onehundredthirtyHi, I'm a maintainer of uWSGI package for Debian and co-maintainer of the same package for Ubuntu. I'm here to elaborate needing of separate package for Ubuntu.00:50
micahgonehundredthirty: what's the issue?00:51
onehundredthirtySome binary package of Debian uWSGI package is depends from python2.5 but it's support was officialy dropped since Lucid00:51
micahgonehundredthirty: that can be handled with control.in00:52
onehundredthirtyIs it common practice? Are there packages with control.in which I could look into for example?00:53
micahgopenjdk is the craziest example I can think of, I'm sure there are more sane ones00:53
ebroderwait, why do you need a control.in for that?00:53
micahgebroder: different binaty depends?00:53
ebroderjust build-dep on python and dep on ${python:Depends} and properly apply the python policy00:53
micahghmm, yeah, that would work too :)00:54
micahgonehundredthirty: is that the only issue?00:55
onehundredthirtyCould you look into my debian/control http://paste.ubuntu.com/555606/ and say is ${python:Depends} is the soultion?00:56
onehundredthirtyYes, modifying of debian/control in process of building is only issue00:57
ari-tczewonehundredthirty: this is new package?00:58
onehundredthirtyI'll try to download source package for openjdk now and take a look into it's debian/control00:58
micahgonehundredthirty: well, if that's the only issue, the worse thing would be to drop the python2.5 package when syncing, there's probably a better solution I'm not aware of00:58
micahgonehundredthirty: openjdk won't help here I don't think00:59
onehundredthirtyYes, this is new package, It has an ITP bug in Debian http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=58286400:59
micahgebroder: there's a problem with generating d/control at runtime or just the build-depends?01:00
onehundredthirtyJust dropping 'uwsgi-python2.5' will break 'uwsgi' (as it depends on uwsgi-python2.5)01:01
onehundredthirtyYes, I need to generate whole debian/control in runtime01:01
micahgonehundredthirty: no, it looks like it's an OR, so it won't break01:01
ebroderonehundredthirty: is there a particularly compelling reason to build it for more than just the default python version?01:02
onehundredthirtyYes, the binary of uWSGI is directly linked with libpython*. So for serving with different Python versions I need to build different binaries.01:03
ebroderright, but i don't think any of the other wsgi servers are packaged like that01:04
ebroderi think they're only built to run against the default python01:04
onehundredthirtyyou are right (just look at libapache2-mod-wsgi and it has only version linked with libpython2.6), but nevertheless I believe that providing package for each available Python version gives more pretty user expirience01:08
onehundredthirtyoh, no. there is libapache2-mod-wsgi-py3 also01:10
onehundredthirtyas I see, in openjdk there is an debian/control target but it's invoked manually by maintainer. autogeneration of debian/control in process of building is a bad practice. am I right?01:42
ebroderyes, the debian ftpmasters would reject that01:50
ebroderonehundredthirty: why not do one package that's whatever current python2 is, and one package that's whatever current python3 is?01:51
ebroder(the debian/ubuntu python infrastructure basically considers py2 and py3 to be different languages, as well it should)01:51
onehundredthirtyebroder: well, I could go this way. But it doesn't seems like my original intention of packaging uWSGI for all available python versions.02:02
ari-tczewbdrung: http://paste.ubuntu.com/555614/02:08
ebroderonehundredthirty: so, if you're going to insist on it, it is possible to define packages in debian/control that don't actually get built. you can look at the zephyr package for an example02:14
ebroderyou could use that to only build against a particular python version if that version was available02:15
ebroderbut that'll be more of a maintenance burden as new versions of python are introduced than if you just use the default python version02:15
ebroderif you do the latter, then the package can be updated as the python defaults change using the binNMU process - without any intervention on your (or your sponsor's) part02:16
