moseswhats that config command again00:08
mosesi changed the resolution00:08
mosesand my computer froze00:08
moseswhats that nvidia config00:08
James147moses: ^^ you need to launch it as root to save the config (to make the setting perminent) "kdesudo nvidia-settings"00:10
moseswhy does it crash?00:12
Snowhogmoses: Laptop or PC?00:12
moseseverytime i mess with the settings it tweaks out00:13
Snowhogmoses: You aren't attempting to make a setting that the monitor or the vid card doesn't support are you?00:14
mosesno i went way lower00:14
mosesbut the driver kinda sucks i guess00:14
mosesmaybe i have the wrong driver00:14
yofelwhat's your card? 'lspci | grep VGA' will tell00:15
mosesGeForce FX Go5200 32M/64M00:16
moseswhats the shortcut to bring that bar down agAIN?00:17
mosesalt something?00:21
mosesso how can  i verify that i have installed the correct driver00:23
moseshow do i see my current resolution?00:25
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Torchmoses: nvidia-settings -q FrontendResolution00:45
Torchmoses: nvidia-settings --help tells you what this thing can do.00:45
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rtdos2 questions: what happened to xdm and is there a desktop similar to the one on MacOS?02:04
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andrewh192aloha peoples03:30
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BrianHhow can I boot into verbose mode with kubuntu?04:45
BrianHI'm trying to troubleshoot some boot lag, it's sitting at a black screen for a while, then spits out a driver registration error and continues on04:46
James147BrianH: remove the "quite splash" from the kernel paramters04:48
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James147Hello RixAeris05:20
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ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub208:30
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CruX|hello all08:42
CruX|in git-cola action toolbar is emplty this is probably bug08:43
CruX|and is fixed in latest package08:43
sre-suJames147, THe link says # Reboot08:43
sre-suRefresh the GRUB 2 menu with sudo update-grub. Where will I type that command??08:43
* James147 wonders what git-cola is08:43
CruX|can any1 generate new packaje ?08:43
CruX|sre-su: into console08:44
sre-suJames147, grub-rescue  part?08:44
sre-suJames147, Method 1, point 708:45
James147sre-su: sudo update-grub   in a shell, a normal shell, like bash :) thats running with the partition that grub is installed on as the root08:45
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sre-suuh-huh? Gurb will work only after completeion of those steps.. and only then I'll get the console of OS or tty... Its part of procedure for resintalling GRUB08:46
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James147sre-su: ^^ thats ment to be run once your system is able to boot agian...08:46
sre-suI don't how will it mess with dual boot stuff08:47
James147sre-su: did you get to the reboot step without errors?08:47
sre-suJames147, coming to it, hold on please08:48
James147sre-su: update-grub should auto detect the operating systems and add menu enrties for them08:48
sre-suYeah, I anyway will find the cause of it all with grub-probe08:49
amichairmy Thunderbird started opening links in Chrome even though in system settings -> default applications it's set to use firefox... anyone know how to change it back?09:44
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sre-suJames147, Hard luck!09:49
sre-suIt reduces to GRUB minimal bash line editting09:49
sre-suI remeber being here before09:49
sre-suIt just gives09:49
James147sre-su: at least grub is installed :)09:50
sre-suBut I cannot even go to any of the OS now09:50
sre-suStill on LiveCD!!09:51
James147http://forums.scotsnewsletter.com/index.php?act=ST&f=14&t=5025 << try that09:51
kyubutsuso, am looking around in systemSettings/colors/commonColors trying to find which one changes the on-hover outline in kickoff..10:05
kyubutsulike, you open kickoff and hover over the icons , that thin outline on the selection.. anyone knows?10:06
James147kyubutsu: selection background i think10:07
k0sздраствуйте россияне10:08
