HazRPGproblem with wine is that is very very dependant on what parts and drivers you use00:00
HazRPGheh, there's no virtualbox channels00:02
HazRPGwas just going to say alis saved me :P00:03
HazRPGmight have to try wine again on my regular ubuntu install on this machine at some point ^^00:04
gordbenchmarked chromium on this arm chip, gets a better benchmark score than an i7 with IE 8 ;)00:05
gordalmost 10 times slower than chromium on an i7, but thats to be expected00:06
HazRPGwait, so your arm processor works better than the i7 one?00:07
HazRPGis that even possible?00:07
HazRPGwhat arm processor you using?00:08
gordno, my arm processor gets a better score than an i7 running IE800:09
HazRPGheh, oh I thought you meant win7 when you said IE800:09
gord... why would i mean win7 when i said ie8?00:10
HazRPGyeah, apparently IE9 is meant to fix silly things like that - but I highly doubt it00:10
HazRPGlol no I thought you meant win7 with IE8 on it (thought your i7 was a typo)00:10
gordweb browsing on this seems fine though00:11
gordjust sound and video to go00:11
HazRPGout of interest, in your benchmarks, you running the same o/s on both?00:12
gordno i didn't run the ie8 benchmark, that was a reference00:12
HazRPGgord: ah, fair enough00:25
HazRPGstill, its kinda obvious  that any browser would out-bench IE :P00:25
HazRPGis it worth doing any of the ubuntu courses?01:16
* hamitron is a big believer in buying books01:23
HazRPGtrue, but you can't put that on a CV though can you :P01:23
hamitronbut suppose that doesn't get you recognised stuff01:23
Azelphurpopey, that giffgaff looks interesting01:24
hamitronI've heard good things about the ubuntu stuff, but not done it myself01:24
Azelphurwhat's the unlimited web, fair usage policy or tethering not allowed?01:24
hamitronAzelphur: ?01:25
Azelphurhamitron, he posted it on his twitter, a community ran mobile operator01:25
Azelphurlooks cool01:25
hamitronnothing is truely unlimited ;/01:25
HazRPGlink please01:26
Azelphur"However, as part of explaining all of this, giffgaff have also confirmed that if you buy a “GoodyBag” (most of which come with “unlimited” data) then their is no hard and fast fair use limit; I suspect they still reserve the right to cut off someone who is running the connection 24×7, but in general, you can use more than 100MB a day without immediate impact."01:26
HazRPGnvm google ftw01:29
Azelphurthis looks really awesome01:30
Azelphurthey don't allow tethering but neither does 3 I tether anyway xD01:30
Azelphuror t-mobile before that, which I also tethered01:30
HazRPGheh same01:30
Azelphuryea, I'm getting me a giffgaff card01:31
AzelphurIf you get one use popey's referal you might get him nice things, http://popey.me/g4cv6401:31
HazRPGconsidering it...01:31
hamitronI've been transcoding so much video lately, my seti@home performance is dropping :/01:33
HazRPGhaha, have you see the ad on that site xD01:34
HazRPGyou know what, fudge it... I'm getting me a giffgaff xD01:35
HazRPG*clicks popeys link*01:35
Azelphuryea this looks awesome01:37
HazRPGis popey not about on irc?01:42
Azelphurhe's probably asleep it's 2am01:42
* hamitron is getting one01:42
AzelphurHazRPG, check o2 coverage checker01:42
Azelphurthe system is o2 based so01:43
Azelphurhamitron, did I tell you I identified and defeated the DoS attack on my server? :p01:43
hamitrondunno if I should transfer my number :/01:43
hamitronerm, you said you had his name, phone number and address01:44
hamitronor someone did01:44
HazRPGAzelphur: yeah I get good o2 signal at home.01:44
* hamitron gets poor o201:44
hamitronbut I get poor everything01:45
HazRPGAzelphur: in fact, I'm getting sick of my three contract, should be long finished by now... so been meaning to switch to something else anywas01:45
HazRPGget really really poor three signal at home :/01:45
HazRPGouch really hamitron?01:46
hamitronabsolute radio classic rock has the streams sorted \o/01:46
hamitronI get 1 bar if lucky on everything01:46
HazRPGI just use Rhythmbox Jamendo xD01:46
Azelphurhamitron, yea :p01:46
hamitronI live in a hole01:46
HazRPGhamitron: yeah I get that... o2 is the only one that gives me 2 bars xD01:46
AzelphurI'mma try it out see what I get01:46
hamitronso you get a number with the sim card...01:47
hamitronand can transfer your number later?01:47
hamitronI been with orange for 13 years01:48
Azelphurhamitron, yea01:49
Azelphuryou get a migration code from your current supplier01:49
HazRPGhmm, do we not have an ubuntu-uk page on facebook?01:50
hamitrondon't mention facebook!01:50
hamitronbut seriously, do many people use it?01:51
HazRPGwhy, because of all it security issues, its apps and all that crap01:51
hamitronthe only tech people I know, that are not on facebook, come here01:51
HazRPGheh, I got it because my friends I hadn't seen since I was at school added me on it and was the easiest way to get in touch with him01:51
hamitronyeh, I sorta miss losing contact with some friends01:52
hamitronregret even01:52
HazRPGonly reason to ever own fb01:52
hamitronbut they made me sign up to myspace01:52
HazRPGsame :/01:52
hamitronthen decided to change to something else01:52
hamitronthen facebook01:52
HazRPGclosed that ages ago when the craze died01:53
hamitronI still got my basic white page01:53
HazRPGI couldn't help but update the colours on mine01:53
HazRPGthe web developer within just had to xD01:53
hamitronI hate colours ;)01:54
HazRPGone thing that sucked though, was I was doing some DJing at the time at our local rock venue... and tried to convince people to go down, and they did show... but to try and get others to go down, I wrote a php script so that people could put requests on my myspace form I added, and it gets submitted to my mysql db for me to view on my phone... but then myspace decided to block all form requests01:55
HazRPGbecause people were using them in a bad way... personally they should have had a verification process to allow you to have them on yours01:56
HazRPGif you can anything on your profile's html, then reset, etc01:56
HazRPGbut nooooooooo01:56
HazRPGit sucked :(01:57
HazRPGputting a link on your myspace didn't work as good as an actual html form01:57
HazRPGthing that was stupid was, they never stopped people using php images T_T01:58
HazRPGI had a php script on my server to render an image, and each time someone looked at my page, it would log who viewed it.01:59
HazRPGit was just proof of concept01:59
HazRPGallowing any CSS coding on a site is just bad juju lol02:00
HazRPGholy cow, I just thought02:02
HazRPGI should have instead thrown out the html form on my profile, and replaced with an image link, with the picture looking exactly the same as the form did02:03
HazRPGwhen they click on it, it would have opened up the proper website with the form02:03
HazRPG6 years too late for that epiphany xD02:04
hamitronall too much effort imo02:06
hamitronI just like the old fashioned IRC02:06
hamitronand maybe ICQ02:06
HazRPGewww ICQ >_<02:06
hamitronbetter than MSN ;p02:06
HazRPGfor anonymity maybe...02:07
hamitronmore reliable too02:07
HazRPGthe number of viruses flowing through that thing, and random shits trying to add you for webcam (bad-word here)... it was unreal!02:07
hamitronI used to use MSN as well, but that used to cause arguements with my gf02:08
hamitronmessages would just randomly not get through02:08
hamitronand she would assume I was ignoring her02:08
HazRPGjust being on msn? or the fact that you used ICQ more?02:08
HazRPGoh that02:08
HazRPG<== used IRC02:09
HazRPGand got my friends to do the same ^^,02:09
hamitronmost people I know use MSN02:09
HazRPGonly had msn for friends who wouldn't try irc02:09
HazRPGsee, I find facebook has overtaken MSN02:09
hamitronI'm not on either02:10
hamitronand when I read how much time some people burn on facebook... no way i intend to start02:10
HazRPGpeople get really annoyed when they don't see me online and I keep telling them "Dude, I'm never offline - always on msn, you're the ones who aren't online"02:10
HazRPGstupid laggy fb chat02:11
HazRPGheh, trust me I don't see the addiction towards fb02:11
hamitrontbh, I am more likely to reduce the things I communicate through, the way things are02:11
HazRPGbest thing to do, never accept apps on it... and you'll be fine02:12
hamitrontoo much spam mail02:12
hamitronah :)02:12
hamitronand there has been problems with deleting your personal data...02:12
HazRPGmost people are on facebook cos they play this game or that game02:12
HazRPGhow so?02:12
hamitronI've just read things02:12
HazRPGmy dad has deleted his like 5 times now xD02:13
hamitronbut is the stuff really deleted?02:13
HazRPGsame could be said about anything though?02:13
hamitronit certainly used to be the case, stuff could still be accessed02:13
hamitronsuppose so02:14
HazRPGI supposedly deleted a few of my old msn accounts, but when I try to login with them it says "would you like to recover all your data?"02:14
hamitronbut I mean... things like photo02:14
hamitronif you tell it to remove all your data... others should not be able to still download it02:15
HazRPGplus you can still be anonymous on facebook anyways, make an e-mail account for fb (www.mail.com for example and pick a domain) and then set yourself a double name02:15
hamitronall effort02:15
hamitronbetter things to do with my time02:15
HazRPGe.g. I use to go by Hazardous Hax on a few things02:15
hamitron(like moan in here)02:15
hamitron1865 unread emails02:17
hamitrongoing to have to be hard on them and delete some02:19
hamitrontoo many "tips"02:19
HazRPGI have 607 in my inbox, 668 From social networks, 2 Dad, 301 Newsletters, 279 from my own list of spam I made in filters, 79 youtube :/02:20
HazRPGyeah all unread02:20
hamitronit is a relief to hear someone else is as bad as me02:20
HazRPGI filter/label all mine into different stuff via gmail02:20
HazRPGmy proper gmail spam folder apparently has 5000+ >_<02:21
HazRPGyeah tell me about it, I always thought I was the only one to have a massive list of unread :P02:21
hamitronI've deleted all spam02:22
hamitronand I always read important mail within a few days02:22
hamitronbut the backlog of reviews, tips and whitepapers is insane02:23
hamitronmost I won't bother with, but each has to be opened to see what is inside02:23
HazRPGheh for important e-mails I have an e-mail address with just my full name on it ^^02:23
HazRPGin that I have 1 unread e-mail ^^02:24
HazRPGmain email address for signing up to stuff, my other is personal friends, family, business related stuff02:26
hamitronoldest unread email is 23/08/200702:26
hamitronI find when I get a new email address, I get no spam until I give some certain "friends" it02:27
HazRPGoh crap, I win xD02:27
HazRPGhaha, oops its my ex-gf too xD02:28
hamitronI suspect it is because them friends who cause problems are part of a group who use a lot of CC02:29
hamitrondon't get much spam now02:30
HazRPGah, see the friends I give it to are geeks xD02:30
hamitronit is normally stupid women that cause me problems02:30
HazRPGplus the others I tell them "don't you DARE fw/cc/bcc any mail to me"02:30
hamitronif only they listened02:30
HazRPGit worked02:31
HazRPGI have one for them to CC crap to02:31
HazRPGand one for them to send me important stuff to xD02:31
hamitronI changed email address 4 times and told them 3 of them times02:31
hamitronnever listened02:31
hamitronso now cut them off02:31
HazRPGheh, I hate to say it but do my trick02:32
hamitrontell them?02:32
hamitronI mailed them and put filters in place02:32
hamitronthen got complaints with them been banned02:32
hamitronoh well02:33
HazRPGI sent out a mass mail saying "hi guys, this is my new e-mail address. For those of you who like to Forward, CC or BCC mail, please don't to me. If you do, I shall be signing you up to newsletters to see how you like receiving crap loads of SPAM. Regards, Haz"02:33
hamitroncut the spam down a lot since I reply to them all02:33
hamitronthanks for the mail, but no thanks.  You have had your address blocked by my automated filter system.  Abuse is caused by your incompetent use of Internet technology.  Please contact me via an alternative method to have this process reversed and follow rules given.  Thanks again, and hope to hear from you"02:34
HazRPGone person refused to listen, and so I sent him a reply saying "thanks, clearly you don't read your e-mails... enjoy your spam" and signed him up to 10 newsletters02:34
HazRPGyeah, but blocking people is just as evil xD02:35
hamitronbut all this has just made me give up with comms online02:35
HazRPGI know how you feel02:36
hamitronI login here, and just get the odd warning when I cross the line02:36
HazRPGI have mail between 2007-2008 where I just never checked my e-mail address xD02:36
hamitronto my credit... I do have spells where I actually read them02:37
hamitronjust never get below 700 now02:37
HazRPGhurray for spam and the internets way of annoying people!02:37
hamitronmost mine is ZDNet now02:37
hamitronsure they've increased the amount I get sent02:37
HazRPGI had a spell whereby I went and read ALL emails I got and clicked the "unsubscribe" link... but I don't think it works :/02:39
hamitronI found it works02:39
hamitrondone it now for a year02:39
hamitronused to get 60 spam emails per day02:40
hamitronnow get no more than 302:40
hamitronI assume it is the clicking anyway02:40
hamitronI also reply to them02:40
hamitronclick the links to buy viagra and stuff02:40
hamitronjust hassle them02:41
hamitronif everyone did it, they'd stop02:42
HazRPGhave you ever e-mailed the abuse@<domain_name> before for the servers that host said websites?02:42
HazRPGcos I have, it works a treat xD02:42
hamitronI normally target customer service02:42
hamitroneg go to a meds site, and ask what would be best thing to handle stress of spam02:43
Azelphurhaha popey finally popped his cherry and rooted his hero02:43
HazRPGI got a reply back once and it said "Thank you for your e-mail, we have looked into the problem and shut down the website for spamming many e-mail addresses." or words to that effect02:43
hamitronI sent 1000 requests to 1 place once02:43
hamitronnice Azelphur02:43
hamitronand nice haz02:43
hamitronI've decided I won't break any more devices in my life02:44
HazRPG /waves02:44
hamitronif the manufacturer restricts a device to something I don't want, I won't buy it02:44
HazRPGI'm tempted to install GeoHotz CFW on my PS3...02:45
* hamitron stands firm02:45
AzelphurI rooted my g2 and g1 when I got them :D02:45
HazRPGbut I've already updated to 3.5502:45
hamitronPS3 is one thing I would of bought, had they not removed the linux option02:45
HazRPGAzelphur: I haven't bothered rooting my Nexus One yet02:45
hamitronI really wanted a game console02:45
HazRPGin all honesty, linux didn't work that great on the PS3 :/02:46
hamitronit has plenty of ram02:46
HazRPGcalculations was awesome fast... but if you needed anything that was RAM heavy... it sucked02:46
HazRPG256MB ram is all it had02:46
hamitronthis comp I am on has 128Mb...02:46
HazRPGor at least had access to...02:46
Azelphur^ because they locked off most of the machine I heard02:46
HazRPGyeah linux had access to 1 cpu, and limited gfx02:47
HazRPGuntil Geo hax it and made them mad02:47
HazRPGand in their rage kill attempt they blocked Other OS02:47
HazRPGso Geo rage haxed it back in xD02:47
hamitrontbh, it would be enough for me how it was...02:47
hamitronnot something I need or would use much02:48
hamitronbut just sony removing it annoyed me02:48