ebroderand as a point of reference, it doesn't look like there are currently any packages in the maverick archive that depend on libpython2.7, so i don't think anybody is really linking against multiple python interpreteres02:18
onehundredthirtywow, python2.7 is in maverick already. I didn't notice it (in Debian python2.7 is in experimental, so I forgot it). so, there is one more difference between Ubuntu and Debian regarding uWSGI package (I think about uwsgi-python2.7)02:26
ebroderonehundredthirty: yes, and python2.7 is the default in natty02:26
micahgyou could use control.in to substitute 2.7 for 2.502:27
ebrodermicahg: yes, but such a package couldn't be synced02:27
micahgebroder: why not?02:27
micahgdpkg-vendor generate control on build02:27
ebroderreally? i thought that was strictly disallowed02:27
micahgebroder: it might be :)02:28
micahgthat's what I was asking before about generating control at buildtime02:28
ebrodermicahg: see "CDBS" under http://ftp-master.debian.org/REJECT-FAQ.html02:28
micahgebroder: that's build-depends, not the binary packages02:29
ebroderyeah, good point02:29
ebrodersorry. must be running short on caffeine02:29
micahgI read something about that earlier today, that's why it was on my mind02:30
micahgebroder: also, if d/rules with dpkg-vendor is just doing a straight substitution, it'll be the same every time02:31
onehundredthirtymicahg: but where in d/rules should I put invocation of dpkg-vendor and instantiating of d/control? in 'clean' target?02:35
onehundredthirtymicahg: like recommended in http://raphaelhertzog.com/2010/09/27/different-dependencies-between-debian-and-ubuntu-but-common-source-package/#comment-374402:36
stevecrozzmicahg: I've uploaded a uwsgi package to revu in attempt to close the needs packaging bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/70470505:06
ubottuUbuntu bug 704705 in Ubuntu "[needs-packaging] uwsgi" [Wishlist,Fix committed]05:06
micahgstevecrozz: BTW, I assume you saw the Debian packaging on mentors.debian.net and this is based on that?05:07
stevecrozzmicahg: yes it is if you're talking about the thread from May, 201005:08
micahgstevecrozz: I gave some initial feedback, I don't have time to run it through lintian and pbuilder ATM05:15
stevecrozzmicahg: is there anything i need to do at this point?05:19
micahgstevecrozz: you could fix the things I mentioned (except the version, not sure about multiple uploads to revu w/the same version)05:20
* micahg is going to get some sleep05:21
stevecrozzmicahg: you mean about using the default python right?05:21
micahgstevecrozz: no, I commented on revu05:22
stevecrozzoh ok, thanks, have a nice night then :)05:22
micahgif it's still building a python 2.5 version, that will need to be fixed too05:22
micahgstevecrozz: if you ask here, someone should respond at some point, otherwise I will in the morning05:23
Rcarthello. i'm packaging an app that's complaining about info related documents. Can somebody take a look to the lintian and the doc/package.texi output please?05:37
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Rcarti've 'debianized' a package that isn't in debian08:33
Rcarti'm thinking to  send it to debian and later request a sync from ubuntu08:34
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Rcartany suggestions making this happen?08:35
BachstelzeRcart: you need to get a sponsor to get it into debian08:41
RAOFbillz: Yes, it is against debian policy.  You don't get to work around lintian by creating directories in postinst :)08:47
RAOFbillz: You should create a directory in the appropriate FHS directories; if you need to patch the software to make this work, you need to patch the software.08:48
billzRAOF: thanks just checking :)08:49
RcartBachstelze: Thanks, i just need to correct one lintian check and the package will be clean08:50
RcartThis is the error: E: menumaker: package-contains-info-dir-file usr/share/info/dir.gz   someone has correct this error?08:52
BachstelzeRcart: google on the tag wil give a description of what the problem is08:59
