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Red-Ravenhey. how do you add a USB drive to a virtual machine so i can access it from that machine?01:56
holsteinyou need to have the closed source version Red-Raven01:58
Red-Ravenfudge. is it in any of the repos?01:58
Red-Ravenwait, why have people not just added it to the open source version?01:59
holsteinbecause of the license01:59
Red-Ravenso how do i find the closed source version?02:05
aveilleuxRed-Raven: http://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Linux_Downloads02:06
aveilleuxRed-Raven: See: "Debian-based Linux distributions"02:07
aveilleuxRed-Raven: Also, it's not exactly "closed-source" per se. The product is still open-source, with only one or two features closed. This version is called the PUEL version, or Personal Use and Evaluation License version.02:08
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shawn146why is linux ending support for things like compiz03:03
shawn146or canical03:03
aveilleuxshawn146: I assume you mean "Canonical", and they're not. Unity is going to be based on Compiz.03:03
shawn146it said it was dropping compiz something extras03:04
shawn146should i go witht he upgrade to 10.4?03:04
aveilleuxshawn146: Do you have a link?03:04
shawn146its on my laptop03:04
shawn146other laptop03:04
aveilleuxshawn146: 10.04? That's old. Compiz is still available on 10.10.03:05
shawn146i am before the start upgrade03:05
shawn146you think i should go through with the upgrade?03:05
aveilleuxshawn146: I should say, "Compiz is still available as of 10.10"03:05
aveilleuxshawn146: You should always upgrade at least to the latest LTS, which 10.04 is (unless there's a showstopper, which is rare)03:05
shawn146i think i will avoid upgrading03:06
shawn146is aw a lot of things i use will be removed03:06
shawn146*i saw03:06
aveilleuxshawn146: Yes, many things will be removed and replaced with newer versions. Not to mention obsoleted software; this is normal.03:06
shawn146and the obselete is what i use03:07
aveilleuxshawn146: Like what packages in particular?03:07
shawn146normal for upgrades to remove waht people use?03:07
shawn146well i can only recall vaguely03:07
aveilleuxshawn146: Ubuntu rarely, if ever, removes software that the user sees.03:08
shawn146like gnome snake03:08
aveilleuxshawn146: ...gnibblets is available in later versions03:08
shawn146will the compiz extras still be available?03:09
aveilleuxshawn146: yes,03:09
shawn146i did the upgrade oh my virtual machine03:09
shawn146took programs off i used, never saw them again, it also kept me from using the packages i redownloaded03:10
aveilleuxshawn146: Like?03:10
shawn146would not work after i did the upgrade03:10
aveilleuxshawn146: gltron?03:10
aveilleuxshawn146: I have it on my computer right now...03:10
shawn146or something03:10
shawn146the 3d light cycle game03:11
shawn146when you do search in ubuntu software center..03:11
shawn146the first option03:11
aveilleuxshawn146: I don't use the Ubuntu Software Center and don't have it installed on my machine.03:11
shawn146Armagetron is what its called03:12
shawn146its pointless for me to even say anything03:12
shawn146Armagetron Advanced03:12
aveilleuxshawn146: http://wiki.armagetronad.net/index.php?title=Ubuntu_Installation03:12
aveilleuxshawn146: It got removed from the Ubuntu repositories, but it's definitely still around03:13
shawn146why was it removed?03:13
aveilleuxshawn146: I don't know. All I know is that it's still available from the developers.03:14
paultagaveilleux: shawn146: http://packages.qa.debian.org/a/armagetron/news/20070425T223910Z.html03:14
paultagOh shoot03:16
paultagone of my really good friends was the maintainer03:16
paultagwell, not really good03:16
paultagbut drinking friend03:16
paultagI guess I can say that safely03:16
aveilleuxshawn146: What other packages are you wondering about?03:16
shawn146i can't remember03:16
shawn146haven't seen them03:16
shawn146in a long time03:16
aveilleuxshawn146: Then you should probably go look at the upgrade again03:17
shawn146i did the upgrade on my virtual machine ages ago03:18
