erkan^hajour, ken je http://www.tactileview.com/ ?15:28
erkan^This programma I want make a pictogram for deafblindness boy, but that doesn't support under Linux. do you know another program ?15:29
AlanBellmeeting this evening isn't it?15:30
PendulumAlanBell: yes15:31
erkan^hello AlanBell and Pendulum 15:31
Pendulumhi erkan^ 15:39
PendulumI don't know any software for linux that does what tactile view does, but I may not be searching for the correct things. (Also, that website is incredibly confusing for finding the information you need to know anything about it)15:43
Pendulumerkan^: not the same, but similar http://odt2braille.sourceforge.net/15:44
erkan^i go see15:44
erkan^i know that, but i search a pictogram (or self drawing), when i have drawing, than i go this make by the swellpaper. do you know a swellpaper, Pendulum ?15:46
Pendulumerkan^: yeah, I'm not sure if there's something exactly like textileview for linux15:48
Pendulumerkan^: I'd suggest asking on a couple e-mail lists if anyone knows anything15:49
erkan^that is good, thank you 15:49
Pendulumand leet me see if I can find a good list for blind or deaf/blind linux stuff15:50
erkan^http://mail.gnome.org/mailman/listinfo/gnome-accessibility-list 15:51
erkan^i go register that too15:51
Pendulumjono: are we on for our call tomorrow since we've somehow managed to miss so many?15:53
jonoPendulum, sure15:53
Pendulumjono: 2:30 PST, right?15:54
jonoPendulum, I am always available :-)15:54
jonoyep :-)15:54
Pendulumawesome :)15:54
hajourhai all sorry for being so late but i was to the checker final contest from my youngest daughter16:02
hajourPendulum,  i am busy with to set up a other program what is related on the speechcontrol program16:04
PendulumPendulum: oh?16:04
Pendulumhajour: oh?16:04
hajourbut i will not go lead i  want tenach will go lead it16:05
hajoursound vibration alphabet program for deaf16:06
hajourit will make possible that deaf people also can use the speechcontrol program16:06
hajourso give commands from distance16:07
hajouri am already talking with others i have asked 3 people who are deaf and they where very interested to16:07
Pendulumhajour: can I make a suggestion that you get the core bits working before you plan everything else? Having large ideas for things you want to get done is great, but focus on the first things first16:08
hajourits not starting yet16:08
hajourbut busy to make the base plan16:08
hajourand ask we are interested who want to work on it in a few months16:09
hajourover a few months 16:09
hajourbah had first the wrong words16:09
PendulumI knew that you meant. I love your enthusiasm, I just don't want you to take on more than you can do and have it take longer than you expect and then get discouraged16:10
hajouri thought this time better to do it different the beginning then i did by speechcontrol16:10
hajourno no worry.speechcontrol first  need to be on end from being ready16:11
Pendulumokay :)16:11
hajourwithout that the vibration program can do almost nothing16:11
hajourjust wanted to know what you think about the idea16:12
PendulumI think it's complicated16:12
erkan^hey hajour (-:16:12
hajourwell they have say that to about speechcontrol :D16:12
hajourhai erkan^  :)16:12
PendulumI don't know of any software open source or proprietary that would be able to understand the sort of accent most deaf people I know (who have been deaf from birth)16:12
Pendulumheck, proprietary voice recognition software generally can't understand my slur when I get tired16:13
Pendulumand it's pretty mild16:13
hajourwell ttought to first let drop this program here on ubuntu and on schools for deaf16:13
hajourwhen its working16:14
hajourwell thats wher we working on to Pendulum  with the speechprogram16:14
PendulumI mostly think it's all (speechcontrol and then the vibration program) going to take quite a long time to get really working16:14
hajourmm no you will see tomorrow in the meeting16:15
Pendulumtomorrow or Friday?16:15
Pendulumokay, just double checking16:15
hajoursorry had looked wrong16:15
hajouri got today a meeting tomorrow and day after16:16
Pendulumalthough I'm not 100% sure I'll be able to make that meeting (i've had something come up that if I'm healthy enough to do, is important for me to go to)16:16
MichelleQhi all.  :-)16:16
Pendulumhajour: there's an ubuntu accessibility meeting today16:16
PendulumMichelleQ: hiya16:16
hajourwell there is always the meeting logs Pendulum 16:16
hajouryes i know16:16
hajourthats the 1from today16:16
Pendulumjust wanted to make sure you were aware :)16:16
hajourhai MichelleQ :)16:17
hajouri use tomboy know16:17
hajourall meetings on and to do16:17
hajourbusy wek this week with meetings16:17
hajourwek = week16:18
hajouri was sick yesterday still a little16:18
hajouri had get medicine but have get bad reaction on it16:18
