lifelesssinzui: bug 70466200:13
_mup_Bug #704662: karma is not updating <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/704662 >00:13
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spivjames_w`: Awesome: http://package-import.ubuntu.com/status/libbase-openoffice.org.html#2011-01-19%2001:13:13.62183101:17
spivIn fact it appears the package importer is encountering lots of issues...01:19
LPCIBotProject db-devel build (313): STILL FAILING in 5 hr 12 min: https://hudson.wedontsleep.org/job/db-devel/313/01:24
kb9vqfSoo...if my Postgresql database has suddenly sprouted duplicate rows after a disk failure, what is the best way to remove them>01:58
kb9vqf^^^ This is in libraryfilealias01:59
kb9vqfI had been attempting to use this (gleaned from a repair article online) but execution never terminated: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/53SXyuBq02:00
kb9vqfAny help is greately appreciated :-)02:01
* kb9vqf cannot type tonight; sorry02:01
spmif you've had a disk failure, would you be better off going back to a known good state from backups?02:01
spmnot sure I'd ben keen to trust any database state after a disk failure has corrupted it.02:01
lifelesskb9vqf: if you have a corrupt db, I'd definitely restore :)02:02
kb9vqfspm: Yes, if the most recent backups weren't several months old :-P02:02
lifelessrolling forward is likely to be World Of Pain02:03
kb9vqfThe backup script failed silently02:03
kb9vqfSo far the only table with damage is libraryfilealies02:03
kb9vqfAnd I wonder if the damage is limited to the indecies02:03
lifelessthe only table you can *tell* has damage so far02:03
kb9vqfI've been running this install with the damaged tables for a while and I haven't noticed any malfunctions02:04
kb9vqfThe only thing is that the reindex always fails02:04
kb9vqf(due to the duplicate rows)02:04
kb9vqfIs there a way to clear the Postgresql indexes?02:06
lifelesswe're really not postgresql gurus02:06
spmdrop and recreate, but the data being used to generate them is corrupt; so... :-/02:06
lifelessour approach to such corruption and failure would be a restore02:06
lifeless#postgresql is much more likely to have folk that can give more sophisticated solutions02:06
kb9vqfOK, thanks :-)02:07
kb9vqfI appreciate the pointers02:07
kb9vqflifeless: If it comes up here again, the solution is to use pgAdmin III (or other admin tool) to make an SQL dump of the database, then drop the database in single-user mode and reload it with psql03:12
kb9vqfAs long as this is done BEFORE the system tables are reindexed, it will work03:12
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maxbHmm. I think it would be useful to have another state for code imports12:52
maxbWe currently have Failed Suspended and Invalid12:52
maxbIt would be nice to subdivide Failed into new failures and triaged failures12:53
maxbNeither fit in Suspended/Invalid, because any user should be able to retry a triaged failed import12:54
thumpermaxb: I think the intent was that triaged failures are suspended13:20
thumpermaxb: and thanks for the continued import help :)13:20
maxbI guess so - the problem being that having just looked at a couple of imports and found that they are failing because someone's dyndns.org address is currently offline, I don't want to suspend them and bar them from initiating a retry13:21
thumpermaxb: can't you just leave it as failed?13:22
maxbcan do. But we're doing pretty well at driving the "Failed" status for bzr-svn/git down to "things we should fix"13:23
lifelessmatsubara: btw lp-oops web ui is a bit gnarly right now13:58
matsubaralifeless, will look into it after breakfast14:31
poolielifeless, i would love to hear your thoughts on my twisted api braindump14:51
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lifelesspoolie: where is it?14:54
poolieon launchpad-dev14:55
poolieuh "notes towards async api clients"14:55
cody-somervillepoolie, I hope your idea isn't to replace the current launchpadlib with that.15:19
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LPCIBotProject db-devel build (316): FAILURE in 5 hr 7 min: https://hudson.wedontsleep.org/job/db-devel/316/17:01
LPCIBotLaunchpad Patch Queue Manager: [rs=buildbot-poller] automatic merge from stable. Revisions: 1222617:01
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james_w`mpt, jml: http://people.canonical.com/~jamesw/workitems/natty.old/18:15
