xanguaross_: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras ; will install codecs. flashplugin, openjdk and other stuff00:00
cybastlthe crontab is definied with my user aint it running with that user in this case?00:00
jribcybastl: well it may be an issue with script/runner then...00:00
cybastlbut that one is working in my normal terminal00:00
xanguaanything to say LilDee ¿00:01
FireSamhow do i change automount of usb? i am booting from a usb hd but do not want to mount all the partitions00:01
LilDeenothing actually just new to this server00:01
jribcybastl: cron is not your normal terminal :/00:01
cybastli know but i man says i have the full environment with bash -l -c00:02
cybastlsry the manual00:02
xanguaLilDee: feel free to ask if you have any troubles, for only chat is #ubuntu-offtopic00:03
jribcybastl: what ends up in .log anyway?00:03
LilDeethanks for the info00:03
cybastlin the output i definied nothing in syslog CRON[9114]: (CRON) error (grandchild #9116 failed with exit status 127) and00:03
cybastl(CRON) info (No MTA installed, discarding output)00:04
jribcybastl: I'm not sure if it matters, but did you remove that comma at the end of "0,2,"?00:05
anonymousAnyone having issues with personal file sharing since upgrading to ubuntu 10.10?00:06
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cryptodirajrib:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/555597/00:07
jribcryptodira: lowercase "p" in "plugins"00:08
cryptodirajrib: changed  :)00:08
bencahill_hi guys, I can't open xchat back up, any help?00:09
cybastljrib i did and now * * * * * /bin/bash -l -c 'cd /home/user && ls >> /home/rumpel/generate_bookings.log 2>&1' isnt working too00:10
cybastlwhich should work i think00:10
cryptodiraxangua: Thanks, will try that next.00:10
NilsBhi all, many tries and no success to set up a 3 heads on 2 cards, my Ubuntu is 10.04LTS, any help ?00:10
coz_bencahill,  you could open the home directory   ctrl+h  to see hidden files and delete the .xchat folder00:10
bencahill_or how to resume a sleeping process?00:10
jribbencahill_: how did you put it to sleep?00:11
bencahill_jrib: well, it all started with those pills...00:11
bencahill_jk :D00:11
jribcybastl: what's in syslog and what's in that .log?00:11
dwarderwill true tranceparancy hang on my intell 3d video?00:11
sanjoymy ubuntu software center is not working00:11
* jrib prefers warm milk00:11
sanjoywhat can i do00:12
dwarderjrib: over what?00:12
jribdwarder: the pills bencahill_ mentioned00:12
sanjoyit says this00:12
cryptodirajrib: changing to lower case p... net the following version: 10,3,162,2900:12
sanjoyAn unresolvable problem occurred while initializing the package information.00:12
sanjoyPlease report this bug against the 'update-manager' package and include the following error message:00:12
sanjoy'E:Encountered a section with no Package: header, E:Problem with MergeList /var/lib/apt/lists/us.archive.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_maverick-updates_universe_binary-i386_Packages, E:The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened.'00:12
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FloodBot3sanjoy: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:12
jribcryptodira: that's what I get :)00:12
bencahill_jrib: I have xchat set to display an icon in the top bar (notification area, whatever), and when I close the window, it is still open, and I click on the icon to show the window...00:12
sanjoywhat should i do?00:12
cryptodirajrib:  okie-dokie... Thank YOU for your patience and help.00:13
DaGeek247brown goo?00:13
jribcryptodira: no problem00:13
bencahill_jrib: ...well, I restarted the panels (killall gnome-panel) and there wasn't any icon up there, and i closed it :(00:13
bencahill_jrib: it's still running, though00:13
bencahill_jrib: that's why I'm in here twice, I don't want to kill it :D00:13
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bencahill_jrib: brb, restroom00:14
joe_hey I recently bought a Linux for you and got a dvd along with it....is it possible to autorun the dvd in ubuntu?00:14
xanguajoe_: bought a linux for you, what do you want to mean¿00:14
NilsB hi all, many tries and no success to set up a 3 heads on 2 cards (hd5700 + hd5600), my Ubuntu is 10.04LTS, any help ?, is the kernel high enough ? (2.6.32)00:15
aulihi all, quick question. I upgraded my ubuntu (from 8.04) to Ubuntu 10.10 and my usb flash drive doesn't automount.. the kernel detects it (shows the sdc1 partition in dmesg) but it won't mount in gnome.. any ideas? thanks!00:15
joe_the Linux for you magazine00:15
aulihow does (which service/daemon) does auto-mount in gnome?00:15
leagrishello! How do you specify iocharset for gvfs smb, as by default it does not properly translate special chars in file names, should be iocharset=utf8 but it does no translation using gvfs.00:15
joe_sanjoy, use synaptic package manager....as an alternative to ubuntu software centre00:16
sanjoyim using ubuntu 10.1000:17
bencahill_jrib: back, any ideas how to show the window?00:17
joe_i also use ubuntu 10.1000:17
jribbencahill_: you could try xchat -e 'url or command here' (maybe after closing this instance of xchat), otherwise I don't know00:17
erkan^who have "drivel journal editor" too?00:17
bencahill_jrib: thanks, I'll try that, cya00:18
auli*bump* how does (which service/daemon) does auto-mount (for usb flash drive) in gnome?00:18
sanjoysame problem dude00:19
_thomas__Hi, someone could give me a hand? My touchpad works pretty fine on xfce, but it doesn't even move on gnome, any idea about what it could be?00:20
moseswhats the command to bring out the search bar on the top?00:21
bencahill_jrib: nope, didn't work, but it's till logging, because I see the posts after I quit last in the scrollback ^^00:21
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joe_is it possible to autorun a cd in ubuntu??00:23
jribbencahill_: try the GUI commands here (with xchat -e without having this one open) http://toxin.jottit.com/xchat_help_commands  You could try iconifying it again.  Or "show".  Other thing you could do is try wmctrl.00:23
bencahill_joe_: autorun what?00:23
joe_autorun a cd like in windows00:24
_thomas__joe_, why someone would want this?00:24
_thomas__new versions of windows comes with this disabled by default00:24
mal|lappyHey, got  question. I'm having the same issue as these guys here: http://art.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1588352  Can anyone help me figure it out? (10.04 works, fresh install of 10.10 does not work).00:24
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bencahill_jrib: thanks, that will probably work, cya again :D00:25
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moseshow can i view my current resolution?00:25
joe_thomas, i just wanna try it out00:26
mewaymal|lappy, me too ^_^00:26
mal|lappymeway, 7741Z series laptop with the intel HD video card?00:27
mewaymoses, system>preferences>monitors00:27
mewaymal|lappy, on my other laptop yup00:28
_thomas__joe_, i don't recommend this, since it opens very large security holes, anyway... http://linux.die.net/man/1/autorun00:28
mal|lappyDoh heh00:28
joe_ok thomas thanks00:28
mewaymal|lappy, it seems to only happen on the laptops because this one did it once after the screensaver was clicked out of00:28
joe_i am happy with my terminal00:28
mal|lappyThis one won't even start x up, it just boots to command line00:29
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auli*bump* how does (which service/daemon) does auto-mount (for usb flash drive) in gnome?00:29
sanjoyi cant install any softwares in Ubuntu00:29
sanjoyany 1 help me00:29
julia_23hello, I am having some difficulty with transferring an old /home profile to a new partition00:29
mewaymal|lappy, you said fresh install?00:30
julia_23I dont have any external drives or second harddrives, one 150 gig00:30
mal|lappymeway: Yep00:30
aeon-ltdsanjoy: how are you trying to install software?00:30
julia_23live cd00:30
sanjoydeb file or tar file00:30
julia_23I deleted my windows partition00:31
aeon-ltdsanjoy: why? aren't they in the repos?00:31
_thomas__someone can point me some reason why my touchpad works on xfce (and in openbox, fluxbox, windowmaker, etc), but don't even move when I use gnome?00:31
sanjoyubuntu software centre00:31
bencahill_bencahill: this is a test :)00:31
mewaymal|lappy, does it run with the cd in the system00:31
julia_23now moving my ubuntu into the new one00:31
sanjoydeb file is not working00:31
mal|lappymeway: Yeppers.00:31
sanjoyand for ubuntu software centre00:31
bencahill_jrib: none of the above worked :(00:31
mewaymal|lappy, check the disk for defects00:31
bencahill_jrib: wmctrl -p -l doesn't list it, because (I assume) it's not a window00:32
mal|lappymeway: I did, and downloaded/burned twice00:32
jribbencahill_: hmm, I thought "gui show" would have worked00:32
mewaymal|lappy, same speeds or slower speeds the second time? trust me it makes all the difference00:32
sanjoyit shows error msg00:32
bencahill_jrib: yeah, me too, it opened a new xchat window, as did gui iconify00:32
bencahill_jrib: and no other xchat processes were running at the time00:32
SomelauwIs there some command to download the source code of something you can install from the linux software centre?00:33
mewaymal|lappy, burn speeds00:33
mal|lappyseemed to be the same00:33
jribbencahill_: don't know then, try #xchat maybe00:33
bencahill_jrib: trying...00:33
xanguaSomelauw: attivate the source repository00:34
mewaymal|lappy, I would check all options before burning another disk sorry I am of no use :/00:34
mewayBeyond me ^_^00:34
mal|lappyboth CD's passed the cd check, so I'm going to assume they're ok :/00:34
mewayme too00:35
julia_231I have 24 gig unallocated at the beginning of my drive I want to use for /boot and for "/" I already created a new /home and copied my old profile. I have my old extended partition 50 gigs, and a swap 2 gig.  I can only create 1 more primary partition...00:35
LedZeppelinhello, what soft messenger is the best for video chat with msn00:35
xanguaLedZeppelin: skype00:35
julia_231so I am kind of stuck.  I don't want to delete my old extended partition just yet, in case I lose critical data00:35
mewayLedZeppelin, skype :P xangua beet me to it00:35
LedZeppelinfor msn?00:35
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julia_231can I delete my swap and still boot without having to tweak any settings?00:36
jribbencahill_: could try interacting with it through dbus too (example: http://blog.woofbit.com/2010/10/11/xchat-command-line-remote-control/)00:36
LedZeppelinpidgin not found?00:36
kerebrusDid 10.10 break anyone elses personal file sharing?00:36
mewayLedZeppelin, I'm not 100% on that but its the best you can get for video chat and IM chat00:36
Somelauwxangua, I enabled the source, but I don't see the sources of everything.00:37
mewayLedZeppelin, also its 100% free to call other computers on skype00:37
xanguaLedZeppelin: is that a question or a statement¿00:37
SomelauwI want to have the source of mozplugger.00:37
jrib!source | Somelauw00:37
ubottuSomelauw: You can easily fetch a package's source with apt-get. See: http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/apt-howto/ch-sourcehandling.en.html00:37
sacarlsonjulia_231: is creation of a secound extended partition forbiden?00:38
bastidrazorjulia_231: you should put a comment, an # , in front of the line that contains swap in /etc/fstab.. gksudo gedit /etc/fstab   is the command to be able to edit it00:38
julia_231sacarlson: correct00:38
julia_231batidrazor: Ill i not be able to boot if i do not do that?00:39
sacarlsonjulia_231: what I meant is delete one of your primary and make it another extended that can become as many partitiions as you may need00:39
julia_231if I delete my old swap, i can then create two primary paritions, 32 for boot and 20000 for root00:39
julia_231can I install ubuntu advanced paritioning without supplying swap information00:39
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julia_231sacarlson: gparted will not allow me to create another extended partition00:41
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BurzmaliDoes anyone know how to find the DISPLAY name in Ubuntu?00:45
queuetipdisplay name?00:45
BurzmaliI need to run an xgamma from the terminal against the default display, and it needs the DISPLAY00:45
bastidrazorBurzmali: echo $DISPLAY .. more than likely 0:000:45
julia_231sacarlson: my other extended partition is at the end of the drive /sda3  /sda5... swap /sda400:45
Burzmalibastidrazor: actually ":0.0", we never like making it obvious in Linux do we ;)00:45
julia_231sacarlson: I have already copied over my profile to my new home, so technically i could delete my old extended partition... but I am a noob and do not want to lose anything00:45
julia_231If I do not specify a swap under advanced partitioning during ubuntu installation, will it default into the root directory?00:45
FloodBot3julia_231: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:45
SomelauwIt seems like I need to install dpkg-dev first, before apt-get can give me the source code.00:45
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Chilaquileshey guys how can I show the charge that I have on the battery on my laptop?00:46
Chilaquileshey guys how can I show the charge that I have on the battery on my laptop on the panel?00:46
julia_23perhaps someone could PM me?00:46
SiphonI am trying to install the netbook edition 10.10 on a HP Mini and I am unable to download the drivers for the wireless card.  The default drivers that I download come up with an error00:47
IdleOnejulia_23: just ask your question00:47
joe_i installed ubuntu 10.10 in my sony vaio n i did not required to installed any driver at all00:47
queuetipChilaquiles: Right click the panel and select Add to Panel from the menu that is displayed. You'll find an item called Battery Charge Monitor that you can select and add.00:48
sacarlsonjulia_23: I think you can chain partitions as seen in this example http://tldp.org/HOWTO/Large-Disk-HOWTO-13.html00:48
Siphonjoe_: did you need it for your wireless card?00:48
julia_23thx will check00:48
StrangeCharmi'm having some trouble using ssh-agent. when i pidof ssh-agent, it seems to be running, but ssh-add -l claims not to be able to connect to the agent.00:49
Chilaquilesqueuetip: There is not such a thin00:49
Chilaquilesqueuetip: There is not such a thing00:49
joe_siphon, no not at all...i was amazed00:49
joe_no driver required at all00:49
queuetipChilaquiles: i got that from: http://www.rawcomputing.co.uk/linux/linuxtips18.html00:49
joe_not even for the bluetooth00:49
xanguaChilaquiles: system>prefs>energy00:50
xanguajoe_: the drivers are incluided in the kernel00:50
julia_23you lost me00:51
julia_23I have no clue00:51
joe_may be00:51
julia_23Gparted will not allow me to create another extended partition00:51
xanguajulia_23: using gparted in the Live cd¿00:51
joe_my laptop is working fine....in fact much better now than it did before00:51
sacarlsonjulia_23: is there a pastebin of fdisk -l  for me to view?00:52
julia_23xangua: correct.  is this because I am trying to partition unallocated space at the beggining of the drive, sda2/3/4/5 already exist00:52
julia_23sda 3 is extended with 5 as its allocated00:52
Siphonxangu: any idea on where I could get the drivers for the wireless card for HP mini 210 I'm trying to.00:53
joe_xangua: my cellphone bluetooth device cannot discover my laptop bluetooth00:53
xanguajoe_: if you have any question feel free to ask, to chat there is #ubuntu-offtopic00:53
sacarlsonjulia_23: do you understand pastebin?00:53
joe_i installed personal file sharing00:53
julia_23cut paste?00:53
joe_but could not resolve the matter00:53
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.00:54
shoutpci tried running gadmin-proftpd and i hit tyhe activate button and it is not starting .... what is the next step00:54
julia_23i will have to email myself a copy of the information, i am using another computer to type00:55
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sacarlsonjulia did you read the post that queuetip and ubuttu provieded you see links on pastebin provided00:55
julia_23sacarson: you mean cut ant paste?00:55
julia_23sacarson: correct, greek to me00:56
julia_23command didnt work00:56
julia_23fdisk -l works00:56
sacarlsonjulia_23: click those blue lines you see in the ubottu link above00:57
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto00:58
julia_23is this to save a screenshot online or what?00:59
ubottuAMD64 and Intel 64 are fully supported architectures on Ubuntu. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CommonQuestions#AMD64%20Processors and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amd64 for more information.00:59
xangua!bot > Condorito00:59
ubottuCondorito, please see my private message00:59
sacarlsonjulia_23: the pastebin will provide us with reference to what you see in fdisk -l00:59
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joe_my cellphone bluetooth device cannot discover my laptop bluetooth01:01
julia_23so, you want me to upload a screenshot of my fdisk -l on imagebin.com, how do I take a screenshot in a live cd?01:01
mewayjulia_23, press the prntscreen button01:01
ThOr101Is there a way to boot ubuntu (loaded on a thumb drive) in some kind of "forensic" mode so that I don't touch the hard drive AT ALL?01:01
leagrishow do you tell gnome vfs (gvfs) about smb iocharset so it can properly display special chars in file names ?01:01
julia_23meway: i dont know if i can do that, its pretty friggin complicated!01:02
xangua!usb | ThOr10101:02
ubottuThOr101: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent01:02
sacarlsonjulia_23: fdisk -l is just text so paste.ubuntu.com should be all you need and will save bandwidth01:02
Condoritoxangua, thnx, bookmarked... ;)01:02
ThOr101xangua: I've already got it installed.01:02
julia_23meway: that is my subtle sense of humor01:02
mewayjulia_23, its at the top of your keyboard laptop or desktop computer?01:02
ipatrolubuntu always has command line tools to do things, but I really loathe when they take away gui tools. They form part of a complex mental package, with enough dependencies to put GNOME to shame01:02
ThOr101xangua: Boots like a champ, but it interrogates the hard drives and offers them for mounting.  I want it to ignore the hard drives01:02
julia_23you want me to paste the text in here?01:03
mewayjulia_23, go to pastebin.ca01:03
julia_23i got it01:03
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mewayjulia_23, paste it there hit submit and copy the url it gives you01:03
mewayThOr101, and what is the goal? for why?01:04
SpreadsheetWhere do I chat about suggestions to Ubuntu01:05
ThOr101The goal is to not leave a trace.  I'm also looking to keep the persistant part of the drive read only, so any changes that are made to the drive are lost on reboot.01:05
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bencahill_!info jwm01:05
ubottujwm (source: jwm): Very small lightweight pure X11 window manager with tray and menus. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0.1-3 (maverick), package size 95 kB, installed size 296 kB01:05
queuetipi don't understand how you can understand how to partition a drive but not know what pastebin is : /01:05
ThOr101meway: Depending on how you boot.  Boot it one way, and you can add packages, boot it another way, and you are safe from permanent changes made to the system.01:06
mewayThOr101, you should only be able to add files and remove only the files you added. I'm not 100% on this. But there will always be a recoverable trace.01:06
mewayThOr101, is the gaol to navigate the drive?01:07
julia_23Unallocated 24 gigs at the beginning of the drive01:07
mewaysacarlson, ^01:07
julia_23sacarlson: http://paste.ubuntu.com/55560801:07
julia_23meway: http://paste.ubuntu.com/55560801:07
sacarlsonjulia_23: ok so what is stoping you from making sda6 the next partition?01:08
ThOr101meway: The goal is to customize a thumb drive, and then be able to take it out "in the field" and boot the Thumb Drive read only and (ignore the hard drive).  This way if the system is compromised it is not permanent, and there isn't any trace of being there on the host computer (2 goals).01:08
USS_OHIOheres an easy one, how do i update from 10.10 to 11.04?01:08
tripz0rHey does any1 know how to fix this error ? " E: Unmet dependencies. Try using -f. " ????? please help01:08
magik-I'm having trouble connecting to my svftpd from over the internet.. it wont list the dir's - It works perfectly when connecting on my local network? please help01:08
mewaywell it sounds like its on the boarder of legal :)01:09
x-frogDesktop... says Grub loading  error: hd1, msdos1 out of disk entering rescue mode...then a prompt that says grub rescue>....what do i do01:09
julia_23sacarlson: gparted will not allow me to create another extended partition, only logical01:09
mewayThOr101, so here is what you do disable the drive in the bios :p01:09
sacarlsonjulia_23: if you click on the unused space just say you want to make it a logical partition01:09
julia_23sacarlson:  i have done that already01:09
ThOr101meway: not an option (at least, not always)01:10
tripz0rPLEASE " Hey does any1 know how to fix this error ? " E: Unmet dependencies. Try using -f. " ????? please help01:10
ThOr101meway: My understanding is that ubuntu will use the swap partition on the hard drive (if it finds one)01:10
schnufflemagik-: use passive mode for your ftp client01:10
julia_23sacarlson:  I can do that, it works just fine, but I run out of space to create /boot and /swap01:10
omehi schnuffle01:10
ThOr101meway: It will also try to mount any drives that it finds.01:10
ThOr101meway: Not cool01:10
sacarlsonjulia_23: let me simulate in virtualbox so I can be sure but seems you can have 4 partitions in your extended partitions so you should have up to 8 available01:10
ThOr101meway: For this application anyway01:10
julia_23sacarlson: the extended partition is full01:11
xanguatripz0r: sudo apt-get install -f01:11
tripz0rdon't work01:11
julia_23sacarlson:  it contains my old ubuntu installation that I wish to delete after I install ubuntu onto a new parition01:11
ThOr101sacarlson: If that is true, max would be 7, 4 primary, one being the extended, and then 4 extended.  Makes for 7 mountable01:11
julia_23sacarlson:  i have alrady copied my profile from /sda5 onto /sda201:12
julia_23all I need is a /boot and a root01:12
sacarlsonjulia_23: this will take me some time (about 6 min) to boot a virtualbox and see if I can create 8 partitions in the same maner01:12
ThOr101meway: Am I wrong in assuming that ubuntu will try to use the swap on the hard drive?01:12
julia_23sacarlson:  thank you for your effort, it does not go unapreciated01:12
bencahilljrib: I just decided to kill it. thanks anyway :)01:12
bencahilldoes anyone know how the 'show desktop' works and what package it is related to?01:12
x-frogDesktop... says Grub loading  error: hd1, msdos1 out of disk entering rescue mode...then a prompt that says grub rescue>....what do i do01:12
magik-fn'schnuffle: passive is enabled ;( I've never had so much trouble with such a simple deal.01:13
mewayThOr101, if its disabled in Bios01:13
julia_23sacarlson:  keep in mind that this was originally wubi installation that I sucessfully transferred onto /sda5.01:13
ThOr101meway: I don't have access to BIOS in each case (or at least I can't assume that)01:13
mewayThOr101, sure you can01:14
gnewbx-frog: Maybe a fix-grub thing, I really am not certain on that, but is a possibility.01:14
ThOr101meway: Ahh, wouldn't that be nice.  If I could assume that, I wouldn't be having this fine chat with you ;-)01:14
magik-[R] 530 PORT command only accepts client IP address (!=
julia_23sacarlson:  I will upload a picture01:15
sacarlsonjulia_23: I am booting virtual ubuntu 10.10 I forgot to ask what you were running01:15
mewayThOr101, ither there is a battery, or a jumper on the motherboard.01:15
mewaytake it out or enable the jumper :p01:16
schnufflemagik-: wich server?01:16
mewaymake sure to put it back in after next reboot01:16
ThOr101meway: Ripping off the cover of a computer isn't an option in these situations.  But thanks for trying01:16
julia_23sacarlson: http://tinyurl.com/redirect.php?num=4gtqv7f01:16
mewayThere is a bit of a security trick I know01:17
resurectionHow can i add into autostart 'sleep 10 && conky'?01:17
linuxman410will ubuntu remix run with only 512 megs of ram on a asus eeepc 70101:17
mewayIf you do it wrong it will fry something maybe ^_^01:17
julia_23sacarlson: extended and logial are greyed out01:17
resurectionIf i use ALT+F2, then 'sleep 10 && conky' doesn't work :( Autostart too.01:18
schnufflemagik-: http://www.proftpd.org/docs/howto/NAT.html01:18
mewayThOr101, would you take a look at my query's?01:18
gnewblinuxman410: Did you or have you looked at the Netbook Remix?01:18
ThOr101meway: Uhh, sure?01:19
linuxman410the last remix i used was 9.1001:19
gnewblinuxman410: Is that a netbook?01:19
mewayThOr101, there pm's private messages01:19
mewayThOr101, you don't see them?01:19
gnewblinuxman410: Ok, in the distro repositories there are a few Netbook Remixes.01:20
ThOr101meway: I'm using a new irc client, let me go find the server / messages window01:20
bird_turdis Ruby a useful programming language?01:21
schnufflebird_turd: yes01:21
aeon-ltdbird_turd: depends on the purpose, but any heavily used language is01:21
Aginorbird_turd: it's as useful as any other programming language, it depends on what you feel comfortable with and what you're trying to achieve01:21
linuxman410gnewb the asus eeepc only has a 900 celeron processor01:21
linuxman410the 7-1 that is01:22
bird_turdwhat kind of things does it typically get used for01:22
gnewblinuxman410: Have you also looked at the 'lighter' versions?01:22
linuxman410can u name a few01:22
aeon-ltdlinuxman410: the truth about unr is, is that its in no way (technically) better than stock ubuntu.01:22
schnufflebird_turd: most kown is certainly rails web development01:23
xangualinuxman410: maybe lubuntu or xubuntu will fit to your needs01:23
gnewblinuxman410: Xubuntu is one, Lubuntu is about the lightest I have seen.01:23
linuxman410does lubuntu have a netbook version01:24
ggomezI have a question, can anybody help me ?01:24
xangualinuxman410: lxde has a netbook interface, yes01:24
schnuffle!ask | ggomez01:24
ubottuggomez: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)01:24
gnewblinuxman410: I am on Lubuntu now, is simply great on this old box I have.01:24
ggomezI cant install xmms in lucid distro01:24
Aginorbird_turd: I'm going to make lots of people disagree, but I'd probably place it fairly close to python in its use cases01:24
jPuffhow do i install xchat on my ubuntu 10.10 desktop? its connected to the internet but its not the one im using now01:24
bird_turdis it good for regular desktop applications(word processor-type things, maintenance tools, etc). non-web things01:25
aeon-ltdjPuff: are you using gnome-xchat?01:25
PosheHow do you even OPEN sdcc? I followed all the installation instructions but I can't open it?01:25
jPuffi am using freenode webchat01:25
aeon-ltdbird_turd: imo, c would be better01:25
joe_jPuff: go to the ubuntu software centre01:25
aeon-ltdjPuff: sudo apt-get install xchat01:25
sacarlsonjulia_23: from my simulation I see that because it's the first partition it wants to be a primary partition01:25
joe_n type xchat01:26
gnewblinuxmN410: > http://lubuntu.net/about01:26
wedwo-ggomez, why not?01:26
schnufflebird_turd: for desktpo apps: python/qt01:26
julia_23sacarlson: i see, so if i delete my swap it wont do anything will it?01:26
Aginorbird_turd: I'd not use an interpreted language for many of those things, but it certainly is possible01:26
joe_go for xchat IRC01:26
Poshe:/ Does anyone use SDCC?01:26
ActionParsnip!anyone | Poshe01:27
ubottuPoshe: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?01:27
PosheHow do you open sdcc? I installed it following the instructions but I can't seem to open it?01:27
gnewbHell ActionParsnip, <Vigo here>01:28
julia_23sacarlson: hmm.  If I create a primary and designate it as "/" , can I not worry about not assigning a swap and a /boot?01:28
sacarlsonjulia_23: so If you could delete your swap I think that will work,  with it deleted you can create the primary at that location and create anther partition after for swap in a extended partitiion01:28
lmaowhat are the Ubuntu bot triggers01:28
lmaoI forgot them01:28
gnewblmao !01:28
lmaoHi gnewb01:29
schnufflePoshe: http://sdcc.sourceforge.net/doc/sdccman.html/node37.html01:29
lmaoDo I know you?01:29
gnewb!bot | lmao01:29
ubottulmao: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots01:29
lmaothanks I just found it too01:29
ggomezbecause dependy problems with libraries01:29
ggomezI'v already installed but says it is doesn't01:30
julia_23sacarlson: I can create a primary with the unallocated space01:30
Posheschnuffle: I can't OPEN the app.01:30
julia_23sacarlson: if I do not assign a swap, or a /boot,  will ubuntu install properly, then I can assign a /boot and /swap later?01:31
wedwo-ggomez, shouldn't have any dependency problems if you install it with synaptic. I have it installed on 10.04 and it works01:31
julia_23sacarlson: once I get ubuntu up and working on the new partiton, I will delete all the others01:31
ggomezI didnt find the package01:31
ggomezI ve kubuntu 10.0401:31
julia_23sacarlson: or is it much better to assign a /boot and swap before installing to save the hasstle?01:32
sacarlsonjulia_23: is just that first partition that needs to be a primary you will have 8 partitions to play with or more after that first space is alocated as a primary from the removal of swap01:32
schnufflePoshe: what happens when to execute sdcc in a terminal?01:32
Posheschnuffle: how do I execute sdcc in terminal?01:33
julia_23sacarlson: can we PM ?01:33
kwtmHey, a fellow Kubuntu user!  ggomez, you're saying that you've installed "xmms" but when you run xmms, it says command not found?  Or you don't find it in the menu?  Or it says it can't install?01:33
schnuffle!terminal | Poshe01:33
ubottuPoshe: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal01:33
sacarlsonjulia_23: in the future you should learn in a virtualbox so that you can learn without damage to your data01:33
julia_23sacarlson:  thats the plan01:33
julia_23sacarlson:  oh i see, yes,01:34
wedwo-ggomez, ah, you're probably right - mine is a carry over from 8.0401:34
dm01_Anyone here know anything about vuse?01:34
ggomezI cant install it01:34
kwtmAginor: I am a Python fan, but don't know Ruby that well.  Would you say that Ruby has a more compact syntax, but Python (having been around longer) has a bigger ecosystem of Programs People Have Already Written?01:34
kwtmCan I try doing the "anyone" factoid?01:35
kwtm!anyone | dm01_01:35
ubottudm01_: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?01:35
kwtmHey, it worked.01:35
Posheschnuffle: I know how to open terminal... but how do you open this sdcc?01:36
KM0201!info xmms2 | kwtm01:36
ubottukwtm: xmms2 (source: xmms2): Client/server based media player system. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.7DrNo+dfsg-2 (maverick), package size 14 kB, installed size 56 kB01:36
greg777hello room! anyone here willing to help me with packaging? i'm trying to package xmms. new packager and have already consulted ubuntu packaging guide.01:36
kwtmggomez: Hi.  You said "I cant install it" --I guess you were answering my question, right?01:36
kwtmKM0201: Did you mean to aim that at ggomez?01:36
KM0201kwtm: or you, whoever had the xmms question01:37
adubon ubuntu 10.04 how can i enable root ssh logins by default01:37
kwtmKM0201: Your answer makes me think you meant to point it at ggomez.  I did not have any question at all.01:37
adubi want to be able to login directly as root01:37
a7i3nSo I installed vuse. The program runs. But the buttons don't work...01:37
adubi know this isnt a good idea but i really need to do it01:37
KM0201oh ok... well ggomez scroll up for info about xmms2  ;)01:37
schnufflePoshe: sdcc is a comand line too so you just enter sdcc and it should run. the tool has no GUI01:38
adubi need to winscp files over to certain folders01:38
greg777if someone is willing to help with packaging issues please pm01:38
KM0201adub: nobody ehre is going to tell you how to do that01:38
greg777trying to package xmms01:38
adubkm0201 that is dumb01:38
AlecTaylorHow do I reinstall grub2 from my old 10.04 liveCD?01:38
* AlecTaylor used the alternate 10.10 CD01:38
adubthere is a valid use to doing this01:38
Posheschnuffle: sadly, it doesn't run...01:38
schnufflewhat doe it tell you?01:38
kwtmadub: I will tell you how if you really want, but it would be MUCH more secure if you didn't do a root login.  You could, for example, login as a user and then sudo the files into place.01:38
KM0201adub: then why did you choose ubuntu?  use fedora or debian, etc.. that allow a root login01:38
a7i3nHow do I instal vuse so that it actually works?01:38
Posheschnuffle: I'm trying to sudo apt-get it right now.01:38
Posheschnuffle: command not found01:39
schnufflePoshe: and how did you install it01:39
kwtm!who > kwtm01:39
ubottukwtm, please see my private message01:39
joe_hey any idea about mint 10 as an os?01:39
ggomezxmms2 is for server audio isnt it ?01:39
Posheschnuffle: followed the instructions of copying the files into my /usr/local01:39
KM0201!mint | joe_01:39
ubottujoe_: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu, please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org01:39
Aginorkwtm: I'm not a fan of either language, but I'd say I use python more than ruby myself. So I'm not sure I can answer your question without doing some research on library support for both language01:39
ComradeHaz`um, jason, are you talking to me?01:39
Posheschnuffle: or something like that.01:39
kwtmggomez: Wow, are you speaking to me?  About 20 people spoke between my asking you a question and you answering.01:39
schnufflejoe_: really nice impression01:39
kwtm!who | ggomez01:39
ubottuggomez: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)01:39
greg777@joe very awesome distro highly recommend it01:39
KM0201!botabuse | kwtm :)01:40
ubottukwtm :): Please investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".01:40
greg777if you want rolling release, however, try linux mint debian edition01:40
Aginorkwtm: but I can only presume that both languages have decent c-bindings, which would make the question more of a moot point since it'd always be possible to fall back on c-libraries01:40
adubwell on winscp how can i move files over using this program to directories that require root access01:40
joe_schuffle: how is your ubuntu going?01:40
schnufflePoshe: so where is the binary  located /usr/local/bin?01:40
KM0201adub: sudo cp?01:40
adubi need to create a folder01:41
schnufflejoe_: I have all ssorts of different distri running from suse to mint and all are running fine )01:41
=== Guest38741 is now known as RaNdY
greg777anybody have packaging experience?01:41
kwtmadub: GOod question. I'm afraid I don't have an answer for you, so I'll tell you have to allow SSh login as root, but just keep in mind that you are deliberately making it possible for anyone to login as root (and install a rootkit, which you'll probably never detect).  Still want to know?01:41
KM0201adub: perhaps you should google some terminal commands... everything you want to do, does not require a root account01:41
Aginorbut I think that if we're going to have a religious war about programming languages, it would be a good idea to move it to a different channel ;)01:41
=== RaNdY is now known as Guest99151
adubkwtm if they know my password01:42
kwtmKM0201: I think adub wants to use just a plain SCP program (WinSCP) ... does it allow executing terminal commands?  That would be nice...01:42
KM0201kwtm: i don't seewhy it wouldnt01:42
joe_schnuffle: good going....a few weeks back i had enough with windows and decided to shift to ubuntu and since then life has been much better01:42
adubkwtm yes01:42
