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tsarlesIm interested in ubuntu cloud, but it seems almost as if there isn't basic information availible about how it works. I imagine UEC takes the place of say VMWare? But what about storage clustering, does it do that sort of stuff too, or do you need a SAN? is there anywhere i can read up on the basics?01:55
tsarlesis there a v-motion sort of feature for high availability?01:56
theTravtsarles: check out walrus02:47
theTravI'm super new to cloud as well, but it seems like walrus takes care of that side02:47
theTravok, so firing up elastic fox to try to connect to my cloud, I'm unable to add the cluster controller03:04
theTravlooking in cloud-error.log I've got NoAcceptingPipelineException03:04
theTravdo I need to set up / start some sort of service on the cloud side to handle the WS interface?03:04
theTravhmm, on another angle that's possibly related, I am trying to run these things on a network that already has a DHCP server that I have no access to03:21
theTravfrom what I can tell (euca-describe-instances) it's trying to do something with however nothing on the network has that IP address03:22
theTravI notice the CC has on its interface03:22
theTravso I'm guessing that's something to do with the --addressing private that the instructions told me to use03:22
areayhi all... i'm having trouble creating a volume with euca-create-volume... it returns "creating", but after i run euca-describe-volumes see "Failed" the first time, then "Deleted"03:52
areayI get this each time in /var/log/eucalyptus/cloud-error.log: 03:53:54 [BlockStorage:pool-10-thread-2]  ERROR com.eucalyptus.util.EucalyptusCloudException: Could not export AoE device /dev/vg-EnZbTA../lv-hkAQIA.. iface: eth0 pid: 3181 returnValue:03:56
areaynm, i noticed the error said eth0; i've configured the network using eth1.. i changed it in the web interface under configuration and it works perfectly now :)03:59
theTravso if I'm running my cloud behind a proxy, is there any way for the "store" tab on the web interface to work?04:02
theTravlike for downloading images etc?04:02
theTravI should be able to ssh into a VM instance running within the cloud from outside the cloud shouldn't I05:47
theTravit seems I can ping it from the cluster controller but not from another computer on the same network05:47
flaccidtheTrav: configure security groups correctly for the instance09:49
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kim0smoser: I just pushed a post on the ec2 ebs migration tool we talked about http://foss-boss.blogspot.com/2011/01/hack-on-ubuntu-cloud-utils.html13:42
kim0superxgl: Hi .. did you just email ubuntu-cloud mailing list asking to join ?14:07
kim0superxgl: You can join using https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/Ubuntu-cloud14:08
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gtaylorcool, and ubuntu-cloud channel15:20
kim0gtaylor: hey :)15:22
gtaylorI've been hanging out in ubuntu-server, for lack of a better idea15:22
kim0gtaylor: i.e. you didn't know this existed ?15:22
gtaylorkim0: Correct15:22
gsa1hi people15:23
kim0hmm .. ok .. I need to spam at more places then :)15:23
kim0gsa1: howdy15:23
gtaylorkim0: Which is bad, because I've been building a fairly complicated piece of software on top of Ubuntu's EC2 image :)15:23
gsa1kim0: Hi Ahmed15:23
kim0gtaylor: Yeah, someone like you ought to have heard about this channel15:23
kim0gsa1: hey there15:24
kim0gsa1: did we meet before ?15:24
gtaylorkim0: A link here would be helpful: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EC2StartersGuide15:24
gsa1kim0: Today I sent you a mail about contributions and so (with Pharo :) )15:24
kim0gsa1: a ha .. Welcome German15:25
kim0gtaylor: Are you working on the guide itself ?!15:25
gtaylorkim0: No, just suggesting that as a place to add an IRC link15:25
kim0ah got it15:25
kim0gsa1: ping .. I'm trying to pm you15:32
gsa1kim0: sorry, just was responding your mail15:33
kim0no problemo15:33
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kim0gtaylor: Hi there18:04
kim0You mentioned you were working on a major project involving Ubuntu and the cloud18:04
gtaylorkim0: Hello18:04
gtaylorkim0: Yes, an open source distributed encoding system.18:04
