RAOFHm.  xutils-dev has a build-dependency on xutils-dev :)00:37
brycehis fglrx DRI2 or just DRI1 capable?01:15
bryceh[    14.359] (II) fglrx(0): [uki] DRM interface version 1.001:16
brycehizzat mean dri1?01:16
RAOFI suspect that's the kernel<->userspace interface version.01:18
thesheff17I'm trying to install ubuntu w/ a ati firepro 2450.  I installed 10.04 fine but for some reason it couldn't detect all 4 monitors.  So I tried 10.10 and it just hangs after I log in.04:37
thesheff1710.04 I did install the restricted ati drivers....still didn't see the other 2 monitors on the second connection...I wonder if the card is defective. 04:39
RAOFthesheff17: Hm.  On 10.10 what happens when you log in?04:42
RAOF“hang” can mean many things :)04:42
RAOFIs this one of those eyefinity cards with 4 displayport outputs?04:43
thesheff17the background just sits there after I hit login on 10.10.04:43
RAOFUsing the standard desktop session, I guess.  Can you switch to a virtual-terminal (with Ctrl+Alt+F1, etc?)04:44
thesheff17waiting about 10 min and just nothing...this also happen end when I hit try ubuntu 10.1004:44
thesheff17it looks like those are disabled....04:44
AzelphurI've been looking around trying to figure out if it's possible to have pinch zoom in Ubuntu04:45
AzelphurI see that the synaptics site says the driver should have pinch zoom support04:45
Azelphurbut that's about as far as I got :p04:45
RAOFthesheff17: If they don't work, then it's likely that the kernel graphics driver has wedged.04:46
RAOFAzelphur: Possible (as of 10.10), but you'd actually need to implement it.  Many synaptics touchpads are multi-touch, but you actually need some way of informing the toolkits what those gestures mean.04:47
AzelphurRAOF, I'm up for a little code, what would I actually need to write?04:48
Azelphurdoes the synaptic device send some kind of event for pinch zoom04:48
thesheff17ok I'm actually trying windows xp right now just to make sure this card isn't defective....give me about 10 min and I will go back to ubuntu....after the ubuntu install I was able to do recovery mode and at least get a terminal...is there a specific file you want me to look at?04:48
Azelphuror would I have to read raw events from the touch pad04:48
Azelphurand figure it out04:48
RAOFthesheff17: Hm.  So that's a dual-gpu card.  The default drivers may only be able to drive one of the two gpus, but that shouldn't cause lockups.04:48
RAOFAzelphur: You'd get multiple touch events from the touchpad.  Or, rather, you'd get something - I'm not sure what - from libgrail.  #ubuntu-touch is where you'd want to go for this.04:49
Azelphurrighto :)04:49
thesheff17RAOF: that is the case I think that is happening with ubuntu 10.04 because it only drives 2 of the 4 monitors.......I was trying 10.10 to see if it was any different.04:50
RAOFThis is currently in a bit of flux - multitouch support is only just now being integrated into the X server - but I think the high level stuff is stable.04:51
RAOFthesheff17: I would have thought that the proprietary fglrx drivers would drive both GPUs and hence allow you to light up all four screens, but I've not tried it :)04:51
thesheff17RAOF: yea I got my work to buy this card of ebay for $175.....would love to get Ubunu working with a single card w/ four monitors.04:52
RAOFI understand that one of the newer EyeFinity cards would work out of the box with up to 6 displayport monitors, but again I haven't tried that, and it's not very helpful for you.04:53
thesheff17yea I was looking at the 6 port ati cards but they where too expensive. 04:54
RAOFAnd you need DP monitors, too, or active DP→DVI converters, which also aren't cheap.04:54
thesheff17yea that is what is nice about this card...it came with the adapters....even though they are not DP-DVI04:55
thesheff17ok yea the video card works fine under windows xp...I can see display a different screen on each monitor....is there anything we can try to power the second dual-gpu on ubuntu 10.04?05:06
RAOFthesheff17: I'd have a look at the options to “aticonfig”.  You might need to generate a new xorg.conf, passing “--adapter=all”.05:12
thesheff17ok I'm re installing 10.04 and installing the restricted drivers...and will try that.05:14
thesheff17RAOF 10.04 loaded right away after the install...there must be something with 10.10 that is causing the hang :-/05:29
RAOFthesheff17: Yeah - there's a newer set of drivers in 10.10.  We can debug that if you like, or just try to get fglrx working with all your monitors.05:29
thesheff17RAOF: I would like to try to get the 4 monitors to work...and then I would even give 10.10 another shot. If you have the time...I just not a x.org expert.05:32
RAOFYou've installed the proprietary drivers now?05:33
RAOFNow I think you should try running “sudo aticonfig --initial -f --adapter=all” in a terminal.05:35
thesheff17I prob should run updates first :-/05:35
RAOFYes, indeed ;)05:35
thesheff17I have a local mirror it will take a only a min.05:36
thesheff17RAOF: by the way thanks for helping...I couldn't find anything google for this adapter.  05:53