HazRPGwasn't a fully supported processor, so I had trouble finding apps for it02:48
HazRPGor at least with ubuntu ps302:48
hamitronI was about 2 weeks away from buying a 2nd hand ps3 for it02:48
hamitronand over paying, just to get the fat version02:49
hamitronlucky, sony did not delay a month02:49
hamitronbut if they had, I'd be really upset02:49
hamitronand it has knocked my confidence in sony02:49
hamitronnearly getting burnt, is close enough for me...02:49
hamitronsorry, always do that ;/02:50
HazRPGtrust me I was more pissed off then you would have been though02:50
Azelphurcan't you demand a refund?02:50
HazRPGI'd been running linux on my original fat 60GB for about 3 years when they took that feature out02:50
HazRPGAzelphur: nope :/02:50
Azelphurwhat happened to the class action?02:50
HazRPGwhich is why Geo is currently in a law suit that sony filed02:51
HazRPGnot for trying to get a refund02:51
HazRPGbut for trying to put back an option in his console that was originally a "feature" that was advertised for in the manuals and on tv/box art02:51
hamitronmore I think about it, the less likely I will get a PSP 2/Phone02:52
HazRPGI barely use my PSP, so I don't see the point in getting it02:53
HazRPGonly time my PSP or DS gets cracked open now, is to take it on long flights02:53
hamitronI either play my PSP, or read a book when I go for a shit02:53
HazRPGbut when I buy a kindle... I fully plan on not bothering with my PSP or DS02:53
hamitronso still gets a fair amount of use :)02:53
HazRPGbothering haz?? argh I meant bother*02:54
hamitronthe 1 thing that stops me buying some new games, is if the games may not work on the custom firmware02:54
HazRPGlike brother, but without the RRRRRR02:54
HazRPGhamitron: same02:55
hamitronyou done much with lua on it?02:55
HazRPGI like my emu's too much to risk losing them02:55
hamitronor other coding02:55
HazRPGPSP you mean?02:55
HazRPGnot really02:55
HazRPGonly time I've coded in LUA is to make my own addon for wow02:56
HazRPG(which apparently still works according to my friends xD)02:56
hamitronI got my ngage and psp to both code on02:56
hamitronbut never got round to it02:56
hamitronnot had psp long though02:57
HazRPGwow, I still have an ngage too somewhere... not sure if it still works02:57
hamitronmine is my main phone ;)02:57
hamitronmy ngage qd has suffered the white screen of death02:57
hamitronso now I am forced to side talk02:58
HazRPGmy uncle in egypt always said "nuss-reef" which translates to "half slice of bread"... but they don't have sliced bread like we do, they have something similar to a naan bread02:58
HazRPGI don't get why no one liked how the ngage talked from the side02:59
HazRPGI found I had less trouble using my ngage then any other phone02:59
hamitronI do02:59
hamitronit gives me a sore ear for long calls :/02:59
hamitronand I feel like a prat on it in public02:59
HazRPGphone didn't overheat with long conversations03:00
HazRPGheh, I found it better for long calls03:00
hamitrondo others?03:00
HazRPGgranted you couldn't just rest it on your shoulder though03:00
hamitronI know it gets a better signal than smaller phones03:00
hamitronI never could do that with any phone :/03:00
HazRPGthis is also true03:00
HazRPGreally, you can't rest it on your shoulder? (any phone?)03:01
HazRPGtill your head man xD03:01
sm1773rhey guys03:01
hamitronmy neck hurts at large angles :/03:01
HazRPGsurely you can touch your head onto your shoulder right?03:01
hamitronhi sm :)03:01
HazRPGsm1773r: hey03:01
HazRPGhamitron: ah03:01
hamitronHazRPG: easier to hold the phone ;/03:02
HazRPGlift your shoulder than xD03:02
sm1773r??? what u lot talkin bout lol03:02
HazRPGphones xD03:02
hamitronholding a phone to your ear with your shoulder atm03:02
HazRPGhmm, I'd say read up... but obv you just joined03:02
sm1773rlol so im guessin then holding a phone without using ur hands03:02
HazRPGis there like a history bot in here or something?03:03
sm1773rduck tape it to ur head ....03:03
hamitronideally, the PSP would take a sim :/03:03
hamitronthat would be my dream phone03:03
sm1773relastic bands03:03
HazRPGI use a ps3 headset for my phone03:03
sm1773rhas there been any new leaks of the psp phone since xmas03:04
hamitronand no touch screen03:04
hamitronI hate finger prints on my screen :/03:04
HazRPGsometimes forget the damn thing is in my ear its so comfortable xD03:04
hamitronI would be willing to use a headset03:04
sm1773rwhat the ps3 bluetooth headset03:04
HazRPGhaha yup03:04
hamitronstill tempted to try skype on the PSP03:04
hamitronbuy a number for it03:04
sm1773rit kills the inside of my ear after a hour or so03:05
HazRPGI mainly got it for my ps3... but since non of my friends have VoIP03:05
HazRPGstarted using it on my PC/Phone instead xD03:05
HazRPGhamitron: only thing is, you need to be in wifi range :P03:05
HazRPGthat you have access to03:05
hamitronminor issue03:05
sm1773rcarry a miwi bout03:05
hamitronI don't carry my phone out of this room...03:06
HazRPGor carry a phone that has wifi tethering (like an android phone) and do it that way03:06
hamitronmore like a land line03:06
hamitronif anything the PSP has a greater range than my phone.... to the bathroom ;)03:07
HazRPGright, brb... going to go get some smokes from tescos03:07
hamitron3am :/03:07
hamitronI better not get more coffee03:07
HazRPG24hr tescos :P03:07
sm1773rlol should have stocked up earlier man03:07
HazRPGI usually buy em in 100's03:07
hamitron100 pack? :|03:07
HazRPGno 100 cigs xD03:07
sm1773rlol i used to but the misses started hating the fact that i only went shopping when i needed smokes03:08
HazRPGbut finished my last pack like 3hrs ago, and been lazy to move03:08
hamitron1 pack with 100 cigs won't go in your pocket, so was gonna say..03:08
hamitronhaha sm :D03:08
HazRPGhaha, my ex did that to me too sm ^^03:08
HazRPGmade me quit :(03:09
sm1773rlet me guess she was a non smoker03:09
HazRPGquit for 9 months, til she dumped me :/03:09
HazRPGsm1773r: yup :/03:09
HazRPGapparently it "smelled bad"03:09
hamitronit does ;)03:09
sm1773rlol thats the only thing i like since it keeps the wife at bay03:10
HazRPGI use to be a non-smoker, and I loved the smell of it (parents were smokers when I was little, dad like his cigar, and mum liked her cigs)03:10
hamitronI like it in the right place03:10
hamitronhate it at home03:10
hamitronbut fine down the pub03:10
sm1773ri liked it in the pub but that joy has been taken away03:10
hamitronit has? ;)03:10
sm1773rcant smoke in pubs03:11
HazRPGanyone noticed how nightclubs smell so bad now that smokers don't smoke indoors anymore?03:11
hamitronlegally ;/03:11
hamitronyes HazRPG03:11
sm1773rlol yea legally03:11
HazRPGsm1773r: I smoke indoors in pubs all the time03:11
hamitronsweaty men and piss :/03:11
sm1773r@HAZ wouldnt no bud , last time i went clubbing i ended up marrying the person i pulled03:11
HazRPGlock-ins however...03:11
HazRPGsm1773r: :P03:11
hamitronI should go on the pull again soon03:12
HazRPGsee, I say nightclub... but what I really mean is rockclub...03:12
hamitronsame HazRPG03:12
hamitronwell, mostly03:12
sm1773rrock club ?03:12
HazRPGyeah, with rock music instead of cheese03:12
sm1773rlol k03:12
hamitronI have a problem there HazRPG03:12
sm1773rglasgow aint got mainy03:13
hamitronI tend to chat up townies03:13
HazRPGdon't get me wrong, I like all sorts of music... but well it's the crowd that I hate about "dance music" types03:13
hamitronand get dragged into a pile of cheese03:13
sm1773rall the ned n chavs03:13
HazRPGsm1773r: you kidding? I went to a few in glasgow when my mate use to live there03:13
hamitronat 60p per shot, rock all the way ;)03:14
sm1773ryea but not mainy compaired to tipical niteclubs03:14
hamitronofc not03:14
hamitronif there was, they'd be "typical" ;)03:14
sm1773rtrue that03:14
HazRPGI want me a linux chick... hard to find though in this small cumbrian city :/03:14
sm1773rtrying to get the wife to change OS but aint having it , bloody iphone03:15
hamitronI never actually been to a LUG03:15
hamitronnever touched an iphone03:15
HazRPGLUG LUG LUG... as in the sound you make when you chug down beer?03:16
sm1773rhad 4 , they are ok phones but got rid of mines because everyone and there dog has them now lol03:16
hamitronI want a side talking Eee PC :/03:16
hamitronjust to be different03:16
HazRPGsm1773r: shame, so far I've managed to convert a few of my ex's ... but they always seem to dump me after, almost like all the chicks I dated just wanted my IT expertise lol03:16
sm1773rlol just using u for ur brain instead of looks03:17
hamitronI don't mind a woman "using" me ;)03:17
HazRPGI don't, so long as they just keep using me ^^03:18
sm1773ryea but u think using me for the good stuff when we all no it is a case of can u put this shelf up03:18
HazRPGno one likes to be a tossed sock03:18
HazRPG(I wanted to use a word that starts with D instead of sock, however I'm not fully sure of the rules on such words xD)03:19
hamitronit is against the rules03:19
hamitronusing such filth03:19
* hamitron shakes head03:19
sm1773rtut tut03:19
hamitronhead on shoulders that is ;/03:20
sm1773rlol back to the phone03:20
hamitronbefore someone with power awakes03:20
sm1773rspeaking of awake , its 3:20am why u both up03:21
HazRPGright, as I was saying ... STOP, tesco time!03:21
* hamitron has a cough03:21
* HazRPG sleeps at 4pm and wakes at midnight at the moment03:21
sm1773rlol forgot bout the lack of cigs03:21
sm1773rah same here sleep all day , bloody annoying03:21
hamitronif I was to smoke, it would be a pipe03:22
hamitronway more cool03:22
sm1773rwhat like hugh hefner03:22
HazRPGI have a sheesha pipe, if that counts03:22
hamitroncigs rolled with paper are just boring :/03:22
HazRPGhowever, coal indoors is not a good plan xD03:22
HazRPGesp. when my sister is constantly coming in and out of my computer room03:23
HazRPGsorry "shisha pipe"03:24
sm1773rlol ah ok03:24
hamitrongoogle corrected the spelling03:24
HazRPGindeed xD03:24
hamitronthat really is not what I had in mind03:24
sm1773rlol good old google , i would have failed uni if it wasnt around03:24
HazRPGI was typing it phonetically as its pronounced in arabic03:24
HazRPGhamitron: I know, but its still a piped tobacco type thing though isn't it xD03:25
HazRPGso tempted to light one up anyways xD03:26
hamitronit is still cool03:26
HazRPGwith some orange tobacco03:26
hamitronbut can't really carry it around with you...03:26
sm1773rtie it to ur back maybe03:27
hamitronomg omg03:27
hamitron10 quid03:27
hamitronI may start smoking03:27
HazRPGthat red one goes in a box03:27
HazRPGI have a blue one similar to that, but with a more egyptian style to it03:27
* hamitron is the sort of person who does the opersite to what he is advised03:27
sm1773ri would still miss place it somewhere03:28
HazRPGthe pipe or shisha pipe?03:28
sm1773rshisha pipe03:28
HazRPGhamitron: DO start smoke...03:28
* HazRPG waits for response at the edge of his seat03:29
HazRPGsm1773r: ah, heh yeah03:29
* hamitron confused03:29
hamitroneveryone says don't03:29
HazRPGsm1773r: I wish it was popular here as it is in arabian countries... instead of taking your own out with you, you just order one with your meal/coffee/etc03:30
HazRPGits fantastic!03:30
HazRPGalmost like being at a festival03:30
sm1773rseen it on topgear special at xmas they were in a cafe just puffin away lol03:30
HazRPGhaha, oh yea forgot about that - saw that too03:31
sm1773rlol 50 quid for this one03:31
hamitronjust looking....03:31
hamitronhow you know what bakky to buy? ;/03:31
HazRPGcheaper over there tbh03:31
hamitroncomplicated subject03:31
HazRPGmine cost me £25 roughly03:31
hamitron"Virginia leaf, flavoured with the essence of Coffee."03:32
HazRPGwith coal + tobacco + box + bag of sanitised tips03:32
sm1773rthe range of flavoured tobacco for them is unbelievable03:32
HazRPGhamitron: just get one to your taste really03:33
HazRPGpersonally, melon has a nice strong flavour to it03:33
hamitronthat is pipe tobacco I think03:33
HazRPGand orange03:33
HazRPGand cherry I think03:33
hamitron£4.79 per 25g03:33
HazRPGstill want to try cola, apple or double apple is popular - but personally I think it has no taste  to it (or very very mild)03:33
hamitronwhat is coffee like?03:34
HazRPGhaha win: http://www.shishahookah.co.uk/shisha-pipe/skull-hookah-1503:34
HazRPGhamitron: quite nice03:34
sm1773rlol his and hers03:34
HazRPGbut like cigs, they're thousands of brands, so its hard to say just by just what flavour it is03:35
sm1773rcheck the price lol http://www.shishahookah.co.uk/shisha-pipe/shisha-pipe-khalil-mamoon-cafe/superking-bhariya03:35
* hamitron wouldn't know how to use one03:36
HazRPGits cos they're collectors pieces03:37
HazRPGmy dad had one that was 6'03:37
sm1773rif u go abroad they set it all up in the cafe ect and u just puff away03:37
HazRPGthis is true03:37
HazRPGor if your like me, the family teach you how to do it :P03:38
HazRPG(mum's egyptian)03:38
sm1773rwas thinking of trying a diy but can see it going so wrong lol03:39
HazRPGsome tips I've had in the past is using lemon juice instead of water in the bowl03:39
HazRPGDIY or a shisha pipe?03:39
HazRPGthat's just a water bong xD03:39
sm1773rlol both , making a shisha from scratch but can see it going wrong03:39
HazRPGnot hard, it really isn't03:40
HazRPGif you have the right gear03:40
sm1773rsee thats to much work03:41
HazRPGwhich bit xD?03:41
sm1773rlol mix the shisha03:41
* hamitron has to wait for ages to buffer the vid03:41
HazRPGit really isn't dude03:42
hamitrontbh, pipe looks cheaper03:42
HazRPGplus each pipe lasts about an hr xD03:42
sm1773rreally .... interested again now03:42
HazRPGlol in the vid? or getting one?03:44
HazRPGpersonally I just put holes anywhere and randomly03:44
sm1773rgetting one03:44
sm1773rdont think the wife wuld be happy with all the tin foil going missing mind03:45
HazRPGbuy your own and stash it :P03:45
sm1773rand she finds it and decides to use it for the chicken on sundays03:46
HazRPGman, all this talk about smoking is making me want to now xD03:46
HazRPGright bbs xD03:47
HazRPGor I'm gonna go crazy lol03:47
sm1773rlol oh yea tesco03:47
sm1773rive smoked bout 10 since tesco was 1st mentioned03:47
HazRPGxD damn you!03:48
sm1773rbrb need a cuppa03:49
HazRPGright ready for my journey now... bbs03:49
HazRPGmake me one too :P03:49
=== HazRPG is now known as HazRPG|Tescos
sm1773rkettle takes ages grabbed a beer instead lol03:49
sm1773rwhat irc client u usin hamitron03:51
hamitronstill not watched this youtube vid04:01
hamitroninternet seems slower than normal04:01
sm1773rsoz bud was in living room there04:05
sm1773rmines has been poor all day04:05
sm1773rmight need to reboot router04:06
=== dw1_ is now known as dw1
HazRPG|TescosI did a router reboot earlier cos it was playing up04:26
HazRPG|Tescosalso, I use pidgin too04:26
HazRPG|Tescosusing dropbox to keep both my win & ubuntu lists updated04:26
sm1773rlol i done a full install so ubuntu is all i run04:27
HazRPG|TescosI play games from time to time, so I can't fully convert over04:27
sm1773ru feeling better now u have smokes04:27
HazRPG|Tescosoh fuck aye xD04:27
sm1773rdont really do pc gaming , the black beauty aka ps3 is my gaming comitment04:28
HazRPG|Tescosand mountain dew :)04:28
sm1773rlol dew04:28
HazRPG|Tescosthat's what I said to my sis04:28
HazRPG|Tescosdo the dew, mountain dew!04:28
=== HazRPG|Tescos is now known as HazRPG
sm1773rprefer the good old monster energy04:29
HazRPGheh, first time I tried that was at a festival04:29
sm1773rtrying to get used to xchat but doing my head in04:29