kim0I'm interested to learn more about that ?18:04
gtaylorkim0: Cloud-init is/was a critical part of that.18:04
kim0I'm even more interested now :)18:05
kim0encoding as in video encoding?18:05
gtaylorkim0: Video encoding is the first target, but there's no reason it couldn't do audio support with the addition of a class for that.18:06
gtaylorkim0: http://duointeractive.github.com/media-nommer/18:06
gtaylorIt's "working" already, but it's in the early going and I'm in doc writing and testing mode.18:07
kim0gtaylor: so encoding a "movie" works (at least sometimes) ?18:08
gtaylorkim0: Sure18:08
kim0that sounds awesome!18:08
gtaylorkim0: It's just ffmpeg18:08
kim0I know .. but all the magic is in the glue :)18:08
gtaylorkim0: Though you can use other encoders if you wanted.18:08
gtaylorYeah, it's been a really interesting project18:09
gtaylorIt's basically re-implementing something like encoding.com18:09
gtaylor(without having to pay their markups)18:09
kim0can I implement various workload handlers (mogrify for images, pdf2ps for pdf ...) ?18:10
gtaylorkim0: Yep, they're called "Nommers" :)18:10
gtaylorTo give you an idea, here's the FFmpeg nommer: https://github.com/duointeractive/media-nommer/blob/master/media_nommer/ec2nommerd/nommers/ec2_ffmpeg/nommer.py18:11
gtaylorMost of that is just assembling command line options. It has very little front-facing complexity there.18:11
* kim0 reading18:11
gtaylorBase class does the file-like object shuffling: https://github.com/duointeractive/media-nommer/blob/master/media_nommer/ec2nommerd/nommers/base_nommer.py18:12
kim0I was about to start a similar project18:14
kim0was gonna call it cloud-crunch18:14
gtaylorIt's quite the undertaking18:14
kim0it's quite cool :)18:14
gtaylorIt'd be easier if I had a bunch of local hardware, I'd just use something like celery. But we don't want to deal with our own hardware anymore.18:14
gtaylorAnd Amazon AWS is really starting to kick its way into awesomeness18:15
kim0any reason why you'd want to use celery over SQS18:16
gtaylorWe've had great success with it in the past. It's a great way to distribute tasks and track task state over an arbitrarily sized pool of workers. And it's fast and Python :)18:17
gtaylorBut in this usage case, we were bent on using EC2 to have a very large amount of scalability. We also didn't want the master daemon and the encoder daemons talking directly, which ruled out celery.18:17
gtaylorDidn't want to have to open firewall holes on either side.18:18
gtaylorDidn't want to tunnel or VPN.18:18
gtaylorSo Amazon SQS + SimpleDB it is :)18:18
kim0why couldn't you run your master daemon with celery on ec2 as well ?18:19
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gtaylorOur web app wouldn't be able to query the master daemon without opening a hole on the EC2 side18:19
gtaylorRight now, I can run the master daemon on our existing hardware and our web apps can send things to media-nommer's JSON web API18:20
gtaylorPlus we didn't want $15/month to go down the hole for us and our users just for running a daemon that doesn't even come close to utilizing a full EC2 instance (even a micro)18:20
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kim0ah makes sense18:21
gtaylorMakes things slightly more complicated, but it's also a _lot_ more failure tolerant now.18:21
gtaylorIf your master daemon goes down, any current jobs are still on Amazon and are still encoded. Work will continue until the queue is emptied, and after that the EC2 instances will terminate themselves automatically after a period of inactivity.18:22
kim0cronjob ?18:22
gtaylorfor what?18:22
kim0auto-terminating they self :)18:22
gtaylorEach EC2 instance runs a daemon that handles picking jobs off the queue, and "contemplating further existence"18:23
kim0a ha18:23
gtaylorSo the daemon will run a configurable number of encoding processes at a time, and only persist up until a configurable point of idle time.18:23
gtaylorI have them defaulting to 15 minutes of activity results in termination right now, IIRC.18:23
kim0sounds great18:24
kim0gtaylor: you're building this system for an online commercial website right18:25
gtaylorkim0: We've got two clients that need it, both of them very different.18:25
