Devo-Kunskorv: connect to the CUPS admin webpage00:00
AdamDVAh. No I am not able to run the examples. I get the error that the function does not exist, as before00:01
Devo-KunInteresting. You have the same GD version as I do. When I run the example on the PHP.net website (http://www.php.net/imageantialias) I get the same error.00:08
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AdamDVWhat software do the Ubuntu repos use for management? apt-mirror?00:45
StrangeCharmi'm having some trouble using ssh-agent. when i pidof ssh-agent, it seems to be running, but ssh-add -l claims not to be able to connect to the agent00:48
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twbStrangeCharm: that's because you're using screen01:08
StrangeCharmtwb, interesting. can you tell me more?01:14
twbSorry, I'm busy just now01:18
twbHmm, not much documentation there01:18
twbhttp://code.haskell.org/~twb/Preferences/.bin/.bash_profile shows how I create it01:19
StrangeCharmtwb, bottom line: i shouldn't have trouble if i just start a non-screen session?01:19
StrangeCharmalso, your bash profile is a 404001:20
twbhttp://code.haskell.org/~twb/Preferences/..bash_profile shows how I create it01:21
twbre short answer -- yes01:21
twbThe problem is that your screen session outlives your agent session, so screen still points to the one that existed LAST time you logged in01:21
twbYou need to either update environment variables (nontrivial), or start ssh-agent by hand01:22
twbThe gentoo keychain docs might explain more01:22
StrangeCharmso your bash-profile has a trick in it for keeping screen pointed at the right agent?01:26
kieppiehi guys. I'm trying to help someone with a windows network, who's experiencing periodic lock-up. they might be working, or simply open large files over the local LAN & their system would simply lock up (they describe it as "going off to la-la-land"). I've rebuild their Ubuntu server, running *only* SSH, Samba & Webmin, and *nothing* else. load it pretty good, so now I'm trying to find other possible causes or remedies (I've set 03:09
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Chrystopherhi guys03:57
Chrystopheranybody here ?03:57
thesheff17I'm here...you have a question?04:09
Chrystopheryes hi04:10
Chrystopheri am having issues installing ubuntu server 10.1004:10
Chrystopheram I in the right channel ?04:10
Chrystopheri have downloaded the latest iso file from the official site itself04:11
Chrystophermade a bootable usb key out of it04:11
Chrystopherbooted comp on it04:11
Chrystopherfollowed steps normally04:11
Chrystopherand then at some phase, the "Select and isntall software" phase04:11
Chrystopherinstlaler just hangs at 5%04:11
Chrystopherfor no apparent reason04:12
Chrystophertried to reboot and instlal in expert mode changing a couple of settings but nothing will do04:12
thesheff17Chrystopher: There is a log file during the install that may tell you more about what is going on.04:13
thesheff17Chrystopher: I would also try ubuntu 10.04 since it is a long term support unless  you need something specific on 10.1004:13
Chrystopheri actually don't really04:14
ChrystopherI'll try with the older version04:14
Chrystopherit's much more stable or ?04:14
thesheff17Chrystopher: 10.10 is only support for 6 months...yes 10.04 server is supported for 5 years.04:14
Chrystopherok will try and let you know04:15
thesheff1710.10 just has newer software04:15
Chrystopherbut 10.04 still has the same basic packages ?04:16
thesheff17yea for sure04:16
Chrystopherok I guess I could be good with that04:17
thesheff17I actually still run a ton of 8.04 and it works fine for me.04:17
Chrystopheroh one thing though04:17
ChrystopherWhich software would you recommend to create bootable device ?04:17
Chrystopheri've been using the one proposed by ubuntu04:18
Chrystopherbut i've heard unet bootin is good as well04:18
thesheff17usb-creator-gtk ?04:18
thesheff17I have used that a bunch.04:18
Chrystopheroh ok04:18
Chrystopherproblem is i must do it on a windows machine though04:18
thesheff17ah I admit I haven't done it much on windows but if you are getting to the installer you are doing it correctly.04:21
kieppiehi guys. I have a few disks I'm about to scratch. should I continue using ext4, or should I risk btrfs?04:26
thesheff17Chrystopher: sorry I was having tons of problems with my wireless...the last thing I typed was usb-creator-gtk04:31
Chrystopherhm nope04:32
Chrystopherthe last thing you typed04:32
Chrystopherconcerned your lack of experience with windows04:32
Chrystopherlack is a bit strong but.. anyway you get me04:32
Chrystopherstill donwloading04:33
thesheff17yea if you are getting to the installer it sounds like the install is going fine....try the 10.04 version and see what happens...if it hangs again I would start checking logs.04:36
uvirtbotNew bug: #704766 in nagios3 (main) "unable to install nagios3" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70476605:31
Chrystopherformatting live06:03
Chrystophertheshedd17: are you still here ?06:07
thesheff17if you type the username correctly I will be notified :)06:09
thesheff17because I'm usually have a bunch of stuff going on.06:09
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thesheff17Did 10.04 work?06:10
Chrystopherit's weird there's either a problem with the software creating the usb key or the distro itself06:10
ChrystopherI've loaded the key06:10