HazRPGmy birthday falls in the 2nd week of june, and download is always that weekend :D04:30
sm1773rits no red bull but good enough04:30
HazRPGsm1773r: how so?04:30
sm1773rnever used it before so trying to get used to the layout of it04:30
HazRPGI think its daft how people consider mountain dew as an energy drink tbh, I remember back when it didn't have the word "energy" at the end of it04:30
HazRPGits similar to mIRC in some ways, that was back when I had 9804:31
sm1773ronly started getting classed as energy after sports started giving it to there players04:31
HazRPGoh how my friends wondered how I played quake online back then xD04:31
sm1773rlol thoughs were the days04:32
HazRPGyeah, but the bottle says "mountain dew energy" which is daft, I think it's just marketing so that the UK population will drink it04:32
HazRPGsurely you mean those :p04:32
sm1773rlol prob , uk suckers04:32
sm1773rlol that 204:32
HazRPGnow I've got "those were the days my son, I thought they'd never end..." in my head04:33
sm1773rthink hamitron has fell asleep04:33
sm1773rlol growing up i hated ppl saying those were the days and now i say it to everyone04:33
HazRPGhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lNVit7cesj8 <== you have to watch if you haven't heard it before04:34
HazRPGdad use to play it in the car all the time when I was growing up04:34
sm1773rlol growing up all i heard was status quo and queen in the car04:35
HazRPGdude, how old are you?04:35
sm1773rlol going by that im guessing not as old as u may have thought04:36
HazRPGlol no I'm thinking younger than I thought actually ^^04:36
sm1773rsee u , this song is stuck in my head now04:36
HazRPGcos I heard nothing but 50's-60's music when I was growing up04:37
HazRPGstatus quo and queen were like 70's or so04:37
sm1773rlate 70`s early 80`s04:37
HazRPGwhat queen/status quo?04:38
HazRPGhaha, yeah, see I had it stuck in my head cos you mentioned it... thought I'd spread the joy xD04:38
sm1773rlol well im going to send it to everyone in my email04:39
HazRPGhaha go for it xD04:39
sm1773rtempted to load the wifes netbook and have youtube load when it turns on lol04:40
HazRPGconsider yourself lucky that you've got that song stuck in your head, at least you can't get stuff like this stuck: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oaHbEW0wisg#t1m05s04:41
sm1773ri want to click but im not sure any more ll04:41
hamitronasleep? ;/04:41
sm1773rlol shhh hes back04:41
HazRPGits in arabic, so I guarantee you won't get it stuck in your head xD04:42
HazRPGgowon, click it xD04:42
HazRPGclick it hard xD04:42
sm1773rman it is making me feel sleepy04:43
HazRPGI've already skipped the boring no-music movie starting part of it with the timestamp for you04:43
HazRPGah crap I put the timestamp in wrong >_<04:44
HazRPGhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oaHbEW0wisg#t=1m05s ?04:44
sm1773rlol 1:40 and he starts singing04:44
HazRPGall arabic music is soppy04:44
sm1773rlol that is 2:30 seconds of my life i will never get back ta04:45
HazRPG"habibi ya nour el ain" literally translates as "my love, you're the love of my eye"04:45
sm1773rso the other eye isnt to sure04:46
HazRPGwell word for word it is 'my love light of the eye' which wouldn't make sense in english04:47
sm1773rthere is some weird songs on youtube that crack me up04:47
sm1773rguess u have heard the yogi bear song04:48
HazRPGah crap, I knew there was a reason I don't youtube arabic songs my mum use to listen to when I was growing up: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0KqPVB5SPC0#t=0m43s04:49
HazRPGsm1773r: wips and chains one?04:49
sm1773rlol yea04:49
HazRPGheard it in a rock club years ago well before youtube04:49
sm1773rwhat the heck am i listening to here lol04:50
HazRPGarabic music of the late 80's early 90's xD04:50
sm1773rplease stop lol04:50
HazRPGsadly they don't have rock there T_T04:50
HazRPGor at least they don't have it on the radio EVER04:50
sm1773rlol i wouldnt be able to cope04:51
HazRPGthere is rock, it just never gets into the whole buyable CD market04:51
sm1773rso they keep that market for the weird stuff04:52
HazRPGI mean my cousin is in a band, but they only ever play in garages or really really small cafes04:52
HazRPGheh yeah pretty much04:52
sm1773rbrb need to empty ashtrey04:53
HazRPGgo for it04:54
HazRPGpersonally I leave a plastic bag around for such events so that I don't need to get up xD04:54
sm1773rlol i normally dont need to move but the wifes sleeping04:55
HazRPGhaha no way, they've started doing geeky films in arabic xD04:55
HazRPGthey're slowly getting there, I have to watch this xD04:55
sm1773rdont dare post a link04:55
HazRPGyou wouldn't understand it anyways xD04:56
HazRPGI barely understand arabic, so you'd have mega trouble04:56
sm1773ri didnt understand the last 204:56
HazRPGwait, so you click links when presented to you?04:56
sm1773runfort yea04:56
HazRPGcos I do that, the urge is just too tempting04:56
HazRPGyou a fan of CC based music?04:57
HazRPGhttp://www.jamendo.com/en/track/180000 <== hit that, awesome song (in english don't worry xD)04:57
sm1773rif im sitting on here but not chatting and links go up i still click04:57
HazRPGsame... its like an addiction04:58
sm1773rlike that :D04:59
sm1773rsoynds like another band ive heard of and now i cant mnd04:59
sm1773rmy spelling is right out the window tonight lol05:00
HazRPGerm... they sound like Sonic Boom Six to me05:00
sm1773rthe fast trumpets at the start sounds like something ive heard which is annoying me now lol05:01
hamitronnn guys ;/05:02
sm1773rnn bud05:02
HazRPGnn dude05:02
HazRPGah poo05:02
sm1773rso what bands u into anyways05:03
HazRPGall sorts05:04
HazRPGska, rock, metal mainly05:04
sm1773ru go to download so im guessing slipknot ect05:04
HazRPGSystem of a Down, AC/DC, etc05:04
HazRPGyeah those too05:04
sm1773ryay my bands05:05
sm1773rslipknot , best live band i have ever seen05:05
HazRPGyeah I know!05:05
HazRPGso glad I seen them a few times before the bassist died05:05
sm1773rwasnt sure how they would be after everyone started doing there own projects but the new stuff they done lived up to expectations05:06
HazRPGI know what you mean05:07
sm1773rwith corey going with stone sour and joey with murderdolls i was like ........... BRING BACK SLIPKNOT05:08
HazRPGthey are coming back :P05:09
HazRPG(or are back)05:09
sm1773rdont get me wrong i like alot of stone sour stuff and the odd murderdoll song but cant top slipknot05:09
HazRPGmuch like SOAD05:09
HazRPGso can't wait to see them this year ;D05:09
sm1773rbut will it be the same05:09
HazRPGnah, it never will, I agree05:09
HazRPGrofl! man I love arabic comedy when I can understand it xD05:10
HazRPGso far haven't understood much05:10
HazRPGbut this bit has got me in stitches!05:11
sm1773ri can finally talk bout bands and i mean real bands , the wife likes " the wanted " ect05:11
HazRPGhim and his wife have got to a doctor to seek advice about why the can procreate, and the doc said "well if you were with another girl, you'd get a kid, and if she was with another guy, she'd get a kid... but when both of you try, you won't get nothing"05:12
sm1773rif i was the doc i would be like " sit outside give me 10 mins with ur wife i will see what i can do "05:13
HazRPGso he turns to his wife and says "you know what, I think this doc actually raised a teddy bear"05:13
sm1773ru ever play bfbc 205:15
HazRPGhaha yeah same xD05:15
HazRPGaww they look sad now (sat by the river), and she goes teary eye'd saying "I really want kids" and he goes "well personally I want an air conditioner........ but yeah I want kids too..."05:16
HazRPGbfbc 2?05:16
sm1773rlol air conditioner05:16
sm1773rbattlefield bad company 205:16
HazRPGah, no still haven't even played res5 or fallout 3 yet, still have those games sealed since release for my ps305:17
sm1773rwatch this brilliant song for this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0pWNCPYwVUA05:17
sm1773rlol love the fact they have taken a song like africa n totally changed the words05:20
sm1773rbtw fallout 3 is a 200+ hour game lol05:21
HazRPGah fuck xD05:21
HazRPGstill playing borderlands as it stands05:22
IdleOneDoes this channel not follow the !guidelines, specifically the part about language?05:22
sm1773rthen u have new vegas which is out and that to is 200+05:22
HazRPGnah I have fallout 305:22
HazRPGdidn't have time to play it at the time05:23
HazRPGIdleOne: my apologises05:23
HazRPGI tend to pre-order games, and forget about them05:23
sm1773rguidelines state mild swearing is ok aslong as you are not being disruptive or negative towards other users05:23
HazRPGI have like 5 games unopened05:23
sm1773rlol i open them but dont play05:24
lubotu3The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines05:24
sm1773r# Mild swearing is ok, as long as it isn't excessive or directed at a person.05:25
sm1773r# Any other bad language will result in a warning, or a kick at the operators discretion.05:25
IdleOnewhere did you see that?05:26
macosm1773r: i dont think the f-bomb counts as "mild"05:26
rwwIdleOne: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeam/IRC05:26
sm1773rubuntu uk website05:26
rwwperhaps !guidelines-#ubuntu-uk would be a good addition ;)05:26
IdleOnerww: ah, thanks will take a look05:26
macorww: you have access. due eet!05:26
rwwmaco: rolling ahead and adding channel-specific factoids for a LoCo for a country I'm no longer in seems like it would be presumptuous ;P05:27
macoon the "mild swears" topic... do y'all know what "sod" is in the US?05:29
HazRPGheh, wait so my assumption that everyone here is from the UK is wrong?05:29
IdleOneindeed :)05:29
HazRPGalthough I know ball is in the US but... well he use to live in the UK05:29
macoHazRPG: yep. rww is formerly UK, and im hopefully-someday-UK05:29
IdleOneI'm Common wealth05:30
IdleOnealthough I have yet to receive my share of the wealth05:30
sm1773ri love that line , im common wealth05:30
* maco crosses fingers on getting a work visa by end of 201205:30
HazRPGcommon wealth, is that not the US?05:31
IdleOnemaco: just in time for Armageddon05:31
macoHazRPG: the US does not have a queen, so no05:31
sm1773rno , common wealth is countries that used to be dictated by the uk i think05:31
macocommonwealth is anywhere that betty windsor is head of state05:31
rwwlies, I've seen plenty05:31
macorww: the drag kind dont count!05:32
HazRPGah wait, so UK, zambia, india, kenya, australia, etc are all common wealth then?05:32
IdleOneI am not looking forward to money with pictures of Charles05:33
IdleOneand Canada05:33
HazRPG(those are just ones I can think of off the top of my head ^^)05:33
macoIdleOne: i think you were part of "etc"05:33
IdleOneI like typing Canada k05:33
rwwmandatory pretty wikipedia map: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Commonwealth_of_Nations.svg05:33
HazRPGwait, Canada is on it?05:33
IdleOneDo you know nothing about your history?05:34
macoIdleOne: i found a canadian flag while cleaning up my room this weekend. i went downstairs and sung "oh canada our home and native land some other words go here..."05:34
HazRPG( I knew my history was crap, but I didn't realise it was that bad )05:34
rwwIdleOne: psh, Canada is just a colony!05:34
IdleOnePlease dude05:34
rwwI only know USA history because they had the audacity to rebel :(05:35
macorww: during the last US election, in another channel im in full of brits someone asked "so anything new in the world?" and got the answer "i think one of the colonies just had an election"05:35
HazRPGIdleOne: you say that, but you don't even know my history... I was born in England, but I went to school for about 6 years in Saudi, and in the gulf war I lived in Egypt... do you really think I'm going to remember history when I never learned the whole of any one of those?05:36
IdleOneHazRPG: I was presumptuous, my apologies.05:36
macoHazRPG: in short, any country where there are people whose native language is english was at some point ruled from a tiny little island off the coast of europe05:36
HazRPGso I know bits of Egyptian, Saudi and UK history... just not the full history of any of those xD05:37
macothat includes some islands in the caribbean, such as jamaica, which is also commonwealth05:37
HazRPGmaco: heh I know that, great british empire :P05:37
IdleOneBasically what we are saying is that the UK ROCKS!05:37
sm1773ri wouldnt go that far lol05:38
IdleOneGod save the queen and all that jazz05:38
HazRPGthey had a list of all the places we ruled in the (non-existent) pub in Saudi called "The Empire", it was a great non-pub05:38
macoIdleOne: you know what i said to Riddell on 4 July, right?05:38
IdleOnedon't want MI5 knocking on my door05:38
IdleOnemaco: I don't05:38
rwwPeople ask me every year if England celebrates July 4 :\05:38
macoIdleOne: "today is the day we americans celebrate being free of english rule, unlike you scots"05:38
IdleOnethat is not nice05:39
HazRPG(cos pubs don't exist in saudi... nooooo)05:39
rwwI got bored of telling the truth, so I now go with, "Yes, we celebrate getting rid of America :<"05:39
HazRPGooo, ouch, that's kinda crossing a lil line there :P05:39
HazRPG(I'm part scottish)05:39
sm1773rI AM SCOTTISH05:40
HazRPG*wags finger*05:40
HazRPGheh, yeah I guessed that05:40
rwwsm1773r: so are you speaking English right now, or Scottish? </tate>05:40
HazRPGI'm a cadburies all-sorts xD05:41
IdleOneSee Canada gained independence the smart way, we just asked and the King said, sure why not.05:41
sm1773rnot speaking i am actually typing05:41
macowhere i fail on british history is succession... i didnt realise there was anyone in between victoria and liz2 til i was reading about the jacobite succession and went and read the official one as well05:42
sm1773ri just fail on history full stop05:42
HazRPGright, I'm going back to my arabic film... its hard trying to sit and translate in my head and read english at the same time xD05:43
macook really, im probably only good for the norman period...05:43
HazRPGI fail at anything that doesn't have a power socket05:43
HazRPGthe only lesson in histroy I remember was learning the black plague05:45
sm1773rso during history u forgot to learn how to spell it as well lol05:46
HazRPGI hated history, I was too busy thinking about ideas about the future05:46
macohere's a fun one: in 1066 edward the confessor died and hadnt named an heir. an englishman, a ...norwegian i think..., and a norman all claimed it. english guy fought the northerner then hurried south all tired out to try to fend off the norman. got an arrow through his eye as a prize05:46
HazRPGI knew touch screens would be a reality one day :P05:46
rwwmaco: this story ends in us being pwnt by the French, and is thus not fun :(05:47
HazRPGI know bits n pieces, one king chopped off his wives heads cos of not being able to procreate a boy or something05:47
HazRPGthatcher managed to get stuff build quick for the war05:47
macoHazRPG: i just watched The Other Boleyn a couple nights ago05:48
HazRPG(not her personally, but to organise people to do so)05:48
macorww: it does mean england has been ruled by a french line of succession for nearly 1000 years now though ;-)05:48
HazRPGI know that saudi has only around for 100 years or so as a proper country (i.e. not tribes anymore)05:48
macorww: i was interviewing for a job and an interviewer was from liverpool. he was introducing me to folks and one guy was french. english guy said he didnt like him. i said "of course not, you're english and he's french, old enemies"05:49
