Isaac-MIs anyone online?00:52
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thesheff17I bought a ATI fire pro 2450 and ubuntu 10.10 gets almost to the login screen but never finishes. Anything I can try?03:52
RAOFthesheff17: Please come to #ubuntu-x if you'd like to try debugging.04:16
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micahgrobert_ancell: thanks for uploading bug 695728, could you please add a task for maverick?05:05
ubot2Launchpad bug 695728 in gnome-python-extras (Debian) (and 1 other project) "python-gtkmozembed should depend on xulrunner (affects: 1) (heat: 169)" [Unknown,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/69572805:05
icekkhey, is there an easy way to install the new gnome 3 alpha on ubuntu?07:07
icemicehey, is there an easy way to install the new gnome 3 alpha on ubuntu?07:07
jmarsdenicemice: Try the Gnome3 Testing PPA, but "easy"?  No.  Easy would mean it all works fine already :)  https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/+archive/gnome3/07:10
icemiceSo I add this to my software sources and do apt-get install ?07:12
jmarsdenAdd to sources, then apt-get update, *then* apt-get install to your hearts content :)  Yu might want to consider installing ppa-purge first in case thinks go wrong.. this is ALPHA software... you are aware of what that means, right?07:15
icemiceya :)07:16
jmarsdenicemice: OK.  Just so you don't blame me for telling you you can do something that might break your system :)07:17
didrocksgood morning08:30
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GunnarHjpitti: Hi Martin,08:30
GunnarHjI rewrote the collect_locales() function in gui/simple-greeter/gdm-languages.c in an attempt to get something to start with for the GDM side of the solution to https://launchpad.net/bugs/693337. Need help to tweak the C code, though.08:30
GunnarHjCould you please take a look on that function and possibly modify the code. I think the latest patch in the linked branch shows what I'm trying to do. If not, please ask.08:30
ubot2Launchpad bug 693337 in language-selector (Ubuntu) (and 2 other projects) "Menus for choosing language should have one option per available translation (affects: 1) (heat: 119)" [Undecided,In progress]08:30
GunnarHj(I suggest that we wait with the overall review, including efficiency considerations, till both the GDM and language-selector branches work.)08:30
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pittiGood morning09:03
pittiGunnarHj: can't do that this week (I'm on the gnome hackfest), but can hopefully look into this next week; let's discuss on the bug, so that I get mail about it, shall we?09:04
pittidpm: so, new langpacks work, but don't have firefox translations at all :/ but I guess for alpha-2 that's okay09:19
dpmpitti, what happened? Were the FF translations not it the export yet?09:19
pittidpm: haven't checked that closely; I think they are, but due to their changed structure they don't get converted to xpi09:20
pittidpm: can't investigate in detail this week, putting off to next week09:20
dpmpitti, ok, thanks09:20
dpmpitti, have fun at the hackfest!09:21
pittiI do, thanks!09:21
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didrockssalut seb12809:48
seb128lut didrocks09:48
pittibonjour mes amis09:48
didrockshey pitti! (not sure I said hi before), how is the sprint?09:49
seb128pitti, howdy!09:49
seb128how are you?09:49
pittiI'm great, thanks! how are you?09:50
pittididrocks: very productive! it helps being able to focus on this thing for several hours, and being able to directly poke the experts :)09:51
didrocksexcellent! :)09:51
chrisccoulsongood morning everyone10:06
didrockshey chrisccoulson10:19
seb128slomo, hey11:06
seb128slomo, should libcairo-dev depends on libcairo-script-interpreter2?11:07
seb128slomo, see bug #70476711:08
