apply08:35
nVeecan someone help me out on how to "turn on authentication"?08:35
nVeeor something?08:35
meway^_^ thanks again gtg08:36
przemek_mari I needo to make an expresion that finds all symbols + end line. kind of '/<tag>.*</tag>/' only that the dot has to match to end lines too08:36
kieffanyone know about adjusting timing for hispeed webcam08:37
kieffrecording videos at almost 2x speed and CHEESE doesn't have any sort of preference for thid08:38
SkiLZis there some kind of water reflection effect I can get for gnome? I remember seeing something similar years ago in enlightenment.08:41
SkiLZwhat happened there?08:45
ChilaquilesI don't know why suspend not always work in my ubuntu 10.1008:45
GneaChilaquiles: how much ram do you have?08:46
histoSkiLZ: in compiz there is08:46
Chilaquilesit would stay on sometimes and sometimes it would suspend08:46
=== k04n is now known as Guest19043
Chilaquilesmhhhh, im not sure08:46
histoSkiLZ: there's a water plugin. you can even make it rain. I don't know about reflection though.08:46
Chilaquilesis there any command that shows you that?08:47
GneaChilaquiles: system->admin->system monitor08:48
anastasisi want to create alias when log in to shell. tried adding alias = blah blah code to .profile due to no bash_profile but not executing. im very noob/..plzhlp[08:48
ChilaquilesGnea, 1GB08:48
soreauChilaquiles: cat /proc/meminfo|grep MemTotal08:48
GravHi, what do i need to use so Ubuntu will remember screen resolution?08:48
GneaChilaquiles: go to the 'resources' tab, how much swap is there?08:48
SkiLZhisto, Yeah I seen the rain one, I just want it to look like a lake on the bottom of my screen08:48
Chilaquiles188 MiB of 255 MiB08:49
soreauGrav: Sys>Prefs>Monitors08:49
Chilaquilesbut what that has to do with suspend anyway?08:49
histoSkiLZ: I know there used to be an app for that.  I can't remember the name though08:49
GneaChilaquiles: everything: you ought to have twice as much swap as memory for suspend to work correctly08:50
AscavasaionI have a DVDROM and a CDRW in my computer. It only detects the DVDROM.  Discs in the CDRW do not appear in Nautilus.  Any pointers?08:50
SkiLZSomeone please help me I'm trying to installed enna media centre and I'm getting these errors: http://pastebin.com/ydCJd3zA08:50
Chilaquilesoh really so then how can I change that Gnea?08:50
=== hugo is now known as HugoGF
HugoGFHow do I talk to someone directly on this?08:51
HugoGFHave their name in red before my message?08:51
GneaChilaquiles: are you using wubi?08:51
soreauAscavasaion: Do you have /dev/sr0 and /dev/sr1? What is the output of wodim -scanbus ?08:51
histoChilaquiles: you can sudo swapoff and resize the parition if you have any free space.  Most likely you will ahve to boot to a live cd and do it.08:51
ChilaquilesGnea, Im a newbie08:51
ChilaquilesGnea, is that a program?08:52
ubottuWubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. http://wubi-installer.org/support.php and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide for troubleshooting. Please  file bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug. For Ubuntu Maverick/10.10 http://releases.ubuntu.com/maverick/wubi.exe08:52
GneaChilaquiles: hrm, how did you install ubuntu?08:52
Ascavasaion1,0,0100) 'HL-DT-ST' 'RW/DVD GCC-4522B' '1.01' Removable CD-ROM08:52
anastasisplease help08:52
ChilaquilesI burned it into  a CD08:52
sxid00Hey everyone.08:52
soreau! help | anastasis08:52
ubottuanastasis: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)08:52
Chilaquilesand then installed from windows08:52
anastasisi did08:53
sxid00May I get little help recovering zip archive?08:53
soreauAscavasaion: You likely need to enable the drive in your system bios08:53
bouteranyone here with some groovy exp?08:53
anastasistoo advanced for these guyz.08:53
van7huhi all, is there any game likes "tux race" with people rather than penguin ?08:53
Ascavasaionsoreau: Oh... let me check... be back in a bit.08:53
histoanastasis: you didn't ask a question08:53
GneaChilaquiles: can you visit http://paste.ubuntu.com ?08:53
mac123anyone help getting a wireless adapter working?  bout to bang my head against a wall08:53
Gnea!wifi | mac12308:53
ubottumac123: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs08:53
histovan7hu: there are plenty of games08:53
histo!games > van7hu08:53
ubottuvan7hu, please see my private message08:53
ChilaquilesI'm there Gnea08:53
soreauanastasis: Add aliases in .bashrc08:53
GneaChilaquiles: okay, I'd like you to open a terminal and then paste the output of this command to that site please:  cat /etc/fstab08:54
SkiLZhisto, That rain thing is really lame and annoying..08:54
histoanastasis: if you did sorry Ididn't see it. I jus so your message08:54
anastasisubuntu 10.10...trying to simply edit equivalent of bash_profile...my understanding is .profile in home... trying to addd simple alias creation on log in but the command i create doesnt work. I tried putting the .profile in my bin and its in PATH still no.. IM pretty N00b btw08:54
histoSkiLZ: yeap.  I remember googling wallpaper reflection or water back in the day and found something that would do it.08:54
mac123thanks for the wifi link but that won't fix it08:55
Gneaanastasis: for bash, it's .bash_profile08:55
ChilaquilesGnea, http://paste.ubuntu.com/553084/08:55
histoanastasis: yeah you would have a .profile and .bashrc in yoru ~.08:55
mac123I've been searching the forum for the past few hours trying to get this to work and almost have it but not 100% there yet08:55
soreauanastasis: Put the alias in .bashrc then run source $HOME/.bashrc to make it active for that terminal08:55
histoanastasis: or .bash_profile08:55
GneaChilaquiles: as I figured, yes, you are using wubi08:55
anastasisthanks..will do ..ill let u knwo08:55
sxid00Atleast may I know, is there a possibility to get the data available in a splited archive, when we have only one splited archive, for example, zip.001 all other splited files are missing...?08:55
ugmgany one with sql server 2000 experience08:56
Chilaquilesok Gnea, is there a solution then?08:56
bouterso nobody with groovy exp?08:56
GneaChilaquiles: thankfully, this question has been answered before: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide#How do I increase my swap space?08:56
SkiLZhisto, please help me Im trying to install enna media centre and I'm getting these errors: http://pastebin.com/ydCJd3zA08:56
Gneaugmg: how is that Ubuntu related?08:56
bouterI can' t seem to find an active groovy channel08:56
ugmg>hi,i have a brother study in medicine school and he brought to me and *.mdf backup database for sql server with a program after installing the sqlserver on local system and with windows and server authentication but i couldn't add the *.mdf file ,any know how to do it08:56
soreauanastasis: Actually in ~/.bash_aliases08:56
histoSkiLZ: I don't have a gui right now to check your link. It will be a few minutes before i'm in gui.08:56
ugmggnea:>hi,i have a brother study in medicine school and he brought to me and *.mdf backup database for sql server with a program after installing the sqlserver on local system and with windows and server authentication but i couldn't add the *.mdf file ,any know how to do it08:56
Gneamac123: okay, perhaps you could provide us with some details of your system, or make a forum post and then just point us to the url08:56
soreauanastasis: Either should work, just source the file08:57
Gneaugmg: we don't do windows here, you'll need to ask that in #windows08:57
HugoGFHow can I install Java on here...?08:57
HugoGFOn Ubuntu08:57
Chilaquilesit will be safe even if I have 1GB of RAM Gnea?08:57
SkiLZOk well can anyone please help me Im trying to install enna media centre and I'm getting these errors: http://pastebin.com/ydCJd3zA08:57
mac123so my wireless adapter will not show any wireless networks or connect to any manually entered ones08:58
soreau! java | HugoGF08:58
ubottuHugoGF: To install a Java runtime on Ubuntu on 10.04 LTS and newer, see http://tinyurl.com/2ffg7cc -  For the Sun Java products and browser plugin, search for the sun-java6- packages in the !partner repository on Lucid (which must be enabled), or !multiverse repository on older releases.08:58
mac123neither is the green light lit up08:58
kibibytei have directory called repo: drwxrws---  13 csv    developers 4096 2011-01-11 16:13 repo    , the problem is im logged as user who belongs to group developers but i have permisson denied when i want to enter to directory why ?08:58
GneaChilaquiles: yes, just make a 2GB swap file and then swapon -a, like it says08:58
ChilaquilesGnea, is not gonna make my system go slower?08:58
Gneamac123: does it show up in lsusb or lspci?08:58
sharifHow to restart from terminal ?08:58
GneaChilaquiles: not at all08:58
ChilaquilesGnea, or any other disadvanage?08:58
mac123lsusb shows it08:59
Gneamac123: what is it, exactly?08:59
GneaChilaquiles: it shouldn't be a problem - in fact, I need to do it, so I'll do it right now08:59
mac123Belkin F7D110108:59
HugoGFubottu: Thanks08:59
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)08:59
mac123followed http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=152281508:59
HugoGFubottu: Hahaa.08:59
ChilaquilesGnea, so then why ubuntu doesn't set it to 2GB by defaut?08:59
Madpilotsharif, restart the computer? "sudo shutdown -r now" works09:00
Grav soreau: i know i can choose x settings there, but when i save and start Ubuntu it resets09:00
mac123that allowed it to show that I have a usb adapter and bring up the option in the little task bar but will not connect or light up09:00
Madpilotsharif, "-r" is "restart"09:00
GneaChilaquiles: some consider it a feature, not a bug09:00
soreauGrav: Could be a permissions issue. Try running this as your normal user: sudo chown -R $USER $HOME09:01
soreauGrav: Then reload the applet and resave the settings09:01
Chilaquilesso then it seems like a very simple task as suspend needs a lot of resources09:01
mac123any ideas?09:02
=== richard is now known as Guest85001
GneaChilaquiles: yup, so just make a new swapfile like it says to and it should work fine from there09:02
Chilaquilesok i will follow the steps09:03
MadpilotChilaquiles, suspend is moving your *entire session* to memory. Not actually "simple"...09:03
soreauMadpilot: From memory to disk*09:03
ChilaquilesMadpilot, so then if I ony have 1 window open then it shouldn't be a problem to suspend09:04
Gneamac123: have you located it in the list of adapters that are known to work?09:04
Madpilotsoreau, right. Being lazy w/ definitions tonight. Good point.09:04
MadpilotChilaquiles, that depends on your system setup and much else.09:04
Chilaquilesso Madpilot, you also recommend me to increase my swap¿09:05
soreauChilaquiles: Its almost like taking a snapshot or save state of your system. Your swap should be about the size of your system ram or larger09:05
soreau! swap09:05
ubottuswap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info09:05
GneaMadpilot: I suggested it since his swap is only 256M and he's got 1G of ram09:05
MadpilotChilaquiles, equal or double your RAM is the usual recommendation.09:06
