gnewbI could find no fix or resolution to the Marvel PCI card, getting old I guess.01:12
linuxman410does lubuntu run good on asus eeepc 70101:27
gnewbHello linuxman410. this channel is not near as full as the main one. but I put it on my Brothers Asus and it screems.01:32
linuxman410is his a 70101:32
gnewblinuxman410: Yes it is.01:32
linuxman410only 512 ram01:33
gnewblinuxman410: It outperformed !#01:34
gnewbI had to do a few twaeks, to lighten it a bit more, took all of 15 minutes.01:35
gnewblinuxman410: I am running Lubuntu on a 256 Desktop with an older Celeron, no tweaks or anything, and no sluggish at all.01:38
rtdos2 questions: what happened to xdm and is there a desktop similar to the one on MacOS?02:04
kristian-aalborghi all - I guess I could delete ubiquity?04:30
kristian-aalborgand the ndiswrapper stuff....?04:34
marwyis there an easy way to remap some keys in lubuntu? i need to change the apps key to control12:27
jetterojust edit the rc file in .config/openbox/12:28
jetteroit's very straightforward12:28
marwybut i don't want to change keybindings, i want to remap apps key to control12:32
head_victim http://blip.tv/file/get/Llelectronics-LubuntuAD901.mp413:07
Timo_head_victim: nice vid14:05
head_victimOne of the people on the list made it for me to use.14:07
Timo_ye I saw14:08
head_victimOh and my Thursday 20/01 just started so that means it's Lubuntu Documentation Day!14:13
=== head_victim changed the topic of #lubuntu to: Lubuntu 10.10 has been released || Please use the Bit-Torrent to download at http://j.mp/lu-10-10 || Off-topic discussion in #lubuntu-offtopic || Documentation can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu || Lubuntu Documentation Day! Thursday 20/01 - details at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/SubTeams/DocumentationSubTeam
head_victimFirst documentation update - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Documentation/KeepLubuntuUptoDate14:30
ochosihi everyone14:35
head_victimGday ochosi14:35
ochosii just wanted to pop in and ask whether the lubuntu artwork guy is around14:35
ochosior the person working on "ozone"14:36
head_victimAh I think there are a few I'm not sure of their nicks though14:36
ochosiare you involved in lubuntu?14:36
kosaidpo_hello guys again ic cant export to wod format with abiword14:37
kosaidpo_anyone can help ?14:37
head_victimochosi: I help with documentation and some support stuffs.14:37
head_victimkosaidpo_: can't say I've tried it before and unfortunately my Lubuntu machine has ram issues at the moment14:38
kosaidpo_guys is libreoffice way heavy fo lubuntu ??14:38
ochosihead_victim: i see. maybe i'll just post what i have to say in the wiki then (since it seems there is no lubuntu-dev channel)14:38
head_victimochosi: the mailing list is a good place to catch everyone14:39
ochosihead_victim: is it closed or open? (meaning: do i have to register)14:39
head_victimochosi: good question, I don't mod that list so hang on I'll have a look14:39
head_victimThat's the page that has the details. I states you ahve to be a team member to subscribe doesn't say anything about sending14:40
ochosik, thanks14:41
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OrmieIs there anyone here?15:41
OrmieWhy is it so quiet?15:42
mark76We're a Trappist community15:42
OrmieI want lubuntu netbook edition15:43
Ormieon my EEE15:43
mark76Is that an original EEEEEEEEE?15:44
OrmieASUS EEE PC15:44
OrmieWhere can i get it from?15:44
mark76Have you tried the Lubuntu website?15:44
mark76NO joy?15:45
Ormieno netbook edition15:45
OrmieNew now know how15:45
mark76Well I have the netbook edition. I suspect you have to install the full desktop edition and then choose the netbook version during the log in15:46
OrmieYour name is cool15:46