ubot2Launchpad bug 704767 in cairo (Debian) (and 2 other projects) "dangling .so symlink (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70476711:08
seb128is the launchpad ajax bug thing broken for other people as well?11:09
seb128like changing the status of a bug opens a new page rather than the usual small ajax dialog11:09
slomoseb128: yes11:12
seb128slomo, do you want a bug on the bts for that?11:12
slomoseb128: not necessary, i've fixed that in git already... will be in the next upload :)11:14
slomoseb128: thanks11:14
seb128slomo, oh, thank you ;-)11:15
slomoother than that latest cairo works great for you in ubuntu? in debian apparently nobody uses the new version, there are almost zero bugreports ;)11:17
seb128slomo, http://git.debian.org/?p=collab-maint/cairo.git;a=commitdiff;h=210321dd61dff44c81d4e480ac837088a8b9e47311:18
seb128you have configure and makefiles changes in that commit that was wanted?11:18
slomoi love debcommit11:18
seb128slomo, seems to work fine, it's in natty which quite some people use but we got no complain so far11:18
seb1281.10.2 in natty11:18
ari-tczewseb128: could you look on bug 70037011:18
ubot2Launchpad bug 700370 in mutter (Ubuntu) "Please rename gir1.2-mutter-2.31 to gir1.2-mutter-2.91 (affects: 1) (heat: 12)" [Low,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70037011:18
seb1281.10.0 in maverick which is mostly fine11:19
seb128ari-tczew, what about it?11:19
ari-tczewseb128: 1) I can't find gir1.2-mutter-2.31 in Conflicts/Replaces.11:19
seb128it's not, did you see the reply on the bug?11:19
seb128that version was only available during the natty unstable cycle11:19
seb128the few who got that binary can deal with updates, that's part of running an unstable serie early11:20
ari-tczewseb128: ok, so I'll close bug11:24
rodrigo_seb128, did you merge my g-s-d branch?11:26
ari-tczewdidrocks: how to handle syncs with ~ubuntu-desktop branches?11:27
seb128rodrigo_, robert_ancell do11:27
rodrigo_ah, ok, was just wondering if it needed a SRU for maverick?11:27
seb128rodrigo_, it could be nice yes11:28
seb128do you want to do it?11:28
rodrigo_seb128, sure, but I'd prefer to get confirmation from matt that it fixes it for him11:29
seb128rodrigo_, ok, so let's wait for that11:29
didrocksari-tczew: what do you mean? sync from debian?11:31
ari-tczewdidrocks: yes11:31
didrocksari-tczew: do you have a case for a sync? if we sync from debian, we don't need the ~ubuntu-desktop branch anymore11:32
ari-tczewdidrocks: check package mutter11:32
didrocksari-tczew: if we are in sync (I thought we still have some distro-patch for it), we can remove the ~ubuntu-desktop branch11:33
seb128We don't want an ubuntu-desktop vcs for an universe source anyway11:34
didrocksyeah, I already removed some11:35
ari-tczewdidrocks: could you remove it for mutter11:35
didrocksdone. I'm not sure why we are at 2.91.5-1 btw11:36
didrocksit didn't build as well11:36
didrocks2.91.4-0ubuntu1 is the latest version which was built (and still in main)11:36
ari-tczewyes, there is DEPWAIT11:36
rodrigo_kklimonda, ping11:52
kklimondarodrigo_: pong12:00
rodrigo_kklimonda, just remembered about the views stuff you were working on, after a guy asked me how to use couchdb_database_execute_view for passing arguments, so how's that going?12:01
rodrigo_oh, wait, he can use the couchdb_query/_response thing, right?12:02
kklimondarodrigo_: yes, that's the idea - but there is no couchdb_database_execute in 0.7.012:03
rodrigo_execute_view, there is in git master12:04
kklimondarodrigo_: yes, but it doesn't accept CouchdbQuery12:05
rodrigo_answering the mail, CCing you12:06
kklimondathere is couchdb_database_execute_query which I'm going to work on merging to wip/query-response today12:06
rodrigo_kklimonda, ok12:07
GunnarHjpitti: (sorry about the delayed reply)12:07
GunnarHjSure, discussing it next week on the bug is fine.12:07
GunnarHjHappy hacking!12:07
