cyberangerwrst: ugh, aside from clamav and ubuntu, I'd go with a mix00:03
cyberangerclamwin, avg free and microsoft essentials00:04
cyberangerwrst: really, with windows, I don't trust any, thus mutiple layer00:08
cyberangerrobin williams is wicked funny00:09
cyberangerweapons of self destruction's twitter bit00:09
wrstyeah cyberanger me either and this is vista :\00:10
* wrst hopes norton dies easily...00:11
cyberangerwrst: virus writers have gotten smart00:12
wrstand users are getting dumber cyberanger00:12
cyberangeragainst an indrustry that's using an outdated model00:12
cyberangerusing the anti malware as a rootkit00:12
cyberangeromg omg wtf zzz00:13
cyberangerman, robin williams00:13
wrstwow acer installs a lot of crapware00:14
* wrst reboots this pile of junk00:14
wrstamazing what removing security software can do to speed a computer up :)00:18
wrsti have removed over 2.5GB of just absolute crap files00:22
wrsthmm and a horse for a mouse pointer :\00:24
chris4585wrst, do you know when the places menu will be in unity?00:30
wrstwell you can get there or could atleast by clicking on teh desktop then going to the top bar/panel whatever it is called00:33
chris4585I'm not really sure what you mean00:35
chris4585I mean when you click on the top left ubuntu icon00:35
wrstwell click on the desktop so another apps global menu isn't there00:35
wrstohh gotcha oh no its not there00:35
wrsti was thinking places as in the places on gnome00:35
chris4585yeah I was asking do you know when we'll get that in unity?00:36
wrstwell you can get to it by clicking on the desktop to be sure another app doesn't have the global menu and then just select places when you hover over the global menu but as far as the fancy app menu stuff goes not for sure on that00:36
chris4585ah ok00:37
wrsti will be glad that's when it will kinda all be coming together00:37
* wrst wonders why the harddrive is constantly working in this machine...00:37
netritiouswrst: AVG Free 2011 works...I've heard good things about MSSE on the golum lists00:39
netritiousI know I'm a little behind in the convo :P00:39
wrstthanks netritious, i have used MSSE and its pretty unobtrusive but don't know if that is good or bad :)00:39
wrstnetritious: didn't realize you were around or would have asked you since you probably have more winders dealings than most of us :)00:40
netritiousI just got back00:40
wrstha ha cool00:40
chris4585netritious, I like AVG, set the scan speed on high and it scans the whole computer in about 10mins usually getting 700,000 items on my parent's computer00:41
wrsti may give MSSE  a try on this machine should i would think be the most headach free for not the best users in the world00:41
netritiouschris4585: yeah it works....been using it for years at the house and on customer PCs00:42
wrstavg has seemed to get a little heavy for me in teh past release or two00:42
netritiouswrst: Not Windows Defender though! it's junk. <-period. lol00:42
chris4585same, it seems to catch what comes on my computers (in the past)00:42
chris4585windows defender doesn't exist anymore I thought mse replaced it00:43
wrstyeah i have never seen it do any good00:43
netritiousbad thing about AVGs last couple of releases...the nagging is down to a science now lol00:43
chris4585yeah thats slightly annoying about the notices, but oh well00:44
netritiouschris4585: I think it's still around http://tinyurl.com/5q36co00:44
netritiouslooks like it's limited to w2k3 server and XP though00:47
wrstand this stinkin vista install i'm working on :)00:47
netritiousI strongly dislike Vista00:47
wrsti hate vista netritious :)00:48
wrstnetritious: any idea why the hard drive would be constantly running ?00:49
netritiouswrst: might be indexing00:49
wrsti shut that down just to see i have yet to do a great virus scan on it so i need to do that, had to get rid of all sorts of spyware just to get it functioning00:51
netritiouswrst: that sux...i usually boot from livecd and freshclam/clamscan01:37
netritious*if I know it's infected already01:37
wrstyeah had to use malwarebytes but now it boots up and shuts down01:39
wrsti am defragging it at the moment01:40
wrsthey hey linuxman41001:40
linuxman410hey wrst how are ya01:41
wrstgood linuxman410 how about you?01:41
linuxman410ordered me a new laptop it has windows 7 till it gets here and i format it and put ubuntu on it01:41
linuxman410new telephone gets here tommorow too it also runs linux01:43
linuxman410it is a palm pre plus running webos01:43
linuxman410wrst did you ever find you a new laptop01:44
wrstlinuxman410: no the lid hasn't fallen off yet :)01:45
wrstwhat type of laptop did you get linuxman410?01:45
