r00t4rd3dI just wanted to say thanks to Melissa for unbanning me from this channel so I could come in and discuss my situation.01:31
elkyWould you believe he's hurling abuse in PM?01:36
h00kJudging from past experiences, yes.01:37
IdleOneahh, getting ctcp ping's from r00t4rd3d now02:50
r00t4rd3dHey IdleOne , SUCK MY FUCKING DICK FAGGOT.02:52
bazhangr00t4rd3d, hi02:52
IdleOnedon't worry bout it.02:52
PiciWe're looking into what freenode can do for us.02:52
bazhangI hit enter just as he pasted that02:52
KB1JWQHe seems nice.02:52
IdleOnePici: thank you, he is harassing more then one of us in PM now.02:53
PiciIdleOne: I'm aware.02:53
tonyyarussoah good, at least now I know I don't need to bother cutting r00t4rd3d any slack at all.03:03
h00kseems plesant to work with03:04
hypatiaright so i remember where i knew r00t4rd3d's style from03:07
hypatiait's lefty's stalker03:07
bazhanglefty is m a c o ?03:07
hypatiathey left creepy comments on my blog at some point, and when i banned them i got a a few weeks of creepy emails03:07
hypatiano, someone else03:07
hypatiai may well be wrong03:08
elkybazhang, no.03:08
IdleOneso he is an experienced nut case03:08
hypatiaif it's who i'm thinking of, yeah03:10
r00t4rd3dPici: thank you, he is harassing more then one of us in PM now.03:19
r00t4rd3dthats a goddam lie03:19
IdleOneHe also sits around day and night grepping logs.03:21
tonyyarussoI really don't think we need that every half hour.03:22
rwwwhat's the policy about bad behavior and unaffiliated cloaks?03:39
bazhangdon't give two?03:40
macobazhang: lefty is a gnome guy, iirc03:58
bazhangmaco, yeah, I saw his planet gnome profile thanks03:58
bazhangso many stalkers, hard to keep track of who is stalking whom03:58
bazhangthis ozonescaredman is making some approaching stalkerish commentary imo03:59
Tm_Tgood morning all04:36
ubottuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (flood (16))05:15
cdbslooks like I came on the netsplitted server06:44
cdbsAnd it appears nickserv is on the other side of the netsplit06:46
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Tm_T!fi | äö09:12
ubottuäö: Tämä kanava on tarkoitettu vain englanninkieliselle keskustelulle. Jos haluat suomenkielistä apua (K)ubuntun ongelmiin, liity kanavalle #ubuntu-fi / #kubuntu-fi :-)09:12
Tm_Tuh oh09:12
jussioh lol09:41
jussiTm_T: bug please ;)09:41
Tm_Twill file as soon as I get onto that (:09:42
athiest_monkguys forgot me plz09:54
athiest_monki never come at ubuntu09:54
athiest_monkthis my promise09:54
athiest_monkbut now i want to leave my troll identity at here09:55
athiest_monkplz forgot me09:55
popeyathiest_monk: I'm pretty sure you've used up all goodwill that existed09:55
athiest_monkthis time i am not joking ......09:55
athiest_monkpopey: bye plz send my msg to all the ubuntu-ops09:56
Tm_Tathiest_monk: if I may do a request, please post your apology to ubuntu-irc mailing list09:56
athiest_monki promis to all i never come to ubuntu but plz forgot me09:56
* popey starts the clock09:57
* popey hugs everyone.10:05
elkySomeone want to try convince me that the first 3 lines in #ubuntu are valid nicks?10:12
elkyAnd I'm even more curious as to how one of them is a staff...10:13
jussiwell given one of them is staff..10:13
jussiIm guessing freenode did something weird...10:13
elkyYeah. From the nicksplit I guess.10:14
elkyBut still, the answer is 'no' :P10:14
tsimpsonthey are invalid nicks (you can't connect as those nick or /nick to it). but it's nothing malicious, just freenode being strange during netsplits10:30
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elkytsimpson, couldn't agree more.11:35
Hobbseemy troll radar is goin off13:21
Hobbseefor shw in -women13:22
Hobbseei don't buy it that someone who's looking for luks vulnerabilities, knows about chanops, and looks up the banlist, doesn't know how to obtain effective support via google and support channels in irc13:23
Hobbseenor that someone has the expertise to know the above bits, but not know how to use chmod13:24
PiciWas I out of line?14:19
jribPici: for?  yankdownunder?14:20
Picijrib: yeah.14:20
jribnope, he pretty much came into the channel looking for confrontation14:20
* genii-around makes a pot of coffee16:10
IdleOnemorning genii-around16:12
genii-aroundIdleOne: Good morning16:12
IdleOnemarkslogbot (~mark@cpc1-nrte9-0-0-cust666.8-4.cable.virginmedia.com)16:41
IdleOnein -ot keeps joining and quitting16:41
popeyin # too16:42
popeyer #u16:42
IdleOnewell, thing is I am not sure this is an authorized bot16:43
tsimpsonhas anyone checked if it's a person or not yet?16:45
IdleOneI haven't asked. /me msg's16:46
IdleOnewhen it comes back16:46
tsimpsonif you don't get a response in a reasonable time, feel free to ban16:47
tsimpsonespecially in -ot16:47
IdleOnewill do. but don't have access in -ot16:47
tsimpsonthen just poke me if no one else is about16:47
IdleOnesetting ban in #u16:50
IdleOnetsimpson: ^^16:51
tsimpsonI'm just incanting the spellz I need for the powa16:52
IdleOneI have them all mixed into a cherry flavoured potion16:52
bencahill__hi again :), is this nick (bencahill__) banned on #u and why?16:56
IdleOnenot that I can tell16:57
bencahill__IdleOne: when trying to change from this to bencahill or bencahill_, it says:16:57
bencahill__bencahill_ #ubuntu Cannot change nickname while banned on channel16:58
hypatiabencahill__: it may be another channel you're on then, bazhang16:58
hypatiaer bencahill__ ^^16:58
bencahill__lol :)16:58
* hypatia is underslept16:58
bencahill__it says #ubuntu, and I'm not on any more channels16:59
tsimpsonbencahill__: you may have to /part #ubuntu, change nicks, then rejoin16:59
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bencahill_tsimpson: weird17:00
tsimpsonprobably due to the way we handle webchat in #ubuntu17:01
IdleOnenot sure why you need two clients connected17:01
=== bencahill_ is now known as bencahill__
tsimpsonall webchat users are quieted until checked against the banlist and an exempt is set17:01
bencahill__IdleOne: one at home, in case i miss anything17:01
bencahill__tsimpson: good to know17:02
bencahill__that was probably it17:02
bencahill__ok, I'm off :)17:02
mneptoksomeone needs to learn the wonders of screen17:26
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Picirww: does stalker.pl properly ignore guest nicks for you?18:24
PiciIt scares me the number of people that try to talk to the floodbots18:26
PiciAt least with ubottu it could sort of look like its a real user responding with useful information... for a moment.18:27
tonyyarussoPici: Well, if the bot still sounds smarter than you...18:29
rwwPici: dunno, I haven't looked into it18:33
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pleia2hah, nice :)19:20
Picihow pleasant.20:11
=== bilalakhtar_ is now known as cdbs
rwwMartinp23: thanks for keeping us informed :)21:35
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