matsubaralifeless, https://lp-oops.canonical.com/oops.py/ works again18:17
jmlhuwshimi: https://dev.launchpad.net/IssueTracker18:22
jcsackettjml: the issuetracker idea doesn't include answers?18:24
jmljcsackett: not yet18:24
jcsackettjml: huh. that's how it keeps being explained to me. was surprised to see it's not part of the entry.18:24
thumperleonardr: https://code.launchpad.net/~leonardr/lazr.restful/fix-remove-recipe/+merge/2442318:39
thumperleonardr: https://code.launchpad.net/lazr.restful/+activereviews18:39
leonardrbenji: do you know that https://code.launchpad.net/~benji/lazr.restful/bug-539070/+merge/40003 wasn't merged into lazr.restful?18:46
leonardrgary: same for you, for https://code.launchpad.net/~gary/lazr.restful/bug691841/+merge/4631218:49
leonardri'm happy to merge both of those if you say the word--i'm assuming you're not holding off for some reason18:49
gary_posterlooking leonardr18:51
gary_posterleonardr: you can land mine, thank you18:53
leonardrwill do18:53
benjileonardr: I was vacillating between adding a little bit more to it or landing it as is, but it's gone long enough that it should just be landed.  If you feel inclined to land it, I would appreciate it.18:54
lifelessbtw - https://code.launchpad.net/launchpad-project/+activereviews - all our reviews18:55
leonardrbenji: will do18:55
leonardrbenji, gary, you are merged19:01
benjileonardr: thanks!19:01
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lifelessjam: did you find dendrobates?20:00
jamlifeless: I did not20:00
lifelessmtaylor: ping20:00
jamI found his user name on #ubuntu-devel but no response20:00
gmbleonardr: I'm having some trouble exposing something in the WS API, do you have a second to let me pick you brain?20:18
leonardrgmb, sure, i need a minute20:19
leonardrwhere are you? i'll come over20:19
gmbleonardr: Vinoy20:19
soreno/ again.20:23
lifelessso the user is 'sleepsonthefloor'20:23
sorenLet me check our Hudson/tarmac box.20:23
lifelessI'm told it looks openstack related20:24
lifelessits connecting once every 6 seconds or so20:24
sorenVery likely is. sleepsonthefloor is one of the NASA guys.20:24
sorenWhat's the IP?20:24
lifelessjam: ^20:25
sorenIt's not our Hudson box.20:25
lifelesssoren: thats good to know20:27
sorenlifeless: I'm trying to get a hold of him20:27
lifelessjam did the investigation, he'll know the ip or where to look; gimme a sec to chase him down20:27
lifelessah^ there we go20:27
spivlifeless: I chased him down first :P20:28
spivlifeless: admittedly he's right next to me so I had a wee bit of a head start...20:28
sorenlifeless, jam: I'll chase down some people.20:30
lifelesswe don't mind being used...20:30
jamsoren: thanks. I don't think it is a problem if there is a real need (many launchpad services connect about 4k times per day)20:31
jambut it seemed odd to go from about 5 connections per day to 11k for a given user20:31
sorenjam: Oh, these are not 11K open connections?20:31
sorenBut 11K over the course of a day?20:31
jamsoren: right20:31
lifelesssoren: serial, yes20:31
sorenOh, ok.20:31
lifelesssoren: seems like something in a tight loop20:31
jamI'm not sure if it is strictly serial, vs small concurrency20:31
jamsoren: Looking over the logs by eye I don't see concurrent connections yet20:33
sorenProbably not.20:34
sorenIt seems it's a build server that polls in a tight loop. They're waiting for sleepsonthefloor to get back from lunch to fix it :)20:34
lifelesssoren: can they tune it down a little? They could subscribe to the branch to get a notification when it changes (so little need to poll at all)20:35
lifelesswould be delighted to talk requirements with them20:35
sorenlifeless: I'm sure it's a mistake.20:35
jamwe could give an HTTP url for the branch/last_revision file that you could also monitor, more cheaply than ssh handshaking :)20:36
lifelessas jam says if its needed, we can figure out how to support it20:36
sorenlifeless: ...but when you say subscribe, you mean subscribe to e-mail notifications? Or something cooler?20:36
lifelesssoren: today sadly I just mean email20:36
lifelessI *want* to do PSHB20:36
sorenlifeless: Ok :)20:36
sorenlifeless: Yeah.20:36
gary_posterstub: https://code.launchpad.net/~gary/launchpad/structuralsubscriptions/+merge/4682220:37
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bigjoolsgary_poster: is ++profile++ working on staging/qastaging?20:58
