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infoturtleyes! 5 days later, pc fixed!!00:27
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airurandoevening all19:51
airurandoanyone around for the meeting?19:51
airurandoevening ebel19:56
ebelirc meeting soon19:56
airurandokinda quiet yet though19:56
airurandohowdy infoturtle19:57
infoturtlehow do airurando19:57
infoturtlesorry if I'm late, mad pc problems as of late19:58
infoturtlebios and three hard drives bust19:58
airurandoyou got it fixed now though right?19:59
infoturtleya but the bios is still dodgy and got a loan of a hard drive of my girlfriend19:59
airurandois the podcast recording going ahead?19:59
infoturtleit is ya19:59
airurandoif yes who's recording it?19:59
infoturtleright after this19:59
airurandowho are the crew20:00
infoturtlewe're all recording our end and I'm editing the three tracks, that way we;;; have 0 lag20:00
airurandosounds like a  lot of editing work20:00
infoturtlethe crew is my self, pall hannan (fudge) and gary smith20:00
infoturtlena I play in a band so used to editing lots of tracks for drums20:01
airurandoI look forward to hearing it20:01
airurandoebel: want to give it a few more mins?20:01
infoturtlethanks, can't wait to get it done20:02
infoturtlefudge is joining us two hes just booting now20:02
ebelairurando: sure20:02
infoturtleheres gary20:02
airurandohi imgarysmith20:03
imgarysmithhaha, hey guys20:03
airurandotdr112: you about? hope you're not too snowed under with College work.20:04
infoturtlewoo, users are just packing into this meeting, aren't they!20:06
garrydonnellyhi :-)20:06
infoturtlehey garrydonnelly20:06
garrydonnelly I'm a newbie to ubuntu-ie and i'm afraid I am a little busy right here so i'm mainly a lurker for the moment but i'lll try to take part as much as possible.20:08
airurandogarrydonnelly: welcome20:09
airurandomeeting will start soon20:09
garrydonnellyAlso logged in on my phone so it's a bit slow to type. :-)20:09
airurandofeel free to join in at any time.20:10
airurandoHi czajkowski.20:10
airurandopoor you.20:10
czajkowskiaye just a tad broken20:10
airurandohope you feel better soon.20:10
infoturtleI hate IRC on android20:10
airurandoebel: should we start?20:11
ebellet's go20:11
imgarysmithis it possible to delay the meeting 10 mins20:11
fudgez I'm in no rush is someone cool coming?20:12
infoturtlethink everyone cool is here20:12
airurandoimgarysmith why?20:12
imgarysmithI'm walking home so I can't really pay attention20:13
infoturtletis fine imgarysmith, you can review the logs later20:13
imgarysmithokay grand20:13
airurandoebel you chairing?20:13
ebelsure, i'll chair20:14
MootBotMeeting started at 14:14. The chair is ebel.20:14
MootBotCommands Available: [TOPIC], [IDEA], [ACTION], [AGREED], [LINK], [VOTE]20:14
ebelso this is the irc meeting20:14
ebelwiki page with agenda is here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/IRCMeetings/2011-01-1920:14
ebel[link] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/IRCMeetings/2011-01-1920:14
MootBotLINK received:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/IRCMeetings/2011-01-1920:14
* fudgez makes some coffee20:14
ebelPlease say PRESENT if you are here and paying attentiob20:15
garrydonnellyLol. Silly swype. present20:15
fudgezgo auto correct20:15
ebelright, the first item on the agenda is:20:16
ebel[topic] Review of previous action items20:16
MootBotNew Topic:  Review of previous action items20:16
ebelAnyone got anything to say on this?20:16
airurandodon't think there are any really.20:16
infoturtlelast meeting was quite20:17
terranPresent for once20:17
airurandowebsite is an agenda item proper20:17
ebel[topic] Ubuntu Hours & (ILUG) PoTD20:19
MootBotNew Topic:  Ubuntu Hours & (ILUG) PoTD20:19
ebeladded by me20:19
ebelI was wondering about the (ILUG) PoTD in dublin20:19
ebelthere was more people there than have been at the last few ubuntu hours20:19