kyubutsuyup, that was it10:08
James147!ru | k0s10:08
ubottuk0s: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke10:08
kyubutsuunfortunately it changes ALL selection backgrounds, i just wanted to change it in kickoff  :(10:11
James147kyubutsu: afraid thats allot more complex to do10:11
HandyGandyHello I just added the beta ppa for kde to a ubuntu maverick install. Now when I get into kde plasma keeps crashing. Anyone else seeing this?10:13
James147HandyGandy: tests it with a new user10:13
orzelhi... since i've updated to maverick, kmail wont start. It complains about "kmail: error while loading shared libraries: libkontactinterface.so.4: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"10:14
orzeli've tried updating/upgrading.. but that wont fix it.  Then i've installed 'by hand' a package called libkontactinterface4, and now there's another missing dependancy "kmail: error while loading shared libraries: libakonadi-contact.so.4: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"10:14
orzelI'm sure i'm not supposed to install all of this one-by-one... but i can't find how i'm supposed to do. I've also tried to re-install kmail.. but  that does nothing10:15
14WAAMZKPi am getting a nick clash with the ubunut irc server10:22
14WAAMZKPhow do i rectify it?10:22
=== 14WAAMZKP is now known as ksinkar_
kyubutsualright, next coloring question.. that active window glow with effects enabled.. whats the option to change that10:25
kyubutsuguessing it ought to be on desktopEffects/allEffects..10:27
seiflotfyhey guys10:30
seiflotfyany devs here ?10:30
rorkseiflotfy: see #kubuntu-devel10:32
rorkkyubutsu: System Settings > Appearance > Windows > Window Decoration Shadows > Active Window Glow (under 10.04)10:33
kyubutsuright.. thats it!  :D10:35
kyubutsuam on 10.10 btw..10:35
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voltyhi, kubuntu-10.10, I cannot access the address book from kmail (and other apps), how can I fix this?10:49
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divinefuryanyone got any idea on how to disable cdc_acm (it is something to do with usb modems)10:55
divinefurythe problem arises when i connect a cell-phone to the computer and try accessing its features with gnokii10:55
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baxeicohi, someone has installed kdevelop and kdevelop-php in maverick?11:57
baxeicoI did :) but I cannot see the php plugin loaded in kdevelop11:57
baxeicokdevelop 4.1.2 from maverick backports ppa11:58
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jesus_hii ni hii13:31
jesus_q te cree bilingue13:31
jorge_y tu k te crees13:32
jorge_x si hay alguien en ingles13:32
jesus_si te das cuenta na mas q hablamos nosotros13:32
jesus_no hbla nadieeee13:32
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jesus_my friend jorge is gay i don't no speak13:33
mhermansAfter a reboot, KDE fails to launch, stating that my home dir does not have the right permissions (the permissions seem fine however). Google tells me that it may be something todo with .ICEauthority; how should that file look like (it is empty, -rw-------)?13:36
mhermansExact error messages are "KDE could not start. No access to home directory" and next a popup with "Could not start ksmserver. Check your installation"13:40
mhermansA lot of the instructions online date from 2004/2005, making me wary of just trying them all without understanding where the problem comes from13:42
mhermans(instructions when googling on these error messages)13:42
Space_ManI'm using kde3 my .ICEauthority is also rw-------13:42
mhermansThanks. I'm on Kubuntu 10.10 btw, KDE413:44
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mhermansI made a new user, who can succesfully log in/start KDE. The .ICEauthority file is identical. Suggestions welcome :-/13:51
Space_Mancompare dir/file permissions and owners13:54
mhermansI'll try that, thanks13:57
komputesKmail in 10.10 (used under GNOME) reports Akonadi is not running as the root14:47
komputesBluesKaj: hi14:47
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BluesKajhi komputes14:52
komputesseems related to this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1595715 however I fail to see why average users should use phpmyadmin to drop a database and rebuild it14:53
