pleia2kdub: that's what I said :)01:05
* MarkDude would like to apologize for swearing, that was a grievous error :(01:42
pleia2it's ok you didn't swear *here* :)01:43
pleia2it started a discussion about paste protection in irc clients01:44
MarkDudeWell trust me- I was cursing up a storm- irl01:44
* MarkDude can imagine01:44
* MarkDude had his ballmouse sitting next to him, and just moved a *bit* quite enough tho01:45
* MarkDude soon noticed that the 6 line limit on paste did not exist01:46
MarkDudeWe just confirmed the order for dinner at CLS. I wanted to ask folks opinions on the idea of having a session on making hackergotchis01:48
pleia2ok, heading downstairs to the ubuntu hour01:49
MarkDudepleia2,  have fun with it01:49
pleia2we're having a debian dinner after, so even if you realize you'll miss the ubuntu hour, come for dinner! :) http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/team/612/detail/01:49
MarkDudeTake pics01:49
MarkDudeYou can post to the Cali team FB page- you are admin01:50
pleia2oh, neat01:50
* pleia2 packs camera01:50
pleia2wow FAIL, the roastery is closing early!01:56
akkoh no!01:58
akkanywhere nearby?01:58
pleia2well there is the dinner place01:58
pleia2but no good way to notify ppl01:59
pleia2and i have no reception in there02:00
pleia2hm, no one yet02:09
pleia2well, that ended up working out fine :)05:23
pleia2we hung out outside for a while, nUboon2Age and jtatum came by and around 6:50 we wandered over to dinner05:23
pleia2ended up being 7 of us at dinner05:24
pleia2nUboon2Age: I found my name in the book! http://www.flickr.com/photos/pleia2/5350716877/05:24
pleia2added some photos from tonight to my ubuntuhour stream: http://www.flickr.com/photos/pleia2/tags/ubuntuhour/05:33
MarkDudeCool pics pleia2 it worked ok :)06:17
jyoI just visited #ubuntu for the first time. Not sure if I made it to 5 minutes.06:29
MarkDudejyo, I hear you- its hectic in there06:30
jamiemorning everyone17:12
MarkDudemorning jamie17:14
jamiehey mark17:14
* MarkDude is acting like a child- running around showing people his name on the speakers list for Scale :)17:15
* MarkDude has his name on the same list as akk 17:15
akkCool, MarkDude!17:15
MarkDudeI think that could be a law or theorem, if you find your name next to akk- it is most likely for good reasons :D17:16
MarkDudeTy akk17:16
kdubDarkwingDuck: speaking of scale9x, are you going?17:23
sn9DarkwingDuck: and did you make that call?17:24
* MarkDude has Stellarium set up on his Strata- it will work well to attract folks eyeballs- 17:24
MarkDudeeven more so for the demo version that show numerous stars, planets, etc17:25
kdubMarkDude: you mean, you set up stellarium in your car? how does that work?17:33
MarkDudekdub, no - my laptop the Strata 366017:34
MarkDudeThe Team is going to use it and maybe 2 other my Linux lab machines at Scale17:34
MarkDudeThe program is awesome17:35
kdubthe car is a strat/us/ anyways17:35
MarkDudeThat would be both cool and dangerous to have on the inside of a car :D17:36
* kdub still wants tron lights on his car17:39
MarkDudeJono says the weirdest geek experience he had was taking a pic with tron-guy and a dude dressed up as the GNU bison17:41
* MarkDude hopes your tron-cycle would look better than the tightness of tron guys suit :)17:42
sn9bison is gnu yacc17:42
MarkDudeSame trainwreck- different name17:43
* MarkDude stand corrected :)17:43
sn9a gnu is also called a wildebeest17:44
akkThe GNU animal is a gnu, strangely enough. :)17:44
* MarkDude is also called a wildebeest - lol17:45
MarkDudeSevered Fifth should do a cover of that song- right after they redo the software freedom song17:51
DarkwingDuckkdub: Yes, I'll be there.18:12
DarkwingDucksn9: Left a message... I think we will only have like 4 passes if it's like it was last year.18:12
MarkDudenixie may make it to Scale also- she should be willing to help at the booth for a bit if so :)18:13
MarkDudeLet us at least try to have a lunch or 2 toghtere18:14
sn9DarkwingDuck: any clue how the 4 get distributed this year?18:14