ebel(note this all applies to the dublin meet ups, other cities are different)20:19
ebeli was wondering about merging ubuntu hour back into the ilug potd thing?20:20
ebelIn fact I don't think there's been an ilug potd in ages anyway.20:20
ebelperhaps by inviting people on ilug mailing list along, more might come, and calling it non-ubuntu hours might open it up20:21
ebelcourse we (we=ubuntu community) /could/ still do both aswell....20:21
ebelwhat do people think?20:21
ebelgood idea? bad idea? don't care?20:21
fudgezgood idea20:22
fudgezEveryone loves mailing lists20:22
infoturtleCan't comment on this, limerick bound20:22
ebel(NB: I don't think I (or anyone) can direct anyone to do anything, so y'all can ignore me and never go to a potd and nothing wrong with that) :)20:22
* fudgez transcends counties20:22
airurandoI do agree that the attendance at UH Dublin has dropped off20:22
airurandoI'd just be concerned about dropping the UH name20:23
airurandobut Iultimately I do agree that it is a good idea to merge ubuntu hour back into the ilug potd20:24
fudgezShould still be called UH definately but what you can do is have a seperate mailing list but invite people in the ILUG POTD list to join?20:24
ebelwell ubuntu-ie has a mailing list. ilug has a mailing list.20:24
ebeldoubt there's much benefit to another mailing list.20:25
ebeli suppose i'd like to see more linuxy people at the monthly meet ups.20:26
tdr112i think the best way to look at it is to ask why th uh are not working and try and fix them20:26
ebelyeah, any suggestions?20:27
czajkowskimy only comment on it would be this20:27
tdr112i think the iusse is , its the same few people at uh , dont get me worng they are great people but you end up with notting to talk about as you just keep talking about the smae things  in the end you lose intrest in going back20:27
czajkowskiI realy dont want to see the name UH lost, as when it comes to showing the work Ubuntu ie does one could then argue it's not an UH but an ILUG event20:28
czajkowskimaking you not a loco20:28
ebelor, alternatively, is there a problem? should we do something? or not? are we fine the way we are?20:28
czajkowskimaybe have it every 2nd month ?20:28
czajkowskidoesnt have to be monthly20:28
airurandohow can we improve communication / advertising?20:29
airurandohow can it be made more interesting?20:29
airurandoIn terms of the ubuntu channels of communication I think we have it covered.20:29
airurandobut that's not enough.20:30
airurandoI suggested a while back that we should have a topic for discussion at each UH20:30
ebelanother idea: think about what we want to have.20:30
ebelcurrently it's a meet in a pub and chat20:31
ebelother user groups do other things, e.g. python ireland do regular talks.20:31
ebelthat could be a rejuvenation attempt?20:31
airurandoebel: yep20:31
tdr112i think we all can see that meeting every month just for a chat is not working20:31
czajkowskimay need to change it about20:31
tdr112maybe a chat every 2 months and some sort of atcivy for the other one20:32
czajkowskiaye ounds good20:32
czajkowskiall about variety and making it work for ye20:32
tdr112how about we let the next one run as normaly have a chat then to do some thing different for the one after20:33
czajkowskinot really my place to make a comment really as not here any more :(20:33
airurandoczajkowski: your opinion is still highly valued20:33
ebelso anyone want to do something?20:35
airurandoebel: you said there have been no ilug potds recently?20:35
ebelairurando: AFAIK20:35
airurandoshowing my ignorance20:35
airurandowhat does AFAIK mean?20:35
airurandogot it20:35
infoturtleas far as i know20:36
garrydonnellyActually can someone translate ilug, uh and potds for me please?20:36
ebelwell the consensus seems to be to keep the ubuntu-hour thing20:36
airurandowould it be an idea to combine a UH/Ilug grouping in an event?20:36