HazRPGPharaohs looked cool, but my arabic wasn't great when I was a kid... so I barely understood a few of my history lessons :/05:49
HazRPGhated how our arabian history lesson had to be taught in arabic05:50
HazRPGworse thing was I went to saudi when I was 10, so when I went to my first ever arabic lesson they couldn't understand why I couldn't read a single word of arabic, but could talk it pretty reasonably05:50
HazRPGmixed parents n all05:51
HazRPGboth only ever spoke english to me, I only picked up arabic during the gulf war when I was stuck in egypt while my parents worked in saudi05:51
macoim about like that on russian05:51
HazRPGtell ya what, I don't care what anyone tells you... travelling a lot does get boring after a while, and really crappy too05:52
macoi mean, i cant converse in it...years out of practice (last russian speaker in the family died a few years back), but i have an accent to fool a native... reading it is like being 6 years old again though05:52
HazRPGheh, I'm like that with arabic05:52
HazRPGalthough still fluent in it, cos I still visit my mum who's now retired in egypt05:53
macoi never got fluent. my family just mixed a few russian words into their english speech, and then i studied it on my own for a while05:53
HazRPGspeak a normal conversation with me, and I'm fine... start to use words found in news papers or school books (i.e. biology or anything like that) - then I start going "wth?"05:53
macobut instead of first hearing some of those sounds-that-dont-exist-in-english in uni, ive heard them my whole life05:54
HazRPGyeah, its great when you get those sounds down while your younger05:54
macoan arabic-speaking friend tried to get me to make the sounds-that-dont-exist-in-english-but-do-in-arabic once...that was comical05:54
HazRPGI tried to learn Japanese by myself... and it is hard!05:55
Myrttimaco: normans were vikings themselves, i think spreading the genes is a lot healthier than sitting alone in a cave like Finns have until ~100 years ago05:55
macoMyrtti: yeah i guess really it was norwegians and french norwegians from both sides05:55
rwwso really, in that battle it was norway or the highway05:56
macoHazRPG: i did japanese in secondary school and a bit in uni... forgot so much...ughh :(05:56
HazRPGlol I'm going to shush now, don't want to bore anyone anymore of my life story xD05:56
macodid send mako a holiday card with the new years greeting in japanese though :P akimashite omeditou gozaimasu05:56
HazRPGooo I know a few words... neku-tie!05:57
macothat be biru :P05:57
HazRPGyeah but you know what I mean ^^05:57
HazRPGI can pronounce it right, just don't know the english spellings of the way they are pronounced05:58
HazRPGaisu kuremu06:00
HazRPGI can't read japanese dude >_<06:01
HazRPGjust like if I type: ماما06:06
HazRPGit wouldn't mean anything to you ^^06:07
HazRPGwhich is "mama" or mum, mom, etc06:08
sm1773roff to bed , shattered06:09
HazRPGalright dude, night06:09
sm1773rcatch u later bud06:09
HazRPGhave a good one06:09
macoHazRPG: what i typed was the same as the first two things you typed ;-)06:10
HazRPGah cool :P06:10
nigelbMorning AlanBell07:07
screen-xgood morning :)07:21
AlanBellany exciting things going on today?07:26
TheOpenSourcererFruity things AlanBell07:28
AlanBellah yes07:31
AlanBellthe emails are looking suitably fruity07:31
screen-xwhat happens when you kill 'mv' ?07:55
shaunoscreen-x: I think it should be pretty predictable if you're moving within the same physical filesystem (so mv is just creating new hardlinks, not actually moving data)08:06
screen-xshauno: heh, I did mv foo ../ forgetting that I was on a mountpoint, and the parent fs didn't have enough space, so I had to kill the mv.08:07
screen-xshauno: If I had remembered that they were different FSs, I would have used cp :(08:07
screen-xhowever it looks like the source data is intact, but can't be sure :(08:07
shaunoI would hope / presume it wouldn't do anything to the source until the destination is complete.  but not sure I'd have the guts to try myself08:08
shaunolooks like it tries rename, then does cp && rm if rename fails.  nothing's unlinked until the copy succeeded, so you should be good08:18
=== Martinp24 is now known as Guest59048
screen-xshauno: \o/08:33
screen-xthanks for checking :)08:33
* screen-x gives freenode some lemsip08:34
kiekoupdate requires a reboot08:37
bigcalmWhat update does?08:38
bigcalmApart from a kernel update08:38
kiekotoday's update08:38
bigcalmIt's a myth. A lot of updates that say need a reboot can be done with a ctr+alt+backspace at most08:39
DJonesMorning all08:42
popeyMorning all!08:44
* bigcalm begrudgingly agrees that it is morning08:44
bigcalmHi peeps :)08:45
* Myrtti is in less agony, enjoys the heatpads none the less08:45
Myrttimmmm warm08:45
pr0ph3thi all08:45
DJonesMyrtti: If your neck/shoulder is still painful & are looking for a heat pad type thing, I came across this http://www.betterware.co.uk/productdetails.aspx?pid=058972&cid=152&language=en-GB08:45
Myrttilol betterware08:45
bigcalmUSB powered, wow08:46
pr0ph3twhere can I find detailed info on different ubuntu kernel flavours?08:46
Myrttiusb powered heatpad would be a good idea tho... *hmmm*08:47
bigcalmHer posture is terrible08:47
DJonesbigcalm: Yeah, that was what made look at it, I wonder how long the battery on a laptop would work if I took it & the heat pad to a rugby match08:47
bigcalmDJones: if you're using a laptop at a rugby match, why bother going?08:48
DJonesbigcalm: Heh08:48
HazRPGbigcalm: Hmm, didn't they take out CTRL+ALT+BACKSPACE out a while back?08:49
HazRPGwell not taken it out, but removed the shortcut08:49
HazRPGunless you put it back in manually08:49
bigcalmAt a recent ice hockey match there were 2 small girls next to me. Neither of them were interested in the game and so were being annoying and messing around. Their father wasn't bothering to keep them in check, so when I politely told the girls to stop it, he got pissed08:50
bigcalmHazRPG: has it? I was just thinking back to olden days. I tend to do updates from the CLI08:51
MyrttiI suppose the reboot might be needed for the dbus to do some magic08:51
Myrttior update-rc.d: warning: unattended-upgrades start runlevel arguments (none) do not match LSB Default-Start values (0 6)08:51
lubotu3To re-enable the Ctrl-Alt-Backspace combination that restarts your X server see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/DontZap08:51
Myrttibigcalm: depending on timing and location I might take my laptop to an ice hockey game because don't have time to take it home08:52
Myrttibut then again, such occasion hasn't risen yet08:52
bigcalmMyrtti: fair enough, but you'd be watching the game rather than tapping away :)08:52
MyrttiI just can imagine the situation08:53
bigcalmI wonder if there is a battery device that has 1 usb socket and that's it. So you could power usb devices as if it were connected to a machine, but without having to have a machine with you08:54
bigcalmThen I could see the usb blanket being used at games as well as at the home08:54
livingdaylightchrome and FF got updated; don't what else, resulting in need for a restart to complete updates... no one else?08:54
bigcalmThat said, I'm always warm at ice hockey games. Chanting and wot not warms you up ;)08:55
Myrttibigcalm: it depends on the device you're charging from the usb battery08:57
bigcalmSuch as?08:57
Myrttibigcalm: I've got some usb battery kits and if they work or not depends on if the device charged requires "intelligent" charging08:57
bigcalmI see08:58
bigcalmI doubt the blanket would be one of those08:58
Myrttiwall plug usb chargers have some sort of chip or something in them that tells the device it's there, I suspect it's to prevent overcharging08:58
Myrttifor example my phone charges fine from the battery pack, because it must have it's own intelligence to stop overcharging08:58
Myrttibut my Flipcam doesn't08:59
bigcalmFrom The QI Elves (on Twitter) "The commonest form of murder in Britain is of a spouse, by a spouse, in the kitchen, with the bread knife"09:06
bigcalmAre we an unhappy nation?09:07
* popey hides the knives09:07
popeyalso, I haven't given wifey her pressie yet09:07
bigcalmpopey: save it for 14th Feb09:07
popeythats a really good idea!09:08
* bigcalm feels evil now09:08
popeyi never get pressies for her on 14/209:08
popeythis will be epic09:08
popeymight video it09:08
bigcalmpopey: making your own snuff film?09:08
bigcalmI keep writing 17/11 instead of 17/1 in my reports. How irritating09:11
bigcalmIt's usally the year I mess up in Jan09:11
bigcalmI guess I should write 19/1 in today's report, that would help ;09:11
MartijnVdSJust use a "date" field instead of typing it yourself ;)09:12
bigcalmMartijnVdS: tricky when retrospectively filling them in09:12
MartijnVdSbigcalm: ah yes09:13
* bigcalm is lazy at recording his project hours09:13
=== issyl0 is now known as Guest90965
MartijnVdSGuest90965: you should really talk to nickserv, issyl0 :)09:20
livingdaylightdaubers, morening09:33
livingdaylightLots of "1's" this year!09:34
livingdaylight11.1.11 ; 1.11.1109:35
livingdaylighttake the last two digits of the year you were born add to the age you will be this year and should = 11109:36
BigRedSlivingdaylight: so the amount of years since I was born, plus how long that was after 1900 will equal the amount of years since 1900? :)09:37
frecklelivingdaylight: only works if you were born last century09:37
BigRedS'last century'. Who was it talking about being made to feel old yesterday?09:38
gordi always remember to use the proper, "last millennium"09:39
bigcalmBoth are correct09:39
frecklegord: in this instance it is incorrect to say "last millennium" as the year 2000 is not valid09:39
gordokay nerds i was just making a jokes >:(09:40
BigRedSisn't 2000 this millenium?09:40
freckleBigRedS: no it's the previous09:40
BigRedSI suppose it depends upon whether the first year was deemed '0' or '1'09:41
BigRedSand most people would go with the latter09:41
BigRedSbut then centuries should have the same, surely?09:41
frecklethere was no year 009:41
freckleit went from 1 BC to 1 AD09:41
gordnerds ruin everything :(09:42
BigRedSso the year 2000's part of the 20th century, then? Since the year 100 was part of the 0th century09:42
freckleBigRedS: correctomundo09:42
BigRedSyay. I get to be even more annoyingly pedantic :)09:42
BigRedS"nah, a guy on IRC told me it was so"09:42
frecklemy twitter bio just says "introveted nerd" I am going to change it to "intorvert, pedant, nerd".09:43
BigRedSActually, no, I'm going to do a grub and decide that, for me, the year 1 is '0' and everyone else's numbering system be dammned.09:43
BigRedSfreckle: I think I've got me down as a cynical, argumentative, sarcastic, condescending pedant somewhere09:44
freckleBigRedS: I want to it so say "I am a huge c**t" but I think the twitter police might get me09:46
* AlanBell wonders why freckle is a carrot09:47
frecklebecuase I am ginger?09:47
* BigRedS wonders about AlanBell's spelling09:49
dwatkinsI don't think twitter actually cares about bad language, scarily.09:49
dwatkins...and good morning all09:49
BigRedSperhaps here isn't the place for that discussion/argument :)09:50
gordi have never wanted a chip shop sausage, chips and chippy peas more in my life09:50
awilkinsI moderate my own language on Twitter just because I'm speaking in public where little kiddies may be 24/709:50
Myrttijust like here09:50
awilkinsBattered sausage09:50
MartijnVdSawilkins: Ah, so you tweet "FREE CANDY FROM THE BACK OF MY VAN"? :P09:50
directhexi don't moderate for the same reason09:50
gordi moderate my language because its polite and professional09:51
Myrttiheatpad ♥09:52
bigcalmMyrtti: you need a kitten to fall asleep on your shoulder09:56
awilkinsOr a large adhesive dressing to secure one to the small of your back09:58
BigRedSkittens never fall asleep, they just scheme mischief :)09:58
awilkinsFlesh coloured one for maximum "alien about to break through" effect.09:58
bigcalmI wanna kitty10:02
awilkinsI do prefer cats to dogs. The whole self-serving evil-minded hedonist thing is much more appealing than the whole drooling subservient pack animal vibe you get from dogs.10:06
popeyi love other peoples dogs10:09
popey"Awwww, isn't he lovely! Come here boy! Yeah! Good dog! Right, now get lost, I'm going home".10:09
BigRedSI've never managed to get along with any dog.10:09
bigcalmI like some dogs, but I would want one curled up on my lap10:09
popeywhereas with cats I just want to abduct everyone elses cat.10:09
popeymy brothers dogs like to curl up next to you, but in that way where they're kinda 'in your space'10:10
popeyor rather, you're in theirs10:10
bigcalmDogs have owners, cats have servents10:10
BigRedSYeah, you don't have a pet cat, you just have a cat that shares your house10:11
gordin exchange, they purr and meow. good trade.10:12
bigcalmA good purr cures all10:12
awilkinsI prefer to think of it as co-dependent. You want their snuggles. They want an opposable thumb that owns a can opener.10:12
bigcalmhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GSMCRD35ch4 # <3 <3 <310:13
JamesTaitawilkins: :D10:14
danfishthe problem with cats - they make rubbish guard 'cats'10:17
awilkinsUnless you wish to be guarded against small rodents and avians.10:18
shauno(and bathtubs)10:19
danfishquite true10:19
popeyyeah, some neighbours cats come in and eat our cats food10:19
* danfish is seriously thinking of getting a pouch to scare away the local foxes10:19
popeyours just sit and watch10:19
BigRedSmy mum's got a cat that'll jump in a running bath, faff for a while, and generally get hair all over it, then wander off10:20
bigcalmI think my parents cat goes looking for trouble10:20
BigRedStook a while to work out what was going on, used to get to the bath, fidn cat hairs in it and wonder where the hell they'd come from10:20
=== popey changed the topic of #ubuntu-uk to: Welcome to #ubuntu-uk! http://ubuntu-uk.org | This channel is publicly archived: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com | Mailing List: http://tinyurl.com/uukml | Support Guidelines - http://tinyurl.com/uuksupport | Meeting Thursday January 27th 21:00 GMT in #ubuntu-uk-meeting http://tinyurl.com/uukmeet | \o/ Cats (and maybe dogs)
danfishat this rate we'll have to change the ubuntu-uk logo to have a cat asleep on top of the -uk bit ;)10:24
* dutchie prefers dogs10:25
danfishdutchie: +110:26
dutchiealthough i have a cat as well10:26
czajkowskiNO CATS!10:30
gordMORE CATS!10:31
bigcalmI'd be happy with 210:31
czajkowskigord: that's it you're cut off my my tea supply!10:31
BigRedSzsh: command not found: dog10:31
BigRedStherefore, moar cats10:32
gordczajkowski, someone else brought me tea last week anyway, nah! :P10:32
czajkowskisee yer learning10:33
czajkowskigo to usa for a week bring TEA! now if we could just resolve the boilng water!10:33
AlanBelltoo dangerous10:33
AlanBellguns, no problem. boiling water= safety hazard10:34
Myrttiwhat command was it that I could use to check in which directory I'm in?10:35
=== Guest59048 is now known as Martinp23
Myrttibwahaha. rtmpdump ♥10:37
gordi went shooting at that same place again whilst i was there, was fun10:39
czajkowskigord: aye Mrvell poked me to get the names of it10:39
czajkowskiLaunchpad are still there this week10:39
popeyWarning: includes cats10:40
MartijnVdSpopey: disturbing10:40
popeyits very good10:40
MartijnVdSpopey: it's the stuff of nightmares10:40
MartijnVdSalso.. cat people: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toxoplasma_gondii10:40