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BluesKajsorry komputes, I haven't used kmail in yrs ..I15:02
BluesKajI'm a basically a home user15:03
BluesKajgmail and thunderbird are what we use here15:03
amichairis there a way to break out of a stuck konsole without closing the tab?15:04
komputesBluesKaj: I use this too, but testing kmail it seems to be very broken and does not upgrade well at all15:05
komputesBluesKaj: This == TB + Gmail15:05
BluesKajkomputes, after kde4 , kmail became unstable hasn't recovered IMO15:07
BluesKajamichair, open another konsole ?15:08
amichairBluesKaj: I was thinking more in the direction of something stronger than ctrl-c, is there such a thing?15:08
BluesKajamichair, how about killing it in the monitor15:09
amichairBluesKaj: monitor?15:09
amichairyeah I can open a different tab and kill the process manually, if that's what u meant...15:10
BluesKajsystem monitor in kmenu/system15:10
komputesBluesKaj: I rather enjoyed KDE 3.515:14
mp2Kubuntu is the best!!!!!!15:17
BluesKajyes komputes , I used kmail in kde3 for quite awhile , but the look and configure procedure became too spread out over too many settings/dialogs for my liking15:17
komputesBluesKaj: Akonadi, Nepomuk etc...15:18
BluesKajkal ha never had a very logical configuration from my pov15:19
BluesKajerr kmail15:19
mp2I have used ubuntu for 2 years and now I have change to kubuntu, and I very much like it. Looks cool, better then gnome(win95).15:19
BluesKajkomputes, well I don't use either of those15:20
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komputesAkonadi, Nepomuk, Strigi - where do these names come from and why not name them something that people can identify (like obviously, this does that, because of the name)15:20
BluesKajmp2 , it's all a matter of taste..I've run into purists of both desktops15:21
BluesKajkomputes, yeah , agreed15:21
mp2I don't know what you can taste in gnome15:22
BluesKajmp2 , visual tastes , ever heard of that ? :)15:26
BluesKajhmm too late15:27
eldowanI have 10.10 installed, and had used network manager to setup my internet connection for my server. However, once I log the user out, the connection dies. Is there a way to disable this? If I make edit the /etc/network/interfaces file, will that work correctly?15:38
BluesKajeldowan, ethernet?15:39
eldowanyes, wired ethernet15:39
BluesKajok eldowan , this may help: http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/setting-up-an-network-interfaces-file/15:40
BluesKajeldowan, also list all IPs on your network in /etc/hosts.allow file like this : ALL:192.168.x.x15:42
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eldowanBluesKaj: cool. I'm familiar with the interfaces file, but I know network manager overwrites resolv.conf. I don't know if network manager also overwrites the interfaces file as well.15:43
eldowanThat's a great link though, thanks for that.15:44
BluesKajeldowan, remove network manager if you're going to rely on the interfaces file15:44
BluesKajit will only interfere with your settings and cause probs15:45
eldowanBluesKaj: aah! thanks. I think thats exactly what I was looking for.15:45
BluesKajeldowan, network manager is only good for the complexities required by wifi settings15:47
eldowanoh good grief. it really threw me for a loop until I recognized that the network died when my user logged off. :/15:48
BluesKajset the interfaces file in each pc / server on the network , eldowan15:49
eldowanBluesKaj: yeah, thanks for the reminder. I guess I should have set the interfaces file before I removed the network-manager15:50
eldowanaah, i'm a dumbass15:50
BluesKajeldowan, just use ifconfig to find the IPs and route find the gateway IP and you should be ok15:50
eldowanBluesKaj: if i don't get disconnected. sure.15:50
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BluesKajeldowan, no, you can still do it , removing nm doesn't wipe the settings in resolv.conf or interfaces15:51
eldowanBluesKaj: well, ssh stopped responding, and I can't make another connection15:51
BluesKajeldowan, sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart15:53