Chilaquilesok thx09:06
Gneafigured 2G ought to be good enough09:06
mac123anyone able to help with a wifi adapter?09:06
Madpilotshould be09:06
soreaumac123: Not if you dont ask09:06
Gneamac123: please answer my question09:06
mac123thought I did im sorry09:07
mac123can you repeat?09:07
ChrisDruifGnea: You09:07
Gnea03:04 < Gnea> mac123: have you located it in the list of adapters that are known to work?09:07
ChrisDruifre talking swap is it?09:07
MadpilotI'm a lousy example, I don't currently even have a swap partition set up. But I never suspend (desktop, not laptop) and have 2GB of RAM, so it's not important09:07
GneaChrisDruif: what about it?09:07
mac123off of the https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WirelessCardsSupported#Wireless USB Adapters list?09:07
ChrisDruifI've got a hibernation problem, i.e. it just doesn't work at all...09:08
Gneamac123: yes.09:08
GneaChrisDruif: laptop?09:08
mac123it's not on there09:08
Chilaquilesthe dd if=/dev/zero of=swap.disk bs=1024 count=2097152 is taking long09:08
ChrisDruifGnea: It's faster to shutdown and reboot, and yes laptop...09:08
Chilaquilesi wonder if thats normal09:08
ChrisDruifswap is big enough...09:08
GneaChilaquiles: yes, go make a pizza or something09:08
mac123but on the forums there are people who have gotten it to work.  Have spent the last few hours following those guides and have made some advances, but not completely working09:08
anastasiscool thanks...i found the .bashrc....why dont i have these other files in home... i can create i guess...just different versions different things??09:08
Chilaquilesi just want to go to bed09:09
GneaChilaquiles: I'm making one right now, it is taking a long time... I blame ntfs09:09
anastasissoreau:cool thanks...i found the .bashrc....why dont i have these other files in home... i can create i guess...just different versions different things??09:09
ChilaquilesI should have done it tomorrow09:09
soreauanastasis: What do you mean?09:09
GneaChilaquiles: shouldn't take more than a few more minutes09:09
anastasisi dont have bash_profile or bash_aliases09:10
Gneaanastasis: you can create them09:10
ChilaquilesI think I did it09:10
Chilaquilesit says 2GB in the System monitor09:10
Chilaquilesin the swap09:11
soreauanastasis: Look in .bashrc file. It checks to see if an _aliases file exists and if so, uses it09:11
mac123it refuses to scan for networks or connect to a manually entered one09:11
soreaumac123: What chipset is it?09:11
Chilaquilesso, its bad idea to make it more than 2GB in my case?09:12
mac123Belkin f7d110109:12
soreauChilaquiles: It would be a waste09:12
anastasisah very cool. I will explore the code there further...Thanks09:12
soreaumac123: Per lspci, not the market name09:12
ChilaquilesI just notice it that my memory usage went up by a quarter09:12
Gneamac123: it sounds like it should work just fine, perhaps you're not using the correct firmware?09:12
soreaumac123: But I think belkin uses atheros mainly. Just find the line in the output of lspci and show it here09:13
mac123lspci or lsusb?09:13
Gneasoreau: well he did paste a link that outlines exactly how to get it working09:13
soreaumac123: Is it a usb device?09:13
soreauGnea: Who what?09:13
Gneasoreau: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1522815  and he has a usb09:13
mac123yes it's usb09:14
OrangePeelWill a burned Data DVD burned on GNOMEBREAKER work on a Mac OS or Windows OS ?09:14
OrangePeelWill a burned Data DVD burned on GNOMEBREAKER work on a Mac OS or Windows OS ?09:14
Gnea!repeat | OrangePeel09:14
ubottuOrangePeel: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/09:14
soreaumac123: Does iwconfig show a wifi interface?09:14
OrangePeeldidn't mean too09:14
GneaOrangePeel: why wouldn't it?09:14
OrangePeelJust wondering09:14
OrangePeelIt should right?09:14
GneaOrangePeel: yes09:15
ChrisDruifOrangePeel: If you want to know for sure; just try it :)09:15
mac123in terminal it returns:09:15
Gneamac123: also, are you on 10.04 or 10.10?09:15
mac123it has a bunch of specs on wlan0 but none on lo or eth009:15
Gneathose instructions seem to work fine for 10.04 according to other posters09:15
Gneamac123: sounds like it found it then09:16
OvermindDL1Greetings, Ubuntu 10.10 is using a built-in ancient version of Samba (3.5.4) which is incompatible with the new Win7 computers on my work network, when I try to remove smbclient so I can manually update to 3.5.6+ it tries to remove ubuntu-desktop, which is a bit undesirable.  What is the proper way to get Samba updated to a point where it actually works with other computers in Ubuntu 10.10?09:16
mac123it shoes up in the wireless icon in the task bar now but refuses to scan or join on manual input09:16
Gneamac123: but as you mentioned, it's not actually attaining any of the ap adapters09:16
OvermindDL1It seems apt still has the most updated version at 3.5.4 for some reason?09:16
mac123it IMMEDIATELY says wireless disconneted and the status light does not come up09:16
soreaumac123: Now try sudo iw wlan0 scan|grep -i essid09:16
Gneamac123: open a terminal and type the following:  tail -f /var/log/syslog09:17
Gneamac123: then try to connect again09:17
soreaumac123: Sorry, grep ssid not essid09:17
mac123trying gnea's first 1 sec09:17
speakmanhi folks09:17
* speakman is having weird routing problems...09:17
speakmanTrying to route a net through a tap0 interface (an openvpn endpoint) but although ip_forward is 1, my host won't forward any packets.09:17
EnissayHow can I install a newer version of vlc (1.1.1 or 1.1.2) on my karmic 9.10?? ps: Noway to upgrade to a newer ubuntu!!09:18
GneaEnissay: see if there's a ppa available09:18
zetheroohow do I stop from having to enter my password in 3 times every time I boot up?09:18
mac123getting a lot of failed to iniate ap scan returns on that command09:18
Gnea!ppa | Enissay09:18
ubottuEnissay: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and should be used at your own risk.09:18
EnissayGnea, already did, i found nothing :(09:18
=== anomie is now known as Guest92099
GneaEnissay: backport perhaps?09:19
soreaumac123: Does dmesg show any interesting messages ?09:19
wolfpackWhere to find commonly used terminal commands like checking hardware details, package installation etc ?09:19
OvermindDL1Is there a PPA for an updated version of Samba that works?09:19
mac123yes 1 sec copying09:19
GneaOvermindDL1: don't know, check the url to search for it09:19
speakmananyone into routing in linux?09:20
Gnea!anyone | speakman09:20
ubottuspeakman: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?09:20
Ascavasaionsoreau: Thanks man... I took your advice and saw that CMOS never detected the CDRW drive.  So In popped the case and saw that I had both the DVDROM and CDRW on the same cable and set as Masters.  All sorted now, thank you.09:20
soreauspeakman: Try #networking09:20
speakmansoreau: thanks09:20
mac123rtl819xU:ERR!!! _rtl8192_up(): initialization is failed!09:20
OvermindDL1Is there no way to sort my PPA last updated by date?  Or by package version?09:20
soreauAscavasaion: Awesome :)09:20
speakmanGnea: look above and you will find my questions. just wanted a bump.09:20
OvermindDL1by *09:20
EnissayGnea, hmmm, I never did it before... any tutorial?09:20
wolfpackWhere to find commonly used terminal commands like checking hardware details, package installation etc ???????09:20
soreaumac123: Sounds like you are having driver problems09:21
Gneaspeakman: don't have time to scrollback, please try again09:21
soreauwolfpack: google.com09:21
GneaEnissay: did you find the ppa?09:21
mac123ok where do i go from here?09:21
oCean!manual | wolfpack this is a nice start09:21
ubottuwolfpack this is a nice start: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/09:21
GneaEnissay: or did you mean the backport?09:21
OvermindDL1Hmm, it seems Ubuntu 11.04 has Samba 3.5.6, how can I pull that back into 10.10?09:22
soreaumac123: You fix it of course ;)09:22
EnissayGnea, the backport09:22
Gnea!backport | Enissay09:22
ubottuEnissay: If new updated Ubuntu packages are built for an application, then they may go into Ubuntu Backports. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports - See also !packaging09:22
mac123lol ok where do I start?09:22
soreauOvermindDL1: Perhaps a ppa09:22
AscavasaionI know that windows can play audio CDs without an audio cable by doing it through the HDD, Lowering HDD performance.  Does Linux do the same?  My HDD light flickers when playing music.  I know it might just be the IDE activity light, but how do I know the hard disk is not grinding away uneccessarily?09:22
speakmanTrying to route a net through a tap0 interface (an openvpn endpoint) but although ip_forward is 1, my host won't forward any packets.09:22
soreaumac123: google.com09:22
wolfpacksoreau i know that....but i am asking for a single source......anyways thans ubottu09:22
GneaAscavasaion: no, but you can rip the cd and play back the mp3 or ogg files09:23
OvermindDL1Soreau Been trying to look for one, the PPA search is not very detailed, a lot to look for...09:23
AscavasaionGnea: Not quite what I wanted to know, but thanks.09:23
SkiLZWhy is compizfusion so shit in ubuntu:09:23
SkiLZthere is hardly any effects09:24
Jordan_U!language | SkiLZ09:24
ubottuSkiLZ: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.09:24
SkiLZcan't do the cylinder desktop thing09:24
Jordan_USkiLZ: Install compiz-fusion-plugins-extra09:25
linuxi am new to linux servers09:25
chaospsychexany wifi experts in here?09:25
Jordan_U!expert | chaospsychex09:25
ubottuchaospsychex: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?09:25
linuxi want to know a step by step configuration of the postfix server and how to send mail using it09:25
histoSkiLZ: what was the link for the error you were getting?09:26
Gneaspeakman: are you trying to forward only lan traffic or all traffic out of the tap0?09:26
RobotCowlinux, i had it working in the past. It was setup to relay the mail to my isp's smtp server09:26
=== batty is now known as battyrgv
oCean!postfix | linux09:26
ubottulinux: postfix is the default !MTA and !MDA on Ubuntu. For help, read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Postfix and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PostfixBasicSetupHowto - See also !MailServer09:26
histoSkiLZ: nvm I found it09:26
OvermindDL1Seems there is a Samba4 backport, will it work fine with nautilus?09:26
speakmanGnea: primarily the local network (
linuxi need to create a webserver/mailserver , the webserver part was easy09:27
histoSkiLZ: did you enable some third party repo or something?09:27
OvermindDL1Hmm, and how can I remove smbclient without apt trying to remove ubuntu-desktop?09:27
RobotCowOvermindDL1, why dont you try it and see. if it doesn't, revert to your previous samba09:27
SkiLZyea I think I did09:27
SkiLZages ago09:27
OvermindDL1How can I remove the old smbclient without apt trying to remove ubuntu-desktop too?09:27
linuxplease someone with experience and who is willing to help me send me a pm09:27
RobotCowOvermindDL1, ubuntu-desktop is just a metapackage09:28
Gneaspeakman: well you'll need to use tap0 or tun0 to create a br0 with your eth0 or eth109:28
