* wrst googles to see what lightspark is00:15
wrstcoz_: looks interesting have you tried it?00:15
coz_wrst,  not yet ... I was going to attemtp it from it's  PPA    but havent gotten around to it yet00:17
wrstlooks interesting hope it works, I might give that an attempt sometime00:17
coz_wrst,   yes it does sound interesting.. with    a dump feature for streaming stuff to a file could be nice00:18
* wrst exits for a while so natty can download updates00:21
dabbillis there a way to make it so that new windows open ontop of active windows?00:22
coz_dabbill,   I think that should happen by default!  is this unity or classic gnome00:23
dabbillcoz_, classic gnome00:24
dabbillcoz_, if i have say xchat open, and i try to open firefox it comes up behind xchat00:25
coz_dabbill,   ok me also.. let me check here to be sure00:25
dabbillcoz_, its really anoying lol00:25
coz_dabbill,  is it only firefox  doing this?00:25
dabbillcoz_, all programs00:26
coz_dabbill,  do you have compiz running also?00:26
dabbillcoz_, nope, just metacity with transparency00:26
coz_dabbill,   here it is opening  above xchat....  so something on that end...now to figure out what00:27
dabbillcoz_, and it does it with any combination of apps00:27
coz_dabbill,  just to besure  in terminal        metacity --replace & disown00:28
dabbillcoz_, [1] 1178300:29
dabbillbash: warning: deleting stopped job 1 with process group 1178300:29
dabbillcoz_, still opening behind the active window00:29
dabbillcoz_, firefox just opened behind my term window00:29
coz_dabbill,  mm  this is odd...00:29
coz_hold on00:29
dabbillcoz_, i thought i read somewhere that it was a bug, but i cant find it again to make sure i read it right00:30
dabbillcoz_, but all i know is its really annoying when i try to open downloads or something and it comes up behind my browser00:30
dabbillcoz_, if i click a blank spot in the desktop and open something it comes up on top, other wise it comes up in the #2 position, as in right behind the active window, but on top of the other inactive windows00:32
coz_dabbill,    I am puzzled... in compiz of course you can adjust the focue prevention... in metacity  ...  not sure let me check that hold on00:32
dabbillcoz_, okay thanks :)00:33
dabbillcoz_, i dont even think i have compiz installed, but i was really drunk the other night lol00:33
coz_dabbill,   this is ubuntu natty  yes?00:34
dabbillcoz_, yes00:34
coz_dabbill,  then compiz is installed and unless you chose  ubuntu classic desktop ( no effect)  compiz will start up automatically00:34
dabbillcoz_, yea i just checked, compiz is installed, but i select classic desktop at the login window, i hate unity00:35
dabbillcoz_, also on my Appearance Preferences i no longer have a visual effects tab.00:36
coz_dabbill,  well  if you chose "classic desktop"   instead of   "classic desktop (no effect)  then compiz starts up automatically00:36
coz_dabbill,   open gconf-editor  and maneuvr to   /apps/metacity/general  and see what is used under   "focus_mode"00:36
coz_dabbill,  also  in the same area   "focus_new_windows"00:37
dabbillcoz_, focus_mode = click and focus_new_window = smart00:37
coz_dabbill,  ok  you can try to delete the config folders and restart  to see if that fixes the issue        sudo  rm -R ~/{.gconf*,.gnome,.gnome2}00:38
coz_dabbill, or hit  ctrl+alt+F1   log in and run that command00:39
coz_dabbill,  then   sudo restart gdm00:39
dabbillcoz_, okay brb00:40
coz_dabbill,   any change?00:45
dabbill_coz_, thanks, that worked00:47
coz_dabbill_,   very cool :)00:47
dabbill_coz_, it even fixed it so that when i do ctrl+alt+f1 i can read my txt :P00:47
dabbill_coz_, tho i have one other issue but not sure if its in gnome or the theme i am running00:48
coz_dabbill_,  what is it?00:48
coz_dabbill_,  is it a white triangle ?00:49
dabbill_coz_, on the bottom right of both my pannels there is a little circle that brings up the the resizing arrow on my mouse but does nothing00:49
dabbill_coz_, but the little circle is ontop of my trash can and power button00:49
coz_mm  I am wondering if it is a part of this bug #70410500:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 704105 in gtk+2.0 (Ubuntu) "Resize grip always appears in bottom right of GTK+2.0 windows" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70410500:50
coz_dabbill_,   there is  a bug in gtk300:50
coz_dabbill_,  it may be related to t his00:50
dabbill_coz_, okay, wasnt a big deal just thought i would ask :)00:51