gary_posterbigjools: no, only on devel.20:59
bigjoolsok thanks20:59
lifelessbigjools: future work that gary_poster was mentioning late last week20:59
gary_posternot that hard20:59
gary_posterwant to make ++profile++download20:59
gary_posterbut not necessary21:00
bigjoolslifeless, wgrant: have you looked at reducing the query count in the package copier perchance?21:01
lifelesswgrant was in fact looking around that area21:02
bigjoolsI am wondering whether to tackle it now or leave it if someone already started21:02
wgrantbigjools: I have some ideas.21:23
wgrantI know roughly what needs to be don.21:23
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benjigary_poster: https://dev.launchpad.net/yellow/Subscriptions21:48
mpthuwshimi, https://dev.launchpad.net/AlertMessages22:11
LPCIBotYippie, build fixed!22:11
LPCIBotProject db-devel build (317): FIXED in 5 hr 10 min: https://hudson.wedontsleep.org/job/db-devel/317/22:11
LPCIBot* Launchpad Patch Queue Manager: [rs=buildbot-poller] automatic merge from stable. Revisions: 12229,22:12
LPCIBot12230 included.22:12
LPCIBot* Launchpad Patch Queue Manager: [rs=buildbot-poller] automatic merge from stable. Revisions: 12227,22:12
LPCIBot12228 included.22:12
leonardrrockstar, do i remember you working on bug 316694 around the time of the prague meeting?22:36
_mup_Bug #316694: Add web_link property to resources <launchpadlib :Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/316694 >22:36
leonardrif so, what happened to it?22:37
rockstarleonardr, I may still have the branch around here.  I made the change, but it broke a bunch of tests that you said were very low-level, and that's where it died (because the week ended, and I lost "free time")22:38
leonardrrockstar: ok, we are starting to feel the need again. can you find the branch for me?22:38
rockstarleonardr, yeah, it's going to be on an old backup unless I've pushed it.  Let me do some mining.22:39
leonardrrockstar, thanks22:39
leonardrjust knowing where to start would be helpful22:39
mptDaviey, are you the one who's maintaining the UDS scheduler tool now?22:45
mptOr am I confusing you with someone else/22:45
lifelessdanilos: ping22:46
lifelessdanilos: could you eyeball bug 705129 and suggest whether its operational or a bug ?22:46
_mup_Bug #705129: Nightshade import queue don't work <Launchpad itself:New> <Nightshade:New> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/705129 >22:46
daniloslifeless, it's kinda both... it's a bug that LP doesn't automatically approve the files with the names it exports them with (which are those in the queue), but when people come to us we can fix this quickly through the UI for them (so it's operational as well)22:48
lifelessdanilos: are there docs somewhere for lp devs? (e.g. what should I do here?)22:49
daniloslifeless, https://help.launchpad.net/Translations/YourProject/ImportPolicy though you might not have permissions to act on it operationally22:51
daniloslifeless, we can add everyone in LP team to rosetta-admins to solve that though22:51
lifelessdanilos: perhaps add the ~launchpad team itself ?22:52
daniloslifeless, right, that's what I meant22:52
lifelessdanilos: might be nice to describe where the queue is on that wiki page (for admins)22:54
daniloslifeless, yes, there's still quite some work for the hand-off of this that previous translations team needs to do22:54
lifelessgmb: danilos: hi22:56
lifelessplease don't use Storm22:56
lifelesswe need the same invalidator SQLBase has.22:56
lifelessI'm updating the wiki page now.22:56
daniloslifeless, if we need to use cachedproperties on that object, I'd say yes... if not, I don't think why we should pretend to know what are we going to do with this object; fwiw, it's easier to switch stuff back to SQLBase than it is to switch it to Storm22:59
Davieympt, I am a commiter, but i've been trying to hand over the burden somewhat.23:01
lifelessI guess I'm worried that folk will use cachedproperty on any model class thinking its safe - becuase it is safe with any SQLBase class23:01
mptDaviey, could you give me the URL of the LP project? I've forgotten it since UDS. :-)23:02
lifelessIt would be nice to have it safe for all model classes, which just needs a similar base class to SQLBase, and us to not directly use s.b.Storm23:02
lifelessOTOH you're right that its unnecessary overhead if we're not using it.23:02
Davieympt, lp.net/summit :)23:02