RobotCowOvermindDL1, you will not lose any software if that is removed09:28
user__hello? i have a question, please?09:28
Gneaspeakman: from there you can plug stuff into a hub or switch and it should talk directly across to the other end of the vpn09:28
user__<-- noobie09:28
Gnea!ask | user__09:28
ubottuuser__: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)09:28
SkiLZhisto, I think I did a while ago09:29
SkiLZhow can I fix this?09:29
user__question: i have just install ubuntu first time. i have a microsoft wireless mouse with one malfunctioning button that means i cannot focus windows properly. i cannot get drivers from microsoft. how can i disable the button??09:29
histoSkiLZ: disable the thrid party repo. Then sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install enna09:29
speakmanGnea: I'm not trying to bridge, only route the packets through the vpn tunnel. The routing tables looks perfect and all.09:30
SkiLZI think I have to replace the whole sources.list09:30
Gneaspeakman: it doesn't work that way, you need to create the bridge.09:30
user__if somebody could PM me about this i would be grateful, i cannot follow the text its going too fast, and i cannot scroll up or maximise this window due to the mouse problem i have09:30
speakmanGnea: The VPN is setup perfectly. The endpoint (which I want to act as a router) is having no problem reaching any hosts on the remote network. But it just wont forward any packets, even though they're sent to it (correct dst mac address) and ip_forward is set to 1.09:31
Gneauser__: you can switch between windows with alt-tab09:31
mac123ok reading some more posts and someone is mentioning download rfkill because it might have an auto kill switch enabled09:31
user__i know this, gnea09:31
histoSkiLZ: no you can just edit it and comment out the third party repos. or you can do it through the gui09:32
mac123anyone know anything about this?09:32
Line__hello, how can i enable rdp support for my windows 7 guest in qemu?09:32
abualijawadhi to all ubuntu lovers09:32
Gneaspeakman: perhaps you haven't set any iptables rules?09:32
speakmanGnea: "doesn't work that why" - why is that? I can't really see why it souldn't just forward the packets to a tap0 device, as it would to a e.g. eth0?09:32
user__i have a mouse with multiple buttons. one of the buttons is faulty and causes my windows to lose focus and hte mouse is basically useless. how do i disable this button?09:32
ChocoCooksis cpanel good or bad09:32
speakmanGnea: No I havn't. This isn't an netfilter issue afaik.09:32
Gnea!poll | ChocoCooks09:32
abualijawadi want to know how to  upgrade 9.04 to 10.10 or 10.0409:32
ubottuChocoCooks: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.09:32
SkiLZhisto, okay, so now I have Ubuntu Main Repos, Ubuntu Update Repos and Ubuntu Partner Repo... Sound ok?09:32
ChocoCooksi mean is it bad for ubuntu09:33
ChocoCookswould it mess up the os09:33
=== Guest34983 is now known as m00se
user__somebody must know how to configure multiple mouse buttons09:33
=== m00se is now known as Guest75988
user__i cannot use xinput because the mouse name uses the "R" registered symbol and i cannot type it out09:33
Gneaspeakman: well, it's like you said: ip forwarding like normal would require some iptable rules in addition to just simply turning on the ip_forward in proc09:33
speakmanGnea: are you completely sure about that?09:34
Gneaspeakman: so just use the usual rules for that to try to forward the packages out of the tunnel interface09:34
user__i should have stuck with windows, at least everything works09:34
speakmanGnea: there aren't any address translations involved in pure routing09:34
Gneaspeakman: if you can't bridge it, then iptables would have to work, and if not, then it'll need to bridge09:34
SkiLZhisto, ok, I still got the same error09:34
histoSkiLZ: yeah sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install enna09:34
histoSkiLZ: then the package is busted09:35
histoSkiLZ: i'd try searching on the forums09:35
user__does anybody care about my mouse problems?09:35
Gneaspeakman: I used to use openvpn quite a bit, had to use nat in some instances and bridges in others09:35
oCeanuser__: stop repeating your issue please09:35
user__ok ocean. :(09:35
SkiLZnah couldn't be09:35
Gneauser__: get a new mouse09:35
speakmanGnea: doesn't it sound like redundancy to have both a tap0 and br0?09:35
SkiLZI have had this error with heaps of things I try to install09:35
user__that does not help, gnea. this is a $100 mouse.09:35
speakmanGnea: which interfaces would I bridge then?09:35
SkiLZmainly the really cool looking ones09:35
Gneaspeakman: not at all.09:35
SkiLZlike usplash ect09:35
Gneauser__: if it's broken, I wouldn't pay $1 for it09:36
user__it has a number of buttons only one of which is broken09:36
user__i need to disable this button09:36
Gneauser__: you haven't mentioned which button it is.09:36
user__because it causes the whole mouse to malfunction. it's the tiny button on the lefthand side of hte mouse. an auxiliary button.09:36
splazoseriously, that's the only mouse you can lay ahold of?09:36
Gneaspeakman: you'd bridge it with whatever interface has the lan09:36
user__assume that this is my only mouse09:36
SkiLZI have mice coming out of my ass!09:37
oCeanuser__: we've read your issue. now sit back and have patience, and try again in maybe 15 minutes or so09:37
awantihow to monitor Apache web server09:37
user__you cannot configure multiple mice without xinput command line in ubuntu?!09:37
SkiLZwireless, wired, bluetooth, ps/2, usb, serial ect ect09:37
user__multiple button mice i mean09:37
splazomost computer addicts have a bucket of the things lying around the house.09:37
speakmanGnea: eth0 is the LAN and tap0 is the VPN. Should these be bridged together?09:37
user__unfortauntely i do not09:37
GutZuWiSSeNhi, i want to setup an ical server (need also todo list syncing) .. any advices which server i should use? calendarserver? davical ? or sth?09:38
user__if i could just disable this annoyingl ittle button everything would be fine, the mouse would work perfectly09:38
Gneauser__: sorry, don't know what else to recommend at this point, haven't ever had to turn a button off like that, and pretty sure there isn't a way for it to be done since people don't typically do that09:38
SkiLZuser__, just use the keyboard09:38
user__lets say you just bought a new multibutton mouse for gaming. how would you configure it?09:38
Gneaspeakman: it'd be a safe bet09:38
aurillianceMy ubuntu install has several package sources added to it that fail to update / work every time I try sudo apt-get update.09:38
aurillianceIs there some command to remove them?09:38
home-alonehi . VLC does not play flv09:39
Gnea!mouse | user__09:39
ubottuuser__: Enabling extra mouse buttons: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ManyButtonsMouseHowto  - Enabling serial mouse: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SerialMouseHowto09:39
splazomost likely, it'd just start working without any effort on your part09:39
speakmanGnea: But being a bridge, how would the routing be configured?09:39
Gneahome-alone: why should it?09:39
Gneaspeakman: well, eth0 and tap0 would become br009:39
user__!mouse is not a valid command09:39
=== saikobee is now known as weechat_ate_my_h
Gneaspeakman: any ip you normally assign to them would be assigned to br0, plus br0 should pick up the mac of eth009:39
user__this is very disappointing09:40
Gneauser__: see what ubottu passed onto you09:40
home-aloneyou mean vlc does not play flv format videos09:40
user__i cant even make this chat window fullscreen so i'm looking at a tiny tiny little window09:40
Gnea!mouse > user__09:40
ubottuuser__, please see my private message09:40
user__i can't scroll up, what was it?09:40
=== weechat_ate_my_h is now known as weechat_is_soft
Bel_Puser__: It is likely that what ubottu told you will be your answer.09:40
Gneauser__: look in a pm window from ubottu09:41
user__i can't get into the PM :(09:41
speakmanGnea: feels like the wrong way to fix this - once again, are you completely sure there is no way to get packets routed from eth0 to tap0 as it would be routed from eth0 to another eth1 ?09:41
user__damn it, i can't with the mouse09:41
splazono tab button on your keyboard either?09:41
Gneauser__: calm down.09:41
user__ubottu please post in main window09:41
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)09:41
user__sorry, i am calm09:41
Jordan_Uhome-alone: VLC does play flv files. Are you having a problem with that?09:41
Gnea!mouse | user__09:41
awantiI want to monitor my Apache web server. how? please. (from command line)09:41
ubottuuser__: Enabling extra mouse buttons: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ManyButtonsMouseHowto  - Enabling serial mouse: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SerialMouseHowto09:41
speakmanGnea: this is a remote machine 500km away from me - I don't want to screw anything :)09:41
oCean!crosspost | awanti09:42
ubottuawanti: Please don't ask the same question in multiple Ubuntu channels at the same time. Many helpers are in more than one channel and it's not fair to them or the other people seeking support.09:42
user__thanks ill try09:42
Gneaspeakman: OH.09:42
Leman_RussHi.  Any idea how I can get my terminal to auto complete phrases?  I have seen my friends do this in Arch Linux?09:42
OvermindDL1Another question while I am here, in System Monitor (Ubuntu 10.10), the CPU % column shows "disk sleep" for a number of processes, during which the system gets *really* laggy, mouse jumps/freezes, etc...  Memory is 2.6 GiB / 3.9 GiB, Swap is 1.3 Gib / 8.0 GiB.09:42
speakmanGnea: sorry :)09:42
SC-Mwhat is [Super] on keyboard?09:42
awantiok sorry09:42
speakmanSC-M: Win-key09:42
Gneaspeakman: yes, it would be a correct solution, but yes, I would wait until someone is present on the other end and work with them09:42
Jordan_USC-M: The key with a cape on it.09:42
home-alonevlc does not play flv for me . how can i upgrade it09:42
Jordan_U!details | home-alone09:43
ubottuhome-alone: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."09:43
chaospsychexi'm trying to install a package and i am getting a 'could not get a lock' error09:43
SC-MNah.. I am using MacBook with Ubuntu right now.09:43
user__ive been to this page, the problem i have is i cannot type the name of the mouse because microsoft use the R Registered symbol and i cannot type that into terminal09:43
Jordan_USC-M: Then it will be the "command" key.09:43
speakmanGnea: I'm sorry if I'm bitchy, but would you mind explaining why Linux has no problem forwarding packets from eth0 to eth1, but won't forward from eth0 to tap0?09:43
Gneaspeakman: better yet - why don't you try it locally first?09:43
llutzchaospsychex: use sudo and close all other instances of  package-managers09:44
speakmanGnea: (this won't leave my head until I find myself an explanation:)09:44
Gneaspeakman: eth0 and eth1 are real interfaces and you can place them on the same physical hub or switch09:44
home-aloneI am sorry for being on wrong server . I am running Debian09:44