dabbill_coz_, just moved my trashcan and power button over slightly :)00:51
coz_dabbill_,   no problem... but i do think it may be related to that bug00:52
dabbill_coz_, okay00:52
dabbill_coz_, i am really just glad to be back on linux lol, spent way to much time in windows over the past couple years00:53
dabbill_coz_, natty seems really stable tho so far00:53
coz_dabbill_,   well I understand :)   and yes I agree... natty is a bit of a change but it seems it will stay on my system :)  unlike a few other versions00:53
dabbill_coz_, :( that bug is back00:54
coz_dabbill_,  oooo00:54
coz_dabbill_,   something is definitly up on that end... is this a clean install of natty or an upgrade from maverick?00:55
dabbill_coz_, clean install :(00:55
coz_dabbill_,  oo... mm  ,,  ok stick around here and ask again... I cant think of what is doing this...if the config is getting corrupted again00:56
dabbill_coz_, first time i copied my home folder over from a VMWare Player install but that caused a lot of issues so then i just did a fresh install and copied over like my pictures and such00:56
coz_dabbill_,  I doubt the image transfer created this issue00:56
dabbill_coz_, yea00:56
coz_dabbill_,   so stick around... ask a bit later... someone may have a better solution01:02
dabbill_coz_, tried off and on for a day or so and your the first to try and help heh01:04
dabbill_coz_, and in the normal channel no one will even try to help cause i am running natty01:05
coz_dabbill_,    right because natty is testing  not released   #ubuntu is just for released versions01:05
dabbill_coz_, i know, just thought some one would try and help if they could :)01:06
coz_dabbill_,  no its fairly strict in that channel about which versions are being supported01:07
coz_dabbill_,  keeps it more organized that way :)01:07
Adlai_argh when is this ayatana api change going to be done02:25
dabbillwhen i open a new window or program it opens behind the current active window, anyway to fix this?02:45
dabbillwhen i open a new window or program it opens behind the current active window, anyway to fix this?03:17
dabbillwhen i open a new window or program it opens behind the current active window, anyway to fix this?03:48
MTecknologySo.. somehow Firefox keeps reporting my default language is Romanian but the only language I know is English. It seems that it was fine up until 11.04. Any ideas why that would be happening?04:12
dabbill_when i open a new window or program it opens behind the current active window, anyway to fix this?04:30
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dabbillwhen i open a new window or program it opens behind the current active window, anyway to fix this?04:43
MTecknology!repeat | dabbill04:59
ubottudabbill: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/04:59
Adlai_ooh never mind yay upgrade is working05:04
hsa2i installed 11.04 daily beta from usb disk, but my grub was gone05:40
hsa2when grub comes, it says file not found05:40
hsa2then i tried reinstalling grub, with grub's command line05:40
hsa2after setting root (hd0,<partition_here>) i sat setup (hd0) but it says > http://pastie.org/147630905:41
dabbillthat might help with the error 15 your getting05:45
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eagles0513875hey guys10:13
* eagles0513875 is debating about upgrading to natty10:14
rorkIn kontact when I activate the akonadi_gcal_resource in Kontacts Calendar, Kontact becomes unresponsive for a while and then shows the following error: Unknown error: (Unable to fetch item from backend). Did anyone else observe this behaviour or could it be caused by me tinkling with the network?11:10
shottyhi all, can anyone tell me how easy it will be to remove unity and install the newest gnome shell in natty please11:24
bazhanglikely quite simple once it is further along11:25
bazhangshotty, currently Unity completely crashes for me, and gnome-shell won't install wanting something that can't be found11:26
eagles0513875hey bazhang11:27
shottybazhang: I have used unity on the NBR and tbh, i hated it. Although, i have heard it will be much better in natty. So i will watch this space as i know that ubuntu devs usually have a way of making things just work. and i usually come round to all new implementations11:27
bazhangshotty, it is much better, there is an rss feed to watch natty changes as they happen11:27
bazhangshotty, well better theoretically (as it still crashes 100% of the time for me)11:28
shottybazhang i will see if i can find the rss feed11:30