ebelgarrydonnelly: ILUG = irish linux user group,20:37
infoturtleirish linux users group20:37
infoturtlepint of the day20:37
ebelpotd = pint of the day20:37
infoturtleuh is ubuntu hour too20:37
infoturtlein case20:37
airurandoWe need to get a critical mass going.20:37
fudgezis that when a priest gives out about art?20:38
czajkowskimaybe go down the road of a talk once a month20:38
airurandoI definately like tdr112s idea of talk one month and activity the next?20:38
czajkowskiand just meet up and talk another month20:38
ebelwho wants to give a talk?20:39
czajkowskiwhy not put that to the list20:39
ebela talk sounds like a good idea20:39
czajkowskiand explain the reason why yer moving this way to get people more involved20:39
ebelyeah, ask the list.20:39
czajkowskiat the end of the day if people don't want to be involved cant force them either20:39
ebel[agreed] keep the ubuntu hour name20:40
MootBotAGREED received:  keep the ubuntu hour name20:40
czajkowskiit would be nice if they were of course :) I am slightly biased20:40
garrydonnellyThanks :-)20:40
airurandodon't go too nerdy on the talks20:40
ebel[agreed] try to get people to do talks for ubuntu hour20:40
MootBotAGREED received:  try to get people to do talks for ubuntu hour20:40
czajkowskimayeb invite a differnt group to come along20:40
airurandoRemember Ubuntu is for Human Beings20:40
czajkowskiand do a joint talk20:40
czajkowskilie one from say python and 1 ubuntu20:41
czajkowskimix and match20:41
ebel(I assume i interpreted our consensus on this, please correct me)20:41
garrydonnellyHow about workshops like they do in apple stores? :-/20:41
infoturtlethats an idea, or projcts to work on20:42
czajkowskinice idea20:42
tdr112garrydonnelly: its getting people to give them , we are all busy20:42
ebelyeah, who wants to give a workshop?20:42
infoturtlemight be best to ask the mailing list on that one20:43
airurandoshould the topic for the next UH be20:43
infoturtlemore people for ideas20:43
imgarysmith2I don't mind if its a topic I know enough about20:43
airurandoHow to get this UH rocking?20:43
garrydonnellyWell. I guess it needs to be sold as an opportunity to CV boost for those not currently too busy :-)20:45
ebelwell we'll see if anyone emerges out of the woodwork?20:45
airurandoetherpad page for wish list and offers?20:46
airurandomail the list about the page?20:46
airurandoI know I'd add to the wish list.20:46
ebelsure, you wanna set that up?20:46
airurandoIf people agree that it is a good idea i'll definately set up the etherpad page and mail the list about it.20:47
imgarysmith2is it a wishlist for workshops?20:47
infoturtleI think it's a great idea, might even pop up for some20:48
ebelyeah, gotta get people to do it20:48
ebelairurando: looks like there's interest :P20:48
airurandoimgarysmith2 for anything really, (legal that is)20:48
imgarysmith2okay cool20:48
* ebel tries to get the meeting moving along20:48
airurandovenues may be an issue down the line20:49
airurandoebel action me20:49
* fudgez seconds abel's motion 20:49
ebel[action] airurando will make an etherpad with workshop wishlishs/offers for potential UH topics20:49
MootBotACTION received:  airurando will make an etherpad with workshop wishlishs/offers for potential UH topics20:49
ebelnext topic?20:49
ebel[topic] Ubuntu Ireland Podcast20:50
MootBotNew Topic:  Ubuntu Ireland Podcast20:50
ebeli added this, but infoturtle knows more about it.20:50
ebelinfoturtle: would you mind telling us more about it?20:50
infoturtlefor the first one its myslef, imgarysmith2 and fudgez  for the first cast20:51
infoturtleits going to be monthly as a means of promoting Ubuntu-ie events and projects for people who would rather have the info read to them than read it20:51
infoturtleand for news and fun too20:51
* airurando is looking forward to listening20:52
infoturtlealways happy to get people to come on the show too to talk for a segment or for a whole show20:52
