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directionalpadOh my.03:53
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reya276Morning Everyone13:49
mhall119morning reya276 13:49
reya276just the fellow I was looking for, here something you might enjoy but way I'll PM you so that folks in here don't get all nuts about it13:50
maxolasersquadI can't imagine anything worse than the Florida Loco going nuts.13:51
reya276The reason why is because it has to do with politics and the last thing I want is to start some kind of argument so early in the morning13:52
reya276so is not proper, mhall119 and I had some discussions about this before13:52
mhall119heh, yeah, we wouldn't want to make the LoCo go nuts13:53
mhall119Florida is nuts enough already13:53
reya276yeap we sure are...13:54
mhall119alright, I'm done with my cheerios and coffee, time to head to work13:55
reya276what?...Dude your not at work yet13:56
reya276whoa you guys are a super dedicated bunch for sure13:57
* greiser built his first deb package last night....15:23
* maxolasersquad congrats greiser15:24
greiseri'm now an official contributor15:24
greiseri just packaged up sqlbuddy, a nice web based mysql admin tool15:25
greiserbuilding deb files is a pain...15:29
greisersooooo many steps and setups to do...15:29
greisertook me like 4 hours (granted i'm a n00b)....15:30
maxolasersquadYes, but those four hourse meens it will only take everyone else a few seconds.15:36
mhall119greiser: it gets easier, especially if you start using bzr for your package branches15:43
mhall119trust me, I went through the same phase you're going through now, it seems like an overly complex process, but there are tools and "best practices" that make it much much simpler15:43
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greiserhow would using bzr make it easier?16:02
greiseryou still have to write postinst and postrm scripts....16:02
greiserand i'm not that fluent in bash16:02
greiseri ended up looking at other debs to see how they did it....16:03
greiseri recently built mono-2.8.2 from source since I couldn't find anything later than mono-2.6 in the repos...16:05
greiserwas thinking of trying my hand at packaging that too....16:05
greiserbut it was fun, in a masocistic kinda way....16:06
greiserand I definately felt like I did something good...16:06
greisereven if it was for a simple web based package16:07
greiseri need a bash bible16:10
maxolasersquadgreiser: You have one.  http://www.google.com/search?q=google+bash+guide16:16
maxolasersquadArgh: http://www.google.com/search?q=bash+guide16:17
greisercall me old fashoned but I still like books....16:18
itnet7greiser: you probably could have found a newer version in a PPA16:20
* maxolasersquad call greiser old fashioned. :)16:22
reya276Hey does anyone know where I can get ICC color profiles for my Samsung SyncMaster 2343, look on the web but no such luck16:23
itnet7Personal Packaging Archive's are where a lot of developers package up newer versions packages found repo, but use them with caution16:23
MichelleQgreiser: I'm old fashioned too.16:24
itnet7versions of packages that are not the latest in the repos (I meant) sorry :-P16:24
itnet7Hey there MichelleQ !16:24
MichelleQitnet7: hi there!16:28
itnet7Hope things are going well for ya!16:28
MichelleQthey're going.  How are you?16:30
mhall119greiser: https://launchpad.net/bzr-builddeb16:34
mhall119you basically just make a bzr branch that contains your package's ./debian directory16:35
mhall119then all you need is to package your app's source in a .tar.gz file, and run "bzr builddeb"16:35
mhall119it makes maintaining your deb much easier16:36
greiseritnet7: but no one has a PPA of mono 2.8.2....16:39
greisermhall119: I'll have to look into that.... I'm more a git guy though....16:39
mhall119greiser: well you won't be doing much more than pull/commit/update, so the differences between the two aren't going to matter much16:40
mhall119later, you can create a 'build recipe' on launchpad using your bzr package branch, and it'll automatically build new versions of your deb everytime a new version of sqlbuddy is released16:40
greiserunless there's conflicts16:41
itnet7hey there dantalizing !16:41
