RawChidHey, is this team still active?09:37
RawChidI'm a Java programmer, en would like to contribute more to Ubuntu. Can I help this team with packaging?09:38
JamesPageHi RawChid10:01
JamesPageThanks for your interest in helping out with packaging Java for Ubuntu.10:01
JamesPageSo there are a few ways that you can help out10:02
JamesPagethe delta between Debian and Ubuntu is minimal in the Java space10:02
JamesPageso helping to package in Debian (and fix any bugs) is one way to contribute10:03
JamesPagelikewise there a loads of bugs logged against Java packages for Ubuntu as well10:03
JamesPageif you prefer working with Ubuntu you can propose fixes in the current dev release (Natty)10:04
JamesPageand also submit them back to Debian for later inclusion (Debian is currently in release freeze)10:04
RawChidJamesPage, thnx for the insight10:14
RawChidI mainly use Ubuntu but am also familiar with debian (not installed here on a local machine, only server).10:15
RawChidI've browsed through your wiki.ubuntu.com pages10:15
RawChidWhere can I find what needs to be done?10:16
JamesPageso launchpad is a good place to start (http://www.launchpad.net)10:16
JamesPageall bugs associated with Ubuntu Java packages will be logged there10:16
RawChidOke, how can I find them?10:16
RawChidAlready familiar with LP10:17
RawChidBut new to packaging10:17
JamesPagegood question;  Java packages typically reside in the Java section of the archive in Ubuntu10:18
JamesPagehowever I've not found a good way of querying launchpad using this attribute10:19
JamesPageso they are not that easy to find.10:19
JamesPageI tend to keep an eye on packages that I am familiar with in terms of new bugs.10:19
RawChidHmm, okay10:20
RawChidCan you give me an example?10:20
RawChidI'm still just orientating10:21
* JamesPage looks for a good example10:22
RawChidYesterday I did the hello world packaging guide. Now I want to package my own Java program. And when that works I can look where I can help out :)10:23
JamesPageOK so while I look for an example, take a look here -> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/~james-page/+specs?role=assignee10:28
JamesPageSo for background Blueprints are what we discuss and agree at Ubuntu Developer Summits prior to commencing work on a release.10:29
JamesPagethis pretty much encapsulates the new Java work for Natty10:30
RawChidLet me take a look :)10:30
JamesPagemy key area of focus in Ubuntu is Java so I tend to pick these things up.10:31
JamesPageBiggest piece is packaging Hudson; this work is at the point where I should have a basic Hudson package complete in the next couple of weeks;10:32
JamesPageat that point in time work can be spread out as focus turns to packaging plugins from source.10:32
JamesPageI intend to submit this back to Debian at some point in time; however for this release my focus is to get the majority of it building from source10:33
JamesPageand deliver through a launchpad PPA (personal package archive) associated with the team working on this.10:33
RawChidOKay, the team is this JavaPackagin team?10:36
RawChidWell, first I need to learn more by myself I think.10:37
RawChidI'll stick around in this chan10:37
RawChidIf you have (or find) a small thing to do which would be good for a beginner just let me know10:39
JamesPageSo for hudson it the Hudson Ubuntu Packaging Team (http://launchpad.net/~hudson-ubuntu)10:39
JamesPageI'll ping you with anything I spot which could be a good intro.10:40
RawChidGreat :)10:40
JamesPageRawChid: did you spot this page - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JavaTeam10:50
JamesPageits a little out of date but does contain some useful information10:50
RawChidI browsed through it, but since I couldn't find any concrete things to do, I asked here :)10:51

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