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didrocksgood morning08:30
kvalodidrocks: bonjour09:00
didrockskvalo: hey! how are you?09:00
kvalodidrocks: I'm good, thanks. how about you?09:00
didrockskvalo: I'm fine, thankss ;)09:01
MacSlowhey didrocks09:01
didrocksGuten Morgen MacSlow09:02
kamstrupis there some switch to make grep match regexes across line breaks?09:42
\shkamstrup: afaik grep only works on single lines...09:44
kamstrupok, good ol' Python to the rescue then :-)09:44
\shkamstrup: perl could be a bit easier for regexps ;)09:45
* kamstrup is not compatible with perl ;-)09:45
\shkamstrup: lol09:47
* didrocks install kamstrup-perl5 binding09:47
kamstrupaha! so that's the thing I am missing!09:47
\shogra: got my mail?10:54
\shdidrocks: todays unity somehow gives me "launcher -> right click on icon of running app -> launcher disappears" ;)10:54
ogra\sh, yeah, thanks a lot ... my maverick to natty upgrade is still running (16h now)10:54
\shogra: when you need i386 builds...raise your hand ;)10:55
* ogra is getting really annoyed by the kbd selection dialog10:55
\shogra: yeah this kdb debconf questioning is really bad10:55
ograand my kernel cant be installed too10:56
didrocks\ßis it crashing?10:56
didrocks\sh: ^^10:56
ogra\sh, you should highlight on \ß10:57
\shdidrocks: no..it just disappears or something is drawing over the launcher because hte ubuntu symbol in the upper left edge goes away too10:57
\shdidrocks: are you using a german keyboard ? ;)10:58
didrocks\sh: no, a plain azerty one, but I have a special keymapping for … and other funny stuff :)10:58
\shogra: I wanted to change my nick from \sh to \sa but I was troubled 'cause of some german problems with that abbreviation ;)10:59
ograheh, yeah10:59
\shor I change it to "sadiq" (which is wrong from my last name now, but translates into a good islamic name [http://www.islamic-dictionary.com/index.php?word=sadiq])11:01
kvalosmspillaz: hey. I'm about to do that 'compiz --replace > file' you asked yesterday. is it ok to run it from vt or from X?11:16
kvalosmspillaz: also, anything else I should try?11:16
smspillazkvalo: I've reproduced the bug here, no need to worry11:18
smspillazunfortunatly every single freaking bug has decided to reproduce itself here as well11:18
kvalosmspillaz: good that you can reproduce it11:19
smspillazor bad11:19
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ogradidrocks, so, metacity rebuilt with the patch, compiz rebuilt against the new lib, all working fine11:58
ograis there any specific area of functionallity i should check ?11:58
didrocksogra: nice, go ahead then! commit to the vcs and push11:58
didrocksogra: well, if unity is working, with decoration and such, I think it's ok11:58
ograok, yeah, all decorations are there11:59
didrockslike maximizing an app removes the decoration, you still get them if you unmaximize them11:59
ogramaximized and normal11:59
didrocksok, sounds good :)11:59
ograi didnt recognize any change in behavior11:59
\shdidrocks: btw..any timeframe when places are coming back? ;)11:59
didrocksogra: use the two vcs and push11:59
* ogra wishes he had a logout menu :P11:59
didrocks\sh: they will be there for alpha2, so soon :)12:00
didrocksogra: I've other pending change in compiz, wait, pushing12:00
ograno hurry12:00
ograi need to care for metacity first anyway12:00
didrocksogra: pushed in lp:compiz12:00
didrocksogra: just ensure you add the breaks:12:00
ograuploading compiz before thats in the archive wont make sense12:00
ograuh, breaks ? against what ?12:01
ograolder lib version you mean ?12:01
didrocksogra: well, metacity should breaks: against the current compiz12:01
didrocksas if you don't rebuild it, it will clash12:01
ogrametacity is lp:~ubuntu-desktop/metacity/ubuntu ??12:02
didrocksogra: you got it :)12:02
ogradidrocks, the breaks goes only into libmetacity-private0, right, no need for other breaks entries12:05
didrocksogra: exactly, as the library isn't so "private" :p12:07
ogradidrocks, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-desktop/metacity/ubuntu/revision/99 can you do a quick crosscheck before i upload ?12:16