hajouri was 2 hours past out16:19
hajourand after that i was talking like a drunk16:19
hajouri know Pendulum :) and thank you for that16:19
hajourbut i am fine now again its not something really bad16:20
hajourso no worry16:20
hajouryou don't come rid of me so easy XD16:20
Pendulumhajour: glad you're feeling better16:21
hajouri will stay nagging lol16:21
hajouryes thank you Pendulum .hope its going a bit with you know16:21
hajournow i mean16:21
hajouronly my writhing is still a bit fuzzy16:22
hajourso if i have to say something in the meeting plz have a bit patient with me its not so fast on the moment.often first need to making improvements before i can enter16:23
erkan^I go eat Turkish pizza  laterss (-:16:29
hajourlater erkan^ 16:30
Pendulumhajour: no problem. if we're going too fast for you, just let us know or put in a place holder saying "I have something to say"16:31
hajourplace holder?16:31
Pendulumjust say something so we know you're typing a response16:31
Pendulumsometimes our meetings go quite fast with lots of people typing quickly so that'll hopefully get us to slow down a little if you're trying to get an opinion in16:33
hajouro Pendulum  i not want 2 busy programs at the same time.i am learning also here to improve my English with classes and also class from python programming and math16:38
MichelleQhajour: if you need any help with your English, let me know.  :-)  I'll be happy to help you.16:39
hajouri don't want to do it 50 % only if i can give 100% there by there are more people here who can lead a program and to have chance16:39
hajourok thank you MichelleQ :)16:40
Pendulumhajour: I understand that. It's why I cut back my Ubuntu involvement to be pretty much just the accessibility team when I used to do about 10 other things as well.16:41
hajouri am busy to make essay for English class I want to try it to have finish Sunday16:41
Pendulumhajour: I'm also happy to help with English stuff :)16:41
PendulumI think MichelleQ and I are the two resident English majors around ;-)16:41
hajourgreat because i really want to go back to school 1 day .But I think it will be at least over  6 years.16:43
hajourbecause it cost a real lot of money16:43
* proudhawk is finally awake16:44
hajourso I try so much to learn I can 16:44
Pendulumhajour: you will do that and I will slowly plug along at trying to learn Dutch and you will still graduate from school before I reasonably know Dutch ;-)16:44
hajourhai proudhawk :)16:44
erkan^I want learn English language16:44
Pendulumerkan^: your English is already far better than any other language I "speak"16:45
proudhawkso? this is an interesting way to have a conversation.16:45
Pendulumhi proudhawk :)16:45
erkan^ow really?16:46
hajourI had a offer from university to come learn for master classes16:46
hajourbut have turned it down16:46
Pendulumgah, I just went on livemocha to review the Dutch I started to learn and they've changed all their lesson plans so I have to start all over again :-/16:47
MichelleQha, I attempted to learn Spanish.  It was a disaster.16:48
PendulumI really want Rosetta Stone for Dutch, but it's too expensive :(16:48
PendulumI have to say this Live Mocha is better than it was 18 months ago16:49
Pendulumjust harder16:49
proudhawkspanish is easy. now chinese, thats hard16:49
Pendulumand I really wish I had a way to get feedback on pronunciation16:49
hajourit was a offer for Organization Development 16:50
hajourwell i can learn it to you Pendulum  dutch i mean16:51
Pendulumhajour: I appreciate that. thanks :)16:52
hajouri really was shocked i saw the cost of that almost 12000 euro16:52
Pendulumhajour: I know. It's ridiculously expensive, but everyone I know who has tried it found it really amazingly good to use (and it is cheaper than a course).16:53
PendulumLiveMocha is similar, excpet it's a website and free :)16:53
Pendulumand much more open as courses are written by people who use the site16:53
hajourif you have again a bit looked in hyour books and you think you will begin just let me know Pendulum 16:53
hajourwithout the h16:54
Pendulumhajour: what I think I will really need is in a few weeks as I get farther along and a little more confident is if you'd be willing to chat on skype or something and just listen to me be boring and correct pronunciation :)16:54
Pendulumand don't be afraid to bug me about it because I am really shy about languages I'm learning and hate to speak with native speakers because I know I'll get it wrong16:55
proudhawkinstead of listening, you 2 should just have a conversation. you'll learn faster that way16:55
Pendulumproudhawk: I have to get to the point where I know enough to have a conversation ;-)16:56
hajourlol i don't find you boring Pendulum :)16:56
Pendulumhajour: I meant I'm likely to want you to listen to me repeat randome words and phrases and correct my pronunciation16:56