kim0gtaylor: I'm interested why did you choose ubuntu as a platform :) did you consider others18:26
gtaylorkim0: We use it extensively in our work, and I really liked cloud-init. I didn't want any users of media-nommer having to set up their own AMI if they don't want to. Configuration right now involves setting three config values and starting a daemon, that's all.18:27
gtaylorWe created an AMI from Ubuntu's EC2 ones, customized it very lightly, and gave it a way to update itself and stat encoding on boot. Users can use our public AMI without modification because of cloud-init.18:27
kim0I wonder you had to create a custom AMI .. why not everything thru cloud-init18:28
gtaylorMy cloud-init chops aren't that great yet.18:28
gtaylorI sure would love it, and it's not a difficult thing to add down the line if a cloud-init rockstar came along and did so, I just didn't have the time budgeted to figure it out. Made a weak attempt but failed.18:29
kim0what things would cloud-init need to do in that case18:30
gtaylorinstall supervisor or an upstart job for the master process, automatically use a virtualenv and pip to update media-nommer if restarted, and automatically set the correct AWS credentials on instantiation (already does that). I also mounted /tmp as ephemeral storage, and needed to chmod 777 /tmp on each reboot, for some reason.18:31
gtaylorNothing overly complex, but the order in which things run is important.18:31
kim0yeah .. you know with cloud-init you can just run an arbitrary shell script18:32
kim0gtaylor: Would you mind if I turn that chat into an interview article with yourself18:33
gtaylorkim0: Not at all, go for it18:33
kim0sounds good!18:34
gtaylorkim0: What site are you with?18:34
kim0gtaylor: can u pm me your email so I can share a google doc with you18:34
kim0gtaylor: I'm working with canonical caring for the ubuntu cloud community18:35
gtaylorVery cool, I keep an eye on the Ubuntu Cloud Blog18:35
kim0Might wanna follow planet ubuntu cloud18:36
gtaylorAh, I missed that one18:36
kim0gtaylor: thanks for all the info man .. I'll share some doc with you, and perhaps asking for some missing pieces18:40
gtaylorkim0: Sure, feel free to email or ping me on here if there's anything else.18:40
kim0gtaylor: actually, I have a last question. Since you were contracted for this work, why did you decide to open source it18:40
gtaylorkim0: I work for a very small contracting company with some great clients. Our philosophy is we're working on a general purpose tool that we don't anticipate to directly profit from, it might as well be open sourced so others may use it, and hopefully contribute back to make it better for all.18:42
gtaylorWe've got a decent public portfolio in the works on GitHub: https://github.com/duointeractive18:42
kim0does look good indeed :)18:43
gtaylorThanks, it's a pleasure to be able to blend hobby and work with open source software.18:44
kim0yep, you're lucky hehe18:44
gtaylorStark contrast to the corporate environment I came from.18:45
kim0Are you saying corp devs hate their code :)18:45
gtaylorWell, my former employer was starkly opposed to distributing or using open source. Which is a bummer for someone who really gets his jollies from writing and improving open source software :)18:46
gtaylor"If it's Open Source, it must be buggy and of inferior quality!"18:46
gtaylor"Instead, we'll pay some contractors to re-invent the wheel for thousands of dollars. Even though we could just use something that already exists."18:47
kim0hehhe :(18:47
kim0sigh .. I've seen a couple of those18:47
gtaylorI get the impression that many other experience similar problems with their management. But it does sound like things are slowly improving.18:47
gtaylorThe funny thing is/was, one of the managers was a complete Apple fanboy. Never mind the fact that his Mac has tons of great software with roots or involvement in open source.18:48
gtaylorCUPS, gcc, their X.org port, bash, python, ruby, lots more18:49
kim0gtaylor: but if it runs on Steves boxes, it all becomes shiny man18:53
gtaylorheh, yes indeed18:53
kim0hehe :)18:53
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adamsweethi, I have a bit of a noob question...20:22
adamsweetI have an Ubuntu instance on EC220:22