eldowanBluesKaj: I'm ssh'd in. ssh is not responding. I can't even get a shell15:53
BluesKajare you ssh'd into a local network or a remote , eldowan15:59
eldowanBluesKaj: one interface, eth0. I ssh'd in.15:59
eldowanoh, sorry. the server sits about an hour drive away.15:59
marcnarcI'd like to change the alt-tab behaviour, but all the widgets disabled in Configure->Window Behavior->TaskSwitcher?16:00
eldowanBluesKaj: yep. like I said, I'm a dumbass.16:01
eldowanThanks for the help though, I do appreciate it. Tonight I'll be able to finish the setup w/ interfaces.16:01
BluesKajmarcnarc, I just use the settings available in the desktop effects/all effects16:02
BluesKajeldowan, hope everything works out for you , one thing , you might have to reset the  ~/.ssh/known_hosts file ..dunno for sure with remote servers tho16:03
marcnarcBluesKaj, I've tried changing those without any luck.  I'm stuck in "walk through windows" mode.16:03
eldowanBluesKaj: nah, ssh shouldn't regen the keys16:03
BluesKajeldowan, ok , good luck16:04
marcnarcBluesKaj: You're referring to the stuff under Desktop Effects->All Effects right?16:04
BluesKajmarcnarc, yes16:04
marcnarcBluesKaj: Under "Windows Management" I just have "Box Switch" selected, but alt-tab just jumps from window to window.16:06
FloridaGuywhat stage is 11.04 in right now.....beta....rc16:07
BluesKajmarcnarc, sorry I don't know effects you're trying to achieve16:11
marcnarcBluesKaj: Mainly I'm wondering why the widgets under Window Behavior->Task Switcher are disabled.16:13
BluesKajFloridaGuy, alpha 1 testing ...I'm running natty without any probs right now , except dragonplayer crashes after you close it ...that's all I've encountered so far16:13
marcnarcIt says "Focus policy settings limit the functionality of navigating through windows" no matter what focus policy  I select.16:16
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FloridaGuyBluesKaj: witch is better....update-manager -d or do-release-upgrade -d....... altF2    brings up command box...the i put in update-manager -d    hit enter..and nothing happens16:17
BluesKajFloridaGuy, do-release-upgrade -d , update manager is known to break stuff ,,leaves dependencies behind etc16:18
FloridaGuyBluesKaj: i found update manager needs installed16:18
BluesKajFloridaGuy, no matter , open a terminal and do: sudo do-release-upgrade -d16:19
FloridaGuyi just did16:19
BluesKajFloridaGuy, oops I should have mentioned remove or comment with a # in fron tof any ppas in the sources.list16:21
BluesKajFloridaGuy, alt+F2 , kdesudo kate /etc/apt/sources.list16:22
BluesKajFloridaGuy, if your install stalls or stops with errors then doi the above16:22
* BluesKaj shakes his head...no patience ...it's all instant gratification nowadays16:23
rtdosdoes kmail have a preview pane option?16:31
marcnarcBluesKaj: Solved!  I applied "click to focus" policy, then went back to Overview & returned to Window Behaviour.  Task Switcher widgets are now enabled.  Went back to Focus Under Mouse policy and task switcher is still good.16:41
marcnarcBluesKaj: Oops, no it's not.  I thought just "Focus Strictly Under Mouse" disabled the task switcher.  Is this a change in 4.5.5?16:44
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HandyGandyHey I added the beta kde ppa to my repositories a week ago. Yesterday when I upgraded a bunch of kde stuff was upgraded, when I reboot I get a drkonqi report,  no background/wallpaper no panels., no menus though ALt-F2 works.17:06
france1159Hello everyone17:08
Tm_THandyGandy: have you upgraded since?17:09
HandyGandyTm_T: I've tried but there's nothing to upgrade.17:15
Tm_THandyGandy: could you try to do the report with drkonqi, make sure it has three yellow stars in top right (:17:17
judeI am not able to insatall ati driver in my hp laptop17:18
judeI am not able to insatall ati driver in my hp laptop..............plzhelp17:18
judeI am not able to insatall ati driver in my hp laptop..............plz, help17:19
judeI am not able to insatall ati driver in my hp laptop..............plz, help17:19
judeI am not able to insatall ati driver in my hp laptop..............plz, help17:19
geekosopherjude: repeating the same message won't help17:19