RAOFIt doesn't seem likely to be particularly common; the firegl parts appear less in the community than the commodity radeon parts.05:54
thesheff17RAOF: I ran that command then restarted X and all the displays came on...I went into the administrator of the aticonfig and placed them 2x2 and now they are freaking out.05:54
RAOFOooh, cool!05:54
RAOFWell, partially cool :)05:54
thesheff17yea def getting somewhere05:54
thesheff17man I wish ctrl-alt-f1 still worked :-/ and why do they disable restarting x with ctrl-alt-backspace05:55
RAOFBecause it was an excellent way to loose hours of patiently entered data.05:56
thesheff17lol...I guess that is true.05:56
RAOFctrl-alt-f1 *should* work, although it might not if the hardware has been freaked out sufficiently.05:57
thesheff17ah it did once x loaded05:58
thesheff17ok I have all 4 screens working...one of the monitors doesn't have the toolbar....it looks like like each monitor is its own desktop actually.....I can't drag an app like firefox to the other monitor. Is this a setting?06:00
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thesheff17lol actually I can drag firefox on the top two monitors but not the bottom two :)06:02
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RAOFOk, that's because you've got both GPUs driven, but they're starting as separate X sessions.06:03
RAOFYou *should* be able to make that into a single desktop with 4 screens by setting up Xinerama correctly.  Could you pastebin your /etc/X11/xorg.conf file, and I might be able to see how that should go.06:05
RAOFXinerama is a little bit unloved, though, so it might not work.06:05
thesheff17yea they are all 22" monitors 06:05
thesheff17so shouldn't be horrible.06:05
RAOFHm.  Just switching the “Xinerama "off"” line to “Xinerama "on"” might work.06:10
thesheff17cool..trying 06:10
thesheff17is sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart still good?06:11
thesheff17it works :)06:11
thesheff17Thank you so much :)06:12
thesheff17Let me back up the this x.org and do you want to try ubuntu 10.10? it is up to you....06:16
thesheff17xorg.conf I meant.06:16
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ripps*sigh* the latest -ati update in xorg-edgers is causing my X server to randomly crash when I start playing a movie.10:40
evilvishripps: -edgers on maverick? same thing *just* happened here :)13:21
rippsevilvish: yeah, it's very random. I can watch half a dozen videos, than suddenly I'm dropped to VT13:22
rippsIt must have something to do with intializing XV13:23
evilvishripps: yup, same scenario, dropped to vt and then X restarts.. (before that update it was all fine..)13:23
rippsfrom what I can tell from the freedesktop cgit, a new function was added to KMS textured video to prevent memory leaks. I wonder if it's responsible13:26
evilvishonly these two started the problem: xserver-xorg-video-ati (1:6.13.2-0ubuntu1~xup1) to 1:6.13.99+git20110110.0e432dff-0ubuntu0sarvatt~maverick13:36
evilvishxserver-xorg-video-radeon (1:6.13.2-0ubuntu1~xup1) to 1:6.13.99+git20110110.0e432dff-0ubuntu0sarvatt~maverick13:36
rippsOh, according to cgit and version of -ati in xorg-edgers, we just short of a single commit that might fix it13:40
evilvishripps: looks like a Sarvatt cherry picked a patch from upstream > http://launchpadlibrarian.net/62414603/xserver-xorg-video-ati_1%3A6.13.99%2Bgit20110118.6548bb98-0ubuntu0sarvatt3~maverick_1%3A6.13.99%2Bgit20110118.6548bb98-0ubuntu0sarvatt4~maverick.diff.gz13:41
evilvishhmm, rolling back from ubuntu is easier to find the debs.. i wonder if ppa also have older debs around.. my /var/cache doesnt have it.. :(13:42
rippsSarvatt: can you pull the latest commit from -ati upstream, I think the latest commit was meant to fix the crashing problem that was introduced in the current version on edgers13:43
rippsCan't wait until 2.6.38 gets into natty/xorg-edgers. I want to test out the new pageflipping code to see if it actually improves performance13:45
evilvishgah.. i was looking at the wrong updates! :/14:49
evilvish0ubuntu0sarvatt~maverick was the good one.. 14:53
* evilvish updates to 0ubuntu0sarvatt4~maverick14:53
evilvishgrr.. and we have dates to account for too in the version number! so the deb was all along in the /var!!! ;p14:57
* evilvish blames synaptic for not keeping good track of history ;p15:02
evilvishgah.. SC history is worthless without version # and synpatic history does not see apt-daemon updates :/15:12
Amaranthhrm, even with X not running the i915 kernel module is responsible for 56.7 wakeups per second15:17
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evilvish!away > jbs21:05
ubot4jbs, please see my private message21:05
brycehew @ #70355323:47
brycehew @ bug #70355323:47
ubot4Launchpad bug 703553 in linux (Ubuntu Maverick) (and 1 other project) "After upgrade to linux-image-2.6.35-25 graphics are broken (affects: 20) (dups: 2) (heat: 112)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70355323:47

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