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GeoffYumulhello! Just checking out the channel. I'm not much into irc stuff but I am checking out anyway because I just installed Ubuntu on my pc.06:57
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cjohnstonmhall119: how is foundations going14:41
mhall119cjohnston: Ronnie is adding a mapping API to it14:56
mhall119it's in need of some cleanup14:57
mhall119and a good project to use as a test14:57
mhall119btw, I did your LD reviews yesterday14:57
cjohnstonI saw14:57
cjohnstonCode cleanup?14:57
cjohnstonI think a good project to start it on would be HoF no?14:58
mhall119I mostly just took parts of LD, and re-arranged the code into logical 'apps'14:58
mhall119but didn't do much besides that14:58
mhall119yes, HoF would be a good one14:58
mhall119I need to make 'bootstrap' instructions for getting started with foundations14:59
Ronniehet mhall119, cjohnston15:01
cjohnstonhey nigelb, Ronnie 15:01
mhall119morning nigelb and Ronnie 15:01
nigelbHello cjohnston, mhall119 :)15:02
nigelband Ronnie :)15:02
Ronniehey nigelb15:03
Ronnieachievement greetings: complete15:03
nigelbI have to pack for my beach weekend.15:03
mhall119dholbach: ping15:24
dholbachmhall119, pong15:50
mhall119dholbach: I was looking over developer.ubuntu.com, and noticed a distinct lack of anything having to do with web development15:57
dakermhall119, +115:57
mhall119I was wondering how much of ubuntu-django-foundations would need to be ready in order to have it included15:57
mhall119we can already include the lp:ubuntu-website themes15:58
dholbachmhall119, ask jono! :)15:58
mhall119is he spearheading that?15:59
dakermhall119, join #ubuntu-community-team16:00
jonospeaheading what?16:00
jonoweb themes?16:00
jonoI am not spearheading that :-)16:01
dholbachjono, dev.u.c16:01
dholbachmhall119 was wondering if webdev docs were in scope for developer.u.c16:01
jonodholbach, ahhh16:02
jonod.u.c is using Wordpress16:02
mhall119I meant the tools available to people making ubuntu-related websites/webapps16:02
jonooh I am sorry16:03
jonoyou mean covering how to build a web app on Ubuntu?16:03
mhall119like lp:ubuntu-website and lp:ubuntu-django-foundations16:03
jonothat is currently not in scope16:03
mhall119more 'for' ubuntu than just 'on' ubuntu16:03
jonoalthough one of my TODOs is to point to another resource that does explain16:03
jonomaybe we could have a page on d.u.c that summarizes the options16:04
jonowould you be happy to write the content mhall119?16:04
mhall119sure, just let me know what you want it to cover16:04
jonomhall119, cool, let me file a bug and assign it to you16:05
jonowhat is your LP username?16:05
jonoone sec16:06
jonomhall119, done16:12
ubot4Launchpad bug 704990 in ubuntudeveloperportal "Provide a web development landing page (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Low,Confirmed]16:12
jonoif you could send the content to my email address, that would be great :-)16:13
mhall119jono: thanks16:27
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