wedwo-ggomez, see if this helps: http://tombott.com/install_xmms_on_ubuntu_8.04_8.10_9.04_9.10_10.04_last.fm_scrobble01:42
adubhow do i enable root login01:42
Posheschnuffle: I'm not sure what you mean by binary?01:42
Aginorkwtm: have you heard of the distributed botnets that try to guess and bruteforce ssh passwords for common usernames, including root? :)01:43
greg777@adub: sudo psswd01:43
kwtmadub: Well, I wouldn't say that it would happen only if "they know my password" because: a) they can find out your password (you *are* logging in from a Windows machine, after all), or b) there may be other ways without a password.  Aaanyway.01:43
schnufflePoshe: an executable file called sdcc01:43
kwtmAginor: I think you meant to tell that to adub.01:43
greg777then change the password01:43
Aginorkwtm: sorry, I did01:43
greg777then login as su01:43
adubi figured it out01:43
Aginoradub: have you heard of the distributed botnets that try to guess and bruteforce ssh passwords for common usernames, including root? :)01:43
kwtmadub: Okay, on the man page, it says Client access may be more finely tuned via the /root/.ssh/authorized_keys file (see below) and the PermitRootLogin server option.01:43
Aginoradub: for ssh security, I'd strongly recommend that you only allow ssh key logins01:44
kwtmadub: If you are going to permit root logins, I strongly recommend you don't allow password logins, and also not to use the default port of 22.  Try 22222 or something greater than 1024.01:44
kwtmadub: Yeah, what Aginor said.01:44
schnufflekwtm: security by obscurity doesn't work01:45
kwtmKM0201: Does WinSCP allow terminal access?  I haven't used Windows for a long time but I didn't know that it did.  I think it's only a file manager.01:45
schnufflekwtm: maybe it leans up your logs a bit01:45
KM0201kwtm: honestly, i really don't know...01:45
kwtmschnuffle: ?? Sorry, I don't understand the context.  Did you intend your text for someone else?01:46
Posheschnuffle: I can't seem to be able to find the file actually, in local/bin. there's only a local/share01:46
KM0201kwtm: but logic says if you use the proper terminal command, you should be able to use terminal;01:46
JeroenzKlompzoi, maybe someone has a link to a how-to/tutorial how to install these tar.gz in lucid 10.04? http://art.gnome.org/themes/gdm_greeter. bit confused bout the things i find. thx ;)01:46
ggomezwedwo- Thanks !!!!!!!01:46
schnufflekwtm: the suggestion to move the ssh port01:46
adubgot it thanks guys01:46
wedwo-ggomez, come back and tell if it works01:46
curtmackSo, I put together a new computer, and as a result I upgraded to the 64-bit version of Ubuntu. However, after 30 minutes or so of uptime, the mouse and keyboard simultaneously freeze.01:47
xanguaJeroenzKlompz: the new gdm no longer supports that kind of themes01:47
curtmackThe rest of the system runs fine after this, however01:47
kwtmKM0201: I think the this Windows GUI program is supposed to make it easy for the type of person who typically uses a Windows system.  I know there's Putty for Windows, too, but that doesn't have a file manager capability.01:47
JeroenzKlompzxangua, :(01:47
ggomezwedwo- It works !!!!!01:47
Posheis sdcc not actually the compiler?01:48
JeroenzKlompzxangua, where can i check for those stuff these days01:48
=== Braindead is now known as Guest58272
kwtmschnuffle: Oh!  I see what you are referring to.  You're right that changing the port won't prevent an attack, but I think it decreases the possibility of a drive-by attack since a script-kiddie would need to spend a lot more time port-scanning if they gove above 1024.01:48
joe_hey is there any dock better than the cairo dock????01:48
xanguajoe_: docky, avant, better¿ who knows01:48
joe_cairo, i heard, is the best01:49
schnufflekwtm: thats right, I have some server running with changed ports just to keep my logs clean but even on cchanged ports I get attacks01:49
wedwo-!better | joe_01:49
ubottujoe_: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.01:49
ipatrolwhy is it that when I unmount my hard drive, /proc disappears01:50
Aginorkwtm: having 2222 or 22222 or 222222 as alternative ports for ssh is hardly going to make much of a difference nowadays since they're well established as alternative ports01:50
joe_thanks ubottu01:50
ItsMeMariohey guys, i've a project that compiles with cmake how can i add a .h to the path ?01:50
ipatrolumount -l /dev/sda0 (using SATA)01:50
kwtmAginor: well, 222222 won't work.  My own ssh port does not contain the digit "2".  I don't permit root logins.01:50
schnufflePoshe: please elaborate on your install steps.01:50
Aginorkwtm: yeah, it's bigger than 6536301:51
Posheschnuffle: I don't think it's an actual program... thanks though...01:51
Aginorkwtm: or whatever, minus typos01:51
AginorItsMeMario: is it your own project or someone elses?01:52
needlezneed a little help with a bash script if someone can help, have tried a few things all with random unfaithful results01:53
aeon-ltdneedlez: ask in #bash01:53
curtmackAfter a while my mouse and keyboard freeze, but the rest of the system functions fine01:53
ascheelQuestion about networking in Ubuntu Desktop.  The service that auto-detects wired/wireless networks is network-manager, is this correct?  If so, what process kicks it off?  I'm not seeing any entries for it in /etc/rc*.d01:53
trismascheel: /etc/init/network-manager.conf (it uses upstart)01:54
ascheeltrism: upstart doesn't use rc*.d?01:55
ipatrolI'm trying to run gparted because for some reason I have 2 unused gigs at the front of my disc01:55
trikingplease... I need help01:55
ascheel!ask | triking01:55
ubottutriking: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)01:55
USS_OHIOhrmm there a specific  graphix setting that would make my GPU thermal temps raise significantly?01:55
trismascheel: upstart will run the scripts in rc*.d but those are not the primary scripts (the upstart specific ones are in /etc/init/)01:56
ChuckBorrusgreppy: you on?01:56
ascheeltrism: Thanks a ton.  :)01:56
ascheeltrism: it's not a typical script.  How do I prevent it from executing?  Do I need to delete it or is there a way to simply disable it>?01:57
trikingOk. My goal is to use a livecd to boot into an install located on a USB harddisk. In other words, I'm using the livecd as a bootloader because my internal drive is completly toast. Wut do?01:57
trismascheel: upstart will not run any scripts in that directory that don't end in .conf (I usually move them to .conf-disabled), but if you want to still be able to start them manually, it is probably better to edit the script and add "and never" to the start on line01:58
ascheeltrism: exactly what I was looking for.  ;)01:58
USS_OHIOcan someone help me i need to reduce my graphics or something so my GPU temp will drop to safe levels, i'm currently running 90 degrees C with only network conection and this chat running01:58
ascheelUSS_OHIO: failing video card.01:58
trikingI've tried navigating into the partition where the install is located and running init 1 as root.. but it brings me back into a recovery console and reloads the livecd filesystem01:58
ascheelUSS_OHIO: fan probably dead, perhaps no heat sink compound.  Hardware failure in other words01:59
ascheeltriking: most modern computers can boot to USB drives01:59
ascheeltriking: a live CD such as the Ubuntu installation CD should have full USB capabilities to access any of the data you need01:59
trikingmy bios is dumb and has no option for booting01:59
USS_OHIOi'm on a lap top, i opened it up to check for dust and likeness, but it's clean, and fan works fine02:00
trikingAccess isn't my problem. I just want to switch the kernel from the livecd one to the one installed on my usb device.02:00
needlezok, got a question can someone help me with writting a script in here cuz the ppl in bash are like jerks about tring to ask a simple question02:00
USS_OHIOi only have this problem when i'm on ubuntu02:00
USS_OHIOworks fine with windows02:00
schnuffleneedlez: paste your script02:00
ascheelUSS_OHIO: no graphics card should go that hot.  If it does, it has problems.02:01
trikingUSS_OHIO... maybe the linux tool is reporting bogus numbers?02:01
needlezschnuffle: totem &02:01
needlezsleep 7200; killall totem;sudo pm-suspend02:01
ascheelthere's also that what triking said02:01
needlezthe sudo  pm-suspend doesnt work, it prompts for password so it wont work, want the computer to shutdown or go into sleep mode after totem exits02:01
USS_OHIOhrmmm, well it's kinda scary cause i've hit 103 degrees before and the laptop was to hot to handle02:01
schnuffleand where i your problem?02:02
schnuffle!pastebin | needlez02:02
ubottuneedlez: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.02:02
trikinganyway, is there a way to jump from the livecd kernel (and its temporary filesystem) to the kernel on the usb device?02:02
USS_OHIOand it's only done this when i'm in ubuntu02:03
needlezschnuffle: http://paste.ubuntu.com/555613/02:03
ascheelUSS_OHIO: no graphics card should get that hot.  If it does, there ARE hardware issues.02:03
ascheelI'm not saying there might be, I'm saying there ARE02:03
schnuffleneedlez: and the problem?02:03
ItsMeMariohey guys, i've a project that compiles with cmake how can i add a .h to the path ?02:03
ascheelfull throttle going balls to the wall, your video card shouldn't go that high IMO02:03
needlezproblem is sudo pm-suspend doesnt work want a command to shutdown the computer that wont require me to be in sudo cuz this script is an autorun script so that i can run it and totem will open then play a movie then close then the computer will shutdown/ sleep02:04
rtdos2 questions: what happened to xdm and is there a desktop similar to the one on MacOS?02:04
schnuffleneedlez: sudo takes a password, that won't work in batch mode02:05
ascheelneedlez: create a c wrapper and use SETUID on it to execute as root even though you're not root02:05
needlezisn't there like a way to just run a shutdown command which doesnt require root priv??02:06
needlezlike shutdown -h or something??02:06
ascheelshutdown and reboot both require root privs.02:06
ascheelneedlez: I'm telling you how to do it.  c wrapper with SETUID02:06
rtdosyou could probably write a script that passes the value02:06
needlezascheel: have no idea about cwrapper at all? please explain or give example02:07
ascheelneedlez: do you know what SETUID is?02:07
needlezascheel: nope02:07
shmupAny LoL players in here, that actually managed getting it to run with Wine?02:07
shmupI'd love to chat with you one on one. :x02:07
rtdosLoL shump?02:08
shmupleague of legends02:08
shmupthe league players would know what i meant, so i just went with the acronym ._.02:08
rtdoshaven't tried it YET maybe i should.02:08
shmupwell, it definitely causes problems02:08
curtmackProblem: My keyboard and mouse freeze after a while. However, the rest of the system continues to run. Can anyone help?02:08
shmupbut you should give it a shot02:09
shmupthen report back to me :D02:09
rtdosi will shump thanks. :D02:09
ascheelneedlez: when you run a program, it executes as your user.  Setting the SETUID bit will force the program to run as whoever owns it02:09
needlezascheel: ok?02:09
ascheelneedlez: so if root owns it and SETUID is enabled, then ANYBODY that executes the program will execute it as though they are root02:09
ascheelneedlez: you cannot do it with scripts because Linux doesn't allow it, but C programs will work.  A c wrapper is a small program written in c that has the sole purpose of executing a command02:09
yshiDoes anyone have any strong opinions on which is better, ubuntu 10.04 or 10.10?02:10
ascheelneedlez: because it's a binary program and not a script, you can turn on SETUID.  I have one set up.  Getting you an example02:10
needlezascheel: ok02:10
ascheelneedlez: http://paste.ubuntu.com/555616/02:11
ascheelcreate a c program with that, compile it, then do this:  sudo chown root: /path/to/shutdown/program && sudo chmod 4755 /path/to/shutdown/program02:11
ascheelneedlez: do not ever ever set an execution line in a c wrapper to execute a script.  Ever.02:12
needlezascheel: my script works perfectly, the only issue is that sudo pm-suspend sometimes requires password but other times it doesn't that really all i need to figure out, but thank you for the idea with the c wrapper02:12
trikingI'm still not sure how to solve my problem. How does one boot ubuntu from ubuntu?02:12
schnuffleneedlez: http://www.faqs.org/faqs/unix-faq/faq/part4/section-7.html02:12
schnuffleneedlez: another option is to configure sudo that the user can execute the script without password02:13
quentusrexAnyone know how to remove the 'S' permission bit: drw-r-Sr--02:13
sympt0mwhat's the best virtualpc package for ubuntu?02:13
wedwo-triking, http://www.plop.at/en/bootmanager.html02:13
quentusrexI tried to change the /etc/bind/ directory to 664 from 64402:13
ascheelschnuffle: good idea, I forgot about being able to set up sudo to do that02:13
quentusrexand now bind can't start because it doesn't have sudo permissions02:13
trikingthe latest version of plop couldn't detect my usb device02:13
sam-_-!best | sympt0m02:14
ubottusympt0m: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.02:14
trikingor are you saying use plop within the livecd session?02:14
elikIs there a Colin Law around?02:14
needlezthank you both schnuffle and ascheel: i figured it out, seems that it will run the script without need for password if ive already ran sudo once since ive logged on but if i dont run at least one sudo command then itll prompt for it, so i guess just a little hiccup right now02:15
trikingwedwo- I could burn a cd with plop, but I would prefer not to. The livecd has all the features I need just in case something else goes wrong02:15
ascheelneedlez: incorrect bud.  There's a timeout to the sudo password requirement.  It's only about 5 minutes or so by default.02:15
wedwo-triking, use plop to boot from usb (is what I'm saying)02:15
trikingwedwo- and when I installed plop on the internal disk (before I fucked it up), it couldn't detect the device02:16
trikingwedwo- :(02:16
IdleOne!language | triking02:16
ubottutriking: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.02:16
rvnspeech-dispatcher disabled; edit /etc/default/speech-dispatcher [ OK ]02:16
wedwo-triking, but if plop can't see your usb you're about out of luck02:16
rvnthis line is holding up boot for a long while at each boot on my aspire one d25002:16
needlezascheel: ahh ok,that explains why it works with a 10 value but not a 7200 value... i guess i can change sudo to not require a password02:16
trikingwedwo- so its not possible in a fully booted livecd to simply start up the boot process on another device!?02:17
ascheelneedlez: you the ONLY person that has access to that machine?02:17
trikingwedwo- because the livecd DEFINITELY detects the external disk and whatnot02:17
rvnin fact it's not booting at all right now02:17
rvnit's stuck at that.02:17
ascheelk, but be very very careful because that can be a HUGE security hole if anybody has access to it02:17
needlezascheel: umm, kk, maybe then i can just give the program before root permisson to run and then it wouldnt ask for password would it??02:18
needlezso it be sudo su then totem02:19
wedwo-triking, AFAIK if your BIOS cannot boot from the USB then it won't boot from the USB. Others may know of some way to coax it but I don't02:19
sigandersonwhere can I download the  2.6.38-rc1 kernel sources?02:19
ascheelneedlez: let's create a c wrapper like I showed you.02:19
rvntriking: using a floppy drive you can do it02:19
rvntriking: a usb one if you don't have one on hand02:19
rvnthough a machine that can't boot usb probably can't boot usb floppy02:19
xanguasiganderson: in the linux kernel webpage02:19
trikingwedwo- well it was my understanding that the bios simply scans the first sector of detected devices for the stage 1 bootloader02:20
ascheelneedlez: create a text file, name it 'takeitdown.c' and add this AND ONLY THIS as the contents of the file:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/555616/02:20
schnuffleneedlez: in /etc/sudoers add a line:  <user>           ALL = NOPASSWD: /path/to/binary02:20
ascheelneedlez: tell me when you've done that02:20
needlezascheel: kk i think ill try that02:20
trikingrvn its a laptop so floppy is not an option02:20
ascheelneedlez: trust me, it's crazy easy.02:20
rvntriking: well you can't say that like a laptop CANT have a floppy drive, i own many that do, but yes i see your point - CD then?02:20
sigandersonxangua, I don't see voices for that version02:20
rvntriking: there are floppy images out there explicitly to enable USB booting, particularly for puppy linux several years back, and you can make a CD with a floppy image boot02:21
trikingrvn cd is good. The livecd runs great on it02:21
elikIs there anyone with good knowledge of xorg and video drivers (and possibly ACPI) to help me resolve an issue where my laptop screen goes blank when I close the screen, but never comes back on02:21
rvntriking: if you can find that image and create a CD version of it you can boot to that and chainboot to the USB02:21
wedwo-triking, yes, correct, and if the USB device is not detected by BIOS then it won't see any boot sector02:21
rvnwedwo-: he was speaking with me.02:21
rvncan anybody tell my why 10.10 is failing to boot on my aspire one d250 at "speech-dispatcher disabled; edit /etc/default/speech-dispatcher [ OK ]", when the live version worked and allowed me to install it02:22
rvn(it said the same thing but eventually booted)02:22
ascheelrvn: see if that's the REAL cause by looking at 'dmesg' or perhaps syslog02:22
rvnascheel: i have no access to the machine..02:22
curtmackProblem: My keyboard and mouse freeze after a while. However, the rest of the system continues to run. Can anyone help?02:22
rvnascheel: it won't boot!02:22
rvnascheel: i have rebooted it in the hopes that it is a one time occurence..02:23
ascheelrvn: sorry then I won't be much help to you02:23
rvnascheel: it displayed a totally different (graphical) boot screen and worked...02:23
trikingrvn, wedwo- my question is since the livecd session already detects the device (and hence has access to the kernel image and initrd in /usb/boot) then how can I coax the LIVECD to boot02:23
rvnascheel: no idea.02:23
elikrvn: did you try to ctrl-c it? access a tty (ctrl-alt-f1)02:23
meshuggahwedwo, i succeed to boot on usb....02:23
trikingrvn, wedo- if you type initrd in bash its says 'command not found'02:23
rvntriking: do it from the grub prompt, don't go all the way into the livecd session - i don't know how to do this but i know it can be done - boot command, but it needs parameters to do what u want02:24
needlezascheel: kk done02:24
rvnelik: moot, i rebooted and it booted normally, i am unsure why it tried to boot strangely and failed.02:24
trikingrvn I can't use grub I don't think, not from the internal drive at least (its toast)02:24
rvntriking: all live linux devices use grub02:24
ascheelneedles.  ok, type this:  gcc takeitdown.c -o takeitdown02:24
ascheelneedlez: that will create the actual c program that does the shutdown02:24
rvntriking: so if you're booting via a live cd, do that but when it says grub: _ don't hit enter or let it time out02:24
elikrvn: gotta love those one time hickups02:25
rvn(well, not all use grub, but most)02:25
meshuggahcopy vmlinuz and initrd to internal hd /boot somewhere02:25
rvnelik: yes quite frustrating ;p02:25
meshuggahmodify grub02:25
wedwo-meshuggah, some (older) computers don't have the ability to boot from usb02:25
rvntriking: you could also use the live boot to install grub to the hard drive in the device02:25
trikingrvn well I'm sitting with a terminal open.. is it grub legacy or grub-pc?02:25
rvntriking: if you don't mean literally toast02:25
elikrvn: and it doesn't let you investigate the matter either. Never know when it will spring on you. Like, when you'll reboot the machine via ssh :)02:25
meshuggahgrub will do the trick02:25
meshuggahcopy vmlinuz and initrd02:25
rvntriking: you miss my point, a grub prompt, not grub itself02:25
trikingrvn that wouldn't work...02:25
needlezascheel: kk02:26
trikingrvn ok, whats the command to bring up the prompt?02:26
rvntriking: it's not a command02:26
rvntriking: when you start to boot the live cd you will see "boot:" prompt02:26
rvntriking: at that prompt you will type a boot command02:26
trikingrvn yes02:26
rvntriking: that will access the USB02:26
ascheelneedlez: type this.  The full thing:  sudo chown root: takeitdown && sudo chmod 4755 takeitdown02:26
meshuggahi boot from internal hd02:26
meshuggahwho boot after to usb02:26
rvntriking: trouble is i'm not terribly familiar with the options, so i don't know how to do it off the top of my ehad02:27
rvntriking: but it will be the "boot" command02:27
rvntriking: with some parameters02:27
rvntriking: if you look it up you should find what you need to know02:27
ascheelneedlez: that first sets the owner and group to 'root' then sets the permissions to SETUID (4) so it executes as though it's root, then 755 so ONLY root has write access to the program meaning nobody but root can modify it opening a security hole02:27
rvntriking: i must go, apologies.02:27
trikingrvn I don't know how to tell the boot: that it should use the usb device02:27
trikingahh fudge he left02:27
elikIs there anyone with good knowledge of xorg and video drivers (and possibly ACPI) to help me resolve an issue where my laptop screen goes blank when I close the screen, but never comes back on02:28
needlezascheel: returning error02:28
Gneaelik: does closing it put the system to sleep or hibernation?02:28
elikGnea: no02:28
Gneaelik: why not?02:28
ascheelneedlez: sent you a PM02:29
elikGnea: because I don't want it to, and the option is set not to02:29
Gneaelik: so it should basically just blank the screen, and unblank upon opening, right?02:29
elikGnea: it is interesting to note that if I do ask it to sleep on lid close, the screen comes back on correctly02:29
elikGnea: indeed02:29
elikGnea: I love how you put basically there :)02:29
Gneaelik: quite interesting, indeed. what make/model is the laptop?02:30
Gneaheh thanks02:30
elikGnea: ThinkPad R51 with an intel integrated graphic 8285/855 or something along those lines02:30
ubottuPlease ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.02:30
elikor numbres, rather02:30
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Gneaelik: just found your post about it from yesterday02:32
elikGnea: on the mailing list?02:32
elikGnea: that's pretty much what I explored so far...02:33
RandBrittainAs of today, for some reason GRUB isn't seeing my Windows 7 install, which was working fine for weeks before. I ran update-grub2 and it didn't spot it either. Did some update like a new kernel or something break it?02:33
Gneaelik: yeah, the discussion with Colin..02:33
elikGnea: yup02:33
elikGnea: found an interesting quirck, the ForceEnablePipeA thing... but seems like it doesn't work anymore02:33
ChrisPitzerI'm trying to install a package (kgb-bot) but I'm doing so on a server that's a few years old.  I get "couldn't find package kgb-bot".  how do I get at the package?02:33
jPuffmy my belkin adapter i got from tigerdirect.com isnt working correctly02:34
elikGnea: other than that, I'm not exactly sure who asks who to do what in terms of power management02:34
elikGnea: I had suspend issues with this laptop before (debian). Now suspending works, but I got that :)02:34
schwinn434hello everyone02:35
trikinghow do I set the 'nomodeset' boot flag as a parameter with command-line livecd?02:35
RandBrittainI also am wondering whether it would be better to install Ubuntu Netbook Edition on a netbook that can handle 64-bit architecture or if I should use Ubuntu Desktop 64-bit.02:35
schwinn434I tried to boot my Ubunt 10.1 machine today; wouldn't boot until I tried the last kernel version of linux02:35
schwinn434I don't know what this means - as far as repairing my distro goes02:35
Gneaelik: did you ever read Colin's latest message?02:35
rvnduring the install process for 10.10 on my aspire one d250, the internet worked fine via wireless wpa2. now that it is installed, it attempts to connect and then prompts me for a key again - it will not connect.02:36
elikGnea: the one sent 4 hours ago, which I responded 23 minutes ago? Yeah. It pointed to a few issues on the bug tracker, none of which pointed in that direction02:36
ghost_How i open up a root.disk ?02:37
rvnhow i shot web02:37
Gneaelik: ah okay, the post only shows up to that point, not including your latest response: http://www.linux-archive.org/ubuntu-user/477406-screen-blanks-lid-close-never-comes-back.html02:37
ghost_Its a wubi installation which got corrupted, i want to access my file. Is that possible?02:37
ghost_using the root.disk02:37
rvnduring the install process for 10.10 on my aspire one d250, the internet worked fine via wireless wpa2. now that it is installed, it attempts to connect and then prompts me for a key again - it will not connect.02:38
elikGnea: yeah, there must be a small delay. I just answered that. I had looked up that error message before, but seemed quite frequent and unrelated to the issue at hand02:38
wedwo-ghost_, do you still have the live CD?02:39
Gneaelik: from an ubuntu-standpoint, it sounds like you're on the right path... it sounds to me like there is a communications issue between the thinkpad hardware and the operating system, still. It may be prudent to see if anyone else has encountered or solved this issue with another distribution (fedora?)02:39
ghost_wedwo not with me.02:39
ghost_wedwo- i reinstalled the wubi into windows02:39
ubottuLaptop support information can be found on http://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportMachinesLaptops - http://www.linux-laptop.net/ - http://wiki.ubuntu.com/LaptopTestingTeam - http://tuxmobil.org02:39
ghost_wedwo- but i have a backup of the root.disk02:40
Chilaquileshow can I change the type of a file on Ubuntu?02:40
GneaChilaquiles: for what purpose?02:40
elikGnea: there is the thinkwiki. They have ACPI scripts and all... but I'd need to identify the cause before finding a solution. Plus, the keywords are so generic, it's hard to pinpoit anything useful02:40
wedwo-ghost_, if you get the opportunity you can fire up the liveCD and get to your windows files that way. I have no idea how to get into root.disk02:41
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ChilaquilesGnea: when I open a file .lex Linux thinks that is a dictionary type, and before I installed a software that required those files when I opened that file it showed me all the C commands in bold02:42
schwinn434I tried to boot my Ubuntu 10.1 machine today; wouldn't boot until I used the last kernel version of linux02:42
Gneaelik: well, that's the thing - it's such an uphill battle, maybe someone else has already done the legwork - there are a BUNCH of articles on the r51 from other distros: http://www.linux-on-laptops.com/ibm.html02:42
Chilaquilesbut now is just plain text02:42
schwinn434I don't know what this means - as far as repairing my distro goes02:42
ubottuTo reset the gnome panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »02:42
schwinn434any ideas helpful02:42
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KM0201schwinn434: well, 10.1 doesn't exist02:42
GneaChilaquiles: I'm not familiar with the .lex format... perhaps someone else is02:42
bencahillhey guys, can i make the panel background transparent?02:42
Gneaschwinn434: there is 10.10, but not 10.102:43
bencahill!10.10 | schwinn43402:43
ubottuschwinn434: Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat) is the current release of Ubuntu. Download http://www.ubuntu.com/start-download - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/101002:43
Gneaprecision is paramount02:43
ChilaquilesGnea: I just want to tell them linux that don't associate those kind of files with a dictionary file, can I do that?02:43
schwinn434I'm glad my machine booted - just using last kernel02:43
ChilaquilesGnea: I just want to tell linux that don't associate those kind of files with a dictionary file, can I do that?02:43
bencahillschwinn434: not a decimal number, 10.10 stands for 2010 October (I think)02:44
schwinn434thx benchalll02:44
bencahillschwinn434: np :) one more thing...02:44
bencahill!tab | schwinn43402:44
ubottuschwinn434: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.02:44
schwinn434thx bencahill02:44
GneaChilaquiles: have you tried right-clicking on the .lex file, then "open with..."?02:45
rvnduring the install process for 10.10 on my aspire one d250, the internet worked fine via wireless wpa2. now that it is installed, it attempts to connect and then prompts me for a key again - it will not connect.02:45
rvn(atheros chipset, too..)02:45
ChilaquilesGnea: yes I already did02:45
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GneaChilaquiles: it should have a 'use this application from now on for this file type' somewhere02:45
KM0201rvn: which atheros chipset?02:45
rvnKM0201: fantastic question, i'll do an lspci02:45
elikGnea: that's the thing: power management evolved quite quickly in the last year or two. All those articles date back from 5 years ago02:46
Gneaelik: did none of them get it?02:46
schwinn434tab key not working to autocomplete nicknames02:46
schwinn434little help please02:46
elikGnea: still working throught the list of those still online, but noone seemed to get this issue02:47
Gnea!cn | lixian12302:47
ubottulixian123: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道:打字 /join #ubuntu-cn 或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-tw  或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-hk02:47
bencahillschwinn434: for example, type "benc" (no quotes) and then hit tab02:47
Gneaelik: make sure you check the thinkpath02:47
schwinn434worked thxs02:47
curtmackproblem: After a while, my keyboard and mouse freeze. The rest of the system works fine. Can anybody help?02:47
bencahillschwinn434: sure np :)02:48
jPuffmy internet keeps getting interrupted02:48
jPuffim hooked into the modem and it keeps getting disconnected02:48
KM0201rvn: i red another post (from dec 31) that described a similar problem, and they suggested madwifi02:48
Chilaquiles!sp | Chilaquiles02:48
rvnyes i just read the same post.. lol02:48
elikGnea: thinkpath?02:48
rvnKM0201: -^02:48
rvnKM0201: but it worked before installation02:48
bencahillso is there a way I can make the panel objects transparent?02:49
rvnKM0201: leads me to believe perhaps an upgraded package broke it02:49
jPuffI have a new belkin wireless adapter02:49
KM0201rvn: hmm.. i really don't know...02:49
Chilaquiles!ge | Chilaquiles02:49
ubottuChilaquiles, please see my private message02:49
KM0201!msgthebot > Chilaquiles02:49
Gneaelik: if you do a ctrl+f and search for r51 in that url that I gave you, you'll eventually see it02:49
bencahillKM0201: beat me to it :)02:49
jPuffand when i run ubuntu software center it demands a differently named cd than what i have02:49
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schwinn434I tried to boot my Ubuntu 10.10 machine today; wouldn't boot (grub menu option to use previous kernel) until I booted using the last kernel version of linux02:50
Chilaquiles!es | Chilaquiles02:50
ubottuChilaquiles, please see my private message02:50
schwinn434I don't know what I should do to use lastest kernel in order to boot my machine02:51
elikGnea: ah, hadn't seen it... but it's a broken link02:51
schwinn434Should I just keep booting using the previous kernel?02:51
curtmackproblem: my mouse and keyboard freeze after the computer is on for a while. The rest of the system continues to run fine, however. Can anyone help?02:51
wedwo-ghost_, see here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=100781602:52
ghost_thanks wedwo- i got it02:54
schwinn434well "Update" eventually install the last version of the linux kernel - which will enable me to boot in the future with the current linux kernel?02:54
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elikGnea: a light at the end of the tunnel: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=358432  although it dates from 200702:55
matsmatsi deleted the 'ubuntu' user and now my system won't log into the ttys. It says 'authentication failure'. Any thoughts on how to fix this? I'm now on a live cd boot.02:56
curtmackproblem: my mouse and keyboard freeze after the computer is on for a while. The rest of the system continues to run fine, however. Can anyone help?02:56
rvnmatsmats: do you have another user account?02:56
ghost_Anyone know where is the chrome bookmark and firefox bookmark stored?????02:57
matsmatsrvn: yes but i dont get a prompt02:57
rvnghost_: ~/.firefox i believe contains the firefox data02:57
rvnmatsmats: did you try the "recovery console" in the login screen?02:57
rvnmatsmats: or do you have no gui?02:57
matsmatsrvn: for a bit, my ttys came in automatically logged in as ubuntu02:57
matsmatsrvn: no gui for me...02:57
rvnmatsmats: you can probably do something by booting an external device like a livecd, but i can't help you, sorry02:58
Gneaelik: nice, I'd give it a shot and see if lid.sh works02:58
jPuffKM0201: how can i resolve my wireless connection issues?02:58
KM0201jPuff: well, what is yoru wireless device?02:58
skullboyjpuff: what is the problem02:58
matsmatsrvn: yeah im on a ubuntu live cd02:59
elikGnea: will try the vbetool on its own first02:59
jPuffa Belkin N Wireless02:59
jPuffwireless adapter02:59
Gnea!wifi | jPuff02:59
ubottujPuff: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs02:59
Gneaelik: okay02:59
KM0201jPuff: do you know which one?.. belkin makes a lot of N wireless devices... /sighs.02:59
rvnmatsmats: im out of date with linux recovery stuff, my suggestion would be to edit the password file, but i know that's WAYYYYYYY out of date.02:59
GneaKM0201: Belkin makes a lot, indeed..02:59
jason_fnmmm, guys, after installing and deleting fglrx ati driver couple of times a got kind of font glitch. tryed Xorg -reconfigure but didn't help. any ideas?03:00
KM0201Gnea: :) well... we've ascertained that.. i'm not sure why he didn't think a version/model # was relevant info03:00
GneaKM0201: yeah, that tends to boggle my mind from time to time as well :)03:00
ghost_how do i find the bookmark store? ~/.mozilla/firefox ???03:00
ghost_by running?03:00
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Gneaghost_: list the files and choose the profile03:01
Gneaghost_: list the files again, bookmarks.html should be obvious03:01
xanguaghost_: bookmark> manage bookmarks03:01
ghost_I mean where does the firefox store its bookmarks03:01
ghost_not manually03:02
Gneaghost_: I mean, you need to look at the profile in that directory03:02
jPuffKM0201: FSD805303:02
jason_fnany ideas how to reconfigure x to default state?03:02
KM0201jPuff: that should work out of the box... at least mine does03:02
KM0201jPuff: what version of ubuntu are you using03:02
jPuffit worked initially but then the network was lost03:03
elikGnea: no luck... If I do dpms on / dpms off, I see what I think is the backlight come on or off, but nothing else03:03
jPuffmy linksys on my win7 worked03:03
rvnjPuff: sounds like the crap im working with.03:03
KM0201jPuff: have you tried unplugging it, and then plugging it back in?03:03
jPufffrom the same distance03:03
matsmatswhich ubuntu package would contain files like /etc/tty1.conf03:03
glickhow do i render with kdenlive?03:04
glickwhat button to i press03:04
curtmackWell, all right then. I've been thinking of trying Arch for a while, so I guess I'll just do that.03:04
Gneaelik: it must have a specific register then... have you been able to locate and install the toshiba-acpi specific utilities?03:04
jPuffKM0201: no03:04
GneaKM0201: breath...03:04
elikGnea: toshiba? or thinkpad?03:05
Gneaelik: oh man... thinkpad, if there are any03:05
bonhofferis there a way to download all pictures from an ftp site using command line?03:05
Gneabonhoffer: yes.03:05
rvnbonhoffer: mget *.EXT03:05
elikGnea: will search on next reboot, but there are no 3rd party drivers03:05
bonhofferrvn: thanks03:05