infoturtleanything else?20:52
ebelyes sounds cool. I can't wait to hear it.20:52
ebelGood luck infoturtle!20:52
fudgezFirst one is recording tonight.... terrifying20:53
airurandowhere will we be able to get it?20:53
infoturtleits always recorded after the IRC too20:53
infoturtleso it'l be done tonight20:53
ebelGood luck infoturtle & imgarysmith2 & fudgez20:53
imgarysmith2thanks ebel20:53
infoturtlehavent got a site yet but I can host it on my and give a link on ubuntu-ie.org if ye would like?20:53
airurandoyeah Good luck infoturtle & imgarysmith2 & fudgez20:53
fudgezwill we be posting it to itunes for ease of subscription?20:54
ebel(that might lead on to our next one)20:54
airurandoinfoturtle: so long as I can get it.20:54
infoturtleso it'll be on my server but a link can be there for people who visit the ubuntu-ie.org site if you think thats a good idea?20:54
airurandofudgez please have an alternative to itunes as well20:54
ebelRSS feed should suffice for all podcast software, no?20:55
infoturtle.mp3 and .ogg inks20:55
fudgezAye twill do20:55
ebelso, next topic... ?20:55
ebel[topic] Work on Ubuntu-ie.org from ... (is that you infoturtle ?)20:55
MootBotNew Topic:  Work on Ubuntu-ie.org from ... (is that you infoturtle ?)20:55
infoturtlesure is20:56
* ebel gives the chair to infoturtle 20:56
infoturtlejust wondering as I was more egear than sure when I said I'd do work on the site what it is I am to do with it20:56
infoturtleupdate the news or re-do the site in its whole?20:56
ebelwell i think i speak for all of us (?) when i say it's up to you?20:57
ebelyou could host the podcast one the server from blacknight?20:57
ebelFor the record, blacknight sposored us a year of web hosting20:58
ebelso we can move off the canonical old drupal install and do what we want.20:58
infoturtlecould do, I only suggest my server so space usage wasn't an issue20:58
infoturtleya that would be great20:58
infoturtleI have a kinda template of an idea to do with it but with my pc i haven't been able to clean the edges of it so I don't want to show it yet20:59
infoturtle*with my pc breaking20:59
ebeli mean, you don't *have* to do it. We all help in different ways, and we are getting along ok now....20:59
czajkowskiinfoturtle: that's cool the only reason I'd suggest use BK server as it's in impartial server21:00
czajkowskiand I've seen teams have issues when someoen used their server it just gets a bit messy, though your offer is great21:00
infoturtleczajkowski, sure, like i said I don't mind21:01
infoturtleit was an idea so there would be no problems21:01
ebelwell it's free hosting, so we can use it. no point you getting out of pocket.21:01
infoturtlecool all done so21:01
infoturtlenext topic?21:02
ebel[topic] Our LoCo Banner21:02
MootBotNew Topic:  Our LoCo Banner21:02
ebelcanonical gave us a 'conference pack'21:03
ebelit's a big professionally printed ubuntu banner21:03
ebeland table cloth21:03
ebelthat we can use at events and conferences21:03
ebelhere's a photo http://www.flickr.com/photos/rorymccann/5333737140/21:03
ebel[link] http://www.flickr.com/photos/rorymccann/5333737140/21:03
MootBotLINK received:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/rorymccann/5333737140/21:03
infoturtleI heading to U.L. and L.I.T. to handout out cd's and promote the Limerick UH, would be cool to use that21:04
infoturtlebut alas it would be a job getting it back to ye21:04
terranThey don't use .'s in their names I don't think21:04
terranI've always seen it UL and LIT21:04
czajkowskiaye minus the . tis all good21:05
czajkowskiinfoturtle: sounds like a great idea21:05
fudgez^excellent info terran :P21:05
terranI have to contribute somehow21:05
infoturtleit is but I'll just go with out the banners21:06
infoturtle150miles travel for banners would kill me21:06
ebelthe banner's in my house at the moment, but it's available to everyone in ubuntu-ie all over ireland21:06
ebelhmmm, when you going to ul/lit?21:06