Pendulumlearning the words is easy, saying them is hard16:56
hajourhehe you don't want to hear  me talking English16:57
proudhawkso? its takes just a little learning and hearing the words to start getting conversational. hell, I've been out of the german language for 25 years and I am picking it back up on account of my tandem partner16:57
hajourmy English speaking is been called stone coal mine English XD so be prepared17:00
hajourI have a real Amsterdam accent what not sound very nice when i speak English17:00
Pendulumhajour: I've been to Amsterdam so I know what the accent sounds like when speaking English. I don't find it bad17:01
hajourhehe you no Amsterdams jordaan accent?17:02
hajouro had not see the line from proudhawk .rude from me not to answer17:03
hajourPendulum,  your name and from proudhawk have the same colour.17:05
Pendulumhajour: vaguely. I've mostly spent my time in the center of the city, but I've walked through Jordaan. Last time I was there (2 years ago :( ) my friends and I rented a house/appartment on Singel 17:06
hajoura ok17:06
Pendulummy father actually always stays in the Jordaan when he's in Amsterdam, though17:06
Pendulum(we were at the corner of Singel either Huidenstraat or Wolvenstraat, though, when my friends and I rented the place)17:07
Pendulum*Singel and17:07
hajouryou know its very expensive there. if you just rent a home 5 km further the price already go way down from rent17:07
erkan^have i understad good that evenig is here a meeting? I see just to topic? :S17:08
hajouryes erkan^ 17:08
hajourfor us is the time 22:00 then the meeting start17:09
Pendulumyeah, we were there for a specific event and I didn't pick the place, but it was convenient for where we were spending msot of our time. Also, I'm still a little nervous about getting around Amsterdam with my wheelchair17:09
erkan^who are a present? 17:09
hajourerkan^,  ^^17:09
Pendulumerkan^: anyone who wants to be at the meeting can be there :)17:09
Pendulumwe have open meetings :)17:09
hajourPendulum, i was in a wheelchair 7 months when i lived in amsterdam17:10
erkan^what is a subject for a meeting? :p17:10
hajouri almost not been outside in that time17:10
Pendulumerkan^: plan is to get status updates on things we've been working on, I'm hoping hajour will give a brief intro to speech control for those who don't know anything about it and then anything else people want to bring up17:11
hajourbad side walks with holes in it17:11
* Pendulum fixes the agenda page17:11
hajourok pendulum17:11
hajouri need to go cooking and spend some time with the kids.then prepare on the meeting.i hope jacky will come to then17:13
hajourhe knows more the technical side (program things)17:13
erkan^eet smakelijk (-:17:14
erkan^= bon appetit17:15
hajourthank you erkan^  and you to erkan^  enjoy your Turkish pizza :)17:15
erkan^(-: 17:15
hajourtill later all17:15
Pendulumhajour: have fun with the kids :)17:17
UndiFineDPendulum: I wont make it to the meeting tonight ... I have been awake since 5am and a meeting at 22.00 is too late for me18:51
erkan^which countrie is 07:00 UTC ?18:54
erkan^"Coordinated Universal Time (abbreviated UTC)[1]| is the time standard by which the world regulates clocks and time." - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UTC :P18:58
UndiFineDok 4.00 am utc - 21.00 pm utc I am up and awake, 21.00 utc is too late for me to start a meeting19:02
erkan^wow very net*split :P20:37
JackyAlcinean half hour.20:38
charlie-tcamuch harder to discuss things with these netsplits20:39
Pendulumhopefully they'll have calmed down by the time the meeting starts :)20:40
erkan^where are you from?20:44
JackyAlcine^^ erkan^20:47
erkan^i don't matter20:48
erkan^because i don't know what is time for #ubuntu-accessibility20:48
charlie-tcaerkan^: it is now 20:49 UTC, the meeting here is in 11 minutes20:49
erkan^thank you20:51
Pendulumerkan^: UTC is currently the same as the time in the UK20:52
erkan^Here is 21:5320:53
PendulumI think I've been following jono on twitter too long. I've started picking up some of his tone in my tweets...20:54
erkan^wow (-:20:55
MichelleQam i late?20:55
Pendulumnope :)20:55
Pendulumyou're early even20:55
AlanBellhi MichelleQ 20:56
MichelleQoh, good!20:56
MichelleQit's been an ... erm... interesting afternoon20:56
hajouro/ waving20:56
Pendulumbtw, if anyone on twitter wants to RT: https://twitter.com/colona13/status/2783112353493811220:56
AlanBellrock on Pendulum 20:57
JackyAlcineThree minutes. :D20:57
PendulumAlanBell: :P20:57
erkan^are you from USA, Pendulum  ?20:58
Pendulumerkan^: yes20:58
erkan^nice 20:58
* erkan^ is from the Netherland20:58
MichelleQPendulum: RT done.  :-)20:58
erkan^I am staying in Turkey by family now20:59
PendulumMichelleQ: I didn't know you were on twitter!20:59