OrmieNew now know how15:46
bioterrorthat's correct mark7615:46
OrmieGot to go now15:46
bioterroryou can choose drop the dropbox in lxdm login screen15:46
bioterrorroot, once again :G15:47
head_victimphillw: looked at the other issues on the doc page there but I don't ahve a running pc with Lubuntu atm (ram died) so don't want to tinker too much because I can't confirm stuff for now.16:30
head_victimI'll be back in a few hours after some sleep so if other stuff gets added I'll look at it then.l16:31
mark76I'm attempting to steam new potatoes, broccoli florets, French beans and trout fillet16:50
mark76Whoops. Wrong one16:50
dan____hello. I'm interested in trying lubuntu on a ppc mac mini.I couldn't find an ISO for this hardware.  I already have ubuntu 10.04 on it but would like something lighter. Do I have to start from square 1?17:00
bioterrorgrab ubuntu mini for ppc and install lubuntu-desktop17:01
bioterroryou can install lubuntu-desktop (if there's one for the PPC ;)17:02
bioterrorand then make pure lxde17:02
dan____hey, thanks.17:02
bioterrordan, check first17:03
bioterrorapt-cache show lubuntu-desktop17:03
bioterrorif you repositories have that meta package17:03
bioterrorotherwise it's going to be a pain in the ass17:03
dan____I'd do it this minute, except it's tied up currently with a job17:04
bioterrorI'm a little sceptic about this17:05
dan____why skeptical?17:05
bioterrormaverick (metapackages): Lubuntu Desktop environment [multiverse]17:08
bioterror0.18: amd64 i38617:08
bioterrorwell, packages search doesnt give much info for ubuntu-desktop neither17:08
bioterrorand that should exist17:09
dan____@bioterror: so I think my first step should be downloading the latest ISO and seeing whether lubuntu is a desktop option.17:13
meetingologydan____: Error: "bioterror:" is not a valid command.17:13
bioterrorif you're running ubuntu atm.17:13
bioterroryou can try to search from the repos first17:13
bioterrorbut lubuntu developers are using i686 (i585 too ;) and AMD6417:14
dan____thanks for your imput.17:15
bioterrorcan you confirm that17:15
bioterrorI would like to know17:15
bioterrordan, but you can try http://www.morphos-team.net/downloads.html MorphOS ;)17:16
dan____yes, I will try. Sorry, not doing a good job of multitasking17:18
bioterrornot a problem17:18
dan____bio, are you around often? I'm downloading morphos now. Gonna bill some hours but can get back with you on progress if you'd like.17:23
bioterrordid you find that lubuntu-desktop package17:23
bioterrorMorphOS is operating system of it's own17:23
bioterrorbut can you find a lubuntu-desktop package from your ubuntu17:24
bioterrorand I'm here often17:24
dan____ok. I'm gonna have to jet. will check back17:24
dan____thanks again.17:24
bioterroryou never said17:25
bioterroris there a lubuntu-desktop package in your PowerPC repositories17:25
dan____right. the machine is tied up currently. can't check this minute17:26
kosaidpo_hello guys18:34
kosaidpo_anyone know any tool to convert fom abw to doc ?18:34
bioterrorwhy my lubuntu installation is installing kde stuff19:01
mark76No idea19:02
bioterrorwhat they have added to natty19:02
mark76What kind of KDE stuff?19:02
bioterrorI saw oxygen and plasma19:03
mark76That is strange19:03
bioterrorSetting up kdelibs-bin (4:4.5.95-0ubuntu1) ...19:06
bioterrorSetting up oxygen-icon-theme (4:4.5.95-0ubuntu1) ...19:06
mark76Maybe the Lubuntu developers/packagers know19:07
bioterrorSetting up kdelibs5-data (4:4.5.95-0ubuntu1) ...19:08
bioterrorSetting up kubuntu-debug-installer (11.04ubuntu1) ...19:08
mark76Are you sure you're not installing Kubuntu?19:08
bioterrorI am19:09
bioterrorI did dist-upgrade ;)19:09
bioterroryeah, gilir shall explain something ;)19:09
bioterrorwell, let's reboot, this laptop has been on for 11d 9h ;)19:10