* ogra forgot bzr add12:16
didrocks"classic" :-)12:17
ograme adds and pushes rev 10012:17
ograthe rest is in 9912:18
* didrocks looks12:18
didrocksogra: sounds good!12:20
didrocksplease upload :)12:20
ogragreat, i'll upload and take care of compiz (unless you upload anyway inbetween)12:20
didrocksogra: I can upload the rebuild, I'll remove an option and dep on the new version12:20
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ogradidrocks, wheer the heck do you hide the gconf and .session files ? i cant find a -default-settings package anywhere in natty13:00
* ogra is looking into renaming the session file etc 13:00
didrocksogra: it's in gnome-session-common now13:01
didrocksogra: you should put that as part of the unity-2d package I think13:01
ograwell, we have unity-2d-default-settings13:01
ograi'd like to not break away to much from the oem team naming so upgrading for people using the ppa doesnt get to hard13:02
ogra(read: i planned to keep the package as is for now, we can migrate in natty+1)13:02
didrocksogra: as you wish, just ensure that you'll have to transition then :)13:05
ograyeah, i'll check with Kaleo ... i just want a sane upgrade path without to many transitional packages13:06
didrocksogra: you will need for natty+1 in any case, it's just pushing the transition one cycle away13:07
Kaleoogra: I think it's better to upgrade asap13:07
Kaleoogra: less people are using natty now than when it's released13:07
ogradidrocks, yep, Kaleo just told me he plans to do the change in the ppa too13:08
ograso i'm fine13:08
didrocksnice :)13:08
ogramy main focus is just to keep ppa and natty in sync from now on ...13:08
ogra(before it was to have -2d installable at all ;) )13:09
ograwhich reminds me, i need to touch all packages to add the new Vcs-Bzr entries :)13:10
* ogra stops slacking and looks at the branches13:10
Kaleoogra: item on my todo list:  * packages: update Vcs-Bzr in debian/control for libqtbamf, libqtdee and libqtgconf13:13
Kaleoogra: thank you for taking over my tasks I really appreciate it13:14
Kaleo(my todo list is huge since Friday)13:14
ogramy team messed it up, so my team should fix it13:14
ograand given that these US westcoast slackers always sleep until 4pm ...13:14
ograso i'm looking into it13:15
ograbut first of all ... lets try to upgrade my arm netbook to natty13:18
ograah, crap, wont work without new QT13:20
Kaleoogra: don't forget to push the change pof13:27
Kaleoogra: don't forget to push the change of Vcs-Bzr to their respective trunks13:27
ograKaleo, hmm, something is wrong with libqtbamf ... its a native sourcepackage13:31
ogra(in the ppa)13:31
ograi'm just recompiling the ppa stuff locally for arm13:31
nq6New idea for unity. Video Sample. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9N5W48zJMdM13:34
ograKaleo, the others all look fine, not sure what happened there13:34
ograhrm, no, not true, unity-2d too13:35
ograis that because of your hudson stuff ?13:35
Kaleoogra: yes13:35
Kaleoogra: it removes the format file before building13:36
ograthats really ugly13:36
Kaleoogra: just for the ppa13:36
Kaleoogra: I don't have any other option at hand13:36
* ogra wishes we could find a way to not break the packaging for daily builds13:36
* Kaleo prays13:36
ograyou think religion works ? ... hmm :)13:37
Kaleokamstrup: thanks for the quick response I will look into it13:37
ograi wonder if we cant just put a bzr export ... rm debian tar ... into the reciepe13:38
ograso we get a proper upstream tarball13:38
Kaleoogra: that sounds smart13:38
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Amaranthnq6: arg, music13:53
Amaranthnq6: although, I think that overloads the sidebar13:53
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ograKaleo, fyi, i can confirm the blue crap is gone on my tegra ac100 with the latest ppa packages14:07
ograthe bamding is also a lot better in 0.414:11
Kaleoogra: sweet14:21
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klattimer1tedg: kenvandine I wont be uploading datetime today, I've had to do some extra work getting eds right and still need to rebase to gdbus and a few more things15:02
