iheartubuntuThanks for the scale info yesterday erichammond03:08
sn9DarkwingDuck: no news?03:38
DarkwingDuckNone as of yet.03:44
DarkwingDuckYeah I know.03:45
jamiemorning everyone17:04
MarkDudeGood morning California, how are you?17:11
jtatumgood morning, usa17:13
jdeslipCalifornia is cold17:18
jamieits kind of warm here in sonoma17:22
akkIt's less cold in San Jose than in past weeks.17:25
seidosi've been doing yoga to stay warm17:28
seidosi saw stephen hawking speak at caltech last night, and while i waited in line i did some poses.  it helped.17:29
akkHow was he?17:30
akkI saw Alan Stern last night (talking about the New Horizons mission to Pluto, and making snarky remarks about Michael "Plutokiller" Brown who's speaking tonight)17:31
seidosamusing, really.17:31
seidoshe talks about his "Black Hole entropy equation" a bit17:31
seidoswhich was interesting17:31
seidosit wasn't really a technical talk though, just a "brief history of his life"17:31
MarkDudeSounds cool17:31
seidossome caltech students asked questions later.  one of the questions was on time travel, which was kind of interesting.17:32
yantrashilpiMarkDude: Where is jono fielding questions? Which channel I mean, do you know?19:25
MarkDudeHis channel19:25
yantrashilpithat would be? sorry I'm new here :)19:26
* pleia2 doesn't know either19:27
MarkDudeThe link I shared is not live?19:27
pleia2ah, the chat box in ustream?19:27
yantrashilpiah ok19:28
MarkDudeThe video just appears, followed by an ad19:29
yantrashilpiyes... I was wondering if he was on irc.19:29
MarkDudeIts all evil proprietary software tho19:29
MarkDudeif you log in, via FB or open id - there is a chat channel19:30
yantrashilpiyea I know that.19:30
MarkDude the right of the video19:30
yantrashilpiI'm trying not to use that... :)19:30
* MarkDude has ALL of that crap integrated19:30
MarkDudeunderstand WHY others may not feel the same ;)19:31
yantrashilpiin that case can somebody ask him for a wayland update... if he hasn't answered that already.19:36
nhainesYay, I get to take February 25th off so I get to see SCaLE on Friday!  \o/23:58

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