JackyAlcineSo. it's 21:00.21:00
PendulumTheMuso: are you around?21:00
Pendulumlet's begin21:01
meetingologyMeeting started Wed Jan 19 21:01:03 2011 UTC.  The chair is Pendulum. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/AlanBell.21:01
meetingologyUseful Commands: #topic #action #link #idea #voters #vote #chair #action #agreed #help #info #endmeeting.21:01
* charlie-tca seems to be here21:01
TheMusoGood timing too, just finished breakfast. :)21:01
Pendulumcan everyone else who is here just give a handraise or something :)21:01
Pendulumokay agenda can be found at: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Accessibility/Team/MeetingAgenda21:02
PendulumI'm sorry we've not had a meeting in over 2 months, I was ill and just didn't get around to getting one organised.21:03
Pendulumfirst item21:03
Pendulum#topic Status Update on Personas21:03
meetingologyTOPIC: Status Update on Personas21:03
PendulumI know AlanBell has been working on personas and that hajour and others have helped21:03
PendulumAlanBell: what's the current plan of attack?21:03
AlanBellok, so faisal is pretty much done21:04
AlanBellneeds to be released to the world21:04
AlanBellI was going to put it in a blog post with an explaination of the whole project21:04
AlanBelland also do a glossy PDF of it to match the Canonical ones21:04
AlanBellI had a go at that in inkscape, but I am not sure it is the right tool for the job21:05
AlanBellthen we will go through the other personas and bring them up to the same standards21:05
PendulumAlanBell: maybe e-mail Charline for suggestions on what they've used for the official design team personas software-wise?21:06
AlanBellgood idea21:07
AlanBellalthough I have a fear that it will be something proprietary21:07
Pendulumthe other person who might have an idea is doctormo21:07
Pendulumor he might know how to make inkscape do it21:07
AlanBellreally good idea21:07
PendulumAlanBell: can I give it to you as an action item?21:07
Pendulum#action AlanBell to contact Charline and/or doctormo about software for doing the finished design of personas21:08
meetingologyACTION: AlanBell to contact Charline and/or doctormo about software for doing the finished design of personas21:08
Pendulumis there anything else personas related that needs to be discussed?21:08
AlanBellnot from me21:09
Pendulumanyoen else?21:10
Pendulumnext item21:11
Pendulum#topic Development Status Update21:11
meetingologyTOPIC: Development Status Update21:11
TheMusoOk development can be summed up in a few points:21:11
TheMuso* api from egalia is helping with unity atk work at the low level.21:11
TheMusoRodrigo from Canonical is helping with unity panel a11y work.21:12
TheMusoMy focus is the platform experience as a whole, focusing on people who use screen readers and magnificatino, but where possible, advising for other disabilities as well. Be sure I'll be asking here if there are questions I cannot answer for such disability groups.21:12
TheMusoUnity itself has low level atk work partially complete. SOme work is still ongoing with unity and the nux toolkit to retrieve needed information about some nux widgts via unity. Focusing of launcher icons et al is also in progress.21:13
TheMusoKeyboard navigation is being worked on by someone in DX, and should be finished shortly.21:13
Pendulumgreat :)21:13
MichelleQsounds like good progress21:14
PendulumTheMuso: are they just using onboard for now as the onscreen keyboard (I got confused when there was a UDS session about on screen keyboards, but no decision)21:14
TheMusoI need to have a look at the launcher this next week and from the work thats done so far, try and make a design proposal as to how accessibility behavior should happen. Not too sure about thsi myself actually, just got an email about that this morning.21:14
TheMusoPendulum: onboard is staying where it is for now.21:14
Pendulumlet us know if there's anything anyone here can do to help!21:15
TheMusoAs to other things I am looking at, there is improving indicator accessibility which is currently in progress, as well as improving the entire desktop a11y experience where possible.21:15
TheMusoThis means that I am looking at getting the latest evince in for PDF accessibility, and I am working closely with the orca folk to make sure webkit support is in tip top shape.21:15
MichelleQI'm ready for testing, whenever it gets to that point.  :-) 21:16
TheMusoPendulum: Will do, but I think things are well in hand atm.21:16
Pendulumgreat :)21:16
TheMusoRight, hoefully we will have something that more users can test in the coming weeks.21:16
TheMusoThe code is still fresh and somewhat unstable though I believe, haven't tried it myself yet, but I will be looking at that today.21:16
MichelleQjust holler when you're ready.  :-)  21:16
TheMusoWill do, don't worry.21:16