seb128didrocks, is new unity having an empty icon in the launcher with a bubble "compiz" a known bug?12:22
didrocksseb128: known, but not reported. In any case, there is a discussion about changing the icon, so it doesn't worth the change12:23
seb128didrocks, "doesn't worth the change"?12:23
didrocksseb128: like, doesn't worth putting back the old icon as it will be changed again12:24
seb128well the icon is not the issue, the issue is the launcher listing compiz as a running software where it's a system component12:24
didrocksoh sorry, was in another conversation and linked to a ccsm bug12:24
didrocksseb128: do you run it with a unity.desktop?12:25
didrocksseb128: I don't see that at all12:25
seb128I run "unity" in the run a command gnome-panel dialog12:25
didrocksok, so you don't have an unity.desktop you added somewhere in your system? weird, I didn't see that before12:25
seb128not that I know about12:26
didrocksok, please report it then12:26
seb128$ locate unity.desktop12:26
didrocksok… I don't know how bamf is aware about it12:26
didrocksit's shown from startup, right?12:26
didrockslike, it doesn't appear suddenly?12:27
seb128it's listing gnome-panel as well12:27
didrocksok, can you look at the startup logs, please?12:27
seb128which used to be not listed12:27
seb128where are those logs?12:27
didrocksin the output12:27
didrocksstdout then or .xsession-errors12:27
seb128so .xsession-errors?12:27
didrockswell, you run it in a command line, isn't it?12:27
didrocksbut yeah, from gnome-panel, ignore me :)12:28
didrocksso .xsession-errors12:28
seb128hum, it's spammed by "(unity-window-decorator:1859): GLib-GObject-CRITICAL **: g_object_get_data: assertion `G_IS_OBJECT (object)' failed" lines12:28
didrocksalready reported12:28
seb128"** (<unknown>:2305): WARNING **: Unable to fetch children: Method "Children" with signature "" on interface "org.ayatana.bamf.view" doesn't exist"12:29
seb128as well12:29
seb128but I don't find anything revelant to the launcher issuer12:29
didrocksyeah, same here12:29
didrockshum, weird, I don't either, it used to show the launcher import12:30
didrocksok, they are not there anymore12:30
didrocksthat's weird… it shouldn't match it, it started with that week release?12:31
didrocksyou have the latest bamf, isn't it?12:31
seb128yes and yes12:32
seb128didrocks, the "keep in launcher" is ticked for both compiz and gnome-panel12:34
didrockshum… I think it's maybe my importer12:34
didrocksseb128: can you look at (and eventually pastebin ~/.local/share/unity/migration_script.log)?12:34
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seb128oh ok12:35
seb128didrocks, yeah it's your importer ;-)12:35
seb128it imported my desktop compiz.desktop and gnome-panel.desktop12:35
didrocksseb128: it's a pleasure to screw you \o/12:35
seb128I've those there because it's the easier way to restart compiz when it crashes12:35
seb128it doesn't require to be able to have keyboard input12:35
seb128you can just click on the icon12:36
didrocksseb128: where was it? in the panel?12:36
seb128no ~/Desktop/compiz.desktop12:36
didrocksok :)12:36
didrocksmaybe, we should build a blacklist…12:36
didrocksthe "blank icon" bug is already fixed in trunk12:37
seb128doesn't seem worth the effort12:37
seb128it's not likely any user will have launchers for those12:37
didrocks(it will be replaced by the "unkown application" icon)12:37
didrocksok, all is explained at least :)12:37
seb128ok, it's all back to normal now12:38
seb128I just unchecked the keep in launcher12:38
didrocksyou're welcome12:38
didrocksyeah, it shouldn't be reimported then12:38
didrocksif it is, do not hesitate to shout :)12:38
seb128ok ;-)12:39
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cyphermoxgood morning!12:49
cyphermoxso, didrocks, looks like it's indeed unity_support_test that takes too long to run on my system the very first time after boot -- and it gets killed after 1 second12:49