bazhangshotty, search terms natty changes rss feed got it for me11:30
shottybazhang is that from the ubuntuforums?11:31
bazhangshotty, no, an rss feed (webpage) dedicated to natty changes11:31
shottybazhang http://feeds.ubuntu-nl.org/NattyChanges11:31
bazhangshotty, bingo11:32
shottybazhang brilliant! i just added it to my igoogle.11:34
eagles0513875bazhang: your not a kde user as well are you?11:35
bazhangeagles0513875, sure11:36
eagles0513875hows the plasma netbook version of natty turning out11:36
eagles0513875Maverick damn thing was soooo slow11:36
eagles0513875i reverted my install to the normal kde layout11:37
bazhangeagles0513875, no idea not running the netbook version11:37
eagles0513875tbh im starting at times to think plasma is a bit like flash on that desktop11:38
eagles0513875how is natty shaping up at this stage bazhang11:41
bazhangeagles0513875, very fast11:41
eagles0513875is it quite buggy?11:42
bazhangits alpha one, what do you expect11:42
eagles0513875to be quite buggy im tempted to try it on my netbook11:43
eagles0513875also curious to see if there is a rather strange issue i had11:43
eagles0513875for some reason when i install maverick on this netbook it didnt install grub to the MBR of the HDD but to the MBR of my usb drive11:48
tom___Hi. I'm trying to get a privately assigned IP on my eth012:14
tom___after DHCP times out. I assume thats avahi's job12:14
tom___should zero conf networking work out of the box12:15
eagles0513875tom___: you trying to get it from a router or dhcp server?12:19
eagles0513875tom___: can you pastebin your /etc/network/interfaces file plz12:20
tom___im running a small network lab and require a 169.254 address12:20
tom___i assumed my ubuntu machine would self assign itself one once dhcp timed out12:20
tom___ahh boom done it12:21
tom___i ran sudo dhclient eth012:21
tom___now theres an eth0:avahi interface12:21
tom___ubuntu networking works in mysterious ways12:21
eagles0513875haha very12:24
eagles0513875dont forget you might experience issues since your on natty12:24
tom___yeah thanks12:24
eagles0513875no problemo12:24
tom___I run 10.10 on my server. had some good fun setting up the networking on that!!12:24
tom___I'm running PPPoE and vlan interfaces12:24
eagles0513875i use the /etc/network/interfaces file12:25
eagles0513875for mine12:25
tom___yeah, no GUI on the server12:25
eagles0513875even on kde i use that file as welll12:25
eagles0513875ya i have lucid on my server12:25
tom___I dont quite understand the relationship between /etc/network/interfaces the scripts that ifup invokes12:26
tom___they seem to call on different configs12:26
tom___so ifup eth0 might sometimes complain an interface doesnt exist12:27
tom___but if its entered into /etc/ then ifconfig eth0 up will work12:27
eagles0513875tom___: havent had that issue12:27
tom___I think I mess too much :D12:28
eagles0513875with the file being in /etc/network though12:28
eagles0513875tom___: do you upgrade from one release to the next12:29
eagles0513875cuz i have always had nothing but major issues with it12:29
eagles0513875with doing that12:29
tom___only on my work netbook12:29
tom___server has been 10.10 from fresh12:29
eagles0513875speaking of netbooks12:30
eagles0513875i had a funny issue when cleanly installing mav on mine12:30
eagles0513875did you have the issue where it installed grub in the wrong location12:30
tom___hm I don't think so12:30
eagles0513875for me grub was installed to the MBR on my usb drive instead of to the hard disk12:30
eagles0513875so i couldnt boot unless i had the pen drive inserted12:30
tom___hah no way12:31
tom___I installed mine over the net I seem to remember12:31
tom___the advantage of being on an educational network ;)12:31
eagles0513875i think i did the same for it12:32
eagles0513875gonna try natty i think on here12:32
tom___some fany new GUI stuff going on12:34
tom___lots of updates every day12:35
eagles0513875gonna try out 4.612:35
tom___whats that?12:36
rorkI just had a full partition due to ~/.kde/share/apps/nepomuk/repository/main/soprano-virtuoso.log being filled up with what seems like the same line over and over again. I had to delete the file and reboot to get a (sort of) working OS again but I think some damage might have been don. E.G. when starting System Monitor I get "The file ~/.kde/share/apps/ksysguard/ProcessTable.sgrd does not contain valid XML."12:42
rorkIt doesn't seem to happen now, the process seems to have lasted for a couple of hours. I suggest KDE users to check their free disk space or this file.12:49