holsteini use the live CD's a lot too03:18
shawn146i am using another laptop with linux03:18
holsteinput them in03:18
holsteintest the hardware03:18
holsteincheck the repos03:18
shawn146i don't remember!03:18
shawn146i said03:18
shawn146i was going to install them on this laptop03:19
shawn146and i could if i rememebered!03:19
aveilleuxshawn146: Don't panic. Always keep track of your towel.03:19
aveilleuxshawn146: Nothing is urgent here. Just because it's in real-time doesn't mean we need an answer right away.03:20
aveilleuxshawn146: Also, the sentences above were a reference to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy03:20
shawn146i don't really care03:21
shawn146bluetooth support also ended04:22
shawn146bluetooth is brand spankin new'04:23
aveilleuxshawn146: I assure you it has not, as I am using a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard right now.04:23
shawn146i saw it in the list lol04:23
shawn146just now04:23
aveilleuxshawn146: bluez replaced the old bluetooth-daemon04:23
shawn146oh well what teh hell, i will just do teh upgrade, teh laptop is for someone else04:23
yax51I am trying to run borderlands in maverick, and wine doesn't like it, is there another windows emulator that I can use to do this?04:58
aveilleuxyax51: Cedega, but that's commercial05:00
aveilleuxyax51: Have you tried PlayOnLinux? It's a WINE frontend with tweaks for specific games05:01
Cheri703what is that one that just went free?05:01
Cheri703gametree linux05:01
Cheri703cedega became gametree linux, it's free05:01
yax51aveilleux: I have, however, when I ran it, it said there were a bunch of missing files and closed05:02
Cheri703as much as people hate omg ubuntu: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/01/cedega-shutting-down-gametree-linux-born/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+d0od+%28Omg!+Ubuntu!%2905:02
Cheri703bah http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/01/cedega-shutting-down-gametree-linux-born/05:03
yax51Cheri703: ok, ive checked out the cedega, and gametree linux pages, but there is nothing that even talks about how I use it....05:15
Cheri703no idea, sorry :/05:15
aveilleuxyax51: It hasn't been released yet...05:15
yax51aveilleux: hmmm, interesting05:16
aveilleuxyax51: Cedega is an older application that's being discontinued in favor of Gametree, but Gametree hasn't come out yet05:17
yax51aveilleux: that makes sense, from what I was reading though, I thought that wasthe case, but still was a little confused05:18
* robbmunson yawns and stretches arms out.06:07
shawn146anybody like "Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien"06:08
robbmunsonfun fun fun!06:33
robbmunsonLaughing out Loud06:33
robbmunsonin a few short minutes we're gonna gain about 40 people.....06:34
* robbmunson twiddles thumbs while wating on the floodgates to open....06:37
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MrChrisDruifHai Silver_Fox_10:46
Silver_Fox_Hello MrChrisDruif10:48
MrChrisDruifHow's it going?10:48
Silver_Fox_I am fine,  just doing the rounds on the forum.  How are you ?10:49
MrChrisDruifSick @ home10:57
MrChrisDruifOff to bed...11:03
duanedesign'lo all11:27
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kosaidpo_hello guys14:52
kosaidpo_when i wanna install libreoffice but whn i update i get a lot of error as in impossible or ignored14:53
kosaidpo_any idea why14:53
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ShootEmUphello everyone16:03
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AJH101Hello, can anyone advise please? Both top and bottom panels(?) have disappeared?!18:49
paultagAJH101: gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel18:52
paultagAJH101: enjoy :)18:52
AJH101but hot to access terminal?!18:54
trinikronopress alt+f218:55
trinikronoand type in gnome terminal AJH10118:56
paultagtrinikrono: there's a dash18:56
paultagAJH101: applications, accessories, terminal18:56
paultagOh, right, no panel18:56
trinikronohe has no panels18:56
paultagAJH101: trinikrono is right, alt + f2, gnome-terminal18:56
trinikronoif he types terminal he would see it also18:57