mark76Tethered on batteries?19:10
mark76Tethered or batteries?19:11
bioterrorlxdm is broken :D19:13
bioterrorblinks just texts and doesnt show lubuntu logo at all :D19:13
pip__is there a reason why doing a dist upgrade chandes my keyboard layout from UK to US?19:30
pip__^changes, even19:30
pip__10.10 to 1.0419:30
pip__^11.04 even19:30
bioterrorchangen mine too19:30
* pip__ learns to type19:30
bioterrorI made a xorg.conf19:30
pip__bioterror: that sounds scary19:31
mark76Sounds like upgrading to Natty isn't a good idea right now19:31
bioterrorit's an adventure19:32
pip__yeah, I shudda left well alone19:32
pip__everything was fine, then I had to prod stuff19:32
bioterrornot a big thing to run Xorg -configure and add few lines :)19:33
pip__when you put it like that it doesn't sound so scary19:34
pip__I have no idea what that means though :)19:34
bioterrorthere's another way too19:35
bioterrorput "setxkbmap uk" to autostart19:35
pip__I'm open to anything19:35
pip__which do you think is the mor elegant solution?19:36
pip__bearing in mind, you are dealing with a newb19:37
bioterrorwhy a newb is running alpha?-)19:37
pip__haha, it's an adventure19:37
pip__As an average or less than average user I thought if I found broken stuff it may help19:39
pip__oops, borked lubuntu.  I'll try again tomorrow19:57
bioterrorhi gilir, seems like new theme is using some kde iconsets?20:01
gilirhi bioterror, I don't think so, where do you see it ?20:02
bioterrorI made upgrade on natty and this downloaded some kde stuff20:03
bioterrorand I am sure I have not installed anything related to KDE20:04
gilircould you try to remove them and see what is removed ? Maybe it's relative to unity-2d which install some QT depends20:05
bioterrorThe following packages will be REMOVED:20:05
bioterror  apturl-kde kdebase-runtime kdepim-runtime kdesudo kubuntu-debug-installer20:06
bioterror  oxygen-icon-theme python-kde4 qapt-batch software-properties-kde20:06
bioterrorI put oxygen-icon-theme for removal20:06
gilirhum, oxygen-icon-theme should not be pull by lubuntu20:08
bioterrorthjis is20:08
bioterrorgotta pastebin20:08
gilirbioterror, you have a lot of useless stuff ;)20:09
bioterrorI would like to know where did all those come from20:09
bioterrorremoving theme20:10
bioterrorand oh gilir20:15
bioterrorif I do "dist-upgrade", I get those20:15
bioterrorif I do just upgrade, nothing20:15
TylerRSo how is everyone today in the world of Lubuntu?20:23
Timo_TylerR: #lubuntu-offtopic for offtopic chatting! :D20:23
Timo_and I'm fine :)20:23
dan_bioterror, I have results to report on ppc mac20:23
bioterrordan_, did you have lubuntu-desktop?-)20:24
dan_It said that chromium couldn't be installed.20:24
dan_however, I was able to add core20:24
dan_lubuntu-core, etc20:25
dan_so had some success20:25
dan_Not sure why chromium couldn't be installed.20:25
dan_any ideas20:25
dan_I just did something stupid and I don't know how to get out of it.20:27
dan_I logged on using the xbox desktop I think? get nothing but a blank screen20:28
dan_by the way, yes to artwork.20:28
bioterroryou mean Openbox?20:29
dan_yes, openbox20:30
dan_can I reset my default desktop from the command line?20:31
dan_then reboot?20:31
bioterrorcan you explain a little more20:31
dan_looks like I have auto login set to yes.  I wanted to see what openbox, so set it as my environment (I thought temporarily).20:33
dan_after logging in, got nothing, so went to another terminal and rebooted20:34
dan_of course, it's now booting directly into openbox and I don't have the slightest clue how to get out of this environment20:34
dan_I'm gonna owe you a beer by the end of the day. :-)20:35
bioterroryou can run lxpanel on top of the Openbox20:37
bioterrorseems like you're still missing lots of lubuntu settings20:37