TheMusoIt will likely be announced once a new release with the accessibility bits is made into natty proper.21:17
* Pendulum suspects that there will be proclomations from the rooftops when we can start testing ;-)21:17
MichelleQ:-D  21:17
TheMusoThats all from me.21:17
Pendulum#topic Ubuntu Accessibility Team Blog21:18
meetingologyTOPIC: Ubuntu Accessibility Team Blog21:18
Pendulumwe now have a blog at http://ubuntuaccessibility.wordpress.com/21:18
Pendulumit has nothing on it21:18
MichelleQPendulum: awesome!21:18
PendulumWe're on wordpress so that it's easy for me to add people who can work on it21:19
MichelleQwell, not that it's empty, but you know21:19
PendulumI'm going to try to get it added to planet and an intro post up this week21:19
MichelleQlet me know if you want help keeping it up21:19
Pendulumafter that, I'd love it if we could get a blog post a week on it21:19
Pendulumso if we could schedule people to be in charge of a week between now and our next meeting (which should be February 16th), that would be great21:20
PendulumI know I've got this week21:20
PendulumI think AlanBell has already started writing something on personas for next week21:21
MichelleQI'll take the next, if you can give me some guidance on topic21:21
Pendulum#action Pendulum to write intro blog post21:21
meetingologyACTION: Pendulum to write intro blog post21:21
Pendulum#action AlanBell to write personas blog post for week of Jan 26, 201121:21
meetingologyACTION: AlanBell to write personas blog post for week of Jan 26, 201121:21
PendulumMichelleQ: if you take that week, we can figure out later what you'll write on, does that work?21:22
Pendulum#action MichelleQ to write blog post for week of Feb 2, 201121:22
meetingologyACTION: MichelleQ to write blog post for week of Feb 2, 201121:22
MichelleQOh, I know... I can do something about the necessity of accessibility, if you'd like21:22
Pendulumokay, we've got 2 more weeks to fill21:22
PendulumMichelleQ: sounds great21:23
Pendulumcharlie-tca: would you like to do something on testing for one of those weeks?21:23
charlie-tcaOkay, I can try to21:23
charlie-tcaI am the worst there is at blogs21:23
Pendulumcharlie-tca: I'm happy to look over anything before it gets posted21:23
charlie-tcaI update mine regularly, every couple of years when I re-write the website21:23
Pendulumcharlie-tca: so can you do the week of feb 9th?21:24
Pendulum#action charlie-tca to write blog post on testing for week of Feb 9, 201121:24
meetingologyACTION: charlie-tca to write blog post on testing for week of Feb 9, 201121:24
Pendulumokay, one more week. Who else is interested in writing a post?21:24
MichelleQcharlie-tca: I'll help ya, too21:25
PendulumAlso, I'm happy to look at posts for people before they go up for things like spelling and grammar ;-)21:25
PendulumSo don't be shy if you're not a native English speaker21:25
TheMusoI should probably do one week, to talk about indicators, and how they are better than systray icons accessibility wise.21:26
PendulumTheMuso: so can you take the week of Feb 16? I think that puts it after alpha221:27
TheMusoParticularly since I have a few plans regarding indicators, orca, and retrieving information from them.21:27
TheMusoYep should be able to do that.21:27
Pendulum#action TheMuso to write a blog post on indicators for week of Feb 16, 201121:27
meetingologyACTION: TheMuso to write a blog post on indicators for week of Feb 16, 201121:27
Pendulumgreat, so that puts us up until the next meeting :)21:28
PendulumAnyone else who is interested in writing for the blog at any point just let me or AlanBell know as we currently can either add people so they can do their own posts directly in or can post for you21:28
MichelleQsounds perfect.  :-)21:28
PendulumIs there anything else blog related that anyone wants to bring up?21:29
PendulumOkay, moving on21:30
JackyAlcinePendulum: I'd like to post a bimonthly post about SpeechControl21:30
JackyAlcineIt's okay.21:31
PendulumJackyAlcine: okay, talk to AlanBell or me after the meeting and maybe we can iron out a schedule or something :)21:31
Pendulum#topic Status on Testing, Bugs, and Prep for Testing21:32
meetingologyTOPIC: Status on Testing, Bugs, and Prep for Testing21:32
Pendulumcharlie-tca: what's the status on having things sorted so that when we can start testing, there are some directions out there21:32
charlie-tcatesting is waiting on development, of course21:32
charlie-tcaIt is hard to put the tests together, until we have the layouts down. 21:33
charlie-tcaWe need to know the shortcuts still, and we need images that work21:33
charlie-tcatoday Ubuntu installed for the first time in a week21:33
Pendulumother than waiting for development, is there any way that anybody else can help you either now or once the development is done to get the tests together?21:34