chaospsychexllutz everything is closed09:44
mac123if I run locate on a file will it return the first result or all results?09:44
chaospsychexllutz: the only thing i have open is xchat and synaptic09:44
=== asd is now known as Guest64369
Jordan_Umac123: All.09:45
Gneaspeakman: tap0 is a virtual (read: fake) interface, it doesn't have a real connection to anything. creating a bridge to a real interface is the 'virtual' method of connecting a patch cable between a switch and a virtual hub09:45
mac123so I do it and it only returns 1 but if I manually go to the folder and do an ls it shows it's there09:45
Gneamac123: it will return all results that it knows about09:46
Jordan_Umac123: What is the exact locate command you're using, and did you update the locate database (sudo updatedb) since the files were created?09:46
speakmanGnea: but connecting two interfaces to a hub doesn't make them share IP addresses?09:47
mac123did not update now it's returning the files correctly09:47
user__how would i apt-get "imwheel" program please?09:47
user__i typed "sudo apt-get imwheel" into terminal and it said invalid command09:48
Gneaspeakman: also keep in mind, openvpn is not a typical vpn software, it's extremely extensible and flexible, so yes, it can handle nat just fine as well09:48
Myrttiuser__: forgot the "install"09:48
user__install gotcha thanks hehe09:48
speakmanGnea: But anyway - isn't tap0 (in opposite to tun0) supposed to "emulate" an ethernet interface?09:48
user__i am such a noob09:49
Gneaspeakman: whichever interfaces belong to a bridge device are not real devices anyone, only the bridge device is, so yes, whatever ip you assigne to br0 is what is assigned to all interfaces that are associated to that br009:49
Gneaspeakman: yes, tap0/tun0 is basically an ethernet device that faces the internet09:49
Myrttiuser__: I've used Ubuntu for good six years now and I still forget it at times09:49
santhoshi have ubuntu 10.04 server cli. Is there a way to check all the system's ip running on a particular subnet09:49
Gneaspeakman: s/anyone/anymore/g09:49
hi5santhosh: explain better pls09:50
Mohsin_Khanhi friends09:50
FlacoVagabundoHi n.n09:50
Mohsin_Khanhow are u09:50
FlacoVagabundoFine, u?09:50
santhoshi have a server 10.04  command line. Is there any command or tool with which i can find the list of ip's of all systems running on the subnet09:50
Mohsin_Khanfine thanks09:50
chaospsychexi'm having a problem using apt-get and synaptic. i get an error when trying to install a package09:50
Gnea!repeat | santhosh09:51
ubottusanthosh: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/09:51
santhoshthat is if my server is running on 192.168.100 i need to find out all system ip running on 192.168.10009:51
mac123ok if I run iwconfig for the usb device it returns details, but says power management:off does that happen when it's not connected? or is it just automatically always off and needs to be manually turned on?09:51
santhoshno some one asked me to explain09:51
santhoshi didnt repeat it09:51
nirazioHow to correctly install the latest Mono, Moonlight and Monodevelop instead of the version in Ubuntu repository?09:51
GneaI saw you repeat the same question within 1 minute.09:51
speakmanGnea: if the former tap0 will change it's IP address, I think I will loose any routing (which does work) from the remote network, since it's pointing to the tap0 address?09:52
llutzsanthosh: sudo nmap -sP
Gneasanthosh: this channel is publicly logged, btw09:52
ChocoCookswell i went wrong somehwere, my app crashed and burned09:52
hi5santosh all configured ip? do you mean the route command maybe?09:52
SC-Mhow to know ubuntu version in CLI?09:52
FlacoVagabundoHow do I remove a partition from Ubuntu?09:52
MyrttiSC-M: lsb_release -a09:52
Jordan_Uspeakman: Why do you want to "bridge" these interfaces?09:53
Gneaspeakman: I'm not following... why would you lose any routing?09:53
santhoshllutz: nmap command not fouund09:53
icerootFlacoVagabundo: gparted is an easy way to do it09:53
StrangeCharmi'm using an external display with a laptop. how can i close the laptop without blanking the external screen?09:53
user__nothing is working im going to have to buy a new mouse >:(09:53
mac123ok how do I download a package from a windows machine to transfer to my ubuntu computer through usb and install it?09:53
GneaJordan_U: he wants to forward traffic between his lan and a remote openvpn endpoint09:53
user__FU microsoft for not providing drivers for linux09:53
llutzsanthosh: when using a "server" you should know how to install stuff09:53
hi5StrangeCharm: are you using forceware/catalyst or open drivers?09:53
FlacoVagabundoiceroot I tried gparted but asks me to remove partitions larger, and there is no mounted.09:53
Gnea!language | user__09:54
ubottuuser__: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.09:54
icerootFlacoVagabundo: dont get it09:54
hi5why yould MS provide drivers 4 linux, and 4 what?09:54
SC-Mi'm using maverick (upgraded) but my ubuntu shows me my version is natty. why?09:54
Jordan_UGnea: That doesn't require bridging, that requires routing. Bridging an ethernet network and a ip VPN doesn't make sense.09:54
StrangeCharmhi5, i haven't installed any custom drivers09:54
SC-Mdon't believe me? see at this log.09:54
SC-MDistributor ID:Ubuntu09:54
SC-MDescription:Ubuntu 11.0409:54
santhoshllutz: i tot it was an inbuilt command09:54
GneaJordan_U: I know, I've explained both methods to him09:54
FloodBot2SC-M: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.09:54
santhoshi installed it now09:54
glacemanhi guys, any compression tool for ubuntu ?09:55
glacemanand how to use it maybe09:55
hi5StrangeCharm: so when you close it the screen goes black?09:55
santhoshllutz: also i am a noob to ubuntu server so i cannot distinct which are prebuilt commands and which are to be installed09:55
FlacoVagabundoiceroot Then, as I delete a partition where I have installed ubuntu?09:55
hi5glaceman: tar09:55
Gnea!server | santhosh, llutz09:55
ubottusanthosh, llutz: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Lucid (Lucid Lynx 10.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/ - Support in #ubuntu-server09:55
glacemanhi5: i would like to compress to .rar or zip, sending a file to a windows computer09:56
hi5if you dont need a GUI go for tar, or maybe Ark09:56
StrangeCharmhi5, yes, when i close it, the external screen stops recieving a video signal09:56
Jordan_Uglaceman: Right click the file/ directory and select "compress".09:56
splazo7zip's kind of nice09:56
GneaJordan_U: he didn't understand how either worked, so I just explained it (or tried to)09:56
iLinuxDistributor ID:Ubuntu Description:Ubuntu 11.04 Release:11.04 Codename:natty09:57
icerootFlacoVagabundo: df -h will show you the sdx-names for your mounts like /, /home, /boot and so on09:57
glacemanJordan_U: thank u very much09:57
iLinuxis my computer has a problem?09:57
iLinuxi'm using maverick09:57
iLinuxi just upgraded09:57
Jordan_Uglaceman: You're welcome.09:57
hi5StrangeCharm: there should be a config option that tells systems what to do when you close the pc..09:57
icerootiLinux: uname -r  is showing what?09:57
GneaiLinux: it says you're using natty, not maverick09:57
StrangeCharmhi5, it remains 'on' with the color black for a few moments, before saying that it's not getting a signal, entering power-save mode, and switching off09:57
iLinuxGnea: yes, but i'm upgraded to 10.10 from 10.0409:57
FlacoVagabundoThanks iceroot09:57
GneaiLinux: yeah, what does uname -r say?09:57
StrangeCharmhi5, there is. i can choose between blank screen, hibernate, suspend, shut down... but no option for 'do nothing'09:58
iLinuxGnea, iceroot: 2.6.35-24-generic09:58
GneaiLinux: okay, what about lsb_release -r09:58
santhoshllutz: thank you so much09:58
santhoshllutz: can u tell me what that /24 is09:58
icerootiLinux: sound like 10.10 with 2.6.3509:58
hi5very odd though09:58
hi5dont know what to do..09:58
iLinuxiceroot: it MUST be maverick09:58
llutzsanthosh: your network in cidr-notation09:59
icerootsanthosh: /24 = netmask  24 bit for the network, 8 bit for the hosts09:59
iLinuxiceroot: because i only upgrade09:59
iLinuxGnea: Release:11.0409:59
chaospsychexcan someone help me fix apt-get09:59
GneaiLinux: you're on natty, you've upgraded your upgrade09:59
mac123how do I install a package from the command line?09:59
icerootmac123: apt-get install packagename09:59
Gneamac123: sudo dpkg -i file.deb09:59
iLinuxBut there's no: Alpha 109:59
icerootmac123: or dpkg -i filename.deb  if it is a local file09:59
icerootmac123: both with sudo09:59
mac123sorry should have been more specific10:00
mac123the file is on the harddrive10:00
SkiLZHow can I install Enna media centre?10:00
GneaiLinux: of course not10:00
icerootiLinux: maybe open a bug and descriebe there that the output of cat /etc/issue and lsb_release -a is showinig 11.0410:00
Jordan_UiLinux: What is the output of "cat /etc/issue"?10:00
icerootmac123: sudo dpkg -i yourlocalfile.deb10:00
glacemanhow can one access folder on windows partitions: i used to to type in run in windows, \\computername\c$10:00
iLinuxJordan_U: Ubuntu 11.04 \n \l10:01
Jordan_UiLinux: Can you pastebin (*not* paste directly into the channel) the output of "apt-cache policy base-files"?10:01
santhoshllutz,iceroot: thank you both10:01
bullgard4Banshee 1.8.0 > Podcasts shows the button "Podcasts" followed a number '30'. What does this number mean?10:01
GneaiLinux: you're beyond maverick, it might be better if you ask in #ubuntu+110:01
chaospsychexi'm having a problem with my 'LOCK' file10:01
upslahello everybody :)10:01
chaospsychexit's preventing me from installing anything from the repos10:02
bullgard4!ask | upsla10:02
ubottuupsla: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)10:02
upslabullgard4:why ?10:03
Gneachaospsychex: are you using sudo?10:03
bullgard4upsla: In order to reduce the noise in this channel.10:03
chaospsychexof course, i also tried synaptic10:03
upslabullgard4:its an open channel. why you bother.10:03
Gneachaospsychex: check your process list, maybe something else has it10:04
SkiLZFailed to fetch http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu/dists/maverick/Release.gpg  Something wicked happened resolving 'archive.canonical.com:http' (-5 - No address associated with hostname)10:04
* Gnea eyes bullgard4 and upsla 10:04
minimecchaospsychex: Could it be that you have more than one package (installation software) open, like Synaptics and the new software center?10:04
=== erkan^2 is now known as erkan^
glacemananyone knows please how to access windows partitions with ubuntu, i used to type in windows in the run : \\computer-name\c$10:04
bullgard4upsla: Noise is detrimental to my and other's health.10:04
chaospsychexgnea: how10:04
Gneachaospsychex: open a terminal and:  ps axf10:04
sayresWhen I run covergloobus I can not look into the process. When I restart a message appears:  [WARNING] CoverGloobus is already running10:05
Gneabullgard4: do you have anything useful to contribute?10:05
psyckhoI just got a simple question. If any of you might help... How to create a simple text file in the terminal?10:05