linuxman410i bought a compaq from tigerdirect01:45
wrstcool linuxman410 they have had some nice deals on laptops01:46
linuxman410wrst i used a new service they got called bill me later01:47
wrsti've seen that but have no clue how it works01:47
linuxman410you order your laptop now and pay for it later01:48
wrsthmm interesting01:48
linuxman410if you pay for it in 30 days no interest but if you go over 30 days 19 percent interest till you get paid for making payments01:49
wrstyeah 19 percent... ouch :)01:50
linuxman410that is not bad really i will pay for it pretty quick01:50
wrsti just usually save up in a jar or something01:51
linuxman410see my credit has took a beating01:51
linuxman410if your credit is goods you can get 18mo. tiger preferred plan no interest01:53
wrsti don't have a credit card01:53
linuxman410you do not have a credit history01:53
wrstyeah i guess i do, just don't do credit01:54
linuxman410oh ok01:54
wrstwell did on a house but that's it01:54
linuxman410i do not do it that much i just signed up for the tigerdirect account so i could get a new laptop it was 34901:55
wrstthat's cheap for a laptop, sweet01:55
linuxman410i can pay for it in 2 months01:55
wrstand have a nice laptop to boot01:56
linuxman410cause wife is going to pay half01:56
linuxman410which means i am going to put all my old ones on ebay fore sale01:57
wrsti will need to check your auctions out linuxman41002:00
linuxman410i will have them starting at 300mhz up to p402:00
wrstcool let me know when you get them up02:03
linuxman410i will theyu will all have some sort of linux os and alot of them have windows numbers on them02:04
wrsti am trying to fix a vista install right now linuxman41002:06
linuxman410wrst best way to fix is with ubuntu02:07
wrsti agree but not really an option here02:07
linuxman410yeah vista was a resource hog02:07
wrstits just a flaming pile of poo linuxman41002:08
linuxman410what else would you expect02:08
wrstthis is vista basic with just 1GB of ram so probalby never going to get it to be great02:09
linuxman410that is not enough ram even for basic02:09
wrstno i think basic's min is 512MB but would hate tothink about that02:10
wrst1GB is painful02:10
linuxman410it needs at least 2gig to run halfway smooth02:10
wrstyes and it never tuly runs smoothe02:11
linuxman410have you ever been in the windows irc chat room02:13
wrstno is there a windows sanctioned room?02:14
linuxman410yeah windows02:14
linuxman410wrst mhall119 is in there02:15
mhall119who what?02:15
wrstyeah i'm watching him now :)02:15
mhall119oh noes, my secret has been revealed!02:15
wrstwatching you in ##windows :)02:15
wrstmhall119: you are in the enemy camp there be careful02:16
linuxman410wrst he is in dangerous waters02:17
wrstha ha netritious is now also :)02:17
mhall119heh, yeah, the ops in there love me02:17
netritiouslol I had to see if you were yanking my chain02:17
wrsti bet they do mhall119 ;)02:17
netritiousI was half afraid of a DCC attack :D02:18
wrstha ha netritious02:18
netritiousI can see it now....02:18
linuxman410wrst i would be afraid of getting a virus in there but i am running ubuntu should be ok02:19
netritious"winman95: Windows is giving me a blue screen. How do I use the Ubuntu Live CD to repair it? (that's what I chatting with now)"02:19
netritious"mhall119: winman95 just click 'Intsall Ubuntu' and it will fix the blue screen..."02:20
mhall119I didn't say that02:21
* netritious is yanking your chain02:21
linuxman410that is how you fix a blue screen02:21
mhall119I'd be way more snarky02:21
linuxman410i am running windows 3.1 how do i install internet explorer 802:22
mhall119how to fix a blue screen: first go to the store and buy a spindle of CDs, a usb thumb drive, and a fifth of scotch02:22
mhall119step 2: go to www.gentoo.com02:22
mhall119step 3: consume some scotch02:23
cyberangermhall119: that or a 1l of russian vodka and goto debian.org02:23
mhall119step 4: if gentoo still looks like a bad idea, repeat step 302:23
cyberangernetritious: head to firefox.com and look for a convincing theme02:23
netritiousstep 5: repeat step 3 for the hell of it02:24
netritiousstep 6: Now you're ready!02:24
mhall119step 7: ???02:24
cyberangerstep 7, celebrate by finishing the bottle02:24
mhall119step 8: who cares02:24
mhall119step 12: start to lose track of what you're doing02:25
mhall119step 28: you guys are the greatest, you know that?02:25
cyberangerwhoops, that highlight was for linuxman41002:25
linuxman410step 9 and 10 what was this windows anyway02:25
mhall119step h: ugh, I don't feel so good02:25
mhall119step &: pass out in the bathroom02:26