charlie-tcaOnce we have things down, we will need people to verify the procedures, yes.21:34
Pendulumcharlie-tca: do you want to get people to commit to helping now, or is it easier for you to just see who is availible at that point?21:34
charlie-tcaUntil then, it is pretty much stumbling along for a while21:34
charlie-tcaLet's see who is available then. It works better that way21:35
Pendulumanything else about bugs or testing?21:35
charlie-tcabugs are looking good now21:35
charlie-tcathat's all, unless some one has questions?21:36
Pendulumcalm before teh storm?21:36
Pendulumif no one has anything else, we can move on...21:36
* charlie-tca did lock up natty after installing orca21:37
erkan^i have a question21:37
Pendulumerkan^: yes?21:37
erkan^what about testing? becuase i never have heard about this21:38
charlie-tcaWe are committed to getting Natty tested with screenreader during the milestone ISO testing by QA21:38
Pendulumerkan^: once the new accessibility framework is in (or partially in) to Unity/Natty we're going to have to test to make sure it works and get as many bugs fixed as possible before the final Natty release21:39
charlie-tcaWe also are trying to make sure you can install it with the screenreader.21:39
erkan^that's clear. I understand21:39
Pendulumyou probably haven't heard much about it because we're in a holding pattern waiting for the accessibility features to make it into the Natty development version21:40
Pendulumer.. the public Natty development version21:40
Pendulumuntil then we can't really do much to test21:40
Pendulumanything else?21:41
charlie-tcanot here21:43
Pendulum#topic Brief Intro to SpeechControl21:43
meetingologyTOPIC: Brief Intro to SpeechControl21:43
hajourhai all i am hajour .to see who i am .its easier to look on my wiki .because i am not a very fast typer.so here is the link. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/hajour.i came here because of the accessibility program to see or i could help..first i had made a list from issues and possible solutions.where i have made a sub page from by my wiki  .https://wiki.ubuntu.com/hajour/accesibility21:43
hajourthen i saw all kind of troubles with speech programs and thought this must can different.21:44
hajourand 2010-12-11 i started the project speechcontrol. and started to to pull devs ,program makers from speechprograms and more devs . we also have students in the team.together it is become a wonderful dedicated team .where i am proud up to have the honor to may lead them . https://launchpad.net/~speechcontrolteam  21:44
hajouri give the word to JackyAlacine now who is the head development from the team.21:44
hajoursorry if it is to long 21:44
Pendulumhajour: that's not too long at all 21:44
JackyAlcineWhen everyone's done reading, just "o/" so I can go. :D21:44
JackyAlcineHey, I'm Jacky and I'm part of SpeechControl.21:45
JackyAlcineSpeechControl is the brainchild of and is led solely by Manuela Popping. I'm acting coordinator of development, and it's my duty to ensure that Manuela's ideas can be executed to code.21:46
JackyAlcineSo far, we've been working to get a Java-based speech synthesis engine named openMary (http://mary.dfki.de) to be used via C++ and Python by implementing libraries.  21:46
JackyAlcineHowever, with a bit more analysis, we've noticed that instead of creating libraries; creating a fork of openMary that's catered to all Ubuntu distros. It can be tailored to incorporate D-Bus and PulseAudio, so that it can be used more universally, but that's a later project and will be attended to when the library hit a mature stage.21:47
TheMusoWhy not use espeak?21:47
AlanBellis that getting openMary to be an espeak back end?21:48
JackyAlcineTheMuso: openMary professes a feature called emoSpeak.21:48
JackyAlcineAnd from reports, the voices in espeak are too "robotic".21:48
hajourwe have try to  reach you TheMuso with emails and here to21:49
TheMusoFor the record, I don't like human sounding speech synths. They are not as efficient at fast speeds.21:49
JackyAlcineTheMuso: That's where Sonic comes in.21:49
TheMusoAnd, they take more space on disks etc, so it will be harder to get into Ubuntu, if things should progress that far.21:49
hajourmm i think it would be nice if JackyAlcine  could finish21:49
JackyAlcineSonic's another project by Bill Cox that efficiently speeds up and normalizes voices. More information about it @ http://www.vinux.com/sonic21:50
JackyAlcineHe's working with us to enhance eSpeak and other libraries with this issue.21:50
TheMusoYeah heard about it, I personally prefer the synth to dio it natively in its code, but if it proves a better method, then I guess thats the way to go.21:50
JackyAlcineTheMuso: That's another option that's been considered, but it seems better to push that for a later release of the libraries.21:51