iLinuxGnea: I'm beyond ubuntu 10.10 maybe. But in Software Sources all is maverick10:05
iLinuxno natty10:05
upslabullgard4:cmon . i did everything within irc guidelines.10:05
chaospsychexnope nothing is using it10:05
GneaiLinux: can you pastebin your /etc/apt/sources.list ?10:05
sirlarkpsyckho: touch <filename>10:05
Jordan_UiLinux: Can you pastebin (*not* paste directly into the channel) the output of "apt-cache policy base-files"?10:05
Gneaupsla: /ignore bullgard410:05
sayresWhen I run covergloobus I can not look into the process. When I restart a message appears: [WARNING] CoverGloobus is already running.:'(10:05
chaospsychexcan i delete the lock file10:06
psyckhosirlark : Thanks10:06
upslaGnea:thank u. he is getting on my nerves.10:06
mac123ok im out of ideas  would I have more luck running 10.04 instead of 10.10?10:06
sayresWhen I run covergloobus I can not look into the process. When I restart a message appears: [WARNING] CoverGloobus is already running10:06
sirlarkpsyckho: that'll create an empty file, which you can then edit using nano/vim/gedit, whatever10:06
Gneamac123: you might10:06
abualijawadhow to upgrade 9.04 direct to 10.1010:07
ejvglaceman: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MountingWindowsPartitions10:07
ubottubullgard4: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.10:07
sirlarkhi, I've just tried installing ubuntu server on a pentium-4 (lucid) and on the initial reboot I get an error mounting the root (/) partition -- failed: Device or resource busy10:07
Gneaabualijawad: can't, you need to step it up10:07
Gneaupsla: that is quite enough of you, too.10:07
sayresWhen I run covergloobus I can not look into the process. When I restart a message appears: [WARNING] CoverGloobus is already running10:07
hi-therehello everyone10:08
upslaGnea:why me ?10:08
iLinuxGnea: http://paste.ubuntu.com/553108/10:08
Jordan_Uupsla: Please keep discussion support related or move to a different channel.10:08
glacemanejv: i dont want to mount partitions, i simply wanna access shared ressources on my network via ubuntu10:08
iLinuxJordan_U: What's the pastebin you need?10:08
psyckhosirlark : okay thanks =)10:08
Gneaupsla: if you can't /ignore him, action will be taken against you as well for continuing the behavior.10:08
=== rickh is now known as Guest92459
glacemani there anyway to access the C drive of a computer from ubuntu10:08
upslajordan_u:thank u10:08
ejvglaceman: then you very poorly worded your original question10:08
Jordan_UiLinux: "apt-cache policy base-files"10:08
upslagnea:son;t do that.10:08
sayresWhen I run covergloobus I can not look into the process. When I restart a message appears: [WARNING] CoverGloobus is already running10:09
upslagnea:don't do that10:09
upslausn adsl modem help needed10:09
GneaiLinux: that's really weird, are you sure you didn't edit the file after?10:09
Gnea!details | upsla10:09
iLinuxIt's original10:09
ubottuupsla: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."10:09
iLinuxGnea: It's very original10:09
GneaiLinux: okay10:09
sayresWhen I run covergloobus I can not look into the process. When I restart a message appears: [WARNING] CoverGloobus is already running10:09
GneaiLinux: don't know what to suggest10:10
upslaGnea:usb adsl modem help needed.Beetel 100 cx modem with conexant chipset.10:10
iLinuxJordan_U: http://paste.ubuntu.com/553110/10:10
Gneaupsla: I'm pretty sure that we know that you need help with it, there's no need at all, whatsoever, to keep repeating that, thanks.10:10
upslaGnea:please direct some body to help me.if u can't.10:11
Gneaupsla: it looks like someone has already responded: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=166313110:11
smiley__how do i make the taskbar and menubar trasnparent ?10:11
Gneaupsla: your problem is solved, have a nice day.10:12
rnbwpntis there a howto for enabling usb3.0 in 10.10?10:12
upslaGnea:no my problem is not solved.10:12
mac123is 10.04 more stable than 10.10?10:12
Jordan_U!cn | hi-there10:12
ubottuhi-there: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道:打字 /join #ubuntu-cn 或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-tw  或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-hk10:12
Gneaupsla: then you need to respond to that forum posting and tell them why it didn't work.10:12
bullgard4mac123: Yes.10:12
mac123mmmk will try that then10:12
hi-thereOK,ok thank you10:13
kavoorhi, where can I enter a proxy that can be used globally by all applications in ubuntu?10:13
upslaGnea:i already did that via private message.Mean time some body can help me from here.10:13
iLinuxupsla: Give a reason why it doesn't work.10:14
mac123ok so let me make sure I'm getting the correct version then what exactly is the difference between the alternate and the regular version  just graphics cards?10:14
hasenjquestion, how to let ubuntu awake from suspend without requiring a password? (I tried to google but all solution are from 4 years ago and dont' seem to apply anymore)10:14
Gneaupsla: no, it doesn't work that way, I don't have to redirect anyone.  This is an open forum, and since you've made the post, it is now your responsibility to respond to it.  Sorry, your request is denied here, please use that forum post as a reference here.10:14
smiley__ok,onely a pice of the menu bar is trasparent,how do you make the whole thing trasparent ?10:15
ivan_algun español?10:15
oCean!es | ivan_10:15
ubottuivan_: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.10:15
Gneaupsla: and do not PM me again without asking first.10:16
=== david__ is now known as s3r3n1t7
=== Bel_P is now known as Bel_Away
smiley__anybody ?10:17
ejvyou seem awfully hostile gnea10:17
Gneaejv: do you have an ubuntu-related question to ask?10:17
ejvgnea: eventually10:18
minimecsmiley__: In your case, some of the Panel applets may not have the possibility to be transparent (talking about the panel?).10:18
Gneaejv: then please, stick to topic.10:18
AdvoWorkdont suppose anyone is aware of a device that connects to laptop that can wirelessly stream data from said laptop to a tv(via hdmi)? seen a few things but mostly for windows.10:18
smiley__yes,like the clock...10:18
ejvgnea: please don't quote the rules, adjust your attitude. THANKS! :)10:18
Leman_RussGnea: Been sitting on a beach, by any chance?10:19
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!10:19
ejvupsla: call your ISP, they can probably help you out based on what i saw from your forum posts10:19
ivanzI ask before, but i Didn't receive answer, so if somebody can help me: how could I arrange to close all open program when screensaver activating10:19
Leman_RussGnea: The reason I ask, is that you appear to have sand in your front bottom.10:19
doc`i cant find my flashinstall in synaptic10:20
GneaLeman_Russ: you and ejv are entitled to your opinions, even if they are wrong.10:20
sacarlsonupsla: also you say it works in windows,  can you look at what settings are used when it's working in windows like the ip and mask and other info seen there?10:20
Leman_RussGnea: Cool.  Just messing10:20
oCean!cn | crazy10:20
ubottucrazy: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道:打字 /join #ubuntu-cn 或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-tw  或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-hk10:20
q_a_z_stevehey oCean will you highlight me back really quick, just want to see how empathy defaults will handle it.10:21
minimecupsla: I am pretty sure that you only need to configure your device correctly with pppoeconf. Right after boot you should have your device listed with ifconfig in a console. That would be a good sign to show you, that the device is recognized correctly by your system.10:21
oCeanq_a_z_steve: sure10:21
q_a_z_steveoCean: sweet, it does nothing...10:21
oCeanq_a_z_steve: hmm, but that's not what you wanted I guess10:21
ivanzhow could I arrange to close all open program when screensaver activating - need hepl10:22
ejvivanz: why would you want that?10:22
Leman_Russivanz: you mean you want to actually quit all open programs when your screen saver activates?10:22
q_a_z_steveoCean: I'll figure something out, although it does have growl (is that what *nix calls it) when the window isn't highlighted, so that's useful.10:22
upsla<sacarlson>:how u do that in windows ?10:23
Leman_Russivanz: that is going to cause you issues if anything needs to be saved before closing, even if you can find a solution10:23
smiley__can someone help me,the theme's from /gnome-look.org wont install10:23
Leman_Russivanz: and yeah, why do you want to do that?10:23
smiley__everyone i try wont install10:23
doc`i need some help with removing my current version of flash, i cant find it in synaptic10:23
ivanzLeman_Russ: yes; ejv: I wont to use public computer but don't want to mess from before10:23
ejvhmm that made little to no sense, so ima sleep on it, good luck :)10:24
RainbowWis ntfs write ready for prime time in 10.10?10:24
sacarlsonupsla: I'm think it's someplace in control panel but my windows is stale,  try google it10:24
minimecdoc`: If you use the official ubuntu package... 'flashplugin-installer'10:24
Leman_Russivanz: that doesn't make sense.  If it is a public computer, and the screensaver activates, you will still be the logged in user, so what is the problem.  When you log-out / turn off, your programs will all terminate10:24
ivanzif everybody open new for example firefox, after 10 people, 10 firefox will be open10:25
Leman_Russivanz: read my previous post10:25
Gneaejv: taking the easy way out, I see. :)10:25
Leman_RussGnea: either that or his hooker has turned up10:26
ivanzI understand that I am log-in all the time and I don't want to log out, but I want to back to start position10:26
doc`minimec, i have that installed, but its not using that one, if i select dependencies it has conflicts with flashplayer-mozilla, flashplugin, flashplugin-nonfree, libflashsupport, xfs however i cant find those in synaptic10:26
=== wdbydp_ is now known as wdbydp
ivanzstart position desktop10:26
Leman_Russivanz: start position, as in you want no applications running?10:26
Leman_Russivanz: why???10:26
=== storage is now known as iLinux
Gneaivanz: that makes no sense, since you need to type in a password to get past the screensaver anyway10:27
ivanzbecause computer is public, and mybe somebody will use firefox, somebody will use mail,... I want when somebody quit from use , new person don't need to close work before10:28
ivanzGnea: I will configure without password after screensaver10:28
oCeanivanz: do you know there is a difference between *logout* and *screensaver* ?10:29
minimecdoc`: What ubuntu version are you using? What flash-package do you have installed (exact version)? This is the dependancies list of the maverick 'flashplugin-installer'...10:29
minimecdoc`: http://packages.ubuntu.com/maverick/flashplugin-installer10:29
Leman_Russivanz: if a user logs out, all programs will close.  A new user logging in will start from fresh.  End of discussion.10:29
RainbowWis ntfs write ready for prime time in 10.10? or is it still "you'll trash your drive if you try it"?10:29
minimecdoc`: there is no 'flashplugin-mozilla'...10:29
