Volkodavhmm still not booting - Iwill try to reinstall grub I guess - I wonder if it's just me ?00:23
Volkodavwell grub reinstall worked - I guess the latest upgrade corrupted it some way02:19
litropyK. back up and running after upgrading to 11.04. First impression: Wow! Did I read somewhere it doesn't use X?04:35
rwwlitropy: no, you read somewhere that at some point in the middle to far future, it won't06:31
rww11.04, and several releases after that, most like, will use Xorg.06:32
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gnomefreakwe dropped ubuntu-desktop already?13:32
gnomefreakwhere is mvo when you need him :(13:38
gnomefreakyou install maverick(gnome) install nvidia-current irssi irss-scripts  run dist-upgrade it wants to remove ubuntu-desktop and add a crap load of kde packages/libs  anyone else find that weird?14:04
Picignomefreak: Doesn't aptitude have an option of telling you why a package is being removed?14:07
gnomefreakPici: not too consered about remove of ubuntu-desktop its more of why kde apps/libs are being installed14:11
BluesKajHey folks14:12
gnomefreakinstall 10.10(gnome) irssi,irssi-scripts, and nvidia-current would install kde anything on dist-upgrade. using update-manager it stops on ubuntu-desktop14:12
gnomefreakhi BluesKaj14:12
BluesKajhi gnomefreak , Pici14:13
BluesKajso far so good here , altho booting on my other natty pc seems to have more probs than this one , altho the other one is older14:14
BluesKajusing kde on both14:14
gnomefreakhere is the output http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/553608/14:15
gnomefreakthis really bothers me. i dont want a mixed install :(14:15
BluesKajgnomefreak, well, I have alot of gtk stuff ta\hat seems to be required for browsers like FF14:17
BluesKajor sp it seems14:17
gnomefreakif you used the kubuntu-firefox-installer it shouldnt install many gtk stiff if any14:18
BluesKajkde font settings for example won't apply in FF unless I enable the gtk fonts in system settings14:18
BluesKajnot talking about webpage settings , i mean toolbar, menubar and bookmarks toolbars14:20
gnomefreakBluesKaj: yesh that may require gtk stuff14:20
BluesKajFF automatically upgraded FF4 beta when I netinstalled natty14:21
BluesKajupgraded to FF4 is what I mean14:21
gnomefreakyep it should be alpha 8 as default in natty14:21
BluesKajis it really possible to have a pure gnome/gtk OS or even a pure kde  these days ...seems not to me14:25
gnomefreakshould be, they should not have to mix. im guessing apt-url-kde is causing my issue but not real sure14:26
gnomefreakit wants to install it14:26
* gnomefreak sonders if removeing ubuntu-desktop will not allow me to boot into unity desktop and/or classic desktop14:28
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gnomefreaki think The following NEW packages will be installed: akonadi-server apturl-kde14:29
gnomefreakis causing my issues all of them14:29
gnomefreaklol aptitude nor update-manager will upgrade anything. i ran out of time to screw with this for now.14:36
gnomefreakseems OO.o and ubuntu-desktop want to remove most of gtk updates14:42
BluesKajgnomefreak, do you have the ubuntu ppa urls handy ?14:57
BluesKajI'm thinking of running a separate gnome/ubuntu partition14:59
gnomefreakBluesKaj: afaik there is no gnome PPAs just install ubuntu-desktop but it seems broken due to depends. i have to go, i should be back later15:02
genii-arounddist-upgrade just now (Natty, KDE): plasma-widget-menubar kept back .. Depends: appmenu-qt , not installable ... apt-cache policy appmenu-qt: Candidate: (none)15:06
BluesKajgenii-around, I net upgraded kubuntu without any trouble. I think gnome seems to have some issues tho15:43
genii-aroundBluesKaj: 32 or 64 bit?15:45
BluesKajgenii-around, been running 32 bit for a while now altho the cpu is 64bit dual core and 3G RAM , so I don't 64 bit is of much benefit to this setup15:47
genii-aroundBluesKaj: I'm running 64bit... upgrade went OK ( didn't chunk out or so, just held back that package)15:47
BluesKajdon't think15:47
genii-aroundI find it odd though that no package candidate at all (not even a previous one) for the appmenu-qt15:49
BluesKajok genii-around , I had a couple of packages held back as well, but it didn't create any porbs15:49
BluesKajappmenu-qt ? that sounds like a kde-libs app15:51
BluesKajor am I off the mark?15:52
DJKorbitis there a python lib to parse .dsc files? i can't seem to find one15:54
DJKorbitshould i code one myself?15:54
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zerwasIs there any way to get Natty with Unity to work in VMware?18:11
WaltherFIHow stable is Natty atm?18:13
WaltherFIalso, is there a natty build for ubuntustudio already?18:13
=== IdleOne changed the topic of #ubuntu+1 to: Natty Narwhal 11.04 | Milestones: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NattyReleaseSchedule | Maverick/10.10 support in #ubuntu | Alpha 1 Released: http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/natty/alpha1
charlie-tcaWaltherFI: it is not even alpha2 yet. It is not stable18:23
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coz_so have the updates broken anything  today?19:50
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VolkodavDoes grub2 recognize the FreeBSD install correct? Anybody tried ?20:42
nit-witVolkodav, FreeBSD is lilo is this correct20:45
VolkodavSomebody mentioned that grub2 can do it too - I did it years ago it chainloaded20:49
Volkodavwith legacy grub20:51
genii-aroundVolkodav: grub2 on my karmic install recognised my freebsd 5 and set it up ok20:53
Volkodavit was my first install too - 5.4 - thanks genii-around did you install FreeBSD installer in / ?20:54
genii-aroundVolkodav: I had FBSD on separate drive, not a subpartition of the same drive my linux was on. grub2 just chainloaded the BSD loader20:55
Volkodavgenii-around: I do not think it makes much difference if any at all20:56
Volkodavgrub2 still probes all around partitions included as far as I understand20:56
genii-aroundVolkodav: On the netbook it finds my MeeGo install as "Unknown linux distribution on /dev/sdb1"  kind of thing20:58
Volkodavgenii-around: does it boot it though ? as long as it boots it the name calling is not that of importance21:07
genii-aroundVolkodav: In the case of my MeeGo, it bypassed the bootloader on sdb and made it's own entry directly to load the vmlinuz .21:09
genii-around( which was problemmatic in that kernel upgrades in Meego update it's own bootloader but then you have to run again update-grub to make new entries for those)21:10
VolkodavWhat loader does Meego use ?21:18
genii-aroundVolkodav: Apologies on lag, work needed me. It uses extlinux which operates something like the old syslinux way of bootstrapping from a FAT filesystem21:51
WaltherFIAny ways to dynamically change names of files in a folder from random.jpg 's to 001-999.jpg or similar?22:28
Ian_CorneBUGabundo: ^^23:43
kklimondaWaltherFI: yes - but you would have to write a script23:43
BUGabundooh look23:43
BUGabundoboth Ian_Corne AND kklimonda23:43
BUGabundohow are you buds?23:43
kklimondao/ BUGabundo23:43
Ian_Cornegood good23:44
kklimondaBUGabundo: well, I'm still alive! that does count for something ;)23:44
BUGabundowhat have you been up to?23:46
BUGabundowe haven't chatted in a long long time :(23:46

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