Unit193Is there some way to basically have cat monitor a file then show when more has been appended?00:35
Unit193(or nano, less, more, etc)00:36
canthus13just tail00:47
canthus13man tail00:47
canthus13tail -f, I think.00:49
Unit193That did it! yep tail -f00:49
Unit193Now if only I can get it to notify screen...00:51
canthus13Might be able to pipe it to notifications.. Not sure how it would notify within screen.  I'd just keep it running in a separate screen window.00:53
Unit193I'm running it in a screen window, I'm just looking for the "Bell in window 6"00:54
canthus13Unit193: check 10.6  http://sunsite.ualberta.ca/Documentation/Gnu/screen-3.9.4/html_chapter/screen_10.html01:41
dmcgloneHiya everyone01:46
dmcgloneworking hard?01:47
* Cheri703 is working no longer :D01:48
dmcgloneouch did I ask the wrong question?01:48
Cheri703I turned in the truck today01:49
dmcglonesounds like you are happy with your decision01:49
Cheri703yep, I'm good with it01:49
dmcglonethats good01:49
Unit193late hello dmcglone?01:51
dmcgloneHello Unit19301:51
dmcgloneI'm watching the game and hangin out :-)01:52
Unit193"the game"?01:52
dmcglonebluejackets :-)01:53
paultagUnit193: fuckkkkkkkkkk01:53
Unit193paultag: what did I do??01:54
paultag01:52 < Unit193> "the game"?01:54
paultagcanthus13: ^01:54
paultagjacob: ^01:55
dmcglonewe were talking about the bluejackets game01:55
* canthus13 pokespain teh eye.02:12
* canthus13 pokes paultag in teh eye.02:13
paultagfuck yea.02:13
dmcgloneI'm out. Gonna lay down and relax :-)02:22
BiosElement^Two really important articles for anyone who actually cares about internet freedom02:31
=== Unit1931 is now known as Unit193P
canthus13BiosElement: The Comcast/NBC merger that was approved today is way bigger than either of those.02:42
BiosElementcanthus13: Eh not from what I've seen02:43
canthus13BiosElement: Ok. Think of it this way. Comcast now controls a large amount of desirable content. They can't suddenly shut off access to NBC properties to everyone but comcast customers, but they can start shifting the prime stuff to comcast-only over a period of a few years...02:45
canthus13Comcast is focused hard on controlling media. period.02:45
BiosElementNBC is desirable? OoooK then02:46
canthus13BiosElement: NBC owns a lot of content.02:46
BiosElementI can't think of a single TV-news-anything that is worth a damn02:46
canthus13BiosElement: *shrug* You're not most media consumers, either.02:47
BiosElementTrue, I look for real articles, not 'omg wth' attention getting headlines.02:47
BiosElementWhich is why I ignore Ars Technica now too which is a shame, they used to be good02:47
canthus13we're fast approaching a single source of content.02:47
BiosElementEh that's so overhyped.02:48
canthus13you have ABC/Disney/ESPN, Comcast/NBC/Viacom (I think comcast got viacom a while back, didn't they), MTV, and a few other small providers.02:48
canthus1315 years ago, there were dozens.02:48
BiosElementI say as someone who doesn't watch cable. >.>02:49
BiosElementWho cares, it's changing times02:49
BiosElementThe real 'channels' are now billions of websites.02:49
canthus13Not if comcast has their way.02:49
BiosElementThat's the only battle we need to fight in the end02:49
BiosElementCable is dying, I don't give a damn. They're having to face the fact that people will no longer be just sheep.02:49
canthus13Comcast owns those connections. as soon as they can, they'll shut them off. AT&T is working on the same.02:49
canthus13Cable isn't, though. it's just changing.02:49
BiosElementNow you're just hyping it.02:49
BiosElementComcast tried that02:50
canthus13Nope. I'm right in the middle of it.02:50
BiosElementThey got screwed over02:50
canthus13It's not stopping them.02:50
canthus13they just need to consolidate a little more power.02:50
canthus13Hence the NBC merger.02:50
canthus13Hopefully the FTC doesn't approve any more mergers of that scale.. Like say.. Comcast/Disney.02:51
BiosElementYou're not going to convince me on that, I really don't care what cable does. The internet is the future and we're seeing the battle lines drawn as such.02:51
canthus13Cable isn't just cable anymore.  Comcast owns a huge amount of critical trunk lines in the US.02:52
canthus13TWC is working on the same.02:52
BiosElementIt's kinda pathetic when China is more progressive then the US and UK combined02:52
canthus13Comcast (And other cable companies) aren't focused so much on TV except as a means to an end.  There's not much profit cable TV anymore. It's a value-added service for internet and phone service.02:53
canthus13and phone service (land lines) is fast going the way of the dodo, at least as far as residential service is concerned.02:54
Unit193Talking about Calvin and Hobbes "I don't actually read that one but I've heard good things."04:01
Unit193That just isn't right....04:01
canthus13witeshark: huh?04:06
canthus13Cheri703: hell if I know. :)04:15
Unit193MDK is such a good classic game05:53
thafreakpaultag: THE GAME (my revenge)15:21
* canthus13 slaps thafreak.15:28
paultagthafreak: you fucking asshole15:33
paultagthis is a public channel15:33
paultagsorry, did not mean that15:33
paultagthafreak: you funking nardweed15:34
paultagBRB, school and shit15:34
thafreakThat's what you get for ruining my morning gwibber feed parusal15:34
canthus13thafreak: What an idiot.15:54
deejoecanthus13: are you a moon landing skeptic, too, or did you not read the last entry?16:39
Cheri703SWEET FREEDOM!16:41
* Cheri703 just woke up about 20 min ago :)16:41
canthus13deejoe: I didn't bother to read it.  Moon skeptics are idiots. :)16:43
deejoecanthus13: then you'll not have noticed that it's a parody16:44
canthus13deejoe: Prolly not. :)16:44
* canthus13 goes and watches the clip of buzz aldrin punching the skeptic for kicks.16:44
canthus13deejoe: Ok. it was cute. :)16:53
deejoebuzz, haha16:57
jd3nzuname -a21:16
canthus13jd3nz: Linux Gune 2.6.31-22-generic #70-Ubuntu SMP Wed Dec 1 23:51:13 UTC 2010 i686 GNU/Linux22:08
Unit193Linux Zeta 2.6.35-23-generic #41-Ubuntu SMP Wed Nov 24 10:18:49 UTC 2010 i686 GNU/Linux22:11
Unit193Cheri703: Type uname -a in terminal22:12
canthus13Cheri703: what jd3nz said.22:12
canthus13I dunno.22:12
canthus13I just figured I'd respond. :)22:12
canthus13It's that smartass in me.22:13
Unit193Monkey see, monkey do type thing for me...22:15

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