billzI need to create a folder "/var/run/myapp/" as part of my setup where should this be triggered? lintian complains if i add this to package.dirs09:04
RAOFbillz: I believe that you should create that as a part of your init script, as I think /var/run is allowed to be a tmpfs.09:06
RAOFbillz: And, as such, you can't expect any subdirectory of /var/run that you create at install time to still be there when the program gets run. :)09:07
RcartBachstelze: Thanks again.09:10
MTecknology!info nginx natty09:14
ubottunginx (source: nginx): small, but very powerful and efficient web server and mail proxy. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.8.53-2 (natty), package size 327 kB, installed size 900 kB09:14
MTecknologySo... when is it too late to file a sync request for a package?09:15
billzRAOF: Looking at other applications like apache or asterisk i cant see them creating the init creating the folder in /var/run. so where do they do that?09:15
tumbleweedMTecknology: you can file them after freeze, but then you may need an FFe. We can sync all the way up to a week before release, but it gets harder to justify it09:15
tumbleweed"a week before release" being a vague hand-wavy number09:16
MTecknologytumbleweed: thanks! I was gunning for the end of the week; there's some icky packaging bugs that I'm trying to fix right now and once I fix them I want to get the package sync'ed asap. :)09:17
MTecknologybut it's past 3am so I don't really know why i'm worrying about this tonight. :P09:17
MTecknologytumbleweed: I'm guessing upgrade issues are enough of a reason for a sync?09:20
tumbleweedMTecknology: use the same justification you would for an upload. Fixing a bug and probably not introducing a worse one is good (for most universe packages, just having someone look at the package is better than nothing)09:24
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RAOFbillz: I don't know about apache or asterisk, but http://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/ch-opersys.html#s-writing-init says ‘you can't rely on subdirectories of /var/run persisting, so do it in initscripts’.09:51
sorenRAOF, billz: Not only is /var/run *allowed* to be a tmpfs. It's actually been a tmpfs in Ubuntu for years and years and years.09:54
sorenAnd creating the directory in an init script is the right way to do it.09:54
billzRAOF, soren: Thanks09:57
sorenSure thing!10:00
ari-tczewhow can I reply to this list? http://lists.debian.org/debian-mentors/2011/01/msg00318.html11:06
ari-tczewScottK: ping11:29
MTecknologyI'm noticing that the only thing left on my system that depends on python2.6 in 11.04 is bzr. Any chance that'll get rebuilt before natty is released?11:46
tumbleweedMTecknology: it's using python2.6 intentionally, it doesn't work with 2.7 yet11:46
MTecknologytumbleweed: sad- thanks11:47
tumbleweedMTecknology: that should be sorted soonish, I think11:48
ari-tczewmicahg: I considered full backport w3m from natty. I think it's better way. However, I'd like to push package to -proposed as SRU instead -backports.12:30
Laneysup tit13:04
Laneypersia: You didn't leave very long for people to nominate14:02
persiaLaney, in 13 hours, there will be 6 less DMB members :)  If we don't get enough nominations, we might send out another request.14:04
Laneywell presumably the TB could have extended the terms by a week or so14:04
Laneybut yes, I understand why it was :)14:04
persiaI requested they extend them by a month, but that just covers the time I posted.14:04
persiaWith luck, we'll get eight or nine nominees, so we have a good field for selection.14:05
ari-tczewI'm not in the subject... what's going on with DMB?14:06
Laneysee -devel14:07
ari-tczewLaney: could you point me to date and time?14:09
LaneyDate: Wed, 19 Jan 2011 22:58:41 +090014:09
ari-tczewLaney: maybe we are on another channel... #ubuntu-devel?14:11
Laneyari-tczew: no, the mailing list :)14:11
ari-tczewLaney: coulnd't you say that firstly?14:12
Laneyit's not a big deal14:13
ari-tczewwhich one?14:14
Laneydevel not devel-discuss14:14
ari-tczewnice, now only bdrung is DMB14:18
cdbsgeser: The DMB ML doesn't send 'your mail has bounced' messages?14:37
cdbsgeser: un-ping, I guessed it doesn't14:39