greiserbah:  https://launchpad.net/git-buildpackage16:42
greiseri didn't even know this existed16:42
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greiserwill be helpful once I start making packages for natty16:43
mhall119greiser: what do you mean conflicts?16:44
greiserif I unpack a release into my bzr branch... or I change something to make it work under ubuntu...16:45
mhall119greiser: your 'package branch' only contains what's in ./debian, not the source of the application16:45
mhall119it can, however, contain patches to the source of the application16:45
greiserso the bzr only has one branch, the debian dir.....16:46
mhall119bzr builddeb will go find the latest version of the app's source from the internet, download it, unpackage it, apply any patches you have specified, then build a new deb from that16:46
greiserwell hot damn....16:46
mhall119greiser: well, bzr only works on one branch at a time, typically16:46
mhall119so, yes16:46
mhall119I may have some bookmarked, let me see what I can find16:47
mhall119mostly I learned this from reading the debian documentation16:47
mhall119and making my own packages over time16:48
mhall119in ./debian/watch you specify a regex URL for finding the original source16:49
mhall119that says to use 'uscan' to get the latest, but calling 'bzr builddeb' will do that for you16:50
mianosm211:50, starting 11.04x64 server install.16:51
greiserdoes it work on zip files?16:53
mhall119hmmm, that I don't know, I've only ever used .tar.gz16:54
mhall119http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/maint-guide/index.en.html is a good reference16:54
mhall119also http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/maint-guide/ch-modify.en.html for making patches to the original source16:57
greiseryeah i know about patches16:58
greiseri had to do that to automatically add apache.conf under /etc/sqlbuddy/apache.conf and in my postinst create a syslink to it under /etc/apache2/conf.d/sqlbuddy.conf16:59
greiserit didn't have any hosting information included, just the php sources etc....16:59
greiseri think with some more practice i'll get the hang of it all... and hopefully help package some really useful applications17:01
mhall119yeah, practice seems to be the only real way to learn it17:01
mianosm2Not bad 10 minutes, full install complete, definitely not minimal as advertised. :(17:01
mhall119what's not minimal about it?17:02
mianosm2all the python packages, all the perl packages, apparmor, ufw, tasksel, wireless (on a server?)....nano...etc...etc.17:05
mhall119well, yeah, lots of admin tools use perl or python17:06
mhall119tasksel is the easy way to get your services installed17:06
mianosm2Pressing F4 and choosing minimal should leave you with aptitude, or apt-get and wget.17:06
mhall119okay, so you didn't want ubuntu server, you wanted ubuntu core17:07
mianosm2tasksel is a neat tool, that I personally have _never_ used, as a systems administrator, I'd rather apt-get the most up to date in the repos17:07
mhall119or debootstrap17:07
mianosm2is there ubuntu core?17:07
mhall119i think all tasksel does is apt-get groups of packages from the repos17:07
mianosm2what if you install w/o a net connection? (waiting for static addresses).17:08
mianosm2at the UDS there was supposed to be a meeting about a pure _minimal_ install with the bare amount of packages from the get go (just enough to get you going, and add as you see fit).17:08
mhall119there is for livecds, I don't know about servers17:09
maxolasersquadI wish nautilus was better at managing memory.  I can't imagine why it needed to use a quarter gig of ram.  Especially when I had no nautilus browser windows open.17:10
greisera core distro would be awesome17:11
mhall119nautilus also manages your desktop17:11
maxolasersquadUnderstood, but it still doesn't explain 250M ram usage.17:11
maxolasersquadA simple nautilus -q bring it down to 20M.17:12
mhall119yeah, mine is sitting at 49MB17:12
mhall119not sure what you had that made it 250M17:12
mhall119maybe thumbnailing a large file?17:12
maxolasersquadIt does that to me sometimes.  I don't know either.17:12
maxolasersquadIt definitely shoots up when I browse a certain folder where we store all of images for the webserver.17:13