rvnbonhoffer: np03:05
elikGnea: don't remember seeing any thinkpad related stuff, and if there is any, I think I already have it03:05
jPuffok i plugged it back in but im right next to the router03:06
KM0201jPuff: idon't understand what you mean you're right next to the router?.. thats irrelevant at this point, are you seeing networks.03:06
Gneaelik: honestly, I'm booted into xp right now. trying to fix a wifi issue on my end but don't have the time right now because I'm unpacking into my new apartment lol03:06
jPuffim connected both by a cable and by the wireless adapter03:07
* _derx 03:07
KM0201jPuff: ...  have you tried disconnecting the cable, and then connecting to wireless?03:07
acoustyk_anyone know if windows is necessary to program in C# for the first time?  I've read about the mono project but apparently it's missing features03:07
KM0201jPuff: most of the time, ubuntu defaults to the wired connection03:07
amageedoes anyone know how i can tell ack-grep to ignore a particular file by name, even though that file has an extension that i generally want to look at?03:07
jPuffKM0201: im connected by both the belkin and the cable03:07
elikGnea: it's cool, it's cool03:08
KM0201jPuff: thats quite an amazing feat,are you wanting to be connected by both, or just one03:08
elikGnea: just looked it up. Doesn't seem to be anything relating to screen control or anything. All I can see is stuff that relates to battery03:08
jPuffjust the wireless03:08
_derxis this thing on?03:08
powehi , I trying to learn how glibc works and I modify random bits and recompiling it - I seem to be getting an unmodified version everytime  which is strange03:08
jPuffi was trying to find the range of the belkin i dontknow why it would be less03:08
KM0201jPuff: then disconnect the wired connect, and try to connect to your wireless03:08
KM0201jPuff: i dunno, i use mine all over the house, no problems03:09
poweI am patching the code and then I modify it - and then compiling it -- but I seem to get unmodified version - any suggestions ?03:09
jPuffthere are updates running03:09
rvnpowe: how are you testing it - are you sure you're testing the newly compiled copy?03:09
Gneaelik: might be worth pursuing, could be some undocumented features03:09
KM0201jPuff: ok, then i would wait03:09
kieppiehi guys. I'm trying to help someone with a windows network, who's experiencing periodic lock-up. they might be working, or simply open large files over the local LAN & their system would simply lock up (they describe it as "going off to la-la-land"). I've rebuild their Ubuntu server, running *only* SSH, Samba & Webmin, and *nothing* else. load it pretty good, so now I'm trying to find other possible causes or remedies (I've set aio r&w03:09
powervn: well I make install it - so I assume it is installed03:09
woodyjlwcan anyone explain to me what the difference is between ubuntu and xubuntu ?03:09
rvnpowe: should be - i'd investigate that though, sounds like the point of failure to me.03:10
elikGnea: well, on that previous post, I found something in the intel card video state03:10
KM0201woodyjlw: xubuntu runs xfce, instead of gnome(which ubuntu runs)03:10
rvnpowe: try testing the file in the end compile directory vs the one in the system03:10
rvnpowe: verify that they're the same03:10
woodyjlwKM0201, xfce is just different desktop environment like kde or something then?03:11
bencahillhey guys, what is a good app for showing stuff (like widgets) on the desktop?03:11
ratcheerwoodyjlw: Different desktop environments, Gnome vs xfce03:11
KM0201woodyjlw: yes, it's a big easier on the resources03:11
xanguabencahill: gdesklets03:11
KM0201woodyjlw: how much ram do you have?03:11
woodyjlwKM0201,  1 gig03:12
sensaeHello. I've used grub-mkconfig to generate a /boot/grub/menu.lst, but on boot grub ignores this file03:12
bencahillxangua: could I configure that to show under the gnome top panel (transparent) ?03:12
KM0201woodyjlw: honestly, 1gig.. i would just run the regular gnome...03:12
=== adamkex_ is now known as adamkex
powervn: they are the same :x I check /lib/tls/i686/cmov/libc.so.6 vs /build-tree/i386-i686/libc.so03:13
woodyjlwKM0201,  thanks.  maybe I will try it in vbox and see if I like the interface03:13
rvnpowe: then there's a problem in the compile process apparently, because your changes aren't propogating - that or they didn't make a functional difference.03:13
KM0201woodyjlw: thats always a good thing to do also... if your'e looking for "light"(which is really what xfce is for)... i'd also give Lubuntu a try03:13
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woodyjlwKM0201,  wow how many other ubuntu distros are there?03:14
KM0201woodyjlw: ubuntu, kubuntu, xubuntu, lubuntu, and a few "unofficial" ports...03:14
jodozbcjt hLguu03:14
=== jodo is now known as jPuff
smwwoodyjlw, if you count unofficial ones, it is uncountable.03:15
jPuffsorry that was a mistype confused dvorak with qwerty03:15
powervn: strange, I delete many lines (which shouldn't create an error), it compiles fine - and I don't think there is a compiler optimization going on .. really weird03:15
KM0201smw: lol03:15
smwwoodyjlw, KM0201 forgot edubuntu!03:15
KM0201smw: indeed i did...!03:15
woodyjlwI will stick with official ones for now03:15
acoustyk_I'm running xubuntu on my netbook but I wish I used lubuntu03:15
bencahill!info gdesklets-data03:15
ubottuPackage gdesklets-data does not exist in maverick03:16
bencahill!info gdesklets03:16
acoustyk_it's still lagging a little bit03:16
ubottugdesklets (source: gdesklets): Architecture for desktop applets. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.36.1-4 (maverick), package size 2802 kB, installed size 5776 kB03:16
jPuffhooray its working :D03:16
rvnpowe: i'm afraid my capacity to help you ends here, as I don't like C/C++ and thus have never completed learning it - hope i helped, though. :)03:16
smwwoodyjlw, KM0201, and is gnewsense "official"03:16
KM0201woodyjlw: there's a few distros out there that think they can do ubuntu, better than canonical...03:16
KM0201smw: i have no idea on gnewsense03:16
powervn: no problem, thanks03:16
acoustyk_Has the "speed-up" script that was added a while back been implemented into ubuntu yet?03:16
jPuffhow do i expand my repositories?03:16
rvnjPuff: u mean add more?03:17
ubottuThe packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/project/about-ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories03:17
rvnjPuff: there's a GUI method of doing it, but personally i do "sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list" and add them that way03:17
woodyjlwKM0201,  well ubuntu is very addictive and since I first tried 7.04 I cant seem to put it down and every time I think ubuntu cant get better a new one comes out and I have to try it out03:18
rvnis there a way to tell ubuntu to remember my password for my keyring? i don't need my passwords protected from myself03:18
KM0201woodyjlw: yeah... i like Ubuntu... i've moved on from it, but if you're trying to 'learn' linux, or you just want one you don't really have to mess w/.. you're on the right track03:19
purpzeyCould someone possibly give me some guidance with compiling a program using apache ant...I believe something is awry with my build.xml but I am pretty much lost...03:19
rvnKM0201: i learned with SuSE (long before ubuntu existed) myself, but i'd think linux mint is a bit easier to nubs than ubuntu itself03:19
rvnKM0201: depending on whether you're using it as your daily system03:19
smwwoodyjlw, that is how I feel about ubuntu. And I have used many of them over a decade :-).03:19
rvnKM0201: while learning03:20
KM0201rvn: i'm not a huge fan of Mint, but i really fail to see hiow it's any easier than Ubuntu... it's more or less the same thing, just a different GUI.03:20
Aginorpurpzey: talk to me in private and I might be able to help you03:21
mamasboyubuntu has more help online03:21
rvnKM0201: no it includes a multitude of applications and packages for various tasks, including non-free, to make the transition a bit easier from windows to linux for daily use without knowing how to rectify things yourself03:21
rollmandidn't linux mint spun off ubuntu?03:21
woodyjlwKM0201,  yes I am still learning linux and got much to learn still and ubuntu has made it easy for people who dont know linux or are scared of it to experience linux with out sink or swim and I have come to learn that ubuntu is just the tip of the ice berg for how powerfull and fun the linux world can be03:21
acoustyk_how do I check my kernel version?03:21
=== squishy is now known as SquishyNotHere
rvnKM0201: ex. official ATI/NVIDIA drivers and flash are at your fingertips, etc.03:21
bazhangacoustyk_, uname -r03:21
KM0201rvn: i dunno, flash takes 30sec to install on ubuntu, and Nvidia drivers... i just use the restricted driver, and its no problem.03:22
rvnKM0201: if you're technical already it's not a big difference, but if you're a total noob, it can help03:22
rvnKM0201: someone like me, and from what i understand you, wouldnt take much effort to adjust03:22
rvnKM0201: but someone who can barely install crap on windows might find it much easier03:22
KM0201rvn: right03:22
ghost_How can i get the install software store into a exe file so i can use  it next time on other new install ubuntu.03:22
bazhangghost_, never mind the exe03:23
ghost_deb or03:23
KM0201rollman: yes it did... for the longest time, it even used ubuntu kernels, software repositories, etc.. but that has since changed.. and they do their own thing.. but it's still heavily based on ubuntu03:23
rvnghost_: ok wait, so you mean a list of the currently installed software?03:23
bazhangghost_, it comes with the software store03:23
bazhangghost_, or you want a clone03:23
ghost_I know but i don't wannt to redownload03:23
rollmanthought so03:23
wedwo-!aptoncd | ghost_03:23
ubottughost_: APTonCD is a tool with a graphical interface which allows you to create one or more CDs or DVDs with all of the packages you've downloaded via apt-get or aptitude, creating a removable repository that you can use on other computers - See also !offline03:23
bazhangghost_, use aptoncd03:24
ghost_Would that create a iso ?03:24
rvnKM0201: for the record, after hooking up wired ethernet and doing a software update it fixed my wifi connecting problem - just in case you run into that with someone else03:24
rvnKM0201: im out of here now, bai03:24
ghost_So i can mount and install via by mounting into ubuntu?03:24
bazhangghost_, no, is that what you want?03:24
wedwo-ghost_, no, it creates a repository03:25
bazhangghost_,  a kind of installable iso?03:25
acoustyk_is there a way to manually upgrade the kernel to 2.6.38?03:25
bazhangghost_, aptoncd is handy because its a cd that serves as a repo to install from03:25
ActionParsnipacoustyk_: find a ppa, or compile03:25
ghost_Nice . This comes very handy :)03:25
bencahillhey guys, I'm trying to install gdesklets, but there is no gdesklets-data package. :-?03:25
bazhangacoustyk_, of course, but expect breakage,and no support here03:25
rollmanonly linux i would recommend to anyone is ubuntu, SuSe, and if redhat wasn't a mostly pay linux box i would suggest redhat but not anymore03:26
bencahillrollman: fedora?03:26
woodyjlwKM0201,  I thought ubuntu gnome was already a light weight os without all the bells and whistles of kde. had no idea it gets any simpler than this but I guess if your running older hardware it comes in handy to use less resources03:26
vitaliusI got a new vidiya card, with HDMI output and now ubuntu loads both, Nvidia sound card + onboard one and neither of them work. Is there a way to disable Nvidia's sound card?03:26
KM0201woodyjlw: yup... andif you're on something really ancient, google "crunchbang linux"... :)03:27
Gryllidawhat package is for the en language - I have locale issues, what would I reinstall?03:27
Gryllidaen-language-* or something03:27
woodyjlwKM0201,  ok lol03:27
bazhangKM0201, no need for that, lxde and openbox are in the repos, he can install lubuntu-desktop03:27
rollmanfedora i heard alot about it but not for me03:27
bazhangKM0201, which is supported here, while crunchbang is NOT03:28
ActionParsnipacoustyk_: http://geekfiles.altervista.org/en/arrivano-i-pacchetti-deb-del-kernel-2-6-36-con-la-%E2%80%9Cpatch-miracolosa%E2%80%9D-per-ubuntu-maverick-a-32-bit/03:28
KM0201bazhang: i've never had any luck installing openbox 'beside' gnome or ubuntu.03:28
bazhangKM0201, lubuntu-desktop takes care of that03:28
trismGryllida: check-language-support -l en --show-installed; will show you03:28
mamasboyif u wanna something light try linux puppy... or u're techgeek, try tinycorelinux03:28
KM0201i wish there was an official openbox spin of ubuntu...03:28
bazhangmamasboy, off topic here03:28
KM0201bazhang: i think openbox is lighter than lxde..03:28
=== SquishyNotHere is now known as squishy
ghost_Love the add-ons on software center03:29
bazhangKM0201, they are together, not in competition03:29
KM0201bazhang: dunno.. openbox has always seemed faster to me.03:29
bazhanglxde + openbox03:29
smwKM0201, bazhang, lxml contains openbox03:29
ice799Hi there. I have set up a apt repository for some packages I am working on. I have the repository listed in my sources.list but when I try to apt-get update I see "Failed to fetch ... binary-amd64/Packages.bz2"03:29
bazhangmamasboy, #ubuntu-offtopic for chit chat03:29
ice799there is no Packages.bz2, but there is a Packages.gz03:29
acovrigIf I use mail (I think its mailutils) to send an email, how do i reply to it (send email to an @gmail address, get it, reply, but I get no reply in ubuntu)03:29
ice799any idea where I can tell apt to look for Packages.gz instead?03:30
bazhangice799, apt-mirror?03:30
Chrystopherhello peeps03:30
ice799bazhang: what?03:30
bazhang!info apt-mirror | ice79903:31
ubottuice799: apt-mirror (source: apt-mirror): APT sources mirroring tool. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.4.8-3 (maverick), package size 14 kB, installed size 124 kB03:31
akagi82where can i find netbook 10.4 download?03:31
ice799bazhang: no i dont think thats the problem03:31
Noob_can you hear me?03:31
bazhangice799, how did you set it up03:31
bazhangNoob_, yes03:31
ActionParsnipakagi82: if you have a current install you can use the old netbook interface in that03:31
Noob_oh ok lol03:31
Chrystophercan anybody give me a hand with ubuntu srv 10.10 install issues ? in pm03:31
Noob_i am noob if you have not noticed03:31
ice799apt thinks my custom repository has a Packages.bz2 but it doesn't. I need to tell apt to ask the repository for Packages.gz instead.03:31
bazhangChrystopher, ask here03:31
akagi82i dont have an old install03:32
ActionParsnipChrystopher: ask in the channel, more eyes == more likely to get an answer03:32
ice799bazhang: its just a repository with 2 custom packages I am workign on03:32
bazhangice799, put it in a PPA then03:32
acoustyk_I'd like to try the "miracle code"03:32
akagi82i can't install 10.10 on my netbook03:32
akagi82so I wanna try 10.403:32
bazhang!ppa | ice79903:32
ubottuice799: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and should be used at your own risk.03:32
ActionParsnipakagi82: what happens when you try?03:32
acoustyk_akagi82: I had the same problem03:32
acoustyk_akagi82: over USB03:32
trikingso I ran dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda and let it run for a min or two... and now gparted can't partition it03:32
Noob_can anyone help me get internet on ubuntu03:33
Chrystopherhem ok wow i definitely though ti was in the channel03:33
Chrystopherit's been a while03:33
psusitriking, define "can't partition it"03:33
ActionParsnipNoob_: can you ping ?03:33
ice799bazhang: nah I don't need that either.03:33
akagi82yeah, apparently it's a specific problem to do with the lenovo 10-303:33
Noob_i dont know03:33
FireSamis there a fix for the headphones jack not working? I found a few threads in the forums but either it didn't help or i got lost...03:33
ice799I need to figure out why at thinks there is a Packages.bz2 when there isn't.03:33
bazhangNoob_, in terminal type ifconfig03:33
smwwhat is a good program for taking pictures of a window on the desktop?03:33
ice799Even the Release file in the repository says "Packages.gz"03:33
Noob_to test it i have to reboot to ubuntu then try it and if it doesnt work i have to reboot all the way back lol03:33
ActionParsnipNoob_: because you may have a connection, but DNS failing. pinging a known good IP on the web will show if this is the case03:33
Noob_what do i do after ifconfig03:33
trikingpsusi it's unable to create a partition table, specifically. The disk utility says it does not support Smart data.. which I know is not true03:33
akagi82apparently it is possible but I've tried for days and couldnt get it to work03:34
bazhangNoob_, wired or wireless03:34
trikingpsusi I'm think I may have messed up its factory formatting or something :O03:34
Noob_either one03:34
Noob_i have the option to both03:34
KM0201Noob_: youcan't get wired or wireless?03:34
akagi82tried out opensuse but my wifi card isn't supported either03:34
Noob_i have wireless and wired03:34
Noob_but i cant connect to either03:34
ActionParsnipNoob_: if you run: sudo lshw -C network; lsusb; lspci   copy the text to a removable device make a pastebin in a web enabled system to give us here03:35
KM0201Noob_: ugh... that'll be fun.03:35
ratcheersmw: Take Screenshot in the Accessories menu03:35
elikGnea: I installed debuging tools for intel (xserver-something-intel-dbg), and dumped the register. I really feel like there is something to that VGACNTRL thing...03:35
smwratcheer, I need one that gives me only one window03:35
akagi82basically I can't have a copy of linux on my damn netbook, it's useless03:35
smwratcheer, nm, thank03:35
Noob_ok so first i ping then im looking for what exactly?03:35
ratcheersmw: It has that option03:35
bazhangNoob_, in ifconfig do you see eth003:35
Noob_im in windows right now03:36
Noob_i have to reboot to try it03:36
Chrystopherhem this will sound noob (terribly embarassed but i def. need help) how can I make sure i'm in the global channel ?03:36
Noob_then reboot when i fail and have to try again03:36
Noob_go on the internet03:36
bazhangNoob_, there is zero chance of troubleshooting then03:36
trinidadI need help here my browers seem to love to randomly close does anyone know how to fix that issue03:36
Chrystophernvm got it03:36
Noob_what do you mean?03:36
KM0201Noob_: do you have a laptop or something ou can bring in front of the machine, while it's booted in ubuntu, to talk to us?03:36
ChrystopherI've been trying to install ubuntu srv 10.10 32bits03:37
Chrystopherand i'm stuck at install03:37
Noob_no, i installed it on my laptop is that the problem?03:37
Chrystopheron phase select and isntall software03:37
Noob_remember i am a noob03:37
Chrystopherhangs at 5%03:37
KM0201Noob_: do you have a normal computer03:37
Noob_yea but my sister is using it03:37
Noob_and its a shitty imac03:37
kwtmNoob_: Bring the laptop to a library or other computer.  Is it possible?  Any other desktops at home? etc.03:37
KM0201Noob_: well, what kind of pc it is, is irrelevant... when it's available.. come here on it... and then boot ubuntu on your laptop and we can help you trouble shoot it.03:38
kwtmNoob_: Shitty imacs are fine for talking to us on IRC while you troubleshoot your Amazing Ubuntu.03:38
Noob_i dont think i can even get here on the imac03:38
Noob_wait let me try03:38
KM0201Noob_: yes you can03:38
Chrystopheranybody has an idea ?03:38
elikGnea: I'd love to manually reenable that thing and see if the screen comes back on, I feel like there is soemthing to it03:38
KM0201Noob_: http://webchat.freenode.net/03:39
KM0201that'll work on any browser w/ java03:39
Noob_alright alright03:39
Chrystopheri tried to follow : http://forums.debian.net/viewtopic.php?t=12259 but it didn't work03:39
kwtmhmm... kind of unusual that Noob_ can't get on with wired...03:39
Chrystopheras even aptitude is not recognized03:39
KM0201kwtm: yeah, it is.. but it does happen from time to time03:40
ratcheerChrystopher: What media are you installing from?03:40
Chrystopherusb key03:40
xanguaChrystopher: for debian help join #debian03:40
ActionParsnipNoob_: run the command, copy the text and make a text file and make it accessible to windows then paste it online so we can see it03:40
Chrystopherjoined debian thanks03:41
KM0201Chrystopher: lol, good luck w/ them03:41
trinidadhas anyone had problems on 10.04 with their web browers randomly shutting down on them when being used03:41
kwtmActionParsnip: Might be asking for a bit too much, depending on how Noob_ he is.  He'd have to have (and know how to access/save to) a partition readable by both Windows and Ubuntu ...03:41
=== Guest89213 is now known as RaNdY
trinidadhas anyone had problems on 10.04 with their web browers randomly shutting down on them when being used03:43
FireSamis there a fix for the headphones jack not working? I found a few threads in the forums but either it didn't help or i got lost...03:43
=== RaNdY is now known as Guest95319
xanguatrinidad: what is your real question¿03:43
Chrystophernobody online :(03:43
ActionParsniptrinidad: not here, what browsers have you tried?03:43
jookI need help. After installing a pack of updates, grub is no longer showing me my (multiboot) OS list when I turn on the computer. I just says something about BASH line editing, and tab completion, and a grub> _ command prompt03:43
KM0201Chrystopher: well, they also don't respond well to noobs..lol03:43
trinidadfirefox and epiphany03:44
trinidadboth randomly close03:44
ActionParsnipjook: try: sudo apt-get install os-prober; sudo os-prober; sudo update-grub03:44
cryptodiratoshiba satellite, amd64, 10.04 ....  external speakers and earphones WORK.... microphone does not... suggestions?03:44
jookActionParsnip, Where am I supposed to enter that? It doesnt work from that prompt03:44
ActionParsniptrinidad: hmm, run it from terminal. When it dies you should see output in the terminal03:44
trinidadnot sure how to do that action03:45
jooktrinidad, probably jsut open a terminal and type firefox03:46
RaylinTake a good look; there's a big world out theree~03:46
wo0fshould i use 64bit or 32bit for a virtualbox vm?03:46
noob_ok guys03:46
noob_im back03:46
noob_and im on the imac03:46
wo0fi have 64bit hardware obv03:46
noob_trying to get internet on my laptop03:46
trinidadit opens up firefox and then closed03:46
KM0201cryptodira: go to sound preferences, then input tab, and try changing the "microphone" setting, and ee if you can get it working03:46
jookActionParsnip, Where am I supposed to enter that? It doesn't work from the grub prompt, and i dont know how to boot anything03:47
noob_I need someone to help me get internet on ubuntu03:47
KM0201noob_: ok, first, open a terminal (application/accessories/terminal) and type "lspci" no quotes, and hit enter... and look throught he list, and see how it identifies your wireless device03:47
Chrystopherthis looks seeded from the installer though, i mean i'm following simple steps but install fails03:47
bazhangChrystopher, of debian?03:48
Gneaelik: what baffles me is that there isn't a simple /proc interface to it, but you could be right about VGACTRL03:48
noob_alright it lists a bunch of controllers and bridges03:48
elikGnea: google doesn't have many answers in that direction :(03:48
KM0201noob_: no kidding.. go through there, and find yoru wireless device03:48
noob_you mean network controller?03:49
sparrow_the forms are the best place to solve problem03:49
Eryn_1983_FLhey peeps is it a good idea  to turn on my ssh-server on my laptop?03:49
elikGnea: I'm writting a small monitor script and will try to see if that split second where I can see the screen if I press the button again makes this bit change03:49
elikGnea: btw, thanks for helping me while unpacking in your new apt03:49
KM0201noob_: you should see your wireless device in the list... look for it03:49
Gneaelik: np03:49
firtyxhi guys  hi hi03:49
firtyx hw are all?03:49
nickson75i'm a newbie here03:50
sparrow_in terminal03:50
Chrystopheryep well03:50
sparrow_type iwconfig03:50
jookI need help. After installing a pack of updates, grub is no longer showing me my (multiboot) OS list when I turn on the computer. I just says something about BASH line editing, and tab completion, and it gives me a grub> _ command prompt03:50
firtyxyre welcomed03:50
noob_is it gonna say wireless device?03:50
Chrystopheri created a bootable usb key from the latest ubuntu srv iso file03:50
bazhangChrystopher, debian?03:50
sparrow_there will be 3 diffrent ones03:50
KM0201noob_: it'll look something likethis...  06:00.0 Ethernet controller: Atheros Communications Inc. AR5001 Wireless Network Adapter (rev 01)03:51
KM0201noob_: if you read it, you'll find it03:51
sparrow_lo        no wireless extensions.03:51
sparrow_eth0      no wireless extensions.03:51
sparrow_wlan0     802.11bg  ESSID:"1122"  Nickname:"rtl8191SEVA2"03:51
sparrow_          Mode:Managed  Frequency=2.437 GHz  Access Point: 00:23:97:E5:0C:BD03:51
sparrow_          Bit Rate=54 Mb/s03:51
sparrow_          Retry:on   RTS thr:off   Fragment thr:off03:51
sparrow_          Power Management period:0us  mode:All packets received03:51
sparrow_          Link Quality=100/100  Signal level=-45 dBm  Noise level=-120 dBm03:51
sparrow_          Rx invalid nwid:0  Rx invalid crypt:0  Rx invalid frag:003:51
sparrow_          Tx excessive retries:0  Invalid misc:0   Missed beacon:003:51
sparrow_vboxnet0  no wireless extensions.03:51
* KM0201 thinks sparrow should be banned03:51
firtyxanyone  knows  about programming?03:51
bazhangfirtyx, offtopic here03:51
sparrow_i think you should eat shit03:51
noob_01:00.0 Ethernet controller: Atheros Communications AR8151 v1.0 Gigabit Ethernet03:51
bazhangfirtyx, try ##programming03:51
sparrow_im trying to help03:51
bazhangsparrow_, language03:51
noob_thats what it says03:51
noob_....now what03:51
cryptodiraKM0201: yepper, been there done that... the input level indicators do NOT change/light up....the microphone worked when the machine arrived and had windows* on it... nuked the hd and did fresh install of 10.04... slowly getting things working... sound is ok... microphone not, nor does backlit keyboard work.03:51
KM0201noob_: thats your wired controller.03:51
KM0201sparrow_: perhaps you could use a little common sense, and not flood the channel03:52
Chrystopherdebian ig uess yes03:52
noob_soooo i plug it in to my router03:52
noob_and then what?03:52
sparrow_it wasnt that much03:52
nickson75what does ubuntu mean?03:52
bazhangChrystopher, then #debian not here03:52
bazhangsparrow_, it was 10 lines. pastevbin next time03:52
nickson75cool, thanx03:52
Chrystopheri'm not sure anymore >,<03:53
nickson75now i now03:53
noob_i am noob......03:53
sparrow_do you have a wirless singal in you top tool bar03:53
nickson75is this just a regular channel or something else?03:53
bazhangnickson75, support only03:53
rollmannickson75 i think its just the name of the distribution03:53
bazhangnickson75, chat in #ubuntu-offtopic03:53
eliksparrow_: do not flood, it was too much03:53
noob_no i dont have a wireless signal03:53
noob_but i have a wireless signal when i boot windoze 703:54
nickson75i can ask questions about technical issues here?03:54
sparrow_ok what happens when you click on it03:54
KM0201noob_: did you even have a wireless device in that command i gave you earlier?03:54
bazhangnickson75, related to ubuntu yes03:54
noob_will it say wireless device?03:54
noob_if it is supposed to say wireless device then no03:54
KM0201noob_: do you have two ethernet controllers?03:54
KM0201noob_: or two network controllers?03:55
firtyxno luck .any channel about programming?03:55
ghostnik11does anyone know how to get skype extensions for firefox in ubuntu03:55
nickson75is ubuntu a gaming system or something?03:55
jookAfter installing a pack of updates in maverick, grub is no longer showing me my (multiboot) OS list when I turn on the computer. I just says something about BASH line editing, and tab completion, and it gives me a grub> _ command prompt03:55
sparrow_go to ubuntu forms03:55
noob_yes sparrow?03:55
nickson75I really don't know, honestly.03:55
sparrow_it is much eayser03:55
bazhangfirtyx, yes  I told you ##programming03:55
noob_why is that easier03:55
sparrow_this is crazy03:55
firtyxi cant find03:55
noob_this seems much easier03:55
x-kentcd #vi03:56
sparrow_any problem i have i use the forms and there is an answer 90% of the time03:56
noob_but KM0201 is helping me03:56
KM0201sparrow_: perhaps use it for spelling?03:56
edbianIs it possible to program in flash on Ubuntu?03:56
sparrow_just some advice03:56
bazhangsparrow_, he's' here. please chat elsewhere03:56
sparrow_ok ill just watch03:57
noob_KM i only have one ethernet and one network controller03:57
noob_hey ;D03:58
jookAfter installing a pack of updates in maverick, grub is no longer showing me my (multiboot) OS list when I turn on the computer. I just says something about BASH line editing, and tab completion, and it gives me a grub> _ command prompt03:59
sparrow_how many times have you use linux03:59
noob_i am a noob03:59
noob_i installed it03:59
noob_and im trying to get internet on it03:59
sparrow_ok how good are you with windows03:59
bazhang!ot | sparrow_03:59
ubottusparrow_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!03:59
noob_depends on who you are comparing me with03:59
bazhangnoob_, open a terminal, type sudo dhclient eth0 (with ethernet cable plugged in) and paste.ubuntu.com the output04:00
noob_ok give me a sec04:00
jooknoob_, I had a similar problem once. I solved it by running a network cable to the laptop from my router and getting updates. wireless drivers came then04:00
sparrow_that was what i was typeing04:01
KM0201bazhang: not gonna work, his ethernet device doesn't work w/ ubuntu... it's rpetty well discussed n several forum pages...04:01
sparrow_but yea that will work04:01
bazhangsparrow_, please stop with the random commentary.04:01
sparrow_im talking to someone04:01
jPuff"Could not create the archive  Archive type not supported."04:01
KM0201jook: his ethernet controller doesn't work... so he cant get online at all under ubuntu...04:02
noob_says paste.ubuntu.com: interface name too long (is 16)04:02
jPuffit works in windows ._.04:02
bazhangKM0201, which model04:02
bazhangjPuff, rar archive? which kind?04:02
jookKM0201, oh, that's gonna be harder then. I figured wired internet would go.04:02
jPuffa .rar i guess04:02
jPuffare there multiple types of .rar archives?04:02
noob_yea but jook i cant even get it to connect with an ethernet cable04:02
KM0201atheros ar8151   there's apparently some files you can download to get it working... but he doesn't pay enough attention, and i'm not ripping my hair out to explain it04:02
bazhangjPuff, install rar and unrar then04:02
rtdos2 questions: what happened to xdm and is there a desktop similar to the one on MacOS?04:02
jooknoob_, I dunno about that then. Sorry, it was my only idea. Someone else might be better04:03
noob_alright thanks anyways04:03
bazhangKM0201, thanks04:03
bazhangnoob_, paste.ubuntu.com the output of lspci and give us the url04:03
jookAnyone know why I'm getting a grub command prompt instead of my OS list when I boot?04:03
bazhangnoob_, paste.ubuntu.com the output of lspci and give us the url04:04
KM0201bazhang: you do realize h can't do that, right?... hes' gonna have to get a thumb drive and copy/paste it to that, and then move it to the mac and pastebin it04:04
KM0201i tried explaining this to him, but he goes wandering off talking to others04:04
noob_you mean put lspci paste.ubuntu.com in terminal?04:04
bazhangKM0201, I'm well aware, thanks04:05
KM0201bazhang: ok..04:05
jookmy bad, KM0201. I didn't realize he couldnt get online at all04:05
noob_i dont know what youre trying to tell me to do04:05
noob_it looks like an incomplete sentence04:05
KM0201jook: it's cool, like i said, i found the fix, but i'm not gonna mess w/ trying to explain it04:05
bazhangnoob_, open a terminal on your ubuntu computer04:05
noob_then what04:06
bazhangnoob_, in the terminal type the following ........> lspci   <..........04:06
noob_u mean without the arrows im guessing... what next?04:06
bazhangnoob_, copy and paste that to paste.ubuntu.com and give us the www.address.com04:06
noob_you mean go in the browser, go to paste.ubuntu.com04:07
noob_copy and paste the whole thing?04:07
* KM0201 thinks this is gonna be epic04:08
jookbe careful not to accidentally the whole thing.04:08
noob_you guys are trollin me04:08
jookim not04:08
noob_cuz im the noob04:08
jooki mean, i am. theyre not. listen to them.04:08
noob_you guys always have to troll the noob dontcha04:08
bazhanglets keep it respectful please04:08
jookbazhang is trying to help. I was making a joke in poor taste.04:09
noob_well he keeps making incomplete sentences cant tell what the fuck hes trying to make me do lol04:09
noob_i am assuming hes just messing with me now04:09
bazhangnoob_, watch the language04:09
jookgo to that website, and paste all the stuff that shows up when you typed that command04:10
=== mica_moca is now known as toodles
noob_i cant go to the website04:10
* KM0201 WINS!04:10
noob_thats what ive been trying to do the whole time04:10
noob_i cant get on the web04:10
bazhangnoob_, you are online now.04:10
jookyou will have to put it in a text file on a thumb drive or something, bring it to this computer, and go to the website04:10
KM0201noob_: since you apparently need this spelled out... do you have a thumb drive?04:10
noob_i cant copy and paste it to a different computer04:10
noob_i dont know what a thumb drive is04:10
ActionParsnipnoob_: do you dual boot?04:10
bazhangnoob_, copy that to a usb stick, paste to it, take to another computer, and upload it to that website04:11
jookmemory card... cell phone with a computer cord... external hard drive... something04:11
* KM0201 bows out.. :)04:11
ActionParsnipnoob_: copy the text file to the ntfs partition then and it will be accesible in windows. Think outside the box04:11
eliknoob_: your nick is a troll magnet04:11
bazhangelik, not necessary, please04:11
linux_probethis channel is a troll magnet >_>04:12
jookAnyone know why I'm getting a grub command prompt instead of my OS list when I boot?04:12
noob_why should i upload it to the website04:12
jooknoob, that will tell the people who know whats up, how to help you04:12
bazhangnoob_, so we can troubleshoot your internet issues04:12
KM0201jook: probably cuz grub didn't install properly.04:12
bazhangjook, it cant find the boot sectore04:12
rollmansorry this is hilarious04:12
jookKM0201, what can I do about it? I just got this problem when I installed updates04:12
myradlife_Looking at my gnome-system monitor, I see constant upstream network activity on my computer04:12
=== donnie is now known as coscavodka
KM0201jook: id boot the live cd and restore grub...04:13
KM0201!grub | jook04:13
ubottujook: grub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.04:13
myradlife_Looking at my gnome-system monitor, I see constant upstream network activity on my computer. How can I find out what is requesting data/ where I'm sending data?04:13
bazhanggrub2 actually04:13
elikbazhang: I mean, he realized it himself, not that I want to add on top of the other04:13
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub204:13
jookthanks KM0201, bazhang. I'll check there.04:14
KM0201jook: follow the instructions to "restore grub"... even though i'm assuming you didn't lose it after intalling windows04:14
Aginormyradlife_: netstat -l for a brief list04:14
draven_sol_any recommended duplicate mp3 file tools for ubuntu?04:14
ejvdraven_sol_: elaborate04:14
jookno KM0201, it's been solid dual-booting for a long time. Just decided to die after updates.04:14
Aginormyradlife_: you can also experiment with wireshark to dump the network traffic and examine it04:14
KM0201jook: hmm, not really sure what woul cause that04:14
draven_sol_ejv tools/scripts to find and give an option to remove mp3 files which are duplicates of themselves in other directories04:15