popeyMartijnVdS: http://www.sebastianbap.com/#280140/Buildings-Vampires is more the stuff of nightmares10:42
bigcalmThat's so sad10:46
bigcalmScratch me was ace though :)10:47
gordhave i mentioned that i like my new netbook in the last few hours? because i still do10:52
gordjust y'know, fyi10:52
terranfyi imo btw ftw10:53
dogmatic69obviously not running ubuntu netbook10:54
gordi am10:54
dogmatic69and its not been chucked out the window?10:54
AlanBellgord: got unity working on it yet?10:54
gordAlanBell, 3d one won't be for quite a while, but the 2d interface should be up and running in a few weeks once a natty image is out (waiting on a metacity fix)10:55
AlanBell3d ftw10:55
screen-xgord: how much battery life are you getting?10:57
X3NAnyone know what happened to the android-notifier-desktop project? as featured http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2010/09/android-notifications-on-ubuntu/10:58
hoovermornin all10:58
gordscreen-x, not very much, but thats mostly down to ubuntu not having access to most of the power saving features (like being able to turn off/darken the backlight...)10:58
gordX3N, it still exists10:59
gorddo a quick google and you'll get it ;)10:59
X3NI can't actually get on the project site, I get a 40310:59
X3Nhttp://code.google.com/p/android-notifier-desktop/ = Your client does not have permission to get URL /p/android-notifier-desktop/ from this server.11:00
popeygord / AlanBell whats the status of natty on a desktop pc with two screens on nvidia/twinview? working?11:00
gordX3N, http://code.google.com/p/android-notifier/downloads/list11:00
gordtheir main page is screwy for some reason11:00
gordpopey, using it right now11:01
gordthe panel goes across both screens at the moment, which sucks buuuut we are gonna fix that to stay on the primary desktop i think11:01
popeymight upgrade11:01
gordpopey, the earlier you upgrade and start bugging me about issues, the earlier we can get them fixed so i don't have to listen to them for the next six months ;)11:03
davmor2morning all11:03
* popey tickles davmor2 11:04
AlanBellpopey: I have only tried it with virtualbox11:05
AlanBellwhich now does multi-monitors11:05
* gord is still surprised it works in vb11:05
* davmor2 would laugh at popey's attempt to tickle but figure that might make popey think I was ticklish 11:05
gordwe hit A2 end of next week, might be a good time for anyone that has been thinking about upgrading to upgrade11:08
HazRPGI have it working in Vbox too11:08
HazRPGdual-screens I mean11:08
gordand even though you can run in vb, would be nice if you 11.04 in real hardware, because otherwise we have no idea how well your drivers perform with it11:08
HazRPGhang on I'm confused now11:09
popeyok, will upgrade now11:09
HazRPGI use to use ubuntu 9.04 - 10.10 with dual-screens no problem (real hardware)11:09
HazRPGalso, I hate abbreviating virutalbox to vb because vb to mean is visual basic and is horrid :/11:10
gordHazRPG, 11.04 using very different technologies as i'm sure you are aware, which means we need lots of bug testers on real hardware11:11
daubersgord: Oooooh... a2. i've been waiting for the last GTK changed packages to come in to avoid a partial upgrade11:12
HazRPGgord: yeah11:12
HazRPGhmm, I use to test alpha's and beta's of previous ubuntu's... would I need to do anything specific for bug testing exactly?11:13
HazRPGcos previously I use to just send the bug when it asked if I wanted to11:13
gordjust use it :) if anything doesn't work right, file a bug11:14
ali1234gord, re dual screen. how is it going to work if i run something fullscreen on the primary display? i won't be able to access the panel at all without closing the fullscreen application? i would prefer an exact duplicate of the panel on all displays11:14
HazRPGali1234: that's not an ubuntu-based problem, think that's mainly a driver thing11:14
HazRPGI might be wrong though11:15
ali1234it's not an ubuntu based problem today... it will be as soon as 12.04 comes out...11:15
HazRPGyou could always just make a new panel for the other screen11:15
ali1234i mean 11.0411:15
ali1234not in unity you can't (not at the moment anyway)11:15
gordhow its gonna work isn't finalised yet, depends on how much time we have really11:15
gordduplicate panels are a lot more work11:16
HazRPGali1234: ah, I should really use 11.04 then huh ^^11:16
ali1234no duplicate panels = deal breaker for me11:16
* DJones debates what to install on a acer aspire 1510 (assuming the donated machine works)11:16
gordali1234, patches welcome11:16
ali1234i like to run different fullscreen apps on both monitors (not at the same time) and i need to be able to access the menu also, without leaving fullscreen11:17
gordhonestly, just don't run in real fullscreen anymore11:18
gordyou maximize, the window decorations go, the menu is in the panel, its quite nice11:18
ali1234yeah? you don't watch movies fullscreen?11:18
ali1234you don't play games fullscreen?11:18
dwatkinsI like my terminal fullscreen sometimes, nothing but text.11:19
AlanBellmaximise is the new fullscreen11:19
gordi don't play games on linux and when i play video i tend to play it on my secondary monitor11:19
gordthe primary monitor is for what i'm doing right now11:19
ali1234full screen on second monitor11:20
ali1234when i play games i play them full screen on the first monitor11:20
ali1234i need to be able to switch virtual desktop/use the other monitor at all times11:20
ali1234the easiest way to do that is to have a duplicate of everything on both panels11:20
HazRPGI agree with ali1234 on this one11:20
gordlike i said, its a time thing11:21
gordpatches welcome11:21
dwatkinsali1234: like screen -x for X-windows?11:21
HazRPGif I knew how code some of the stuff in the ubuntu source... I would11:21
ali1234sorry gord, you can waste your time reinventing the wheel if you want, i'm going to stick with gnome until you have feature parity :D11:21
HazRPGbut as it stands, my coding skills aren't that pro just yet11:21
gordiirc in twinview gnome panel just stays on one screen doesn't it?11:22
ali1234dwatkins: huuuuuuh?11:22
HazRPGguess that's the best thing about any linux distro, you don't like something just remove and install what you want ^^11:22
dwatkinsali1234: arbitrary switching of desktops for each of two monitors, like sharing terminal sessions with GNU Screen11:22
ali1234dwatkins: no thats not what i want11:22
ali1234and not even possible11:23
dwatkinsah ok11:23
ali1234actually it would be nice11:23
dwatkins11:20 < ali1234> the easiest way to do that is to have a duplicate of everything on both panels11:23
dwatkinsI thought that was what you meant by this line, ali1234.11:23
HazRPGpersonally im not sure if im going to like unity :/11:23
ali1234so i have a desktop pager on both screens, but they both change both screens11:23
AlanBellgord: so the unity panel should go on the left of your left-most screen or something?11:24
gordAlanBell, no, you can set a monitor to be a "primary" monitor, it'll sit on that panel. unless there is more time to implement a panel per monitor or ali1234 contributes a patch11:25
AlanBellhow are the keybindings and at-spi integration for orca coming along?11:26
gordslower than we would like =\ we only have one guy for accessibility (its hard to find people to do it... ) and at sucks11:28
AlanBelloh noes11:30
AlanBellanything testable for A2?11:30
* AlanBell could ask themuso, but he is busy busy busy11:30
gordyour best off asking him11:31
AlanBellI think Pendulum will be getting an update soon anyhow11:32
HazRPGnow I just have blood sugar stuck in my head >_<11:33
HazRPGeven though I know that's not what your talking about11:33
pr0ph3thi all11:33
pr0ph3tI'm running and rsync command, but would like to --exclude two directories11:34
pr0ph3tso rsync --exclude='/*/.gvfs' and Video11:34
pr0ph3twhat would be the right syntax to exclude two paths instead of just one?11:35
MyrttiI'd make an exclude file11:35
BigRedSpr0ph3t: --exclude'/*/.gvfs' --exclude 'Video'11:36
pr0ph3tI was going to rename the folder to .gvfs2 and use ?11:36
ali1234gord: twinview does not affect panels: http://al.robotfuzz.com/~al/random/panels1.jpg11:36
pr0ph3tbut that makes more sense11:36
ali1234and the use case - playing some "spreadsheets in space": http://al.robotfuzz.com/~al/random/panels2.jpg11:37
popeywhat the jeebuz11:38
popeywhy on earth is the upgrade asking me this?11:38
X3Nhave you selected multiple languages?11:39
Davieypopey, yeah.. and see what happens if you are on a tty and try to use caps lock using the, what most would assume to be, default.11:39
Daviey"Caps Lock"11:39
Davieyswitch between Afgan and USA keyboard layout.11:39
pr0ph3tpopey, you can select no toggle11:39
pr0ph3tthat's what I've done11:39
popeyi know I can, but the question is why is it asking me?11:39
pr0ph3tit asks you twice at least11:39
popeyX3N: no11:39
Davieywhich should only happen IMO if you set dpkg to -phigh.11:39
gordits happening to all maverick updates iirc11:40
Davieypopey, It's hit everyone last week... nothing you have done.11:40
popeyis there a bug filed?11:40
popeyI mean, it's wrong11:40
gordall of last week it was re-setting my keyboard configuration to USA at random points11:40
popeyI don't "need a way to toggle the keyboard..."11:40
gordi think it drove me insane11:40
pr0ph3tsame here11:41
HazRPGyour killing the rainforest!11:41
davmor2popey: there is a bug for it and it is annoying11:43
X3NHazRPG: you're killing grammar ;)11:43
davmor2I wound up removing everything that wasn't uk and USA still came back11:43
daubersgord: Has that been fixed? i'd be tempted to attempt the partial if it is!11:43
HazRPGX3N: Didn't you know, I've been killing grammar since 1987 xD11:44
gordno idea, only affected my laptop and i stop using that once i get home11:44
davmor2popey: however on an install from a more up-to-date image it has gone11:44
Davieypopey, i first saw it looking over Scott Moser's shoulder, and he reported https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/console-setup/+bug/70112511:44
lubotu3Ubuntu bug 701125 in console-setup (Ubuntu) "keyboard input on console gives unreadable chars" [Undecided,New]11:44
Davieywhich is probably now a dupe.11:44
davmor2popey: It just doesn't seem to be fixed if it was in place11:45
popeyusefully no way to file bugs?11:46
popeyah, its a binary package of console-setup?11:46
Davieyclick the source package thing11:47
Davieywhilst it logically makes sense to not be able to raise bugs against binary packages, it's certainly not obvious on that LP page how to do it!11:47
Daviey(/me waits for popey to raise a bug against LP) :P11:47
davmor2popey: I love the fact that a koala is a nature enemy of the narwhal11:54
nigelbdavmor2: oh, nice11:55
davmor2(in best southern usa car salesmans voice) yes sirrey this here tree huggin' kowla be'r is one of the most fierce some predators of this freedom loving deep diving sea mammal!11:57
popeyyay, upgrading to natty! I've got a new cpio!11:59
* popey couldn't be more excited11:59
popey!info cpio12:00
lubotu3cpio (source: cpio): GNU cpio -- a program to manage archives of files. In component main, is required. Version 2.11-4ubuntu1 (maverick), package size 128 kB, installed size 900 kB12:00
popeyIt's the most totally awesome archive manager ever!12:00
* bigcalm does just fine with tar on the CLI :)12:01
popeyi hope minecraft runs okay on natty12:01
bigcalmWhere's the postman? I want my graze box for lunch12:01
HazRPGheh wow, I've been wondering for ages where I first heard about those12:04
HazRPGmust have been on here12:04
popeyhttp://graze.com/ use code N77GCF1  to get a free one :D12:05
* popey beats bigcalm to it12:05
bigcalmOr, better yet, use 11K23D9 and get 2 boxes for free :)12:05
popeyhttp://thereifixedit.failblog.org/2011/01/19/white-trash-repairs-diy-reality made me chuckle12:08
HazRPGwait, are those like referral codes or something xD12:09
bigcalmHazRPG: yes12:10
Myrttiif I lived in UK permanently, I'd get that12:10
Myrttibut alas...12:10
bigcalmThough I don't know if my 2 box code gives me a kick back or not12:11
bigcalmMyrtti: get dsample to order them ;)12:11
gordMyrtti, you can start/stop graze nice and easily12:11
Myrttibigcalm: he'd scoff them all, and he's not been home too much himself the past six months either :-<12:12
bigcalmBoo :(12:12
gordi left future gord two custard creams even though i could of eaten them, i'm so generous12:15
HazRPGpopey: xD12:16
HazRPGbigcalm: kick back?12:17
bigcalmHazRPG: by introducing new people to graze, you can earn some money off future boxes12:22
gordon the topic of cats earlier ;) http://www.metro.co.uk/weird/852852-cat-ordered-to-do-jury-service-in-boston12:23
davmor2popey: why don't you use cpio to back up minecraft to be on the safe side :D12:28
TwinkletoesI have the resolvconf package installed, but after reboot, resolv.conf is empty (ie. only the 2 comment lines from resolv.conf).  If I manually restart networking, then the relevant lines defined in /etc/network/interfaces appear in resolv.conf.  Why doesn't it do this automatically at startup?12:28
gordy'know when the gnome progress bar doesn't know how much progress it has done so just bounces back and fourth? thats my cats current favourite game12:29
HazRPGholy cow: http://thereifixedit.failblog.org/2011/01/10/white-trash-repairs-not-a-kludge-bet-you-cant-do-that-twice/12:30
HazRPGgord: rofl xD12:31
HazRPGwow, I want one: http://thereifixedit.failblog.org/2011/01/09/white-trash-repairs-id-like-to-order-one/12:35
davmor2.me prods czajkowski 'ow am ya kiddo?12:41
* davmor2 even12:41
brobostigonafternoonings all.12:51
popeywheeee found two bugs in natty already and I haven't even logged in yet12:52
popeymake that three12:52
davmor2popey: I found 6 before I got to login the firstime and they were all dupes12:53
popeygonna be a busy day today12:53
popeygord: its telling me "you do not have the hardware requirement to run unity"12:54
popeythis is a lie12:54
gordpopey, whats your gpu/driver?12:54
popeyit then asks me to change user session12:55
popeyand when i do that it sits there12:55
popeynow I have something that looks like a bastardised version of unity and classic gnome12:55
brobostigoni should really start trying natty from sd again.12:55
popeyooh, and my keyboard layout has conveniently switched to usa12:55
popeythats just _rude_12:55
* X3N wonders how these things get through the net12:56
popey^^ gord12:56
dauberspopey: Mine does the keyboard thing12:56
dauberspopey: Annoyingly that applet will say GB when it boots up first time, but the layout will still be USA12:57
davmor2popey: wait til you find out that even when you change it it magically changes back again12:57
gordpopey, oh, you have unity there :)12:58
popeyso gdm lied12:58
popeyor unity lied12:58
popeywhere do I file the bug?12:58
Myrttisomeone lied12:58
MartijnVdSpopey: THEY lied.12:58
gordi asked the guy that did the test thing, seems that there is a timeout of 1second to the test to return which it timed out on12:58
gordpopey, lp:unity if you would be so kind :)12:59
andylockranhey guys12:59
popeyubuntu-bug lp:unity   ?12:59
* X3N grumbles and wishes we were going to be using gnome shell12:59
popeyX3N: given the look of gnome3.org I'm glad we dont!12:59
davmor2popey: no just ubuntu-bug unity13:00
andylockrananyone offer advice.. changed my screen to a 24" model, and connecting via dvi.. into nvidia gfx card.  Load it up and gdm fails to show on screen - just blank black screen.  Have to switch to alternate tty, stop gdm, and type 'startx' to get display working.13:00