maxolasersquadAnd it never seems to release them.17:13
maxolasersquadBut it does it at other times to from just normal usage.17:13
mhall119sounds like it's cached thumbnails or something17:13
maxolasersquadActually, I could care less how much ram it uses, as long as it is intelligent and releases some of that ram when paging is about to start.17:14
mhall119maxolasersquad: looks like you can debootstrap and apt-get install ubuntu-minimal17:14
mhall119that won't exactly give you a 'server' setup17:14
mhall119but it will be minimal17:14
maxolasersquadmianosm2: ^^17:15
mhall119right, mianosm2 17:15
mhall119too many m* nicks around here17:15
* MichelleQ backs out quietly17:16
mianosm2afk, brb17:17
dantalizingdid they decide to do openssh-server by default after all on ubuntu server?17:19
dantalizingi know kirkland had proposed it, but i've been out of band for so long i dont remember what the resolution was17:20
mhall119I'm not sure, I havent' done a server install since like 8.1017:26
reya276dantalizing, hey man17:30
reya276dantalizing, how have you been?17:30
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zoopsterdantalizing: it won't be a default, but will be the top listing in tasksel17:35
dantalizinghey reya276 sry been in a conversation17:36
dantalizingbeen good17:36
dantalizingah cool zoopster ..thx for hte update17:36
maxolasersquadIs there any way to move a window from one monitor to the other using only the keyboard?18:25
dantalizingmaxolasersquad: alt-space ....18:26
maxolasersquadI want to switch the monitor it is displayed on, in a multi-monitor environment, not the workspace.18:27
dantalizingah sry18:27
maxolasersquadIs good.18:27
maxolasersquadctrl+alt+shift+arrow is the best way IMO to switch the applications workspace.18:28
zoopstermaxolasersquad: you are using twinview?18:48
maxolasersquadzoopster: I don't know.  I don't have a check in "Same image in all monitors" in Monitor Preferences.18:50
mhall119maxolasersquad: Alt+F7, then use your arrow keys18:59
mhall119press enter when you're done18:59
dantalizingany way to force an app to run only on one screen when you're doing multiple screens?19:00
maxolasersquadmhall119: Alt+F10 (unmaximize) Alt+F7 (move window) Alt+F10 (Maximize again)19:00
maxolasersquadUnfortunately less efficient than just picking up my mouse.19:00
dantalizingie redefine "fullscreen" on a per-app basis19:00
dantalizingi want my games to run only on one, but keep another screen up for other stuff19:01
maxolasersquaddantalizing: I wish there was some sort of command-line option that X would recognize, so that the shortcuts in the Applications menu could be custom defined where to open app.19:07
maxolasersquadOr so that in startup applications I could defined a workspace and screen to auto-load applications on login.19:08
maxolasersquadI don't think anything like that is possible though.19:08
dantalizingi think devils-pie will do some of that19:08
dantalizingat least after the initial load, iirc, it will automate moving stuff19:08
dantalizingactually i need to google how to programmatically switch between a single screen (turn off monitor 2) and dual screen on the fly .... if I cant have my games on one screen while the other is up, at least I could have my shortcut dynamically turn off the 2nd monitor19:12
mhall119devils-pie will do it for metacity, compiz has a plugin for doing it too19:14
dantalizinganyone in here a ruby hacker?19:16
greiseranyone know where I can find cheap server hardware?21:12
directionalpadCraigslist rather.21:13
greiseri've looked... all they have are these really old machines...21:14
mhall119greiser: wha do you need?21:14
greiserI need at least a quad-core server (stand alone) in micro-atx or mini format....  I'm currently using an old Shuttle PC as my home server but it's a single core machine and makes a hell of a lot of noise21:15
greiseri need something to build src on and stuff21:15
greiserautomated build server i guess21:15
* MichelleQ considers inventory in shop21:15
mhall119ah, you don't want server hardware then21:15
greiseri'm open to rack mounts21:15
mhall119server hardware is going to be big and noisy and power-hungry21:15
greiserjust don't have a rack21:15
maxolasersquadgreiser: How do you define "cheap"?21:15