Chrystophernow the only thing displaying is: "SYSLINUX 3.06 2010-04-01 EBIOS Copyright [...] "06:11
Chrystopherand command prompt06:11
Chrystopherbut I can't type crap06:11
Chrystopherand nothing's going on06:11
thesheff17hmm..when it is booting?06:12
Chrystopherwell i manually select usb key to boot it from06:13
Chrystopherand there it is..06:13
Chrystopheri will try with an alternative software06:13
gobbeChrystopher: how did you do the stick?06:14
Chrystopheron windows with universal-usb-installer-
thesheff17Chrystopher: I load up ubuntu desktop version X and use usb-creator-gtk :-/06:14
Chrystophershould i try to format it to make sure ?06:15
gobbeChrystopher: did you select ubuntu from list or other linux?06:15
thesheff17Chrystopher: can you link me to the web site you are using for windows I will take a look..06:15
thesheff17Chrystopher: yea the usb-creator-gtk you select the iso and the usb drive and click create. :-/06:15
Chrystopheri followed the link to download the software form this page : http://www.ubuntu.com/server/get-ubuntu/download06:16
Chrystopherit leads to this page: http://www.pendrivelinux.com/universal-usb-installer-easy-as-1-2-3/06:16
gobbeChrystopher: if you didnt select ubuntu from dropdown but other linux it wont work06:17
Chrystopheri will format and start again just to make sure06:18
Chrystopherdistro i choose is06:18
ChrystopherUbuntu Server 10.04.1 32bit installer06:18
gobbei mean from dropdown of installerä06:20
gobbei have noticed that if you dont select it from dropdown but select other linux it wont boot, just syslinux appears06:20
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lambda_xanybody here uses libvirt with kvm? I got problems with virsh restore - 50% of change it will succed, 50% it will hang (it is logged as causing INFO: task kvm:6431 blocked for more than 120 seconds)11:37
lambda_xis this problem normal that there is no safe way to restore saved vm?11:37
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[diablo]afternoon all... anyone running Ubuntu Server with rsyslog being used for centralized logging please?13:45
[diablo]hi gobbe13:46
[diablo]gobbe, did you go with RELP, TCP or UDP, etc please?13:46
gobbewith syslog?13:46
[diablo]well, rsyslog13:47
gobbebut however, that's pdf for rsyslog, quite good howto13:48
gobbei'm doing with13:48
[diablo]yeah I am looking at that atm13:49
gobbeRELP would be good also13:49
[diablo]thats what interests me atm13:49
doko_SpamapS: did you test the eglibc/upstart fix for maverick and lucid too?13:58
FidelixHello guys. For a big files download server, what's the most important part for being able to handle big traffic? CPU? RAM?14:01
EvilPhoenixFidelix:  extremely high bandwidth limits, CPU, RAM, hard disk space, etc.14:02
FidelixEvilPhoenix, but what does the webserver (nginx) use the most? CPU or RAM?14:03
FidelixI've got space and I've got bandwidth. I'm concerned about the speed though14:03
FidelixAnd being able to support all requests14:05
gobbefast disks is also quite important14:06
gobbeso if you have lots of downloads disk-io is critical also14:06
Fidelixgobbe, good point...14:06
FidelixBut what I'm really concerned is if CPU is critical for this. I've got a relatively cheap server, and all its specs are good, except for the CPU.14:07
gobbei would say that cpu isn't so critical14:09
andreasfFidelix: I have a file server that has delivered about 5.5 million images today. CPU is not an issue on that box.14:14
* zul grumbles14:15
FidelixThis is golden information. Thank you very much gobbe, andreasf14:15
andreasfFidelix: No problem :-)14:15
Fidelixandreasf, what web server do you use to serve these images?14:15
* andreserl Morning!!14:15
andreasfFidelix: Apache, actually.14:16
Fidelixandreasf, well, that's surprising. Are you using a reverse proxy? Serving files through x-filesend ?14:16
andreasfFidelix: You might consider putting av caching server in front of your web server. Varnish, for instance.14:16
Fidelixandreasf, is that what you do? And does varnish help for big files? (by big, i mean, 60MB +14:17
andreasfFidelix: This particular server does not use a reverse proxy / cache, just Apache. If you use a Varnish server, images will be delivered from RAM, not disk.14:18
andreasfFidelix: Well, after they have been fetched from the backend.14:18
patdk-wkheh, I totally don't get that14:19
Fidelixandreasf, that would be a good idea for small files i believe. But not for big files14:19
patdk-wkwouldn't just putting more ram into the apache server do the same, havine more cache ram14:19
andreasfFidelix: Depends on how much ram you have :-)14:19
Fidelixandreasf, 32GB14:19
andreasfFidelix: You can configure Apache or Varnish to keep objects (images) in the cache for a specified amount of time, for instance 10 seconds or 10 hours.14:20
FidelixBut there are  a lot of big files. They would fill 32GB in a second14:20
[diablo]anyone know how to rsyslog to RELP? TCP and UDP are @ and @@ ... find no info on what clients use for RELP14:21
andreasfFidelix: Have a look here: http://www.varnish-cache.org/docs/2.1/14:23
hallynis anyone here running a maverick desktop with virt-manager?14:27
andreserlhallyn: i am14:28
andreserlhallyn: you mean virt-manager in maverick or a maverick dekstop VM with virt-manager?14:29
gobbehallyn: this is server-channel, so desktop discussion should be on #ubuntu14:29
