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nigelbHappy netsplit day :p08:30
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* evilvish having a better time sense now.. dholbach says " good morning" at a *normal* time ;)08:42
dholbachevilvish, hehe08:47
nigelbranda: hi, got time for a PM?09:46
randanigelb: sure :)09:46
* popey hugs dholbach 10:05
* dholbach hugs popey back10:06
* nigelb looks around wondering10:06
kim0obsessive compulsive hugging10:41
nigelbOCH, symptoms including behaving like Daniel Holbach.10:44
duanedesign'lo all11:24
popeyhi duanedesign11:24
duanedesignhello alan 0/11:27
nigelbhey duanedesign11:32
nigelbduanedesign: been a while I think? :)11:32
nigelbpopey: hey, is the time for your UUD class time for you?11:32
popeyooo, I should reply to that mail11:33
nigelbyes, you should11:33
nigelbI should poke people about it I guess.  We need to announce the schedule.11:33
nigelbonly 10 days to go :/11:33
nigelbYeah, 29th is the date11:35
AlanBellI thought it was this weekend11:36
nigelbNext weekend11:36
AlanBellI dodged the draft then11:36
nigelbdon't worry, we can have you on the backup list if someone's missing ;)11:37
nigelbAlanBell: On a more serious note, would you be available for backup?11:46
AlanBellI haven't checked, but the reason I previously gave was invalid11:46
AlanBellso probably11:47
nigelbI'll make a note in the etherpad11:47
nigelbduanedesign: :)11:48
duanedesignnigelb: yes I have been very busy lately. :\11:48
nigelbduanedesign: ah, that explains that.  I've had to drop projects lately because of lack of time :(11:49
nigelbI know the feeling :/11:49
akgranerTechnoviking, thanks a million!11:50
nigelboh, Amber \o/11:51
duanedesignnigelb: yeah, i have considered that11:53
* evilvish likes how popey titles bugs: "* is a lie" :-D14:24
james_w`dholbach, http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2011/01/msg00646.html14:24
* evilvish plans to emulate..14:24
dholbachwow, thanks14:25
dholbachthe packagemap project looks pretty dead14:26
nigelbdoctormo: Ping.  Is 1700 fine for your UUD session?15:07
nigelbdholbach: ping15:15
nigelbdholbach: coolbhavi wants to do a fortnightly session on sundays in -classroom about packaging, now do you want this to be under the packaging traning series?15:15
dholbachyeah totally15:16
nigelbScheduling it :)15:16
nigelbdholbach: It has become seriously difficult to find people to packaging training :(15:17
dholbachyeah, it is, but still we should try to get the effort on track again15:19
nigelbhrm, let me catch hold of someone for tomorrow15:19
dholbachdpm, jcastro, kim0: did Mr Metal say if there was going to be a team call today?15:20
kim0dr Metal :)15:20
kim0I didn't hear anything about day15:21
jcastroI don't think we need one15:21
jcastrobut I'm down for whatevs15:21
kim0me agrees15:21
* dholbach nods15:21
kim0jcastro: what do you think of my gimp foo :)15:21
dpmdholbach, not that I know of, but I'm guessing he might want to have one, as we didn't have our 1-1's. /me nods too15:21
jcastroI liked it15:21
kim0hehe cool15:21
dpmkim0, that was scary man, I now feel compelled myself to hack on cloud!15:22
dholbachok, whatever :)15:22
kim0dpm: hehe that's the plan :)15:22
nigelbdholbach: mr. metal said he was canceling last night15:22
nigelblastlog ftw15:22
dholbachthose of yesterday?15:22
dholbachok, I'll take Murphy for a walk - I should be back JIT15:23
jcastrohmm the forums seem much faster now15:26
nigelbjcastro: hey, any word from Dbo on the session?15:27
jcastroI haven't asked him15:28
jcastrolet me find him15:28
nigelbAha, good that I asked you now then :)15:28
popeyjcastro: probably because half the forums have been disabled :)15:29
popey(assuming new servers havent arrived yet)15:29
jcastroI think the names of people online should be kept off anyway15:34
popeythey should upgrade to oracle15:35
popeyi hear it's unbreakable15:35
jcastroit is15:36
jcastrountil the money runs out15:36
knomesounds like a very serious technical bug in the system though15:38
popeyanyone running unity want to test something really quick and easy for me before I file a bug?15:46