greisersub $30021:16
greiserI have hard drives and stuff21:16
mhall119greiser: are you open to multi-CPU instead of multi-core?21:16
mhall119send me an email, mhall119 at gmail, with an idea of what you'll need and I'll see what I have available21:16
mhall119also, where in the state are you?21:17
MichelleQeh, not a big deal to get it over to him21:17
mhall119ok, a reasonable driving distance from Lakeland21:17
greiserspecifically, casselberry21:17
greiserupper northeast side of orlando21:17
mhall119oh well in that case...21:17
greiseri'll drive..21:18
directionalpadIts not a bad drive to Mhalls place21:18
mhall119who is directionalpad ?21:18
directionalpadMaybe an hour, hour and a half21:18
* MichelleQ was wondering the same thing21:18
greisernot if I drive21:18
directionalpadmhall119: roadmap =\21:18
mhall119oh hey21:18
greiserI could get there in 4021:18
mhall119it's roadmap!21:18
directionalpadChunkxzor has been bugging me to come back in here21:18
mhall119bout time21:18
directionalpadFor quite some time21:18
dantalizingnice directionalpad 21:19
directionalpadNow he's gone since all his machines are borked21:19
dantalizingwelcome back21:19
MichelleQlook!!  it's roadmap!!21:19
* MichelleQ sees what you did there with the nic.21:19
directionalpadIve been busy21:19
directionalpadvery busy21:19
directionalpadThis place has grown since I've been gone21:20
mhall119directionalpad: well without you scaring everybody away...21:20
directionalpadmhall119: Sshh. Thats our secret.21:20
directionalpadWell. Was.21:20
greiserok mhall119 i sent you an email21:21
mhall119cool, I'll let you know what I fid21:21
mhall119aw: http://systemoverlord.com/2011/01/19/is-25-old/21:24
mhall119as if looking at 30 wasn't bad enough21:24
greiserit's when they started.... not when they became notable...21:26
greiseras with anything.... most computer revolutions came right out of (or in) universities and colleges21:26
mhall119right, which means my future notability depends on what I've already done21:26
directionalpadmhall119: Unless you strike oil in your back yard. Then it depends on how much is under your house.21:27
mhall119so this perpetual motion machine I just finished is totally useless21:27
mhall119directionalpad: being in Florida, all any of us has under our houses is sand and water21:27
MichelleQbut it's nifty21:27
directionalpadmhall119: Hm. With that gulf oil spill maybe some oil has floated underneath us21:28
mhall119heh, true21:28
mhall119but only the thick tar parts that they just throw on the roads21:28
directionalpadMoney is money =)21:28
mhall119true enough21:29
greiserit's ok....  I have Glo as my notable contribution to the world....21:29
greisermy charity work is complete....21:29
directionalpadMy notable contributions come from all the charity work I do21:29
mhall119oh, interesting21:30
greiserI wrote that last year... I'm responsible for the Architecture, graphics pipeline, procedural rendering techniques, and NUI21:30
mhall119did you make that yourself, or part of the company?21:30
greiserpart of a company21:30
directionalpadI secured private investors for an upcomming project21:30
MichelleQgreiser: interesting!21:31
greiseri also wrote these guys tech before doing glo...  www.monstermedia.net21:31
greisermotion detection algorithms and NUI stuff21:32
greiseri'm big on programming algorithms and imaging stuff21:32
greisergame engines and the like21:33
directionalpadYeah nobody gives me work21:33
directionalpadI gave up on that21:33
directionalpadSome days I regret becoming a programmer21:33
directionalpadbut thats another story all togethe r=)21:33
maxolasersquadHmmm, I feel like I'm just getting started in doing awesome things, and I'm set to turn 31 in a month.21:34
maxolasersquadAwesome things with technology that is.21:35
greiseri get a kick out of turing math problems and theory into usable code....21:53
greiserit satifys my inner nerd.....21:53
dantalizingi wrote hello world in snobol421:53
directionalpadI write custom implementations for charities to allow them to take a number of payment methods directly through their website21:54
directionalpadYay me.21:54
directionalpad=\ i do nothing interesting21:54

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