mptahhhh, summit23:02
mptI knew it was summit like thaht23:02
daniloslifeless, why not have a SafeStorm (stupid name, but you get the idea) which just provides that for any cachedproperties23:03
mptthanks Daviey23:03
lifelessdanilos: Do you think folk will remember to look at the base class?23:03
daniloslifeless, not too sure about that23:03
lifelessdanilos: My *tendancy* would be to have a SafeStorm and use it everywhere by default; using raw Storm if we have a reason to do so.23:03
lifelessdanilos: what do you think?23:04
StevenKStormBase or ... (bad pun incoming) Cloud23:04
StevenKI like it!23:04
Davieympt, I bet you have a metric tonne of usability bugs, right? :)23:05
mptDaviey, none at all. The biggest annoyance I have with Summit is where people hide the meaningful words in a session title toward the end of the title.23:07
mtaylorlifeless: pong23:12
daniloslifeless, yeah, +1 on that23:14
daniloslifeless, not the Cloud naming though :))23:14
daniloslifeless, CloudyStorm, perhaps...23:14
sinzuihuwshimi, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/556006/23:18
leonardrrockstart: ping, hope you haven't been mining this whole time23:18
leonardrrockstar -^23:18
rockstarleonardr, no, but I have been.  I found a bug in Launchpad's search as well.  :)23:19
leonardris this it? https://code.launchpad.net/~rockstar/lazr.restful/web_link23:19
rockstarleonardr, web_link! Yes, that's it.23:19
rockstarI was looking for a launchpad branch for some reason.23:20
* leonardr just went to your page of lazr.restful branches23:20
rockstarOf course, it's one of the few lazr.restful branches I've ever had...  :)23:20
leonardrok, i'll take a look23:21
leonardrrockstar: you don't have any _revisions_ to that branch23:23
leonardrit's just trunk (as of when you pushed it)23:23
StevenKwgrant: I just noticed something amusing. Remember that bit of the doctest I was asking about?23:23
rockstarleonardr, okay, lemme get in the backup.23:24
lifelessdanilos: could you perhaps add that in your branch? r=me for it, and then noone else needs to think. I'll happily update the wikipage with whatever name you choose23:24
StevenKwgrant: It has oldest_spr = publisher.getPubSource(...) -- except that getPubSource() returns an SPPH :-)23:24
lifelessdanilos: I hate to ask you to add this but it makes me nervous is all23:24
lifelessmtaylor: see discussion w/soren23:24
daniloslifeless, we have other Storm classes, and I think it'd be better to have a single push to have them all fixed23:25
daniloslifeless, preferably in the same branch, and definitely not in this one; if I was exactly sure how to achieve what you want, I'd probably do it before we sign off for the day23:26
mtaylorlifeless: ok.23:26
daniloslifeless, I'd be happy to be convinced tomorrow to do it, so let's talk tomorrow morning about it23:27
mtaylorlifeless: well. I certainly support some form of non-email notification... and I'm _still_ trying to get someone to fund someone to write a lpapi java binding so I can use lp-api to check things from hudson (but it seems to keep getting lost in corporate land somewhere)23:28
wgrantStevenK: Heh.23:28
allenapmpt: With some help from a friendly DBA, I figured out that the figures in several of those tables are counts of all specifications, not just those in the last year. Would you prefer the all-time counts for the top-50-specs-users-in-the-last-year, or the last-year counts?23:33
mptallenap, last-year for everything would be most helpful I think23:34
allenapmpt: Cool, will have that soon.23:34
mptthank you allenap23:34
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rockstarleonardr, just pushed the changes.23:45
leonardrrockstar, great23:47
leonardrrockstar: thanks, this looks exactly like what i was writing23:53
leonardrso, let's see what's the deal w/the tests23:53
rockstarleonardr, great.23:53
rockstarleonardr, if you fix this, you'll help us remove a significant amount of code in Tarmac.23:53
leonardrrockstar: this doesn't look too bad? do you remember anything else i said about the test failures?23:55
rockstarThere are test failures, as I recall.  The failures were caused in tests that were testing at a very low level, I think.23:55
leonardri guess webservice.txt is pretty low level23:56
leonardrbut ultimately i think the fix is pretty simple23:56
leonardri'll give it a try23:58

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