jookI have a lucid disk here. I'll try using that. Should be fine, even though I have Maverick installed, right?04:15
ActionParsnipjook: sure04:15
noob_ok i put it on the flash drive04:15
noob_getting it on the shitty imac04:15
myradlife_Aginor, I have a apache and ssh servers running, and I have ~100kB/s constant upstream04:16
draven_sol_ejv, nevermind i just found that elaborate is the tool name04:16
KM0201noob_: we can live w/o your colorful adjectives04:16
bazhangnoob_, watch the language04:16
noob_oh yea i keep forgetting04:16
noob_i keep thinking this is 4chan04:16
noob_just kidding guys04:16
ejvdraven_sol_: nice! in the future always ask your questions like someone asked you to clarify ;)04:16
Aginormyradlife_: so it might be people downloading things from your web server :)04:16
KM0201noob_: if it was 4chan, you'd already be banned for being dense... so that should remind you04:16
Aginormyradlife_: netstat -l will list all of your active network connections04:16
ejvdraven_sol_: saves everyone time, and gets you help quicker. being super specific isn't a crime here :)04:16
ActionParsnipnoob_: the more you type worthless stuff in the channel, the longer it will take to get you fixed04:17
eliknoob_: and the more people will get tired of helping you, so it's sort of exponential04:17
jook!grub2 | jook04:17
ubottujook, please see my private message04:17
shcherbakAginor: rather -e (established) than -l (listen) also iftop04:17
KM0201jook: "/msg ubottu grub2" and it will PM the output to you.04:18
Aginorshcherbak: you're completely right04:18
shcherbakmyradlife_: rather netstat -tuep (established) than -tulp (listen) also iftop04:18
jookyeah, I got that after it worked. Thanks though, KM0201 I will try next time04:18
Aginormyradlife_: do netstat -e, like shcherbak says04:18
shcherbakmyradlife_: and ngrep...04:18
Chrystopherbazhang #ubuntu-server was the channel I was looking for I guess ;)04:20
Chrystophertrying some stuff out04:20
schwinn434I tried to boot my Ubuntu 10.10 machine today; wouldn't boot  until I booted using the previous  kernel version (grub menu option to use previous kernel) of linux04:21
econdudeawesomeHey all! Is there any benefit to installing (recompiling kernel? Not sure of the exact method) the most recent Nvidia driver as opposed to what is in the repos?04:21
schwinn434Should I just keep booting using the previous kernel?04:21
schwinn434it works okay - as far as I can tell04:21
jookschwinn434, what's the command for that? Looks like the problem I'm having too, and it might help04:21
ActionParsnip!info nvidia-current04:22
ubottunvidia-current (source: nvidia-graphics-drivers): NVIDIA binary Xorg driver, kernel module and VDPAU library. In component restricted, is optional. Version 260.19.06-0ubuntu1 (maverick), package size 25690 kB, installed size 76364 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 lpia)04:22
schwinn434it was an option under grub04:22
KM0201jook: do you see your grub menu?... you should see your old kernels in the grub menu04:22
econdudeawesomeschwinn434: I had to do that for a real old computer of mine because they no longer supported the video chipset in the kernel for that specific computer. I can't remember the process I had to go through--but I complained enough that it got into another channel and to the developer.04:22
jookKM0201, no. Just that command prompt. I don't know what to do with it.04:22
myradlife_Aginor, shcherbak , please look at this: seems alarming to have ssh connections as ROOT http://pastebin.com/cjkwivJv04:22
schwinn434don't know the command line : Jook04:23
KM0201jook: i would continue w/ trying to reinstall grub204:23
ActionParsnipecondudeawesome: the difference in versioning is minimal04:23
jookok, no worries schwinn43404:23
econdudeawesomeschwinn434: moral of the story--someone here can direct you to the right channel for the developers, but I'm not sure what it is04:23
schwinn434my computer is a pentium 404:23
schwinn434not really that old, I don't think04:23
jookKM0201, I'm stuck at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows?action=show&redirect=RestoreGrub#Overwriting the Master Boot Record04:23
schwinn434econdudeawesome: thx for the tip04:23
econdudeawesomeschwinn434: mine was too. It's the video chipset, not the processor, that was the problem. Not sure of the specifics--you can check the logs04:23
ActionParsnipjook: http://www.ubuntu-inside.me/2009/06/howto-recover-grub2-after-windows.html04:23
jookwow, that link didnt work at all. But you can see which step anyway. The tail message doesnt give me anything useful because im in live cd04:24
jookthanks ActionParsnip04:24
myradlife_Aginor, shcherbak  that's only the beginning, the list was too long to copy from my terminal04:24
econdudeawesomeActionParsnip: thanks sur04:24
schwinn434not sure how to check the log : econdudeawesome04:24
jPuffKM0201 my internet just disconnected :(04:24
jookActionParsnip, fdisk doesnt say anything.04:25
jPuffi was able to get it functioning by removing and reattaching it but i cant do that all the time04:25
Aginormyradlife_: if that's your server, I'd be slightly concerned if I were you04:25
alpha7AptonCD is not working for me04:25
alpha7Not sure why04:25
alpha7I've try loading it04:25
alpha7and it can't find it when i mount the iso04:26
myradlife_Aginor, thats what i thought, should i stop it? whats the command again?04:26
schwinn434econdudeawesome: got system log viewer up in ubuntu 10.10 not sure which file to check for boot problems04:26
schwinn434any help would be appreciated04:26
jookoh, nevermind. That;s an l. I thought it was a 104:26
myradlife_/etc/init.d/sshd stop?04:26
Aginormyradlife_: it could be someone's broken in or is trying to break in by guessing your password04:26
Aginormyradlife_: yes04:26
cryptodiratoshiba satellite, amd64, 10.04 only -- sound works... microphone does NOT... would like suggestions other than adjusting sound settings.... anyone?04:26
Aginormyradlife_: do you allow root logins over ssh?04:26
myradlife_command not found04:27
myradlife_don't think so i'd have to check though04:27
spreelankahow can i pass in -Djava.awt.headless=true to eclipse in this way? or any other kind of property settings to keep gtk/whatever from being called.04:27
spreelankai tried this but it didn't work # eclipse -vmargs= -Djava.awt.headless=true04:27
ActionParsnipcryptodira: Lucid is fully supported for years to come, there no "only" about it....04:27
noob_ok guys im back04:27
ActionParsnipcryptodira: what model toshiba satellite04:27
ejvnoob_: whats the lspci for04:27
edbiannoob_, what are you trying to do?04:28
trinidadActionparsnip:  firefox just closed out on me again04:28
noob_thats the list of PCI buses and devices04:28
alpha7Have anybody use APTonCD before?04:28
noob_im trying to connect to the internet04:28
noob_on my laptop04:28
ActionParsnip!broadcom | noob_04:28
ubottunoob_: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx04:28
edbiannoob_, what happens when you sudo iwconfig -a ?04:28
przwskiwhats the urban terror channel:?04:28
ActionParsniptrinidad: what was in the terminal04:28
Aginormyradlife_: /etc/init.d/ssh04:28
myradlife_Aginor, I stopped ssh, anything else I should do? Do I need to stop apache2?04:28
trinidadall it did was open firefox04:28
edbiannoob_, scratch that, should be sudo iwconfig04:29
noob_-a    No such device04:29
ActionParsniptrinidad: did you open it in a terminal?04:29
edbian!noob | noob_  btw noob_04:29
ubottunoob_  btw noob_: Acronyms or statements like noob, jfgi, stfu, or rtfm are not welcome in this channel. Period.04:29
kieppiehi guys. I have a few disks I'm about to scratch. should I continue using ext4, or should I risk btrfs?04:29
Aginormyradlife_: what's that bluedoor thing that's been used?04:29
edbiannoob_, I know!  sudo iwconfig   (get rid of the -a) please read everything I write04:29
myradlife_Aginor, that's my username04:29
edbiannoob_, nevermind, just tell me what sudo iwconfig returns pleas04:30
ActionParsnipprzwski: theres one on quakenet server04:30
noob_it says04:30
noob_lo      no wireless extensions.04:30
jookCan someont take a look at this site ActionParsnip linked and confirm what command I need to use? my linux partition was sdc2, so I need to know if I'm supposed to use that, or sda1 (like the example) at the step where I install grub04:31
Elv13where is the download link for preinstalled 10.10 netboom image for i386? I have no computer with cdrom drive to run the live-cd installer04:31
edbiannoob_, does it list wlan0 at all?04:31
jookoops, link: http://www.ubuntu-inside.me/2009/06/howto-recover-grub2-after-windows.html04:31
Aginormyradlife_: excellent, then I can stop worrying about if it's a part of a rootkit that was in the process of being installed04:31
noob_where would it list wlan0?04:31
trinidadactionparsnip: everytime i open fireefox via the terminal all it does is open04:31
Aginormyradlife_: you probably want to kill the existing ssh processes if they haven't been terminated04:31
=== p3t3r_ is now known as ddaygold
myradlife_Aginor, I DO have PermitRootLogin enabled! I don't know why I do that!04:32
Aginormyradlife_: and investigate your logs to see what's been going on04:32
ActionParsniptrinidad: yes, but wait for it to die and then the terminal will populate04:32
Aginormyradlife_: or any obvious gaps in the logs04:32
edbiannoob_, in the output of sudo iwlist04:32
=== fireboy is now known as punchbabies
Aginormyradlife_: or less obvious gaps as well, from about the time you noticed things04:32
ActionParsnip!download | Elv1304:32
ubottuElv13: Ubuntu installation CDs can be downloaded from http://releases.ubuntu.com - Mirrors can be found at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mirrors - PLEASE use the !torrents to download !Maverick, and help keeping the servers' load low!04:32
ddaygoldI'm trying to get my headless server to connect to a vpn i subscribed to. Has anyone here used the pptp protocol ?04:32
alpha7Have anybody use APTonCD before?04:33
noob_says [interface] frequency04:33
noob_[interface] channel04:33
noob_and goes down a whole list like that... no wireless devices that i can see04:33
noob_doesnt say wlan anywhere04:34
bazhangnoob_, we need the pastebin04:34
noob_alright give me a sec04:34
jookCan someont take a look at this site ActionParsnip linked and confirm what command I need to use? my linux partition was sdc2, so I need to know if I'm supposed to use that, or sda1 (like the example) at the step where I install grub? http://www.ubuntu-inside.me/2009/06/howto-recover-grub2-after-windows.html04:34
Aginormyradlife_: I'm sorry, but I have to get going, my girlfriend is waiting for me04:34
edbiannoob_, yes, pastebin it cause you're not making any sense04:34
myradlife_Aginor, thanks for the help04:34
ActionParsnipnoob_: the broadcom link I made ubottu say will get the wireless working, it shows a method of using the livecd to make it work04:34
edbiannoob_, Are you on the live cd ?04:34
noob_ok give me all the things i need to pastebin04:34
noob_iwlist, iwconfig04:35
Aginormyradlife_: I might be back in an hour or so, but I'm sure there's more competent people around that can answer your questions04:35
noob_what else?04:35
Elv13ubottu, ActionParsnip: I cant find the LIVE IMAGE, the page force me to download the ISO, it cant work for me and dd-ing the iso on SD card dont work04:35
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:35
edbiansudo lspci -k04:35
noob_ok i got that on pastebin already04:35
edbiannoob_, sudo lspci -k would be great04:35
bazhangnoob_, then give us the url04:35
noob_^^^ that would be lspci04:35
bazhangbroadcom noob_ easy to get going04:36
edbiannoob_, we already have sudo lspci, we need sudo lspci -k04:36
jookCan someone take a look at this and confirm what command I need to use? my linux partition was sdc2, so I need to know if I'm supposed to use that, or sda1 (like the example) at the step where I install grub? http://www.ubuntu-inside.me/2009/06/howto-recover-grub2-after-windows.html04:36
bazhang!broadcom | noob_ follow this04:36
ubottunoob_ follow this: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx04:36
noob_ok got it04:36
jPuffKM0201 im still having disconnection issues04:36
vdubbugman53anybody able to assist with a WUSB600Nv2 install on Ubuntu x64 10.04?04:37
cryptodiraActionParsnip: 10.04 only was reference to 'no other OS' just ubuntu .. the satellite is A660D04:37
ActionParsnipvdubbugman53: run: sudo lshw -C network; lsusb    websearch for the identifiers of the device, the USB 8 character hex ID will be very useful04:38
ActionParsnipcryptodira: ok let me see what's what. I'm betting you'll need to disable acpi, but we'll see04:38
MTecknologySo.. somehow Firefox keeps reporting my default language is Romanian but the only language I know is English. It seems that it was fine up until 11.04. Any ideas why that would be happening?04:39
jookit saidcommand not found when i was unmounting, but i carried on anyway,,,04:39
noob_ok there is all the new commands04:39
Elv13nobody know where to find the IMG of Ubuntu 10.10 netbook? the wiki say they exist, but the link is gone04:40
jookActionParsnip, after following that website, nothing changed04:40
ActionParsnipvdubbugman53: if you run:  alsamixer   in terminal, are any levels muted or low04:40
cryptodiraActionParsnip: i 'think' that if i disable acpi i will lose either the onboard speakers or the earphones.... but am willing to try your suggestions.04:40
edbiannoob_, Can you connect the machine to the internet in some other way temporarily?04:41
noob_i have a wire to connect it to the router04:41
noob_but even when i do that i still cant get it to connect04:41
bazhangnoob_, check the broadcom link first04:41
edbiannoob_, In order to get wifi to connect you need to get online first.04:41
MTecknologynoob_: what was your issue? can't connect to wireless?04:41
noob_cant connect to wireless and wired04:42
noob_i cant get either04:42
ActionParsnipcryptodira: try the alsamixer first, its least destructive04:42
edbiannoob_, What happens when you try to connect via wire?04:42
vdubbugman53@Actionparsnip yea master f is off04:42
MTecknologynoob_: what happens when you try?04:42
ActionParsnipnoob_: the guide shows how you can use the install CD to set it up, so you dont need a connection to get it to work04:42
noob_the light turns on when i connect it to the printer04:42
alpha7Have anybody use APTonCD before?04:43
bazhangalpha7, yes04:43
MTecknologynoob_: can you pastebin ifconfig output from that system?04:43
bazhangalpha7, you have it installed on both computers?04:43
=== Guest95319 is now known as RaNdY
noob_i downloaded ubuntu though....04:43
ActionParsnipcryptodira: could also add: options snd-hda-intel model=dell-m4-2   to /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf   and rebooting04:43
edbiannoob_, connect the wire04:43
=== RaNdY is now known as Guest92223
cryptodiraActionParsnip: i have the ALSA utilities installed .... will add the GNOME alsa mixer as well... correct?04:43
edbiannoob_, then try to go online with firefox04:44
adellinux is complissiret04:44
edbiannoob_, Also, the icon on the panel should change04:44
edbiannoob_, How are you making pastebin's on this machine if it isn't online?04:44
MTecknologynoob_: are you trying to the internet during install or after it's installed?04:44
ActionParsnipcryptodira: both are part of a default desktop install04:45
cryptodiraActionParsnip:  this machine is (as far as i can tell) amd only.... no intel chips.04:45
ActionParsnipcryptodira: how is that relevant to sound?04:45
edbiannoob_, yes, are you actually installed or is this a live cd ?04:45
noob_its already installed04:45
=== andrew_ is now known as Guest26229
edbiannoob_, How are you making pastebin's if you're not online?04:45
MTecknologynoob_: alrighty.. can you pastebin ifconfig output?04:45
noob_it got the network time and settings when i plugged it in to the cable04:45
noob_im using it on a different computer04:46
noob_and using a flash drive to copy the text04:46
edbiannoob_, What did you say about the network time?04:46
cryptodiraActionParsnip: in your add: options snd..... above you reference intel... just asking in case it makes a difference for amd04:46
adelhelp samone help me04:46
MTecknologynoob_: 'ifconfig' pastebin04:46
edbiannoob_, yes ifconfig04:46
noob_ok ok im getting it04:46
adelno ipconfig04:47
ActionParsnipcryptodira: its the module used by most onboard sound chips04:47
LeifGEdit has started telling me that every word is misspelled.  I'm thinking the dectionary may have gotten uninstalled, is there any way I can get it back?04:47
dotblankgedit has spell check?04:47
Leifdotblank, Yes, it's in tools04:48
dotblankLeif, whoa now thats cool04:48
MTecknologyLeif: and the correct dictionary is selected?04:48
Leifdotblank, Also, when I go to set language, there's nothing there. :(04:48
noob_ifconfig is up on pastebin04:48
LeifMTecknology, There is no options in the "set language" dialog in tools04:48
MTecknologynoob_: hurray.......04:48
edbianyep, eth0 doesn't work either...04:48
alpha7bazhang yes.04:48
MTecknologynoob_: pastebin-> sudo lspci -vvkk04:49
qazeqazhello all04:49
alpha7bazhang I've mount it and trying to load it but it wasn't able to detect any iso or cd file04:49
MTecknologydetails now so I don't need to ask again later :P04:49
edbianMTecknology, it's not gonna matter, his wired AND wireless interfaces don't have modules04:49
LeifMTecknology, Mmm...it also looks like language-package-en is installed04:49
bazhangalpha7, mount it how04:49
MTecknologyedbian: I know; but that info still helps04:49
dotblankLeif, try language-pack-gnome-en-base04:49
dotblankLeif, try reinstalling it04:50
ActionParsnipcryptodira: you can check it with: lsmod | grep intel04:50
Leifdotblank, Ah, okay, that one isn't installed, installing now.  Thanks04:50
rusty149!ask > qazeqaz04:50
ubottuqazeqaz, please see my private message04:50
alpha7bazhang right click and open with archive mount04:51
MTecknologynoob_: working on that paste?04:51
rusty149alpha7: what are you trying to mount?04:51
noob_what are you guys trying to do btw04:52
bazhangalpha7, I used the aptoncd software to put the iso in sources.list04:52
bazhangalpha7, I mean the cd04:52
dotblankbazhang, it didn't get autodetected within gnome?04:52
edbiancut out the middle man04:52
MTecknologynoob_: your network cards aren't being recognized04:52
bazhangdotblank, not me, alpha704:52
noob_what is a network card04:53
alpha7rusty149 i've try mounting the aptoncd.iso04:53
noob_lololol i know i know04:53
edbiannoob_, Are you trolling?04:53
alpha7and when i hit load it doesn't load the aptoncd.iso04:53
noob_lol no i am not04:53
MTecknologynoob_: still waiting on the paste..04:54
noob_just nevermind04:54
noob_im using wikipedia04:54
eliknoob_: are you high?04:54
Leifdotblank, Nope, all still misspelled and no language choices in the dialog. :(04:54
dotblanknoob_, its a device that allows you to connect to a network04:54
noob_to pull myself out of retardation04:54
rusty149alpha7: pastebin, sudo cat /etc/apt/sources.list04:54
dotblankLeif, it may need to reload the gnome session or something to that degree04:54
Leifdotblank, Mmm...okay.  I guess that implies logging out, thanks.04:54
noob_jake@ubuntu:~$ ifconfig  lo        Link encap:Local Loopback              inet addr:  Mask:            inet6 addr: ::1/128 Scope:Host            UP LOOPBACK RUNNING  MTU:16436  Metric:1            RX packets:76 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 frame:0            TX packets:76 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 carrier:0            collisions:0 txqueuelen:0             RX bytes:5840 (5.8 KB)  TX bytes:5840 (5.8 KB)    jake@ubu04:55
noob_fffffuuuu nvm that04:55
dotblank!paste | noob_04:55
ubottunoob_: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.04:55
noob_you see i named myself noob for a reason guys04:55
qazeqazim a n00b at linux any good programs i can install?04:56
dotblankqazeqaz, lots04:56
MTecknologynoob_: that's only part of the lspci output04:56
jookWhen I get to the unount commands from here http://www.ubuntu-inside.me/2009/06/howto-recover-grub2-after-windows.html it says command not found04:56
MTecknologyyou're missing a lot04:56
edbianqazeqaz, only about 20,00004:56
dotblankqazeqaz, use the ubuntu software center to add/remove software with ease04:56
alpha7rusty149 what you want me to do?04:56
qazeqazhow do I install tar files? like counterstrike 2d?04:57
MTecknologyqazeqaz: tar is an archive04:57
edbianqazeqaz, http://martin.ankerl.com/2007/04/19/how-to-install-anything-in-ubuntu-condensed/04:57
noob_alright alright im doin it again04:57
cryptodiraActionParsnip: made the changes to *alsa-base.conf.... rebooting... brb04:57
jookWhat's going on here? When I get to the unount commands from here http://www.ubuntu-inside.me/2009/06/howto-recover-grub2-after-windows.html it says command not found04:57
rusty149alpha7: Are you trying to use a CD as apt source?04:58
qazeqazthank you :D04:58
dotblankqazeqaz, tar files are not like exe or other programs on windows.. tar file is analogous to a zip file.. sometimes they hold executable files and sometimes 9more often then not) they hold the source code and requires the program to be compiled04:58
Leifdotblank, Okay, I got it to work.  It looks like I needed to install pango, or aspell, or both.  Either way, thank you04:58
edbianqazeqaz, It is strongly recommended that you use programs in the repos first and other programs only if you must04:59
dotblankLeif, you didn't have pango installed??? yikes04:59
rusty149jook: it is umount, not unount04:59
noob_there it is guys04:59
jookrusty149, I didn't spell it wrong in the terminal window05:00
qazeqazrepos? im extremely new to this ive been using ubuntu 10.10 for 2 days now and my greatest achivement (lmao) is pianobar :D haha05:00
Leifdotblank, Joy, what does pango do?05:00
MTecknologynoob_: atheros.... yippy05:00
edbianqazeqaz, the ubuntu software center, or synaptic (lower level) are your window into the repos.05:00
noob_so what are you guys looking for??05:01
valroswhy does brasero announce a successful burn then continue to create another image checksum for another 40 minutes?05:01
qazeqazahh I see05:01
dotblankLeif, a lot it used as a rendering toolkit used by gtk methinks05:01
MTecknologynoob_: give me a minute05:01
edbianqazeqaz, repos (repositories) or big store-houses (servers) on the internet that hold programs that are all open source and safe to use in one place.05:01
dotblankand alot others05:01
MTecknologynoob_: oh ya.. what version?05:01
vdubbugman53looking for some help getting WUSB600Nv2 to work on my x64 10.0405:01
rusty149jook: That isn't the best way to recover/reinstall GRUB205:01
noob_what version of what05:01
dotblankMTecknology, he also has a broadcom device05:01
Leifdotblank, I inadvertantly purged java from my system a few weeks back, it removed some prety core libraries, I've been suffering ever since.  (But have been learning quite a bit in the meantime, which is why I haven't just reinstalled)05:01
Leifdotblank, Anyway, thank you05:01
edbianqazeqaz, It allows you to keep the entire system, every app, up to date using just the update manager (provided you only install stuff from the repos) there are 20,000 packages in the repos05:01
jookrusty149, if you have a better idea, I'm open to it. My grub jsut freaked out when i installed updates, and now it doesnt load my OS list when I boot. I jsut get a grub> terminal05:02
=== james is now known as Guest99330
qazeqazso how come a lot more applications are not in the repo?05:02
dotblankLeif, well you could alsways check to make sure you ahve the ubuntu-desktop metapackage installed05:02
MTecknologynoob_: can you check the restricted driver manager; I think it's somewhere around System -> Administration -> Restricted Drivers05:02
edbianqazeqaz, ? There are a ton of them in there05:02
dotblankLeif, if that package is gone then you removed a core component of ubuntu05:02
noob_i only see hardware drivers05:03
Leifdotblank, Mmm...good idea05:03
noob_no restricted05:03
qazeqazI know there are a lot in there just some games and stuff ive been looking at isnt there05:03
MTecknologynoob_: yup- that's it05:03
MTecknologynoob_: check it and see if it suggests any drivers05:03
Leifdotblank, Yup, it's gone, but at least it will only take me 25 MB to download it all, so I must have most of it back, thank you.  :)05:03
noob_says downloading package indexes failed, please check your network status.  Most drivers will not be avilable05:03
MTecknologylol... there's that05:04
Leifdotblank, And now it's downloaded.  :)05:04
MTecknologynoob_: what kind of system?05:04
edbianqazeqaz, not everything is in there.  As to why, probably because A it isn't open source or B the developers didn't submit it05:04
noob_you mean what kind of laptop? Acer05:04
MTecknologynoob_: more details?05:04
qazeqazHow do I make my text a different color in this and how did you guys learn so much about linux?!05:04
edbianqazeqaz, Some developers don't care if it's in the Ubuntu or Debian repos I guess05:05
noob_aspire timelinex 4820T05:05
cryptodiraActionParsnip: no joy ... microphone does not work...with the sound recorder, i just get open circuit noise on playback... suggestions?05:05
edbianqazeqaz, I learned from using and reading and messing with stuff05:05
cfeddeqazeqaz: years of reading and playing.05:05
=== Newa2 is now known as NewaWrk
MTecknologynoob_: give me a few minutes to do some learning05:05
dotblanknoob_, have you tried ifconfig -a05:05
rusty149jook: Best to do a reboot of LiveCD first, don't need to use chroot. 1. Mount Linux as decribed, e.g sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt  2. sudo grub-install --root-directory=/mnt /dev/sda   3. sudo umount /mnt && sudo reboot05:05
dotblanknoob_, How are you psating your outputs05:05
edbianqazeqaz, It's probably just some setting in your irc client.  settings -> preferences -> colors if you're using xchat like I am05:05
qazeqaznice, hope I can pick up on it fast, is SUSE linux a lot different then ubuntu??05:05
jookrusty149, my linux partition is sdc2. How does that affect the commands?05:06
edbianqazeqaz, also if you start your sentences with my name (like I'm doing for you) it will color it for me05:06
noob_psating my outputs??05:06
Craigwelli have a dell d620. after a fresh reinstall of 10.04, my screen will not come back on if i close the lid. ctrl-alt-f1 does nothing05:06
Craigwellanyone have an idea where i can start ?05:06
edbianqazeqaz, It's different in some ways but similar in others.05:06
qazeqazyea im in xchat but i cant make my color yellow, i can just change everybody elses txt color05:06
noob_i put it in the openoffice, copy it to flash drive, load it on to shitty imac05:06
MTecknologydotblank: it's a driver issue; I'm gonne need to do some looking around for him05:06
noob_dang forgot about language again05:06
dotblankCraigwell, it is possible going to sleep05:06
edbianqazeqaz, It's much different than say slackware or arch or gentoo05:06
IdleOne!language | noob_05:06
ubottunoob_: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.05:06
rusty1491.  sudo mount /dev/sdc2 /mnt  2. sudo grub-install --root-directory=/mnt /dev/sdc   3. sudo umount /mnt && sudo reboot05:06
dotblankCraigwell, or going into hibernate05:06
rusty149jook: 1.  sudo mount /dev/sdc2 /mnt  2. sudo grub-install --root-directory=/mnt /dev/sdc   3. sudo umount /mnt && sudo reboot05:06
edbianqazeqaz, IDK about the colors.  Just mess with the gui settings! :P05:07
dotblankCraigwell, you can disable the behaviour in the power menu05:07
MTecknologyIdleOne: You saw that he already caught himself, right?05:07
Craigwellno, all hd activity and such remains, just the screen blanks and i cannot get it to come back05:07
IdleOneMTecknology: I didn't.05:07
qazeqazlol ok how do i dirrect message you guys like you are to me?05:07
bazhangMTecknology, hes done it about 5 times05:07
valroswhy does brasero seem to burn the image twice?05:07
edbianqazeqaz, start the message with my name.05:07
jookrusty149, I can just enter those directly from a terminal in live CD, or do I still do the other steps first?05:07
IdleOneMTecknology: what bazhang said05:07
Craigwellpower management only set to blank screen05:07
dotblankCraigwell, odd.. have you tried using alt+printscrn+k05:07
noob_im sorry!!!05:08
Craigwelldotblank, no, what is that function?05:08
Scorpion_Hello. I have an issue with a downloaded torrent on XP, PLZ HELP05:08
qazeqazedbian ok thanks a lot05:08
MTecknologynoob_: don't worry about it; but the next time you do it I'm guessing you'll get the boot. ;)05:08
edbianScorpion_, Is it ubuntu related05:08
dotblankCraigwell, it uses the hardware keyboard interupt to kill the current session05:08
edbianqazeqaz, quite welcome.  I love linux!05:08
noob_lol alright05:08
bazhangScorpion_, offtopic here05:08
vdubbugman53i cant get my WUSB600Nv2  to play nice with 10.04 anybody help me figure out what is goin on.  i have the drivers and have tried to install05:08
dotblankCraigwell, its not the most safe thing tho05:08
rusty149jook: Yeah just from live cd. Don't know about your current environment after chrooting, so advise to reboot. Then when you are back in Linux after GRUB is fixed just run, sudo update-grub205:09
=== Kasjopaja23 is now known as Kasjopaja
Craigwelli can get the system to reboot when in the blank screen symptom by ctrl alt del,05:09
Craigwellbut ctrl alt f1 does nothing, nor f705:09
dotblankCraigwell, ok thats kinda odd05:09
jookgotcha. Thanks, rusty149 I will try that05:09
noob_alright well ill paste ifconfig -a then05:09
=== Kasjopaja is now known as Guest86096
dotblankCraigwell, I would reboot and check the kernel logs in /var/log05:10
Craigwellit was fine just before reinstalling 10.04 to replace a bad drive (i restored my /home dir which was on its own partiton)05:10
qazeqazedbian, I am really liking this a lot its kind of always what I wanted PS is my text coming in right?05:10
edbianqazeqaz, yeah, you're doing it right.  Linux is awesome :)05:10
Craigwellwhich log in particular, dotblank?05:10
edbianqazeqaz, any more questions?05:10
dotblankCraigwell, well there are lots.. perhaps it would be easier to use the log file viewer05:11
bazhang!manual | qazeqaz this may help too05:11
ubottuqazeqaz this may help too: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/05:11
jookrusty149, can you /msg that at me so it wont get scrolled away?05:11
qazeqazedbian, as of right now im good haha but thanks a lot man!!!!!! glad linux users arent as angry as some of their windows counterparts haha05:11
dotblankCraigwell, the command is called gnome-system-log05:11
edbianqazeqaz, Are windows users angry now?  Hahaha05:11
noob_^^ ifconfig -a05:11
dotblankthats so odd05:12
synackfinthere was a simple port forwarding program that I was using, but I forgot the name and am trying to find it again -- it's not ssh port forwarding (even simpler, no encryption) -- anyone know the name?05:12
chaospsychexedbian: ?05:12
qazeqazubottu, thanks a lot ill dl it05:12
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:12
dotblanknoob_, wait doa sudo ifconfig -a05:12
edbianchaospsychex, ?05:12
Craigwelldotblank: yep, a lot of logs05:12
noob_just forget it ill try it again another day05:12
ActionParsnipsynackfin: if you use a hard router, the config is there05:12
qazeqazedbian, yea man some of the people i know are just full of hate hahaha05:12
noob_i gotta do calculus then go to bed05:12
ActionParsnipsynackfin: otherwise it's this05:12
chaospsychexedbian: what were you referring to about 'are windows users angry now' ?05:12
ActionParsnip!ics | synackfin05:12
ubottusynackfin: If you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetConnectionSharing - You may also use !firestarter: http://www.fs-security.com/docs/connection-sharing.php05:12
noob_thanks for trying guys05:12
jookgood luck noob_05:13
edbianchaospsychex, what qazeqaz said. He said linux users are far less angry than windows users.  I got a kick out of it :)05:13
edbianqazeqaz, :)05:13
AurielDoes Ubuntu support the Linksys WMP54G out of the box?05:13
dotblankedbian, I dunno.. I find some linux users to be very friendly05:13
linuxman410every time i try to make a usb image it says com32 image not found what is problem05:13
synackfinno, I'm not trying to bridge networks, share ips or anything - it's just a simple program that forward one tcp/udp port to another ip (like ssh port forwarding) but without encryption05:14
noob_out of a poll i heard linux users are far more angry05:14
noob_mac users tend to be more gay and artsy05:14
bazhang!ot | noob_05:14
ubottunoob_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!05:14
linuxman410bootable flash drive05:14
edbiandotblank, Me too!  I think it's funny that windows users are angry05:14
dotblankedbian, the most friendly05:14
edbiandotblank, agreed :)05:14
MTecknologynoob_: anyway... this is the info you really need for getting help http://paste.ubuntu.com/555659/   I'm still looking for more info05:15
dotblanksynackfin, IPtables perhaps or UFW?05:15
MTecknologynoob_: can you do 'sudo modprobe atl1e' ?05:15
dotblankdid ubottu die05:15
ubottuUbuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo | GUI frontends such as Firestarter/Gufw (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE) also exist.05:15
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto05:15
qazeqazedbian haha yea lol all me, all linux users ive meet or talked to have been so happy to help me05:15
qazeqazI can completely switch to linux because I have MINECRAFT!!! hahaha05:15
dotblankwhatc it netsplit anytime soon05:16
chaospsychexLOL minecraft05:16
synackfindotblank: no it wasn't a firewall set up;  it was a ridiculously simple program, it was a userspace daemon (iptools/ufw require root)05:16
vanillaicequick q.. re acpid ... I added all the right stuff in /etc/acpi/events and the corresponding shell scripts in /etc/acpi but i can't get acpid to recognize them.. Nada... using 10.10 and there's no /var/log/acpid.. any ideas for troubleshooting?05:16
dotblankminecraft is awesome05:16
glassresistorim trying to add photos to my ipod touch without much success05:16
akagi82anyone know how to uninstall opensuse without messing up my windows boot05:16
MTecknologynoob_: can you do 'sudo modprobe atl1e' ?05:16
synackfindotblank: it just listened on a port, and sent all the packets to another ip - a simple program, but I can't remember the name and it's frustrating me05:16
glassresistorid like to be able to either add them with f-spot or use the ipods web browser directly05:16
dotblanksynackfin, you could do it with netcat or nc05:17
dotblanksynackfin, or some fancy bash scripting05:17
zetherooin trying to get Flash to work with FF 4 I seemed to have screwed something up badly ... trying to install flashplugin-installer I get this message:   Errors were encountered while processing:05:17
zetheroo /var/cache/apt/archives/flashplugin-installer_10.1.102.65ubuntu0.10.10.1_amd64.deb05:17
qazeqazchaospsychex, MINECRAFT is amazing hahaha05:17
glassresistorit seems like all f-spot can do is import them05:17
synackfindotblank: yeah but this program had already packaged that, it read a config file, and listened on those ports (netcat requires a separate instance running on each port)05:17
zetherooand then : E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)05:17
AurielDoes Ubuntu support the Linksys WMP54G out of the box?05:18
dotblankAuriel, whats the name of device called WMP is confusing for me and some05:18
MTecknologynoob_: ?05:18
bazhangAuriel, tell us the chipset05:18
bazhangAuriel, possibly05:19
vdubbugman53having the same issue with my WUSB600n not working05:19
vdubbugman53it is also ralink chip set05:19
AurielRalink RT250005:19
vdubbugman53its killing me05:19
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs05:19
synackfindotblank: ah, found it!  it's called rinetd05:19
ActionParsnipvdubbugman53: could use ndisgtk + windows driver05:19
bazhangAuriel, should do05:19
Dmstrdjwrt54g, and wrt120n are no idea about yours05:19
AurielThank you05:20