ahs3hallyn: i am, too14:33
milliganWhen I receive messages in pidgin,  the message pops up in the top right corner unless the chat is active. How can I disable that ?14:33
Picimilligan: Have you asked in #ubuntu ? #ubuntu-server is really for Server questions (cli).14:34
milliganalright - my bad :)14:34
SpamapSdoko_: no I have not tested it on lucid or maverick yet.14:55
doko_SpamapS: could you do this? I prepared uploads. Maybe I should upload these to a PPA first14:56
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hallyngr, started a vm-clone before remembering the nbd hang in current kernel.  now i have to reboot.15:05
SpamapSdoko_: Yes I'll test in the next 2 hours in VMs.15:10
SpamapSdoko_: and thanks!15:10
SpamapSdoko_: if you were to upload yours to a ppa, that would certainly make it easier for me to do that testing.15:11
doko_SpamapS: will take more than 2h to build15:11
SpamapSdoko_: do you have a branch I can just branch/bzr bd ?15:11
doko_SpamapS: so if you have a faster machine, I can point you to the sources instead15:11
doko_SpamapS: no15:11
SpamapSdoko_: right.. eglibc... since we're just changing the maintainer scripts.. does it allow building with nocheck?15:13
SpamapSI think it takes my machine about an hour to build eglibc15:13
doko_SpamapS: yes15:14
SpamapSdoko_: ok well if you can point me to the eglibc and upstart sources I'll start the build before I have to run an errand that will take about an hour. :)15:15
doko_SpamapS: see chinstrap:~doko15:17
robbiewkirkland: nice interview....and nice props to the team ;)15:18
kirklandrobbiew: thanks, this author did a good job recapping the interview15:19
kirkland(seems like too often an article like this gets it all wrong -- not the case here!)15:19
robbiewyeah...and sometimes they spin it completely wrong...glad that didn't happen15:21
SpamapSdoko_: sorry I don't know how chinstrap works.. help?15:24
doko_SpamapS: copied to http://people.canonical.com/~doko/tmp/15:25
SpamapSdoko_: ack, building15:26
doko_SpamapS: not the ~ppa version15:27
zulDaviey SpamapS: so the cobbler "pristine" source doesnt use the Makefile so i been scrambling a bit more15:28
SpamapSdoko_: right, 2.11.1-0ubuntu7.8 is building now in a lucid chroot15:32
andreserlkirkland: howdy!! Should I create a new powernap-common package that installs the class that manages the config, plus the Monitors? (not that powernapd daemon instantiates this class)15:32
elb0wAre there cloud AMI's for 10.1015:33
SpamapSelb0w: http://uec-images.ubuntu.com/maverick/current/15:34
kirklandandreserl: yes, definitely15:38
kirklandandreserl: also, let's bump the version to 2.x15:38
kirklandandreserl: these are significant new features15:39
andreserlkirkland: ok cool :)15:39
andreserlkirkland: will finish updating the manpages then. But if you wanna test before I finish, go ahead since the packaging has already been updated to install the new stuff15:40
kirklandandreserl: cool15:43
zulSpamapS Daviey: ok uploaded again15:46
knixyI am trying to install avamar agento on my ubuntu server.  It is asking for libcap1 which I cannot find in apt-get.  Any thoughts?16:22
knixysays libcap1 is not available.  Package libcap1 has no installation candidate?16:26
RoyKhi all. I have an ubuntu server that seems to be in trouble - it restarted twice today without anything useful in the logs except two lines that I don't understand http://pastebin.com/yALsFcYE16:27
gobbeknixy: libcap2 - support for getting/setting POSIX.1e capabilities16:28
RoyKknixy: iirc libcap2 is the one used on ubuntu16:28
gobbeknixy: libcap1 is quite old16:28
knixyok, let me try again16:28
RoyKknixy: if avamar needs libcap1, I guess finding a pre-built lib somewhere is the way to go16:29
* SpamapS returns16:29
SpamapShmm.. eglibc still building16:29
* RoyK flees16:29
* SpamapS pursues16:30
gobbeRoyK: are you running proprietary display drivers?-)16:30
hggdhJamesPage: it seems d-i changed again16:30
knixythis is what I get when I try to install the avamar deb16:30
RoyKgobbe: just 10.04 server - no fancy stuff except for those two 8-core CPUs and 64gigs of memory16:30
JamesPagehggdh: whats the impact?16:30
hggdhJamesPage: all tests failed; running one local I see d-i stopping and asking about what type of partition I want (Sun, msdos, AIX, etc)16:31
gobbeRoyK: ok, kernel taint happens usually with weird drivers :)16:31
gobbeRoyK: have you run memory checks?16:31
RoyKknixy: unless there's a lot of data or specific services, I would recommend using nfs for this one16:32
hggdhJamesPage: it seems my saving of d-i log is now functional (see
RoyKgobbe: not yet - I'm not at the office - but I just can't beleive I get those taint messages now - nothing's changed16:32
knixyRoyK, ok.  Debian is supported for avamar, but ubuntu is not, which makes me sad :p16:32
RoyKgobbe: it's basically a compute node...16:32
RoyKknixy: it's about time EMC wakes up :)16:33
knixydamn right16:33
* RoyK uses bacula16:33
gobbeRoyK: yeah, that's just something, but i have seen several cases where kernel taint's are coming with display or wireless drivers16:33
JamesPagehggdh: excellent; looking at the daily tests I think xango3 is suffering from its file permissions issue on the iso images16:33
knixywe use avamar on all our servers here, 70+, if I don't get this working, then I have to switch the server to redhat., sigh16:33
