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andrewChinnoDog: Sorry, I was busy rock climbing03:23
ChinnoDogThat sounds fun03:29
ChinnoDogI have no rocks to climb. :-(03:29
andrewChinnoDog: Come to PRG in Oaks next time we climb (or anytime, just let me know and I'll be there)03:46
MutantTurkeyfirst day of classes :o12:21
SamuraiAlbaWhat major?12:38
MutantTurkeydigital production12:40
SamuraiAlbaAhhh... Save your ducats12:42
SamuraiAlbaget a Wacom Cintiq 21UX12:43
SamuraiAlbaYou can go to... autodesk and check their student software.  I think every package is a free download and 3 year license for .edu email addy students12:43
PennBotTitle: Download Center (at students.autodesk.com)12:44
PennBotTitle: Student Resources (at msdn.microsoft.com)12:45
PennBotTitle: Software Discounts You Can Get With An .EDU Email Address (at lifehacker.com)12:45
SamuraiAlbaI did my... um... research12:45
SamuraiAlbaShould I play some runescape, today?14:19
ChinnoDogandrew: I decided that I wasn't into Alarm Clock Plus and installed Alarm Click Xtreme. It doesn't have a nice display for showing the time at night but I can still use the included clock app for that.14:41
JonathanDI use alarm clock ultra extreme super deluxe.14:41
JonathanDIt shoots me in the head when it's time to wake up.14:42
andrewJonathanD: Does this alarm's name start with a 'J'?14:45
JonathanDthey sleep later than I do.14:45
JonathanDI don't use an alarm clock. I just wake up "naturally"14:45
andrewIs that what they are calling it now?14:47
andrewHow was everyone's drive this morning?14:47
JonathanDdrive was great14:48
andrewGood to hear, same here14:49
andrewbetter than my drive home from Oaks last nigth14:49
JonathanDlight traffic.14:49
JonathanDno ice.14:49
andrewJonathanD: I'm telling you, geeknic at PRG14:49
JonathanDWhat is a PRG?14:49
PennBotTitle: Philadelphia Rock Gyms (at www.philarockgym.com)14:50
JonathanDwould they allow such a thing.14:50
JonathanDoh, they do parties.14:51
JonathanDwell, might be fun :P14:51
JonathanDassuming I don't break my hip14:51
andrewWhy would you break your hip? History?14:52
JonathanDI have a bad hip :P14:52
JonathanDI probably wouldn't. I have arthritis, and I've never actually determined why it came on so early, so I'm always slightly wary.14:53
JonathanDI should see a doctor about it some day.14:53
andrewI saw some guy climbing the other week who had to be in his 70s14:54
JonathanDandrew: I'm not opposed ot it :P14:54
JonathanDI've climbed at geeknics before, you know.14:54
andrewthat rock doesn't count14:55
JonathanDare we still doing that AT thing?14:55
andrewAre able people interested?14:56
JonathanDI'll ask long island14:56
JonathanDandrew: do you have a start and stop point chosen?14:58
andrewNo idea yet, hadn't thought much until about 4 minutes ago14:59
JonathanDSome interest from LI14:59
JonathanDI do believe the AT touched on our park last year.14:59
JonathanDandrew: did you find last year to offer better hiking options than jenny?15:04
andrewJonathanD: Yes, we did a mile or two of it last year15:32
mikedep333who was it here that needed my spare 12V 1A adapter for their netgear?18:08
mikedep333I'm in King of Prussia now18:08
JonathanDIt wasn't me, although I need(ed) one too.18:09
mikedep333oh, it was Andrew18:10
mikedep333* andrew18:10
mikedep333well, if he can't pick it up, you can have it18:10
mikedep333it's a linksys ac adapter, but it should work fine18:11
mikedep333in a netgear18:11
JonathanDI found 3 yesterday.18:11
mikedep333where at?18:11
JonathanDon the other hand, if he can't pick it up, I could eventually give it to him on your behalf.18:11