qazeqazedbian, thanks for the help man, I'm out have a good one, and im sure ill see you on here again soon hahahahah05:21
edbianqazeqaz, good night05:21
PharanacAnyone know a way to run Netflix in ubuntu without a virtual machine?05:21
dotblankPharanac, I wish05:21
edbianPharanac, It is not yet possible05:21
Pharanacme too, always looking for it05:21
qazeqazwhy do they block linux?05:22
ActionParsnipPharanac: not currently possible05:22
qazeqaznetflix i mean05:22
rwwqazeqaz: They use DRM stuff that isn't supported by Linux.05:22
MTecknologyPharanac: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=151054305:22
edbianqazeqaz, They're not blocking it.  They're just not taking the time to develop for it05:22
dotblankqazeqaz, its because of the windows play ready DRM and mono05:22
jookqazeqaz, its not blocking - its just lack of supporting05:22
NickyTRemember meeeeeee?05:22
qazeqazso so lame............... well night all!05:22
vdubbugman53ActionParsnip: cant seem to get that to work at all05:22
ActionParsnipNickyT: well there are miilions of ubuntu users and he channel is pretty much continually busy, so very doubtful unless you visit a lot05:23
MTecknologyPharanac: I actually have a bluray player and that's about it's only purpose05:23
dotblankI ahve one on my desk05:23
dotblanknever used the blueray player though05:24
jPuffi need an ubuntu runnable mp3 player that can be set to repeatedly play a file05:24
ActionParsnipvdubbugman53: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZLEZRgWIOc   just use the driver for your adapter05:24
ActionParsnipjPuff: mplayer does that by default05:24
jPuffnm the default had an option for repeat :D05:24
MTecknologyI guess noob_ isn't coming back... Sucks because I found an ugly solution to his problem.05:24
jPuffit wasnt set to repeat by default ActionParsnip05:24
NickyTI got MAC banned from wifi in my area05:25
dotblankActionParsnip, are you an ubuntu member?05:25
NickyTwhat's the easiest way to mac change in ububtu?05:25
zetheroowhat's going on here?: adobe-flashplugin conflicts with flashplugin-installer05:25
ActionParsnipdotblank: indeed I am05:25
MTecknologyActionParsnip: 'most' ubuntu members on irc have an ubuntu/member hostmask so you can see by /whois <nick>05:25
ActionParsnipzetheroo: remove both so you have no flash plugins then install flashplugin-nonfree05:26
glassresistorso no ipod touch on linux advice in here, any ideas of another channel with more options?05:26
zetherooActionParsnip: I have already tried that05:26
zetherooActionParsnip: I cannot locate any "adobe-flashplugin"05:26
dotblankActionParsnip, I would like to apply for one soon. Did you get it based off your IRC contributions?05:26
NOBLEi have ubuntu 10.10 how can i install a printer lexmark x2695????05:27
ActionParsnipzetheroo: i believe thats the package when you go to the adobe site and grab the deb there, all you need is flashplugin-nonfree and it will work (or you can manually install or use the 64bit PPA if you use 64bit OS)05:27
zetherooNOBLE: is it plugged in and turned on?05:27
dotblankNOBLE, did you try using the printers utility?05:27
ActionParsnipdotblank: and my huge input on the launchpad answers05:27
NOBLEyes but it dosent work05:28
PharanacAnyone know of a Wii emulator for ubuntu?05:28
zetherooActionParsnip: I downloaded the 32bit package and forced the install ... and now it's all screwed05:28
ActionParsnipdotblank: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+topcontributors   check my karma ;)05:28
zetherooActionParsnip: I am running 64bit Ubuntu ... and forcing the install has worked in the past for me :P05:28
ActionParsnipzetheroo: you shouldn't force packages dude05:29
zetherooActionParsnip: yeah I suppose05:29
dotblankActionParsnip, dang...05:29
ActionParsnipzetheroo: theres a 64bit PPA05:29
zetherooActionParsnip: where? ... I have been searching for one05:29
MTecknologyActionParsnip: I remember way back when I was in that list :P05:29
dotblankActionParsnip, now I feel like I havn't done nearly enough to apply05:29
NickyTDo you guys know anything about macchanger in Ubuntu?05:29
NOBLEy download the driver from lexmark page and it say its obsolete05:29
ActionParsnipzetheroo: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2010/09/install-64bit-flash-from-a-ppa-or-deb/05:30
ActionParsnipNOBLE: if it makes the printer work, who cares05:30
NOBLEbut the problem is it dosen work thats the problem05:30
NickyTDoes anyone know about mac changing?05:30
Airglowhi, someone can tell me the last packages added to ubuntu 10.10 to update?05:31
NOBLEbecause is obsolete05:31
myradlife_What is the meaning of this line in my /var/log/auth.log ? Jan 18 15:37:20 SlackServer sshd[23116]: reverse mapping checking getaddrinfo for pcp022204pcs.dhcp.calpoly.edu [] failed - POSSIBLE BREAK-IN ATTEMPT!05:31
dotblankNOBLE, have you tried checking the open printing database for your printer05:31
ActionParsnipMTecknology: i'd be #1 but martinP contributes a lot to a space program (if i remember right) and he gets karma from that. He even admits it feels like cheating :D05:31
edbianAirglow, Can you re-phrase that?05:31
ActionParsnipNOBLE: you're missing the point05:31
Airglowok edbian , let me do it better05:31
greppymyradlife_: it means that it could not confirm that the forward and reverse dns matched.05:31
zetherooActionParsnip: ok thanks ... I downloaded the .deb and tried to install it ... but probably due to something I messed up it won't install :(05:32
edbianmyradlife_, Did you ssh into your machine from calpoly.edu ?05:32
NOBLEyes i open it and is not in the data base some one know if with an other drive can work?05:32
myradlife_edbian, yes I did05:32
ActionParsnipzetheroo: if your packages aren't square then you should fix that first05:32
MTecknologyActionParsnip: Yup, he even had a bug open about that once.05:32
edbianmyradlife_, Then it's probably safe (and was just you)05:32
ActionParsnipMTecknology: HA, dude that's hilarious05:32
zetherooActionParsnip: is there a way to fix broken packages or whatever is messed up?05:33
zetherooActionParsnip: I tried looking around in Synaptic but could not locate any repairing feature05:33
myradlife_greppy, edbian I had a similar line, let me show you from TEXAS earlier today05:33
ActionParsnipzetheroo: can you give a pastebin of: sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get --reinstall install nano      thanks05:33
MTecknologyActionParsnip: not only that- but they felt it was accurate and karma calculations were adjusted otherwise he'd be many miles ahead05:34
MTecknologyActionParsnip: there was something else he was doing that gave waaay too much to your karma05:34
ActionParsnipMTecknology: little bit, as long as folks enjoy the OS then I'm happy. Karma imho just helps with membership applications05:34
edbianmyradlife_, forward DNS lookup means finding the IP address of a domain name, reverse DNS means looking up the domain name of an IP address.  Sometimes people spoof (which means write some nonsense IP in the packet headers) so that they can try to log into your machine without you knowing where it really came from.  This would result in a mis-matching forward / reverse dns05:34
zetherooActionParsnip: ok well that installed nano without a hitch05:34
edbianmyradlife_, But since you have logged in from that domain I find it very unlikely someone is spoofing.  That would mean they randomly choose an address (out of billions) that coincidentally you are actually using05:35
zetherooActionParsnip: did you still want a pastebin of that even though there were no issues?05:35
ActionParsnipzetheroo: if the 3 commands went flawlessly then the packages are ok. You should remove adobe-flashplugin and flashplugin-* so you have no flash then use the deb or ppa from the omgubuntu link05:35
edbianmyradlife_, Oh, no05:35
ActionParsnipzetheroo: if all is well then the paste isn't necessary :)05:35
edbianmyradlife_, Now that I see this file someone is definitely trying to guess user names and passwords for your ssh server.  See the invalid user root stuff all over?05:36
w1n5ton0What archive format has the best time/compression ratio?05:36
myradlife_edbian, yes i do05:36
edbianmyradlife_, yeah someone is trying to log in as root and guess the password05:36
chris05Hey, I'm trying to install ubuntu off of my usb, but everytime I try to advance past the second window it crashes telling me that the parted server is unresponsive or something :x05:36
myradlife_edbian, so this happened today around 5 a.m.05:36
MTecknologyActionParsnip: does it really even help with that; I think they're 'supposed to' look at what contributed to that karma more than the number (i think they do a pretty good job of that)  I used to think it was fun when I had a whole lot; but now I contribute in other areas that don't add to karma much and it's less exciting to watch it chance05:36
zetherooActionParsnip: when trying to remove adobe-flashplugin I get :  Virtual packages like 'adobe-flashplugin' can't be removed05:36
myradlife_I got on my computer at 8:00 p.m., and it had a ton of ssh connections open and the network traffic was huge on upload05:37
edbianmyradlife_, eventually they will get the password.  It might take them 75 years but they will get it.  Also many other people will start attacking too.  It's very annoying.  They're called script kiddies because they know how to run this silly script that brute forces ssh servers but they don't know much of anything else presumably05:37
edbianmyradlife_, Did someone actually get it?  That's really bad05:37
dotblankIve never really cared about karma.. I did get some for uploading packages to my ppa and filing a bug.. thats about it05:37
edbianmyradlife_, According to the file the root account is locked on ssh so they didn't log in as root.05:38
myradlife_edbian, I'm trying to find out, I think this might tell you something  http://pastebin.com/cjkwivJv05:38
edbianmyradlife_, well, that looks like a tcp dump?  I'm not familiar enough with it but it def seems that root is establishing a connection.05:39
edbianmyradlife_, However if they  actually logged in as root (or at all) over ssh you'd see it in /var/log/auth.log and it's not in there from what I can see05:39
hsa2i installed 11.04 daily beta from usb disk, but my grub was gone05:39
ActionParsnip!natty | hsa205:40
ubottuhsa2: Natty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011 - Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1 - Natty is unstable and is not intended for production systems.05:40
myradlife_edbian, i'm looking through my auth.log to see if they in fact did that, is there an easy way to search this?05:40
hsa2oops, sorry05:40
zetherooActionParsnip: when trying to install flash from the PPA   http://pastebin.com/MDrRspJb05:40
Airglowhi, can anyone tell me the last name of packages added to ubuntu 10.10 to update the security updates?05:40
ActionParsnipzetheroo: sudo apt-get --purge remove flashplugin-nonfree; sudo apt-get install flashplugin64-installer05:41
edbianmyradlife_, cat /var/log/auth.log | grep Accepted05:41
edbianmyradlife_, That command will show all the lines from the log file that contain the word 'Accepted' which the ssh daemon prints when someone logs in successfully05:42
=== eXistZ is now known as RobBeane
zetheroo ActionParsnip:  http://pastebin.com/3rPwYLzs05:42
zetheroo ActionParsnip: I didn't know it was this easy to screw a Linux system up :P05:42
murlidharam not able to set custom fonts on qt apps using qt4-config ...apparantly this is not working when the GUI in qt4-config is set to GTK+05:42
murlidharis it a bug ?05:42
ActionParsnipzetheroo: ok can you give the output of:  dpkg -l | grep flash; dpkg -l | grep swf; dpkg -l | grep gnash     Thanks05:43
=== Guest92223 is now known as RaNdY
zetherooActionParsnip: ^05:44
=== RaNdY is now known as Guest61786
ActionParsnipzetheroo: sudo apt-get --purge remove adobe-flashplugin; sudo apt-get install flashplugin64-installer05:44
=== RobBeane is now known as eXistZ
edbianmyradlife_, how's it going?05:44
myradlife_edbian, so here's something that's complicating my search: I have two computers that I have cronjobs to rsync into this server. One is at calpoly.edu and one is my laptop that's usually on the same LAN. I have them set (stupidly) to login every minute.05:44
Airglowedbian can you tell me which are the last packages of security updates added to ubuntu 10.10 ?05:45
zetherooActionParsnip:  http://pastebin.com/yEfzgkcQ05:45
zetherooActionParsnip: Virtual packages like 'adobe-flashplugin' can't be removed ??? huh?05:45
theTrav_hey, I think ssh is using the proxy-server I've set up in ubuntu.  Is there a way for me to tell it to not use a proxy, without messing up the proxy config I've got for all my other apps?05:45
myradlife_edbian, I'm not sure what to do, because I have a ton of accepted logins from an IP that seems to be the calpoly.edu ip, but how do i know if that's my campus computer logging in for rsync or an attack?05:46
rwwAirglow: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-security-announce/2011-January/thread.html05:46
Cpt_Zyphok guys im stuck.. i was told the other day the wl driver im using might be my wifi problem... im trying to find otu on the other hand how im supposed to get my wifi working on this del mini.. is this just not an option??05:46
rwwAirglow: so... libdbus-1-305:46
Cpt_Zyphi had to install the current setup via ubuntu walkthroughs and my usb drive cuz it was installed on a work network .. now that im home should i do something different?05:46
edbianAirglow, just run sudo apt-get update and then sudo apt-get upgrade and you'll be up to date my friend05:47
ActionParsnipzetheroo: weird, i'd just force install /var/cache/apt/archives/flashplugin64-installer_10.3.162.29-0ubuntu0~sevenmachines2_amd64.deb   then05:47
edbianmyradlife_, The user05:47
ActionParsnipzetheroo: sudo dpkg --force-all -i /var/cache/apt/archives/flashplugin64-installer_10.3.162.29-0ubuntu0~sevenmachines2_amd64.deb05:47
edbianmyradlife_, Do any of the Accepteds not have your username in them?05:47
zetheroo ActionParsnip: ok that worked05:48
myradlife_edbian, no they all have my username none say root05:48
zetheroo ActionParsnip: is there a way to "test" it?05:48
edbianmyradlife_, then you're good my friend.  Nobody has logged in.05:48
ActionParsnipzetheroo: close all browsers and then visit a page like http://www.rathergood.com/blode205:48
edbianmyradlife_, Might want to turn them off for a bit to be extra sure though.  However it is clear that someone (unsuccessfully) is trying to log into your machine via ssh05:49
edbianmyradlife_, Not a surprise, I have the same problem with my ssh server05:49
zetheroo ActionParsnip: hehe ... ok it's playing in Chromium but not in FF405:49
vanc_hi guys , i just got a clevo X7200 and i installed ubuntu 10.04 and the sound doesnt work, i followed the howto on ubuntu support ended up installing the latest version of alsa still nothing. then i tried installing 10.10 just incase that would make it work nothing i cant think what else to do here ....any ideas ? its an HDA intel card but it does show 2 versions of it one with an nvida which i think is the HDMI sound out05:49
dotblankvanc_, Have you tried using speaker-test05:50
myradlife_edbian, GOOD! Is there an explanation for why my computer was showing upstream network activity of ~100KB/s (constant) before I stopped SSH?05:50
vanc_yes no sound comes out05:50
edbianmyradlife_, I have no idea about that05:50
dotblankvanc_, can you verify the device is not muted in alsa-mixer05:50
myradlife_edbian, as soon as i stopped SSH and then ended all my SSH processes, the network activity stopped05:51
vanc_yes unmuted and tried to select both devices as out put05:51
edbianmyradlife_, well perhaps it was just the ssh server responding to these log in requests05:51
ActionParsnipzetheroo: ok then run: mkdir ~/.mozilla/plugins05:51
zetheroo ActionParsnip: shoot ... that was wierd ... I closed and reopened FF and now I am back at using FF3.6 :P05:52
zetheroo ActionParsnip: FF4 is gone - loll05:52
myradlife_edbian, okay. is there anything I should do to prevent this or add security?05:52
ActionParsnipzetheroo: then run: sudo find -iname "flashplugin.so"    then copy the file to ~/.mozilla/plugins05:52
edbianmyradlife_, thought you'd never ask!  check this out: http://denyhosts.sourceforge.net/05:53
ActionParsnipzetheroo: should do it, i've not used firefox in many moons05:53
zetherooActionParsnip: ok thanks ... you a Opera user?05:53
edbianmyradlife_, Also, you could but your ssh server on a different port (e.g. 23, or 2222)05:53
dotblankvanc_, can you verify your speakers are plugged in (if you are on the desktop)05:53
ActionParsnipzetheroo: chromium-daily and arora05:54
iRabbit_anyone know the valid URL to install CPSKins on a Ubuntu 10.10 box?05:54
Cpt_Zyphso can i uninstall the wl driver i put on here to get my wifi working and try updating ubuntu to see if there is another way to make my driver work???05:54
zetherooActionParsnip: nice05:54
Cpt_Zyphwhen i sent my dmesg to someone the other day they said the wifi adapter im using is prob the cause of my random lock ups... not sure how ever what to do to fix this05:54
myradlife_edbian, instead of the default port? That makes sense, I guess, since the default is the port people will try guessing?05:55
edbianmyradlife_, yeah05:55
edbianmyradlife_, script kiddies....05:55
myradlife_edbian, thank you much for the help!05:55
edbianmyradlife_, no problem :)05:55
vanc_dotblanc , yes all plugged in . sound works in windows05:56
zetherooActionParsnip: did that force install overide the previous adobe-flashplugin package?05:56
iRabbit_anyone know the valid URL to install CPSKins on a Ubuntu 10.10 box?05:56
zetherooActionParsnip: is there still something broken in the system?05:56
dotblankvanc_, just had to check.. does dmesg give any errors relating to snd-hda-intel05:56
ActionParsnipzetheroo: just means it ignores file conflicts and architectures, basically it copies the files from the package and runs the postinst as best it can05:57
ActionParsnipzetheroo: doubtful, try reinstalling nano. If it's ok then you are fine (I use nano as it's a small high level package)05:57
zetherooActionParsnip: ok thanks once again for your help ;)05:58
Cpt_Zyphanyone able to help me with my random lock up problems??05:59
vanc_dotblank , HDA intel 0000:04:00.1 PCI INT B -> GSI 37 (level, low) -> IRQ 3  and then on another line hda_intel:Disabled MSI for Nvidia chipset06:00
dotblankvanc_, hmm06:01
Airglowa security question: if anyone knows your sudo password, can remotely enter to a ubuntu system if that person knows your IP in that moment?06:01
dotblankAirglow, only if you have ssh06:01
[thor]Can anyone recommend a good program or walk-thru to detect or recalibrate a joystick? the software center is being less than giving tonight.06:01
dotblankAirglow, and you have ports settup correctly06:02
=== james is now known as Guest55286
vanc_yes i dont know what the deal is , and there is not much on google .thanks dotblank06:02
ActionParsnipAirglow: ssh server would need to be running and they'd need to know the port. If you are using a router you would also have had to setup port forwarding06:02
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=== joshmuffin is now known as josh_muffin
josh_muffincan anyone help me with dual monitors, ati radeon HD card06:04
Airglowactionparsnip which is the name of the ssh server in the system monitor processes?06:04
=== hsa2 is now known as zz_hsa2
ActionParsnipAirglow: sshd06:05
Guest55286looking for some help with a seemingly obscure problem possibly involving pulse audio and or X?06:05
ActionParsnipAirglow: i believe06:05
myradlife_ActionParsnip, what is seashore?06:06
rwwyup, sshd06:06
ActionParsnip!info seashore06:06
ubottuPackage seashore does not exist in maverick06:06
josh_muffincan anyone help me with dual monitors, ati radeon 4560 HD, xinerama ect - the mouse wont cross from screen 1 to screen 206:07
ActionParsnipmyradlife_: http://www.osalt.com/seashore06:07
tylergilliesis there a working version of GNUStep for amd64?06:07
Guest55286josh_muffin try all 4 sides of the monitor see if they are aligned properly06:07
=== Harry is now known as Guest83091
tylergilliesit seems all the ubuntu packages are broken06:07
josh_muffinGuest55286, i have, the windows cross but the mouse wont, therefor i cant get windows fully across only particially06:08
Guest83091who am I now06:09
Guest55286josh_muffin that was my only guess I am looking for help too06:09
ActionParsniptylergillies: http://packages.ubuntu.com/maverick/gnustep   has an ALL deb, which works on 32bit and 64bit06:09
tylergilliesActionParsnip: thnx06:09
ActionParsniptylergillies: so its not broken is it?06:10
AirglowActionParsnip,  then ssh-agent process nothing, isnt it06:10
josh_muffinGuest55286, thanks anyway =] what do you need help with?06:10
ActionParsnipAirglow: if you havent installed it, it's not runnning. Its options06:10
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myradlife_ActionParsnip, I think I meant seahorse06:10
ActionParsnip!info seahorse06:11
ubottuseahorse (source: seahorse): GNOME front end for GnuPG. In component main, is optional. Version 2.32.0-0ubuntu1 (maverick), package size 645 kB, installed size 2636 kB06:11
ActionParsnipmyradlife_: http://www.linux.org/apps/AppId_3552.html06:11
Guest55286system is pausing for about .1 sec every sec so if I am playing music it is choppy or if I am dragging a window in x it looks choppy and is Very annoying.06:11
ActionParsnipGuest55286: test your RAM using memtest in grub06:12
Guest55286I have it is fine06:12
Guest55286It only started after I upgraded to 10.1006:12
tylergilliesActionParsnip: does ubuntu defaulty pick the right architecture to download? because im specifically having problems with gorm.app, and it seg faults on startup. i read it post because gnustep apps are broken on amd6406:13
tylergilliesa post*06:13
Oheligif you were able to install it, then you have the correct architecture06:14
rusiviGuest55286: Are you in 32 or 64-bit?06:14
=== ebarch_ is now known as ebarch
Guest5528664-bit amd quad core 4GB Ram M3A78 pro board and a gforce 8600 GT06:15
Guest55286also 64 bit ubuntu06:16
ActionParsniptylergillies: yes it will always pick the right arch when you use software-centre etc06:16
josh_muffin can anyone help me with dual monitors, ati radeon 4560 HD, xinerama ect - the mouse wont cross from screen 1 to screen 206:16
myradlife_If I change /etc/ssh/sshd_config "PermitRootLogin" to "NO" will I be able to use sudo as non-root remotely?06:18
Guest83091I tried to change my MAC address BUT06:18
tylergilliesActionParsnip: http://pastebin.com/57Zi9SXW06:18
rwwmyradlife_: yes06:18
Guest83091access denied???06:18
Guest83091what's that all about?06:18
gobbeGuest83091: did u do it with sudo06:20
ActionParsniptylergillies: not a comamnd I've used. I suggest you log a bug06:22
aleiexHi, i have this problem : when I plug an usb flash fat/32 & try to paste any data, I just can't, & said that is only read file06:29
aleiexany idea on how to fix that?06:29
zrutyelik: Wow that flashes a lot over my screen... but it seems to work, thanks!06:34
elikzruty: you can look at the options in man find06:34
elikzruty: you can narrow down your search criterion06:35
zrutyYes, I did look there, but my head did not make the link...06:35
Switchg'day, I just installed "sendmail", thinking it would be a few kilobytes max and I find out it's huge, what's the deal with that?06:37
linuxtechThe security updates dbus dbus-x11 libdbus-1-3 are causing one of my machines to reboot over and over.  I'll need to put a cd drive in the machine to boot it now, but then what?  And suggestions on how to fix it?06:38
chaospsychexwhat is net split?06:39
openhi guys - I vaguely recall hearing some news about Ubuntu becoming a rolling-edge one06:48
openis there any truth to that?06:48
openlike arch06:48
elikopen: http://linux.slashdot.org/story/10/11/25/1336203/slashdot.sourceforge.net06:51
chaospsychexwhat is a rolling release?06:51
elikchaospsychex: as far as I know, netsplit happen when two Freenode lose connection, so you can't see people connected to the other server, and vice versa06:52
elikchaospsychex: basically, you don't go from 10.4 to 10.10, to 11.4, etc06:52
elikchaospsychex: it's just one big continuum06:53
chaospsychex? wow06:53
elikchaospsychex: programs get released as they are ready06:53
chaospsychexelik i dont understand06:53
elikchaospsychex: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rolling_release06:53
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=== croppa_ is now known as croppa
plumis anyone else having issues with irc?07:38
plum===The nickname “nickserv” does not exist.07:38
Tm_Tplum: netsplit, services are on the other side07:40
plumah that sucks :(07:41
plumshould i restart my irc client?07:41
Tm_Tno, only reconnect to chat.us.freenode.net for example07:42
DannyButtermanplum: yes I do07:42
plumah k07:42
plumi'll brb then07:42
BlahsphemerI activated the fglrx drivers on my ubuntu 10.04 and the display Is gone07:52
=== BlinkyToon is now known as Don_Miguel
galagalagalawhen i try to log in with xmonad it just show a blank screen, any ideas?08:15
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franzJackAlcine: im talking about email spam..08:30
rodneymillerpcarofl interesting08:30
alessiofachechiKyleNigraWhy, HAI ROTTO I COGLIONI PD08:30
wwwyzzerddi got out of bed for this?!08:30
q_a_z_stevesnimavat You would be best to try it via liveCD08:30
JackyAlcinefranz: and Spam Assassin is a good on.08:30
franzJackyAlcine: im talking about email spam..08:30
pinoyskullwhat's interesting about floods08:30
franzJackyAlcine: is it a software?08:30
pinoyskullno, it's an idiot08:30
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sam-_-from 1000 to 135008:30
franzJackyAlcine: can i install it in ubuntu?08:30
q_a_z_stevefranz for any "how to install" have you seen the Ubuntu Software Center?08:30
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub208:30
franzq_a_z_steve: yes, ive been thre08:30
wwwyzzerddtime to mute my speakers08:30
soreaublahsphemer: You need to boot into recovery mode or set Driver "vesa" in /etc/X11/xorg.conf and boot into X and uninstall the fglrx driver08:30
q_a_z_stevefranz if you need further assistance installing something, might be good to post an error, or try System > Administration > Synaptic iirc08:30
snimavatDlink dwa 525 wireless adap on linux? how to ?08:30
ChuckBorrushow do I mount in fstab an ext4 partition what do i put under type?08:30
q_a_z_stevesnimavat Have you booted into a supported liveCD yet?08:30
franzq_a_z_steve: ok, tnx steve08:30
q_a_z_steveChuckBorrus does "ext4" not work? I know ext3 would for that format08:31
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snimavatnot yet08:32
snimavattrying ubuntu in vmware player08:32
never2farhow can i find out informations about last update on my computer ?08:32
q_a_z_stevesnimavat That would be the easiest way to see, as some devices do not push through to vm's08:33
q_a_z_stevenever2far what sort of information are you looking for?08:33
snimavatas far as i know, it doesnt work by default08:33
AxTyHrnever2far apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade08:33
snimavatneither the d-link provides linux drivrs08:33
never2farq_a_z_steve, what packages were updated and what bugs have been fixed08:33
q_a_z_stevesnimavat Best to download 10.4 or 10.10 and boot into it08:34
snimavatand thn ?08:34
snimavatwhat to do next steve?08:34
snimavatafter booting from live cd?08:34
snimavatI am not a linux pro. but trying to leave my win08:34
mister_mI want to install some software I got from packages.ubuntu, but it says I have to make sure the config.mk file matches my system before i build it. How do I make sure to get it right?08:35
q_a_z_stevenever2far as far as bug fixes that would depend on individual packages. There is a command to find latest updates that were installed. Gnea_ help me out08:35
mister_mI want to install it to the correct place08:35
q_a_z_stevesnimavat see what works, and what doesn't08:35
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs08:35
q_a_z_stevemister_m what version of Ubuntu are you currently running, and which version are you trying to incorporate from?08:36
mister_mq_a_z_steve, I am running 10.1008:36
snimavathere it talks abt the dwa-52508:36
* studentb pamit 08:36
snimavatbut i dont understand it quite well08:36
snimavatis it supported by default?08:36
snimavator some how some one managed to hack it08:36
mister_mq_a_z_steve, the package page is here: http://packages.ubuntu.com/natty/wmii08:37
snimavatand what the hack is RALink08:37
mister_mq_a_z_steve, I have installed the wmii package from apt-get before, but that is version 3.5, and the latest is 3.9 (the one I want to install)08:39
=== faze` is now known as Guest2466
q_a_z_stevemister_m I would highly recommend sticking to one repository worth08:41
q_a_z_stevemister_m have you looked at lucid backports to see what version is there?08:41
mister_mq_a_z_steve, no08:42
q_a_z_stevesnimavat You're going to have to follow that guide the best you can, and ask questions in here when you get stuck08:42
q_a_z_stevemister_m go to your repository list under synaptic and enable the -updates and -backports, then reload and see what version, or you can go to !packages for lucid backports, rather than natty, and see whether it comes in then...08:43
blahsphemerAfter the installation of fglrx my Ubuntu 10.04 just displays a blank screen(Display is on). Even in the recovery modes, the display is not working. What must I do08:44
q_a_z_steveblahsphemer start with what the pros told you to do before all of us had netsplit rejoined. Can you get to your IRC client's logs?08:45
=== Guest22220 is now known as RaNdY
blahsphemerq_a_z_steve, I was only told to set the nomodeset ON, but where to do that, I wasn't told08:46
=== RaNdY is now known as Guest38478
dr_WillisNomodeset. Is a grum menu item08:46
ubottugrub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.08:47
q_a_z_steve!register > Guest3847808:47
ubottuGuest38478, please see my private message08:47
sam-_-dr_Willis: no sure if it works with fglrx. are you?08:47
dr_WillisTry it and see08:48
q_a_z_steveGnea What's the dpkg or apt.log which shows the latest stuff one has installed?08:48
sam-_-dr_Willis: can't don't have fglrx :-)08:48
blahsphemerdr_Willis, I have Grub in front of me. I can only see the various kernel and Windows& and Memory tests. Where do I set the nomodeset08:48
sam-_-blahsphemer: press e08:49
dr_WillisEdit grub line.  Hit. E.  Replace.  Quiet splash.  With nomodedet08:49
christhecoolboyhello all, :)08:49
Zaca12Hi there, I currently have a drive in my machine that i need to mount08:49
sam-_-q_a_z_steve: ?08:49
Zaca12how could I check which file system its using?08:49
christhecoolboyquestion: whats a free alternative to flash for ubuntu?08:49
sepehrWhen using SSH, it keeps asking for passphrase everytime I use it (in CLI), just as described here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-keyring/+bug/375341 I'm using ssh-add as a workaround, but couldn't still get that graphical prompt to work. Any idea?08:50
dr_WillisZaca12:  fdisk -l08:50
gobbechristhecoolboy: flashplayer-free ;)08:50
christhecoolboygobbe, not flash player08:50
christhecoolboyflash tools08:50
christhecoolboyto make flash games08:50
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash08:50
sam-_-bluenemo_: it should be in the line that starts with: linux08:50
Zaca12dr_Willis: I've tried that but under System it just says "linux"08:50
gobbechristhecoolboy: aah, ok :)08:50
Zaca12dont i need something more specific than that in order to mount the drive?08:50
christhecoolboyq_a_z_steve, thats for flash player...08:50
christhecoolboynot what I ned08:50
sam-_-blahsphemer: it should be in the line that starts with: linux08:50
blahsphemersam-_-, dr_Willis 'At least the display is working now. It says Ubuntu is working in low graphics mode. (EE) No devices detected/'08:51
q_a_z_steveZaca12 try -t auto ?08:51
popeychristhecoolboy: gnash08:51
dr_WillisZaca12:  mount should auto detevt fs then08:51
popeychristhecoolboy: oh, sorry, already answered08:51
Zaca12thanks, trying that now08:51
christhecoolboypopey, how good is it compared to ubuntu08:51
popeychristhecoolboy: try it and find out :)08:51
christhecoolboythe tool08:51
blahsphemersam-_- dr_Willis, now should I select the option 'Reconfigure Graphics?'08:51
popeychristhecoolboy: its a player, not a creator08:51
christhecoolboyI want a creator08:52
christhecoolboynot a player08:52
sam-_-blahsphemer: sounds good :-)08:52
christhecoolboyI have flash and it works fine08:52
Zaca12dr_Willis: thanks that worked, very clever :) now i have another harddrive that i need to mount but it hasn't been partitioned yet so it doesn't have a file system. how would i do that? also with fdisk?08:52
christhecoolboyI want something to make flash08:52
christhecoolboye.g: games for kongregate08:52
Zaca12and now since the first harddrive has been mounted, can i check and make sure which file system it is because i need to actually replicate these drives exactly. I am trying to make a copy between the two08:53
popeychristhecoolboy: we dont have tools for that08:53
q_a_z_steveZaca12 mke2fs and commands of the like will NOT want it mounted imo08:53
christhecoolboyI thought ubuntu had everything?08:53
popeychristhecoolboy: clearly not08:53
blahsphemersam-_-, I now have another set of options. 'Use Generic Configuration'  'Create new config for this hardware' 'Use your backed up configuration'08:53
Zaca12q_a_z_steve: oh how do you mean? I have two 1.5TB drives and I need to make an exact copy of the one onto the other08:53
q_a_z_stevejust use dd08:54
sam-_-blahsphemer: don't know where you are right now. did you boot into recovery mode?08:54
Zaca12I was thinking about using 'dd' what would you say is the best method?08:54
Zaca12yes, do i need them to be mounted to use dd?08:54
rumpe1Zaca12, no08:54
blahsphemersam-_- Oh no, I didn't08:54
blahsphemersam-_- Just the generic kernel08:54
sam-_-blahsphemer: that's fine08:54
dr_WillisYou mount Filesystems. Not drives08:55
blahsphemersam-_- So should I create a new configuration for this harware08:55
sam-_-blahsphemer: and where do you see these options? is the x-server started?08:55
Gneaah, finally08:55
blahsphemersam-_- Yep.08:55
Zaca12in order to use dd, would i need to format the new file system?08:55
sam-_-blahsphemer: y. i would try the second one.08:55
Gneasam-_-: thanks for the tip earlier about the wifi, was able to get nm-applet installed and now everything's working again08:55
sam-_-Gnea: sure08:55
blahsphemersam-_- 'Error: Could not generate a new configuration'08:56
=== Dotoff is now known as Dotted
rumpe1Zaca12, no... dd copies bit-by-bit...08:56
sam-_-blahsphemer: sudo aticonfig --initial08:56
Gneawell, except for ipv6, will have to do a bit of work on that08:56
rumpe1Zaca12, but don't forget to set a high enough bs(blocksize)... otherwise it will last forever ^^08:56
blahsphemersam-_- so you want me to cancel this entire set of options and go to the console and do that?08:56
Zaca12rumpe1: how would i set the blocksize?08:57
sam-_-blahsphemer: y. better since i don't know what you are doing right now.08:57
Zaca12im currently doing something like this:dd if=/dev/sdc1 of=/dev/sdb .. but haven't started it yet08:57
blahsphemersam-_-, 'Found fglrx primary device section. Unable to find any supported Screen section'08:58
sepehrWhen using SSH, it keeps asking for passphrase everytime I use it (in CLI), just as described here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-keyring/+bug/375341 I'm using ssh-add as a workaround, but couldn't still get that graphical prompt to work. Any idea?08:58
q_a_z_steveZaca12 man dd08:58
sam-_-blahsphemer: but if you have a black screen when booting this will NOT help08:59
q_a_z_stevesepehr you haven't been prompted to trust the connection, and accept it's key?08:59
blahsphemersam-_- But now I am on the console, purge fglrx from here and do something to set things back to the way they were, and then install fglrx the right way?09:00
