enblocdoes anyone have any CURRENT resources for getting rhythmbox->gstreamer->jack? I have mp3 support, can convert, ardour will play through jack. but rhythmbox is giving me 'Failed to link GStreamer pipeline."01:44
holsteinenbloc: o/01:45
holsteinyou can use pulse to jack01:45
holsteinsee if you have pulse-jack installed01:46
enblocI do01:46
holsteinor in the repos if not01:46
holsteinyou should just be able to run that01:46
enblocthanks - I'll google that01:46
holsteinand pipe RB via pulse-jack to JACK01:46
holsteinafter JACK is running01:46
holsteinjust open a termina01:46
holsteinand start pulse-jack01:46
holsteinthat *should* be it01:47
enblocI take it I need to undo the audiosink stuff?01:47
holsteinnot sure01:48
holsteinnot familiat01:48
holsteinnot familiar*01:48
holsteini did try pulse-jack01:48
holsteinand thats all i had to do01:48
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WaltherFIHello @ all18:26
holsteinWaltherFI: o/18:26
WaltherFIWhy are the pop-up messages on ubuntustudio so ugly compared to the notify system on regular ubuntu install?18:27
WaltherFIlike, increasing/decreasing/muting volume, new mail notifications, etc18:27
holsteini suppose 'ugly' is a matter of opinion18:27
holsteinbut you can theme as you please18:27
holsteinjust like the normal install18:27
WaltherFIwell of course, let me rephrase 'old-school'18:28
WaltherFIlike, have you seen the ubuntu 10.10 (iirc also on .04) notify system?18:31
WaltherFIsmooth, transparent grey rounded boxes18:32
holsteinyou can install vanilla18:32
WaltherFIcompared to the gray-yellow bubble notifications18:32
holsteinand get whatever ubuntustudio metapackages you want18:32
holsteinor whatever18:32
WaltherFIer, i want to have the realtime kernel and stuff18:32
holsteinyou dont have to install the themes18:32
holsteinyou can install whatever kernel you want18:33
holsteinOR, just theme ubuntustudio however you like18:33
WaltherFIhm. i don't really think it is only about themes18:33
holsteinthe ubuntu-desktop should have all the default theme-ing18:34
holsteinWaltherFI: try installing whatever theme you want18:34
holsteinapplying it18:34
holsteinand let us know ;)18:34
WaltherFIhm, where can i get the default ubuntu theme (the individual package for GTK theme)18:35
holsteinubuntu-desktop should contain all of what you are looking for18:35
holsteinyou can read about that package in synaptic18:36
holsteinor sudo apt-cache search ubuntu-desktop18:36
WaltherFI...which is 229MB in weight and probably contains lots of stuff i wouldn't like to have18:36
holsteinthats one reason why ubuntustudio has the 'ugly' lighter one18:36
holsteinthat will have the network manager18:37
holsteini think it might be better to get a clear idea of what you want the desktop to look like18:37
holsteinif you want the ambience or dust or whatever18:38
holsteinyou should be able to find all of those packages in synaptic18:38
WaltherFIbut like i said, i think there could be a different version of the notify system in general (?)18:38
holsteinthere are things left out18:39
WaltherFIas things are reported differently; big icons in the middle of the screen for volume changes etc18:39
WaltherFIso do you know what is the package of the notify system?18:39
holsteinare you running compiz?18:40
WaltherFIinstalled extras too18:40
holsteini think you want the package light-themes18:40
holsteinto get ambiance18:41
WaltherFIdid not affect the notify pop-ups18:41
holsteinprobably have to look around for the icons you want18:41
holsteinyou can also check in #ubuntu18:41
holsteinor wheverever18:41
holsteinas theme-ing gnome is not necessarily studio specific18:41
holsteinlet me see about notifications...18:41
WaltherFIyep, it doesn't seem to be about gnome or theming, i think it has something to do with the actual notification service18:42
holsteini see notify-osd18:43
holsteinnot sure what you mean18:43
holsteinmaybe you can take a screenshot18:43
holsteinfor imagebin18:43
holsteini have both vanilla ubuntu and ubuntustudio18:43
holsteinand the pop-ups are as expected18:43
holsteinfor volume changes or whatever18:44
holsteinWaltherFI: maybe try taking on one thing at a time18:47
holsteinget the GTK theme you want18:47
WaltherFIgot it18:47
holsteinambiance or whatever18:47
holsteinthen the icons18:47
WaltherFIgot it18:47
WaltherFIit's not about that18:47
holsteinthen whatever is going on with notifications18:47
holsteinis this 10.04?18:47
holsteinWaltherFI: i would go drop that in a more populated irc channel18:51
holsteinim not sure what is kicking that out18:51
holsteinare you talking about the little wrench?18:51
WaltherFIthe whole yellow-black thing18:52
holsteinWaltherFI: does it go transparent when you hover?18:54
WaltherFIsome guy at #ubuntu told me the problem18:55
WaltherFI20:53 < xangua> WaltherFI: it's using gnome notification , you want notify-osd18:55
holsteinand you might want to see why we are not using that18:55
WaltherFIbut... why the heck is ubuntustudio not using notify-osd as default?18:55
holsteinim not sure18:55
holsteinbut, we dont use the normal network tool18:56
holsteinand other little things here and there18:56
holsteinwould i worry about it?18:56
holsteinprobably not18:56
holsteini would install notify-osd18:56
holsteinif i wanted it to look a certain way18:56
WaltherFIsudo apt-get inst- wait, wrong terminal18:56
holsteinbut, i probably would want to find out why18:57
holsteinmight be that notify-osd does too much in the background?18:57
holsteinsome of these changes are carried over from when computers were slower18:58
holsteinWaltherFI: what RT kerner are you using with 10.10 ?18:58
WaltherFIhm, this is interesting, if i were ubuntu developer i would presume studio users have more power than vanilla users18:58
holsteinabogani 's ?18:59
WaltherFIow can't remember18:59
holsteinor did you compile your own?18:59
holsteinuname -a18:59
holsteinin a terminal18:59
WaltherFIwhat the hell19:00
WaltherFI...for some reason i have GENERIC running19:00
WaltherFIi should have the RT19:00
holsteinit comes with gerneric19:00
holsteinthats where we are heading19:00
holsteingeneric will have RT prio19:00
WaltherFIwell that suits me fine19:01
holstein10.04 has the RT kernel from 9.11 in the repos19:01
WaltherFIanyway, installing notify-osd fixed this19:01
WaltherFIdo you have launchpad account?19:01
WaltherFIthis should be reported as bug19:01
WaltherFIeasiest way to make it the default19:02
holsteinwishlist maybe19:02
holsteinthats what ive been doing19:02
holsteinits not a bug19:02
WaltherFIi can't think of good reasons why there is differen notification system on ubuntu and -studio19:02
holsteinWaltherFI: performance19:02
holsteinanyways, i usually just install the vanilla versions these days19:03
holsteinand add what i want19:03
holsteini mean, you can file wishlist bugs19:03
holsteinabout notify-osd19:03
holsteinand the network manager too19:03
holsteini just did a few on not having a live CD19:04
holsteinand some others...19:04
holsteinthere they are, if you want to add yourself to them19:05
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