KilosMorning superfly and everyone else07:51
Kilosgot a great dd command from wedwo10:21
Kiloscopies whole hard drive to another one10:21
Kilostried it from 6g drive to 20g drive10:21
Kilosworks great10:21
superflybe careful though, it's a "stupid" command, it doesn't care what it overwrites10:25
Kilosok superfly will do10:26
Kilosthats why i tried it first on the other drives10:26
* inetpro looking at Kilos playing with fire, again11:40
Kilosi am not touching the 80g with any commands11:41
Kiloshow are you inetpro 11:42
Tonberrydisk destroyer ftw11:42
Kilosand the family11:42
inetproKilos: am all good thanks, just struggling to get into the hang of working again11:42
Kiloshi Tonberry 11:42
Kiloslol. yeah thats the problem with a lekker holiday11:43
inetprolast night went to bed at around 20:0011:43
Kilosyou dont want it to end11:43
superflyinetpro: how do you do that?11:47
inetprosuperfly: what?11:47
superflygo to bed at 811:48
superflyI struggle to go to bed at 1011:48
inetprosuperfly: honestly, I was very very tired11:49
superflydoesn't work for me :-/11:49
inetprobut I was awake for some time during the night, which was a bit frustrating11:50
inetprobut somehow I was amazed when I heard my wifes alarm clock this morning11:52
morgsdd is a good way to clone a 6 gb drive to a 20 gb drive, converting the 20 gb drive to a 6 gb drive in the process :)12:35
Tonberrymost file systems can be grown these days12:43
Tonberryso it fixes that problem12:43
drubinhighvoltage: ye the heat wave is back12:45
drubin34.4  12:45
Tonberry30.4 in my room....12:46
Tonberryfar far away...12:46
* drubin <3 aircon12:55
highvoltagedrubin: nice13:22
highvoltagedrubin: it's nice and warm here today too, about -8 :)13:23
* drubin would be happy with sub 0 tmps13:23
inetprohighvoltage: nice, time to go wash your car then?13:23
marcogdrubin: it's a bit more reasonable in CT, 27.8 in my room13:28
marcogmy brother went snowboarding under lights in colorado this week13:29
marcogthat must've been freezing13:29
highvoltageinetpro: I just scraped the ice and snow off the car so just waiting for it to heat up so that I can leave :)13:29
inetprohighvoltage: eish13:32
* inetpro disappointed that HP LaserJet P1005 with (k)ubuntu 10.10 is not printing by default16:17
inetproan unhappy friend on his netbook with 10.10 just called to ask for help16:19
* inetpro busy googling some more while he is running 'sudo hp-setup' 16:21
inetprohoping that will help16:21
dwidge1Is commenting on an "insert message here" message overly meta?16:46
dwidge1^ I wonder what that means?16:47
* inetpro jumping for joy16:55
inetprothe hp-setup process worked just fine16:56
wedwo-Maaz: unjani umfundini18:33
Maazwedwo-: Huh?18:33
wedwo-Maaz: rainfall in Eastern Cape18:33
Maazwedwo-: Sorry...18:33
inetprogood evening19:34
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:36

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