JackyAlcineWe also have plans to integrate the openMary engine to SpeechDispatcher and perhaps (a big hope) implement a simple GUI that allows users to select the standard speech synthesis engine and have its own configuration pages (defined by .glade files) and also have it all easily accessible via the such using the selected engines to dictate each label.21:51
TheMusoFair enough.21:51
TheMusoJackyAlcine: Hey I have an idea similar to that, but more modular, to allow for multiple front-ends.21:52
TheMusoThe idea I had was to have the GUI controlling speech-dispatcher.21:52
TheMusoOh and glade is being deprecated long term I think.21:52
TheMusoPerhaps we should have this discussion outside the meeting.21:52
JackyAlcineTheMuso: sure, feel free to visit our channel. #ubuntu-speechcontrol21:53
TheMusoBut its goot to hear more about the speech control project. I hope to try and help you guys along at some point, but that won't be in natty's timeframe I'm affraid.21:53
TheMusoWill do so after this meeting.21:53
JackyAlcineThat's understable.21:53
JackyAlcineSpeechControl also wants to integrate another component into the Linux Speech API, voice recognition. It's pretty interesting that the Linux Speech API doesn't have such a feature. Luckily, a potential application has come up to the role. It's name is Julius.21:53
TheMusoThere are many speech recognition engines out there...21:54
TheMusoWhy this one over the rest?21:54
TheMuso...sorry shoudl ask that in the relevant place and time. :)21:54
JackyAlcineLol, no problem, the curiousity's great.21:54
JackyAlcineAlthough the version available from the site isn't, how can I put, suitably efficient for Linux, we've spoken with the project manager of Simon Listens, the KDE application, who has implemented a specialized version of Julius for his application. We're currently collaborating on packaging this version to replace the version available in the repositories. So, yes, SpeechControl's been on its own, scratching its way up, pulling the holes in 21:54
TheMusook cool.21:54
AlanBellsimon-listens is really cool actually21:55
AlanBellit is QT based which is interesting given Mark's recent blog post21:56
AlanBellmostly when running it doesn't need much gui at all21:56
hajourwell if i new this.i already hat put it this way to get your attention TheMuso .you are really hard to reach. lol21:56
TheMusoYeah mainly because I am busy.21:57
TheMusoAnyway, thanks for the great introduction guys, I am interested in helping out where I can.21:57
Pendulumokay, are there any other questions regarding SpeechControl? (preferably quick and easy ones)21:57
TheMusoIdeally I'd love to work on a11y full time for Ubuntu, but that won't be the case.21:57
hajourif you want you can sign in in the speechcontrol team TheMuso  :)21:59
* hajour is hoping he do it21:59
TheMusoIf you mean on launchpad, then I'll certainly have a look and join.21:59
hajourgreat 21:59
* hajour cheers22:00
TheMusoOk I think we can move onto AOB.22:00
Pendulum#topic Any Other Business22:01
meetingologyTOPIC: Any Other Business22:01
TheMusoSo, Mark's blog post.22:01
Pendulumare there any other things anyone has to discuss?22:01
TheMusoQT apps in Ubuntu.22:01
hajourthe mean goal is that it stays open source and usable for old pc s to22:01
JackyAlcineYeah, what's up with that?22:01
TheMusoWe need to follow the progress of this decision, and make sure the a11y angle is completely covered.22:01
AlanBelland Mark specifically mentioned accessibility requirements22:01
TheMusoMind you, it does depend on what QT apps are desired.22:01
JackyAlcineI mean, we already had to deal with Unity being standard.22:01
TheMusoanNot all.22:01
PendulumAlanBell: yeah, I noticed that he listed it up there and then ignored it later22:01
TheMusoAlanBell: not all22:01
TheMusoNo VI mentons22:02
AlanBellit was keyboard and mouse mentions, not VI22:02
hajourlost it now a bit ?!?22:03
TheMusoVI stands for vision impairement.22:03
hajourfirst meeting here22:03
AlanBellVI=Visual Impairment22:03
hajoura ok22:03
AlanBellso QT apps are not readable by Orca etc22:03
AlanBelllike webkit22:03
TheMusoActually webkit is almost 100% usable.22:04
TheMusoIn natty, one can install the epiphany browser, and navigate simple sites with no issue.22:04
TheMusoI did this myself last week.22:05
AlanBelldoes the installer work now?22:05
TheMusoHaven't tried it yet.22:05
TheMusoBut joanie has offered to help me get that fied up, whcih is cool.22:05
charlie-tcaAlanBell: the live cd installed today22:05
TheMusogah typing sucks this morning...22:05
TheMusoSo all we can do, is follow this through, and make sure the a11y angles are all covered.22:06
PendulumTheMuso: adding to the many reasons we like joanie? ;-)22:06