andylockranany ideas?13:00
davmor2X3N: gnome shell is looking more and more like unity only not as nice13:00
X3Nwell I dissagree13:02
X3Nbut it was a grumble so I can't be arsed to go into a debate ;)13:03
popeybug 70488313:04
lubotu3Launchpad bug 704883 in unity (Ubuntu) ""You do not have the hardware requirement to run unity" is a lie" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70488313:04
gordi'm not a big fan of the visuals of gnome-shell at all =\13:04
MartijnVdSgord: "At a..."13:04
MartijnVdSyou mean ;)13:05
gordthey also wern't willing to work with ubuntu developed tech, which means we couldn't have an "ubuntu" desktop which would of sucked, it would of just been shipping gnome13:05
brobostigoni am definatlyliking the workspace manaegement in gnome-shell.13:05
gordthey have some neat ideas13:06
MartijnVdSam I the only one still using "classic" gnome then?13:06
MartijnVdSI hate the cruft unity adds on the left side13:06
gordMartijnVdS, auto-hide is your friend13:06
daubersMartijnVdS: I use that day to day, but largley because my laptop has some issues in Natty13:06
MartijnVdSgord: also, I hate global-menu13:06
daubersMartijnVdS: Also, my work machine won't be upgraded until Natty is final :)13:07
gordMartijnVdS, sudo apt-get remove appmenu-gtk is your friend13:07
MartijnVdSgord: oh that works now?13:07
gordi never used to like global-menu, but honestly i don't see the problem with it anymore, it just hilights the fact that you never actually use your menus13:08
X3NUbuntu's relationship with upstream has always been fraught, i'm not surprised there is resistance13:08
gordif you do, its normally because of some failing of the applications UI13:08
popeyX3N: there is resistence13:08
Myrttiresistance of what upstream?13:09
popeywell, indeed13:09
X3Nin reply to gord < gord> they also wern't willing...13:09
Myrttinow that makes some sense13:09
gordwhy must printer usb cables be so small and so "special" >:(13:10
davmor2gord: you do but only those 2 times when you can't quite remember the key combination13:11
davmor2re global menu13:11
* brobostigon has an emergency appointment with his doctor for 5pm.13:12
* popey farts out bug 70488713:14
lubotu3Launchpad bug 704887 in unity (Ubuntu) ""You do not have the hardware requirement to run unity" wording needs fixing" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70488713:14
gordreally bugs me that i get treated like a suspected crimninal just because i don't wan't to pay a tv licence13:18
daubersgord: They stop doing that if you explain to them calmly that the letters they send out can be quite misleading and seen as blackmail13:18
daubersgord: Also, if you ring them up and explain why you don't have one they tend to leave you alone after a while13:19
gordalas i get people knocking on my door every few months insisting that they must see my tv13:19
gordso i tell them no and to leave13:19
daubersgord: Tell them to bugger off. They have no legal right to look13:19
jpdsI had to call them twice for them to get the message.13:19
daubersgord: I called the police on the TV licence man in halls as he just barged into our flat without even knocking13:19
daubersthey tend to stop coming after that13:19
gordthey also wanted my phone number, good luck getting that13:20
popeybug 70489013:20
lubotu3Launchpad bug 704890 in gdm (Ubuntu) "GDM panel grab handle obscures shutdown icon" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70489013:20
popeygord: whats up with me having white boxes around everything, I assume this is where drop shadows should be?13:20
gordpopey, around everything? like windows?13:20
popeylike under and above the panels13:21
popeyand input boxes when you get a dropdown offering you options13:21
gordyeah sounds like shadows, some sort of compiz bug. make sure you don't have the blur plugin enabled, the blur plugin is screwy with drop shadows13:21
popeyi have no additional plugins enabled that I know of13:22
popeythe drop shadow on windows works13:22
popeyits just tooltips and the panel13:22
moreatipopey: cheers that's probably the cause of that square obscuring part of my clock13:22
gordat the very least you can turn the drop shadows off in one of the plugins13:22
gordmaybe its because tooltips are alpha transparent? not sure13:22
popeyshall i file a bug?13:23
gordi would, but i'm not sure where compiz bugs get filed13:23
gordthey have a bugzilla i think13:23
gordbut for ubuntu packages? iruno, confused13:23
gordthis is why i'm not on the desktop team ;)13:23
popeywe can't remove icons from the unity bar thing yet?13:24
gordright click -> keep in launcher - uncheck that13:24
gorddragging off doesn't work yet iirc13:24
davmor2popey, moreati: try running the ubiquitous fixit command "unity --reset" and see if everything works properly afterwards13:25
popeydavmor2: nice one, that did it13:26
popeystill dunno why i have gnome panels on my desktop13:26
* popey reboots13:26
davmor2popey, moreati: because it was there from the upgrade13:27
davmor2^ should of just been popey13:27
popeyshouldn't it be removed13:28
moreatidavmor2: no joy I'm afraid. I have gnome panels because I'm running GNOME 213:28
davmor2popey: just right click it and remove it13:30
popeyfinal wont do that will it?13:30
popeyalso, what if i logon to a classic session? will they still be there?13:30
davmor2popey: pass13:31
popeyalso, my window decorations have gone13:31
davmor2popey: if you install fresh it's not there, only on upgrades13:31
gordit should of been removed yes13:31
gordpopey, they go on maximise, if they are gone on regular windows, compiz bug13:32
gordright yeah don't remove them, because yeah you'll lose them in the classic session i think ;)13:33
popeyoooh, i get USA or Afghan keyboard layouts13:33
gordjust make sure gnome-panel isn't started in your session, gnome-session-properties i think?13:34
popeydo i lose ALT_F2 when I kill the panel?13:35
popeythis is proper alpha software13:36
popeyand we dont have a menu yet?13:36
davmor2popey: there was no alt-f2 in une 10.1013:37
popeyI didnt upgrade from UNE 10.1013:37
gordthere will be some alt-f2 replacement in final13:37
gordnot sure what yet13:38
gordyou should have menus in your top panel13:38
popeyi cant see any menus under applets13:38
popeyi have window menus13:38
gordoh thats an annoying compiz bug13:38
gordwe all have it, its extremely annoying, we are getting the compiz guy we have to fix it asap13:38
popeyits been there a fair while13:39
davmor2gord: Yay!13:39
popeyso should I jsut install gnome-do then :)13:39
gordi'v heard people say that do doesn't work well with unity, but do is basically unmaintained these days so thats not supprising13:39
popeywhat do you do when you want to start an application?13:40
gordfor a quick hack right now, you can click the ubuntu icon in the top left, it'll open up a folder with your applications13:40
gordplaces should land for A213:40
popeyunity doesnt like the window size changing does it?13:43
gordreally? works fine here o_O13:44
popeyI really dont like the glow effect on apps when you start them13:45
popeyits way too subtle13:45
gordi'm not a big fan myself, but i think the idea is that things will start up quick enough not to need them. apart from firefox ;)13:46
gordyou can set autohide in ccsm btw, highly recommended by me13:48
popeyits already on13:52
popeyuse nvidia-settings  to switch off second screen, unity crashes14:00
popeyi have no way to restart it because i have no menu, no terminal, no alt+f214:01
dutchiectrl-alt-f1, DISPLAY=:0 unity?14:01
popeyfound a terminal!14:01
popeythats a keepr!14:01
screen-xJust set up two servers with 4x1gbit bonded connection to the same switch. Iperf gives 940Mbit, which is the same as with a single connection :(14:09
directhexscreen-x, you set up bonding on the switch?14:10
screen-xdirecthex: yeah, it's a netgear switch, and calls them link aggregation groups14:11
directhexIEEE 802.1AX-200814:11
screen-xdirecthex: http://paste.ubuntu.com/555790/14:12
directhexjust throw a 10gbe card in there!14:14
davmor2popey: drop terminal in your app bar run the command you want to run close the terminal :)14:15
davmor2popey: ^ ref alt-f214:15
screen-xdirecthex: haven't got any of those :(14:15
pr0ph3tall this moving home folder is worse than doing it for real14:19
bigcalmpopey: today's box http://graze.com/b/ydkp514:36
bigcalmBest eva!14:36
directhexbest? where's the burritos?14:38
* DJones wonders if graze-carnivore do a box containing bacon/sausage/black pudding etc14:39
MartijnVdSDJones: narwhal meat?14:39
DJonesMartijnVdS: If it'll fit on a sandwich/bun, sounds like fair game to me14:40
gordi miss fruit :(14:41
Laneyeww olives14:42
diploMight have to try graze myself, wonder if i can get it delivered to work14:43
bigcalmdiplo: use 11K23D9 and get 2 boxes for free14:44
diploheheeh, saw that earlier :D14:45
diploDoes it actually work out a lot more expensive than buying it yourself do you just do it for the ease.14:46
gordYBC8CPQ get three ;)14:46
bigcalmgord: your ref offers 3 boxes?14:47
diploKeep running out of fruit at work, and having something to nibble on would be great, but not sure whether i ought to spend 3/6 quid a week on something i could do myself for cheaper14:47
gordnope, but now there are three codes14:47
bigcalmThe code I pasted will give you 2 boxes14:47
bigcalmIt was their xmas offer14:47
bigcalmIn the box just before xmas included 2 envelopes. In each was a card to give to somebody which would give them 2 boxes for free14:48
AlanBellwasabi peas are the best14:48
bigcalmSo I have 2 lots of 2 to give away14:48
diploWorth it then guys?14:49
bigcalmWoo! Those hit the spot14:49
bigcalmdiplo: I have one box a week and I look forward to each one14:49
diploSo you spend £12-13 a month on it, not to bad..14:50
diploCan't really get the depth of the boxes, quite a bit of food ?14:50
bigcalmNot a lot. But they are meant as nibbles14:51
gordi think the depth is mostly about fitting in through the post box14:51
bigcalmKeep you off the crisps and cakes14:51
gordagain, i miss fruit =\ not gonna recommend graze until fruit comes back myself14:51
Laneywhy did they stop?14:52
bigcalmThere is some fruit14:52
andylockranWe're on some Abel & Cole scheme.. they're nothing but fruit.14:53
diploI think i'll look at there site, buy some stuff and make my own stuff to bring to work.. see how i go and costs and maybe try14:53
andylockranand some random veg14:53
gordi don't get fruit at all apart from dried fruit14:53
diploLost about 3 stone, want to keep it up but hunger gets the best of me14:53
gordthey cited short supply because of winter14:53
andylockranhmm, dear dear14:54
andylockranso you had nuts instead?14:54
gordlots of nuts14:54
gordif you like nuts, you'll like graze14:54
nigelbgraze is the dry fruits to home thing?14:55
* nigelb remembers somone talk about it here14:55
diploSomeone in here mentioned software that you can use over bluetooth to use your mobile through your laptop mic etc, anyone got any thoughts on what it's called14:56
diploAll i can remember is i had to build from source14:56
andylockranno idea diplo, sounds interesting though14:57
brobostigonalmost pulseaudio in reverse.14:58
* diplo searches this PC, think it was on my lappy i formatted though14:58
diplomight have been Azelphur maybe..14:58
j0nrAny one got a good solution for offline Android SatNav?14:59
andylockranj0nr: tangoGPS?15:00
andylockrannot sure if it's on android15:00
j0nrI am going abroad this year and would like to be able to use my phone for satnav, but might not want to be relying on data roaming15:00
diploaha, a lot of googling later http://nohands.sourceforge.net15:00
andylockranbut only offline satnav I've ever used.15:00
diploFor anyone interested15:00
diploj0nr, new  vector maps lets you save them locally?15:00
diplov5 of maps15:00
diploSupposedly, just view the area you are going on the phone before going there.15:01
DJonesj0nr: Which phone do you have? My Desire HD has a built in offline satnav on Android 2.215:03
nigelbDaviey: Hey, is 1100 UTC fine for your User Days session?15:05
j0nrdiplo: which program?15:06
j0nrDJones: HTC Desire (not HD)15:06
j0nrcurrently trying out Navit (OSM data)15:06
diploGoogle maps, newest one is based on vector maps, and from what i read was that you cache offline15:07
diploGoing to be a proper way in the future but for now if you look at the area you are going to pre going there it caches it on the phone15:07
j0nrdiplo: at all zoom levels??15:08
j0nrbut I bet routing is still done on-air15:08
j0nror online15:09
diploIt's been a while since i read about it, but from what i remember they said that it would have to do occasional checks, but not same as normal so data would be a lot cheaper15:10
andylockrananyone got recommendations for business planning software?15:11
AlanBellthat can mean lots of things andylockran15:17
gordandylockran, notepad.exe15:17
davmor2andylockran: go oldschool it's call a pad and pen15:18
screen-xgoogle calendar \o/15:19
andylockrandavmor2: I'm finding old school the best method tbh15:19
=== nick_ is now known as Guest3869
TwinkletoesI have the resolvconf package installed, but after reboot, resolv.conf is empty (ie. only the 2 comment lines from resolv.conf).  If I manually restart networking, then the relevant lines defined in /etc/network/interfaces appear in resolv.conf.  Why doesn't it do this automatically at startup?15:53
brobostigonTwinkletoes: i would suggest, resolv.conf gets wiped, because you get your dns info, when your machines dhcp's, nf that overrides the info in resolv.conf.15:55
brobostigonthats my guess.15:56
Twinkletoesbrobostigon: /etc/network/interfaces, eth0 set to static, only other is loopbacl15:56
brobostigonTwinkletoes: ok, my idea doesnt count then, noidea.15:56
directhexTwinkletoes, are you adding dns entries in /etc/network/interfaces?15:57
directhexTwinkletoes, since resolvconf gets dns from dhcp?15:57
brobostigoni put mydns info into dhcp preferences file.15:57
Twinkletoesbrobostigon: directhex: I have the dns-* entries in /etc/network/interfaces15:57
brobostigoni didnt know you couldput dns server entries in there.15:59
=== Lcawte is now known as Lcawte|Away
Twinkletoesbrobostigon: The strange thing is that AFTER reboot (when resolvconf doens't have the info there), I can restart networking, and it's populated OK15:59
=== Guest90965 is now known as issyl0
TwinkletoesThere is an ifup hook (000resolvconf) in /etc/network/if-up.d, if that's anything to do with it16:06
DJonesThe dangers of texting while on the move http://goo.gl/WP0JE16:35
popeybug 70400716:40
lubotu3Bug 704007 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/704007 is private16:40
popeycomments/suggestions welcome16:40
davmor2popey: you see the private bit at the end somewhat of a give away :P16:40
popeybug 70500716:41
lubotu3Launchpad bug 705007 in unity (Ubuntu) "Unity has no method to maintain properties of launchers" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70500716:41
Laneyprivate bugs are never as interesting as you might think16:42
DJonesLaney: There's probably a bug filed by Launchpad itself against popey thats marked private "Bug xxxxxx: popey files too many bugs & overloads the system" :)16:46
davmor2DJones: there wasn't but there is now Muhahahahahahahahaha16:47
DJonesHave you ever counted up how many bugs you've filed? I wonder if there's a statistic on lanchpad that lists the "top" bug filers16:47
davmor2DJones: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/~davmor2 just replace the davmor2 with your oen nick16:49
