dscasselhi hakimsheriff.00:54
hakimsheriffanything new?00:56
hakimsheriffhow are the buisness cards going?00:56
dscasselNobody took on the business card task.00:57
hakimsheriffIf I could I, I can00:57
dscasselThere was a lot of "we shoulds" but nto a lot of commitment.00:57
dscasselI don't have time, certainly.00:57
hakimsheriffI could see what I could do,00:58
hakimsheriffI think I could design it but nothing else00:58
dscasselAwesome, thanks. :)00:58
hakimsheriffwhat should I put on It00:58
dscasselLogo mainly.00:59
dscasselAnd website url.00:59
dscasselI'm tempted to put the IRC channel on.00:59
hakimsheriffI am sort-of busy now so I might not answer all the time01:00
dscasselI'd really like to have a map of Canada with all the Ubuntu Canada chapters, but presently, that's Waterloo, Ottawa and sort of Toronto.01:00
dscasselNo problem.  Likewise. :)01:00
hakimsheriffshould be have a qr code?01:01
dscasselSure. We were discussing that for the t-shirt, but it works there too.01:01
hakimsheriffwhat should the qr code have?01:01
hakimsheriffthe website link?01:02
hakimsheriffnothing else?01:10
hakimsheriffshould I have spaces for name and stuff like that?01:12
hakimsheriffI don't think the qr code will fit01:17
dscasselYou can make it tiny.01:19
hakimsheriffI will already have a website link on it01:20
dscasselYou could also add a quick tagline for what Ubuntu Canada is...01:20
dscasselThat's fine01:21
hakimsheriffanything else01:22
dscasselI might have other suggestions when I see a design. :)01:23
dscasselAnyway, gotta run. bia.01:23
hakimsheriffi accidently closed the thing without saving sorry01:28
hakimsheriffi am busy now so i cant do it rigth now but in the future i will see01:29
dscasselBluesKaj: 'morning. :)15:44
BluesKaj'morning dscassel :) ...cold here15:46
dscasselHere too. Well, not so bad, but winter has returned after yesterday's thaw.15:59

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