RoyKgobbe: it should at least have told me which driver was loaded16:34
hggdhJamesPage: the change (where the preseed stops) can be seen here: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/555844/16:34
RoyKor _what_ tainted the kernel16:34
gobbeRoyK: that's true16:34
hggdhJamesPage: yes, I need to grab the current libvirt and rebuild it with the permission patch16:34
* hggdh goes to get it done16:34
JamesPagehggdh: I had some local success on maverick using the /etc/libvirt/qemu.conf settings16:35
hggdhJamesPage: setting 'dynamic_ownership=0' ?16:36
andreserlmdeslaur: could you please take a look at bug #52528716:36
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 525287 in lvm2 "Add support for corosync based clusters in clvm" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52528716:36
JamesPagehggdh: yes - I also configured it to run as root16:36
hggdhJamesPage: hum. Will try it again -- I remember setting dyn_own to zero, but I do not remember is onwer was root, and it did not work16:38
mdeslaurandreserl: please ask someone from the server team...zul?16:38
zulnope...foundations i dont want to touch lvm216:38
andreserlmdeslaur: ^^16:38
andreserlzul: who do you think I should contact from foundations?16:38
JamesPagehggdh: yes - I think that you need the change to root otherwise the normal libvirt account can't access the files r/w16:39
JamesPagehggdh: root just trounces everything :-)16:39
zulandreserl: colin maybe16:39
hggdhJamesPage: All hail root :-)16:39
knixywhat is the cmd to find out how to remove avamar?16:39
hggdhtrying now16:39
hggdhJamesPage: I will try to zero in this debian-installer change16:39
gobbeknixy: apt-get remove?16:40
mdeslaurzul: this would be clustering...who on the server team does clustering?16:40
JamesPagehggdh: of course I would never recommend doing this on a piece of production infrastructure but hey - its my laptop :-)16:40
andreserlmdeslaur: me!!16:40
andreserlzul: ok thanks16:40
knixygobbe, im not sure the whole name.  isnt there a grep cmd to find out the exact name of it?16:40
hggdhJamesPage: exactly my view ;-)16:40
mdeslaurandreserl: hehe, sorry about that :)16:40
andreserlmdeslaur: no probs :) just changed nicks btw, I'm RoAkSoAx :)16:40
JamesPagehggdh: not sure about the d-i issue; the one test that ran on mercury AM today did pass....16:41
mdeslaurandreserl: ah! that would explain my confusion :)16:41
hggdhoooohhh andreserl is RoAkSoAx...16:41
* hggdh jots it down16:41
andreserlmdeslaur: yeah... it indeed is confusing and hggdh just proved lol!16:41
andreserlhggdh: xD16:41
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hggdhandreserl: yeah, we should select nicks that anyone can pronounce16:44
* hggdh disregards the implicit irony of previous statement16:45
dany123456buona sera16:45
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »16:45
andreserlhggdh, lol!! that's why I indeed changed to this nick... though noone ever recognizes me with it lol16:45
gobbeknixy: dpkg-query16:45
knixywell i fixed it16:45
knixylol, i was alien a redhat rpm to deb16:45
knixyso I got the real debian deb, and booom.  installed16:46
knixythanks guys!16:46
Davieyzul, hmm.. looking at the get-orig-source stanza, how come you switched back?16:50
zulDaviey: because the new get-orig-source generates the pristine tarball16:51
RoyKany linux wiz around that might help me understand these? http://pastebin.com/yALsFcYE - it's a server system, no graphics card or anything needing fancy drivers, and it happened during run time, server rebooted half an hour later for reasons unknown.....16:51
Davieyzul, Aye, i just wondered if you worked out what was wrong with the other way?16:55
zulDaviey: dont know really16:55
zulDaviey: im happy with it the way it is now16:55
SpamapSzul: do I see that we're actually adding cobbler4j back in?16:57
zulSpamapS: er yep16:57
SpamapSzul: maybe the cobbler project publishes it with different artifacts?16:57
zulSpamapS; nope i checked16:57
SpamapSzul: so it just sits in git and rots? :(16:58
zulSpamapS: pretty much16:58
SpamapSzul: well I'm glad we're including it. :)16:58
SpamapSwill suggest then that they 1) remove the jar from git, and 2) publish the rest in the sdist.16:58
patdk-wkroyk, http://fonality.com/trixbox/wiki/kernel-tainted17:00
RoyKpatdk-wk: I know, but nothing happened on the box except the normal runs during that time - no su/sudo - nothing17:00
patdk-wkthat page looks to be saying, probably hardware issue17:01
wizardslovakhello people17:01
patdk-wkbut need more logs to know what17:01
wizardslovaki just recently installed webmin  , and tried to login with root17:01
wizardslovakbut now i got "Error - Access denied for"17:01
compdocthats an odd address17:02
patdk-wkwhy? it's perfectly valid17:02
wizardslovakwell thats error what i got17:02
patdk-wklo by default has a /8 netmask17:02
compdocdont you mean ?17:03
patdk-wkso 127.x will work :)17:03
wizardslovakman i copied it17:03
RoyKpatdk-wk: there are no more logs - nothing more than those two lines - but I guess it may be a hardware issue17:04
patdk-wkroyk, this seems to be the only thing that can cause a hardware issue, that sets taint17:06
coleandreserl: you are the cluster expert right?17:07
patdk-wkdunno :(17:07
andreserlcole, I'd not consider myself an expert, but highly knowledgeable, yes :)17:07
SpamapSBuild needed 01:34:19, 1775336k disc space17:08
* SpamapS fires up a fresh test VM17:08