tedgklattimer1, Please don't rebase, but merge.15:04
tedgklattimer1, Rebase is an evil thing used by inferior DVCSes :)15:05
shirishsladen: highlight15:05
klattimer1ok ok15:05
klattimer1Uh oh15:06
klattimer1what have you done with vish15:07
* klattimer1 forsee's some kind of superman 3 esq- rescue coming along15:07
shirishivanka1: are you the same ivanka whom I had mailed sometime back ?15:13
jcastroDBO: ping15:28
jcastroDBO: wanna do an ubuntu user day on Unity with me?15:28
jcastroit's on a saturday night though15:28
DBOhey, I love working weekends, its like my favorite thing :P15:29
jcastroit's 1/29, 9pm-1015:29
AmaranthOh, it's DBO!15:29
DBOno its not15:30
DBOjcastro, its on my calendar now15:30
AmaranthDBO: I have to put my mouse on the panel to make the launcher appear when I have intellihide enabled15:30
AmaranthDBO: This is broken15:30
DBOAmaranth, you are acting like I design this thing15:30
DBOthats a very silly way to act15:30
AmaranthDBO: gord blames you :P15:30
DBOplease take design complaints to the ayatana mailing list15:31
DBOgord is just passing the buck, like I am, nothing new to see15:31
DBOI just happen to know where the buck stops :P15:31
AmaranthDBO: Whenever I complain about something else you say you only handle the launcher :)15:31
DBOAmaranth, you'd be surprised how handy it can be to complain to the person responsible for what you are complaining about15:32
gordi only said to bug DBO because he knows more about it ;)15:32
gordi'm as bemused as you!15:32
AmaranthDBO: But you're my go-to guy for complaining15:32
DBOAmaranth, and thats quite alright for me, because if you complain to me it costs me 30 seconds of time. If you complain to someone with power to change it, it might cost me a lot more dev time.15:33
AmaranthDBO: You're not making this very fun15:34
DBOAmaranth, Im having fun15:34
DBOmaybe we need clowns15:34
AmaranthClowns are always helpful15:35
jcastroDBO: this should have been in the last upload right? Bug #688406?15:41
ubot5Launchpad bug 688406 in unity (Ubuntu) "Launcher does not respond to scroll events" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/68840615:41
DBOjcastro, I thought it was fixed earlier but yeah15:42
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sladenshirish: hello15:49
shirishsladen: finally, but right now doing something else, I would ping you in about 20 odd minutes, is that ok ?15:50
sladenshirish: anytime15:51
shirishsladen: Got it done sooner than I expected.15:52
shirishsladen: Now I don't know how complicated or simple this is gonna be.15:52
* popey tickles DBO under the command of jcastro 15:54
popeyDBO: I'd like to add an icon to the launcher (as I used to add to the panel in Ye Olde GNOME), but I need to specify command line parameters - e.g. "firefox --ProfileManager", how can I do that with the unity launcher? I see no way to edit the entries that exist in that menu.15:56
DBOpopey, the best you can do is make a new .desktop file15:56
DBOand then make that a favorite15:56
shirishsladen: this is something I need to figure out first http://listarchives.libreoffice.org/www/users/msg01128.html15:56
popeyDBO: there's no way to maintain that menu other than by some magic with a .desktop file?15:57
DBOpopey, currently no15:57
DBOpopey, nobody has asked me to make a change to do that really15:58
popeyDBO: I am guessing a wishlist bug isn't going to help here.16:00
\shdidrocks: you remember the problem I described this morning? now, gnome-session foo is not started correctly under unity (I have now the default gnome/gtk theme) and now the launcher works16:30
didrocks\sh: you mean, you have gnome-panel?16:31
\shdidrocks: well, if that means, that ps -ef|grep gnome-panel gives a match, no16:32
didrocks\sh: what do you mean by "gnome-session foo is not started correctly under unity"16:32
didrocks\sh: no theme?16:32
\shall icons are not ubuntu theme alike...they are more gnome standard16:32
didrocks\sh: gnome-settings-daemon is maybe segfaulting16:33