mhall119step 99: wake up the next morning with a killer migraine, and realize it's still better than dealing with that BSOD02:26
netritiouscyberanger: I did install a pretty convincing win7 theme in lucid...funny thing is after using my laptop with no mods I like it better02:27
linuxman410netritious do you have any screen shots02:28
netritiouslinuxman410: I do around here somewhere I think02:28
linuxman410that is pretty bad that people do not like linux but will use it to fix windows02:29
netritiouslinuxman410: as long as it's used for something...02:30
cyberangerI did something similar for xp02:30
cyberangerstep one, install xp02:30
cyberangerstep two, haven't figured this out yet02:31
netritiouslinuxman410: I think that it is kinda like violence on TV....you get desensitized to using Linux just a little at a time :P02:31
cyberangerstep three, install linux and call it a night02:31
netritiouslinuxman410:  this is the theme http://tinyurl.com/33bhl5k02:31
netritiousat least for some people02:32
netritiousI kinda dove in head first02:32
linuxman410yeah i need to stay out of windows channel i do not chat in there could get in trouble02:34
netritiousthe Win2-7 theme is ok, but I actually like the interface to UNR better than anything...extremely easy to use even for a newb02:42
netritiousthere are fewer things that annoy me in Windows 7 than in Ubuntu Desktop, but fewer things that annoy me in Ubuntu Server than in Windows Server (any version)02:53
netritiousthere's no sense in complaining about though, it just is what it is, and if it's just me that's all the better :D02:54
netritiousit's probably just me :P02:54
linuxman410i guess i am just anti windows it is ok for some people just not for me02:55
exodus_msTrying out my irc chat app on my phone again03:28
exodus_msSeems to work ok03:28
exodus_msAnybody around tonight?03:32
exodus_msI wish there was a way to take screenshots on a droid03:34
exodus_msThis app is pretty cool03:35
Juzzyim+ ?03:36
Juzzyits nice for alot of platforms03:36
Juzzyi use it on my iphone03:36
Juzzyand ipad03:36
exodus_msIts called AndChat03:37
starsproutdid I mention it's 64-bit Ubuntu 10.10 I'm trying to install Adobe Air and Tweetdeck onto? Is it possible?03:56
cyberangerhey electricus04:01
cyberangerheh, exodus_ms is barely on anymore04:02
starsproutexodus_ms if you root the droid you can take screenshots04:07
starsproutmy fav Android app this month is "Streamfurious" - esp on the tmoble HSPA+ network.... heheh, bye-bye satellite radio subscription04:09
starspotsigh. 64-bit Ubuntu + Adobe = :-( lol04:15
starspothalfway through trying command lines to install adobe air and now my system won't load X04:16
starspot"hard" reboot fixed it04:17
starspotbut back to square one04:17
starspotis it possible to run adobe air (and Tweetdeck) on Ubuntu 10.10?04:18
starsproutgonna try openbox04:29
chris4585openbox <304:33
cyberangeropenbox +104:45
chris4585openbox is truly a experience04:58
* starsprout wondering if 64-bit Ubuntu is worth the trouble at this stage06:06
* wrst notes a lot of ubuntu talk at ##windows12:45
wrstmorning Xpistos14:28
Xpistosmorning everyone14:28
wrstXpistos: how's it going?14:30
Xpistoswok up way late today14:31
Xpistosbut all is good14:31
wrsteveryone is due one of those on occasion :)14:31
wrstmhall119: i'm amazed at all the linux advice you are giving at ##windows :)16:39
mhall119wrst: that's why I'm here16:39
wrstha ha :)16:40
wrstfun to watch16:40
pace_t_zulu##windows sounds like a fun place to be16:53
pace_t_zuluXpistos: has the same idea16:53
XpistosI was curious16:56
pace_t_zulunot as exciting as i thought16:56
XpistosWhy do I have an overwhelming desire to change my nick to Ferb right now?16:56
Xpistosit is a child's cartoon. Someone in the ##windows chatroom signed on named Phineas. The show is called Phineas & Ferb16:57
XpistosSorry Parent reference16:57
XpistosWhy am I starting to feel dirty now?17:04
wrstbecause you are Xpistos :P17:10
pace_t_zululeft ##windows ... bored17:12
Xpistosit makes me sad i don't have an 10 inch andrid tablet yet17:13
wrstwish we all had one Xpistos17:38
Xpistosnah ... just me17:39
wrst :P17:41
=== Xpistos is now known as Xpistos|lunch
wrsthey chris458519:16
electricushey cyberanger, what's up?19:48
wrstelectricus: someone breathing, what's up? :)19:49
electricusah nothin19:53
electricuscyberanger: was trying to reach me last night and i wasn't on19:53
electricus#arch has 1000 users in their channel 'exactly'19:54
electricusor rather #archlinux19:54
electricus#ubuntu has 160019:55
wrstwinning the race but barely i suppose electricus? :)19:56
electricusoh who knows really.. haha19:56
=== Xpistos|lunch is now known as Xpistos
asartainhello. What is the purpose of this channel?20:06