mikedep333JonathanD, great18:11
JonathanDmy place is in bridgeport, not far from KOP.18:12
mikedep333I haven't been going to any PLUG meetings because I've been so busy with moving and whatnot18:12
mikedep333so there was a dell laptop in my basement18:12
mikedep333I thought it was my brother's old 14"  latitude C600 series or something18:12
mikedep333which was largely functional18:12
JonathanDI found a collection of power cables at work. They were supposed to be tossed.18:12
mikedep333I went to look at it18:12
JonathanDC600s are good ol stuff.18:12
JonathanDI have parts from one I just dismantled if you need anything.18:13
mikedep333JonathanD, working CD/DVD drive?18:13
JonathanDthe pop-out one that goes in the front, aye?18:13
mikedep333it has a CD-RW/DVD combo, but it gets read errors every 50MB or so18:13
mikedep333I think so18:13
JonathanDI do have one.18:13
mikedep333I think his is one of the later C600 series18:13
mikedep333it has a pentium 4-m 1.6 ghz18:13
JonathanDThe latch that holds it into the case might be a little flakey.18:13
JonathanDyeah, this is older.18:13
JonathanDPIII 700mhz, I think.18:14
mikedep333guess how I managed to install ubuntu (some old version like 7.04 or whatever) on this computer using the CD/DVD drive?18:14
JonathanDI took ram and other stuff from it to make an inspiron 8000 work.18:14
JonathanDeject it frequently?18:14
mikedep333I used the mini cd!18:14
mikedep333I love it18:15
JonathanDoh! hah18:15
mikedep333right now it is only 20MB18:15
mikedep333back then it was only 10MB or so18:15
mikedep333I love network installs18:15
JonathanDI had some video issues with the 800018:15
mikedep333no old packages you have to immediately upgrade after you install the OS itself18:15
mikedep333but anyway18:15
JonathanDI've not yet completely resolved them.18:15
mikedep333I thought this was my brother's latitude18:15
mikedep333it was actually an inspiron 230018:15
JonathanDONce I do I'm giving it to my son.18:15
JonathanDgood ol dells.18:16
mikedep333a 15" budget model with 128MB of RAM & a pentium 3 (mobile?) 1.13 ghz18:16
mikedep333and xp home18:16
JonathanDoh dear :P18:16
mikedep333I had an old featherlinux cd in it18:16
mikedep333I think it was one of the people from my neighborhood who brought their computer to me to repair it18:16
mikedep333without explaining too well what was the problem18:16
JonathanDI found a fairly old debian disk in the C60018:16
mikedep333and I had misdiagnosed it or something. I think featherlinux failed to boot, so I thought the hardware was defective.18:17
mikedep333but it did boot into xp home, and took like an hour to stop swapping upon startup18:17
mikedep333because it had 128MB of RAM18:17
JonathanDyeah. Pitiful :P18:17
JonathanDI put 512MB and Ubuntu 10.04 in this one.18:17
mikedep333at least it has ethernet18:17
mikedep333and I think it has wi-fi18:17
JonathanDmine doesn't :(18:17
JonathanDThe mini-pci is missing.18:18
JonathanDthe ports exist, but they lead to no where.18:18
mikedep333I have an old mini-pci wi-fi card18:18
JonathanDand no wifi. I put a PCMCIA in18:18
mikedep333JonathanD, wait, you mean there are no antennas going to the mini-pci?18:18
JonathanDmikedep333: no, it didn't have built in wifi in the first place18:18
mikedep333JonathanD, ok18:18
JonathanDthe built in ethernet/modem were attached to a mini-pci18:18
JonathanDthe leads from the ethernet/modem ports are in the mini-pci bay18:19
mikedep333I will set it up as a guest computer at my dad's house18:19
JonathanDbut no card18:19
mikedep333I think I have 2 128MB sticks of pc10018:19