AJH101alt F2 does not wor :-(18:57
paultagAJH101: ctrl + alt + f118:58
AJH101paultag: sorry about that - how do i replace my panels?19:40
JackyAlcineAJH101: Replace? or restore?19:42
AJH101sorry - restore19:43
JackyAlcineAJH101: sudo gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel19:45
AJH101and how to access terminal?19:46
geirhaAlt+F2 -> gnome-terminal19:48
geirhaThough you need to run the command JackyAlcine said WITHOUT sudo19:49
geirhaIf you run it with sudo you may get permission problems later.19:49
JackyAlcinegeriha: Yeah, sorry. =x19:49
tenachHas anyone used mod_cband for apache2 in Ubuntu?20:18
tenachor mod_bw?20:18
kristian-aalborghi all20:37
kristian-aalborgI have some wmv files that I'd like to convert (to whatever) and join, but sound gets choppy each time I try20:37
kristian-aalborgand I'd like it not to20:41
kristian-aalborgI've tried various mencoder things20:41
kristian-aalborgah, it appears avidemux does the trick20:49
kristian-aalborghi Red-Raven21:14
Red-Ravenanyone know a good site to start learning Python?21:15
kristian-aalborgnot me... did you get the ubs pen working?21:15
Red-Ravennope. gave up. im going to get a new 34 GB drive from BJs. but i'll hang onto it and try to crack it in the future.21:16
kristian-aalborgit may just be broken, of course21:16
yofelRed-Raven: you could try http://diveintopython.org/toc/index.html - that's the only one I can remeber offhand21:16
pedro3005you can learn it directly from the source, like a boss21:18
Red-Raventhx. i don't have too much experience with programing. all i know is a little html, and that;s hardly programing. should i even start with Python or learn something else first?21:18
pedro3005python was my first language, worked out alright21:18
yofelpython is good as it forces proper writing style and is pretty easy to read21:18
yofelyeah, sometimes21:19
pedro3005I know a guy who's particularly fond of writing giant lambdas and nested list comprehensions21:19
pedro3005I hate reading his code21:19
Red-Raventhats what i've been reading, i don't understand any of it. like when they start talking about arguements, modules, arrays, etc.21:19
yofelRed-Raven: start slowly and you'll get it with the time, not really hard, just a lot of new vocabulary21:20
pedro3005do you have a mentor yet? if not, and if you want, I could... I'm kind of known around here for mentoring people on python21:20
yofelyou *are* learning a new language after all21:20
Red-Ravenwell, my grandfather knows a lot about it. he's got a freaking library of books on it.21:21
pedro3005but yes. modules, arrays and arguments are concepts which (nearly) all programming languages use21:21
Red-Ravencool. i'll probably just google the vocab as i get to it. and borrow some of his books. unfortunately, they're huge. i hope they have pictures....(LOL)21:24
yofelpictures rarely make sense here, they should have examples though21:25
Red-Ravenyah i know. so Python is built into the Terminal right?21:25
pedro3005yeah, I can't really see the usage of pictures21:25
pedro3005except for like21:26
pedro3005"here's your brain: O here's your brain after hours of coding: ."21:26
pedro3005no Red-Raven , but it comes with ubuntu by default.21:26
pedro3005or a graph21:26
Red-Raventhen how do i start it? i keep seeing where you just type python into the terminal.21:27
pedro3005"willingness to follow proper coding styles X time spent coding" -- direct decrease21:27
yofelRed-Raven: yes, that's how you start it, but it's still a seperate application21:27
yofelbuilt into the terminal would mean something along of 'it's part of bash' - which it is not21:27
Red-Ravenoh so once i type in python, its not really the terminal anymore.21:28
pedro3005no, it's python's interpreter21:28
yofelnvm, pedro3005 said it right21:28
pedro3005Red-Raven, this is also a good book on it http://www.greenteapress.com/thinkpython/21:31
Red-Ravenso the interpreter is where you create your programs?21:33
pedro3005no, you type your program in any text editor21:33
Red-Ravenand the interpreter runs it?21:33
pedro3005save your code as "something.py"21:34