didrockscyphermox: ok, having some data about how long it takes for it to be started can be nice12:50
didrockscyphermox: like, replace it by /bin/true in the helper, and launch as a startup programm, mesure its time to start12:50
cyphermoxdidrocks, sure12:51
didrockscyphermox: thanks!12:51
cyphermoxok, trying now ;)12:52
seb128slomo, btw http://launchpadlibrarian.net/58943316/gst-plugins-base0.10_0.10.30.4-1_0.10.30.4-1ubuntu1.diff.gz12:52
seb128slomo, could use "dh_perl -d" in debian as well?12:52
seb128slomo, seems the code fix is in the upstream new version but you didn't apply the dh_perl change to debian12:53
cyphermoxdidrocks, seems it runs in just under 3 seconds13:02
didrocks3 seconds? :/13:03
cyphermoxyeah :/13:04
didrocksok, I'll increase the timeout to 5 seconds for now, before working on caching that13:05
cyphermoxdidrocks, I wonder if there is anyway to test less, or more pointed things?13:05
didrockscyphermox: no, because what takes time is opengl initialisation13:06
didrockscyphermox: then, it's just reading values in an array13:06
cyphermoxah, I see13:08
cyphermoxfive seconds still seems like a lot, even if it's only to be on first boot once it's cached13:08
didrocksit's not only on first boot13:09
didrocksit's at every boot13:09
cyphermoxunless you want to cache on install?13:09
didrocksno we don't want13:09
cyphermoxI thought you wanted to save the results?13:09
didrocksyeah, in gdm, before logging13:10
didrocksyou can have driver which changes13:10
didrocksyou can switch your graphic card13:10
didrocksyou can install another driver as well13:10
didrockswe don't want to handle all of those cases13:10
cyphermoxI knew my idea was flawed :)13:10
* rodrigo_ lunch13:12
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seb128mterry, hey, do you have time to investigate a build issue?14:01
mterryseb128, sure14:01
seb128mterry, libgee14:01
* mterry looks14:01
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seb128mterry, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+archive/test-rebuild-20110107/+buildjob/215004414:01
seb128one of the tests is failing14:02
seb128mterry, while you are at it if you do an upload please rename the gir to 1.2 as well14:02
seb128mterry, thanks!14:02
mterryseb128, k14:02
mterryseb128, where'd you get this build error from, a rebuild test?  LP says all  archs built.14:12
seb128mterry, building the current natty source on i386 gives me the same issue14:14
seb128mterry, right, that's the test rebuild doko did14:14
mterryseb128, same, was just curious if you knew when it came from or something14:14
seb128no I don't14:15
seb128mterry, could be vala which changed?14:16
mterryseb128, could be, but the generated c code seems correct14:17
mterryseb128, seems like a badly written test, relying on the order of strings in a hash.  Maybe glib's g_str_hash function changed...14:28
seb128grrr, can ctrl-W stop closing tabs in xchat-gnome14:32
kklimondaseb128: do you have a moment?14:32
seb128mterry, not that I know about no14:32
seb128mterry, but if the test is buggy just fix or drop it and maybe open an upstream bug?14:32
seb128kklimonda, sure14:32
seb128kklimonda, hey btw14:32
mterryseb128, well, I'm trying to find out if they have reason for the assumption of if it really is just buggy.  Even if buggy, would be nice to know why the change14:33
kklimondaseb128: hey :)14:33
kklimondaseb128: can you tell me if such a revision to the license doesn't make it incompatible with dfsg: http://pastebin.com/ZCQf9KWm ?14:33
dpmhi, does anyone know if there is an easy way to "reset" or reload the message indicator? I'm affected by that bug where duplicate entries are shown, and right now there are too many entries to be usable14:34
seb128dpm, kill indicator-messages-service14:36
seb128mterry, ok14:38