davmor2own nick even16:50
DJonesHeh, I've filed 5 bugs & none of them are anything particularly important16:51
andylockrananyone using asterisk ?  What's the stable current version?16:51
davmor2andylockran: were in ppa's, from source, as a package in the archive and for what version of Ubuntu?16:53
andylockrandavmor2: I'm running asterisk on gentoo at the moment, but considering whether to compile from source or use a prebuild image (such as AsteriskNOW)16:57
gordawww man i'm not on the ubuntu top contributors anymore, used to be on there for lp answers :)16:59
gordam on https://edge.launchpad.net/unity/+topcontributors though -_-16:59
popeygord: known bug that when the screensaver kicks in you can still see unity with the screensaver password open?17:00
gordpopey, same bug as the menu stuff, its compiz stacking, whenever you don't see something or you see something on top of something else it shouldn't be on top with, its the same bug. our compiz guy thinks he's nailed it though from all the adulation i'm seeing :)17:02
davmor2popey: yeap again that is fixed by unity --reset I told you it's the all encompassing fixer17:02
gordno its not17:02
gordits just that if you restart unity, it might not show itself again because compiz has restarted, its one of those tricky "randomly showing" bugs17:03
davmor2gord: I know I'm assuming there is a race condition somewhere that will get fixed once someone finds it17:04
popeyexcellent chaps17:04
Azelphurdiplo, it was me17:05
Azelphurbut it was kinda buggy17:06
TheOpenSourcererI've had a *bad* day. And I've just been trying to script a copy of some files using FTP (I have no choice but to use FTP before you say use scp/rsync or whatever else). I'm looking for other ideas...17:18
TheOpenSourcerercurl - works ish but is a PITA for multiple files.17:18
TheOpenSourcererwput fails with a broken pipe.17:18
TheOpenSourcererMy favourite curlftpfs is broken so that all file copies return an Input/Output error. (Known bug).17:19
davmor2TheOpenSourcerer: does it have to be a cli setup?17:21
TheOpenSourcereryep - it's server to server.17:22
TheOpenSourcererUbuntu 10.04 on my side and something unkown on the other, but running ProFTPD17:22
TheOpenSourcererI just want to script a simple backup job.17:22
TheOpenSourcererBeen p***ing about on this nearly all day.17:23
TheOpenSourcererEvery file transfer method seems borked someway.17:23
popeyTheOpenSourcerer: gftp?17:24
TheOpenSourcererIt's a server. No X or GTK etc...17:24
popey!info gftp-text17:26
lubotu3gftp-text (source: gftp): colored FTP client using GLib. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0.19-2ubuntu1 (maverick), package size 130 kB, installed size 284 kB17:26
TheOpenSourcereris it scriptable?17:26
popeynot sure17:26
AlanBellTheOpenSourcerer: can you mount the ftp server?17:26
AlanBellwith fuse or something?17:27
TheOpenSourcererMy favourite curlftpfs is broken so that all file copies return an Input/Output error. (Known bug).17:27
TheOpenSourcererbug 12001817:27
lubotu3Launchpad bug 120018 in curlftpfs (Ubuntu) "vim can't open files under curlftpfs directory" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/12001817:27
popeyis ftp the only port open or something?17:27
TheOpenSourcererBug since 2007 :-(17:27
davmor2TheOpenSourcerer: can't you just move all the file you want moving to one folder and use the ftp *.* server2/backup or whatever?17:28
TheOpenSourcererpopey: It's a dedicated backup resource on an internal network and they are only offering FTP access17:28
TheOpenSourcererdavmor2: Nope - I need directory "depth".17:29
popeyyafc looks neat17:29
TheOpenSourcererIf *any* of the tools I tried worked properly I would be fine. BUt they are broken in some way except curl. BUt that is just defficient.17:29
popey"Yafc is yet another FTP client which features a directory cache, remote filename completion, aliases, colorized ls, recursive get/put/ls/rm, nohup mode transfers, tagging (queueing), multiple connections, proxy support, and more.It has also support for Kerberos authentication and SSH2 (sftp)"17:29
* TheOpenSourcerer googles yafc17:30
gordthe nintendo 3ds just got a release date and price in the uk and i'm already pre-ordering... not addicted. nope.17:30
popeygord: oooo when!?17:30
gordpopey, march 25th, http://www.amazon.co.uk/Nintendo-3DS-Handheld-Console-Blue/dp/B004ISLDUG/17:32
TheOpenSourcereryafc not touched since 2005 hmmm. Doesn't necessarily mean it's broken but not promising.17:32
davmor2TheOpenSourcerer: can you not create a tar.gz locally and just copy that over and then untar it on the other server?17:33
TheOpenSourcererNope - I have no shell on the "other" server17:33
AlanBellTheOpenSourcerer: I would be tempted to try to fix the bug in curlftpfs17:35
TheOpenSourcererI suspect I am going to have to loop through my files and transfer each one individually. yawn.17:35
andylockranTheOpenSourcerer: what's upp ?17:36
andylockranTheOpenSourcerer: you tried lftp ?17:37
TheOpenSourcererAlanBell: That is a nice idea but my knowledge of C is less than my knowledge of aboriginal cooking.17:37
TheOpenSourcererandylockran: I have not. Thank you I will look at it.17:37
AlanBellTheOpenSourcerer: just toss another dingo on the barbie17:37
AlanBellfuse stuff really is quite simple17:38
popeyAlanBell: fuse over ftp?17:38
TheOpenSourcererif curlftpfs worked it would be great.17:39
TheOpenSourcererYou can mount remote ftp servers17:39
TheOpenSourcerermostly it works but it generates file I/O errors on copy.17:39
davmor2TheOpenSourcerer: http://www.stratigery.com/scripting.ftp.html17:40
TheOpenSourcererSo I can't script a nice file copy and catch errors17:40
TheOpenSourcererYep - read all that davmor217:40
TheOpenSourcererI am now going to eat something. And then consider the options. Again...17:41
popeyfood \o/17:41
davmor2TheOpenSourcerer: are you copying the system from one box to another or only certain files?17:41
AlanBellthere is the elderly http://freshmeat.net/projects/fuseftp/17:41
Azelphurpopey, I signed up for giffgaff :D17:41
Azelphurlooks pretty cool17:41
Azelphurhows the coverage?17:42
popeyits O217:42
TheOpenSourcererdavmor2: A specific set of files not the whole system.17:42
TheOpenSourcererTea time.17:42
AlanBellfuseftp looks nice and simple17:42
AzelphurI see :p17:42
AlanBellwritten in perl and not too obfuscated17:43
Azelphurpopey, also finally rooted your hero :p17:43
Azelphurall that suffering on old android versions xD17:44
directhexwelcome to "new villainrom, reformat time" grind17:44
directhexhope you like reinstalling apps17:44
Azelphur2.2 should have wifi hotspot built in, that comes in handy17:44
Azelphurand you can get setCPU (From xda-developers thread for free, or pay in market) and do some overclocking17:45
popeyAzelphur: i had rooted it long ago17:46
Azelphuroh :)17:46
popeythe only thing I did yesterday was unlock it17:46
AzelphurI see17:47
popeyvillainrom 1.7.0 (android 2.2) didnt have hotspot built in17:47
popeynot that you're allowed to use that with giffgaff17:47
Azelphurpopey, heh, your not allowed to do it with 3 either but I do, and t-mobile17:47
popeythe tether option was greyed out for some reason17:47
Azelphurnone of them allow tethering they all want you to buy seperate hardware to tether, it's silly.17:48
popeywell the giffgaff one I can understand17:48
popeyas its unlimited and only a tenner17:48
directhexi tether my hero sometimes17:48
AzelphurI'd be happy with tenner 10GB tethering allowed17:49
popeythats what i have on orange :)17:49
Azelphurdoes it have calls too?17:49
directhexi want SIM-only PAYG data for my laptop17:49
Azelphurand texts17:49
popeyits 25/mo, the 10 is for 10GB/mo17:49
MartijnVdSI want something that uses the modem-manager SMS interface17:49
Azelphurso it's £25 + £10 so £35?17:50
popeyits 25 a month total, which includes 1GB, but I added 10 to make it 10GB /mo17:50
Azelphuryea way too expensive :p17:50
AzelphurI get by fine on most no tethering packages, I don't be evil with it, just the odd occasion where I'm stuck someplace without internet and want to get on IRC without using the phones keyboard17:51
davmor2TheOpenSourcerer: have a look at ftpcopy17:52
AzelphurI just used 1GB tethering on my 3 package for £10 while I'm away :p17:52
Azelphurif I ever had any problems I'd probably just make an app for android that repeatedly downloads 100mb test files from my dedi :D17:53
Azelphurpopey, there's an app on google code called android wifi tether17:55
Azelphurthat'll do it should you want it17:55
davmor2TheOpenSourcerer: better still wput the ftp put equivalent of wget17:56
popeyAzelphur: oh i have an app already, aNetShare17:57
andylockranhow come you can cd to //, but not to ///18:02
andylockranis there any significance there?18:03
brobostigonevening all.18:12
=== Lcawte|Away is now known as Lcawte
=== njpatel is now known as njpatel_
pr0ph3thi all19:57
pr0ph3tyou are a lot more informed than I am on these things, has anyone at canonical seriously thought about Ubuntu hardware?19:58
pr0ph3tI mean an ubuntu mouse yes nice, but also an ubuntu laptop, with 120% supported hardware19:59
brobostigonopen source hardware, or canonical varified HW?19:59
pr0ph3tor a desktop, or even a server19:59
pr0ph3tI guess it gets complicated there19:59
pr0ph3tdon't wanna be like apple where everything is just for it20:00
popeythere's no profit in hardware20:00
popeydell have ensured that20:00
pr0ph3task Apple20:00
popeycanonical have a hardware certification system20:00
pr0ph3tif there is no profit in hardware20:00
popeyapple are an anomoly20:00
popeyand didnt get where they are overnight20:00
pr0ph3tI think they will become the norm soon20:01
pr0ph3twell they kinda did20:01
pr0ph3tnobody had it up until a few years ago20:01
pr0ph3tit was dubbed the graphical system20:01
pr0ph3tnow it's made out of alluminium and it goes with your ipod, your iphon, your ipad20:02
pr0ph3tand you're cool because you have an apple20:02
pr0ph3tI mean so many PCs were sold purely because people wanted to appear20:02
pr0ph3tprobably most of them20:02
popeywhy dont you email Mark Shuttleworth and tell him?20:03
pr0ph3tI was just wondering whether they'd thought about it20:03
popeyask them?20:04
pr0ph3tI'll ask them thanks20:04
brobostigonwow twitter.com/mrs_sirius is following me,20:08
czajkowskibrobostigon: she rocks20:09
brobostigonczajkowski: who is she?20:09
czajkowskimy boss20:09
czajkowskiwell one of them20:09
czajkowskiplace I work20:09
brobostigonczajkowski: oh, i see.20:09
brobostigonczajkowski: i need to be creful what i say then.20:10
czajkowskithey hired me after reading my tweets for months20:10
brobostigoncool. :)20:10
* brobostigon crosses his fingers.20:11
czajkowskibrobostigon: ahh you've applied have you ?20:11
czajkowskicoming tomorrow to the open day ?20:11
davmor2czajkowski: you mean they still hired you after have you slate me and England for a month :P20:11
czajkowskidavmor2: they hired me after mark followed me on twitter, missed meeting up with him at fosdem and listened to my rants and ravings. So they at least have a sense of humour about them20:12
brobostigonczajkowski: i wont be coming to open day, my eczema is badly infected right now.20:12
popeybrobostigon: you applied at sirius?20:14
brobostigonpopey: i have, yes.20:14
popeyGood luck20:15
brobostigonthank you popey20:15
MichealHHmm, #debian-uk on OFTC has 98 people O.o :P20:16
AlanBelldebian is very much an active project20:31
AlanBelland they are having one of the other .org stands at the expo thing20:31
brobostigonas debian sid and experimental prove.20:32
AlanBelland they are releasing a version of debian pretty soon20:32
brobostigonbecoing stable from testing.20:33
MartijnVdSduring FOSDEM weekend20:33
* brobostigon sees weird square symbols.20:41
* hamitron too20:41
MartijnVdSwhich font are y'all using?20:41
* AlanBell sees a nice bit of unicode abuse20:41
hamitronbut I am forever greatful to see them20:41
brobostigonMartijnVdS: standerd debian irssi.20:41
hamitronsince it just took me 30 mins to get my computer rebooted20:42
* MartijnVdS has standard Ubuntu irssi in gnome-terminal20:42
brobostigonMartijnVdS: in gnome-terminal here aswell.20:42
* hamitron sends his messages by pidgin20:42
MartijnVdSit's this: http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/%E0%B2%A0%E0%B2%A0-look-of-disapproval20:42
MartijnVdSyou need "Kannadan" font support20:42
MartijnVdSso install fonts for Indian languages ;)20:42
hamitronbut meh is English20:43
MartijnVdShamitron: meh is but20:43
MartijnVdSಠ_ಠ = look of disapproval20:43
d_edhey all. I'm hosting a "Linux awareness" type presentation at my local university. Does anyone know of any good resources for getting any free stash to give away?20:44
MartijnVdSd_ed: don't do a free giveaway if people are just going to throw the CD away20:44
* hamitron wonders if a faulty fan could cause havoc with his 12V rail20:44
MartijnVdSd_ed: I'd ask them to bring an usb stick along, which you fill with Ubuntu on request :)20:45
d_edthat makes a lot of sense20:45
d_edit was my fallback plan, wasn't any harm in asking though20:45
sm1773rhey guys20:48
hamitronhmmm, disappearing hdd = power problem I am guessing20:49
sm1773rwhats up ?20:50
d_edhamitron: are you getting anything in "dmesg" related to it?20:50
gordhave just realized that i have no idea wha iron bru tastes like20:50
hamitronon windows xp20:50
d_edyeah, your dmesg is probably going to be blank in that case...20:50
hamitronwhen i was on linux, the drive just disappeared20:50
hamitronsame as unpluging it20:50
hamitronbut this is another hdd on another sata controller20:51
hamitronI found a semi-dead fan20:51
hamitronsee if that is causing it20:51
d_edor the semi dead fan is a sympton of a common problem..20:52
hamitroncould be20:52
d_edwell good luck...20:52
hamitronit is hard to figure it out, when it works fine for a week sometimes20:53
hamitronsuppose I could try plugging the fan back in, and monitor the voltage20:53
hamitronor maybe put a 1A fuse in20:54
hamitronor even more cool, install a dedicated fuse box20:57
hamitroncan't see many home comps having that20:57
hamitronI would deserve a mod of the week sticker :)20:57
* brobostigon gets the girls chocolate buttons.21:05
brobostigonumm, question, "lsb_release -a" says testing squeese, however am running off sid repos. what will happen when squeese becomes stable.21:10
MartijnVdSit'll still say squeeze21:10
MartijnVdSmaybe stable squeeze21:11
brobostigonMartijnVdS: and then testing with have a different codename,21:13
MartijnVdSWe will continue to use Toy Story character names for squeeze's21:13
MartijnVdSsuccessor. The next release will be called ``wheezy'' (the rubber toy21:13
MartijnVdSpenguin with a red bow tie), and will be Debian 7.0.21:13
brobostigonMartijnVdS: however i am running sid repos, so it cannever become testing nor stable. i directed moved from testing to unstable,21:13
* MichealH laughs at how quick and easy that question was to answer on askubuntu.com :P21:14
MartijnVdSbrobostigon: it'll stay "testing" probably21:14
MichealHUPVOTE :)21:14
brobostigonMartijnVdS: or sid in this case.21:14
MartijnVdSbrobostigon: yes, but they have to upload something with the "Testing' name in it, because of the automatic sid -> testing migrations21:15
brobostigonMartijnVdS: ah, makes more sense.21:15
brobostigonMartijnVdS: the entire process isnt always fullyclear yet,21:17
brobostigonyay, :)21:18
* MartijnVdS waits for the official ota21:19
