h00kwooo. this is very excite.00:48
lostsonwhat is ?01:29
h00klostson: this channel, obviously03:04
h00kDavidLevin: hello03:04
lostsonok then03:04
* h00k sarcasm's03:04
h00kconfession: I really like Unity so far.03:17
lostsoni was reading up on some new features that will hit tomorrow not real happy with mono infested banshee being defaulted though03:20
h00kAh, I forgot banshee was mono03:22
lostsonyep i always rip mono out03:22
lostsondont approve of it being used03:22
lostsonh00k: did you get a Alt+F2 in Unity like in current gnome desktop ? i couldnt get it to work03:24
h00klostson: yeah, I just tested it, it worked03:24
lostsonauto completion as well03:25
h00kfor...bash stuffs? yeah, that worked here03:25
h00k(I'm on 11.04 at the moment)03:26
lostsonok i couldnt get Alt+F2 to work at all then when i did the auto completion was not working03:26
lostsonhmm come when you can stay longer dwhitfie03:27
h00kfine! leave us!03:27
lostsonwell there caught up on news and email for today anyway03:28
lostsonwell i think i am gonna go chase my wife around night all03:34
h00knight :)03:36

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