pedro3005and then run on the terminal21:34
pedro3005python something.py21:34
pedro3005it'll run it21:34
Red-Ravenglad to get that cleared up. are there any programs that make it faster? like MS Visual studio for C++ (and others)?21:34
pedro3005what do you mean by make it faster?21:35
Red-Ravenwell like programs built for programing.21:35
yofelif you mean an IDE, there's idle for python21:35
yofelthough there are probably better ones21:35
yofel(I hope)21:35
pedro3005IDLE is horrible, kill it21:36
pedro3005with fire21:36
Red-Ravenlike how if you want to create a big web page you don't do it by hand, you use another program (like MS visual Studio)21:36
Red-Raveni think there's one called dream weaver to.21:36
* robbmunson feels ears bleed at the thought of MS....21:37
pedro3005There are programs for easily creating GUIs21:37
pedro3005which you can import into your python code21:37
Red-Ravensry, only example i had.21:37
robbmunsonlol, was only kidding :)21:37
yofelwell, MS Visual Studio would be an IDE21:37
pedro3005But more over, you don't really have "click and drag" programs for programming21:37
Red-Ravenpedro3005, i didn't mean click and drag.21:38
pedro3005To help you achieve big things you have libraries etc21:38
pedro3005Red-Raven, you can try IDEs like Eclipse and Netbeans if you fancy them21:39
Red-Ravenok i googled it. yah, i guess i do mean an IDE. something that makes big programing jobs a lot faster.21:39
pedro3005I doubt it makes it a *lot* faster though21:39
pedro3005they only help you keep track of your variables, classes and whatnot, do some debugging perhaps, change indentation21:40
pedro3005minimal stuff, useful but not a huge boost21:40
Red-Raveni was just wondering. im going to code by hand, but i just wanted to know if there was something like that out there because my only experience with C++ had been in MS visual (not that you could really call it experience. the teacher kind of carries us through it and we had no idea what we were REALLY doing.)21:41
pedro3005Not as far as I'm aware21:42
yofelRed-Raven: what you probably need now is a text editor with syntax highlighting, even gedit can do that21:42
yofelthat'll be enough for the start21:42
pedro3005I don't use more than that21:43
pedro3005Well I use geany but only because it makes compiling C code faster21:43
* yofel uses VIM - and not even 5% of it's features to be honest..21:43
Red-Ravencan you use Python to make apps for mobile platfoms? i would assume you could with the Android. (again, just wondering.)21:44
pedro3005Yeah, you can21:44
pedro3005some Nokia phones run python21:44
pedro3005I have a friend who owns one, it's fun21:44
Red-Ravenawesome! exept i own an ipod touch. oh wait, stupid apple SDK....21:45
pedro3005python is a fun language with libraries to do almost anything you want21:46
Red-Ravencool. found the python highlight in gedit.21:47
pedro3005it automatically picks it up if you save the file as .py21:47
Red-Ravenawesome. does making it .py do anything else?21:47
pedro3005well I never tried running python code without the py extension21:48
pedro3005I don't know21:48
Red-Ravenwell, thanks for getting my started guys. i'll defiantly be borrowing some books soon.21:48
pedro3005good luck21:49
pedro3005I'll be happy to answer more questions when you have them21:49
Red-Raventhx. again, this has got to be the best community ever. many others would have kicked a noob like me out by now. hopefully i'll be able to help people like me someday.21:50
yofelsure you will, until then, we are here ;)21:51
Red-Raventhat's whats great about open-source, community-driven software i guess. and now, on to Spanish homework. i wonder if i could write code in Spanish....21:53
pedro3005habla "Hola, mundo!"21:54
robbmunsonRed-Raven, as long as the compiler interprets it, go for it!21:55
pedro3005encuanto n > 1:21:55
pedro3005    aumenta n;21:56
Red-Raven<capesa> Coding es muy divertido! </Capesa>21:56
pedro3005one of the reasons Haskell is nice, it has almost no english keywords21:56
Red-Raveni actually should do that. once i get to know Python. i should write a Spanish Python app that uses GPS to help them evade border patrol! (JK)21:57