infoturtlefeb 15 or 20th21:07
infoturtle2 weeks before the feb UH21:07
ebelthe banner/table cloth is big. about the size of a blanket :)21:07
ebeli wonder is anyone going that way? could be one for a mailing list21:07
airurandowhat is the UL/LIT event?21:08
infoturtlenothing, just promote Ubuntu and the UH, it's only ever me and Mike at them21:08
czajkowskipoke the skynet folks...21:08
airurandoit just so happens that I have a 9 year old birthday party in the house in early february21:08
airurandoLimerick folk will be at it21:09
ebelthere might be someone going up/down21:09
infoturtleooo, now thats just handy!21:09
airurandomy brother works in BOI 125 O'Connell street (no slagging please he is a real nice guy)21:09
infoturtlewell you let me know if they would mind bringing it home with them and I'll go meet them airurando21:10
airurandocould pick up banner at bowling and get to brother21:10
airurandoI'm sure he won't mind21:10
infoturtleoh yea!!21:10
infoturtleforgot about that!21:10
airurandocould you collect if in town some lunchtine?21:10
garrydonnellyAs a matter if interest, what kind of funding work with? (if that's noy a sensitive question)21:10
garrydonnelly*does the group work with21:11
ebelairurando: ooooh that'd be very helpful!21:11
ebelgarrydonnelly: this group? we don't really have any funding21:12
garrydonnellyWas just wondering if dhl was out of the question.21:12
garrydonnellyAhh, ok.21:12
airurandoinfoturtle: could you get into limerick centre some lunchtime?21:12
garrydonnellyGood to know :-)21:13
ebelairurando: so i'll give you the banner&cloth at the bowling?21:13
infoturtlesure can21:13
ebelgarrydonnelly: it's all volunteer at the mo.21:13
infoturtlejust across the road fromme21:13
airurandoebel: yip, if infoturtle isn't comming up.21:13
airurandoinfoturtle : brill.21:13
infoturtleebel, I heading up to it21:14
ebelinfoturtle: ah we can give you it then?21:14
infoturtleyep, I forgot about the bowling event21:14
airurandocut out middle man21:14
infoturtlehooray for all!!21:15
ebelso, next topic21:15
ebel[topic] Irish LoCo Reapproval21:15
MootBotNew Topic:  Irish LoCo Reapproval21:15
ebelfrom airurando , take it away!21:15
airurandothanks ebel21:16
airurandoJust trying to raise awareness if folks are not already aware that our LoCo will be up for reapproval from 22 Jun 11.21:16
czajkowskicould be sooner....21:16
airurandoI had a brief chat with czajkowski a little whie back and she said that the LoCo Council are on track.21:16
airurandoSo it is reasonable to expect that the Irish LoCo will be up for reapproval at a LoCo council meeting sometime after 22 Jun 11.21:16
czajkowskidepends on how we get through our list this cycle21:16
airurandoOh czajkowski21:16
airurandohow soon21:16
czajkowskiwe've a small amount this cycle so may invite teams from next cycle21:17
czajkowskiit depends on workload21:17
airurandoThe Irish Loco reapproval wiki page was set up by czajkowski some time ago and can be found at:21:17
imgarysmith2what do we have to do to get reapproved21:17
ebelfor those that don't know, ubuntu ie is an approved Loco. Which means the ubuntu council interviewed us, and approved us, they give us free stuff (like the banner)21:17
ebelczajkowski is on the loco council.21:17
airurandoebel could you flag the last link please?21:18
ebel[link] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/IrishTeamReApprovalApplication21:18
MootBotLINK received:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/IrishTeamReApprovalApplication21:18
ebel'approved team' just means they believe you're doing things21:19
czajkowskiaye so active21:19
czajkowskipromoting Ubuntu21:19
ebelcanonical can't afford to give stuff away to teams who don't do stuff21:19
czajkowskinot just a LUG21:19
czajkowskiyou get the cd packs21:19
czajkowskiconference packs when needed21:19
ebelwe do stuff, so it /shouldn't/ been too hard....21:19