SpamapSbtw, does anybody know how to remove vms from virt-manager?17:08
SpamapSkind of annoying that you can create, but not destroy, from it17:09
hallyn<shrug> virsh undefine...17:09
andreserlcole, what can I help you with?17:09
thesheff17_SpamapS: I use virsh17:09
SpamapSthey're not listed in virsh17:09
thesheff17_list --all17:09
hallynSpamapS: right click, delete is an option17:10
SpamapSoh thats annoying17:10
hallynwhy would they not show up?17:10
thesheff17_destroy server17:10
SpamapShallyn: its not on mine17:10
thesheff17_undefine server17:10
andreserlSpamapS, is the VM stopped?17:10
hallynSpamapS: then connect to the one where they are (virsh -c qemu:///etc)17:10
SpamapSnow it is17:10
SpamapSor maybe it was..17:10
SpamapSand my hatred of hiding everything in context menus prevented me from finding it17:10
andreserlSpamapS, lol you have to shutdown the VM before being able to delete it  :)17:11
hallynyou were doing virsh list --all to show the ones that are down?17:11
SpamapSI think I was just being blind17:11
SpamapSforget everything I've said since "btw, does anybody know how"17:11
hallyni'm good at amnesia17:12
andreserlSpamapS, Dallas left you blind man? Too much golden hair xD17:12
* SpamapS still seeing Stars after two nights near the Lemon Bar ;)17:12
andreserlSpamapS, +117:12
coleandreserl: would there be any value in adding crm to keepalive pkg or does it only talk to services provided by pacemaker?17:13
coleandreserl: poorly stated, obviously meant adding crm deb as a dep for keepalive17:13
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hallynjdstrand: i'm trynig to reproduce your kvm instability on ecryptfs, fwiw.  (no luck yet, but trying)17:14
andreserlcole, pacemaker and keepalived are two totally different things. In fact, keepalived can be seen as some kind of Resource Manager/Messaging layer, such as would pacemaker/corosync or pacemaker/heartbeat are17:14
jiboumanssmoser: this is quite awesome: http://ubuntu-smoser.blogspot.com/2011/01/failsafe-and-manual-management-of.html17:15
jiboumansalso, hi folks17:15
SpamapSjiboumans: o/17:15
smoserits less valuable than it used to be. if you're using ebs root, catastrophe can be fixed.17:16
jiboumanssmoser: the awesomeness is in the upgrades + failsafe together17:16
RoAkSoAxjiboumans: o/17:16
jiboumanssmoser: <insert desire for this feature on lucid here>17:16
smoserits there, almost.17:16
smoserdid you see that ?17:16
jiboumansRoAkSoAx: hey, and belated congrats17:16
jiboumanssmoser: not in details17:17
smoserthe latest images can be launched with grub-pv kernel, they just don't do it by default.17:17
jiboumanswhere can i RTFM?17:17
smoserand the latest dailies use it by default.17:17
smoserreally only i my release announcement17:17
smoser<jiboumans> smoser: the awesomeness is in the17:17
smoserpaste fail17:17
jiboumanssmoser: awesome. safe enough to launch a production service with you reckon?17:19
RoAkSoAxjiboumans: thank you!!17:20
wizardslovakwhat are you guys using for web interface?17:21
wizardslovaklike webmin17:21
wizardslovakis there anything else?17:21
knixymaudI use that17:21
smoserjiboumans, yeah, its solid. i would recommend using the pv-grub kernels.17:21
knixysorry, i use webmin17:21
wizardslovakjust curious17:21
jiboumanssmoser: nice. are you switching default aki's at some point you think?17:22
smoserthe idea is to do that in next round.. the dailies do it now.17:22
hallynjdstrand: oh, but i'm NOT using encrypted filenames.  you're using ext4 right?17:23
jdstrandhallyn: I am using ext3 for /home, with encrypted home17:24
jiboumanssmoser: looking forward to it.. it's an awesome feature for us and i'm sure for many more folks on aws17:25
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hallynjdstrand: d'oh, i'm testing ext4, but that likely won't matter.  but are you using encrypted filenames?17:28
jdstrandhallyn: I am17:32
hallynjdstrand: hm, well all 3 vm's appear to be hung.  i didn't witness any segfaults, but they won't budge17:33
jdstrandhallyn: try logging into a console17:33
jdstrandhallyn: I saw something similar, and logging into a console and trying to run some commands showed things were really wrong17:34
hallynjdstrand: i had previously installed ubuntu-desktop, which is also hung17:34
jdstrandhallyn: it could just be networking-- I've seen it as somewhat flaky occassionally17:35
* jdstrand wonders if it is virtio net...17:35
hallynbut gdm is hung in all 3, so i can't log in17:35
jdstrandhallyn: I meant on tty117:35
hallynright but i can't get to tty117:36
jdstrandhallyn: but gdm hung is definitely interesting17:36
hallynwell no, not gdm per se,17:36
hallynthe whoel vnc session17:36
hallynso having gvncviewer send ctrl-alt-f1 does nothing either17:36
jdstrandhallyn: I see. can you disconnect the vnc and reconnect? what about sshing in?17:36
hallynno route to host - but i was ssh'd in when they hung17:37
hallyni had been disconnected from vnc, so each time i'm reconnecting17:37
hallyni'm out of space on the ecryptfs partition (8K to spare)17:38
jdstrandthat could do it17:38
jdstrandI was always able to vnc, fwiw17:39
hallynyeah, which means i haven't reproduced your bug :(17:39
hallynlunchtime.   will try again later.  i guess with just two vms :)17:40
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RoAkSoAxkirkland: done! Everything should be fine now at the branch :). Almost ready to release18:02