\shbut now the launcher works with right clicks on the run app icons16:33
didrockswe have some bugs about that16:33
didrocksif you logout/login, it should be started again16:33
\shat least it runs16:33
didrocksor you can launch it by hand16:33
\shwhat I mean is gnome-settings-daemon runs16:33
\shbut what I can see  in .xsession-errors is that gnome.settings-daemon : Unable to start xsettings manager16:34
\shand that I can only run one xsettings manager at a time...16:34
\shfurther more: gnome-session: Could not launch application 'libcanberra-login-sound.desktop" and I/O warning: failed to load entity "/home/<myuser>/.compiz/session/<hash>"16:35
\shand a nice assertion meaning "UNITY_IS_ROOT_ACCESSIBLE (self)" failed...16:37
didrocks\sh: weird, not related to gnome-session in any case16:39
didrocks\sh: you should try at least to kill it and start it again16:39
\shyes..killed settings daemon, restart -> the look we all want16:40
\shcould it be, I was logged in a ubuntu classic  session and then logged out and reloggedin into unity16:41
didrocks\sh: well, it will be an interesting gnome-settings-daemon but report if you can reproduce it reliably16:43
\shlet me start from scratch, reboot login into classic session etc.16:43
\shdidrocks: as always, not reproducable...*banghead*16:52
shoonyaHi all, i am trying to install unity on Fedora 14. I have got everything required for unity (3.2.8) and unity itself compiled and installed.17:02
shoonyawhen i enable unity plugin in ccsm, i get following error17:02
shoonyaGLib-GIO-ERROR **: Settings schema 'com.canonical.Unity.Launcher' is not installed17:02
shoonyacan someone help me resolve this issue17:03
senseshoonya: Maybe GSettings isn't properly set up on your system.18:05
shoonyasense: how to set it ?18:06
senseshoonya: If Fedora 14 is already using GSettings you should check whether Unity's GSettings schemes are already installed.18:07
senseI don't know how you can install gsettings schemes, you'll have to look that up.18:07
shoonyagsettings is available in F14. Any idea how to set unity's gsettings ?18:15
seb128how did you install unity?18:17
seb128is the unity schemas in usr share glib-2.0 schemas18:17
shoonyaseb128: i installed it manually (created an rpm) and here's the list of files of the unity package18:20
seb128you need to run glib-compile-schemas18:21
seb128on the schemas dir after install18:21
seb128not sure if your rpm does that?18:21
shoonyano, i will run glib-compile-schemas and check18:21
shoonyatried glib-compile-schemas /etc/gconf/schemas and got the following message18:24
shoonyaNo schema files found: doing nothing18:24
seb128you need to run it on the gsettings directory18:29
seb128usr share glib-2.0 schemas18:30
shoonyagot it and unity is not working on fedora18:34
seb128how not working?18:34
seb128what version did you build? what compiz version do you use?18:34
shoonyaunity = 3.2.8 with compiz = latest git (compiz-with-glib-mainloop)18:37
seb128what error do you get?18:38
shoonyaoops... typo error i meant to say now working18:39
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Amaranthweird, my launcher suddenly has a shadow20:01
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TheMusotedg: In case you missed the email or you don't get merge proposals via email for indicator-applet-developers, here is my merge proposal for the accessible name change. Feel free to leave it unmerged at this stage, as I want to get everthing else finished fist.22:26
TheMusotedg: https://code.launchpad.net/~themuso/libindicator/accessible-name/+merge/4669922:26
TheMusodamn terminal cut and paste shortcut not working until I use the menu.../22:27
tedgTheMuso, Yeah, sorry, I saw it but didn't review.  Let me do that now.22:33
TheMusotedg: Thanks, as I said I'd rather not merge till everything else is ready, thanks for the suggestion, will do that.22:43
tedgTheMuso, Yeah, no problem.  I won't merge it until you give the green light.22:43
TheMusoOk thanks.22:43
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jono_kenvandine, ping?23:41

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