dpmthanks seb128. That removed most of the duplicate entries, so I can now at least use it, but there are still some duplicates that did not go away. In any case, works for me ;)14:39
seb128kklimonda, I'm not sure best person to ask about licenses, can you ask on #ubuntu-devel?14:40
seb128dpm, you should get the running sofwares twice14:40
seb128dpm, "should" as "known bug'14:40
seb128but it should get ride of the extra entries you get when closing and starting a software again14:40
kklimondaseb128: good idea, thanks :)14:41
dpmseb128, yeah, that's exactly the case14:42
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mterryseb128, spent enough time checking, I just threw a patch upstream: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=639955  Will apply in Ubuntu15:12
ubot2Gnome bug 639955 in general "[PATCH] Fix ReadOnlyCollectionTests.test_immutable_iterator" [Normal,Unconfirmed]15:12
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seb128didrocks, btw the 3d check is even slower when restarting after a kernel upgrade17:27
seb128since the disk cache needs to be rebuilt17:28
seb128didrocks, dropping the comment there since some users mentionned getting the issue only after an upgrade17:28
didrocksseb128: oh intesting17:30
didrocksin any case, we link against 15Mb of libs, I'll talk to jay if we can narrow that down17:30
bcurtiswx_kenvandine, have you had a chance to look at the empathy stuff?17:39
seb128bcurtiswx_, what issue are you having?17:42
seb128bcurtiswx_, you should maybe switch to some others tasks until the gnome3 is somehow working17:42
seb128it seems you are running into issue over what you can solve now and other people don't run the gnome3 ppa yet17:42
didrocksok, see you tomorrow!17:45
kenvandinebcurtiswx_, i got my VM updated and all, but too swamped atm17:45
bcurtiswx_kenvandine, OK i was just wondering17:45
kenvandinesorry :/17:45
bcurtiswx_seb128, I guess I will.  I wanted empathy as packaging package and i'm sure you understand my frustration but interest in seeing it packaged for GNOME317:46
dobeyhrmm, python-webkit package seems a bit broken to me17:47
bcurtiswx_kenvandine, no need to be sorry.  I know how busy and swamped you are17:47
seb128bcurtiswx_, right, maybe work on the 2.32 version by backporting some upstream patches, looking at bugs, etc?17:47
kenvandinedobey, yes... bug 68873217:47
ubot2Launchpad bug 688732 in pywebkitgtk (Ubuntu) "package no longer has WebView attribute after transition to python 2.7 (affects: 35) (dups: 13) (heat: 234)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/68873217:47
bcurtiswx_dobey, there's a workaround in there right?17:48
bcurtiswx_seb128, OK.17:48
dobeybcurtiswx_: rm -rf /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/webkit 'works'17:49
dobeybcurtiswx_: but the package contains an __init__.py which doesn't seem to be getting symlinked to /usr/lib/pythonX.Y/...17:49
bcurtiswx_its not the solution.. but it 'works' yes17:49
seb128dobey, which one is that?17:50
seb128there is no /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/webkit on my install17:50
dobeyseb128: i think it got left around from an older version17:51
dobeyseb128: but /usr/share/pyshared/webkit/__init__.py is in the package17:51
dobeyalbeit, python stuff doesn't get run on configure17:51
dobeyand not sure why the old stuff didn't get removed on upgrade17:51
seb128dpkg -S /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/webkit17:52
seb128dpkg -S /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/webkit/__init__.py17:52
seb128does that return anything?17:52
dobeyseb128: 'no such file'17:52
kenvandineeven for people with that file, it doesn't show up as owned by the package17:52
kenvandineit got created when it did it's magic for py2.6 and py2.717:53
dobeyseb128: because the package isn't using dh_python2 afaik17:53
kenvandinei think doko changed it to use dh_python217:53
dobeythe 2.7 rebuild was only a changelog entry to get a rebuild for 2.717:53