g0bl1nhi, I have a Asus 1215N with NVidia ION2 and OPTIMUS. This is 2 cards inside, one from Intel, and the powerfull other one from Nvidia. Nvidia proprietary drivers seem not to be working in 10.10 in NVIDIA OPTIMUS. Will this change in 11.04 ?14:08
DaekdroomWhen it comes to progressbars, update-manager always gets worse and worse.14:08
dupondjegnome3 will be added to Natty or ?15:15
Daekdroomdupondje, it will15:23
dupondjebut its not available now ?15:24
Daekdroomdupondje, it's technically still not released15:27
DaekdroomThe package versions are 2.91 by now or something, which is the development version before 3.015:27
dupondjebut those packages are not default in Natty now ?15:29
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popeyanyone running unity want to test something really quick and easy for me before I file a bug?15:49
trinikronounity keeps reseting?15:51
trinikronoi had to run it in qt15:52
FloridaGuydoes 11.04 have a lot of bugs right now...or is it a pretty solid alpha16:09
trinikronoit works fine for me16:10
trinikronojust the 3d does work too good yet16:10
trinikrono* does not16:10
trinikronogo brave :D16:10
FloridaGuyive used alot of alpha's over the years....think ill test 11.0416:12
DaekdroomUnity-qt looks dull to me :(16:15
genii-aroundLatest update I did about 5 minutes ago uninstalled the proprietary nvidia driver and nouveau hung machine... had to boot single with networking and manually reinstall nvidia-current16:15
genii-around( back up now though, obviously )16:15
Daekdroomoooooo LibreOffice 3.3rc3 is available in the repos16:16
FloridaGuytrinikrono: witch is better....update-manager -d or do-release-upgrade -d....... altF2    brings up command box...the i put in update-manager -d    hit enter..and nothing happens16:17
trinikronouse the terminal16:19
trinikronoor  put gnome-terminal in the alt+f2 box16:19
trinikronoi would boot the iso if i where you16:19
dupondjeDaekdroom: in a ppa or ? :)16:28
BluesKajgenii-around, yeah , I had to do that as well, then also had to use the recovery kernel and fix broken packages dialog to bootin16:31
Daekdroomdupondje, official repos16:38
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DaekdroomCompiz package got an update.18:19
DaekdroomMaybe it'll fix Unity, maybe it'll blow up my system..18:19
DaekdroomWho knows..18:19
charlie-tcaTo really break it, change video cards between nvidia and ati a few times without reinstalling18:31
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nysosymhi there19:03
nysosymwhat's the mac iso for?19:04
nysosymas far as i know, there isn't a mac with amd processor19:04
patdk-wkamd? I though it said 64bit19:05
rww"amd64" is the name of a processor architecture that works on amd64 and Intel 64.19:06
DaekdroomIntel EMT64, to be accurate19:10
DaekdroomIntel also has fully 64bits processors19:11
duffoloniousheh, when I make a CompizConfig Settings Manager change - compiz segfaults19:11
duffoloniousin libsigc19:12
jakubohi, i wonder if only MY laptop hard drives are slow19:21
jakubocan anyone confirm that his are slow too?19:21
jakuboslow in terms of 30MB throughput while reading19:22
jakuboanyone here?19:48
charlie-tcabut it doesn't seem like any one else has that issue19:55
ubottuA schedule of Natty Narwhal (11.04) release milestones can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NattyReleaseSchedule19:58
DaekdroomAww. We're already past DebianImportFreeze19:59
nysosymi tried to boot the actual natty daily, but all i got was an empty window19:59
nysosym(Macbook Pro)19:59
DaekdroomYesterday's daily had a faulty ubiquity (partitioner was crashing libparted)19:59
DaekdroomBut I believe it has been fixed.19:59
nysosymfine, but ubiquity wont start :/20:00
nysosymjust an empty window20:00
yofelDaekdroom: you can file manual sync / merge requests from debian until feature freeze20:01
nysosymi have the feeling, that ubuntu get worse every release20:01
BluesKajnysosym, sorry to hear that you think that , but natty so far has been very stable for my setup , not one crash20:04
* Amaranth gets intel GPU hangs20:05
Amaranththen again I'm poking at the internals of how compiz draws stuff to the screen so I guess I could be doing something weird to it :)20:05
djusticeubuntu is getting corporate!! :p you must bend and code to someone else's will..20:05
djusticeyou def dont do this for fun anymore..20:05
nysosymand i think there is no need to work in a terminal to get your system to work20:06
