cyberangerhey vychune01:14
vychuneas soon as i get on my mom comes home i gtg later cyber01:15
wrstcyberanger: i will talk :)01:16
cyberangerhow's your day wrst01:17
wrstgood cyberanger how about you?01:18
wrsti am coming to you from vista at the moment01:19
wrsthard to get used to accepting license agreements01:20
cyberangerthat's horrible01:24
wrsttell me about it... and i wonder why networking went down and back up all the sudden :\01:24
* cyberanger coughs vista sucks 3 times over01:26
wrstdon't cough it scream it01:26
chris4585ouch, it wouldn't be as bad if it was win7 but vista is..01:28
wrstmajor suckdom chris458501:28
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cyberangerthis random comment was brought to you by netsplits, netsplits, the pleasent annoyance of irc12:13
cyberangermorning tennessee12:15
wrstmorning cyberanger12:42
wrstand morning chibihogoshino12:42
chibihogoshinowhat up wrst  ?12:42
wrstjust getting into some work this morning is all going well for you chibihogoshino?12:43
chibihogoshinotried out 10.10 .. dont see what the big deal is.12:43
chibihogoshinoim slow12:43
wrstha ha chibihogoshino, well not much difference from it and 10.04 if you ask me12:44
wrstjust a refinement seems to me like with updated software12:44
chibihogoshinoyeah im running 10.04 and i didnt see anything different12:44
wrstchibihogoshino: don't worry lots different in natty12:45
chibihogoshinoif i update regularly then i think i would be running the same stuff12:45
wrstwell probably some newer versions12:45
chibihogoshinoits the same kernel and software .. so i dont know what would be different12:45
wrstprobably not much really12:46
wrstnot enough time passed from one to the other12:46
chibihogoshinoim undecided on gnome shell12:46
wrstcan't say i'm too fond of it or particularly in love with unity at the moment12:47
chibihogoshinoi think if something is running it should have a icon and that should give notifications if needed if its a background process that needs your attention then you should have a icon for that .. but not the program icon and the notification icon12:48
cyberangerchibihogoshino: also, lucid as an lts furthre skews things13:07
cyberangerthe changes from an lts to a normal release allways seems mild in recent years13:09
cyberangerit's normal to an lts thats more drastic13:10
cyberangerit seems13:10
wrstgood point cyberanger13:16
chibihogoshinoi lost my xfce4-panel13:32
cyberangerchibihogoshino: ouch13:44
* cyberanger just downloaded that package, and many more13:45
cyberanger97G worth ;-)13:45
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chibihogoshinolooking at unity, it reminds me that one of the reasons i started using linux was to get away from having a shit load of icons on the desktop ..21:39
linuxman410i am using jolicloud on a netbook21:40
chibihogoshinognome shell isnt any better21:40
chibihogoshinothats kinda the same thing linuxman41021:41
chibihogoshinowere did the menu go ?21:41
linuxman410i like jolicloud it is running on asus eeepc 70121:42
chibihogoshinoi can see it if it dosnt have a keyboard and mouse..21:42
linuxman410it was my daughters netbook and it tore up and my friend fixed it for me21:43
chibihogoshinois canonical going to make a ubuntu phone os ?21:43
chibihogoshinowhat happened to it ?21:44
wrstwell chibihogoshino the icons atleast disappear21:44
wrsti kinda like the auto hide feature21:44
chibihogoshinoi dont see the point if i have a menu21:44
wrstpoint in what?21:45
chibihogoshinohaving icons all over the screen21:45
linuxman410was going to sell netbook but now i want to keep it21:47
wrstchibihogoshino: its just in the dock so not really all over the screen21:47
linuxman410wrst u ever tried jolicloud21:50
wrstnever have linuxman41021:50
wrstchibihogoshino: i guess mounted drives may still show up on teh desktop but that's a gnome thing21:50
linuxman410well it runs fast on this old asus eeepc 70121:50
wrstcool linuxman41021:51
chibihogoshinocant you take if off ?21:51
linuxman410it is based on ubuntu 10.0421:51
wrsttake what off?22:04
chris4585wrst, I think he meant mount devices22:04
chris4585and yes you can take them off22:04
wrstits through the gconf-editor  (i think i got that right) chibihogoshino hang on i will get you a guide22:15
chibihogoshinoahh.. wrst  i dont really need one i use xfce but thanks tho22:15
wrstohh ok chibihogoshino :)22:16
wrstwell chibihogoshino for the record open gconf-editor then go to apps/nautilus/desktop/ and you will see the options :)22:17

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