adamsweetI don't like running with as the ubuntu user so I added my own user, but I can't use my EC2 keypair with the new user after copying the authorized_keys from the ubuntu user's homedir to my users .ssh/authorized_keys file and setting the perms20:24
adamsweetnor can I use my own regular SSH key which is on my laptop20:24
adamsweetjust get Permission denied (publickey) in each case20:25
adamsweetcan anybody tell me what is stopping it working, I can't find anything in /etc/sshd_config which is different from any other Ubuntu/Debian install20:25
kim0adamsweet: shooting in the dark .. but could you add your new user to the same groups as user ubuntu (id -a ubuntu) ?20:26
adamsweetkim0: group memberships for my user and the ubuntu user are the same except for the primary group, but I can try adding my user to the ubuntu groups as a shot in the dark20:28
adamsweetI did also enable password logins but I still get the above error when attempting to SSH as my own user without specifying a keyfile20:29
adamsweetkim0, no adding user to ubuntu group didn't help20:30
kim0adamsweet: can you try visudo and adding the new user20:30
adamsweetI suspect I might misunderstand what the .pem file is and how it is used maybe20:31
kim0adamsweet: yeah!20:31
kim0I hope you didn't just add that20:31
adamsweetnew user is has already been set up for sudo20:31
kim0are you with putty on windows20:32
adamsweetgnome-terminal on Ubuntu20:33
kim0what is the pem you mention20:33
adamsweetI'm a competent Linux user but a bit of a cloud novice20:33
adamsweetmy keypair generated in the ec2 interface20:33
kim0could you su to the new user. And paste the output of ls -ld ~/.ssh ; ls -l ~/.ssh ; cat ~/.ssh/authorized_keys20:35
adamsweetthere's obviously a bit of config somewhere which says 'Don't let anyone log in using SSH unless it's the ubuntu user and they have they this keyfile'20:38
adamsweetdrwx------ 2 adam adam 4096 2011-01-19 20:08 /home/adam/.ssh20:39
adamsweettotal 020:39
adamsweet-rw------- 1 adam adam 0 2011-01-19 20:08 authorized_keys20:39
kim0um, well paste doesn't really paste right here :) next time please use paste.ubuntu.com20:39
kim0really mean*20:39
adamsweetahh ok20:40
adamsweetbut I kinda halfway fixed the problem20:40
kim0cool .. what did you find20:41
adamsweetthe ownerships on the authorized_keys file were root:root so I fixed that, must have been a leftover from some messing around I did while trying to figure it out20:42
adamsweetbut my own personal SSH key still wouldn't work so I catted ubuntu's authorized_keys file into my own and now I can SSH in using the amazon generated keypair20:42
adamsweetso I'm halfway there20:43
adamsweetthe ideal scenario is that individual users would be able to SSH in using their own keys, but I guess that's only a step away from here20:43
kim0it should work20:43
kim0adamsweet: I mean if it works with one key .. it should work with the other20:44
adamsweetthanks, sometimes somebody else's brain cycles expose mistakes that I overlooked20:44
kim0yeah, it's always the simple stuff first :)20:44
adamsweetaha, and I'm in using my own key20:45
adamsweetforgot to restart ssh :(20:45
adamsweetam rusty :)20:45
adamsweetand stupid20:46
kim0do you actually need to do that for adding a new user!20:46
adamsweetthanks man20:46
adamsweetno but I was testing ssh-copy-id20:46
kim0you enabled password logins ?20:46
adamsweetI can turn them off now20:46
adamsweetwell now I know what I was doing wrong in the first place (authorized_keys ownerships) I can just paste my public key into place20:47
adamsweetthanks :)20:47
adamsweetI thought there was some config somewhere which was refusing logins without the ec2 generated key but couldn't find it20:49
adamsweetnote to self: check the simple things first20:49
kim0yeah hehe20:51
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theTravok, so I've found SQS on amazon22:41
theTravI'm wondering if the ubuntu enterprise cloud has an equivalent22:41
flaccidtheTrav: don't think so22:53
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theTravflaccid: thanks23:30
theTravfrom reading the wiki page it looks like it's a bit to laggy anyway (2-10 seconds per message wtf?)23:30
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