MarkDudethe team did not do that last year- most project meet up at least once while there18:15
MarkDudesn9,  like Mad Max18:15
MarkDude2 men enter, 1 man leaves18:15
DarkwingDucksn9: Once I have confermation of how many I'm sure we will come up with a way.18:16
MarkDudeDarkwingDuck,  would be wearing the small person on his back18:16
MarkDudeor maybe prorate it18:16
MarkDudetake the number of folks- divide by the value- everyone pays $17 or wahtever18:17
sn9DarkwingDuck: ETA?18:17
sn9i'm not registering until i can weigh costs/benefits of doing so18:18
DarkwingDucksn9: good question. :) I'll find more info today hopefully then I'll hit the ML18:18
DarkwingDuckI know the passes will be vendor passes so whoever gets them will lead the setup.18:18
sn9i don't regularly look at the ML. guess i should18:19
kdubDarkwingDuck: i'm going, and last I heard, phil's going as well. i'm trying to arrange cars for getting up there18:20
DarkwingDucksn9: you in here all the time?18:20
DarkwingDuckkdub: I have a mini-van so we can see what we can do... Not sure if the wife is going to be able to make it... all depends on if we can get child care or not.18:20
sn9DarkwingDuck: this week i've been here very little18:20
DarkwingDucksn9: I'll find a way to let you know.18:21
DarkwingDucksn9: PM me your email and I'll shoot you an email when I find out.18:21
kdubDarkwingDuck: when it gets closer to the time, we'll make solid plans about getting up htere, I can drive, might not be staying all of the days18:21
DarkwingDuckkdub: I'll be staying there the entire time.18:22
DarkwingDucksn9: can you /msg that to me so it doesn't get lost :)18:23
sn9DarkwingDuck: still need a /msg?18:28
DarkwingDuckWould be nice :)18:29
jdeslipGood morning all.  :)19:37
MarkDudeGreeting jdeslip19:38
jdeslipMarkDude: Busy setting up CLS?19:43
MarkDudeDude, you have no idea19:44
MarkDudeI cant take a job until maybe the end of Feb19:44
jdeslipYou are going to be busy after the event, too?19:44
* MarkDude decided to help do some stuff with Sugar19:44
* MarkDude has 4 talks he is working on19:45
MarkDudeStill trying to start a UW like group in Fedora19:45
MarkDudelooks like that is gaining traction19:45
MarkDudeAt this point it is called  dont exclude yourself19:46
jdeslipNot bad19:46
jdeslipIs there much difference in ratio of women in Ubuntu vs Fedora?19:46
MarkDudeMost importantly tho- trying to find other folks to join with wearing the penguin suit19:46
MarkDudeYes - fedora still has a rep for not being friendly19:47
MarkDudealthough i have not seen it19:47
MarkDudeIt is changing tho- Karsten wants things to be equal- and for folks to be treated as peers- so it is much easier if you know that you have some support19:48
* MarkDude just found a person from South America willing to get a suit also- I am ordering it today19:49
* MarkDude is exporting this silliness19:49
MarkDudeHow are you doing?19:49
jdeslipNot too bad.19:49
jdeslipGot to write my thesis and graduate this semester ... :/19:50
MarkDudeOh Sarah Manley said she would be there on Sat (wikia- formerly of Open Street Map19:50
* jdeslip would like to continue this lifestyle forever 19:50
MarkDudeWhen can i call you Professor Jack?19:50
MarkDudeHmm no reason i cant start now :)19:50
jdeslipLooks like I will be "Post-doc" jack before that19:52
jdeslipA lot of hoops to jump through before you can get a proferssorship19:53
MarkDudeI know19:53
MarkDudethats true19:53
MarkDudeYou know that G's middle name is NOT really MFing - correct? lol19:53
jdeslipI assumed ;)19:54
* jdeslip doesn't know what his middle name is19:54
* MarkDude secretly hopes it is Floyd, or maybe Mortimer19:54
jdeslipHow come you never where the feet for your suite: http://www.amazon.com/Zoogster-Adult-Penguin-Costume/dp/B001GDGT8W19:57
MarkDudeTo protect the general public20:08
MarkDudeThey might get into a frenzy over the penguin sexiness20:08
MarkDudeI will wear them to the next thing tho20:08
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