Laneyit accepts mails from non-subscribers14:48
ScottKari-tczew: Pong14:58
ari-tczewScottK: Case: w3m package. I would like to backport package from natty, but push it through -proposed instead -backports. There is no new upstream release. What do you think?15:36
RhondaThere wasn't a new upstream release for w3m in ages? :)15:37
Rhondaari-tczew: Actually "debian/patches/010_upstream.patch: Sync with the upstream development snapshot on 2010-10-11" sounds like a "hidden" new upstream release to me.15:38
Rhonda"55 files changed, 32850 insertions(+), 8407 deletions(-)" is the diffstats of that patch15:39
Laneythat's an interesting way of upgrading to a new release15:40
ari-tczewRhonda: mhm, then rather backport. But why cannot through -proposed => -updates? Not everyone has enabled -backports.15:40
Laneybecause that is not the purpose of a stable release update15:40
RhondaBecause -proposed → -updates is for SRU which are limited to important bugfixes and security updates.15:42
ari-tczewnonix4: would you like to have a full w3m from natty on lucid and maverick?15:42
RhondaI consider it unlikely that you'll be able to get this w3m diff in for SRU when I wasn't able to get in a stable wesnoth update in. ;)15:43
Laneyyou weren't? There's precedent for new bugfix releases15:43
Laneyeg banshee15:44
RhondaLaney: I think it was blocked on the grounds that I would have needed to strip down the changes a fair bit, I think even translation updates would had been blocked15:45
LaneyI think they usually like a stripped down diff for review, but you can upload the full new release15:45
RhondaI just know that it was too much effort for me to pick up at that time, and given that my sponsoring funds for this work isn't really taking off I have to priorize my efforts.15:46
directhexRhonda, how are you trying to fundraise? i've had some experience on that15:47
Rhondadirecthex: Tell people that I can hand them my amazon/paypal/flattr links in case they want me to do something specific. :)15:48
RhondaOtherwise they have to live with how I priorize and schedule my time on my own.15:49
directhexah. "packager for hire!"15:49
RhondaActually qcake is the only package that was ever "funded".  Upstream approached me, I told them that I don't have a 3d card to properly test it, and got one through that.15:49
directhexthe badgerports model has been suspiciously successful for me, but perhaps mono folks just have loads of microsoft bribes to spend15:51
ScottKari-tczew: You'd need to talk to someone in ubuntu-sru about that.15:53
ari-tczewScottK: what do you think about merge ubuntu-sru and ubuntu-backports into one team? Members could decide which one is better way.15:55
ScottKari-tczew: No.  I think the processes and intent of updates/backports are sufficiently different that it wouldn't be helpful.15:55
ari-tczewwell, I wanted to improve workflow.15:57
micahgalso, ubuntu-sru is basically pitti at this point16:01
ari-tczewmicahg: I consider join to ubuntu-sru in next months.16:02
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kamalI've got a LP merge proposal that I want to mark as "no longer proposed" -- must I actually delete the proposal (and so lose its comment history) or is there another way to mark it so?19:04
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bdrungtumbleweed: i finally reviewed syncpackage. here are the things i found: http://paste.debian.net/105100/23:01
tumbleweedbdrung: line 3: What's the issue? debdiff? It returns 0 or 1 depending on whether there was a diff or not23:07
tumbleweedbdrung: line 208-209: that's the only sane indentation, otherwise it's at the same level as the block inside the if23:08
bdrungtumbleweed: line 3: you should use subprocess.call and evaluate the result instead of using check_call23:11
tumbleweedbdrung: re url argument, I prefer it to be clear what the argument is, even if it isn't used23:11
bdrunghm, ok23:11
tumbleweedwhat's wrong with using check_call?23:12
tumbleweeddo we want to print an error instead of a stacktrace?23:12
tumbleweedfair enough23:12