dan_I agree.... missing a lot. I don't even have any chrome frames.... literally a blank screen with a mouse.20:40
bioterroryou're missing Gtk2-themes and stuff like that20:40
bioterroror decorations20:41
bioterrorhard to say20:41
dan_so how can I get this to not auto login?20:41
dan_is there a command line answer?20:42
szczurdan_, try to install lxde-common first20:42
szczurand then reboot20:42
szczurand say if it changed anything20:42
szczurhi bioterror20:43
bioterrorhi sz20:43
bioterrornice to have some backups in here :D20:43
bioterrorI havent set-up lxde from scratch20:44
dan_done. still mouse only20:45
szczurdoes it show any error messages? anything?20:47
dan_no errors20:47
bioterrordan, do you have in .xinitrc "exec startlxde"20:47
bioterrorfound some documents saying it could be okay20:49
dan_I think I understood.  when I ran that command, it got back a message that "a window manager is already running on screen 0"20:50
dan_Look, I'm willing to pursue this in the interest of science, but I don't want this to be a time suck.20:51
dan_I have nothing of importance on this machine yet20:51
bioterrorcan you say in terminal "sudo apt-get install lxde"20:51
dan_I can pull the cord at any time.20:52
dan_doing that now, bio20:53
dan_I assume I should reboot when finished, right?20:54
bioterroror logout and login20:55
bioterrorif you installed alot of stuff20:56
dan_rebooted. same. mouse only.20:57
dan_Look, I don't think this is worth our collective time.20:58
szczurdan_, can you tell me the content of /etc/xdg/lxsession/LXDE/desktop.conf20:58
szczurthe window_manager line20:58
szczurjust do cat /etc/xdg/lxsession/LXDE/desktop.conf20:58
bioterrorI think it's close to empty ;)21:00
szczurand make sure that in /etc/lxdm/lxdm.conf file in "session" line, you have /usr/bin/startlxde entry (and it is uncommented)21:01
szczurhmm, same for me21:01
dan_note, this is the only line under [session[21:01
szczuryeah, i know21:02
szczurcheck the /etc/lxdm/lxdm.conf file. if it says /usr/bin/startlxde in session then i'm out of ideas21:03
* szczur keeps finding himself on searching for filename autocompletion feature in IRC clients :P21:04
bioterrorweechat can complete... ;)21:04
dan_all I have in the /etc/lxdm directory is a "default.conf" file21:05
szczurso check contents of this file21:05
dan_sz, not sure what I'm looking for in this file. it's another short one21:07
szczurthere should be line looking like this > #session=/usr/bin/startlxde21:07
szczuruncomment it of course :)21:08
dan_the session line reads : "session=/usr/bin/startlubuntu"21:08
szczurchange it to /usr/bin/startlxde (just testing something)21:09
szczurif it change anything in behaviour21:09
szczuri hope for it21:10
szczurbioterror, maybe i'll cast weechat someday :)21:13
philHello all. Just wondering if I'm the only one that has this kinda luck... 10.04... Awesome... 10.10...  A few pooey glitches every now and then....21:13
dan_sz, I think I'm gonna bail. Just not worth everyone's time.21:15
dan_thanks for the help bioterror21:15
dan_if you're ever in the MSP, I'll buy you that beer21:16
bioterrorwe have lots of time ^__^21:17
bioterrorszczur, you should21:17
bioterrorszczur, you can be my wingman anytime! ;D21:24
dan_I'm out.  thanks again szczur and bioterror. you rock!21:29
bioterrorno problem21:29
bioterrordan_, if you get bored, play with morphos ;)21:29
dan_will do21:29
bioterrorit should be FAAAST21:29
bioterrorbut remember, it's Amiga ;)21:29
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gnewbHello, got the Marvel card to work, but is pitifully poor, so I ordered a Star Tech/?23:22
MrChrisDruifI don't know?23:22
MrChrisDruifAnyways, I'm off....ttyl23:22
gnewbokee dokee23:25
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