smiley__anybody ?10:29
ivanzYes I understand the difference, and that is reason why I ask for this. Logout I can solved with "timeoutd", but I don't want to log in every user10:30
doc`im using ubuntu 10.04, http://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about/ gives me version
oCeanivanz: yes you would want that10:30
doc`but a search for flash gives me no hits in synaptic10:30
ivanzI just want to "killall" proceses with screensaver, but not kill user10:31
SkiLZHow can I install Enna media centre?10:31
smiley__i cant get no Theme's From gnome-look.org to install ?10:31
oCeanivanz: start a fresh session for each new user! really; any other way makes no sense10:31
q_a_z_stevehey r00t4rd3d, you awake?10:31
Gneaivanz: It sounds more like you want a method to mess with someone else10:32
minimecdoc`: so your installed flashplugin-installer package should be this flashplugin-installer_10.1.102.65ubuntu0.10.04.1_i386.deb Otherwise you don't use the official one...10:32
markturnipI'm using Ubuntu Server & my CLI displays fine on DVI but not through HDMI. I was working before I updated the NVidia driver. Does the xorg.conf affect the CLI also?10:32
doc`minimec, i did install that one from synaptic10:33
doc`but it isnt using it10:33
smiley__Anybody ?10:33
doc`there is something in the background thats being used that i cant find10:33
ivanzGnea: I want to mess be cleaned when somebody is finished, automaticly10:33
s3r3n1t7Public and private keys aren't restricted by computers correct? So in theory, I can store my private key and use it everywhere?10:34
=== Guest75988 is now known as m00se
oCeanivanz: the method to "clean" a session is logout NOT screensaver. Accept that10:34
=== m00se is now known as Guest8736
minimecdoc`: So try to remove all flash packages with synaptic, then do a 'sudo apt-get autoremove' and a 'sudo apt-get autoclean' in a console. Verify in you browser, that no flash is installed anymore. Then install the flasplugin-installer again.10:34
sacarlsonivanz: and maybe delete all files in that users /home/user and maybe fill it with what is seen in a new account?10:34
doc`minimec, the only flash package i see in synaptic is the official one however that isn't being used, i will try that tho10:35
ivanzoCean: new sesion ask for password every time, and in that case if somebody is not good in computer and need help about pass. With screensaver there will be only link on desktop10:36
=== iLinux is now known as SC-M
smiley__Does anybody know the anser ?10:36
oCean!helpme | smiley__10:37
ubottusmiley__: Avoid following your questions with a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !attitude10:37
ivanzsacarlson: very good sugestion10:37
doc`ok minimec i did that i still have flash tho, it says i have version installed10:38
minimecdoc`: DO you remember having installed a version manually? In that case have a look in /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins after(!) having removed all flash stuff with synaptic. If you still some flash stuff, remove that.10:38
markturnipI'm using Ubuntu Server & my CLI displays fine on DVI but not through HDMI. I was working before I updated the NVidia driver. Does the xorg.conf affect the CLI also?10:39
minimecdoc`: Other source could be .mozilla/plugins in your /home directory.10:39
smiley__i might try linux mint10:40
SkiLZArghh Help!10:40
doc`in usr/lib../plugins/ i have libjavaplugin.so  libtotem-gmp-plugin.so librhythmbox-itms-detection-plugin.so  libtotem-mully-plugin.so libtotem-cone-plugin.so  libtotem-narrowspace-plugin.so10:40
vs-hsdngr: sure?10:40
doc`i had a libflashplayer in .mozilla/plugins in home should i remove it?10:41
doc`yes that was it now i have missing plugin10:42
doc`tnx minimec10:42
SkiLZhisto, please help me Im trying to install enna media centre and I'm getting these errors: http://pastebin.com/ydCJd3zA Is there ANY way to install it? Perhaps from source?10:42
upslaiLinux:r u there ?10:42
smiley__Does anybody know how to install 3rd party Theme's in ubuntu 10.4 ?10:42
minimecdoc`: cool ;) Install the flashplugin-installer now ;)10:42
=== |Zippo|_ is now known as |Zippo|
SkiLZsmiley__, I usually don't bother with themes, too much stuffing around10:43
upslaiLinux:r u there ?10:43
SkiLZnever really works prefectly10:43
GneaSkiLZ: install each dependency at a time10:43
ivanzOk, I will ask another day for killall with screensaver, maybe I find solution10:43
minimecsmiley__: Download the theme from the net and put it in .themes in your /home directory.10:43
doc`version installed now thnx a lot minimec10:43
minimecdoc`: no problem...10:44
Line__hello does anyone know the xml syntax for port redirection in qemu?10:44
snowblink10.04 kernel did not update for me yesterday. Anyone else?10:44
smiley__already tryed that10:44
doc`now i can watch videos in fullscreen :)10:44
hi5snowblink: to 10.10 you mean?10:45
sacarlsonsmiley__: I installed a cool theme called Azenes,  all that was required was download a deb file and select the theme after installed in System>preference>Aperance10:45
oCeanLine__: maybe try in #qemu ?10:45
smiley__these are not Deb files10:45
Line__oCean: i cant speak in there, moderated channel?10:45
snowblinkhi5, no. Security update yesterday confusing. 10.04 appears to be pointing at the kernel from Dec.10:45
oCeanLine__: might need registering10:46
oCean!register > Line__10:46
ubottuLine__, please see my private message10:46
Line__oops sorry caps10:46
upslausb adsl modem problem can't connect to internet. help neede.10:46
SkiLZGnea, Package libevas-svn-05-engines-x is not available, but is referred to by another package.10:47
SkiLZThis may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or10:47
SkiLZis only available from another source10:47
Gneaupsla: just paste your forum post while asking10:47
=== hi5 is now known as x64VM
SkiLZthere must be some way to install this program10:47
sacarlsonsmiley__: well if not what is it?  what kind of theme is it?  show me the link pm10:47
=== Line__ is now known as Line_
GneaSkiLZ: try to search for libevas10:47
bullgard4Banshee 1.8.0 > Podcasts shows the button "Podcasts" followed a number '30'. What does this number mean?10:47
minimecupsla: As we said... It's just a pppoeconf thing. We guess that your hardware is recognized correctly by ubuntu. Check ifconfig after boot.10:48
DASPRiDhey there, my ubuntu server (10.04) just updated to php 5.3.2, which introduces a bug which makes open_basedir unusable (it blocks every page request), is it expected that ubuntu deploys a newer php version (5.3.3 or .4/.5) asap?10:48
upslahttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1663131&highlight=beetel+100+cx. help needed10:48
minimecupsla: NO private messages please. Stay public...10:49
Gnea!pm | upsla10:49
ubottuupsla: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.10:49
smiley__any theme,they are all Tar Archives from gnome-look.org10:49
upslaminimec:tell me how to configure?10:49
minimecupsla: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ADSLPPPoE10:49
upslaminimec:it is of no use to me.10:50
Gneaupsla: it requires that you *try*10:50
nits_hunterguys something happened during bootup, it scanned my hdd and said press F to continue repair and all and now my gnome desktop is screwed up, i can'10:50
minimecupsla: Well... If a manual is of no use for you, how should we be able to help you?10:51
ne2knits_hunter: probably a hardware fault10:51
oCeansmiley__: you've downloaded a gnome theme? not gdm?10:51
=== claudia is now known as zumwoifi
upslagnea:i saying because i tried the methods.10:51
nits_hunterne2k: u mean my hdd is dying?10:51
ne2kminimec: why would he want PPPoE for a USB ADSL modem?10:51
upslaminimec:i not blaming the manual.10:51
Gneaupsla: someone has clearly told you how to get it working in that post, yet you refuse to even try it. we know you refused to try it because you didn't respond to it saying what didn't work.10:51
ne2knits_hunter: well it certainly sounds that way10:52
ne2knits_hunter: but you haven't supplied an awful lot of information. it would be helpful to know what actually came up during bootup10:52
upslaminimec:it did not work.10:52
nits_hunterne2k: can u tell me what i should post? dmesg?10:52
q_a_z_steveoCean: what can I call my other "sources.list" files in .../sources.list.d/ ? Is anything .list allowed?10:52
minimecne2k: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=166313110:52
smiley__whats the difference ?10:52
Gneaupsla: you need to say WHY it didn't work. just saying that it didn't work isn't good enough.10:52
SC-Mupsla: pm me10:53
upslagnea:i sent a private message to that person10:53
Gneaupsla: I don't care, you need to keep it public.10:53
nits_hunterne2k: should i pastebin dmesg?10:53
ne2knits_hunter: no harm10:53
ne2knits_hunter: might help10:53
Gneaupsla: you're short-changing others that might find it useful, that is not in the spirit of ubuntu.10:53
oCeanq_a_z_steve: yes, I believe so10:53
upslagnea:sorry i did not know that.10:54
Gneaupsla: then you need to read up on what Ubuntu is.10:54
nits_hunterne2k: http://pastebin.com/gD6dQRm310:54
Gneaupsla: there's no secrets here, you can ask and keep the discussion out in the open and nothing bad will happen.10:55
upslagnea:thing is i followed the methods in forum.but pppoe conf dialog gets stuck at 100% while scanning nas010:55
SC-Mupsla: just try eject /dev/sr1 or unmount /dev/sr110:55
SC-Mit's work VERY well for me10:55
Gneaupsla: then you need to reply to the forum and tell them that, that person can likely help you get it sorted out.10:55
nits_hunterne2k: it might not be someone breaking into my system or something can it? some sort of virus or something?10:55
minimecupsla: First... After a normal boot sequence, do you see any eth0 device when typing 'ifconfig' in a console. That would be the first thing I would check. I would also check 'dmesg', to see if there are any errors while loading the device.10:56
user__hi. i need to DISABLE one of my mouse buttons because it is causing my mouse to lose focus on windows and i can't click menus. tried a number of things to no avail. any ideas?10:56
oCeansmiley__: here is a difference between the DESKTOP ENVIRONMENT and DISPLAY MANAGER. Gnome and KDE are of the former and GDM and KDM are of the latter. The Desktop Environment is the whole user interface that loads up after you login, whereas the display manager is just a graphical login screen. That is all.10:56
markturnipI'm using Ubuntu Server & my CLI displays fine on DVI but not through HDMI. I was working before I updated the NVidia driver. Does the xorg.conf affect the CLI also?10:57
upslagnea:he asks me to contact isp. they said they can't figure out.10:57
user__does anyone know how to type the R (registered) symbol into terminal?10:57
neurochromeIs there no tasksel anymore?!?!10:57
GauravButolaI am trying http://zetcode.com/tutorials/gtktutorial/firstprograms/ but get this error when trying to compile http://paste.ubuntu.com/553120/ what am I doing wrong.10:57
oCeansmiley__: once you've downloaded a gnome theme, use should be able to install that theme (gz) through system > preferences > appearance and hit install10:57