mikedep333although it may have pc133 in it now18:19
JonathanDI have a pile of something here.18:19
mikedep333I have another stick without its specs on it that may be better18:19
JonathanDprobably 64s though18:19
mikedep333I'll look up the #s on the labels, or on the chips18:20
JonathanDyup, these are 64s18:20
JonathanDI had 2 256s that went into the inspiron, best i had on hand.18:20
mikedep333hopefully this laptop has 2 dimm slots18:20
mikedep333let me google inspiron 230018:20
mikedep333I think I remember the model # wrong18:21
mikedep333ahh, yes18:21
JonathanDan atari!18:21
mikedep333dell made atari!18:22
mikedep333I had an atari I used to play18:22
mikedep333it belonged to my uncle I think18:22
mikedep333I was using it at the same time I played my NES18:22
mikedep333I think it was a 260018:22
JonathanDTheres one at impact thrift.18:22
JonathanDIf you want it :p18:22
JonathanDand an NES too, actually.18:23
mikedep333yeah, it uses pc 13318:23
mikedep333never been to impact thrift18:23
JonathanDI was there looking for power cords.18:23
mikedep333never been to impact thrift?18:23
mikedep333JonathanD, standard PC power cords?18:24
mikedep333the 3 prongs18:24
mikedep333I don't know their technical name18:24
mikedep333I have a lot of them18:24
JonathanDmikedep333: no. the 12V router kind18:24
mikedep333I always call them AC adapters18:24
JonathanDI have hundreds of standard PC cords.18:24
mikedep333or power warts18:24
mikedep333because the cable portion of one of those is like $.1518:24
mikedep333but the actual ac adapter/wart portion is like $318:25
JonathanDit's a C13, btw.18:25
JonathanDteh PC cord.18:25
mikedep333I met one old PC18:25
JonathanDor very, very rarely a C14, on some oddball servers.18:25
mikedep333it had like an inverted C13 on one end18:25
JonathanDoh yes.18:25
JonathanDfor the monitor18:25
mikedep333the power supply on the desktop passed power onto the monitor18:25
mikedep333lol, yeah!18:25
JonathanDThat used to be quite common.18:25
mikedep333reminds me of that one ancient computer18:25
mikedep333that had the PSU in the printer18:26
mikedep333so if the printer broke or got lost, you couldn't use the computer!18:26
JonathanDclearly they should have made everything powered by teh keyboard, instead.18:26
mikedep333what's it called18:27
mikedep333oh, wait18:27
mikedep333not amiga18:27
mikedep333sigh, I hate seeing everything conform to the x86 PC standard18:29
mikedep333that's why I love ARM computing18:29
JonathanDI should get some work done.18:30
mikedep333I just opened the inspiron 260018:31
mikedep333I think the 2nd DIMm is under the keyboard18:31
erstazibts3685|1ps: hey19:43
JonathanDcan anyone use all these 1GB DDR2 laptop modules that seem to be around here?20:20
JonathanDI found 4 so far today.20:21
ChinnoDogJonathanD: "found"? Are they growing on trees?20:50
ChinnoDogI need a RAM tree as well.20:50
JonathanDChinnoDog: they're in the bins here.20:50
JonathanDThe bins I'm supposed to be emptying of stuff we don't need.20:51
JonathanDLike 12VDC power supplies and PC power cords.20:51
JonathanDand 1GB DDR2s20:51
ChinnoDogI could use a couple if they are available. My dad is still running Vista on 1GB. It is sad.20:51
JonathanDthis is laptop ram, if you missed that.20:52
JonathanDif thats ok I have em.20:52
ChinnoDogYes, he is running Vista with 1gb on a laptop. Even worse.20:52
JonathanDhow many slots?20:52
ChinnoDogTwo. I donated 512mb to him. The laptop came with 512.20:53
JonathanDI'll hold on to 2 for ya20:54
JonathanDI just found a 5th one20:54
JonathanDand a 51220:54
ChinnoDogUbuntu Hour RAM swap?20:54