yofelyou could write in whitespace, that has no keywords at all21:57
yofellet's leave the crazy programming languages for another time though..21:58
robbmunsonRed-Raven, seems like BP has enough problems on their hands without you.21:58
robbmunson(I do mean BOTH BP's....lol)21:58
pedro3005aw, come on21:58
pedro3005crazy programming languages are the best21:59
pedro3005brainfuck for instance....21:59
Red-Ravenlol yah. an app to track oil spills...21:59
yofelagreed ^^21:59
pedro3005I still love my string to brainfuck converter21:59
Red-Ravenhow do i open the current terminal directory in nautilus? i can find the folder im looking for in terminal but not in nautilus.22:23
MrChrisDruifRed-Raven: I think I know...lemma try first :)22:24
bioterrorRed-Raven, ctrl+l22:25
bioterroryou can type the path in nautilus22:25
bioterrorif that feels too complicated22:26
bioterrortype in terminal: pwd22:26
bioterrorand copy that line what it prompts to your nautilus after pressing ctrl+l22:26
MrChrisDruifI think he means the other way around bioterror, that he cd'ed to a location in terminal and want to open it in nautilus22:27
MrChrisDruifFor that you just have to typ "nautilus ./"22:27
Red-Ravenyah. i can get into the folder in terminal but not nautilus.22:28
bioterrorMrChrisDruif, thunar doesnt need ./ ;)22:28
MrChrisDruifMaybe Nautilus also :)22:28
bioterrordunno, havent used for a while22:29
bioterrorand ofcourse you can use & in the end of the command22:29
Red-Ravenim looking for the Xchat sound files. it says its in home/red-raven/.xchat2/sound.22:29
bioterrorwhich would be smarter22:29
MrChrisDruifNautilus does....otherwise it goes to your home :)22:30
bioterrorRed-Raven, enable show hidden files22:30
MrChrisDruifbioterror: Indeed...22:30
MrChrisDruifOtherwise does the program run in terminal :P22:30
* bioterror still prefers term dot files22:31
Red-Ravenso dot file=hidden>22:31
bioterrorRed-Raven, technically yes. ls and file browsers doesnt show . -files by default22:33
bioterroras they are mostly just configurations22:33
bioterrorbut I'm off to bed22:33
Red-Ravenglad to know that. this has happened before.22:33
Red-Ravenwhere are you?22:33
bioterrorI'm at home :D22:33
MrChrisDruifbioterror: How do you show .files in term?22:34
bioterrorMrChrisDruif, ls -la22:34
MrChrisDruifAlright :)22:34
bioterrorMrChrisDruif, ls -lah22:34
Red-Raventhey aren't hidden in terminal. at least not from cd. from ls they are.22:34
bioterrorRed-Raven, that's becouse of completion22:35
Red-Ravenum, ok.22:35
bioterrorif you tab completed22:35
bioterrorit can sniff them22:35
Red-Raveni didnt. just cd .xchat222:35
bioterroryou can type in nautilus too ~/.xchat222:36
Red-Raveni tried. didn't come up till i did ctr+h22:36
bioterrormy thunar 1.2.0 goes without a problem into a .directory22:36
Red-Ravenis thunar built-in on Xfce?22:38
bioterrorit's part of xfce22:38
MrChrisDruifXfce uses it by default...22:38
bioterrorbut I'm not using XFce ;)22:38
Red-Ravensry, ik you need to go.22:38
bioterrorI'm just using pieces from there and some from elsewhere22:38
MrChrisDruifWas developed for Xfce I even believe...22:38
bioterrorbut laters22:40
MrChrisDruifSleep well bioterror :)22:40
Red-Ravenyah i need to get on my homework. might be back later though. cya!22:41
Red-Ravenand again, thx everyone.22:41
MrChrisDruifI won't Red-Raven...I'll be off to bed aswell :P22:41
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* robbmunson sighs22:42
robbmunsonI think the zombie apocalypse is coming.....22:43
MrChrisDruifrobbmunson: Would be nice :)22:43
robbmunsonMy internet, my tv, my electricity....it all....vanished!22:43
MrChrisDruifHow come your still online? =-O22:44
* robbmunson went back to the stone age temporarily....and it was scary....SCARY I TELL YOU!22:44
robbmunsonMrChrisDruif, I begged the technology gods to let me have something back.22:44
MrChrisDruifAnd they gave both internet and electricity back? :D22:44
robbmunsonyes, I was amazed!22:45
MrChrisDruifSleep well all23:23
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