wizardslovaki just installed new system with lamp and ssh18:07
wizardslovakand i cant start mysql18:07
wizardslovakcant start it from webmin not terminal18:08
Fidelixwizardslovak, have you checked the logs?18:08
wizardslovak"Rather than invoking init scripts through /etc/init.d, use the service(8)18:09
wizardslovakutility, e.g. service mysql start18:09
wizardslovakSince the script you are attempting to invoke has been converted to an18:09
wizardslovakUpstart job, you may also use the start(8) utility, e.g. start mysql18:09
wizardslovakstart: Unable to connect to system bus: Failed to connect to socket /var/run/dbus/system_bus_socket: No such file or directory18:09
Fidelixwizardslovak, I'd really like to know how you managed to remove this socket, or to misconfigure mysql's socket.18:11
wizardslovakman i just installed userver in virtual box , changed ip to static and installed webmin18:11
wizardslovakthats it , didnt even touch mysql18:11
* RoAkSoAx might have to Update RHCS to latest release and keep delta with Debian18:14
zulSpamapS: around?18:15
wizardslovakFidelix, and i cant find help online18:17
Fidelixwizardslovak, I'm also not sure how to help you. If you just installed mysql and webmin, it should've worked.18:18
wizardslovakwell hour ago i installed same think on other pc and it worked so i am pretty suprissed18:18
SpamapSzul: yeah wassup?18:18
zulSpamapS: so i was looking at the mysql bugs and a lot of them are fixed in newer versions of mysql but we are still using 5.1.4918:19
zulSpamapS: so i was thinking of updating to latest and greatest so we can close a whole bunch of them, but for natty+1 we move to mysql 5.518:20
zulwhat state is your package in?18:20
SpamapSzul: I just uploaded 5.5 to my PPA. :)18:22
SpamapSzul: like, 30 minutes before you said "around" ;)18:23
zulits my esp18:23
SpamapShrm a test may have failed on the amd64 build.. doh18:25
ignarpsdoes anyone know about this bug and why it does not seem to be getting any attention ?  bug 683640 in lsb scripts18:32
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 683640 in spamassassin "status_of_proc is returning incorrect error code" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/68364018:32
ignarpssame issue effects #70215918:34
RoyKerm.... just started boinc on this server - top shows 75% load per core, but sar shows 100%18:41
wizardslovak Failed to connect to socket /var/run/dbus/system_bus_socket: No such file or directory18:42
wizardslovakanyone ?18:42
Fidelixwizardslovak, if i were in your position, I'd just reinstall ubuntu. I'm not telling you to do that, just what I'd do.18:42
tsimpsonI'd just start the dbus service18:43
wizardslovaktsimpson, and what would be command for that?18:43
tsimpsonwizardslovak: try "sudo /etc/init.d/dbus start" assuming you have dbus installed18:45
wizardslovakcommand not found18:45
wizardslovakinstalling it now18:45
wizardslovaksame error18:46
zuljdstrand: thanks for accepting cobbler18:46
RoAkSoAx\o/ cobbler!!18:47
jdstrandsure :)18:49
SpamapSw00000t cobbler uploaded!18:52
\shcobbler is using kickstart in the background, right?18:52
SpamapSit can, but we added some preseed files :)18:52
SpamapSit will feed back whatever the template contains when the client makes a request.18:52
\shso kickstart or preseeding...which means for debian/ubuntu/redhat/opensuse mostly use the installer automation18:53
\shhow does cobbler handle problems during kernel network boot with ipconfig?18:55
SpamapS\sh: it really doesn't know about them.18:56
binBASHHi \sh18:57
SpamapS\sh: I believe it disables auto-install once the preseed/kickstart have been requested once though.18:57
binBASHHope your nightly admining session went fine ;)18:58
\shSpamapS: the problem is not the installation, but the "how do I get my packages without having ip connectivity" which comes first .. mostly when you are telling the kernel to dhcp on your dhcp /pxe enabled interfaces...just asking, because most of the problems with automating linux installs is during kernel boottime (means jumping into initramfs + doing ipconfig dhcp magic)18:59
\shbinBASH: see blog :)19:00
\shbinBASH: yes...success :)19:00
SpamapS\sh: cobbler doesn't get in the way of the OS auto install.. it just feeds it configurations.19:00
\shSpamapS: ok..so you can't overcome the problems without tweaking your underlaying OS (which means, replace some boot initrds of your installation media, e..g which is inside the netboot image of debian/ubuntu)19:02
\shadd "easily" here ;)19:02
thesheff17_\sh https://www.frackingtubes.com/wiki/index.php/Ubuntu_preseed.cfg_installs_off_PXE_Boot is a how to I did for preseed and 10.0419:02
binBASHdc2? :)19:02
\shthesheff17_: what NICs?19:03
SpamapS\sh: baby steps. We just added a provisioning system which allows large scale orchestration of network installations, and works for the common case. It sounds to me like you're talking about edge cases.19:03
\shSpamapS: I wonder if Flex10 Fabrics are edge cases...ask HP how many G7 blade servers they were selling in 2010 and are selling in 2011  ;)19:04
SpamapS\sh: Whats so special about them that they can't use normal network semantics?19:04
\shSpamapS: they can...but ipconfig doesn't work with them properly, whysoever...I had a lot of problems..and checking google, many users of those NICs do have problems too19:05