ChinnoDogI have some old PC100. haha20:54
JonathanDwhat a deal :p20:55
JonathanDooh, a microdrive20:55
JonathanDwonder if it works :/20:55
JonathanDanyone got a CF adater? :)20:56
jedijfcf to ide20:57
JonathanDI used to have a CF to PCMCIA20:57
JonathanDiirc I used this microdrive in my jornada20:57
JonathanDback in the day.20:57
JonathanDnot much use to it these days, with multiGB SD cards out there.20:57
jedijfthat too20:57
MutantTurkeyI a ton of old ram21:03
JonathanDOh no!21:04
MutantTurkeyjedijf: WOOHOOO. my phone randomly started working with usb :21:28
MutantTurkeywait jk :/21:29
MutantTurkeyyes! :D21:29
MutantTurkeysigh nevermind21:31
jedijfMutantTurkey: wait21:35
jedijfi am starting to susect that phone is not the problem21:36
MutantTurkeyjedijf: are you sure?21:38
MutantTurkeyi feel like it is.21:38
MutantTurkeybecause the usb port is now only working sometimes21:38
jedijfMutantTurkey: now that you are on your more regular schedule, we have to try at franconis sometime21:40
jedijfwhen my schedule gets more regular21:41
MutantTurkeyjedijf: yeah my new schedule is indeed fabulous21:41
MutantTurkeyso whenever your free shoot me a message21:44
jedijfyeah, just would like to test on known to work system21:44
jedijfto rule out phone being bad21:45
JonathanDbad to the phone21:46
jedijfda da da da *da*21:46
MutantTurkeywould AT&T replace my phone for free since i just got it recently?21:47
jedijfcan't see why not, did you get it locally21:48
MutantTurkeyi think right at the AT&T store by willow grove mall21:48
MutantTurkeynear the olive garden21:48
jedijfnext to olive garden21:48
MutantTurkeyyou got it21:48
jedijfyeah, they were sold out when i got there, had to go to inside mall store and wait21:48
MutantTurkeyI'd go down myself, somehow i think they'd just jerk me around and give me crappy answer cause i am not an adult21:48
jedijfthat just sucks21:49
jedijfthey shouldn't21:49
MutantTurkeydon't you think they would?21:49
jedijfwhen i was younger....that would infuriate me....depends on how you carry/present yourself21:50
MutantTurkeyI look like a hipster i guess, I carry myself by foot. that about sums it up.21:50
jedijfnothing ventured...nothing gained...just go in knowing that you can resolve the situation...much of it is confidence and acting like an adult21:51
MutantTurkeyAlso about the account is a giant family plan, so I'm not sure, also do i need ID or something to prove i own the phone?21:52
jedijfyou may have to be the 'authorized' person,or added to the list of 'authorized' people21:53
MutantTurkeyyeah i was thinking about that.21:53
jedijflast 4 social of account holder is usually required ...maybe dob21:53
MutantTurkeyI'll just bring one of my parents along21:54
jedijfor that21:55
ChinnoDogNewegg Mobile in Android market? That is a dangerous app for me to have on my phone.21:58
JonathanDI'm very good at not buying things.22:00
JonathanDI end up debating buying most products for so long, by the time I make my decision the product is discontinued.22:04
ChinnoDogThat is a comittment problem. haha.22:30
* ChinnoDog hopes his 32gb microsd from newegg arrives soon22:31
JonathanDI just tried to place my order for an Apple II.22:31
JonathanDThe phone number from the catalog didn't even work anymore!22:31
andrewJonathanD: Remember, I have an Apple II sitting by my desk at work, it will soon be tossed.22:40
ChinnoDogpoor apple II22:56
ChinnoDogI used to use Logo Writer on that.22:57
ChinnoDogI have a PC version somewhere. Unfortunately it is on a 5.25" floppy.22:57

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