czajkowskiebel: indeed21:19
czajkowskiwhich is also the reason we do team reports and take photos21:19
czajkowskimakes it easy to remember what we do21:19
ebelthe main thing to do is keep records/photos of what we do21:20
ebelto prove we've done them.21:20
airurandoI think we should use the next 5 months (give or take) to be ready when the call comes.21:20
airurandoThe reapproval process follows the same system as the approval process:21:20
airurandoWe do need to et the reapproval wiki page in order21:21
airurandoplan of action?21:21
ebelwell, we need to record things on that wiki page.21:22
czajkowskiI can review the page when needed folks21:22
ebeli might have a look at it and spruce it up, but maybe not soon21:22
ebelprob don't have the time to do much21:23
airurandoI'll make a stab at it with the details of the IRC meetings and social events that I have knowledge off21:23
airurandobut I need people to critically review it because I haven't got a clue21:24
ebelcould we all chip in?21:24
ebeljust to add details here and there?21:24
airurandothat would be great.21:24
ebelthanks for reminding us airurando21:24
airurandoIt should be mostly links I would hope21:24
czajkowskiairurando: I will review it.... as I won't be voting on the day21:24
ebelnext topic?21:25
airurandoczajkowski: that would be great21:25
ebel[topic] Upcoming event: Bowling21:25
airurandoebel yip21:25
MootBotNew Topic:  Upcoming event: Bowling21:25
MootBotLINK received:  http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/team/579/detail/21:25
ebelwe going bowling.21:26
ebelin stillorgan21:26
ebel(in dublin)21:26
infoturtlefun fun fun!21:26
ebelit's common to try to do non-pub events every so often21:26
ebelto keep the communtiy open to non-drinkers21:26
ebeland to spice it up21:26
infoturtlebut pub afterwards right21:26
ebelsat. 29th jan (see that link)21:26
ebeli presume so.....21:27
infoturtleha ha21:27
airurandoonly six signed up so far.21:27
airurandoebel you going21:27
ebelyeah i'll be going.21:27
infoturtleI'm bring my girlfirend too21:27
airurandotdr112: want to go as a plus 1?21:27
airurandoebel please sign up.21:28
ebelairurando: ah yeah21:28
airurandoor get slashtom to +121:28
garrydonnellyLol. Was going to say some bowling alleys do serve alcohol. ^.^21:28
ebeldon't think this one does21:29
infoturtlecould do like the beer barron and smuggle the hooch in the balls21:29
ebelso, hope y'all are there21:29
ebeleveryone is welcome, and welcome to bring guests.21:29
ebelwe'll have to pimp it on mailing lists etc.21:30
airurandoplease folks, if you are coming along do sign up on the loco directory listing.21:30
ebelslashtom will sent an email around at the weekend21:30
ebeland make a bookign on monday21:30
ebelso yes, please sign up on the loco directory21:30
ebelwe need accurate numbers please.21:30
infoturtleadded for the pods too21:31
infoturtlepod cast to remind people to sign up for it21:31
ebelright, next21:34
ebel[topic] Engineer's Week21:34
MootBotNew Topic:  Engineer's Week21:34
ebelthis is a (dublin) event with lots of different techy groups doing things21:34
ebele.g. TOG, the dublin hacker space are doing a soldering event21:34
ebeli've sent some emails to the list with what i've been saying to frank, the organiser21:35
ebelthey want someone to do a 'day in the life of a sysadmin' for them21:35
ebelit's called "it community day"21:36
ebelthey are changing things around a bit21:36
ebelbut last word i heard was taht would be on saturday 16th april21:36
ebeli assume it's open to all.21:36
czajkowskifrank is the current chair of ILUG isnt he ?21:37
ebeldoes anyone want to talk at it for ubuntu ireland?21:37
ebeli've worked as a sysadmin w/ loinux so i can do it if we're stuck21:37
airurandodo it ebel21:38
infoturtlego ebel21:38
ebelalso, there's a meeting on 8th feb in their office in ballbridge with people who are going to talk (it was supposed to be tomorrow)21:38