geekosophertell us what is the error that you get17:19
divinefuryHandyGandy: do you get to the kde login screen?17:23
divinefuryHandyGandy: if so, could you try logging into console?17:25
judeit never completes booting. it stuck up with a sentence............Battery checking.....17:25
judei dont get the kde login screen17:30
judeafter this problem i login by single usermode and17:31
judecd etc17:31
judecd X1117:31
judereset the config file17:32
judenw am able to complete the normal booting17:33
judebt the driver is not yet17:33
judePlz help me to find a solution17:33
divinefuryjude: uhhh17:40
yofeljude: you did install the driver using the hardware driver application?17:40
jude i tried with that and sme steps fron ati website17:42
yofelhm, as long as you don't try to install the driver from the website instead of our driver you should be fine - I don't know much about ati though...17:42
j2daoshhey all. need some help getting the network manager to connect to a wpa enterprise AP.17:47
j2daoshi set it up in the knetwork manager properties, but it won't even attempt to connect. where do i start troubleshooting this?17:47
j2daoshguess everyone must be in the gnome side, ill try over there17:50
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BluesKajj2daosh, which wifi chipset ?17:54
j2daoshatheros. i got it working on the gnome side. ill reboot in a little while and try kde, it probably just kept an authentication to a network that stopped working17:55
=== myth is now known as mythzib
BluesKajj2daosh, the atheros works quite well on kde and gnome afaik , but the enterprise is someting I'm not familiar with17:59
j2daoshwell if it works on the gnome side, it should work on the KDE side, I will try it after i reboot into KDE later18:00
BluesKajj2daosh, whynot just relogin rather than reboot18:01
j2daoshbecause im doing system updates that will require a reboot :D18:03
BluesKajj2daosh, ok18:04
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PasNoxHi all18:59
PasNoxi'm using a KVM and sometimes when i start the computer the desktop screen size is too small19:00
PasNoxgenerally i use 1440*90019:00
PasNoxand when i have problems i got 1024*76819:00
PasNoxso i try to go to tty1 and restart kdem / x but it still continue to don't want more size than 1024*76819:01
PasNoxany idea ?19:01
mosescan i transfer stuff to a linux laptop via usp, also whats a good pdf reader for linux?19:22
mosesand a good torrent progran19:22
syliontell me please russian channal of kubuntu19:43
Pici!ru | sylion19:44
ubottusylion: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke19:44
sylionwho can help me? i install service menu in dolphin settings, but its dont work!19:48
knxvilleIm trying to change styles, but now im stuck with one style, and cant change..19:48
knxvillethe taskbar at the bottom and the widgit is blackish color now..19:48
sylionHey people! Anybody can help me?19:52
=== Guest64411 is now known as RaNdY
BluesKaj!ask | sylion19:54
ubottusylion: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)19:54
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guest122345how do i start up konversation minimized when i login?21:16
DarthFrogguest122345:  Check "Settings" in konversation to see if it has that capability.21:17
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hermesjus had to do it o.O'21:56
hermesSo what is this exactly guys, can we help support linux here in any way or how?21:57
macofor kubuntu, yeah. for other distros, they have their own channels21:57
hermesno, dont much care for the other distros, no worries :)21:58
ScuniziI've got 80megs of stuff in /var/tmp/kdecache-mark ... can I delete it with no worries?22:13
Scuniziand 95 megs in /var/cache .. can I delete that too?22:16
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Mad_DudHi guys. can you suggest app for managing and reading ebooks?23:23
Mad_Dudsomething, which scans folder searching for new files, bookmarks...23:24
dendritehello! im trying to setup dual displays on 10.10 with the nvidia drivers correctly installed.  whenever I try to save changes to the xorg.conf file using the gui i get denied permission.  Running 'sudo nvidia-settings' doesn't help either.  Somehow on GTK this works with 10.1023:37
