stashi, correct me if I'm wrong, but askubuntu.com is totally not a community project nor canonical one15:06
head_victimWell it's in use by the community15:11
stashead_victim: yeah, but nothing more15:12
head_victimI'm not 100% certain on the inception of the project, I prefer IRC and mailing lists for my support15:12
stastrue, but I'm looking to migrate our loco forums to osqa or sort of15:13
stasand was wondering what was the community input in askubuntu15:13
head_victimAh, our loco is contemplating a forum but I can't see the need for it when the main forums exist already15:21
stashead_victim: an askubuntu solution i see would help a lot in support questions, which for a forum is a too nosy place to address16:13
head_victimI thought a forum existed as support16:14
cjohnstonstas: jcastro would be the one to ask17:18
nhandlerstas: A forum also tends to cater more to discussions. askubuntu aims to get the best answers to questions and make them easily available from search engines and stuff like that. I'm not aware of any locos using a system like askubuntu. Most choose to use a forum instead (especially since they can get a subforum on ubuntuforums.org)22:44
stasnhandler: thanks, I agree with you. looks like we'll try a pilot project using osqa for questions and online assistance and leave forums for "flames" :)22:46
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