dobeyi don't see any switch to dh_python217:54
kenvandineoh, no it is pysupport17:54
kenvandinei guess maybe he mentioned that in -devel17:54
dobeyso i wonder why the python triggers aren't being triggered for it17:55
dobeyapt-get remove python-webkit, wants me to install KDE instead.18:00
pittigood night everyone! we'll have a presentation now, and then toddle off to dinner/hotel18:09
pittisee you tomorrow!18:09
seb128'night pitti18:16
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nessitamterry: ping19:32
mterrynessita, hello19:32
nessitamterry: hi there! do I need to take any extra action to have u1cp in the main repo/CD? is still listed as in universe19:32
mterrynessita, no, now it's in the queue for an archive admin to get to it.  If you ping one, you can likely hurry it along19:34
nessitamterry: ok, thanks :-)19:34
seb128is something bringing it on the CD?19:36
nessitaseb128: I would love to know! do you know?19:54
dobeyseb128: nothing on the cd will Depends: on it; ubuntuone-control-panel-gtk will need to be explicitly added to the default install set/cd19:55
seb128dobey, nessita: either something in the default install needs to Depends on Recommends it19:56
seb128could be unity or the ubuntunone-client?19:56
seb128or we need to seed it19:56
dobeyseb128: ubuntuone-client would cause a circular dep. i think it should be seeded probably, and unity should probably Recommends it19:57
seb128well if unity recommends it no need to seed it19:57
dobeyor whatever provides the default launcher favorite item, that is19:57
seb128we will get it on the CD don't worry20:01
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mterrybratsche, heyo.  Did you have some testcase for indicator-appmenu that was causing problems for some class of apps?  (java?)20:57
seb128mterry, hey, how is libgee going?20:58
mterryseb128, waiting for it to be added to the desktop set.  :)20:59
seb128oh ok ;-)20:59
mterryseb128, it's fixed in upstream trunk20:59
seb128mterry, did they take your patch or was it already fixed?21:00
mterryseb128, turns out it was already fixed, but basically in the same way my patch did21:01
seb128ok, sorry for the work duplication with them then21:01
mterryUpstream blamed valac for the change of behavior, but I don't think that is the case (I tested with 0.11.2 to be sure)21:01
bratschemterry: Let me see if I can find it.  A bunch of my files are kind of disorganized since I had to reinstall Natty on my system from scratch and backup my stuff.21:02
bratschemicahg around?21:07
seb128bratsche, mterry: http://pastebin.com/Gy7810w921:07
micahgbratsche: yep21:07
seb128that's the swt example from IRC logs?21:07
bratschemicahg: Where does this DEP-3 header thing go?  Is it part of the bzr commit log, or the patch?21:08
bratschemicahg, (in response to your comment on https://code.launchpad.net/~bratsche/ubuntu/natty/gnome-do/disable-resize-grips/+merge/46301 )21:08
micahgbratsche: it's part of the patch21:08
seb128bratsche, it's part of the patch21:08
seb128bratsche, it's just some infos at the start of the file to indicate bug references, etc21:08
mterryseb128, OK, looks like a java test case alright21:08
bratscheCool, thanks.21:09
seb128mterry, if you want to start working on appmenu-gtk there is quite some issues to grab on launchpad21:09
mterryseb128, noted21:09
bratscheseb128: Thanks for finding that SWT example!21:09
seb128bratsche, yw21:09
seb128mterry, one issue reported this week is that the help, summary entries don't work in appmenu for example21:10
seb128ok, enough work for today21:17
seb128see you tomorrow21:17
bratscheLater seb!21:17
bratschemicahg: Okay cool, I pushed up some changes to that branch for whenever you have a chance to review it again.  Thanks!21:17
micahgbratsche: will take a look later, thanks21:18
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