bcurtiswx_hey maco, when r u moving?21:53
macobcurtiswx_: saturay21:53
bcurtiswx_is that like couple hours before saturday? :P21:54
bcurtiswx_where r u working at?21:54
bcurtiswx_i.e. Tamarah (my Fiancee) works at the NOAA building across the street :P21:55
macoin columbia21:55
bcurtiswx_maco, wow wind powered.  thats gotta be expensice rent!22:00
macoonly $20 more than the place crimsun & i shared in dc22:00
bcurtiswx_you sharing it with anyone this time around?22:00
macobut bigger, and with a pool22:00
bcurtiswx_im moving to falls church myself, with Tamarah22:01
bcurtiswx_1099/mon rent.. not bad22:01
macoi finally get to have the living room NOT double as a bedroom (except in case of guests), not screwing that up!22:01
macowow thats really good22:01
bcurtiswx_if i decide yes, would I be able to bring Tamarah22:02
macoi never used punchbowl before, but i tried to set it to say "and a guest"...did it not do that?22:02
macomaybe its when you rsvp it asks about guests?22:03
bcurtiswx_how many people u expecting?22:03
macoi invited 2822:03
bcurtiswx_wow, and we'll fit?22:03
macohave had 1 no and 4 yes so far22:04
maconot all sitting at once...unless some are on the floor...22:04
macoonly enough seats for like 10 people to sit at a time22:05
macoim guessing about 20 will say yes... figure 2/3 is a good rule of thumb for invitations to things...22:06
bcurtiswx_you should re-invite to TOI :P22:07
macobut the point of a housewarming is seeing the new place silly :P22:09
bcurtiswx_i know, have TOi cater..22:09
bcurtiswx_heres where you tell me you're not made of $$ :P22:09

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