\shSpamapS: replacing ipconfig with udhcpd helped here...but I wonder if it's easily done without tweaking the netboot image19:06
SpamapS\sh: if its not in the upstream kernel yet.. its highly likely either a) companies like Canonical and/or RedHat have to be paid to integrate these things, or b) its not going to happen.19:06
SpamapS\sh: and even if it is popular, I consider new hardware (meaning, created in the last 12 months) as an edge case.19:07
\shSpamapS: be2net / be2scsi are upstream, but the problem here is ipconfig (eventually not working nicely with cisco iphelper or something like that)19:07
SpamapSI think its pretty crazy that end users would ever need to tweak their netboot imags!19:08
SpamapSimages even19:08
SpamapSbtw, cobbler imports the whole CD onto disk.. you have the option to tweak the netboot image at that point.19:09
SpamapSBut, yeah, not easily.19:09
\shSpamapS: yeah...loop mount the iso...unzip the initrd, uncpio the resulting file, and re-configure initramfs ;)19:09
\shSpamapS: it's actually easy when you know how...but I don't think that the normal user will ever netboot linux, only crazy admins ;)19:10
zuloops...did i open a can of words19:12
* patdk-wk blames the netsplit on zul19:14
slicslakhey, i have a really slow running box19:20
slicslaki can't even get top to come up19:20
patdk-wkcheck swap :)19:20
slicslaki would like to find out the culprit, any advice on juist getting the top 3 proc consuming processes?19:20
thesheff17_slicslak: are the drives full df -h ?19:20
patdk-wkyou can't find the culprit, till you know what is wrong19:20
slicslakdrive space is looking fine19:20
patdk-wkand slow, isn't that is wrong, it's the result of what is wrong19:20
slicslak<nod>  patdk-wk how do you check swap?19:20
patdk-wkfree -m19:20
patdk-wkvmstat 1019:20
patdk-wkI never liked it in top :)19:21
slicslakya, of course, free.  ya, swap is fine19:21
RoyKslicslak: install sysstat, enable it, and you'll get performance data logged every 15 minutes or whatever you set it to19:22
slicslakRoyK, i'll check that out19:22
RoyKthe important thing isn't the amount of swap used19:22
slicslakmmm, everything is fine again now.  wierd.19:22
slicslakRoyK, oh?19:22
patdk-wkit's how much is going out, how often :)19:23
patdk-wkwhy I like to watch it with vmstat19:23
RoyKslicslak: for some systems, setting vm.swappiness = 100 can be very good19:23
slicslakright, so use vmstat and watch the io col19:23
RoyKif some applications allocate a bunch of memory not used much, swap is good19:23
patdk-wkwell, for swap, si so19:23
RoyKslicslak: I'd recommend sysstat/sar19:24
patdk-wkfor disk usage, bi bo19:24
RoyKthat logs perf data over time19:24
* patdk-wk uses munin for that19:24
RoyKwell, sar is a bit simpler19:24
patdk-wkmost of these type of issues don't last long enough though to cause 5/15min averages to jump19:25
RoyKno need for a fancy gui if you just want the data :P19:25
patdk-wknever used sar before :)19:25
RoyKit's simple, logs the data, and you can get all sorts of goodies out of it19:25
uvirtbotNew bug: #655548 in ocfs2-tools (main) "ocfs2console fails with python errors" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/65554819:37
wizardslovakmysql hostname is hostname of server right?19:43
PiciWherever mysqld is running.19:44
wizardslovakis there any gui client to copy files from desktop to userver?20:01
wizardslovaki am using xubuntu20:01
jMCgHey folks. I'm looking for a way to set persistently the group permissions on a disk to the webserver user, who'll be using these devices (raw) as cache.20:05
jMCgI was thinking that'll be doable in udev, but I'm not fluent in udev.20:06
nishttal2Hi guys, one of our servers running Ubuntu 10.10 rebooted around 50 mins ago.. how do I investigate why that happened20:07
jMCgnishttal2: syslog.20:08
jMCgCheck your crash-dump!20:08
nishttal2jMCg, how do i check that?20:08
jMCgnishttal2: less /var/log/syslog20:08
nishttal2jMCg, http://www.fpaste.org/XC0d/ in syslog20:11
nishttal2jMCg, what should i look for20:11
nishttal2jMCg, i dont see anything here that stands out20:11
qman__nishttal2, you should look for things that happened around the time of the crash20:12
nishttal2jMCg, qman__ : http://www.fpaste.org/9YwA/ is the messages20:13
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qman__nishttal2, nothing of interest there, all normal in a reboot situation20:16
nishttal2qman__, yeah but question is why did it reboot :-/20:16
nishttal2qman__, do you think it was power failure?20:17
qman__power outage or hardware failure is most likely20:17
nishttal2qman__, hardware failure ..ouch!!!20:17
qman__software issues usually leave evidence behind20:17
nishttal2qman__, and thre is no way to check for hardware failure?20:18
qman__there are tests you can run but they're not definitive20:18
nishttal2qman__, i see.. thanks20:18
qman__if the problem persists with no other explanation, assume that20:19
qman__if it's not on UPS or you have people working near the power cord, power loss is just as likely20:19
fbc_How do I install the HTML DOM Parser libs?20:34
jMCgfbc_: apt-cache search something.. apt(-get|itude) install whatever...20:37
* Datz wonders if there is a package "whatever" by chance20:38
jMCgad udev: I suppose something like  ENV{ID_PATH}=="pci-0000:00:01.1-scsi-1:0:0:0" (With the right id) might work.. but the problem is does /dev/sdc7 have such an ID?20:39