brobostigonyes, i dont think it will ever happen. from cyanogenmod anyway,21:20
brobostigonMartijnVdS: stupid thing is, even if that wprked, not even a nightlie built from it,21:24
MartijnVdSoh wait21:25
MartijnVdSI mean gbread for nexus one ;)21:25
brobostigonMartijnVdS: http://mirror.teamdouche.net/?device=passion&type=nightly willbe based on gingerbread aosp 2.321:30
MartijnVdSI'm not rooting21:30
MartijnVdSand there's new news of a Google rep saying "in the coming days"21:31
* brobostigon says that with some sceptisism.21:32
MartijnVdSbrobostigon: Nexus One is the new developer phone.. they HAVE to provide an update eventually21:33
brobostigonohdear huge mistake, i amwatching hattie on bbc4, and it was setin the late sixties, and the cigerette showed had a filter, :(21:33
brobostigonMartijnVdS: or the galaxy *21:34
hamitronaren't filters better for your health?21:34
brobostigonhamitron: however they didnt in that period,21:34
hamitronah yeh21:34
hamitronat least the bbc hasn't cut that scene...21:35
brobostigonhmm, the didnt either when clarkson smoked on HIGNFY either.21:36
brobostigonor hamster, clarkson and may smoking pipes on top gear.21:38
popey21:34:22 < hamitron> aren't filters better for your health?21:48
brobostigonpopey: elaborate?21:48
popeynah :)21:48
popeyits well documented online21:48
brobostigonoh, so i am doing the right thing then.21:49
popeyi dont particularly care tbh, because I don't smoke21:49
popeyI care more about the particulates that smokers breathe out on me and my family21:49
brobostigoni have always rolled my own, and have never used filters.21:49
czajkowskirollies just look messy :S21:49
brobostigonpopey: i dont smoke around peoplei know  dont like it, and even then ask.21:50
brobostigonczajkowski: not mine.21:50
popeydoesnt have to be "around"21:50
brobostigonpopey: several walls away.21:50
popeysmokers still breathe out the particulates some time after they finish smoking21:50
czajkowskipopey: indeed21:50
brobostigonpopey: agreed, quite.21:50
popeyi.e. after they come indoors21:50
popeymy daughter has a condition which is aggravated by smoke21:50
czajkowskiAlways remember my uncle lecturing people about smoking near his kid, and he'd go off and smoke, come back and cuddle her , yuck21:51
hamitronI make my friend freeze in the cold when they visit21:51
* brobostigon remembers never to smoke around or be near popey after he has then.21:51
hamitronI do miss smoke in night clubs though21:52
popeyugh, i dont21:52
popeywhen we went to brussels and into a bar where they smoke it was horried21:52
hamitronnow the smell of sweat and urine :(21:52
brobostigoni miss my pipe in the pub with a good beer,21:52
czajkowskipopey: aye delerium is bad alright21:54
czajkowskipopey: picture it at fosdem, 1000 geeks in there21:54
popeyI'd have to be drunk before I went in21:55
popeybest part of that evening was when dave batted a beer over himself21:55
brobostigonthis is why i favoured having seperate parts of pubs for smokers and non. or seperate rooms. as i vote for giving peoplechoice, anf that situation would do. rather than how it is now.21:55
popeyi vote for no choice at all, put all the smokers in a field and shoot them21:55
czajkowskipopey: :D21:55
czajkowskino just no smoking indoors21:56
czajkowskigo outside and smoke21:56
czajkowskiand evne then not outside the place of eating/drinking21:56
brobostigonagreed czajkowski21:56
czajkowskimost annoying having to walk past them indoors and through the smoke21:56
mgdmAnnoying; someone smoking in the lift in your building before you get into it21:56
macoin the US it used to be common to ask "smoking or non?" when people came into the restaurants, but now ...well, at least all the states i visit regularly have it banned anywhere with a roof that food or drinks are served21:56
brobostigonczajkowski: how about a certaindistence away.21:56
mgdmI was wheezing enough as it is (asthma + cold)21:56
popey:( mgdm21:57
brobostigonthats i do hate,even as a smoker, mgdm21:58
dwatkinsSmoking in lifts can't be legal.22:00
mgdmI don't believe it is22:01
mgdmalso, why is my monitor flickering on and off?22:01
dwatkinsThe last company I worked at had a three-sided enclosed space for the smokers' corner, they had to take one of the perspex sides off so it wasn't breaking the law to smoke in it22:01
brobostigondwatkins: huh. ?22:02
popeythats why the ones outside pubs dont have 4 sides22:02
brobostigonbecause it cant be enlosed?22:03
czajkowskithey put in some smoking huts at the old hospital I used to work at22:03
popeycos then it's technically inside22:03
czajkowskithe huts cost 5 K each22:03
czajkowskiand there was 5 dotted around the place22:03
popeymake the smokers pay!22:03
czajkowskireally annoying wasteful money22:03
czajkowskino smoking should be tolerated on hospital grounds22:03
brobostigonpopey: we do pay,22:03
popeyno, directly22:03
czajkowskipopey: +122:04
popeyour local hospital has completely banned it22:04
popeyyou have to leave the site to smoke, which is quite a walk22:04
brobostigonczajkowski: execpt in mental facilities/departments.22:04
czajkowskibrobostigon: yeah I dont agree with that at all22:04
sm1773rhey guys22:04
popeyhi sm1773r22:05
czajkowskism1773r: aloha22:05
sm1773rwhats all the talk bout smoking in hospitals bout ?22:05
brobostigonczajkowski: ok, imagine the situation, you have mental illness, of any kind, and you dont know the difference of having any control. and then have to go outsidethat control. that isnt good enough, beause thenthat is putting that person in danger,22:06
ali1234what brobostigon is saying is actually a big problem for mental departments22:07
czajkowskibrobostigon: the workers there are no different from anywhere else, why should they have to inhale the smoke22:07
ali1234the patients are always absconding for a smoke and getting hit by cars and such22:07
brobostigonczajkowski: i hve been there, i know the feeling, and i know the reasong why they allow it, here in banbury,22:07
brobostigonczajkowski: they dont, they send everyone outside, wherethey canstill monitor them.22:08
sm1773rso smoking doesnt kill people trying to sneak out for a smoke does ?22:08
czajkowskiit's the exhaling afterwards..22:08
brobostigonali1234: you can maybe explain it better, you seem to have a grasp.22:08
ali1234the situation i am talking about is where they totally ban it on the grounds (which the patients of course are not allowed to leave)22:09
brobostigonor for axample ina day hospital.22:10
popeyI can see why they make exceptions.22:10
hamitronsomeone smoking down the street annoys me most ;)22:11
brobostigonbecause ihave beem inthe day hospital here inbanbury because of my depression, thats when it was really bad, over 5 years ago. and not allowing me to have a smoke, would have sent me mad,22:12
brobostigonso the best possibility, was to send us, outside.22:12
brobostigonto be blunt.22:13
brobostigonwithin good reason for both parties.22:13
popeyor assist you to give up22:13
hamitronor provide a smoking room ;)22:13
popeyblimey, 4 years ago22:13
popeywell, 3 and a bit22:14
popey(my local hospital)22:14
brobostigonpopey: i dont think thats a producttive idea, for people with severe depression nor muchworse mental illness.22:14
brobostigonpopey: assistence,yes. force, no.22:14
popeyi didnt say force22:14
czajkowskimy dad used to smoke up to 60 a day22:15
hamitronhe didn't either :|22:15
brobostigonpopey: i misinterpreted what you said.22:15
czajkowskiis now down to 322:15
czajkowskihopefully he;ll give up totally soon22:15
popeyhamitron: yes, he did22:15
ali1234yes, the NHS tried to ban it on all hospital grounds a couple of years ago including outside22:15
brobostigonali1234: yep.22:15
popeyis it up to the individual trusts then?22:15
hamitronthe NHS is run by mini hitlers ;)22:16
brobostigonpopey: yes.22:16
popeyanti-depressant and smoking supressant in one :)22:16
ali1234they ended up having to make exceptions all over the place though, partly for the reasons discussed above22:16
ali1234and also cos the staff hated it just as much as the patients22:17
popeyyeah, i can imagine the staff having a fit22:17
popeythey'd all go offsite for "a quick smoke" and whilst there figure they may as well have two22:17
popeywhich leads to a 30 min break22:17
brobostigonali1234: as some of the staff, atleast here in banbury, smoke aswell.22:17
* hamitron wouldn't give smoke breaks22:18
* brobostigon would.22:18
hamitronsmokers skiving on the strength of a fag, annoys me ;)22:18
czajkowskismoke breaks at work annoy me, so if you smoke you get more breaks22:19
czajkowskihamitron: indeed22:19
czajkowskipisses non smokers off no end22:19
popeymany of my co-workers go outside to smoke, two floors down22:19
popeysometimes they're quick22:19
popeyif they go in a group they generally arent22:19
brobostigonczajkowski: i insist on haveing the same breaks as everyone else, to prove i can deal with it,22:19
hamitronsmokers get a fag break, and what would I be told if I wanted a cake break?....22:19
popeymmmm cake22:20
czajkowskinobody smokes at current place actually22:20
macocake break sounds like a good idea22:20
AlanBellI used to go for a fresh air break when the smokers went for a not very fresh air break22:20
brobostigonmaco: agreeed, :)22:20
popeyi often take sweets in for workers22:20
popeychoccy bars22:20
brobostigonpopey: cool. :)22:20
hamitronI have caught a cold because of the smoking ban :(22:21
hamitronand I don't even smoke22:21
* hamitron curses22:21
hamitronno cake with cough22:21
* brobostigon gets some of his chewing tobacco.22:22
brobostigonno fumes.22:22
hamitronI am actually considering starting smoking, just because I am told not to :/22:22
hamitronnever smoked in my life22:23
brobostigonhamitron: dont, please done, it is the worst possible decision. it rules your mind .22:23
hamitronbut when I have to stand outside for long periods because everyone else smokes...22:23
brobostigonplease  dont*22:23
czajkowskioh if I am hammered drunk I smoke22:23
mgdmso 40 a day, then?22:24
* mgdm runs22:24
hamitronI'll smoke a pipe to get my own back on the smokers, as I hate the smell of smoke :)22:24
popeyi think it could be a bacon sort of a breakfast tomorrow22:24
popeyczajkowski: no, no syrup22:24
sm1773rdont smoke , if i dont have any for a while i become very grumpy until i get 1 it destroys u man22:24
brobostigonczajkowski: what onearth does the nicotine do to you?22:24
hamitronthe smelliest I can find22:24
czajkowskipopey: sooo wrong!22:25
czajkowskibrobostigon: give me awoeful hangover the next day22:25
czajkowskipopey: yer very odd at times,!22:25
brobostigonczajkowski: no doubt,22:25
brobostigonczajkowski: :(22:26
hamitronbah, need coffee22:26
sm1773rno milk in mines bud22:27
brobostigoninteresting gossip.22:31
sm1773rlol read this , it is so stupid http://www.cbc.ca/world/story/2011/01/13/cat-jury-duty.html22:34
sm1773rcan just picture it , guy is up for murder and the full jury is a bunch of cats22:36
gord... *glares*22:38
* czajkowski offers gord a cuppa tea 22:40
czajkowskiless glaring it's not good for you gord22:40
gordtoes are cold but my cats winter coat is shedding, winter is confusing22:46
czajkowskigord: can you not just plonk your cat at your feet22:46
* brobostigon grumbles at nhs mental health getting less money.22:47
hamitronpoor cat :/22:47
gordnope, i prefer non scratched up feet ;)22:51
diplo-evenin all23:03
brobostigonevening diplo-23:05
brobostigonnos da, sleepwell.23:06
ali1234anyone know if there is a channel on freenode for completely random computer science questions? (ie not related to a particular software or programming language)23:20
popeyheh, i just randomly joined #compsci23:21
popeyone dude in there23:21
popeywould usenet be "better"?23:21
ali1234there is a few channels on that variation but they all seem dead23:22
ali1234ah good idea23:28
ali1234i was going to try wikipedia reference desk too23:28
ali1234my question, in case anyone knows: http://codepad.org/P8v889KY23:28
gordali1234, point sampling and averaged down sampling23:36
gordali1234, although they are generally done in more intelligent ways than doubling/halving23:36
ali1234it's not doubling/halving.... it's scaling up then scaling down so that you never deal with half pixels23:37
ali1234but yeah... it's just linear interpolation right?23:37
gordali1234, no, if you scale it up and then down you just end up with the original image23:39
ali1234eg to go from 3x3 to 10x10 it would go up to 15x15, then average over 3x3 blocks23:39
gordlinear interpolation is quite different23:39
HazRPGI can't believe I'm just waking up again... I can't seem to  get out of this cycle lol23:40
ali1234i didn't say you scale up and down by the same amount... but the point is you always scale up or down by a whole number23:40
gordali1234, at best, you just get a blocky point sampled image the size of the second one23:40
ali1234example was wrong: eg to go from 3x3 to 5x5 it would go up to 15x15, then average over 3x3 blocks23:42
hamitronwouldn't that make it foggy?23:43
ali1234so the pixel at output(0,1) has 6 samples from input(0,0) and 3 samples from input(0,1), then we average23:44
ali1234which is the same as linear filtering23:44
ali1234hamitron: yes, scaling up always makes images foggy23:44
gordits not mathamatically the same as linear filtering by a long shot23:45
gordyou get big blocks with fuzzy edges23:45
ali1234you get that in linear filtering too23:45
gordno, you don't23:45
ali1234linear filtering != bilinear filtering23:45
gordbilinear filtering is just a 2d version of linear filtering... hence the bi, next we have trilinear filtering23:47
ali1234that's not true23:47
ali1234wait, it is true23:47
ali1234even so, i still think this is the same23:48
gordits not23:48
ali1234bilinear filtering *does* produce horrible fuzzy yet blocky textures, after all23:48
gordno it doesn't23:48
gordit produces diamond textures23:48
gordyou would litterally get blocks with fuzzy edges23:49
hamitronbut looking at ali1234's problem... is there any reason you have to use that formula?23:49
gordlinear interpolates between points, so you get those steep gradients between what used to be pixels, your system samples at irregular intervals over those pixels so you just get something that looks weird and is occasionally fuzzy23:50
gordnow, milkshake time23:51
hamitronavoids float computation I suppose23:51
ali1234hamitron: exactly23:51
ali1234ok, i'm going to have to do the math on this one23:52
HazRPGpopey: I've decided to get myself some graze23:52
gordHazRPG, want a code?23:53
HazRPGhmm, sure?23:53
gordwell you can't have one because i can't remember my own login details23:53
gordyou can get one from popey ;)23:54
HazRPGpopey: *pokes popey*23:54
gordmaybe not at midnight ;)23:55
ali1234hamitron: it avoid annoying edge clamping problems too23:55
HazRPGI'll search for the word graze, cos he gave me a code earlier I think23:55
hamitronali1234: will increase memory use23:56
ali1234oh for sure23:56
ali1234but if you have lots of tiny images all the same size...23:57
hamitronjust a single buffer then23:57
gordany graphics system that can't do floating point opperations historically, has only done point filtering23:57
HazRPGgord: I don't know what to get xD23:57
HazRPGgord: thinking wellbeingBox maybe?23:57
gordno idea23:58
HazRPGis it just random, or can you actually pick n choose ?23:58
gordyou can say "i favour this" and "i don't like this" to sway the graze gods23:59

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