TheMusoI can understand this from a commercial/market share standpoint, but its a bit hard to see this decision made for the next cycle after canonical invested in getting unity accessible.22:07
TheMusoPendulum: heh yeah.22:07
TheMuso...unless they decide to do the same for QT, which I somehow doubt.22:07
Pendulumand put pressure on Mark/Canonical about it, correct?22:07
TheMusoYeah, harder for me to do so since I am an employee though...22:08
* Pendulum sees a future possible blog post to come out of this...22:08
TheMusoAnd lots of people know what interests me in the company so...22:08
PendulumTheMuso: I wasn't saying from you :)22:08
TheMusoYeah I know.22:08
TheMusoJust making sure everyone else does.22:08
TheMusoSo, I think thats all from me about this for now.22:10
Pendulumanything else?22:10
hajouronly i want to say 1last thing speechcontrol must stay open source.i cant say it often enough22:10
hajouro and i am willing to make a blog to with help22:11
TheMusoNothing else from me.22:12
hajourcould not say it earlier.i had already copied my lines about speechcontrol from note22:12
hajourfor to put in chat22:12
Pendulumdoes anyone else have anything?22:12
hajourand is it already note that the video s22:13
hajourfor to help with the keey often not work at al22:13
hajourcoc key22:13
AlanBelllets talk about that afterwards hajour 22:14
Pendulumokay. I think we're done22:14
meetingologyMeeting ended Wed Jan 19 22:14:18 2011 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/AlanBell . (v 0.1.4)22:14
meetingologyMinutes:        http://mootbot.libertus.co.uk/ubuntu-accessibility/2011/ubuntu-accessibility.2011-01-19-21.01.moin.txt22:14
AlanBellthanks Pendulum22:14
* JackyAlcine exhales.22:14
JackyAlcineGood stuff, Pendulum22:14
hajourwell there was asked about bugs could not answer earlier22:14
charlie-tcathanks, Pendulum. Glad you are so helpful!22:14
AlanBellhajour: got a link to the video you are concerned about?22:15
hajourthanks for lead the meeting Pendulum great done22:15
MichelleQI have a random Qimo-related question, if y'all don't mind.22:15
AlanBellsure MichelleQ22:15
Pendulum!ask | MichelleQ 22:15
ubot2MichelleQ: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)22:15
hajourlooking up the link sec AlanBell 22:15
MichelleQ1sorry, random cable glitch22:17
MichelleQ1any suggestions on a relatively-child-friendly screen reader?22:18
AlanBellso a friendly sounding voice (OpenMary probably has a friendliness slider)22:21
AlanBelland the main thing is getting it to not read out assorted incomprehensible crap on the screen22:22
MichelleQ1yeah... and making it work with as much as we can - considering Qimo focuses on elementary-gaming.22:22
MichelleQ1we may not be able to use it a lot, considering, but we'd at least like to have something included22:24
hajourAlanBell, http://screencasts.ubuntu.com/22:26
hajourthe video do not work by some pc s it seams. also not by me but well i already had signed i had help from UndiFineD 22:31
hajouralso if you download the image stay black and no sound22:31
AlanBellhajour: yeah, that page is not happy on my browser with all those videos22:31
hajourjust was wondering if others already new it.22:32
AlanBellworks on firefox now22:38
hajouri got chromium22:42
hajouri go try it22:42
AlanBellit works OK for me, bit of background noise, german(probably) accent but quite clear22:44
hajourboth's video s not working 22:44
hajouri get not 1 language22:45
erkan^Pendulum: http://mootbot.libertus.co.uk/ubuntu-accessibility/2011/ubuntu-accessibility.2011-01-19-21.01.log.html doesn't work23:02
Pendulumokay, I'll change that since the minutes are all up on the wiki anyway23:03
erkan^ok (-:23:04
JanCI think there are issues with streaming inside Firefox, especially if it doesn't get enough data in time23:05
JanCin firefox 3.6, it seems to be a lot better in 423:11
PendulumJanC: firefox is where it's working. chromium is where the problem is23:12
JanCI've had problems with firefox too on that site23:14
JanCalthough it seems to work now...23:15
hajournot with chromium23:17
JanCsee, had it again with firefox: suddenly it stops playing23:17
hajoursorry that was very short23:17
hajourwell you get sound23:18
hajouri only black squares23:18
JanCworks in Chromium here, except all videos try to download/start at the same time  ;)23:19
JanCand I didn't wait if it has the same "freeze" behaviour23:20
JanChajour: what chromium packages do you have installed?23:21
hajourExtra ffmpeg codecs for the Chromium Browser23:24
hajourAdobe Flash Player plugin installer23:24
hajourCommonly used restricted packages for Lubuntu23:24
JanCI also have chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-extra, so that's not the difference23:24
hajourstrange is i am not the only one i have seen more complains about this23:30

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