sepehryes I've been prompted, and I did accept the connection09:00
sam-_-blahsphemer: yes probably a good idea to start over.09:00
sam-_-blahsphemer: use this guide http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Ubuntu_Maverick_Installation_Guide09:01
blahsphemerOkay. Thanks09:01
=== anomie is now known as Guest99355
q_a_z_steve!register > Guest9935509:03
ubottuGuest99355, please see my private message09:03
rileyphow  can I start a program automatically after a resume09:04
rileypiv tried using a supend/resume script in /etc/pm/sleep.d09:04
rileypand it prevents my system, from suspending09:05
rileypany help would be much appreciated09:06
q_a_z_steverileyp ^^09:06
q_a_z_steve!anacron > rileyp09:06
rileypah so thats a help09:06
rileypIll google09:06
q_a_z_steveGnea* get your head out! jk but FTW?09:07
SilkjcI'm trying to build a C++ program, but ld is having trouble finding std: 'cannot find -libstdc++'...synaptic reports libstdc++6 and 5 installed, as well as libstdc++6-4.5-dev...how can I make ld see them?09:07
q_a_z_steve!info anacron09:07
ubottuanacron (source: anacron): cron-like program that doesn't go by time. In component main, is optional. Version 2.3-14ubuntu1 (maverick), package size 30 kB, installed size 220 kB09:07
ksinkarhow do i change the default dash to bash?09:08
sam-_-ksinkar: the default should be bash09:09
q_a_z_steveksinkar rm /bin/sh && ln -s /bin/dash /bin/sh iirc09:09
q_a_z_stevesam-_- WRONG again09:09
sam-_-q_a_z_steve: oh right. when was the last time?09:10
sam-_-q_a_z_steve: but you just link it to dash again... why?09:11
ksinkarq_a_z_steve: shouldn't it be ln -s /bin/bash /bin/sh09:11
void_pointerSilkjc that sounds odd. Maybe you'll have to strace ld09:11
q_a_z_steveoops, was trying to go from memory.09:11
void_pointerSilkjc that will tell you where ld is looking for libstdc++09:12
ksinkarq_a_z_steve: why do we have iirc ?09:12
q_a_z_steveksinkar If I remember Correctly == iirc09:12
sam-_-q_a_z_steve: i'm still curious what my last error was?09:13
mister_mhow do i delete a program that I installed from source if the 'make uninstall' command doesn't work?09:13
FxIIII have an eepc with windows on first partition and i installed ubuntu on an usb stick, now I forgot to set the grub to be installed on the usb stick mbr and i got it installed on the HD mbr which is not what i want. i know is there a way to recover the windows mbr  (ms-sys --mbr /dev/hdX ) but how to move the grub on /dev/sdb?09:13
Zaca12one last question09:14
ksinkarq_a_z_steve: what do u mean by iirc?09:14
Zaca12ive run dd from a drive with a file system to another drive which has no file system09:14
ksinkarq_a_z_steve: got it09:14
Zaca12is that ok?09:14
dagb_hi. I am trying to figure out how to change the default brightness setting on my laptop. power manager indicates it should be at 100% when on AC, but it clearly isn't.09:14
Zaca12or should i have formatted the drive to empty status before running dd to give it a file system?09:15
rumpe1Zaca12, yes ... dd copies everything, no matter what...09:15
q_a_z_steveZaca12 assuming the copy went okay, the drives should now be identical09:15
Zaca12oh thanks a lot! was just making sure09:15
rumpe1Zaca12, formatted partitions are also just bits on the disk... they will be overwritten by dd09:15
=== zz_hsa2 is now known as hsa2
Zaca12im running dd with a blocksize of 32768k and the drives are both 1.5TB each, how long could we guess this should usually take?09:16
q_a_z_stevesam-_- My scrollback and logs are not working atm It was something about grub I think nvm09:16
blahsphemersam-_- How do I coonnect to my wifi router from the console?09:16
mister_mhow do i delete a program that I installed from source if the 'make uninstall' command doesn't work?09:16
DiverdudeHow do i run mac inside a vitual machine in ubuntu? Is it possible?09:16
frogzoomister_m: sudo make uninstall ?09:16
rumpe1Zaca12, hmm... one hour? two? ... depends, how fast the connection is09:16
q_a_z_steveZaca12 I want to say smaller bs is usually safer, and as for time I doubt we know from experience. It will be done when it says it's done09:16
mister_mfrogzoo, still doesn;t work09:17
hsa2i can't assign any command or something to super + s key, whenever i press, logout window popups from indicator09:17
frogzoomister_m: then you need to read the makefile, and manually delete everything installed09:17
q_a_z_steveDiverdude that would be a mac emulator09:17
Zaca12ahha i got told that that's kind of like a ballpark bs and i hope that its not TOO large09:17
dgxHey all, a friend of mine has his own page hosted on ubuntu server. And he has some kind of hidden adds, when you enter the page. Can you give me some advice on how to fix this ?09:17
Zaca12yes i'll just have to time it and see how it goes09:17
Diverdudeq_a_z_steve, yeah, which one is good?09:17
q_a_z_steveDiverdude or wait, you said virtual machine? just sudo apt-get install virtualbox09:17
Zaca12just wondering if it'll take the whole night or what :) haha09:18
sam-_-q_a_z_steve: ah y. never got why that was wrong. you didn't care to explain it either. you just said: "=1"09:18
FxIIIany idea on how to move grub from a disk to another?09:18
=== dagb_ is now known as dagb
Diverdudeq_a_z_steve, virtual box does not support mac os09:18
hsa2any idea for me?09:19
rumpe1FxIII, dd the first ... 480(?) byte from one drive to the other drive09:19
dagbFxIII: you don't. you reinstall grub09:19
q_a_z_stevedgx have you looked at /var/www/?09:19
dgxLet me check09:19
q_a_z_stevesam-_- no I said -=1 If I'm not mistaken that would be the same as -- but clearer when dealing with your nick09:20
q_a_z_steveDiverdude which are you aiming for VM, or emulation like WINE?09:20
mister_mfrogzoo, I can't make heads or tails of it09:20
frogzooit'll be there in targets::09:21
sam-_-q_a_z_steve: so what does -=1 mean?09:21
q_a_z_stevethe opposite of ++09:21
EagleHi All :)09:21
ne2kq_a_z_steve: WINE Is Not an Emulator09:21
q_a_z_steveAll says hi09:21
q_a_z_stevene2k too right, but you know. LIKE it...09:21
Diverdudeq_a_z_steve, VM09:22
sam-_-q_a_z_steve: i still don't understand09:22
mister_mfrogzoo, I think they are listed in the config.km file09:22
dgxNo, there is nothing wrong in the /var/www/09:22
q_a_z_steveDiverdude vmware then09:22
ne2kq_a_z_steve: I always thought that was a pretty stupid distinction. It's an emulation layer, which to your basic computer user is the same thing09:22
frogzoomister_m: Makefile09:22
q_a_z_stevedgx maybe start with what you mean by "hidden adds" Is his domain being parked?09:23
mister_mfrogzoo, there is no targets:: heading that I can see09:23
frogzootargets :=09:23
dgxWhen you enter the page, a pop-out appears in the tab.09:23
frogzoomister_m: maybe  install :=09:23
mister_mfrogzoo, http://pastebin.com/Rxwv8G1g09:24
ne2kDiverdude: as far as I know Apple make it very difficult to install their OS on anything that is not genuine Apple hardware. I have heard of it being done, but I believe it's hard09:24
ne2kDiverdude: and not to mention in breach of their license terms09:25
ne2kDiverdude: but, that said, if you can do it on non-Apple real hardware, there's no reason why you can't do it on non-Apple virtual hardware, such as Virtualbox09:25
dmexne2k: I have osx installed in virtulbox ;)09:25
ne2kdmex: how do you do it?09:26
q_a_z_stevene2k it's not a distinction at all, it's whineware's (no pun intended) way of trying to say I'm better than that. A way of filling in the gaps where Windows expects a program. Look at www.codeweavers.org some time, those .dlls are IDENTICAL and just copied over and over to their needed names and directories.09:26
q_a_z_steve!who | dgx09:26
ubottudgx: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)09:26
dmexne2k: not legally, you have to get an iso from a torrent site.09:26
q_a_z_stevene2k I've done it before. dmex there's a whole guide on which to get, and which is easiest not to BORK09:27
ne2kq_a_z_steve: it is a distinction. I remember the early days of WINE when the developers made pains to say that it was not an emulator, because an emulator has a specific technical definition in computer science, and WINE does not meet that definition.09:27
dgxq_a_z_steve: I see, thanks.09:27
frogzoomister_m: there'll be Makefiles in each of the PDIR directories that do the install..09:27
sam-_-also afaik newer versions of osx don't work with bios just efi09:27
q_a_z_stevene2k right, it supercedes that, but at what cost really? Just because I call a few pointers c:\Program Files\ and junk doesn't really add up to anything but a work around in my book. I'm not saying I have any better idea, but it's just sad that MSFT never did learn how to play with the other kids.09:29
mister_mfrogzoo, okay/ I didn't think of that09:29
q_a_z_stevesam-_- I've run Tiger in a VM09:29
mister_mfrogzoo, is there a way I can avoid this happening in the future? because this is absolutely ridiculous09:29
frogzoomister_m: don't install from tarballs?09:30
sam-_-q_a_z_steve: a vm with efi support?09:30
q_a_z_stevemister_m don't install from sources09:30
=== hsa2 is now known as zz_hsa2
mister_mok :/09:30
q_a_z_stevesam-_- actually I really have no idea whether it was EFI at all. I only learned about that when I dualbooted the mac I'm currently on09:30
mister_msomehting no one ever told me09:30
sam-_-q_a_z_steve: it says on wikipedia that tiger was released back in 05 so it's pretty old09:31
q_a_z_stevemister_m always check !packages before running off and trying something on .gz09:31
ne2kq_a_z_steve: I'm not really sure I know what you're talking about.09:31
upslahi usb dsl modem connection problem in ubuntu 10.10.modem model is beetel 100 cx with no ethernet ports.tried-sudo ppoeconf,brctl,rp-pppoe etc. clear step by step suggestions are invited .09:31
EagleDose anyone know how I can fix my computer. When I leave it for 10min's or so the screen saver comes on, then after that the screen turns black it stays that way as if the computer is off. Everything still runs but its like the software has shut down, When I move the mouse or try Ctrl, Alt, Del it dose nothing. It has windows 7 installed on it and I need to fix this problem before I can Install Ubuntu, because it won't allow me to reinstall. Any ideas to m09:32
Eagley problem anyone? I think I will leave it on ubuntu this time.09:32
ne2kupsla: you're still bloody doing this?! GO AND GET A ROUTER!09:32
q_a_z_stevesam-_- doesn't matter, breaks the EULA09:32
q_a_z_stevene2k you mean about work-around vs actually getting your code to work in *nix?09:32
upslane2k:last try.... :)09:32
ne2kq_a_z_steve: I mean about what you're getting at. All I was saying is that WINE is not, by technical computer science definition, an "emulator"09:33
ksinkarq_a_z_steve: will changing the default shell to bash, make my system unstable?09:33
q_a_z_steveksinkar no, it's just not the default. What's the end goal here? LFS?09:33
sam-_-q_a_z_steve: i don't really see a moral problem if you paid for it.09:34
q_a_z_stevene2k noted. I don't go much by the CS definition these days. Practice seems to disprove quite a few books, no?09:34
ksinkarq_a_z_steve: no, trying to install code sourcery arm crosstoolchain09:34
q_a_z_stevesam-_- Just won't be supported by them, that's really all they can do these days...09:34
ne2kupsla: what was your usb id again?09:34
neonisedCan anyone help me with a problem? apt-get upgrade won't run, says I need to run dpkg --configure -a. When I do that dpkg reports 'Setting up udev (151-12.2) and hangs... any ideas?09:35
ne2kneonised: are you doing these things under sudo?09:35
q_a_z_steveksinkar well toolchain is what it is. dash will still be available, and probably still run when directly called. you can always put it back09:35
neonisedne2k: yep09:35
sam-_-q_a_z_steve: y. well if you want it to work well you gonna have to buy a mac anyway.09:35
q_a_z_stevesam-_- And then good luck running *nix sound, well I can seem to get it quite right anyway...09:36
q_a_z_stevetime where did you go?09:36
alumno_tuu stas aii09:36
* q_a_z_steve seems wistful, slaps alumno_ 09:37
sam-_-!es | alumno_09:37
ubottualumno_: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.09:37
alumno_ERIK !!09:38
sam-_-alumno_: not here. no need to get loud...09:38
q_a_z_stevesam-_- something tells me that wasn't spanish. And it's not just google translate.09:38
alumno12ya o k09:39
alumno_ta loko09:39
alumno12aaa migo09:39
alumno12aver kuennta09:39
alumno12lo d ayer09:39
q_a_z_steve!es > alumno1209:39
ubottualumno12, please see my private message09:39
sam-_-q_a_z_steve: but he's got a spanish ip. that's why i thought...09:39
upslahi usb dsl modem connection problem in ubuntu 10.10.modem model is beetel 100 cx with no ethernet ports.tried-sudo ppoeconf,brctl,rp-pppoe etc. clear step by step suggestions are invited .09:40
alumno_oe pro ablemos09:40
alumno_x una convesacion aparte09:40
q_a_z_stevesam-_- IDK but neither user could ... CAN type09:40
alumno_ya lo ago yo09:41
q_a_z_stevejayne lil help here?09:41
jayneq_a_z_steve: help with what?09:42
sam-_-jayne: with our spanish friends09:42
sam-_-jayne: i think they are quiet now...09:43
upslasome body help09:43
jaynesam-_-: I probably don't know Spanish any better than you09:43
AtuMHas anyone tried to completely disable udev from the system? I'm having problems with initrd since it's full of udev calls.09:43
q_a_z_steveupsla who's your ISP I wasn't here and I know you never told anyone in that pastebin...09:44
ne2kupsla: have you tried this guide? http://forcespike.altervista.org/articles/connecting-conexant-usb-modem.php09:44
upslasteve its airtel09:44
sam-_-q_a_z_steve: i thought s/he meant bc. your an op. if not, i don't understand what s/he was referring to.09:44
upslane2k:i tried that too.09:44
q_a_z_steveupsla And when you called them?09:44
upslasteve 3 days back09:45
q_a_z_stevesam-_- you mean the "help with what?" You got it09:45
sam-_-q_a_z_steve: forget what i just wrote. i'm stupid09:45
q_a_z_steveupsla what did they say? APN etc... details...09:46
ne2kupsla: lots of stuff here: http://accessrunner.sourceforge.net/index.shtml09:46
ne2kq_a_z_steve: APN?! what are you talking about?09:46
ne2kq_a_z_steve: it's an ADSL modem09:46
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upslanothing they said they don't have support for usn type modem and they won't provide anthing else like ip etc09:46
q_a_z_stevene2k upsla yours is a USB deal which goes to a cellphone network, no?09:47
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q_a_z_steve!register > Guest9053609:47
ubottuGuest90536, please see my private message09:47
q_a_z_stevesecond time09:47
ne2kq_a_z_steve: no, it's an ADSL modem. Conexant chipset. USB 0572:cb0009:48
upslane2k:i tried that at first place.09:48
q_a_z_stevene2k I think I could probably call my clearwire USB an ADSL modem too. mfr is similar bee-something or other09:48
ne2kupsla: well this accessrunner project is your best bet, I think09:48
ksinkarwhat is password for su in ubuntu?09:49
Bushmanksinkar: none09:49
upslasteve no i use wired net connection using usb adsl modem beetel 100 CX09:49
ubottusudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo09:49
llutzksinkar: us sudo09:49
llutzksinkar: use sudo09:49
ksinkari don't want to use sudo09:49
FxIIIwhat means if lspci does not reveal the existence of my wired nic?09:49
Bushmanksinkar: why?09:49
q_a_z_stevesudo su09:49
upslane2k:if u read that link u will some parts are missing.09:49
q_a_z_steveksinkar ^^09:49
llutzksinkar: " sudo -i " is the recommended way09:49
q_a_z_steveFxIII not detected as PCI ??09:49
Lintksinkar, root account is disabled by default09:50
Bushmanksinkar: if you have sudo why do you need root's password? :P09:50
ne2kksinkar: su prompts you for the password for the user you are trying to su to. if you don't supply a username, it assumes root. since root has no password by default, you can't su to it.09:50
FxIIIif i do it with 10.4 does not report, if i do it with 10.10 it does09:50
ksinkarq_a_z_steve: i just want to know how to become root09:50
neonisedksinkar: but if you must su, sudo su will give you what you want. Notr recommended though...09:50
FxIIIq_a_z_steve: is not a driver problem right09:50
q_a_z_stevesudo -i or sudo su09:50
neonisedCan anyone help me with a problem? apt-get upgrade won't run, says I need to run dpkg --configure -a. When I do that dpkg reports 'Setting up udev (151-12.2) and hangs... any ideas?09:50
q_a_z_steveFxIII lsmod09:51
Bushmanksinkar: if you REALY need it so badly...09:51
ksinkarneonised: thanx09:51
Bushmanksinkar: you can 'sudo passwd' and set new root password09:51
Bushmanksinkar: but don't f*** up your system :P09:52
q_a_z_steveneonised define hangs?09:52
ne2kupsla: have you installed br2684ctl?09:52
upslane2k :yes09:52
ksinkarif i create a new user will he automatically be added to the sudoers list?09:52
neonisedq_a_z_steve: sits there for 12 hours appearing to do nothing. Nothing in logs. When killed and restarted, smae thing...09:52
llutzksinkar: no09:52
q_a_z_steveksinkar no09:52
ne2kupsla: can you pastebin the output of "ifconfig -a" ?09:52
Bushmanksinkar: i guess not09:52
EagleDose anyone know how I can fix my computer. When I leave it for 10min's or so the screen saver comes on, then after that the screen turns black it stays that way as if the computer is off. Everything still runs but its like the software has shut down, When I move the mouse or try Ctrl, Alt, Del it dose nothing. It has windows 7 installed on it and I need to fix this problem before I can Install Ubuntu, because it won't allow me to reinstall. Any ideas to m09:53
Eagley problem anyone? I think I will leave it on ubuntu this time.09:53
q_a_z_steveneonised man dpkg | grep broken09:53
upslane2K:wait i need to rebbot09:53
Bushmanksinkar: i'm curious, can you tell me what are you trying to acctualy do?09:53
ne2kEagle: you can going into the bios and see if you can disable power saving in there09:54
FxIIIq_a_z_steve: i dont understand.09:54
q_a_z_steveEagle which part of that extremely long post is your problem, that it doesn't wake up, or the timing, or what?09:54
ksinkarBushman: i am a Fedora user, shifted to ubuntu coz TI has some development tools that can only be run on ubuntu so trying to adapt to the new enviroment09:54
q_a_z_steveFxIII man lsmod09:54
FxIIIq_a_z_steve: arent the pci devices detected even if a driver is not found?09:54
Eaglene2k: I have and it still blacks out09:54
ksinkarBushman: i dont like to type sudo everytime i try to use root capabilities09:54
ne2kksinkar: you should just get used to it. it's better09:55
Bushmanksinkar: ah, ok :D09:55
llutzksinkar: yoiu don't have to, " sudo -i " is the recommended way09:55
Bushmanksinkar: i hate sudo too09:55
ksinkarBushman: becoming root once and then doing your work is easier09:55
q_a_z_steveFxIII no idea, but the differences between 10.4 and 10.10 will probably show up in lsmod09:55
Bushmanksinkar: i know, rite?09:55
Eagleq_a_z_steve: Read it properly and you will understand what im talking about!09:55
Lintthere's no 'work' to be done as root09:55
Bushmanne2k: why do you say it's better?09:55
FxIIIq_a_z_steve: ok i take a diff of the modules running09:55
q_a_z_steveksinkar sudo -i will get you # access or sudo su will09:55
FxIIIq_a_z_steve: *i will09:56
Lintthe question: how to make dpkg F...NG IGNORE broken packages?09:56
q_a_z_steveEagle tldr Are you in gnome?09:56
ne2kEagle: communication is a matter of making your ideas understood. if the person who might help you can't understand what you're saying, then you might do well to try express yourself in a different way, rather than putting the problem solely on to him. people will just ignore you if you do that.09:57
tapouthi, before two weeks i am able to download and upload torrent but this days i can just download without uploading and that affect my rate, any help !09:57
tapoutand the firewall is ok09:57
q_a_z_steveFxIII you can just check what IS running on 10.10 and then look into pulling into lucid09:57
ksinkarBushman: sudo gives ubuntu a windows Vista like experience09:57
q_a_z_steveLint man dpkg09:57
Bushmanksinkar: did the passwd worked for you?09:57
ne2kksinkar: except you actually have to put your password in, rather than just clicking on something09:57
ksinkarq_a_z_steve: i got the trick09:58
q_a_z_steve!topic > tapout09:58
ubottutapout, please see my private message09:58
Eagleq_a_z_steve:   ne2k: Sorry....   :-(   Any ideas, it has windows 7 installed thats the problem.09:58
ksinkarne2k: yes u r correct, but the default user, or the first user is always in the sudoers list09:58
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tapouti try there but no help given09:59
q_a_z_steveEagle install Ubuntu then, problem solved?09:59
ne2kEagle: have you tried disabling power saving in the BIOS?09:59
q_a_z_stevetapout WTF are you talking about and to !who ?09:59
Bushmanksinkar: did the passwd worked for you?09:59
j00kerhi there09:59
ne2kksinkar: yes, but you still have to actually put your password in, meaning that it is actually a security measure, unlike in Windows, where you don't have to supply any credentials to get elevated, which is completely and utterly stupid10:00
Bushmanj00ker: hi here10:00
q_a_z_steveEagle gnome has power saving options.10:00
sanjivmsg Nickserv identify rashmi0110:00
tapouti am asking for help10:00
upslane2K: ru there ??10:00
upslane2K: ru there ??10:00
sam-_-good god. why is everyone so rude all of the sudden?10:00
Lintq_a_z_steve, was it a joke?10:00
q_a_z_stevetapout with WHAT?10:00
Lint!ru > upsla10:00
q_a_z_steveLint nope10:00
ubottuupsla, please see my private message10:00
ksinkarthe only thing i miss from fedora is that you can choose your desktop environment at startup10:01
Bushmansam-_-: i donno, cause they are humans?10:01
Eaglene2k: q_a_z_steve: Thats why I put windows 7 on, it was doing that same problem with Ubuntu. And I have  disabled power saving in the BIOS.10:01
q_a_z_steveupsla you just got pwnd10:01
Bushmanksinkar: you can10:01
tapouti am using utorrent for download but i am just able to downland without uploading10:01
ne2kLint: LOL10:01
ksinkarBushman: how do you do it in ubuntu?10:02
upslane2K: ru there ??here is this link of ifconfig -a. http://imagebin.org/13337710:02
ne2kupsla: I am here, but I am going10:02
q_a_z_steveEagle your computer goes to sleep, that's your real problem?10:02
sam-_-Bushman: yes. that's exactly why they should honor the code of conduct. we aren't in #gentoo or10:02
upslasteve pwnd what ??10:02
sam-_-Bushman: #openbsd10:02
upslane2k:see the post.10:02
tapoutq_a_z_steve , >    i am using utorrent for download but i am just able to downland without uploading10:02
Eagleq_a_z_steve: Ya I know, but how do i fix it?10:02
Lintoh I did wrote 'dpkg'? I mean apt with it's s..ty frontends like apr-ger or aprirude10:02
q_a_z_steve[01/19/2011 -:- 03:00:40 AM] <Lint> !ru > upsla10:02
Bushmanksinkar: you need to have more than one and some picker10:02
q_a_z_steve!enter > Eagle10:02
ubottuEagle, please see my private message10:02
ne2kupsla: right, so you have a nas0 device, this is good10:02
Bushmanksinkar: it's not installed in ubuntu by default tho10:03
upslasteve he misundertood10:03
ksinkarBushman: ok10:03
q_a_z_steveLint seriously issue the command "man dpkg | grep broken"10:03
tapoutq_a_z_seve, any  idea10:03
ne2kq_a_z_steve: what a flaming stupid idea10:03
ne2kq_a_z_steve: man | grep? how is that going to help anyone?10:03
ksinkarBushman: as far as the package management system is concerned in ubuntu you have the ubuntu software center and apt-get10:04
q_a_z_steveupsla I know he did but I still about woke up my neighbors10:04
ksinkarBushman: i did man apt-get but there seems to be nothing equivalent to yum search10:04
upslane2k:whats next ?10:04
q_a_z_stevene2k crap, not in *nix atm you mean like it wouldn't work?10:04
Lint"remove-reinstreq: Remove a package, even if it's broken and marked to require "10:04
q_a_z_stevetapout are you running Ubuntu?10:05
scriptwarlock_upsla, howdy10:05
sam-_-q_a_z_steve: better to go in man and press forward slash to search there.10:05
Eagleq_a_z_steve:  !enter???10:05
tapoutand the firewall is ok10:05
Lintthat's definitely not what I want; and as I said it's probebly aPT problem10:05
scriptwarlock_upsla, hows your experience with ubuntu?10:05
q_a_z_steveEagle for some reason when you type you seem to generate two lines. Stop. Please.10:06
q_a_z_stevetapout what torrent client?10:06
ksinkarI also dont understand the logic behind DASH except that it speeds up the booting process10:06
C3Dsooo question i know you can connect to other computers with lan cards but could you also do the same if you have usb wireless cards and no wireless router?10:06
q_a_z_stevetapout what changed between the last time this worked, and now?10:06
ksinkarC3D: you could try p2p popularly known as adhoc networks10:07
tapoutbefore two weeks is working fine d/u10:07
q_a_z_steveC3D seems like that would be cross network, i.e. via IP10:07
Linttecnocally I can remove package from STATUS file, but that look like a hack, can there e cleaner way?10:07
llutzksinkar: dash is  "lighter" than bash and POSIX-conform shell . so it gets used more and more10:07
tapoutand no firewall use for internet10:07
q_a_z_stevetapout WHAT has changed?10:07
ksinkarllutz: but then scripts dont run on it10:07
ksinkarmajority of scripts are written for bash10:07
C3Dcool thanks will look into it10:07
llutzksinkar: they only won't if you use bashisms10:07
tapouti am abling now to download the torrent file but without uploading10:08
llutzksinkar: and of course, they lack a correct shebang10:08
sam-_-tapout: could be a NAT problem.10:08
ndeehow can I set a cronjob so that it never gets logged? I tried following * * * * * /bin/php /myscript.php > /dev/null 2>&1 but it still shows up in the log :/10:08
Linttorrent can seed even behind NAT10:08
q_a_z_steveLint that didn't make sense10:08
ksinkarllutz: whats a shebang10:08
tapoutno NAT , i am using usb modem10:08
Lintksinkar, "#!"10:08
llutzksinkar: the 1st line of a script like "#!/bin/bash"10:09
q_a_z_stevetapout that's the problem, what happened to make it happen? You've got to tell us...10:09
Lintq_a_z_steve, what didn't?10:09
q_a_z_stevetapout could be an ISP problem10:09
llutzksinkar: set it to /bin/bash if using bashisms and you will be ok10:09
upslane2k: whats next ??10:09
tapouthow to passed it10:09
q_a_z_steveremove package from STATUS... ?10:09
DiverdudeI have edited /etc/profile in order to be able to use some network printers. Can i somehow make the changes take effect without rebooting my computer?10:09
q_a_z_steveLint ^^10:10
tapouti try to use TOR.exe but not worked for me10:10
q_a_z_stevetapout no, that will only complicate things.10:10
q_a_z_stevetapout who is your ISP?10:10
Lintehem can wannabe pirates discuss their stuff elsewgere?10:11
sam-_-tapout: have you tried restarting your router?10:11
crondSo I am trying to retrieve just the SSID of my wireless network from iwconfig in a script.  How would I do that?  I want to run the script, have it run iwconfig, and just return the name of the wireless network I'm connected to10:12
q_a_z_steveLint torrent != piracy. I get ALL *nix isos from p2p, currently sharing over 150 seeds10:12
q_a_z_stevetabaluga5 hello10:12
Lintanyway, how to make apt(-get|itude) to ignore broken packages, and not try to remove them?10:12
Lintif he wants legit stuff, why needs tor?10:12
blahsphemersam-_-, I have 10.04 Ubuntu so I followed the corresponding set of installation isnrtuctions and now when I test it fglrxinfo gives Segmentation fault10:13
llutzLint: anonymity and privacy is everybodies right10:13
q_a_z_steveLint let me try this again: man dpkg . Then hit the / and type broken. Not sure if it will answer, but it could definitely help10:13
sam-_-blahsphemer: that's pretty bad. seems like some software is missing but even then it shouldn't happen10:13
q_a_z_steveLint Tor just means harder to track, and you'll notice I advised against it.10:13
tapoutok, any other suggestion10:14
blahsphemersam-_-, What do i do then?10:14
sam-_-blahsphemer: blame ati :-)10:14
q_a_z_stevetapout you haven't even begun???10:14
Lintdpkg do not control dependencies, apt do. how dpkg manual is relevant to apt library?10:14
blahsphemersam-_-, dang. Can't do anything then?10:15
sam-_-blahsphemer: try an older driver10:15
q_a_z_steveLint you said you didn't want aptitude or other front-ends right?10:15
sam-_-blahsphemer: other than that my guess is that ati screwed up10:15
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blahsphemersam-_-, k10:16
oCeanLint: you can use dpkg to flag packages with ‘hold’, so it will not get updated10:16
blahsphemersam-_-, thanks for all the help10:16
q_a_z_steveSomeone correct me but all the apt- and yum and their like run dpkg no?10:16
sam-_-blahsphemer: they are doing monthly releases afaik. so just the one from the month before should be fine10:16
Lintno I didn't. I asked how to stop apt frontends from attempting to remove broken (and even holded) packages as its firt step before doing everything lese10:16
q_a_z_steveLint see oCean 's comment ??10:17
Lintsure they want be updated, they will be removed10:17
oCeanLint: when I 'hold' a package, apt does not touch it10:17
q_a_z_steveaptitude tries everything to leave it as is, lets you decide what to do...10:18
linkok, i have an issue with my web browsers, is there anyone who can help me?10:18
q_a_z_steve!ask > link10:19
ubottulink, please see my private message10:19
q_a_z_steveLint btw I am currently downloading torrents at over 1Mbps am I breaking laws in your area now?10:20
q_a_z_stevelink which browser(s)10:20
pete_how do i search for files in terminal?10:21
linkok, i have a problem with de damn yahoo mail, after i log in i can't check my mail, both in new and old versions of yahoo mail10:21
linki've tried on all of them10:21
llutzpete_: find /path -iname file*10:21
linkwhen i boot into windows it works perfectly10:21
geirhapete_: By what criteria?10:22
q_a_z_stevelink the browser is giving this issue? what region are you in? What region does Yahoo think you are in?10:22
oCeanpete_: you can use both commands "find" and/or "locate"10:22
linkromania, yahoo says i'm in romania10:22
linki mean, it logs in, but when i click my inbox, the loading box appears at top and stays that way10:22
blahsphemersam-_-, do you suggest I upgrade to meerkat/natty?10:22
q_a_z_stevek, that rules me out. I'm in US but I tied to Asia somewhere so I can pop3 my mail, has nothing to do with browsers though10:23
djszapiWhat is the execution order amonst upstart config jobs ? I would like to know which is the first job run because I would liket o start an auditd daemon during the boot asap.10:23
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q_a_z_steve!ru > aumboon10:23
ubottuaumboon, please see my private message10:23
sam-_-blahsphemer: oh. you run lucid?10:23
linki've tried ubuntu forums10:23
blahsphemersam-_-, yep10:23
linkbut their solutions didn't work10:23
Lintok how to hold a package via dpkg? i cannot see that option in manual10:23
oCean!th | aumboon10:23
ubottuaumboon: Please see #ubuntu-th for Ubuntu in Thailand.10:23
Lintrussian letters are 4xx, not Exx :)10:24
sam-_-blahsphemer: then the guide i gave you was the wrong one :-(10:24
sam-_-blahsphemer: http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Ubuntu_Lucid_Installation_Guide10:24
blahsphemersam-_-, Yes. I followed the Lucid version of it10:24
linki have no idea how to fix this10:24
oCeanLint: echo packagename hold | | sudo dpkg --set-selections10:24
q_a_z_steveLint eh? my bad... was on my way over to GEOip...10:24
blahsphemersam-_-, Still the same problem. But in general, do you suggest that I run Natty/Meerkat and then try fglrx10:24
linkand it sucks to boot in windows just to check my yahoo inbox10:24
aumbooni'm thai10:25
sam-_-blahsphemer: natty no way. and meerkat prbly. won't resolve the problem.10:25
q_a_z_steveaumboon right, sorry about the Russian link.10:25
oCeanaumboon: /join #ubuntu-th10:25
blahsphemersam-_-, okay. Thanks10:25
q_a_z_steveLint what are you talking about please?10:26
oCeanLint: sorry about previous command, should be only one '|'10:26
sam-_-blahsphemer: take a look at this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/22416010:27
oCean /away10:27
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sam-_-blahsphemer: was your lucid a fresh install or did you upgrade from an older version?10:28
blahsphemersam-_-, it was an upgrade from 9.1010:28
blahsphemersam-_-, Does it matter?10:28
Lintright, now it's held but apt-get still has tatntrums over it...10:29
linkso, what should i do with my damn browsers?10:29
sam-_-blahsphemer: according to the bug report: yes10:29
blahsphemersam-_-, :|10:29
sam-_-blahsphemer: but it seems. it's easy to solve10:30
blahsphemersam-_-, yea. I am doing it right now. *Fingers crossed*10:30
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q_a_z_steveWell I didn't miss much.10:36
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »10:37
sam-_-!it | AlfreKing10:37
ubottuAlfreKing: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)10:37
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C3Danyone know were i can find out if my usb bluetooth dongle will work with ubuntu?10:38
q_a_z_steveC3D plug it in plug it in...10:39
C3Dlol ok10:39
q_a_z_steve!bluetooth > q_a_z_steve10:40
ubottuq_a_z_steve, please see my private message10:40
randy_I want to this sentense means useful if no sound output is desired, e.g. for offline rendering,it's for JACK Audio,only the part after e.g.thank you10:40
sam-_-C3D: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsBluetoothUsbAdapters10:40
sam-_-C3D: if you are lucky it's on here. but if you can not find it, it doesn't mean it is not going to work10:41
C3Dlol i forget what brand it is :S10:42
sam-_-q_a_z_steve: why not: /msg ubottu !bluetooth10:42
q_a_z_steverandy_ That made little to no sense. Have you seen the guides provided by !sound10:42
sam-_-C3D: i think there are only very few out there that don't work with ubuntu10:43
q_a_z_stevesam-_- wanted output to chan, and I didn't already have a query set up for ubottu today... Query is what Textual calls tab in this case10:43
tassehi i just installed updates on my ubuntu 10.04 machine and when im tryin to boot i get the following errors: " mount:mounting /dev/disk/by-uuid/.../ on /root failed: Invalid argument"10:43
q_a_z_steveC3D you can plug it in and lsusb to find what it's recognized as10:43
tasse"mount: mounting /dev on /root/dev failed: No such file or directory10:43
sam-_-q_a_z_steve: fair enough :-)10:43
randy_q_a_z_steve, I just don't know offline rendering,I am translate this page (in wiki)into my language10:44
q_a_z_stevetasse /root is not correct. you need to set mount points like /mnt or /media10:44
RAMNUShello, i need help to install ubuntu with windows?10:44
q_a_z_steverandy_ what language do you speak?10:44
q_a_z_steveRAMNUS seen !wubi ?10:45
randy_q_a_z_steve, chinese,I know ubuntu-cn10:45
sam-_-!dualboot | RAMNUS10:45
ubottuRAMNUS: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot10:45
q_a_z_steverandy_ offline rendering of ... sound?10:46
gobbewubi is for testing, not longterm solution10:46
RAMNUSq_a_z_steve, ok but i have only C:\ with this windows, can i also install ubuntu there what i need?10:46
tasseok thanks q_a_z_steve i'll try10:46
RAMNUSi want both windows and ubuntu on my machine.10:46
q_a_z_steveRAMNUS see gobbe and yes, WUBI can help you, or you can !dual-boot10:47
skilzRAMNUS, why do you want windows?10:47
RAMNUSok then.10:47
gobbeRAMNUS: you can shrink your c and give free space to ubuntu10:47
tassehow can i edit the file in BusyBox (initframfs) - i dont have a livecd10:47
randy_q_a_z_steve, yes10:47
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skilzRAMNUS, What can Windows do that Ubuntu cannot?10:47
sam-_-q_a_z_steve: i guess wubi counts as dualbooting as well :-)10:47
RAMNUSskilz, there are some programs, licenced programs, windows can run but ubuntu not.10:47