djusticeit gets 'worse' until some serious money goes somewhere for something.. eg, unity, ayatanya, utools20:06
djusticeimho, the problem is the packaging scheme.. not a single packager knows lintian top to bottom.. or that last change to the debian pkg standard..20:07
djusticetoo complex..20:07
djusticetoo much work to maintain..20:07
AmaranthThe packaging scheme is how we can do what we do20:07
djusticecrash, conflict, and regress. ;)20:08
AmaranthI haven't found a better system, the others aren't as complex but don't do as much either20:08
AmaranthAnd for the simple cases handled by those others we have simplified packaging setups20:08
jakuboshould i file a bug about hard drive speed then?20:09
jakubothere are plenty of forums about slow sata drives20:09
AmaranthEven the packaging for something like compiz is pretty simple: http://paste.ubuntu.com/555948/20:09
yofeljakubo: feel free to do so, use 'ubuntu-bug linux'20:10
Amaranth_really_ simple packages only need those last two lines20:10
djusticelol! that is not simple.. but ok. im away. apologies for trolling.. rly tho... makepkg.20:11
Amaranthjakubo: I have a feeling you're seeing https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1230920:11
ubottubugzilla.kernel.org bug 12309 in Block Layer "Large I/O operations result in poor interactive performance and high iowait times" [High,Reopened]20:11
djusticepacman sucks. but makepkg wins. dh_foo can burn in hell..20:11
Amaranthdjustice: makepkg is "simple to use, simple system"20:11
Amaranthdjustice: what you seem to want is "simple to use, complex system"20:12
Amaranthwhich no one has20:12
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DarxusWhat's the difference between this channel and #ubuntu-testing ?20:15
DaekdroomDarxus, #ubuntu-testing is for ISO testing, apparently.20:16
charlie-tcathis is for support for Ubuntu development version20:16
DarxusHuh, okay.20:16
charlie-tcaand has people in it that answer questions.20:16
Amaranthdjustice: dude you said ours was complex, look at the makepkg one: http://projects.archlinux.org/svntogit/community.git/tree/compiz/repos/community-i686/PKGBUILD20:16
charlie-tcaduring actual ISO testing, people in #ubuntu-testing are very helpful, but most of the time, they aren't available.20:17
DarxusWhat's the situation with running natty under virtualbox?  In virtualbox 4 on maverick, the installer keeps hanging around "Preparing to install Ubuntu", both with the version from the maverick repos, and the maverick version from the virtualbox site.20:17
djusticeAmaranth: that's 3 diff pkgz... and how is it complex? i don't see any python calls or sed -nr stuff.. no dh_autoconfig mess..20:18
djusticesimple buildsystem and make calls...20:18
djusticepkgbuilds are bash20:18
charlie-tcaDarxus: let me try it. I haven't run today's images yet20:18
djusticebtw, chakra is rewriting pacman.. 'correctly'.20:19
Amaranthdjustice: the dh stuff is "do all that build stuff for me", the script I posted builds compiz, compiz-core, compiz-plugins, compiz-gnome, compiz-kde, libdecoration0, and libdecoration0-dev20:19
charlie-tcaDarxus: Is that the daily-live or alternate image?20:19
Amaranthdjustice: and the sed stuff is because we care about integrating with the GNOME desktop so copy the metacity settings20:19
Darxuscharlie-tca: That was a daily iso.20:19
Darxushttp://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/natty-desktop-amd64.iso from yesterday.20:20
djusticestill.. the debian reference is too much to grok. bash is not.20:20
djusticearch/chakra make 20 pkgbuilds to every deb..20:20
charlie-tcathat has issues today.20:20
Amaranthdjustice: a "debian" package that didn't care about cloning metacity settings would be 13 lines20:20
Amaranthdjustice: it's a makefile20:20
charlie-tcathey worked yesterday, but I think they broke again20:20
Amaranthdjustice: If you don't understand makefiles you shouldn't be making packages anywhere for anything20:20
djusticei know.. ;)20:20
charlie-tcaDarxus: ^ ^ ^20:20
Darxuscharlie-tca: Okay, cool, thanks.20:20
DarxusShould I try alpha1?20:21
djusticepoint is: that way is too complex. the entry bar is too high.20:21
charlie-tcaDarxus: being alpha images, they break often now. You can try alpha120:21
djusticeuser joe could look at my pkgbuild and maybe tell me what's wrong with it.. having never seen one before, but knowing bash..20:21
DarxusYeah, I understand.  Thanks.20:21
djusticekk, im gone! *poof*20:21
nysosymis 3d support possible with virtualbox4?20:21