RcartHello. bittornado (bug #420387) seems to have dpatch system in debian/patches/,  but what-patch returns quilt system. How can i apply patches to this "thing" ?23:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 420387 in bittornado (Ubuntu) "[PATCH] DeprecationWarning: the sha module is deprecated; use the hashlib module instead" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42038723:13
bdrungthe user should know what went wrong and how he may fix it instead of thinking "the program crashed -> bug"23:13
ebroderRcart: does it have a debian/patches/series file, or a debian/patches/00list file?23:13
tumbleweedbdrung: agreed (that's why we have so many apport-filed requestsync bugs IIRC)23:14
Rcartebroder: series file.23:14
ebroderRcart: then it uses quilt. they probably switched from dpatch to quilt and were too lazy to rename files23:15
tumbleweedbdrung: r893 pushed23:16
Rcartebroder: do i need to follow the enumerated sequence?23:17
ebroderRcart: i'm not sure i understand the question. debian/patches/series contains the order in which patches are applied. any ordering in the filenames is incidental23:17
bdrungtumbleweed: indentation: http://pastebin.com/K8ktDeLE23:18
tumbleweedbdrung: I don't like that, it's ambiguous with the block inside the if. I double-indent to avoid it if I can't naturally align it somewhere far away23:19
bdrungtumbleweed: then do something like that: http://pastebin.com/VpiRcGNQ23:21
Rcartbroder: sorry, i meant if i should rename the new patch with the same sequence as they are in the debian/patches directory. i.e 09_timtuckerfixes.dpatch23:23
ebroderRcart: i'd try to file whatever style was used for the other patches23:24
Rcartebroder: Great. Thanks a lot.23:25
tumbleweedbdrung: done23:29
bdrungtumbleweed: merged23:42
tumbleweedbdrung: thanks23:43
tumbleweednow I must finish that other branch...23:43
bdrungtumbleweed: no23:43
bdrungtumbleweed: i have a solution that goes into a slightly different direction.23:44
bdrungtumbleweed: it's ~ a year old and called release-info. i am going to include that script into u-d-t, which you can use in your branch then.23:45
bdrungtumbleweed: i haven't decided yet if i rename release-info to distro-info or series-info.23:45
tumbleweedbdrung: that sounds useful, thanks23:45
bdrungtumbleweed: which name do you prefer?23:46
micahgbdrung: did you find someone to rewrite in perl or is that still pending?23:46
tumbleweedbdrung: depends on exactly what it does. I need something like "known-suites"23:47
bdrungmicahg: it's still pending.23:47
bdrungtumbleweed: it does that: http://git.debian.org/?p=collab-maint/release-info.git;a=summary23:47
micahgbdrung: ok, it's on my list at some point, don't know when though23:47
bdrungmicahg: once it's rewritten it perl and accepted in devscripts, only the data and the scripts will go, but the python object will stay.23:48
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tumbleweedbdrung: ok, I guess I'd better redo the rest of that builders branch without that bit then. This sounds like it'll take a while to be a usable option.23:51
bdrungtumbleweed: take a while?23:51
tumbleweedbdrung: port to perl, get into devscripts, get that devscripts into Ubuntu.23:52
tumbleweedbdrung: also means we have a versioned depends on devscripts, which makes backporting harder23:52
bdrungtumbleweed: that's the long term, but until then there will be a complete python solution in u-d-t (python object, data files, and scripts)23:52
tumbleweedOTOH, the code is pretty simple, shouldn't be hard to port to perl23:52
tumbleweedI'm tempted to say put the data files in /etc, then we don't need to backport u-d-t just to update release names, users can do that themselves23:53
bdrungtumbleweed: no. either support two places (one system and one in /etc) or do SRUs for updates23:54
tumbleweedtwo places works for me23:55
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bdrungtumbleweed: should i release the current version of u-d-t or wait for more changes?23:56
tumbleweedmight as well release the current version, I don't think anything is currently broken23:57
bdrungtumbleweed: k, will do it tomorrow23:59
bdrungtumbleweed: should we drop pbuilder-dist-simple?23:59

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