aragood morning!07:48
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pedro_jibel, hello, quick question re the teardown method , in order to use it, do i just need to define it at the test class?13:01
jibelpedro_, Hello , yes, override it in the test class and call super at the end to run the parent method.13:07
pedro_jibel, ah ok, it doesn't matter if i'm using setupOnce= true ?13:08
jibelpedro_, no, the setupOnce=True is not start/stop the application for each test.13:10
jibelpedro_, alternatively, if you awnt a specific setup/teardown for a test you can use fixtures.13:10
pedro_jibel, ok, will try that, thanks :-)13:12
jibelpedro_, you create a class with a setUp and a cleanUp method, then call useFixture at the start of your test.13:12
jibelpedro_, here is an example http://paste.ubuntu.com/555757/13:13
pedro_ok got it!13:14
jibelpedro_, could you run the totem playback test in an up to date natty? Here python freezes completely on 2 different systems, and I need to sigkill it.13:18
pedro_jibel, just did it and i'm getting the same behavior, python cpu usage goes to 100%13:39
pedro_had to kill it in the end13:39
jibelpedro_, not good :/ who do you think is the culprit, totem, python, glibc some other lib ? I get the same problem with banshee from time to time13:43
pedro_jibel, well i'm getting a similar hang with the gwibber test13:46
pedro_jibel, so probably python :-(13:46
jibelpedro_, could it be caused by ldtp ?13:47
pedro_no idea really13:48
jibelpedro_,  I'll file a bug against python and we'll reaffect it later if needed.13:49
pedro_jibel, sounds good, may you paste the number on the channel later?13:50
pedro_so we can subscribe to it and see the progress13:50
jibelpedro_, hm, I've seen that for the first time on 2011-01-07, the day I've upgraded to ldtp 2.1, I'll downgrade to 2.0 and see if I can reproduce.13:59
jibelpedro_, same problem with ldtp 2.0.14:09
pedro_jibel, could it be the new python?14:12
jibelpedro_, idk, bug 70492314:35
ubot4Launchpad bug 704923 in python-defaults (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "python hangs with 100% CPU when running automated desktop testing (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70492314:35
pedro_thanks jibel14:38
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davmor2fader: ara: moustafa hello16:19
faderdavmor2: Hey dude, how goes it?16:20
davmor2sound, flat is getting there too slowly16:20
moustafadavmor2: Oy!16:21
moustafadavmor2: How are you?16:22
moustafaand fader too :)16:22
davmor2good thanks16:22
fadermoustafa: Hey dude16:25
davmor2fader: how's life you're end?16:26
faderdavmor2: I've been sick for a number of days, just finally managing to get better :/16:31
moustafafader: You went to the texas rally, didn't you?16:32
fadermoustafa: Nope, I managed to miss that one  :)16:33
moustafafader: Then something else came and bit you in the nether regions16:33
davmor2fader: glad to hear you're better16:37
moustafadavmor2: You had to go and be nice about the whole thing, didn't you? :P16:38
davmor2moustafa: can't be evil to him all the time, fader gets all stropy if you don't say nice things from time to time :D16:40
* moustafa looks up stropy...then promptly wonders if davmor2 is slightly australian16:41
davmor2NO cobba not me bonza day though16:43

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