XpistosTo talk Ubuntu for Tennessee Local Community, right?20:07
asartainOkay, I'm probably on wrong channel then. I need help with a really messed up boot sector or loader.20:08
asartainThe problem is more on the Windows side. It is a dual boot machine. Ubuntu boots fine. Windows is messed up.20:09
wrstasartain: we might be able to help what exactly is wrong?20:10
asartainIf I choose the Windows bootloader, it goes to the logo animation, and just keeps animation, but activity halts. If under safe mode, it halts a classpnp.sys.20:11
wrsthmm were is netritious when we need him :)20:11
wrstXpistos: any ideas?20:11
Xpistoswhere is Netritious/20:12
Xpistoswhat do we need?20:12
Xpistosasartain: is this a new install?20:13
asartainAlso, I suspect that somehow the partition got labeled wrongly, as under recovery console, the partition containing windows is not visible under the partition tool, can't remember what it's called, but under Ubuntu, I can go to the partition manager, and I can see the windows partition with all my information under it, but it is labeled as hidden.20:13
asartainI can even go so far as to mount the partition and browse it and all my information is there.20:13
asartainNo, it's been there for about a year.20:14
wrstasartain: what version of windows?20:14
Xpistosand it just started to act up?20:14
Xpistosasartain: can you boot into safe mode for windows? it could be driver issue like video or audio usually gets to logo screen and then gives you the finger20:15
asartainI was going to remove the Ubuntu partitions the other day because I wasn't using them as much as I thought I would, so I anticipated the boot errors, but a guide i had been reading said that it would do that, just put in the Windows install cd, and choose system recovery, I believe.20:15
asartainHowever, when I tried that it didn't work, so next I tried bootrec and bootsect tools, but probably with wrong parameters as I do not really know what I am doing and was just following guides.20:16
wrstasartain: i have had some of that confuse drive letters before20:17
asartainSo that's when the errors started to occur, so I am directly responsible for them.20:17
wrstasartain: what version of windows?20:18
asartainYes, it's Windows 7, and you know how it has that system partition? It has gone and labeled that as c: under recovery console.20:18
asartainYou know, the little 100mb partition at the start?20:19
wrstok hmm20:19
wrstyes i know exaxctly what you speak of not for sure how to fix it, let me do some checking20:19
asartainIt's really weird, but then again not so weird, that Linux sees the other partition when Windows doesn't.20:19
asartainFor the moment, I'm running Ubuntu again, but cannot get an internet connection. it's being silly for some reason. I think I might get the live cd of the newer version and re-re-install.20:21
asartainam using boyfriends computer.20:23
asartainFor now mine is a brick. Can't even watch my videos on it.20:24
wrstasartain: which woudl you rather do get ubuntu where it works or get windows to working? :)20:24
asartainWell, all of my stuff is already under windows, so I'd really prefer to get it back working. I had some notes I'd written to myself and somes songs I'd started to download and I'd really prefer to keep them, if I could.20:29
asartainHowever, I've changed my mind about totally getting rid of Ubuntu, I will keep it on a small partition in the back, just in case something like this happens again, as it seems to be able to get to my old files.20:30
asartainAlso, I'd like to see how much it has improved since I've last used it.20:30
wrstwell i'm thinking your problem is pretty much the drive letter assignment20:31
asartainWhy is this happening?20:31
asartainHow do I change it?20:31
wrstyour boot is pointing to C:/ of course and that isn't the current partition20:31
wrstasartain: i really don't know i have had this issue before so going back through and looking at some things20:31
asartainWhere should boot point? Which partition and what should it be called? The lengthy one with all my files was orginally called C:20:33
asartainSystem partition was originally only visible in disk management.20:33
asartainIf I could look at the partitions under Ubuntu and tell you how they are labeled, would that help at all?20:35
wrstasartain: have you tried this? or somethign similar? http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/windows-vista/fixing-bootmgr-is-missing-error-while-trying-to-boot-windows-vista/20:35
wrstasartain: i'm trying to remember the process20:35
asartainI wonder what would happen if I just changed the partition from hidden, if Windows would see it again and fix itself?20:36