Gneaupsla: I was *clearly* referring to the reply to your post here, nothing else: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=166313110:57
SC-Mupsla: maybe your modem is not supported with Linux10:57
neurochromeabout to install lamp and it looks like you have to select packages separately!10:58
MidgieUmmm, Question, I downloaded the Ubuntu 10.10 Netbook iso and used the USB program thing to put it on my USB and boot from it, i like it and all. But everyone in my family uses windows so i was wondering if its possible to install ubuntu straight onto the usb so that it keeps my stuff and i dn't have to keep pressing 'Try it out'?10:58
nits_hunterne2k: it might not be someone breaking into my system or something can it? some sort of virus or something?10:58
erUSUL!usb | Midgie10:58
ubottuMidgie: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent10:58
SC-Mhow to upgrade kernel WITHOUT upgrading ubuntu itself.10:58
upslaSC-M:i know that10:58
Gneaupsla: your failure to communicate indicates a general lack of respect toward those who might otherwise be helpful, thus mitigating the fact that people will likely NOT want to continue to try to help you. By responding to that forum post, you can change that and people will likely respect and help you better.10:59
SC-MGnea: how to upgrade Ubuntu kernel without upgrade the ubuntu itself?10:59
SC-MGnea: sorry i mean Linux kernel10:59
minimecSC-M: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/11:00
smiley__oCean What about this theme,http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Elegant+Arch?content=136912&PHPSESSID=a8d3a6c2beb70278f24bdd7afae3209c11:00
neurochromeSC-M, what version are you on, an old release?11:00
GneaSC-M: just the kernel? that's easy: open a terminal and do an apt-get upgrade, when it says the package names for the kernel, just say 'n' and then just install those packages11:00
GauravButolaI am trying http://zetcode.com/tutorials/gtktutorial/firstprograms/ but get this error when trying to compile http://paste.ubuntu.com/553120/ what am I doing wrong.11:00
x64VMfor ubuntu with an ati5770 can i stay with open drivers or its better to stick to catalyst?11:00
serializedGaur* - what error are you getting?11:00
upslagnea:as i said sent pm to that person11:01
minimecx64VM: If you want to play any games, go with catalyst http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=amd_driver_q111&num=111:01
x64VMk minimec11:01
Gneaupsla: and as I said, I don't care.  The forum is meant to be discussed on the forum, not in private.11:01
=== onre is now known as Guest59621
oCeansmiley__: should work. Let me try11:02
x64VMi hope all features - almost - are into it, like power management that slows down th Gpu in idle11:02
q_a_z_steveGnea: how many warnings have you given upsla just out of curiosity?11:02
=== claudia is now known as zumwoifi
Gneaq_a_z_steve: I've lost count.11:02
emeryAnyone know of any wireless tools i can use under fluxbox apart from gnome networkmanager11:02
oCeansmiley__: that worked without a problem.11:03
minimecemery: wicd http://wicd.sourceforge.net/11:03
x64VMemery: do you have particular needs?11:03
emerysorry and apart from wicd11:03
Gneaq_a_z_steve: he keeps on apologizing and saying that he will do better, and yet he just sits there and expects to be helped without him lifting a finger for it11:03
emeryx64VM, aslong as it connects to my wireless point11:03
emerywicd and gnome nm-applet are a no go though11:03
x64VMbut could not due to them though11:04
smiley__it wont open it says not in gzip format11:04
emeryno, i just dont want to use them11:04
x64VMhave you a "problematic" wifi chipset/card?11:04
q_a_z_steveGnea: We all get that way sometimes, when calling tech support. Turn on your brains folks. I'm guilty too.11:04
Elenri1emery: wifi-radar11:04
emeryx64VM, no, as i said i dont want to use them11:04
oCeansmiley__: ok, you go to the link and click download, right?11:04
emeryElenri1, isnt wifi-radar kde?11:04
Gneaq_a_z_steve: he doesn't seem to understand that by reponding to that person in private, he has foresaken any help from anyone else on the matter11:09
dshbusinessHello, I have a small question.11:17
ne2kuser__: you will have to edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf11:17
ne2k!askask | dshbusiness11:17
user__thank you, ne2k, i will take a look.11:17
q_a_z_steve!ask | dshbusiness11:17
ubottudshbusiness: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)11:17
ne2kuser__: man xorg.conf11:17
dshbusinessI use gnome desktop environment. When I click "Places" on my top panel, I will see "Recent Documents"11:17
q_a_z_steveuser__: don't forget to start and stop it at the appropriate times. google?11:17
upslagnea: i really called the isp.11:17
user__how do i get back to command line from this man page?11:17
serializedctrl c11:17
dshbusinessBut I find this feature useless. Except for others who want to see what files I have opened recently.11:17
serializedor is t z11:17
dshbusinessHow can I shutdown this feature?11:17
user__how do i load xorg.conf into a textfile so i can edit it?11:17
user__from terminal11:18
serializedsudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg,conf11:18
q_a_z_stevedshbusiness: should just be for your user. If you don't want others to see your list, make them their own login?11:18
serializedor nano11:18
serializedif you want it in terminal11:18
user__that command brings up a blank file11:19
q_a_z_stevedshbusiness: I don't know that there's going to be a quick way of removing that, especially from [current user] probably easier to limit what [other users] see11:19
ne2kdshbusiness: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=9115411:19
user__is it possible i do not have an xorg.conf file?11:19
upslane2k:Device 002: ID 0572:cb00 Conexant Systems (Rockwell), Inc. ADSL Modem11:19
q_a_z_steveuser__: s/,/.11:19
ne2kupsla: yeah, I heard the first time, thanks11:19
dshbusinessq_a_z_steve: Yeah, but I think I'd better to shutdown it. Thanks.11:19
dshbusinessne2k: Let me have a look. Thanks.11:20
user__i lost my command line its stuck. how to get bac to command line?11:20
user__thankyou all for answering my questions btw.11:20
q_a_z_stevectrl+c will kill whatever it can11:20
user__great that worked11:20
Administrator_wth is taking so long for ubuntu.com to load, does it hate ie11:21
q_a_z_steveAdministrator_: you are in windows?11:21
q_a_z_steveas admin, on irc?11:21
ne2kupsla: have you successfully run br2684ctl to set the correct VPI and VCI for your line?11:21
serializedctrl z11:21
Administrator_q_a_z_steve, yes? then what11:21
user__so i cannot bring up this xorg.conf file, but i have the name of the button label i wish to disable. does anyone know the xinput command to disable it?11:21
ne2kq_a_z_steve: snigger11:21
ronware Hello.  I am trying to run a 32-bit app which uses wxWidgets media control, on 64 bit Ubuntu.  My problems is that no media play, because it looks like there are no 32bit gstreamer libs installed.  Does anyone know how I can get 32bit gstreamer on 64 bit ubuntu, without conflicts?11:21
Administrator_go away!11:22
user__ive been searching ubuntu forums and its something along the lines of "xinput set-int-prop DEVICE "disable" but it doesn't work11:22
Administrator_chris_bsd, go!11:22
q_a_z_steveuser__: if it's not coming up you need to check the exact things you are typing.11:22
q_a_z_steveAdministrator_: what's the issue?11:22
user__i typed "sudo gedit /etc/x11/xorg.conf"11:23
oCeanAdministrator_: what do you need?11:23
q_a_z_steveuser__: try going piece by piece with tab11:23
user__apolgies, it worked, it was just loading11:23
serializedits case sensitve /etc/X11/xorg.conf11:23
ne2kuser__: don't edit the file until you've actually worked out what you need to put in it11:23
rmxzHow's Ubuntu looking for the new Intel Sandy Bridge chips?  I saw a rumor (attributed from Linus himself) that the 11.04 daily builds work reasonably, but that 10.* doesn't.  Does that seem right?11:23
sacarlsonupsla: I wonder if your modem in windows is still like my ethenet modem that you just login to it on your browser like IE.  Maybe from there you can see the VPI and VCI settings11:23
ne2kupsla: have you successfully run br2684ctl to set the correct VPI and VCI for your line?11:24
Administrator_oCean, wth is taking ubuntu.com to load so slow11:24
user__i was hoping i could locate "Button Side" (255) and change it to "disabled".. but there is nothing like that there11:24
q_a_z_stevermxz: there's a vast difference.11:24
user__so what am i supposed to do with this conf file?11:24
ne2kupsla: pastebin "ifconfig -a"11:24
oCeanAdministrator_: it's not slow for me11:24
serializededit it, did you read man xorg.conf11:24
upslane2k:i am in windows now11:24
q_a_z_steveAdministrator_: this is Ubuntu OS support chat. you want #win11:25
rmxzq_a_z: "vast difference" - vast enough that 11.04 nightly are usable for day-to-day work?11:25
Administrator_oCean, hey, where is the sucking server11:25
user__grr ok11:25
q_a_z_steve#windows rather11:25
user__so much work for such a tiny thing as disabling a mouse button!11:25
oCeanAdministrator_: calm down11:25
q_a_z_stevermxz: vast between 10* and 11*11:25
q_a_z_stevermxz: 10.10 has things that 10.4 will possibly work up to "canonizing". pun intended.11:26
rmxzSure - but if I were to buy a motherboard today, do 11*'s current daily builds have enough working features for sandy-bridge that I'm likely to have a network and display working.11:27
q_a_z_steveoCean: please say someone else got that11:27
chris_bsdAdministrator_: are you in china?11:27
q_a_z_stevermxz: I would try 10.10 backports and proposed LONG before nightly builds11:28
q_a_z_stevep.s. backports are not going backwards... Don't ask me.11:28
ne2kuser__: on my mouse the buttons are called Button Horiz Wheel Left (129) and Button Horiz Wheel Right (130)11:28
user__mine is Button Side (255)11:29
chris_bsdAdministrator_: because traceroute takes so long.11:29
user__i'm trying to wrangle xinput get-button-map and so on, but each time i have to copy-paste the name of my mouse because it uses an R symbol, and now i can't access the menu because hte mouse is disabling itself11:29
q_a_z_steveAdministrator_: why does google.com.br take so long?11:29
ne2kuser__: oh, hang on, I don't have side buttons on this mouse! I have no idea what those horiz ones are for ;-)11:29
user__really really frustrating11:29
ne2kuser__: can't you just use the number of the mouse?11:29
user__what is a keyboard command to open up menus?11:29
ne2kuser__: xinput --list11:30
user__i'm using ALT F for File and it highlights it but doesn't drop down the list11:30
serializedctrl f11:30
user__no no i mean the menu list for the terminal itself11:30
user__i need to paste something11:30
q_a_z_steveI thought there was Ctrl+Esc also?11:30
ne2kuser__: it should do11:30
user__ALT F highlights file but using arrow keys doesn't open it11:30
ne2kuser__: you can paste with shift-ctrl-V11:30
Michelle89 i have a link with numbers..i need to use wildcards to generate multiple links with numbers..11:30