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RAMNUSalso i need some games. :)10:47
skilzthen use wine...10:48
RAMNUSlike PES, can I run PES on ubuntu?10:48
sam-_-skilz: a lot actually. ever tried playing games, cutting movies making music on ubuntu?10:48
gobbewine doesnt work with all windows-software10:48
skilzRAMNUS, I can run any Windows application / game in Ubuntu using wine..10:48
RAMNUSor can I run MSVS on ubuntu?10:48
=== zz_hsa2 is now known as hsa2
q_a_z_stevesam-_- not by a long shot! no hibernate, no access to files unless you are in ubuntu... WUBI is lacking huge in my book, might as well run a vm10:48
skilzRAMNUS, Everyday :)10:48
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu10:48
sam-_-q_a_z_steve: true. i just meant in the sense of the word "dualboot"10:49
skilzRAMNUS, basically, it allows you to run windows programs on ubuntu but using windows dll's...10:49
q_a_z_steve!sound > randy_10:49
ubotturandy_, please see my private message10:49
RAMNUSi didn't know that..10:49
skilzRAMNUS, Give it a shot, it's a lot better then dual booting and restarting all the time, less resource consuming also.10:50
sam-_-skilz: try itunes, skype for win and thousands of others10:50
randy_q_a_z_steve, thanl you all the same10:50
RAMNUSskilz, can we private?10:50
sam-_-skilz:  they won't run in wine10:50
sam-_-skilz: at least they are not usable10:50
q_a_z_stevesam-_- what is it with people and the "sense of" stuff tonight. I want a dictionary to say this if it doesn't already: Dual Booting requires more than one partition!10:50
skilzRAMNUS, Sure10:50
A`A`V`Всем привет10:51
skilzsam-_-, I have skype installed and why not use Rhythm Box? I does everything itunes does...10:51
sam-_-q_a_z_steve: lol. well it's not my native language so i apologize for any mistakes :-)10:51
=== sre-su_ is now known as sre-su
sam-_-skilz: itunes store10:51
q_a_z_stevesam-_- not just you, ne2k earlier...10:51
A`A`V`Русские есть ?10:52
q_a_z_steveskilz you trust your ipod to Rhythmbox?10:52
q_a_z_steve!ru > A`A`V`10:52
ubottuA`A`V`, please see my private message10:52
sam-_-skilz: the newest windows version of skype?10:52
skilzq_a_z_steve, sure, why not?10:52
skilzIm using the linux version of skype10:52
sam-_-skilz: q_a_z_steve is right. it messed up my ipod more than once10:53
q_a_z_steveRhythm messed up my * more than once, never trusted it again.10:53
sam-_-skilz: the linux version has way less features.10:53
skilzsam-_-, What extra features does windows have? Also, linux sky, you can make video / voice calls and chat... What more do you want?10:54
sam-_-skilz: video conferencing for example10:55
lapionsam-_-, that also works..10:55
* Lint01 wants Visual Studio for Ubuntu10:55
sam-_-lapion: not with more than 2 people10:56
yudi1whenever I open a link in a firefox tab it opens up a blank page first and pauses for a while and then opens the link. any one why?10:56
skilzyudi1, Lack of RAM? Slow internet?10:57
lapionsam-_-, where do you get such information ?10:57
sam-_-yudi1: might be a dns problem. if you navigate on the same page does it happen too?10:57
q_a_z_steveyudi1 do you not want it to be in a new tab?10:57
sam-_-lapion: i tried it.10:57
lapionsam-_-, what version of skype ?10:57
Lint02who the hell did it??10:57
sam-_-lapion: 2.1 beta10:58
yudi1skilz: no cannot be, chrome works instantly, and I have 4 Gb RAM and only use 2Gb.10:58
q_a_z_steveLint02 ??10:58
q_a_z_stevehi Zsolt10:59
saleemenvy-ng doesnt work for ubuntu 10.10?10:59
sam-_-yudi1: any plugins installed? extensions?10:59
q_a_z_steveyudi1 try clicking the link on www.purple.com what happens?10:59
=== sre-su_ is now known as sre-su
skilzyudi1, No idea then, why not use Chrome? I find it very pleasing...10:59
lapionsam-_-, ?10:59
yudi1sam-_-: I thought it was a DNS issue too. I use OpenDNS. but again chrome is very fast. But with in the same page it is fast again10:59
Zsolti want use fat ltsp server/client. what is the recomennded RAM size in the client machine?10:59
q_a_z_steve!envy > saleem10:59
ubottusaleem, please see my private message10:59
sam-_-lapion: yes11:00
saleemthanks q_a_z_steve , how do i install nvidia current driver?11:00
saleemusing ubuntu after long time11:00
Lint03How to make apt tools Ignore broken packages? I even holded them, to no avail, it's still insist on removing them before doing anything else11:00
sam-_-yudi1: maybe chrome is faster in switching to the fallback dns11:01
yudi1skilz: clicked on the link, it was instant11:01
q_a_z_stevesaleem System > Administration > Additional drivers If I remember correctly11:01
lapionsam-_-, it so happened that a friend's account got cracked, and I got sucked in a conference-chat and call with more then 20 people11:01
sam-_-yudi1: i would try changing the resolv.conf can't hurt11:01
q_a_z_stevesaleem that is for 10.4 or 10.1011:01
saleemthanks, im looking11:01
sam-_-lapion: yes but without video11:01
q_a_z_steveLint03 are you in gnome?11:01
Lint03no and yes11:02
RadaHi... I use gnome and compiz on my ubuntu and I was wondering if anyone knew where I could make the "drag to resize window" area bigger?11:02
q_a_z_steveLint03 I'll wait for you to make sense... Or elaborate11:02
q_a_z_steveRada you mean more than just the one corner, or more area to find the cursor?11:03
yudi1sam-_-: just launched a default profile of FF and tested it, it is very responsive, and the regular profile I use it opens up a about:blank page first, strange11:04
fartmanupadted ubuntu 10.10 today.. and now when i reboot i only see bash????????11:04
Radaq_a_z_steve: More area11:04
q_a_z_steveyudi1 profiles can go corrutp11:04
Lint03I have GTK environment which is not gnome11:04
vltHello. Is there something similar to (py)vnc2swf that will produce a sane video format?11:04
Radaq_a_z_steve: currently i have to have the mouse accurately on the border of the window, which is like 1 or 2 pixels wide11:05
yudi1q_a_z_steve: what's with that link? It opened fine with out any delay11:05
sam-_-yudi1: about:config might reveal sth. but i don't have any suggestions where to look :-(11:05
=== bLuCiFeR is now known as blu
sam-_-Rada: i hate that too11:05
RadaI've tried looking in 'window' settings and searching 'resize' in ccsm and looking in the general section of it... no luck11:05
q_a_z_steveRada You can try messing in the compiz-settings trackpad and that cursor are not friends.11:06
q_a_z_steveyudi1 that is an autorefresh after <5 seconds I think, but clicking the FAQ was what I was aiming for. i.e. did it open in a new tab or not.11:06
RadaAh, there's also the alt+middleclick11:07
yudi1q_a_z_steve: yes it opened in a new tab, I have it setup that way with TAbmix plus add on11:07
q_a_z_steveRada hey, there you go. I doubt I have that option with my mac trackpad, but yeah11:07
fartmandarn it... how do i enter the graphical enviroment from bash11:08
Radaq_a_z_steve: there's also the possibility to expand the shadow area11:08
q_a_z_steveyudi1 wow, the autorefresh opened in a new tab? That could get real hairy real fast11:08
sam-_-fartman: sudo start gdm11:09
q_a_z_stevefartman startx?11:09
fartmantried startx11:09
fartmandid not work11:10
sam-_-fartman: sudo start gdm11:10
GotSanityim trying to run a php-cli script and all it is doing is outputting the contents of the script. the script is executable and has the correct path to php afaik. any ideas?11:10
greppyfartman: did you get an error message from startx, or just return to a prompt?11:10
Lint03am I getting ignored?11:11
fartmanon momen11:11
q_a_z_steve[01/19/2011 -:- 04:02:57 AM] <q_a_z_steve> Lint03 I'll wait for you to make sense... Or elaborate11:11
sam-_-GotSanity: post the script to pastebin11:11
Lint03I elaborated, see the channel11:11
fartmangreppy: i get alot of errors failn with nvidia11:12
greppyfartman: then you won't be able to get into x11 until those are fixed, or you stop using the nvidia driver.11:12
bazhangLint03, you don't ignore broken packages11:12
giginhi everybody. i've upgraded from 10.4 to 10.10 and my printer doesn't work. the error is "gutenprint driver is not compatible with ppd" what should i do?11:13
muxolanyone know of a lightweight ipod manager for lxde (lubuntu)?11:13
q_a_z_steveLint03 you said GTK != gnome. I guess my suggestion still applies. Go into synaptic and Lock version, then there will be a visual queue that this really will not be touched11:13
fartmangreppy how do i disable nvidia drivers from bash?11:13
sam-_-Lint03: you really shouldn't ignore apt. there should be another way. post what is broken and we will try to help11:13
bazhangq_a_z_steve, he does not want to ignore broken packages11:13
Lint03why apt is bothered withy packages that has no any relation to current operation?11:14
bazhangmuxol, lightweight? the normal ones are not especially heavy, try gtkpod11:14
GotSanitysam-_-, http://paste.ubuntu.com/555725/11:14
bazhangLint03, to keep your system running in a sane fashion11:14
q_a_z_stevebazhang yes, HE does, I know that's not a good idea. Lint03: You want linux to be stable no?11:14
=== wema|off is now known as wemaflo
muxolbazhang, sure they are: amarok, banshee, etc.11:14
bazhangmuxol, gtkpod as I suggested11:15
fartmangreppy: how do i disable nvidia drivers from bash?11:15
=== donnie is now known as coscavodka
Lint03it's just the isolated package which has no correllaton to anything with system. even if it's broken, it doesn't affect anything else and I don't get why apt* is so unyielding about it11:16
q_a_z_stevewow that brings back memories11:16
greppyfartman: look for a driver definition in your /etc/X11/xorg.conf and change it to nv I think.11:16
bazhangLint03, its what package managers do11:16
Lint03i held it, apt doesn't care and want to remove as it's "misses" some library11:16
greppyfartman: I don't have an X11 enabled box with an nvidia card in it atm11:16
q_a_z_steveLint03 which package are we dealing with?11:16
daiyuzhanghello ereryone11:16
sam-_-GotSanity: have you tried feeding it to php directly?11:17
=== vario is now known as vario1
s3r3n1t7Lint03, apt's job is to take care of all the packages of your system, not just a few selected. It's not trained to "just" ignore packages that have no correlation with current operation.11:17
bazhangdaiyuzhang, ubuntu support question?11:17
=== RichiH is now known as rICHIh
=== rICHIh is now known as RichiH
fartmangreppy: ok ill try11:17
lapionsam-_-, I assume you have tried it ? Because linux-versioning of skype tends to be different from windows, and an older version of skype for linux might have the same functionality as a newer windows version11:17
sam-_-GotSanity: like this: /usr/bin/php <filename>11:17
GotSanitysam-_-, yes, however im not to sure of the syntax. ive tried php <script> and php -f <script>11:17
bazhangasia, english here, #ubuntu-cn for Chinese11:18
GotSanitysam-_-, let me try with the full path11:18
sam-_-lapion: yes. i tried and also read about it.11:18
asia你们 在聊什么?11:18
bazhang!cn | asia11:18
ubottuasia: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道:打字 /join #ubuntu-cn 或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-tw  或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-hk11:18
Lint03so I condemned to use "aptitude download" + dpkg -i for the rest of eternity? it's sucks11:18
GotSanitysam-_-, same deal, just outputs the content of the script11:18
vario1hi all11:18
sam-_-GotSanity: oh i don't know the exact syntax as well. the man page will help though11:18
skilzmore cheese please :)11:18
bazhangLint03, not if you want a stable system. we won't advise on how to further break package management11:19
q_a_z_stevebazhang wait11:19
q_a_z_steveLint03 what package is it?11:19
vario1anyone know how to change an desktop Livecd to alternate ?11:19
sam-_-GotSanity: one sec. installing php11:19
bazhangvario1, download one11:19
vario1lol thank's bazhang11:20
s3r3n1t7vario1, short answer is, you can't.11:20
Lint03q_a_z_steve, it's small utility package which requires a newer version of a certain library11:20
q_a_z_steveWhat is it's name???11:20
s3r3n1t7vario1, long answer is, unless your connection is slower then the slowest connection, you shouldn't.11:20
fartmangreppy: Section "device" ->  driver "nvidia" chanfe to "nv" ???11:20
Lint03hunspell-devel, are you happy?11:20
vario1but i try to install linux Mint with the linux software raid , but Alternate cd for Mint doesn't exist11:21
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto11:21
greppyfartman: yeah11:21
fartmangreppy: good good  it works :)11:21
sam-_-GotSanity: change this "< ?php" to this "<?php"11:22
s3r3n1t7Lint03, and which library does it require and which one do you have, and why can't you upgrade to that library (thereby solving your issue)?11:22
greppyfartman: now you can maybe get the real driver working :)11:22
rodneymillerpcaLint03 you are rude to volunteers trying to help you.11:22
sam-_-GotSanity: a space can make a huge difference :-)11:22
q_a_z_steveLint03 yes, actually. That justifies everything we've been telling you. hunspell is a spellchecker, not just some obscure item, it could be spell checking everything you ever type in console or somewhere... devel package could be removed and just use the standard???11:22
bazhangrodneymillerpca, lets move on please11:22
shottycan someone please tell me how easy it will be to remove unity and install the newest gnome shell in natty please11:23
EmeryI'm running ubuntu 8.10 and i can't seem to get it to see my rt2870 USB. i've tried blacklisting rt2800usb and sta .. modprobe gives me nothing11:23
bazhangshotty, #ubuntu+1 for that please11:23
GotSanitysam-_-, while thats a /facepalm moment... its not the problem. Im still encountering hte same problem11:23
shottybazhang. apologies. thanks11:23
sam-_-GotSanity: it ran for me11:23
sam-_-GotSanity: did you save the script?11:24
GotSanitysam-_-, ok... i must be tired... second /facepalm of the night. thanks a bunch11:24
Lint03it requires newer version of hunspell which I cannot install due to it not present in repos; however manually installed package works great, and I don;t understand why should I remove it each time I want to +/-/update smth.11:25
sam-_-GotSanity: we are all human :-)11:25
fartmangreppy: the now limited resolution makes me not get access to the app, place and sys curtains in the panel :|11:25
q_a_z_steve!8.10 Emery11:25
q_a_z_steve!8.10 > Emery11:25
ubottuEmery, please see my private message11:25
Emeryregardless of version i still have the issue and its the same with all ubuntu versions i've tried.11:26
Lint03it's just 2 files in /usr/bin and manpage, I know it's safe to have it, and I cannot "tell" it to apt?11:26
sam-_-Emery: 8.10 is not supported anymore11:26
sam-_-Emery: have you tried with 10.04?11:26
EmeryI;m aware of that but i've had the same problem with rescent versions11:26
q_a_z_steveLint03 again, why use -devel?11:26
iiitHi, I have a toshiba netbook. I prepared a USB drive for installation using ubuntu-desktop-10.10 iso and also tried with ubuntu-netbook-10.10 iso, but I am not able to boot(I also selected USB in boot setup).11:27
iiitI am getting this error: "For Athreos PCIE Ethernet controller. Check cable connection. Operating System not found"11:27
Emerytried this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=150940311:27
Emeryto no avail.11:27
Lint03q_a_z_steve, because it has tools for authoring dictionaries, it's addon package, it doesn't repalce hunspell itself11:27
fartmangreppy: never mind i got it11:27
q_a_z_steveiiit That error sounds like it's not set right in BIOS11:28
Emerylsmod doesnt see it at all ... lsusb sees the device though.11:28
fartmangreppy: thank you for fast and good support11:28
bajk-tragbaris there a way of preventing applications clearing their clipboard contents on closing?11:28
greppyfartman: you're welcome :)11:28
bajk-tragbarit is so annoying11:28
q_a_z_steveLint03 Do you need this -devel? I'm just saying.11:28
bajk-tragbari cannot even copy the url of a chromium tab, kill chromium and then launch it with --disable-accelerated-compositing because then the url is gone11:28
s3r3n1t7bajk-tragbar, the selection clipboard seems to stay on well for me. Have you tried that one?11:29
bajk-tragbarselection clipboard?11:29
ne2k!seen upsla11:29
iiitq_a_z_steve: yeah that is the issue. It is trying to boot from LAN even though USB is selected as first booting device. I have installed ubuntu many many times but never faced any such error.11:29
ubottuI have no seen command11:29
s3r3n1t7bajk-tragbar, yes. You can select text, then paste it with your middle mouse button.11:29
sam-_-Emery: so if you modprobe rt2870sta it is not in lsmod?11:29
ne2kubottu: you nitwit11:29
q_a_z_steveiiit Try turning all other boot options off?11:29
Emerysam-_-,  no11:30
bajk-tragbarhm its more about contents from graphics program. so i copy a picture in kolourpaint and close it naturally and want to paste it and i cnnot11:30
sam-_-Emery: can i see the lsusb?11:30
Emerysam-_-, Bus 001 Device 005: ID 050d:935a Belkin Components F6D4050 N150 Enhanced Wireless Network Adapter v1000 [Ralink RT2870]11:31
Lint03*rolls eyes* I would not be warring with apt if I not needed it11:31
q_a_z_steveThat's what she said11:31
bazhangskilz, wrong channel11:31
sam-_-Emery: linux-firmware is installed?11:33
q_a_z_steveoCean is there a way for Lint03 to pastebin some list showing that his naughty little package IS being held?11:33
Emerysam-_-, linux-firmware is already the newest version.11:33
q_a_z_steveEmery for 8.1011:33
ericlee_nothing,,just say hello11:34
Emerynot you11:34
q_a_z_steve!info linux-firmware > Emery11:34
Lint03it marked as "hi " in dpkg, i suppose it stans for 'held'11:34
Emeryq_a_z_steve, wjat's that about ?11:35
Lint03some tool translated the legend, so I cannot say for sure ))11:35
q_a_z_steveEmery what version do you have installed?11:35
Emery8.10 as i said.11:35
q_a_z_steveEmery what version of linux-firmware pumpkin11:35
iiitq_a_z_steve: tried to disable all other booting devices but still cant boot :(11:36
Emeryq_a_z_steve, idk whatever is in the 8.10 repos11:36
llutzLint03: "hi" = "Desired: Hold, Status: Installed"11:36
rileypis the 256 nvidia driver ok for mythv and xbmc11:36
q_a_z_steveEmery see the !eol now?11:36
sam-_-Emery: i just tried inserting it. i run 10.10. no problems.11:37
rileypor are there issues with vdpau still??11:37
sam-_-Emery: are you sure it isn't blacklisted?11:37
Emerysam-_-, i blacklisted 2800usb and sta11:37
sam-_-Emery: why?11:37
Emerybecause i read on a forum it works for people11:37
Emeryso it doesnt load the 2800 module11:38
q_a_z_stevesam-_- why support 8.10 here? see !topic11:38
sam-_-Emery: i can't find 2800sta11:38
Lint03I believe 8.10 was the last ubuntu having fglrx working for some people11:39
galagalagalaOkay, when a tutorial says you must make a file in the folder ~/something/ where is that exactly? what does the ~ mean?11:39
sam-_-q_a_z_steve: s/he said it doesn't work in other versions of ubuntu as well11:39
yudi1i have a DVB-T card plugged in to my laptop and whenever I resume from suspend it does not initiate,  I have to unplug it and re-plug it back in. I am assuming it has something to do with the modules? am i right11:39
q_a_z_steve~ = /home/USERNAME11:39
rileypthats is /home/username11:39
Emerysam-_-, correct.11:39
DeadPandagalagalagala, ~ always expands to your home directory, try typing "echo ~" at the shell11:39
q_a_z_stevesam-_- and yet you are using it just fine? Actually that doesn't even matter. linux-firmware et al have been upgraded since !eol there's no reason to continue this right now.11:40
sam-_-Emery: i don't understand why you can't insert the module via modprobe. look into dmesg. maybe it will tell you sth. useful11:40
=== Lint01 is now known as lint01
=== lint01 is now known as lint02
EmeryFATAL: Module rt2870sta not found.11:41
Emerysh: /sys/bus/usb/drivers/rt2870/new_id: No such file or directory11:41
EmeryFATAL: Error running install command for rt2870sta11:41
FloodBot2Emery: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:41
sam-_-q_a_z_steve: i'm not sure if we are talking only about 8.10. emery, are we?11:41
=== drt56791 is now known as Guest3819212
q_a_z_steve!nick > lint0211:41
ubottulint02, please see my private message11:41
galagalagaladeadpanda, thanks a million!11:41
lint02[OT] am only one getting disconnected each 5 minutes?11:41
bazhanglint02, no11:42
sam-_-Emery: well there you go. that's the problem11:42
Emerysam-_-, yes the modules not found but the drivers wont compile under ubuntu 8.1011:42
Emeryeven with build-essential and the linux-headers11:42
notreveWho works with spotify for linux? Still som many buggs..11:42
lint02gonna make feature request for apt, evening all11:43
sam-_-Emery: 8.10 isn't supported anymore.11:43
Emerylol because you don't know the problem both of you have come out with that shit11:43
q_a_z_steve!eol > Emery11:43
ubottuEmery, please see my private message11:43
EmeryIt's the same ubuntu different kernel11:43
iflemaq_a_z_steve sam-_-  8.10 - EOL = April....11:43
bazhangEmery, watch the language11:43
Emerybazhang, what ?11:44
sam-_-and thank. i'm out.11:44
bazhangEmery, and the attitude as well11:44
q_a_z_steveEmery kernel is the first of your MANY issues11:44
iflemaq_a_z_steve sam-_-  8.04 even....11:44
sam-_-iflema: rly?11:44
Emeryq_a_z_steve, i'm not running the 8.10 kenel11:44
sam-_-iflema: 8.04 is lts so that's for sure11:45
bazhangEmery, no matter, its not supported.11:45
Emerylol you faggots know shit, clearly11:45
skilzwhy are people still using old distros?11:45
Emeryfuckin tards.11:45
sam-_-Emery: i won't help you anymore sry.11:45
FloodBot2Emery: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:45
q_a_z_steveEmery it's okay, we'll be here when you either fresh install 10.4 or 10.1011:45
s3r3n1t7Emery, please calm down and don't use that language.11:45
bazhangEmery, watch the language11:45
rhcsshi all,11:45
q_a_z_stevekick ban11:46
bazhanglets move on please11:46
rhcsshow to bring up two network interfaces in ubuntu?11:46
shottyabout time he was kicked off11:46
sam-_-elky: thanks :-)11:46
sam-_-shotty: or she ;)11:47
AscavasaionHow difficult is it to get two monitors with two graphics cards working in Ubuntu... To expand the desktop across two monitors?11:47
=== Guest18890 is now known as RaNdY
shottydoes anyone know how i can get support if i were to deploy ubuntu in a school environment? would it be the same as if i were having issues when at home?11:48
=== RaNdY is now known as Guest85625
q_a_z_steveshotty you can pay canonical11:48
AnthLeeshotty, you could buy support11:48
bazhangshotty, canonical provides contracts11:48
s3r3n1t7shotty, yup, you can get free support here. There's also the option of a contract from canonical.11:48
shottyany estimate prices off the top of your head?11:49
q_a_z_steve!edubuntu > shotty11:49
ubottushotty, please see my private message11:49
bazhangshotty, ubuntu.com homepage likely has a link11:49
shottybazhang thanks11:49
rodneymillerpcaq_a_z_steve and bazhang you folks have amazing patients.11:49
shottywill look into it11:49
shottybye for now everyone11:49
q_a_z_steverodneymillerpca Nah, I'm an a$$11:50
sam-_-rodneymillerpca: patience or patients?11:50
rodneymillerpcasorry correct on the second.11:51
s3r3n1t7let's keep it on topic, shall we?11:51
q_a_z_steve^^ still applies, and I don't know @*#% ask anyone11:51
skilzIm having trouble with ICS, I have enabled it on the server pc via auto eth0 - shared11:52
q_a_z_steve!it | ivinux in case that helps11:52
ubottuivinux in case that helps: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)11:52
skilzbut on the other ubuntu pc / client I cannot receive any packets when I ping the server also cannot ping the internet11:52
s3r3n1t7skilz, some more info is needed. How did you enable ICS, what sort of network setup do you have and what's going wrong/have you tried?11:52
ubottuIf you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetConnectionSharing - You may also use !firestarter: http://www.fs-security.com/docs/connection-sharing.php11:52
skilzI followed the link  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetConnectionSharing11:53
elkyq_a_z_steve, please don't use obfuscated swearing, it's insulting to think it passes, and makes things more inflamed than necessary11:53
AscavasaionHow difficult is it to get two monitors with two graphics cards working in Ubuntu... To expand the desktop across two monitors?11:54
q_a_z_steveelky noted. sorry11:54
s3r3n1t7skilz, you could try firestarter. I've had some good results with it in the past.11:54
skilzsame problem11:54
neil_dI am trying to start rdesktop via a custom menu item... I have set the type to "aplication in terminal" and I have tested the command... it doesn't work! ... any ideas why?11:54
s3r3n1t7skilz, "same problem"? What have you tried? What does it do? Did you setup static IP on the second pc?11:54
Rodgeydoes anyone know how to setup 'sound' in Ubuntu using a g62 HP laptop?11:55
Rodgeyi can't hear anything :(11:55
q_a_z_steveRodgey have you seen !sound ?11:55
sam-_-s3r3n1t7: your nick reminds me i still didn't finish watching firefly11:55
Rodgeyq_a_z_steve, doesnt say me anything...11:56
q_a_z_steve!sound > Rodgey11:56
ubottuRodgey, please see my private message11:56
s3r3n1t7sam-_-, that's a bit offtopic. I'll join #ubuntu-offtopic if you like to discuss it?11:56
Rodgeyok ok11:56
=== cvrse is now known as cvr
sam-_-s3r3n1t7: oh y. sry.11:56
Rodgeyi will check q_a_z_steve11:57
skilzs3r3n1t7, No the client is set uo DHCP11:57
s3r3n1t7skilz, you will need a DHCP server on the machine that has an internet connection. This should be in either of the guides somewhere. You can use firestarter if you setup a static IP.11:57
RootRatHi Guys .. I just down loaded Ubuntu Netbook edition and compleated all the updates but I cannot get cheezy web cam to work ...it says device not found  Help would be appreciated Thanks11:57
q_a_z_steveRodgey that middle link has a script which will generate a webpage full of useful stuff to come back with11:58
=== zhang is now known as Guest81023
=== Guest81023 is now known as zhang_
Rodgeyq_a_z_steve, thanks... i see it :)11:58
q_a_z_steveRootRat lsusb ?11:58
skilzs3r3n1t7, I want to use DHCP on both pc's11:59
q_a_z_steveI want pizza11:59
RootRatSorry q_a_z_steve what doed lsusb mean ....... Im a newbe11:59
s3r3n1t7q_a_z_steve, please don't use offtopic comments.11:59
skilzs3r3n1t7, I have followed GUI Method via Network Manager (Ubuntu 9.10 and up)11:59
neil_dI am trying to start rdesktop via a custom menu item... I have set the type to "aplication in terminal" and I have tested the command... it doesn't work! ... any ideas why?12:00
skilzRootRat, lsusb lists the usb devices connected12:00
* q_a_z_steve facetious can only get me so far tonight12:00
Kartagistrack 1: could not find tag, codec not currently supported in container <--- what does this mean?12:00
RootRatThanks skilz ... how will I find that . The web cam in built in12:01
q_a_z_steveneil_d could try adding sudo to the front of your custom command?12:01
s3r3n1t7skilz, if you check a bit further in the guide, you will see that it also requires a static IP. You can use https://help.ubuntu.com/community/dhcp3-server for it tho.12:01
skilzyou'd be supprised12:01
AbhiJithelp i want to run a txt file in gedit on each startup. how can i?????12:01
sam-_-neil_d: so it executes but not in terminal?12:02
s3r3n1t7AbhiJit, add the command to session?12:02
akagi82_how do i get into the windows chat?12:02
AbhiJits3r3n1t7, 'which' command?12:02
q_a_z_steveRootRat get to a console/command window issue the command lsusb12:02
RootRatOkay q_a_z_steve Will do12:02
s3r3n1t7AbhiJit, gedit textfile ?12:03
q_a_z_steveakagi82_ /join ##windows12:03
no4does anyone know about .syx files? i cant find a way for ubuntu to read them12:03
AbhiJits3r3n1t7, ok will try that. thank you12:03
akagi82_thanks steve12:03
neil_dsam-_-: when I copy the command into a terminal it does work.. but not when run from the menu item.12:03
=== rat is now known as Guest48683
s3r3n1t7neil_d, can you please give the complete command you're using here?12:04
neil_dq_a_z_steve: that didn't make any difference12:04
q_a_z_steveno4 what does filext.com or .org give as examples?12:04
skilzs3r3n1t7, * check syslog for diagnostics.12:04
skilz                                                                         [fail]12:04
skilzinvoke-rc.d: initscript dhcp3-server, action "start" failed.12:04
sam-_-neil_d: you would have to use gksu not sudo12:04
q_a_z_steve!paste > skilz12:04
ubottuskilz, please see my private message12:04
galagalagalai've customised some files for xmonad, now when i choose to login in with it, it just uses the normal ubuntu interface12:04
sam-_-neil_d: do what s3r3n1t7 suggested12:05
neil_ds3r3n1t7: "rdesktop -g 90% -u ndugan server"12:05
q_a_z_steveskilz ??12:05
skilzIt's only 3 lines12:05
sam-_-neil_d: i think you have to fill in the complete path for this12:05
skilznot 4 or 5 :p12:05
sam-_-neil_d: most likely /usr/bin/rdesk...12:06
q_a_z_steveno, that would earn you flood++12:06
s3r3n1t7neil_d, Hmm ... in my opinion it should work, however have you tried to redirect both stdout and stdin to a file?12:06
q_a_z_steves3r3n1t7 how do I do that???12:06
s3r3n1t7skilz, more then 1 line goes to pastebin, that's at least the general rule. Have you done as the error suggested? Checked syslog?12:06
skilzI should really invest in 'real' internet and a router instead of this ICS with mobile broadband12:07
s3r3n1t7q_a_z_steve, wrong nick?12:07
skilzs3r3n1t7, too much stuffing around, might just go but a router tomorrow like it handle the hard work :)12:07
q_a_z_steves3r3n1t7 no, I have no idea how to pull both at the command line. I want to learn too12:07
skilzbuy and let*12:07
RootRatOkay q_a_z_steve I ran lsusb in the terminal  What am I looking  for? I see Mouse but no Camera12:08
sam-_-s3r3n1t7: i don't think gnome menu executes the applications in bash. so this should not work12:08
neil_ds3r3n1t7: no..12:08
Karen_mwhich program on ubuntu will send email?   I thought maybe /usr/bin/mail or sendmail, but neither are there12:08
sam-_-q_a_z_steve: read: man bash12:09
s3r3n1t7sam-_-, i've used commands with parameters before. However, scripts should work.12:10
ne2kKaren_m: you can install an MTA if you want one12:10
s3r3n1t7q_a_z_steve, http://tldp.org/LDP/abs/html/io-redirection.html12:10
q_a_z_stevesam well I know one of them comes into play with - but was curious to see the command recommend.12:10
Karen_mne2k, what should I install?  I don't want to receive emails i just want the machien to be able to send me emails12:10
ne2kKaren_m: exim tends to be preferred over sendmail in Debian land12:10
s3r3n1t7neil_d, then perhaps try it? create a small script, add your command, redirect stdout and stderr to a file, and see what's wrong?12:11
fartmangreppy: still here?12:11
skilzs3r3n1t7, ok, so Im congiuring my server to use static ip, do I put the ppp0 ip as gateway since it's the net connection12:11
Karen_mne2k, does exim try and receive emails though?12:11
tom___hi, i'm testing Natty. Avahi doesn't seem to be assigning my eth0 with a private IP12:12
tom___any ideas?12:12
tom___its set to DHCP, I assumed it would time out then self assign12:12
s3r3n1t7skilz, the gateway for the second pc (let's call it pc2 for now) will be the first pc (let's call it pc1).12:12
ne2kKaren_m: dma might do what you want12:12
skilzs3r3n1t7, what about the gateway for pc1?12:12
s3r3n1t7skilz, pc1's gateway will be assigned via dhcp from the mobile connection.12:13
DJonestom___: Support for natty is in #ubuntu+1 until its released, if you ask your question there, they should be able to help you12:13
tom___ok DJones, I was kinda thinking it was probably just a general config issue12:13
tom___but I'll ask in there!12:13
DJonestom___: It could be a general issue, but with it only being alpha, probably best to ask there just in case12:14
L0kiHello, just bought a pctv picostick 74e and installed the firmware onto ubuntu 10.04 - lsusb shows that something is plugged in, but does not recognise the device - anyone have any ideas please??!!12:14
skilzs3r3n1t7, UM NO, it has to be configured static you said12:14
neil_ds3r3n1t7: sam-_- : I tried the command in "/usr/bin/rdesktop &>/tmp/output.txt  -g 80% -u ndugan server" the menu item.. but no file was generated...12:15
squigso im trying to remap the meta key in ubuntu gnome to the windows key and then the move window key to the meta key12:15
q_a_z_steves3r3n1t7 erego my pizza comment12:15
squigbut it doesnt appear to be working12:15
greppyfartman: yeah12:15
squigany idea how I can see what key is being seen when i press a key12:15
iflema!postfix | Karen_m12:15
ubottuKaren_m: postfix is the default !MTA and !MDA on Ubuntu. For help, read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Postfix and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PostfixBasicSetupHowto - See also !MailServer12:15
s3r3n1t7skilz, pc2 should have a static ip, with a gateway pointing to pc1. pc1 has a static ip for the subnet to which pc2 is connected, and a dynamic ip via dhcp from the mobile connection.12:16
Kartagistrack 1: could not find tag, codec not currently supported in container <--- what does this mean?12:16
sam-_-squig: xev12:16
q_a_z_steveKartagis what program, what OS?12:16
itguruI'm running ubuntu 10.10 desktop, and I was wondering is it possible to have thunderbird use the Indicator Applet - I'd love to have all my notifications in the saem place, twitter, email, irc, gchat, msn, etc - it's awesome, but I prefer thunderbird as an app12:16
skilzs3r3n1t7,  pc1 has a static ip for the subnet to which pc2 is connected, and a dynamic ip via dhcp from the mobile connection... that isn't the case here12:17
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Kartagisq_a_z_steve mencoder, ubuntu 10.1012:17
greenIThi, is there a repo for the _latest_ netbeans-version for maverick?12:17
s3r3n1t7skilz, then make it so?12:17
squigsam-_-, (thanks for today and earlier in the week)12:17
skilzyou've lost me12:17
skilzstatic ip for the subnet?12:17
fartmananyone that know how to get this fixed: i have ubuntu 10.10 installed with nvidias newest driver from nvidia (not ubuntu repos). got updates to day inculding kernel stuff. this seems to have crashed with my nvidia driver... i am now only able to use the "nv" driver when i try the current nvidia option in thridparty device manager and restart it does not work. and i have to set xorg.conf back to nv... How do i fix this???12:17
skilzim using the gnome network config thing12:17
q_a_z_steveKartagis when you installed did you have the mp3 stuff downloaded? or is this liveCD?12:17
skilzIPv4 settings12:17
squigfartman, you will need to reinstall the nvidia driver12:18
skilzclicked manual12:18
q_a_z_steve!info netbeans > greenIT12:18
s3r3n1t7skilz, pc1 and pc2 are on a subnet, that's to say they are connected and should be able to communicate. Let's make it a bit more specific. pc2 should have an ip of, mask of and a gateway of Can you set that up?12:18
Kartagisq_a_z_steve this is real installation, not liveCD. I have no problems with format=mp4, just format=ipod12:18
s3r3n1t7neil_d, close. command >> filename 2>&1 for proper redirection.12:19
=== CensoredBiscuit is now known as CB_Desktop
skilzs3r3n1t7, Already done that12:19
Kartagis!nvidia | fartman12:19
ubottufartman: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto12:19
skilzs3r3n1t7, It's pc1 'server' im having trouble with12:19
fartmansquig: like completely remoce any thing involving nvidia?... how? can i do it in synaptic manager?12:19
skilzhow do I set that up as12:19
sam-_-neil_d: gnome-default-applications-properties12:19
greenITq_a_z_steve, yeah, i know there is the netbeans 6.9.0 in the repos, but i need the features of netbeans 6.9.1 and i hoped that there is a ppa or a repo for it ;)12:19
s3r3n1t7skilz, ah right. Do an sudo ifconfig -a and pastebin that for me please?12:19
sam-_-neil_d: tab system. check the settings there12:19
squigfartman, you will need to use the install from nvdia you used previously12:19
