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sagaciLooking forward to lca'12:17
head_victimYeah, will be my first12:17
sagaciSame here12:17
head_victimComing on Monday night?/12:19
sagaciI've circled my timetable with the sessions i'm going to12:19
head_victimThe ubuntu-au meetup12:20
sagaciYeah i guess so, where and when?12:20
head_victimWell I had thought the pancake manor would be good because it was close to the venue. No idea now, we can still go there I guess as most people will be staying close12:21
sagaciYeah, so monday night?12:23
head_victimYep I was going to confirm with them tomorrow that they aren't under 2 foot of mud though just ot be sure12:25
head_victimI don't think they'll be affected where they are but no harm in checking12:25
sagaciIsn't omgubuntu on monday too12:28
head_victimThe only thing I saw was the lca mailing list saying it would probably be tuesday. 12:29
head_victimHadn't heard anything about it before or after that 12:29
sagaciAh ok12:30
head_victimI find it hard to go to that website. It really makes me cringe.12:30
sagaciWhy, sensational crap?12:32
head_victimThe content and also just the name.12:32
sagaciI like some of their every now and then tips12:33
sagaciDisplay your real name in memenu, etc12:34
head_victimAh I don't use social media though so I'm probably not the target audience for a lot of their work.12:35
head_victimShould we just combine the 2?12:38
sagaciDon't know12:39
sagaciDon't think so12:40
head_victimFair enough, well I was thinking I'd just make out way somewhere after monday's scheduled events. Early enough we can get to know a few people before the conference ends.12:45
head_victimThe pancake manor was close enough (still is to most of the accomodation) and had half decent food, is still licensed but not completely overrun by loud music and drunken bums (at least until we arrive)12:46
sagaciYeah, what miniconfs are you looking to go to?12:46
head_victimWell from what I can tell Monday I'll probably flit around a bit, Tuesday will be 90% sys admin.13:18
sagaciThinking multimedia and music and freedom in the cloud then open in the public sector13:24
head_victimYeah still a bit "TBA" though13:29
nigelbhrm, far less people here than I'd have thoguht there would15:33
nigelband imbrandon isn't here anyway :|15:33
nisshhnigelb, hello! :)15:33
nigelbhey nisshh 15:34
nigelbyou're up early or still up?15:34
nigelbisn't it like /really/ late down there?15:34
nisshhnigelb, we arent the biggest loco, many of our members dont come into the IRC channel :)15:34
nisshhyeah midnight :)15:34
nisshhim still up15:35
nisshhnot early15:35
nigelbonly midnight15:35
nigelbthat's not late :D15:35
nisshh"only midnight" he says :)15:35
nigelbI sleep mostly at 2-ish ;)15:36
nisshhi dunno when im going to sleep tonight15:36
nisshhwhenever i calm down and am no longer annoyed i suppose :)15:36
nisshhnigelb, so your looking for imbrandon?15:37
nigelbnisshh: yeah15:37
nisshhthe nick rings a bell, is he in australia is he?15:37
nigelbeither .au or .nz15:37
nigelbnot sure which15:37
nisshhnigelb, try nz, unless he just isnt here at the moment, i dont see his nick in my 3 days of scrollback15:38
nigelbI'm in both channels15:40
nigelbnot in either of them15:40
nisshhah ok15:40
nigelbmail :)15:40
nisshhnigelb, hang on a sec, im checking with some of the other loco members to see if they have ever seen him in here15:41
nisshhnigelb, how do you know he is in au or nz?15:42
nigelbnisshh: vague memory15:42
nisshhah ok15:42
nigelbnot even US loco15:44
nisshhnigelb, had someone grep their IRC logs of the last 15 months, no mention of that nick15:44
* nigelb facepalm15:44
nigelbmy vague memory isn't enough15:45
nigelbHe's US loco :|15:45
nisshhhe is?15:45
nigelbyeah, apparently15:47
nigelbmy vague memory was wrong15:47
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