dewmanmrand, let me know if it seems to help out on the timed-out 6 possible channels or if it actually might probe them.00:03
m4xx1i'm trying to get an updated version of the cx18 drivers, i currently have 1.2 i'de at least like 1.4 anyone care to tell me how i can do so?00:26
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rileypmythtv does not start after a suspend/resume10:18
rileyphow can i make it10:18
dewmanmrand, did bumping up the timeout value make any difference?20:52
mranddewman: sorry, I didn't fire it off when I was alert enough to do so last night, so it didn't happen.  Hopefully I'll remember early enough tonight.21:15
dewmanmrand, o thats ok.....I am trying to figure out the dreaded error opening jump program file right now.21:16
JEDIDIAH__any thoughts on wall mounting a net top?21:53
Patrickdkwhy bother wall mounting it?21:54
Patrickdkso much easier to just wallmount a screen and run the cables in the wall :)21:54
JEDIDIAH__the TV is already wall mounted.21:54
rhpot1991you can normally mount them to the back of the screen21:54
rhpot1991should be special brackets that just work for that21:54
Patrickdkvelcro :)21:54
JEDIDIAH__thought about the velcro... not sure about flush mounting it to the tv because of where the heat vents are.21:55
JEDIDIAH__...that takes me back.21:55
JEDIDIAH__velcro mounted my first discman to my boom box.21:55
PatrickdkI velcro'd a 2way radio to my dash before21:56
Patrickdkbut that is about it21:56
* Patrickdk notes 2" wide velcro can hold a crapload of weight21:56
JEDIDIAH__my last velcro-ing didn't work out so well. the glue came undone. gravity.21:56
Patrickdkya, the glue is the weak point :) rivits into the velcro help :)21:57
Patrickdkglue + heat = not good21:57
JEDIDIAH__it wasn't a heat issue. just gravity.21:57

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