jcastrowhat do you need?15:50
popeyopen totem with any random video15:51
popeyonce playing, press f to make totem go full screen15:51
popeyon my system the unity bar stays on screen until after you press f _and_ then nudge the mouse15:51
popeyi think it should hide as soon as you hit f15:51
jcastrooh right15:52
jcastrothat one's known15:52
jcastrothere's a bunch of little fullscreen issues15:52
popeyhow do you add stuff to the unity launcher?15:52
jcastroyou run it, then right click and then keep in launcher15:53
jcastrohe needs to land the bit that lets you drag stuff onto it15:53
jonohey all15:53
dholbachhey jono15:53
popeynot sufficient15:53
jcastrohi jono15:53
popeyi want to add a parameter to a program15:53
jonojcastro, dholbach, dpm, kim0 I am going to recommend we cancel our team call15:53
popeye.g. firefox --ProfileManager15:53
dholbachjono, WFM15:53
jonoas a few of us have been sick and still catching up15:53
jcastroright, you want a "Properties" or something popey15:53
dpmjono, ack15:53
jcastropopey: todayish would be a good day to whine to DBO about it. :)15:54
jcastrojono: yeah so I guess kirkland had some problems too15:54
jcastrowe narrowed it down to the hamburgers on Wednesday15:54
popeyjcastro: how do i achieve that?15:54
jcastropopey: tell him about the parameter thing15:54
jcastroin #ayatana15:54
jonojcastro, ugh15:54
* jono gets breakfast15:55
jcastrolet's just say that imodium AD ftw15:55
jcastroman dude15:56
jcastroI just can't win15:56
jcastronow people are complaining that they're not getting enough unity15:57
jcastropopey: wow, nice call, I didn't know no one had asked him about that16:08
jonodpm, logging onto Skype now16:27
dpmjono, ok, logging in too16:28
jonodpm, call me when ready16:28
jonoall set :-)16:28
popeyjcastro: bug filed 70400716:40
popeyi mean16:41
popeybug 70500716:41
ubot2Launchpad bug 705007 in unity (Ubuntu) "Unity has no method to maintain properties of launchers (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70500716:41
Technovikingjcastro: I pay people on the forum to post things to annoy you:)16:42
jcastroat keast there are no animated ants today16:42
Technovikingstack exchange now has a sci-fi question section, nerdgasism16:49
jcastroI was in the private beta!16:50
paultagjcastro: ooohhh, look how cool you are16:50
jcastroI committed to the proposal16:50
jcastrothat's why16:50
jcastroand look at the amazing question I asked16:51
paultagjcastro: it could be binary-encoded with a 3D vector16:51
jcastroor it could just be a TV show16:51
paultagjcastro: :)16:51
dholbachok my friends - It's time to call it a day over here16:56
dholbachhave a great rest of your day - and see you tomorrow16:56
* dholbach hugs you all16:57
dpmcalling it a day here as well - see you all tomorrow!17:05
jcastrounity status report out!17:21
jcastropaultag: I'm going to head over to the Indiana LoCo in a few months18:51
jcastroI figure, road trip18:51
paultagjcastro: sweet!18:52
paultagjcastro: want to stop in Cleveland for a beer?18:52
jcastrothat's totally in the opposite direction18:52
paultagjcastro: oh right, you're from shi^w michigan18:53
paultagjcastro: some reason I thought you were in NY18:53
jcastroI might drive thru cleveland this year though18:53
paultagjcastro: let me know. I'm out of here in a few months, so make it quick, dude18:54
jcastrowhere ya headed?18:54
paultagjcastro: I'm hopefully going to graduate18:54
jcastrooh, heh18:54
paultagjcastro: and get a job somewhere with someone18:54
paultagjcastro: at somepoint18:54
Pendulumpaultag: good luck with the job hunting18:55
paultagPendulum: thanks!18:55
akgranerjono_, ping - do you have time for a call this week with me?18:55
jono_akgraner, sure, about to do vidcasts now - can we arrange a time in a bit?18:56
akgranerjono_, of course..18:56
akgranerjust ping me :-)18:56
jcastrojono_: if people ask about unity my report for the week is minty fresh!18:56
kim0irc shaky tonight ~.~19:22
jono_akgraner, want to chat now while I eat lunch?21:09
akgranerjono_, sure21:16
akgranerskype or?21:16
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