q_a_z_steveuser__: you'll just need ctrl+shift+c and v11:30
Michelle89anyone have any idea?11:30
bonjoyee!find acpi11:31
ubottuFound: acpi-support, acpid, acpi, acpidump, acpitail, acpitool, acpitool-dbg, claws-mail-acpi-notifier, eeepc-acpi-scripts, libacpi-dev (and 3 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=acpi&searchon=names&suite=maverick&section=all11:31
user__you guys are great btw11:31
rmxzq_a_z_steve: where can I see if there are there backports for all the various components that apparently intel's new chipsets need (mesa 7.10, x86-video-intel 2.14.0, and the  2.6.37 kernel; and apparently new (but no version number specified) libdrm, cairo, libva too)11:31
q_a_z_steveMichelle89: touch?11:31
ne2kMichelle89: this question doesn't really make any sense11:31
q_a_z_stevehey bonjoyee11:31
Michelle89ne2k:its not realted to ubuntu11:31
bonjoyeehi q_a_z_steve!11:31
Michelle89like using wildcard for links to generate multiple links11:31
q_a_z_steveMichelle89: then pardon us while we ignore you. jk11:31
serializedare you trying to filter the numbers with awk or something like that?11:32
user__how do i bring focus back to the main terminal window instead of the menu without using the mouse?11:32
user__it continually highlights the top menu because of this busted mouse button11:32
user__i can't get back to typing!!!! grr11:32
q_a_z_steveoCean: go register #linux-handholding11:32
minimecuser__: esc, Alt+TAB11:32
glacemancan someone please tell me how to reset the upper gnome bar ( don't know how u call it )11:32
oCeanq_a_z_steve: what?11:32
user__escape worked11:33
q_a_z_steveglaceman: reset to what?11:33
serializedright click and delete the panel11:33
serializedthen add a new one11:33
DJones!panels | glaceman11:33
ubottuglaceman: To reset the gnome panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »11:33
q_a_z_steveoCean: just thought it would be funny11:33
Michelle89i have links like somedomain/*/*/*/*/*-*****.****.jpg all * represents different numbers..i need to download all images11:33
glacemanthat's what i was looking for ubottu11:33
user__i've got hte button map but how am i supposed to tell what number represents what button?11:33
obscurant1stI got this example "openssl pkey -in key.pem -des3 -out keyout.pem" from openssl help doc. But i cnt execute this in my ubuntu system,. it shows an error "openssl:Error: 'pkey' is an invalid command" can anyone pls tell me why this happens?11:33
bonjoyeeMichelle89: did u try wget?11:34
oCeanMichelle89: use wget to recursively download content11:34
user__i need to take a break and have a cigarette lol11:34
q_a_z_steveuser__: 255 is an address, you may either need that or 254 if it's not already 0 instantiated list11:34
Michelle89oCean ,bonjoyee : is it a software?11:34
oCeanMichelle89: commandline tool11:34
bonjoyeeMichelle89: yes..a download manager!11:34
q_a_z_stevehttrack if you like11:34
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
user__ok so i should be able to use the code be it 254 to set-button-map?11:35
q_a_z_steveMichelle89: ^^11:35
dracotux__can anyone help me installing my Brother DCP-375 CW printer in Ubuntu?11:35
ne2kMichelle89: are there links to all the images? if so, use wget recursively. if not, you need a scripting language to generate the URLs. but that's going to be a SHED LOAD of URLs11:35
ubottuPrinting in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows11:35
user__what would be the xinput command for that, something with set-button-map?11:35
q_a_z_stevedracotux__: ^^11:35
Michelle89ne2k:thanks..i will get back if i dont know how to use it :)11:36
dracotux__cups? you mean a package i need to install through SPM?11:36
terridis there a way using find, to find all files in a dir, that have spaces in the filename?11:36
q_a_z_steveuser__: you aren't going to set-button-map to disabled I don't think.11:36
santhoshcan anyone tell me how to copy a line of text in a file11:36
q_a_z_steveMichelle89: are you in linux?11:36
Administrator_q_a_z_steve, heng11:36
user__i want to use set-button-map to disable a specific button that i have got hte button map for11:36
q_a_z_steveAdministrator_: sorry?11:37
user__its ok, what i'll do is try to disable each button and i'll figure out eventually which one is the button i want to disable11:37
obscurant1stsomebody, pls?11:37
ubottuA large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?11:37
serializedfrom the terminal or in a programming language santhosh11:37
Administrator_q_a_z_steve, indeed why are you aksing about os thing11:37
minimecsanthosh: Don't understand your question correctly... <ctrl>c ???11:37
user__thanks everyone for your help, it is much appreciated.11:37
q_a_z_steveobscurant1st: I know it's busy, we'll get you11:37
santhoshmine is a server command line11:37
santhoshhow can i select text and copy it11:37
obscurant1stq_a_z_steve: ok, thanks11:38
oCeanAdministrator_: this is ubuntu technical support channel.11:38
q_a_z_steveAdministrator_: what can I help you with? www.google.com or www.ubuntu.com is not the /topic here.11:38
q_a_z_stevethat's why I asked you about .br11:38
minimecsanthosh: can you use a mouse? I a gnome-terminal it's <ctrl><shift>c11:39
santhoshoh guys11:39
santhoshi dont have a mouse11:39
santhoshi mean its full cli11:39
santhoshno mouse11:39
ne2kuser__: do xev | grep button11:39
santhoshand shift+arrow doesnt select test11:39
chris_bsdAdministrator_: how can i help you?11:40
Administrator_chris_bsd, why do you ping me11:40
Administrator_nope i quit11:40
* Administrator_ hides11:40
chris_bsdAdministrator_: could you answer my question first?11:40
bonjoyeesanthosh: may be you could use redirection ">" or ">>"?11:40
q_a_z_steveobscurant1st: I'm thinking pkey is the name of a file, or would be if you actually had one to plug in there. man openssl11:41
q_a_z_stevechris_bsd: why fight it11:41
obscurant1stq_a_z_steve: check tttthis, http://www.openssl.org/docs/apps/pkey.html it says its key processing tool11:41
chris_bsdq_a_z_steve: you are right11:42
RainbowWso i have a hosed process apparently. sudo kill -9 pid doesn't seem to shut it down. how can i kill it?11:42
randy2009Hello, i have Ubuntu 9.04 and have 1,2 TB of hdd space free (use 89%) on a mount. If i want to create a directory i get the following message: mkdir: cannot create directory `test2': No space left on device11:42
randy2009what can be the problem?11:42
rumpe1randy2009, free disks space reserved by root11:43
JACK7475hi  there11:43
q_a_z_steveobscurant1st: that still could be something you don't have like running the command openssl qazme11:43
randy2009rumpe1: where can i find that11:43
ne2krandy2009: do you have several disks? are you sure you're creating the directory on the right disk?11:43
bonjoyeerumpe1: 1.2TB reserved?89% of disk?11:43
randy2009several disk indeed, and creating the dir on the right disk11:44
rumpe1randy2009, usually its around 5% ... hm11:44
obscurant1stq_a_z_steve: i am sorry, i didnt get that! :(11:44
ne2krandy2009: pastebin the output of mount and df11:44
q_a_z_steveobscurant1st: I don't actually know. just looking at the syntax11:44
m1ndvirusCan someone please send me a 1280x1024 copy of the beautiful red flowers on a white backdrop wallpaper?11:44
randy2009i had 300 gb free when i encountered this, then i deleted almost 1 tb, but the same message, no disk space free11:44
yulerHow would I diagnose Firefox becoming non-responsive?   It repeatedly triggers when trying to post on Facebook, similar to http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1038966 . I haven't seen this problem using Firefox under Windows.11:44
user__when you use xinput to get-button-map i get a long list of numbers from 1 to 13. how do i tell which number represents which button?11:44
ne2km1ndvirus: seriously OT11:44
q_a_z_stevem1ndvirus: google. no really11:44
obscurant1stq_a_z_steve: no, i mean, i didnt understand what you said just now! I am not that good at english.11:45
m1ndvirusne2k: It's a default Ubuntu wallpaper.11:45
m1ndvirusq_a_z_steve: What do you recommend me search?11:45
ne2kuser__: like I said, do xev | grep button11:45
=== denny- is now known as denny
bonjoyeerandy2009: see if theres .Trash folder on the disk root...11:45
ne2km1ndvirus: this is a tech support channel11:45
rmxz[regarding my earlier questions on sandy bridge about 30 minutes ago] Googling for backports for supporting sandy bridge on 10.10 isn't turning up much.   Closest I see is an article on Intel's blog which suggests that the most viable alternatives as of Jan 4 were (a) compile your own kernel, intel drivers, mesa, and X, or (b) try the pre-released ubuntu 11*.11:45
m1ndvirusWow, can someone just hook me up?11:45
m1ndvirusIt's really not a big deal.11:45
m1ndvirusYou don't have to throw a hissy fit.11:45
m1ndvirusPlease, if anyone is nice enough, toss me that paper.11:46
user__i can't use this because the mouse won't work on it11:46
m1ndvirusI will be very grateful.11:46
ne2km1ndvirus: which edition and version of Ubuntu are you talking about?11:46
user__the button itself is compressed, it won't click11:46
q_a_z_steveobscurant1st: that "tool" could be something you don't have installed. pkey anyone?11:46
Michelle89ne2k:where can i know how to use wget?11:46
m1ndvirusne2k: It's 10.10.11:46
ne2kMicheman wget11:46
go^Can anyone help me with double video card on ubuntu ? i'm becoming crazy..........11:46
ne2kMichelle89: man wget11:46
q_a_z_stevem1ndvirus: are you running ubuntu 10.10?11:46
user__if i know which number represents which button i should be able to disable it with xinput11:46
m1ndvirusq_a_z_steve: No.11:46
go^MichealH, wget http://website/file11:46
q_a_z_stevem1ndvirus: but that's the background you want?11:47
q_a_z_stevethe default background?11:47
ne2kuser__: are you saying this button is broken?11:47
jshmoe24hello everyone11:47
user__the button is broken, i need to disable it because it causes my screen to lose focus and i can't use mouse11:47
m1ndvirusq_a_z_steve: Not the default background; one of the preinstalled ones, though.11:47
ne2kuser__: as in, it's permanently stuck in, so you can't press it11:47
jshmoe24I have a critical error i need help with? Anyone11:47
q_a_z_stevem1ndvirus: google ubuntu artwork11:47
ne2kuser__: gotcha. well, use xev |grep button to find out the numbers of the other buttons, and that will narrow your list down11:47
ubottuA large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?11:48
user__ne2k: the compressed button causes other buttons to lose focus in the xev window11:48
sacarlsonrandy2009: maybe you need to empty trash,  what does the command df return?11:48
jshmoe24alright then damn it !!!!11:48
q_a_z_stevejshmoe24: what can we help with?11:48
user__ne2k: in other words, i can't use xev11:48
obscurant1stq_a_z_steve: so you are saying it could be of some other package which doesnt come by default? I have installed openssl, and the pkey didnt return any result in synaptic. :(11:48
q_a_z_steveobscurant1st: hang on11:48
ne2kuser__: I am beginning to see your dilemma ;-)11:49
randy2009ne2k, rumpe1:11:49
obscurant1stq_a_z_steve: ok.11:49