ebeli'll go along, anyone else want to come? (I assume we can bring a few if wanted)21:38
ebelthis is more of an organisers meeting (I *think*)21:38
ebeli'll keep y'all informed of any other details.21:41
ebellooks like no-one else wants to volunteer. :P21:41
ebelok i'll do it :)21:41
infoturtleman ebel, I wouldn't knw nuff to do it21:41
ebelwell, you're all welcome to come to the day (I think)21:42
ebelright, next topic21:42
ebel[topic] Ubuntu Ireland member(s) speaking at FOSDEM21:43
MootBotNew Topic:  Ubuntu Ireland member(s) speaking at FOSDEM21:43
ebelFOSDEM = free open source develoeprs european meet up21:43
ebelbig FLOSS weekend conference in brussels in a few weeks21:43
ebelczajkowski, our member in absentia, is doing a lightening talk21:43
ebelFair play!21:43
czajkowskiAre you UK Government backing Free Software ?21:43
infoturtlewell done indeed!21:43
czajkowskiis my talk21:43
ebeler, grammer?21:44
czajkowskiThanks ebel21:44
czajkowskiAre the UK Government backing Free Software ?21:44
airurandogo czajkowski21:44
czajkowskiyeah I really need to write that talk21:44
imgarysmithwell done laura, good luck with it21:44
czajkowskiThanks folks21:45
czajkowskiIt's a lightning talk21:45
czajkowskiso 15 mins of fame21:45
ebeler grammer? "is..." not "are..."21:46
ebelThere is only one UK Government, so it's singular.21:46
czajkowskinot sure what the title says tbh21:46
ebelslashtom correctly points out there are several governments in the UK. Scottish government for example. anyway pedantry21:47
ebeland you get off cause you're sick.21:47
ebelanyway, good luck21:47
ebelright that's that21:47
ebel[topic] any other business?21:47
MootBotNew Topic:  any other business?21:47
infoturtleone more21:47
infoturtleUH for next week?21:47
infoturtleare they on?21:47
czajkowskidoes anyone have an interest in running a OSSBarcamp ?21:47
czajkowskiUL may get to host it, but would need people to actually run it21:48
imgarysmithis free software bring backed by the UK government21:48
imgarysmithproblem solved21:48
ebel[topic] UH next week21:48
MootBotNew Topic:  UH next week21:48
infoturtlethe usal thing is the 3rd Wenesday and Thursday of the month which would be next week right?21:49
ebelwell, i forgot, i could pop along?21:49
imgarysmiththat should say being, stupid autocomplete21:49
garrydonnellyWhat is ossbarcamp?21:49
ebelUH is usually last wed of the month21:49
czajkowskigarrydonnelly: an open souce barcamp21:49
ebelgarrydonnelly: just a sec, we'll get to that21:50
ebelwhich is next wed (in dub)21:50
infoturtlethat would next week, sorry got my weeks wrong21:50
infoturtleand Thursday here21:50
ebelwell me & slashtom'll be there21:50
ebelso UH dub is on.21:50
ebelfrom 7pm this time, like last tiem21:51
infoturtleI'll be at the Limerick one anyway21:51
airurandoI'll set up for Dub aND lIM SO.21:51
ebelcool, so they are on. :)21:51
infoturtleedd salad21:51
ebel[topic] ossbarcamp21:52
MootBotNew Topic:  ossbarcamp21:52
czajkowskiwould anyone like to help run on21:52
infoturtleWheres it on?21:52
czajkowskiI've a vneue in May in UL most likely21:52
infoturtleI could give a hand21:52
ebelme and slashtom are in .au for half of may21:53
czajkowskijust wondered if there was interest21:53
czajkowskiwondering should I skip this cycle21:53
czajkowskiand plan one for september ..21:53
ebelossbarcamp uk ?21:53
czajkowskioggcamp :)21:53
ebelcompromise! isle of man!21:53
ebelanything else?21:55
infoturtleall done21:55
ebel[topic] any other business?21:55
MootBotNew Topic:  any other business?21:55
MootBotMeeting finished at 15:56.21:56
ebelwell that was probably the longest irc meeting.....21:56
fudgezsee you all next time :)21:56
infoturtlelucky I was sitting down for that one :D21:57
garrydonnellyCool. Nice to listen in. :-) see you next time21:57
infoturtleoff to record, see yall later!21:58
ebelgood luck!21:59

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