wrstchange it from where asartain?20:37
asartainI have tried the described procedure many times, but I can try it again if you would like to know exactly the errors that it gives.20:38
wrstasartain: i'm really not for sure, or if you can do that where windows will pick it up... cyberanger you around?20:39
asartainI don't think it will mess it up anymore. I hope.20:39
wrstto be honest asartain probably not going to help you or me either one :)20:39
wrstdoes that procedure pick up the drive ?20:39
asartainNo, it gives it a weird name under linux, but I am able to browse it, even though it says it's hidden. I don't know if it's supposed to be flagged that way, or if somewhere in the process of trying to fix it that happened.20:41
wrstyes asartain in linux the name will very well be something like sda1 or something like that20:41
wrstor a really long stream of letters and numbers20:42
asartainWhat partition does windows boot from? The system partition or c: with all the files on it?20:42
asartainIn other words, should the big partition be bootable or the little partition?20:43
asartainAlthough Windows and linux may have completely different definitions of this.20:43
wrstasartain: here is how I THINK and I may very very well be wrong, with your setup the first thing is grub, when you select windows from grub it points to your windows partition that I think would be your C: drive and then windows takes over I think this is the point you are getting to20:44
wrstthen i think the bootmgr file or something by that name takes care of the rest20:44
wrstasartain: this tells about changing drive letters but not on a system that won't boot http://support.microsoft.com/kb/22318820:46
wrstand this looks similar asartain20:58
asartainSorry for no response. Am reading.21:05
wrstno prob asartain that may not even help21:49
asartainI am so lost22:01
asartainI want to bash my head into a wall.22:01
asartainI think Windows is seeing C partition as corrupt.22:02
wrstasartain: wish i knew something better to tell you we do have some windows experts that hang around in here some but just not here right now :\22:07
asartainPerhaps I can get a boot log and see what is going on. Do you know where that will be stored if I do?22:12
wrstnot really asartain, the fix from the cd/dvd has always fixed any boot problems for me and I have never had to go any deeper22:13
asartainComputers hate me. And to think, I wanted to do this for a while.22:15
cyberangerelectricus: fouled up a nick highlight, sorry23:05
cyberangerwrst: what's up23:05
wrstcyberanger: just looking for words of wisdom for asartain23:12
starsproutanyone know about graphics in ubuntu 10.10 64-bit? I'm getting all these weird characters all over the screens23:14
cyberangerwrst: ah, and what was the topic?23:16
cyberangerstarsprout: need a little more detail to answer that23:16
cyberangerscreenshot? or maybe c&p a line23:17
starsprouthow do I show you a screenshot? twitpic?23:18
chris4585starsprout, try imgur ?23:18
cyberangerthose three work23:19
starsproutit's getting hard to read23:19
* chris4585 wonders if you're using ati23:20
starsproutif I reboot it is ok for a few minutes, then these stray marks start appearing everywhere23:20
cyberangerjust irc?23:20
starsproutI have a Radeon HD2600XT, but I'm not using the proprietary drivers23:20
chris4585maybe you should?23:21
starsproutyeah, prolly :-)23:21
cyberangerstarsprout: is the char issue just on irc23:21
starsproutcyberanger: nope - on everything. very annoying23:21
starsproutI'll try the AMD drivers and let y'all know after the reboot23:22
chris4585hope it works out23:22
cyberangerstarsprout: ok, just have a live disc in case23:22
wrstboot troubles but on the winders side of thingscy23:22
wrstgot to windows booting but drive letters messed up etc over my head for me to not be looking at it23:23
cyberangerwrst: your issue?23:25
cyberangeroh, nvr mnd23:25
wrstno they had ubuntu installed and windows all was ok but some how windows wasn't booting or getting past the windows startup screen and their system recovery drive got named c:23:26
wrsti would have just nuked it cyberanger if it had been mine :)23:26
asartainWell I'll be darned. Bless the Hiren's boot cd!23:54
asartainAnyways, it's fixed. Bye!23:56
asartainJust went and undhid the c: partition and renamed it to c:, then redid the mbr and pbr and lo and behold, it went and scanned itself, found itself to be okay and came on.23:57
asartainI hope it lasts!23:58
asartainRelief is a cooling sensation, or is it just cold in here?23:58

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