Amaranthdjustice: how is #!/usr/bin/make -f\n %:\n dh $@ complex?20:22
charlie-tcanysosym: only with guest additions installed20:22
Amaranthdjustice: that's all a lot of packages need, at least packages made on the same level as anything arch does20:22
Amaranthdjustice: Again, it's complex because we're doing complex things :)20:22
charlie-tcaDarxus: is that before disk partitioning?20:24
Darxuscharlie-tca: Yes, I believe so.  It's still at saying please ensure you have 2.6gb free....20:24
charlie-tcaDarxus: Went through for me. I am at the "Who are you? " screen20:25
charlie-tcaHow big is the virtual drive you gave it?20:25
Amaranthdjustice: also that arch package isn't even doing the right thing :)20:26
Darxuscharlie-tca: I'm trying today's image now.  The virtual drive was the default 8gb.20:26
charlie-tcaMine is installing here, using 12GB drive and told it to use the entire drive20:27
Darxuscharlie-tca: It's gotten farther on today's image than it did on yesterday's image.20:28
charlie-tcaDarxus: It does default to spitting the drive now, you might have to tell it to use the entire drive instead20:28
charlie-tcaOkay, good. Day to day the images are broken right now, since it is still early in the cycle20:29
DarxusMakes sense, thanks for your help.20:29
charlie-tcaYou are welcome20:29
charlie-tcagood luck with natty20:29
DarxusHeh, "The installer encountered an unrecoverable error.  A desktop session will now be run...."20:30
djusticelol ;)20:30
DarxusThanks.  I'm trying to see what the situation is for building wayland.20:30
jakubois there a mdadm channel i could bother?20:40
DarxusMy current theory is that the best option is to install with alpha 1, and *not* "download updates while installing".20:47
DarxusBecause upgrading libc failed.20:47
DarxusIs virtualbox the best free option for installing natty on a virtual machine?20:48
yofelmaybe bug 680328 - I see that with muon and libc-bin20:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 680328 in dpkg (Ubuntu Natty) "Many postinst scripts fail using either AptDaemon, PackageKit, or QApt" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/68032820:49
yofelDaekdroom: probably, I use kvm, but I don't care about 3D graphics20:49
Darxusyofel: Thanks.  What's the safest way to do upgrades?  apt-get?20:49
yofelusually update-manager will work fine, if it fails try apt-get20:50
DaekdroomTab completion is a bless and a curse, isn't it?20:50
yofelI use aptitude, but that's personal preference20:50
yofelDaekdroom: oooops, sorry :D20:50
DaekdroomI know how it is.20:50
jakubomdadm... is there anyone to refer to?20:53
Darxusjakubo: Mailing list?20:53
jakuboi mean in chat20:54
DarxusI know.  I doubt it.  The list is http://vger.kernel.org/vger-lists.html#linux-raid20:55
DaekdroomIt annoys the hell out of me that pidgin shows up twice at indicator-messages and liferea's indicator doesn't work :(21:56
DarxusNatty sure is... in early developement :)22:01
BUGabundoevening buddies22:04
DarxusWow, I got aptitude dist-upgrade to finish cleanly.22:13
DarxusAfter removing brltty-x11 and brltty.22:13
DarxusAnd rebooting gives me nothing but a background.  But at least ctrl-alt-t still brings up a terminal.22:16
charlie-tcaIt still has issues :-(22:16
DarxusIt still seems like a fine time for that.22:19
sam-_-which kernel will natty use?22:30
yofel2.6.38 according to the UDS summary22:31
sam-_-yofel: ok. thx22:32
alex_mayorgaI nuked my panels by mistake :( How do I get them back?23:09
rorkalex_mayorga: which window manager?23:11
alex_mayorgarork: gnome23:12
duffolonious alex_mayorga: I just run Compiz again23:12
rorkno idea unfortunately23:12
alex_mayorgaduffolonious: my card doesn't quite like compiz23:12
duffoloniousI think you can go back to classic gnome panel23:13
duffoloniousby selecting the right session on login23:13
Darxusalex_mayorga: Just run gnome-panel ?23:17
Darxusalex_mayorga: FYI, "gnome" is not a window manager.  The window manager that ships with gnome is metacity.23:18
DaekdroomBut classic gnome is using compiz as well by default.23:19
alex_mayorgaDarxus: thanks on enlightening me23:21
DarxusYou're welcome.23:21
alex_mayorgawell both the upper and lower panels are gone23:21
alex_mayorgathis is on classic gnome with no compiz as far as I know23:21
ubottuTo reset the gnome panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »23:22
DaekdroomTry that and then running the gnome-panel command23:22
alex_mayorgaDaekdroom: thanks!23:23
DaekdroomNo problem.23:24
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