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thorwilgood morning evilvish08:50
iainfarrellhey evilvish09:43
iainfarrellwe're getting more reported issues on the artwork site again09:43
iainfarrellhave you heard anything?09:44
evilvishiainfarrell: hey.. i changed a few settings , so hopefully we should have less blockers.09:44
iainfarrellwould you mind replying to that person on the guest blog?09:45
iainfarrellon the blog even09:45
evilvishand think go of the devil, daker arrives ;p09:45
dakerhello evilvish iainfarrell09:46
iainfarrellhey daker09:46
evilvishiainfarrell: OpenID is off, and new user registration should allow directly to submit..09:46
* evilvish tries with new user ID09:46
evilvishdaker: last comment  of the link iainfarrell just posted » The submission form seems to be broken, generating this error:09:47
evilvish“/srv/www/art.ubuntu-owl.org/htdocs/cchost_lib/cc-events.php”(222): Parameter 2 to CCEditorials::OnGetSysTags() expected to be a reference, value given [2011-01-18 20:56 pm][][/submit/fullmix]09:47
dakersorry man i didn't find a solution to the OpenID stuff, it's doesn't work with php509:47
dakerWhaoo ツ09:47
evilvishdaker: nah.. nvm that.. i switched off OpenID , what is that error^ during submission?09:48
evilvishwth is the second last comment! o.009:48
evilvishiainfarrell: second last comment from Lorenza Nieva seems like spam.. maybe you can delete it.. ;)09:49
evilvishlol! 'second-degree' burn he mention as 'second-diploma' 'p09:50
iainfarrellevilvish:  done :009:52
dakerevilvish, did you test the submission form ?09:58
evilvishdaker: doing it now.. it's uploading..09:59
dakerreally i can't understand evilvish cchost was working right (this include the openid), and now most of the functionnalities are broken10:01
dakerevilvish, i think the php on the version has benn upgraded from 4 to 5 __i think__10:02
evilvishdaker: hm yeah.. (and cant we rollback?) doctormo mentioned something about that.. :(10:02
dakerargh :s10:02
dakerevilvish, reallt i have no idea10:04
evilvishgah!! same error > "/srv/www/art.ubuntu-owl.org/htdocs/cchost_lib/cc-events.php"(222): Parameter 2 to CCEditorials::OnGetSysTags() expected to be a reference, value given10:04
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evilvishdaker: could you mention what is wrong to pleia2 and see if she can get it fixed for us?10:05
dakerevilvish, ok i'll try10:07
evilvishdaker: if she cant maybe we'd have to ask iain to have someone take a look at it.. or maybe we can move it to a different server which has php410:07
dakeryes good idea10:08
* evilvish summons iain..10:10
phawkhere guys how do you get involved in ui design?11:00
evilvishiainfarrell: hey.. so the problem is, the server where the site is hosted was recently updated from php4 to php5, and that has broken a lot of cchost functions. now we either need a new server(which has php4) to host the site or someone who can fix the issue.11:26
iainfarrelldaker evilvish who's maintaining this site?11:36
evilvishiainfarrell: the site is hosted on pleia2's server11:36
dakeriainfarrell, and doctormo is the responsible A11:37
evilvishiainfarrell: doctormo/daker have access to the lpbranch , but neither were able to fix it..11:37
iainfarrellis there a way to back up the app, blitz it and restore11:37
iainfarrellor can we restore from a backup?11:37
evilvishiainfarrell: it all boils php5 now playing nice.. or pleia2 rolls back to php4(which i dont think is a possibility)11:38
iainfarrellwhy did we upgrade to 5?11:38
evilvishiainfarrell: well.. maybe she needed it for some other site … i dont know..  she is in california i guess so we need to wait till she is up11:39
iainfarrellwell we could just use Flickr?11:41
iainfarrellhave everything in one place11:41
iainfarrellwe can't really have a situation where people can't contribute11:41
iainfarrellI'll speak to doctormo when he's up11:41
evilvishiainfarrell: well.. its not an issue of not being able to submit.. we just need to look into this issue afaic..11:41
evilvishiainfarrell: cool..11:42
* evilvish bbiab..11:42
thorwilphawk: i'd suggest find a project you care about, look for things to improve ui-wise11:51
phawkok, im new to open source design stuff, where are the projects listed?11:51
thorwilphawk: get into direct contact to the developers an suggest well thought-out improvements11:52
thorwilphawk: you could look around in the ubuntu software center11:52
thorwilthen there's http://gnomefiles.org/ , http://freshmeat.net/ , http://www.ohloh.net/11:53
thorwilevilvish: is there something like a needs-ui-design tag on launchpad?11:56
thorwilphawk: oh, and have a look at http://openusability.org/11:57
phawkbut what about specifically contributing to the ui of ubuntu11:58
thorwilphawk: think of that as the master class, including socio-political issues11:59
thorwilphawk: in principal, the ayatana mailing list exists for that, but in practice, mots of the time it's just endless threads of discussion with no results12:04
thorwilphawk: so besides reading up on the subject matter, if you havn't already, helping to improve a single, preferably simple application would be the best start12:06
evilvishthorwil: there is a 'needs-design' tag12:11
evilvishbut very few bugs are tagged so ;p12:12
thorwiloops, sorry12:12
thorwil18 results12:13
evilvishphawk: have you seen the Software Center design request?12:13
phawkno i have not12:14
phawkalso do you guys all use gimp or are there photoshop users?12:14
evilvishphawk: well, it's not specifically UI, check it out in the tasks page on the wiki12:14
thorwilphawk: there are users of either. plus inkscape. quite  a number things are more convenient to do in vector graphics12:26
phawkyeah i know what you mean12:36
phawkdoes photoshop run on ubuntu12:36
phawkthrough wine..12:36
thorwilphawk: http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=application&iId=1712:39
coz_phawk,  I believe it depends on which version of  photoshop12:40
coz_phawk,   mm  not sure ...did you check with the people in #winehq  about this?12:47
thorwilinterview with alan kay about innovation: http://web.archive.org/web/20020613145206/http://cbi.cgey.com/journal/Issue8/Still_Waiting.html13:10
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