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=== McRib is now known as Gulfstream
MinSysanyone watching jono@home?19:33
ColinHarringtonwhats that?19:33
MinSysjono is the ubuntu community manager19:34
ColinHarringtonWhats the ustream deal about?19:35
MinSyshe does a weekly webcast to answer any questions about ubuntu19:35
MinSysusually quite interesting19:35
ColinHarringtonThanks for the link, looks interesting19:36
MinSysyour welcome19:37
ColinHarringtonHey if you're on this next week send another ping19:58
ColinHarringtonCool stuff19:58
TakyojiHeh, didn't know "hotdish" is a term more native to the Minnesota area than other areas. xP23:36
tonyyarussoOther fools call it a "casserole".  Sillies.23:39
Gulfstreamhotdish is good... :D23:39

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