wizardslovakhow do i check if i have ftp installed on server?21:01
wizardslovaki installed wordpress and i need to install few plugins21:01
wizardslovakit asks me for hostname username and password21:01
wizardslovakand still cant connect to it21:01
hallynwizardslovak: you could 'dpkg -l | grep ftp' to see if the package is installed21:04
wizardslovakdpkg -l | grep ftp21:05
wizardslovakii  ftp                                   0.17-19build1                                   The FTP client21:05
wizardslovakii  lftp                                  4.0.2-1ubuntu0.1                                Sophisticated command-line FTP/HTTP client programs21:05
wizardslovakhostname i should use my wan server ip ?21:05
uvirtbotNew bug: #596993 in cloud-init (main) "hostname handling needs improvement for elastic-ip and ebs start-stop" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59699321:07
RoyKwizardslovak: just install vsftpd - best thing there is21:07
wizardslovakthank you21:08
kirklandmarrusl: yo21:24
stiv2khelp, i set up gitosis but i'm locked out of it21:28
stiv2khow can I check out the gitosis-admin repo as the gitosis user to fix it?21:28
* hallyn humbly suggests that apport hook for bind9 should append 'grep named /var/log/syslog' to bugs21:44
hallynis there a reason not to do that?  too dangerous privacy-wise?21:44
wizardslovaki got blog setup on web.com/blog but i want blog to be seeing when people will go to web.com21:49
wizardslovaki gotta change it in apache right?21:49
doko_zul: ping21:51
doko_zul: irqbalance: debian/rules still includes quilt.mk and ftbfs21:51
wizardslovaki am getting this error21:58
wizardslovakCould not reliably determine the server's fully qualified domain name, using for ServerName21:58
RoAkSoAxAnyone experiencing issues similar to "E: Failed to fetch http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/h/heartbeat/libheartbeat2_3.0.4-1ubuntu1_amd64.deb: Size mismatch"  in pbuilders?21:59
wizardslovakhow to point apache to read index.php insted of index.html22:01
wizardslovaknow thats weird22:10
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sorenwizardslovak: It does so automatically.22:33
froekI'm getting a euca-register connection refused when trying to download images.. any hints?22:42
uvirtbotNew bug: #641504 in cloud-init (main) "cloud-init should support additional multi-part format" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64150422:42
Tellmarchhi, which is better to use with tomcat in ubuntu 10.04LTS, the open-jre or sun-jre?23:06
juvencan someone give me some adcie23:06
juveni have 10.10 and want some kind of gui so i installed the gui version23:06
juvenand i want remote access23:06
juvenhow can i set remote access on ubuntu 10.10 desktop when i am logged in a root23:07
juventhey say that it should be under the system tab but dont see it23:07
juven1 quick dumb question, i have ubuntu 10.10 enterprise server i am able to login to ubuntu enterprise cloud web but how do i install vm in it23:16
juveni am a big23:16
jMCgjuven: then you shouldn't be running Enterprise Servers.23:18
TellmarchjMCg, what a stupid answer that is.23:19
juvenso this is another stupid question :D why cant the cloud servers run vm23:19
juvenis there like other help sites i can read things from23:20
geekbrijuven: did you try the ubuntu help site?23:20
juveni couldnt get anything only information they have is to download xen server23:20
geekbrijuven: what exactly are you trying to do, are you using amazon EC2? im a bit confused but it seems like you want to install a VM server into a cloud server... which seems a bit unnecessary since if youre using ec2 you can just spin up new cloud servers cheaply23:22
juvenok i am actually in the learning phase so i bought a server and installed ubuntu 10.10 cloud23:23
geekbriwell if you own one server, why not install ubuntu 10.04 LTS23:24
juvenand what i want to do is learn the whole linux system as i want to get certified :)23:24
juvenbc the place i am working for they are moving to cloud23:24
juvenso trying to learn23:24
geekbrijuven: install ubuntu 10.04 onto that server, sign up for an amazon AWS account and get an EC2 account if you want to learn how to install things onto a cloud server.23:25
RoyKjuven: I don't know any certification programs for ubuntu yet, but I'm sure you'll find some if you check canonical's pages23:25
zuldoko: right ill get to it tonight23:25
juvenno i meant general certification like linux+ but b4 that i want to learn about cloud with linux23:26
geekbrijuven: you are all sorts of confused my friend.  just install ubuntu 10.04 LTS onto that physical server ou bought and worry about EC2 after you figure out how to do that23:27
geekbriam i being trolled?23:27
juveni know about vm already but just one quick question so from the cloud server how do i install like regular server23:28
geekbrijuven: that depends on what cloud service you are using. If you are using ec2 you can use google.com and find plenty of articles on how to spin up an ubuntu EC2 instance of your own.23:28
juvenok thx if i have any question please help me but thx alot though i will do some self research on ec223:29
twbMy lucid router serves NTP to downstream networks.  Occasionally (ref hourly samples: http://paste.debian.net/105104/), the jitter goes through the roof.  Why?23:41
* RoyK blames solar output23:42

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