rsalvetilool: patches are needed for panda and worked with TI01:27
rsalvetiand as I said I'm also working to push them upstream01:28
rsalvetilool: and thanks for sponsoring it, will look at your merge request01:29
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RoDuSany one familiar with the hsg-x5a telechips 9802?04:17
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rlameirorcn-ee: Hi Robert, that problem with the creator script, I think its related to the laptop's card reader. I bought an external reader and it is working, at least it seems so. thanks for the help18:29
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rsavoyeare there any plans for OpenVG, OpenGLES1/2 libraries on Ubuntu, but not using X11 ? ie... just the framebuffer ?19:08
rsalvetirsavoye: well, that depends a lot at the driver19:09
rsalvetimost drivers that can work with x11 can also work with fb, but then it could be a build time configuration19:10
* rsalveti loves working with qt, -dbg package has 183MB!20:26
SamaeHey, is ubuntu arm able to run on armv7 devices ?20:31
loolwith VFPv3-D1620:32
SamaeIBYP ?20:32
SamaeWhat is that ?20:32
SamaeOk i'll google it :)20:34
Martynin fact, ubuntu can -only- run on armv7 (and v7a) devices20:35
Martynthere is no support for v6 any more20:35
SamaeMartyn: cool, that's axactly what i'm looking for21:17
SamaeIs that arm version of ubuntu usable with omap3 devices ?21:17
rsalvetiwe even release images for beagle and beagle xm21:18
Samae:) nice21:21
SamaeHave you ever run ubuntu on tablets ?21:21
Samaeomap3 tablets i mean21:22
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veloryHey there , I have ubuntu-arm on beagleboard, my wireless connection continously dropping, I even turned encryption off, but now it can't obtain ip address I think.. (I don't know about network-manager I installed wicd , when encryption off I'm using iwconfig, dhclient but it can't receive dhcpoffer22:10
GrueMasterSamae: You could try our image on your tablet, but there is no guarantee it will work without some modifications, mainly to the bootloader & possibly kernel.22:17
Samaeok GrueMaster22:17
SamaeThis is what I wanted to try22:18
SamaeI'll run the image for omap3 as is, and then try to build/modify it if I need22:18
SamaeI already have a linux kernel working on it as well as e1722:19
Samaewhat's in the ubuntu 10.10 raw fs for omap3 ?22:19
Samaeit says panasonic raw image ?22:19
GrueMasterI don't know. never heard of it.22:20
GrueMasterOur images are at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-netbook/22:20
SamaeI still don't really know how i'm gonna deploy it to the tablet :)22:20
Samaeused this yep, took the tar.gz for TI omap322:20
GrueMasterI wouldn't know.  It really helps if you have some serial debug port available on the tablet.22:23
GrueMasterThat way you can get to the bootloader.22:24
rsalvetiSamae: generally it'd be good to have access to the uart, and the boot process22:25
rsalvetithen you have to build the proper kernel for it, with the options needed by ubuntu22:26
rsalvetiin case you're running with android atm, for example22:27
rsalvetithen just boot and ask it to load the ubuntu rootfs22:27
Samaerly ?22:28
Samaehow ?22:28
Samaersalveti: is there any tuto on that ?22:29
GrueMasterSamae: If you have serial port access, you can tell uboot what kernel to load and the parameters to use.  I can't remember the links off hand, but google for u-boot.22:30
GrueMasterWhat system is this?22:30
SamaeGrueMaster: I'm afraid there's no serial port access on my tablet :/22:30
Samaefor now android + angstrom with an unknown bootloader by archos22:31
GrueMasterDoes it have an OTG port?  That may yield a serial port.  Hook it up to a linux host and see what appears when it is powered on.22:31
SamaeIt only allows to update a zImage + initram for linux side22:31
Samaeok GrueMaster22:32
GrueMasterWell, that is the kernel and ram disk image.  That is a start.22:32
the_eye_hi I use a long time ubuntu on my diamond, good job. Any new repositories for updating ?22:32
GrueMasterthe_eye_: Diamond?  What distro rev are you using?22:33
GrueMasterSamae: What hardware are you running on?22:33
the_eye_HTC diamond dm100 I use rhobuntu, ubuntu with lxde22:33
Samaehmmm, good question22:34
Samaeapart from ARM proc i dunno much22:34
GrueMasterthe_eye_: I don't think your system is armv7 compatible.22:36
SamaeGrueMaster: it activates USB only for transfer new kernel an initram22:36
GrueMasterWhich all of ubuntu is compiled for since lucid (10.04).22:36
Samaeso apparently to OTG port22:37
GrueMasterSamae: Does the system have a brand and model?22:37
the_eye_<GrueMaster> How can I see that ?22:37
GrueMasterthe_eye_: Do you have access to a console?  Can you type "cat /proc/cpuinfo"?22:38
SamaeOh yes GrueMaster, Archos 101 it :)22:38
GrueMasterAh.  Now I can look up the hardware specs.22:38
SamaeProblem is, it is quite new22:41
Samaeand there's not much about it yet22:41
GrueMasterYea, I am seeing that.  I found this post:  http://forum.archosfans.com/viewtopic.php?f=74&t=3709622:42
GrueMasterNot much headway though.22:42
GrueMasterAnother interesting post.  http://art.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=164853722:43
GrueMasterLooks like it may be possible, just not documented...yet.22:43
Samaecool, I wish it could be possible22:44
GrueMasterI know the tegra2 based netbook from Toshiba (ac100) took about a month to hack ubuntu on it.  Still not complete, but it is a closed system.  Your system appears more open, so I would guess it will be done before the end of the month.22:45
GrueMasterAlso, the Viewsonic tablet has been hacked, but it is also tegra 2 based.22:45
SamaeI'm not /that/ patient :>22:46
GrueMasterIf it weren't for the price, I might get one.  Might anyways once I get my tax refund.22:47
the_eye_<GrueMaster> Its an ARMv6 can I do anything ?22:50
Samaeargl handhelds.org is dead :'(22:59
the_eye_<Samae> try this http://web.archive.org/web/20070630072525/www.handhelds.org/geeklog/index.php23:08
Samaethe_eye_: do you think they stored cvs repos ?23:25
SamaeI need update-rc from them :)23:25
the_eye_I dont think so23:25
Samaemy openembedded build fails without this website :'(23:26
GrueMasterSorry, got called away.23:46
GrueMasterthe_eye_: Unfortunately, your system isn't supported by Ubuntu binaries past karmic, and even then it is doubtful.23:47
the_eye_thanks for your time :(23:48

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