toenailusing ubu studio maverick meerkat im trying to share a folder over my network to  a windows pc and having issues saying its unable to mount on my end when i browse the network folder00:13
holsteinhey toenail00:36
toenaildidnt see you there its for networking got it going though01:22
holsteintoenail: no worries :)01:24
holsteinglad you got it sorted01:24
enblocanyone compile rbpitch for Rhythmbox 13.{0,2} / Maverick?02:19
enblocfighting with Vala configuration I think.02:19
tanders12ailo: you around?06:48
ailotanders12: I remembered what I was supposed to tell you..08:13
tanders12ailo: hey16:46
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holsteinsonger7: o/21:48
songer7hi holstein, i need some help. i want to rip some dvd's but with diferent audio21:48
holsteinso, i would rip the DVD's21:49
holsteinget the video in an editor of somekind21:49
holsteinand change the audio track21:49
holsteinyou wouldnt do both steps together probably21:50
songer7do you know some editor21:50
holsteinhttp://jaycut.com/ is an online one21:50
songer7how do i change the audio?21:51
holsteindepends on which program you're using21:51
holsteinbut it should be simple enough21:51
holsteinshould be rather graphical21:51
holsteinand easy to delete the current track21:51
holsteinimport a different one21:51
holsteinfade them21:52
holsteinpan them21:52
holsteinwhatever you want to to21:52
holsteinim not a video guy, so i cant really help you choose21:53
songer7ok thanks21:53
holsteinmaybe check out some articles21:53
holsteinlike http://www.linuxformat.co.uk/wiki/index.php/Adding_sound_to_videos21:53
holsteincould be some youtube tutorials as well21:54
songer7i already dit it21:54
holsteinsonger7: ?21:55
holsteinadded the audio?21:55
holsteinmust have been a short video :)21:55
songer7no i've been cheking some articles21:56
holsteinsonger7: OH21:56
holsteincool :)21:56
songer7i need to tranfer dvd's to ipod but with diferent audio launguage21:57

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