Torchdendrite: it cannot work as a regular user, but you got that one already.23:41
Torchdendrite: it should, however, work with sudo23:41
dendriteit didn't23:42
dendritesame response. lack of privelages.23:42
Torchdendrite: what does ls -l /etc/X11/xorg.conf tell you?23:42
Torchdendrite: who owns the file? is it writable? etc.23:43
dendriteshould i just trying changing the ownership for a second?23:43
Torchdendrite: paste the output of that command please23:43
Torch(it's just one line, you can paste it here safely)23:44
dendrite-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 216 2011-01-19 17:52 /etc/X11/xorg.conf23:44
Torchdendrite: that's how it should be23:44
dendriteyea definately23:44
Torchdendrite: are you familiar with any shell editor? can you open the file with sudo <editor-of-your-choice> and just save it and see what happens?23:44
Torch(it should definitely work)23:45
dendriteyea what would you like me to see/change23:45
Torchdendrite: the editor saving the file without problems23:45
Torchdendrite: not making any changes, of course ;-)23:45
dendriteo. so do a test save of the file? to see if i can write to it?23:46
Torchdendrite: that's the plan23:46
dendritesounds good. one sec23:47
dendriteyea no problems there23:47
Torchdendrite: well, strange. you can just save the new config to a file in your home dir in nvidia-settings23:47
dendriteok i'll try that23:47
Torchdendrite: then copy that file to /etc/X11/xorg.conf with sudo23:48
Torchdendrite: that should work23:48
dendriteah ok23:48
Torchdendrite: backup the old file23:48
Torchdendrite: before you overwrite it23:48
dendritesaving xorg.conf to my home directory isn't allowed either23:48
dendritemust be something with the gui23:49
Torchdendrite: hmm23:49
dendriteyea lol..23:49
dendriteI *could* just manually edit xorg. but I need to look around to see how to setup dual monitors correctly23:49
Torchwait, that tool doesn't save an xorg.conf file, does it?23:49
Torchit saves an nvidia-settings rc file23:50
dendritei was pretty sure it saved a xorg.conf file23:50
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Torchdendrite: if you click on "save current configuration" (i assume that's what you do)23:50
dendritetorch: yes that's what i do23:50
Torchdendrite: you get a gtk save file dialog that suggests .nvidia-settings-rc as file name23:50
Torchdendrite: that's nothing to do with xorg.conf. that's for running the nvidia-settings tool at login23:51
dendritehm. i'm not getting anything with nvidia-settings.rc23:51
Torchdendrite: ah, and there's "safe to X configuration file" under "x server display configuration"23:51
Torchdendrite: did you try that one?23:51
Torchdendrite: so you're actually trying that one?23:52
dendritebut i am able to see a preview of the xorg.conf file before i actually save it. I copied that to my clipboard and I'm just gonna to put in xorg with an editor23:52
dendriteyes i tried that one23:52
Torchdendrite: and then it complains it needs privileges?23:52
Torchdendrite: and asks for a password?23:52
dendriteno it just says it couldn't parse the "/etc/X11/xorg.conf" file or "/home/$USER/xorg.conf"23:53
Torchdendrite: hmm, aha23:53
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dendritegonna restart X. i think i got it brb23:54
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hmmmzi need a bit of help or if someone can tell me if its not possible with this distro..im trying to install ubuntu server 10.10 from a usb stick but the installation halts saying it cant find the cd..any ideas how to fix this or should i give up now and try a diffrent distro ??23:56
dendriteTorch: well it worked. copying the preview xorg.conf file into a new xorg.conf (after backing up original) seems to be working. now i have dual monitors yay!23:58
Torchdendrite: very good.23:58
dendritejust wish i didn't have to do all that.  using the gui should be able to work as in gnome under 10.1023:59
Torchdendrite: blame nvidia, not KDE23:59
Torchdendrite: and you're right, of course.23:59
Torchdendrite: it absolutely should work23:59

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