q_a_z_stevegreenIT try enabling updates and/or backports?12:19
* royale12231 sick12:20
fartmanah ok thanks12:20
sam-_-neil_d: is gnome-terminal installed?12:20
skilzs3r3n1t7, by the way, im using the ip's and
greenITq_a_z_steve, updates on what? all sources activated, also backports12:20
s3r3n1t7skilz, no problem.12:20
q_a_z_steve!packages > greenIT check this site12:20
ubottugreenIT, please see my private message12:20
skilzs3r3n1t7, http://pastebin.com/za0cZ79i12:21
greenITok, seems like there is no package of the latest version of netbeans for ubuntu... thx12:22
s3r3n1t7skilz, hmm ok that looks good.12:22
skilzsee what I mean...12:22
s3r3n1t7skilz, yeah .. hmm ... You haven't set your new dns servers right?12:22
q_a_z_stevegreenIT natty could have proposed... have to just putt around and see12:22
greenITq_a_z_steve thx 4 info12:23
skilzs3r3n1t7, Don't think so12:23
skilzs3r3n1t7, How do I do that?12:23
skilzCannot ping each pc12:24
s3r3n1t7skilz, gksudo gedit /etc/resolv.conf       then replace the current nameservers with "nameserver" and on the next line again with ip
skilzcan I sudo nano ?12:25
s3r3n1t7skilz, do you have firestarter running?12:25
akagi82_hi there, i deleted opensuse now getting cant find os message. anyone know the best way around this, btw dont have windows cd12:25
s3r3n1t7skilz, if you like12:25
skilzdon't like gui12:25
skilzs3r3n1t7, yes I have firestarter running12:25
s3r3n1t7skilz, check that, and whitelist the other ip from the logs.12:25
skilzs3r3n1t7, do I add the nameserver on pc1 and pc212:26
skilzedit resolv.conf on both pc's12:26
sam-_-akagi82_: where are you getting the message? are you using ubuntu or opensuse?12:26
s3r3n1t7skilz, only on pc2, the one that does not have the mobile conn.12:26
akagi82_getting it before any os boots up12:27
Juozapashi how to install b43-fwcutter? after apt-get install it's still not in additional drivers" section12:27
skilzohh, so I don't edit resolv.conf on pc1?12:27
squigsam-_-, I cant seem to get the window manger to accept that meta is the movement key though system->preferences->Window->movement key12:27
s3r3n1t7skilz, indeed12:27
squigdo you know how to access the graphical gconf setting tool?12:27
fartmanwhat is the command to run a file with suname .run?12:27
akagi82_do you think if i install ubuntu now through usb it will solve the problem?12:27
fartmansh something12:27
unopfartman,   chmod +x file.run;  ./file.run12:28
unopfartman, sh can be used .. only if the .run file is a shellscript -- but that's not always guaranteed12:28
thauriswulfasquig: goto run (alt+f2) then gconf-editor12:28
sam-_-squig: meta key can be either alt or the left windows key.12:28
fartmani think this is12:28
sam-_-squig: did you try alt?12:28
unopfartman, well, the steps i gave you work regardless12:29
fartmancan i do: sg NVIDIA*12:29
squigsam-_-, i changed the meta key to be left windows key and xev confirms its working12:29
unopfartman, sure, i think you need sudo there too12:29
skilzs3r3n1t7, I allowed on firestarter12:30
skilzbut still cannot ping it12:30
sam-_-squig: can you post the command you used?12:30
fartmanyes just discovered12:30
squigsam-_-, I did it through ui's12:30
squigbut ill post what I have from xev12:30
jribfartman: why don't you just use "Additional Drivers" in the menu.  It will be easier, is the supported way, and you get automatic updates.12:30
s3r3n1t7skilz, you have to allow (the ip from pc2) on the firewall12:30
fartmani needed the newst driver for A0D to run12:31
fartmannow tha ditional drivers do noe work12:31
fartmanatleast the current one12:31
skilzs3r3n1t7, pc1 has the firewall running12:32
fartmanbut it might have been switched with the binary one12:32
coz_fartman,  they dont install or they wont kick in?12:32
skilzs3r3n1t7, I edited the resolv.conf file on pc2, now waht?12:32
s3r3n1t7skilz, correct. You edit the firewall on pc2, allowing the ip from pc1. Then you should be able to ping.12:32
=== sre-su_ is now known as sre-su
squigsam-_-, http://paste.ubuntu.com/555738/ this is the xev response which looks right to me, im looking through the gconf database to find where its being set, but I dont know where the key is12:32
fartmani am told to reboot after activation.. and the i only get in to bash12:32
fartmanwhere i have to edit xorg.conf to "nv" to get x running12:33
abhinav_singhi download the following game for linux using this link..i am using Ubuntu..please tell  me how to install it http://tremulous.net/files/12:33
coz_fartman,   ok  in terminal   lspci | grep -i vga12:33
skilzs3r3n1t7, You missunder stod me, pc1 has the firewall not pc212:33
skilzpc2 has no firewall12:33
bazhangabhinav_singh, sudo apt-get install tremulous12:34
skilzthink I need to route add default gw12:34
bazhangabhinav_singh, use the package manager not random outside websites12:34
maklovin22any one12:34
s3r3n1t7skilz, i'm sorry, i said it the wrong way around. Edit firewall on pc1, allow the ip from pc2.12:34
squigsam-_-, apps/metacity/general/mouse_button_modifier has meta in it :(12:34
skilzalready done that12:34
s3r3n1t7skilz, sudo route add default gw ?12:34
fartmanvga compatible controller: nvidia corp G72M12:35
skilzstill no packets recived12:35
maklovin22I am sure this is a REALLY dumb question, but how do I find lhost12:35
sam-_-squig: it wants alt_l for the win key to work. even though it's called meta in the menu.12:35
s3r3n1t7skilz, did you plug the cable in?12:35
sam-_-squig: it12:35
sam-_-squig: it's a little confusing12:35
skilzohh wow12:35
skilzs3r3n1t7, lol you think im that stupid?? ICS works, but no ping12:36
squigsam-_-, its a lot confusing :)12:36
llutzmaklovin22: boot your windows12:36
=== MortenTemp is now known as Morten_
skilzs3r3n1t7, I can access the net on pc2 but cannot ping pc1 and vice versa12:36
squigI want my meta key on win_l and that to be the mouse_button_modifier12:36
fartmancoz_: output: vga compatible controller: nvidia corp G72M12:36
s3r3n1t7skilz, but what you wanted works now, correct?12:36
skilzanyway, I achived what I set out to, thank you12:36
s3r3n1t7skilz, you're welcome.12:37
coz_fartman,  ok did you try one of the other drivers  available in  adiditional drivers ...12:37
skilznow I just have to enable sshd so I can finish installing pc2 remotely12:37
skilzfrom my room12:37
fartmannope not yet12:37
skilz1 more thing12:37
sam-_-maklovin22: for which software?12:37
llutz!pm maklovin2212:37
fartmanill give that a try then12:37
coz_fartman,   probably only one of them12:37
llutz!pm |maklovin2212:37
ubottumaklovin22: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.12:37
skilzs3r3n1t7, when I disconnect and reconnect my mobile broadband, do I need to add a new nameserver?12:37
coz_fartman,   the lower version driver is for legacy cards12:38
skilzor will it be the same one12:38
skilzand if I use a different SIM card12:38
skilzhow do I know what ip to put in resolv.conf12:38
s3r3n1t7skilz, no, the nameservers I gave you are from opendns. Those should always function.12:38
maklovin22am just asking if local host is = my ip adress12:38
squigsam-_-, I changed it to super through gconf-editor and now it works *sigh* glad they took that UI option out of the menu12:38
llutzmaklovin22: it's /etc/hosts   and no, localhost=
sam-_-squig: congratz :-)12:39
iflemaJuozapas card type? (in terminal:  lspci -vvnn | grep 14:e4  )  if ya got the right model/driver, try (with internet connection)     sudo dpkg-reconfigure b43-fwcutter    to have another go at b43-fwcutter12:39
sam-_-maklovin22: localhost = for ipv4    or ::1 for ipv612:39
josh_!enter | skilz12:39
ubottuskilz: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!12:39
maklovin22ok i get it thx12:40
fartmani guess i will not be able to play 0AD then.. but it is ok... computer seemed to slow for it any way12:40
fartmancoz_: it works fine now with the 173 driver12:40
sam-_-maklovin22: or whatever you set in /etc/hosts12:40
coz_fartman,  very cool12:40
etidhorhi i need help with google earth for linux??12:41
ubottuGoogle Earth is available as the package "googleearth-package" in !Multiverse. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GoogleEarth12:41
etidhori installed it but it doesnt open12:41
fartmancoz_: yes thanks12:41
josh_etidhor, how have you been trying to launch the application?12:42
sam-_-etidhor: execute it in the command line and tell us the error?12:42
etidhorwhat to write to command line??12:43
fartmanMy dream that once in the future even grandma can use and update upgrade Ubuntu with all kinds of hardware/software with no consern of dependencies :P12:43
sam-_-etidhor: googleearth12:43
Slydder1hey all12:43
etidhoretidhor@etidhor-Satellite-A305:~$ googleearth12:43
etidhorgoogleearth: command not found12:43
josh_!ask | Slydder112:43
ubottuSlydder1: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)12:43
Slydder1anyone here having problems with pppd + mppe128 in 10.10?12:44
josh_etidhor, are you sure its installed? Properly?12:44
sam-_-!googleearth | etidhor12:44
ubottuetidhor: Google Earth is available as the package "googleearth-package" in !Multiverse. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GoogleEarth12:44
Slydder1jeez. can't even say hi before I get jumped with just ask. lol12:44
sam-_-etidhor: follow the guide.12:45
jribSlydder1: but you still didn't state your problem :(12:45
josh_Slydder1, sorry but do you have a question to ask?12:45
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Slydder1am getting the protocol refused error in pppd when I connect to a mppe128 encrypted vpn. was just wondering if anyone else is having the same issue in 10.1012:46
Slydder1I don't have this problem in lenny, squeeze or sid.12:47
Slydder1only in maverick12:47
antsediti hate to do this but : !enter | Slydder112:47
itguruSlydder1: I also have pptp issues with ubuntu 10.10 - desktop, and server12:48
iszakUbuntu's "encrypted" home directory, it's not possible to decrypt without the password/pass phrase right? so if i boot up on another OS I can't view the home files?12:48
itguruMaybe, we can figure this one out together12:48
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ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!12:48
Slydder1itguru: not good that you have problems. just that I am not the only one. lol12:48
Dr_Willisiszak:  i dont think  its poissuble.12:48
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rohitnikcoolIDM for ubuntu 10.04?12:48
RAMNUS"Create a USB drive" on the site when installing ubuntu, is installing ubuntu on the usb or?12:48
Guest88329if ubuntu is so good why does nobody use it?12:49
PiciRAMNUS: Define IDM.12:49
rohitnikcooli want a download manager for ubuntu12:49
RAMNUSi've followed the instructions and nothing happened.12:49
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Guest88329cant even give linux away12:49
RAMNUSidm? what about it?12:49
squigCan people recomend what system i should be using to install ubuntu via bootp?12:49
PiciGuest88329: Do you have a support question? Rants are offtopic for this channel.12:49
fartmangood bye and thank you for greate support12:49
iszakDr_Willis, so no certainty?12:49
Slydder1anyone got some troll food at hand?12:49
itguruSlydder1: Don't worry, I get that feeling too, just knowing it's not your own stupidity that is holding you is a relief in itse;f, dude, you announcing PPTP issues way like a weight off my shoulders! hehe12:49
antseditiszak, maybe if you install a debian based distro and mounted your /home to the same location with the same password and encryption12:49
Dr_Willisiszak:  is there ever a certainity in anything to do with 'real life'12:49
Sriramrohitnikcool, wget is nice12:49
Guest88329Pici: if ubuntu is so good why doesnt anyone use it? Master race windows here12:50
rohitnikcoolRAMNUS: any good download mamager for ubuntu like idm12:50
Guest88329so much better12:50
Dr_Willisiszak:  strong password/keys/phrases  vs  bruteforce crackers i guess.12:50
etidhorg-earth is installed to /opt/google/earth/free12:50
antsedit!windows | Guest8832912:50
ubottuGuest88329: For discussion on Microsoft software, or help with same, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and /msg ubottu equivalents12:50
RAMNUSrohitnikcool, i have idm and what to do next?12:50
Slydder1was considering pulling a source deb from lenny or squeeze and rebuilding on maverick to see if I can get it fixed that way. no idee what they did with the package but it's screwed.12:50
coz_Guest88329,   you are joking ...yes?12:50
itguruSlydder1: Have you followed any guides for pptp - maybe we could exchange notes12:50
sam-_-Slydder1: itguru did you consider the possibility that they compiled without the protocol you are using?12:50
rohitnikcoolRAMNUS: how to install it12:51
Slydder1would be a shame if I had to drop ubuntu because of this. I like the update cycle of ubuntu for the desktop better than debians.12:51
dthackeriszak: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedPrivateDirectory  The "Recovering Your Data Manually" may be of interest12:51
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etidhorg-earth is installed to /opt/google/earth/free     i need help to open  g-earth12:51
iszakdthacker, thanks12:51
rohitnikcoolanybody knows a good download manager for ubuntu12:51
RAMNUSrohitnikcool, i really don't understand. how to install what? sorry.12:51
Dr_Willisetidhor:  use the cli.. cd /opt/google/earth/free and run the proper bianry12:51
Slydder1sam-_-:  mppe128 is there and connects. it just dies once you start pushing a lot of packets across the link.12:51
rumpe1rohitnikcool, wget12:51
Dr_Willisrohitnikcool:  depwnds on what you are downloading and how/why you needt o manage it.12:52
rohitnikcoolrumpe1: how do i get it12:52
Scott`you probably already have it12:52
coz_rohitnikcool,  its already installed12:52
sam-_-Slydder1: oh. that sounds bad. is from ubuntu-updates or ubuntu-proposed?12:52
Slydder1itguru: I did the first connections with networkmanager. afterwards I just started tweeking the config for the vpn and controlled it with pon and poff.12:52
rumpe1rohitnikcool, it's usually already installed (cli-tool) ..  most browsers offer plugins/addons for it12:52
Slydder1quicker to test that way12:52
antseditSlydder1, maybe stick to LTS releases?12:53
rohitnikcoolcoz_: so how do i download youtube vids12:53
Slydder1sam-_-: updates12:53
Slydder1standard maverick install12:53
Scott`rohitnikcool vlc player can do it pretty good12:53
sam-_-Slydder1: one sec12:53
RAMNUSdoes anybody know how to install ubuntu via usb?12:53
Slydder1this is not a new problem with pppd. it is quite known but mostly it occurs on the androids.12:53
rohitnikcoolrumpe1: i use mozilla and wanna download youtube vids12:54
antseditRAMNUS, google: unetbootin12:54
itguruSlydder1: I'm trying to get a remote box in server mode to dial back to me, everytime it comes on - and the desktop I need to fix ain't here, I also did some fudging to get it to work too12:54
jribSlydder1: you should check bugs.ubuntu.com if you haven't already12:54
antseditRAMNUS, its sooooper easy12:54
rileyphow can i open a program as dad not as root from a resume script12:54
dthackerRAMNUS: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick12:54
Slydder1jrib: will do. gotta go for a bit. somebody just took a dump in the mail queue12:54
rileypeg the program opens upon resume but it opens with the root user not my user12:55
sam-_-Slydder1: i see a few versions in here: http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/p/pptpd/12:55
akagi82_anyone know where the grub.conf file is in mint?12:55
sam-_-Slydder1: which one did you try?12:55
jrib!mintsupport | akagi82_12:55
ubottuakagi82_: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu, please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org12:55
antseditrileyp, is the launcher have gksudo in the command box?12:56
akagi82_it's an empty channel :(12:56
rohitnikcoolScott`: how?12:56
bazhangakagi82_, its a different network12:56
jribakagi82_: you're on the irc.spotchat.org network?12:56
etidhorhow to crack wireless network password  actually i have ai...-ng but i dont know how to use12:56
Dr_Willisrileyp:  if the script is running as root. it can uyse the 'su' command to launch somthing as a different user.12:56
akagi82_oh ok, silly me, ty12:56
bazhangetidhor, we dont support that12:57
drahxanyone had issues with the screen flickering black for a second, every few minutes? Using an ATI Radeon HD577012:57
antsedit!grub | alagi8212:57
ubottualagi82: grub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.12:57
antseditdrahx, do you have the propriety drivers installed12:58
bazhang!illegal > etidhor12:58
antseditetidhor, try the backtrack channel12:58
ubottuetidhor, please see my private message12:58
Dr_Willisetidhor:  its technically not ubuntuy support related eitehr.. and not really legal. :)12:58
skilzhow can I get bootslash working so I have a nice loading screen for ubuntu startup instead of a blinking -12:58
bazhangantsedit, they dont support it either12:58
rileypDr_Willis,  I have a /etc/pm/sleep.d/99resuem script to start mythfrontend but its starting with root as the user12:59
sam-_-etidhor: set your router to wpa2 and you should be pretty secure12:59
Dr_Willisskilz:  theres several guides out on 'fixing' plymouth. what works depends on your exact setup.12:59
Dr_Willisrileyp:  use the proper 'su' command with options to start the program then.12:59
rileypso if in the script I had su dad mythfrontend &12:59
antseditetidhor, There might be a security testing irc channel, search google for it12:59
ubottugrub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.13:00
Dr_Willisrileyp:  start with 'man su' - i dont know the exact options with out looking in the man pages.13:00
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub213:00
ubottuPlymouth manages the Ubuntu boot process (before the root filesystem is mounted) and also provides a graphical boot animation.  To change your Plymouth theme use « sudo update-alternatives --config default.plymouth && sudo update-initramfs -u »13:00
drahxantsedit: I first installed the ones straight from ATI, then I tried the ones in the "Additional Drivers" menu13:00
antsedit!botabuse | alextaylor13:00
ubottualextaylor: Please investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".13:00
rileypDr_Willis,  thnaks now anothe r quick one I need to put a 10 second delay to allow the network to come back up13:00
rileypwould that be count 10 or sleep 1013:01
skilzThere is only one alternative in link group default.plymouth: /lib/plymouth/themes/ubuntu-logo/ubuntu-logo.plymouth13:01
antseditdrahx, i dont know about the drivers supplied be ati, but the ubuntu one works for me, simmilar, not the same, card13:01
skilzNothing to configure.13:01
rileypummm Its on the tip of my13:01
antsedit!enter > skilz13:01
ubottuskilz, please see my private message13:01
Dr_Willisrileyp:  i think sleep is for that.. but its not the # may not be in seconds.13:02
AlecTaylorantsedit: Would you rather I had asked my question in the channel, or messed around with triggers to find my answer?13:02
skilzI dont want to break it13:02
rileypI'll man sleep thnaks13:02
Dr_Willisskilz:  so install some other plymouth themes?13:02
skilzbest to leave it13:02
AlecTaylorBy not touching it13:02
Dr_Willisskilz:  theres some inthe repos for kde and a few otehrs i recall.13:02
Dr_WillisI disable plymouth. :)13:02
antseditalectaylor, i wasnt trying to have a go at you, but exploring multiple commands in the chat window does take up alot of lines13:03
akagi82how do i join to spotchat?13:03
skilzI want something like the gentoo one13:03
antseditakagi82, what irc client are you using?13:03
Dr_Willisakagi82:  /server server.name.whatever13:03
skilzthat looks nice13:03
AlecTaylorantsedit: It took 3 attempts, dw 'bout it13:03
gasullHi. Gnome-screensaver doesn't find my ~/Pictures folder.  It's trying to load the pictures from and old folder I had: ~/Pictures.2sort.  I tried reinstalling it.  No luck.  How can I fix this?  Thanks.13:03
akagi82cheers willis13:03
Dr_Willisskilz:  no idea what gentoo is useing. its proberly not plymouth13:04
ravenwhat is the command to change the rights of a folder to 777?13:04
skilzDr_Willis, It's bootsplash13:04
skilzI want to use bootsplash13:04
s3r3n1t7AlecTaylor, use wispers instead of the channel.  ( antsedit )13:04
sam-_-Dr_Willis: i would guess they use whatever they want.13:04
Dr_Willisskilz:  good luck with that.13:04
etidhoris there voice chat plugin for this irc13:04
Dr_Willisplymouth is so built into ubuntu these days.. i dont suggest removeing it.. just disable it if you dont like it.13:04
AbhiJithey guys13:04
bazhangetidhor, no13:04
Dr_Willisetidhor:  not really.13:04
AbhiJiti cant find swiftfox in my USC???????13:05
gasullraven: chmod 777 folder13:05
ravenAlecTaylor, no there must be another command13:05
Dr_Willis!find swiftfox13:05
ravengasull, tnx that i looked for13:05
Dr_WillisAbhiJit:  you could always use the PPA's13:05
AbhiJitDr_Willis, in lucid 6413:05
ubottuPackage/file swiftfox does not exist in maverick13:05
sam-_-gasull: mkdir Pictures13:05
AbhiJitDr_Willis, oh i was just wondering why its not part of main repositories13:05
gasullsam-_-: Pictures already exist and it's full with pics13:06
sagaci!info iceweasel13:06
ubottuPackage iceweasel does not exist in maverick13:06
rvni am concerned that my netbook isn't running at full CPU speed - if i type cat /proc/cpuinfo it says the cpu is running at 1ghz, but it's a 1.66ghz cpu. I am running unity on 10.10, so i can't add the clock scaler to the panel, as there's no panel.13:07
s3r3n1t7rvn, you're probably right, it won't be runnign at full speed unless it's needed. It's called CPU scaling, it conserves battery by scaling it down when it can.13:07
sam-_-gasull: then you have to delete the gnome screensaver configs by hand13:07
rvns3r3n1t7: yes but how do i know if it's even scaling up when it IS needed?13:07
gasullsam-_-: where are they?13:07
pozicgdm tells me a session for a certain user is already active with a green marking. How do I simply continue that session?13:07
sam-_-gasull: look in .gnome2/ .gconf/13:07
etidhoris there desktop edition of ai...-hg??13:08
s3r3n1t7rvn, do something heavy and check again? You can use "watch cat /proc/cpuinfo" to monitor it13:08
etidhoris there desktop edition of ai...-ng??13:08
AbhiJitwhat is the reverse of this command to remove ppa? sudo add-apt-repository13:08
s3r3n1t7etidhor, would help if you didn't obscure what you're looking for.13:08
Dr_WillisAbhiJit:  theres a ppapurge command somewhere.13:08
rvns3r3n1t7: lol, turns out "watch" was enough to make it jump up all by itself... thanks tho, confirmed that it does clock up!13:08
sagaciRemove it from your sources.list13:08
AbhiJitDr_Willis, ok13:09
sagaciOr in software sources if you're running a gui13:09
rvni don't suppose there's a way to lock the CPU at full speed when on AC?13:09
etidhor   ok but what is obscure13:09
s3r3n1t7rvn, i wouldn't recommend doing so. It'll always go up to full speed when it goes above a threshold (80% or something), and it won't become as hot when it's not needed.13:10
AbhiJitDr_Willis, will it be fine if i just erase that ppa from sources.list?13:10
sam-_-rvn: there is.13:10
s3r3n1t7AbhiJit, yes, just update right after13:10
AbhiJits3r3n1t7, Dr_Willis sagaci thank you13:10
rvns3r3n1t7: it's well known that in gaming scenarios that is a cause of lag, and i am trying to squeeze all of the performance out of it to run a game that the device barely runs13:10
rvnsam-_-: and what might that be13:10
sam-_-rvn: like s3r3n1t7 said it's a bad idea to do it.13:11
gasullsam-_-: I deleted ~/.gconf/apps/gnome-screensaver/ and still it doesn't find the ~/Pictures folder13:11
etidhors3r3nlt7   ok but what is obscure13:11
s3r3n1t7rvn, i game as well, as long as the game keeps the average cpu load above 80% it won't scale down. That's something I dare place a bet on.13:11
s3r3n1t7etidhor, swap out letters with periods or other symbols13:11
sam-_-gasull: it may have stored configs somewhere else as well13:11
etidhors3r3nlt7 say what to do13:12
rvns3r3n1t7: this is true, and i expect it would, but who knows.. i know that on my core 2 duo desktop of years past, oblivion would get "slow" enough to cause speedstep to clock down and up again, making the game lag horribly until I disabled speedstep.13:12
s3r3n1t7rvn, that sounds like a speedstep issue, not an oblivion issue13:12
bazhangetidhor, cracking passwords is not supported. #aircrack-ng is where you should ask about that program13:12
gasullsam-_-: where?  I've been googling and trying to find this.  No luck.13:12
rvns3r3n1t7: yes, im aware of that, but my concern is that my netbook might have the same scaling issue - or does ubuntu and not the BIOS control the scaling?13:12
sam-_-rvn: also it sounds like a temperature issue13:12
etidhori have aircrack-ng but how to use it i don know13:13
s3r3n1t7rvn, oblivion always would use up max cpu, thus causing it to run at max speed. Ubuntu controls the scaling I think, although I'm not sure where.13:13
sam-_-gasull: i don't know since i don't use gnome screensaver13:13
Picigasull: You can install the xscreensaver package and use xscreensaver-demo to change your screensaver preferences, I believe  one of the tabs at the top is the place where you can find the path preferences.  Make sure that you do not stop the gnome-screensaver daemon or start the xscreensaver one when it prompts you.13:13
bazhangetidhor, then join the channel I suggested13:13
rvnsam-_-: i'd like to lock the frequency at max, at least to test for FPS gains - could you tell me how?13:13
Goldlineplz check this error: http://pastie.org/147704713:13
rvnsam-_-: this way i can be sure i'm not losing out13:13
Goldlinecan any1 helpme with the error13:13
Goldlinejava related13:14
sam-_-rvn: sure. one sec13:14
rvnGoldline: make.. java?13:14
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skilzwhats mythbuntu?13:15
Goldlinegot that error whilst trying the make command for compiling13:15
Dr_Willisskilz:  a DVR system for a PC13:15
rvnskilz: it's a version of ubuntu intended for "mythtv" which is a dvr system13:15
s3r3n1t7rvn, http://www.arsgeek.com/2008/01/16/cpu-scaling-ubuntu-battery-life-and-you-how-to-scale-your-cpu/13:15
Dr_Willisetidhor:  perhaps check its homepage/docs for a tutorial.13:16
GoldlineANy idea howto solve this rvn or anyone else ?13:16
rvns3r3n1t7: i can't use the frequency panel applet, as i am running unity13:16
bazhangGoldline, you are compiling java?13:16
rvns3r3n1t7: is there a way to set the freq via console?13:16
s3r3n1t7rvn, not sure, let's google13:16
rvns3r3n1t7: i've read of "cpufreq-selector -f SPEED" but it didn't work13:16
rvnit just hung..13:16
GoldlineCOmpiling an SWGEmu server13:17
Goldlinetrying to13:17
GoldlineOn Ubuntu 10.10 (32bit)13:17
s3r3n1t7rvn, hung? you didn't just type SPEED did you? You're supposed to change that for the frequency you want to switch to in hertz13:17
rvns3r3n1t7: i'm going to attempt this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=94419013:17
rvns3r3n1t7: no, i wrote that myself, their example was 1ghz13:18
rvns3r3n1t7: i put 1660000 for 1.66ghz13:18
GoldlineCan you helpme with it?13:18
rebellen_In power management i have selected that the display should not be put to sleep, but it does, why?13:18
rvns3r3n1t7: it then gave me a prompt as though i were using cat as an editor13:18
rvns3r3n1t7: and sat there until i ctrl+c'd13:18
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sam-_-rvn: echo performance | sudo tee /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_governor13:19
s3r3n1t7rvn, let me know how it goes then.13:19
sam-_-rvn: do this not only for cpu0 but for how many you got13:19
rvnsam-_-: that did indeed work, thanks13:20
rvnsam-_-: now i shall test.. what is the default - powersave?13:20
poyzzonehello everybody13:20
sam-_-rvn: ondemand13:20
rvni'll return it if there is no fps gain13:21
rvnotherwise i'll incorporate setting it to performance into a script for this game13:21
poyzzonethis is my first day on "BackTrack"13:21
bazhangpoyzzone, try the backtrack channel for support13:21
Dr_Willispoyzzone:  they have their own support channel and server.13:21
sam-_-rvn: you can only use the userspace applet if it is set to userspace13:21
bazhangpoyzzone, #backtrack-linux13:21
gasullPici: the path preferences in xscreensaver-demo seem to be for other things.  Any other idea?13:21
rvnsam-_-: ? do you mean the panel applet? I can't use it anyway 'cuz i'm on unity and there's no proper panel13:22
poyzzonebut right now i'm on ubuntu OS13:22
sam-_-rvn: k13:22
GoldlineCan u helpme :S13:23
sam-_-!ask | Goldline13:24
ubottuGoldline: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)13:24
bazhangGoldline, install build-essential13:24
rubenvaldezhola avisame cuando llegue....13:24
poyzzonei have a question guys13:25
bazhangrubenvaldez, english here please #ubuntu-es for Spanish13:25
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)13:25
sam-_-bazhang: what is the portugese channel?13:25
GoldlineBazhang, already installed13:25
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.13:25
poyzzonei try to record something with my audio card XONAR D2X but nothing happen13:25
bazhangsam-_-, !pt or !br13:26
pradeepi need a tftp clients can i can use to copy the running config of my remote cisco router13:26
sam-_-!pt | rubenvaldez13:26
ubotturubenvaldez: please see above13:26
pradeepi need a tftp clients that i can use to copy the running config of my remote cisco router13:26
rvnsam-_-, s3r3n1t7, not gonna lie, that helped a good deal - i know it doesn't make sense.... but i'm not going to reject it just because it doesn't make sense, lol.. i went from 10-14fps to 15-22fps in the game in question.13:27
s3r3n1t7rvn, nope it doesn't lol, but good to know it helped!13:27
rvnthanks for the help guys13:27
etidhorgoog bye13:27
sam-_-rvn: sure it isn't some  sort of psychological effect?13:27
rvnyes, because i measured fps with a gauge, not with my eyes13:27
sam-_-rvn: intel or amd btw?13:28
rvnintel atom13:28
rvnthis is on my netbook13:28
Dr_Willisa huge 14fps! :)13:28
sam-_-rvn: ok with intel atom i can almost believe it13:28
rvnyou need the half a nanosecond it might take because it's THAT slow13:28
sam-_-rvn: but 22fps is still pretty bad13:28
rvnit's minecraft13:29
rvnif you're familiar13:29
bajk-tragbarhey, what repository do I need to get Mesa 7.10? There is only 7.9 in the normal repository13:29
rvnso 15-20fps is great13:29
rvnfor playability13:29
FloodBot2rvn: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:29
Dr_Willisbajk-tragbar:  check the PPA's.13:29
sam-_-rvn: never played but watched a few vids13:29
Romeo5kok im back13:29
Romeo5k plan one did not work13:29
rvnsam-_-: very cpu intensive, and it jumps up and down because of random procedural land generation and recording of destructive/constructive changes13:30
sam-_-rvn: it doesn't help that it's written in java13:30
rvnoh im sure not :P13:30
rvni installed a bunch of modded game files to increase rendering speed and save optimization13:30
rvnanyway i gotta go - doctor's appt soon13:30
rvnthanks for the help13:30
Romeo5k question.. is there a way to download likes you have on a box without acessing SCP13:30
Romeo5k-likes meantg to say files*13:31
sam-_-Romeo5k: why don't you like sco?13:31
sam-_-Romeo5k: *scp13:31
Romeo5ki cant axx box13:31
s3r3n1t7Romeo5k, ftp, webdav, email, download?13:31
Romeo5ksomething is upo with box13:32
Romeo5k i contacted host and they said box is online and working13:32
skilzhow can I enable this? http://www.bootsplash.org/File:Verbose-mode.jpg13:32
yudi11I am planning to build a new desktop, system, I will be running a lot of programs at the same time. couple of VMs, 3 monitors (already got them), and need a GPU that can handle two DVB-T channels at the same time without breaking sweat. What do you guys suggest. I was leaning towards AMD, I do not want to spend more than $800, even less if I can.13:32
skilzI want my system to look like that when it loads with tux behind the text13:32
Dr_WillisRomeo5k:  theres always ftp and wget.13:32
s3r3n1t7yudi11, probably something #ubuntu-offtopic can help you with, this is just ubuntu support.13:32
Dr_Willisskilz:  thats just setting a image for the framebuffer console background. if you are seeing text in front of it.13:33
NOBLEhi some one know if the printer lexmart x2695 ca be install on ubuntu 10.10?13:33
yudi11s3r3n1t7: ok13:33
skilzDr_Willis, how do I do that?13:33
skilzthats what I want, not plymouth13:33
Dr_Willisskilz:  configure the framebuffer for your system.. it can be very problematic13:33
sagaciHave you tried it?13:33
Romeo5k so i  access my box via putty or scp.. BUT i can go thru host control pannel called SolusVM and it has something called console.. which i can log on as actual root.13:33
ubottuInformation about changing your framebuffer modes in GRUB can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FrameBuffer#grub13:34
Romeo5k if i cant wget.. is there a way to wget to my computer im on right now?13:34
Romeo5kcause i dont know how13:34
Dr_WillisRomeo5k:  you could use wput to send to a pc.. or install a ftp server. and use wget from the local box to pull things from teh server13:34
itguruapt-get install wget13:34
Dr_WillisRomeo5k:  scp would be the best option.13:34
Goldlineplz anyone else wanna check this error: http://www.kamasutra.nl13:34
Goldlineoh not that one lol13:35
bazhangGoldline, patience13:35
itguruWoah @ Goldline - so, reviewing websites huh?13:35
skilzwhy is it problematic?13:35
NOBLEsome one if the printer lexmark x2695 can be install on ubuntu 10.10?13:36
bazhangskilz, removing plymouth?13:36
Dr_Willisskilz:  its not very well supported. and can cuase lots of other issues.13:36
skilzno. configuring frambuller13:36
bazhangNOBLE, check the openprinting database13:36
Romeo5kDr_Willis oh wput  to send to a PC.. i cannot connect to my server via scp.. it keeps rejecting me.. via scp and putty..ssh so yea.. im going to have to wput to my pc im on right now.. cause if i can do thgat.. ill just reinstall the os after i back up my files.13:36
bazhang!printing | NOBLE13:36
ubottuNOBLE: Printing in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows13:36
NOBLEok thanks13:36
Goldlineitguru, i was just joking man13:37
sam-_-Goldline: first of all: don't use sudo with make13:37
skilzsome distros like gentoo have framebuffer enabled by default13:37
GoldlineCan u tellme howto solve the error13:37
sam-_-Goldline: is this a program you wrote yourself?13:37
usuario_me comeis la pollas todos13:37
skilzhow unsupported / difficult can it be?13:37
GoldlineIts an SWgEmu server which I wanna compile13:37
Dr_Willisskilz:   try to enable it and see. it depends on your video chipset13:37
Goldlineon my Ubuntu VM13:37
sam-_-!es | usuario_13:37
ubottuusuario_: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.13:37
usuario_your focking mother13:38
Romeo5kDr_Willis oh wput  to send to a PC.. i cannot connect to my server via scp.. it keeps rejecting me.. via scp and putty..ssh so yea.. im going to have to wput to my pc im on right now.. cause if i can do thgat.. ill just reinstall the os after i back up my files.13:38
Dr_Willisskilz:  i find it slows down the console. so i always disable it on disrtos that DO enable it.13:38
Romeo5kis there anything i need to know or do before i try to WPUT?13:38
GoldlineSam i can give you the team viewer info13:38
Dr_WillisRomeo5k:  read its docs.. and install a ftp server configured corectly.13:38
itguruGoldline: that makes two of us! hehe! - btw that error you pasted, doesn't really look like it would be an ubuntu based error, more a java error complaining about missing code13:38
skilzsee how nice this looks http://je-fro.net/RRweb/bootsplash.png13:39
bazhangusuario_, watch the language13:39
Dr_Willisskilz:  i find the stuff like that rather ugly.13:39
skilzDr_Willis, my chipset is geforce galaxy 210 1gb13:39
skilzthink it can handle it?13:39
ne2kyou really do wonder what possesses someone to come on here and start talking like that, don't you?13:39
s3r3n1t7Goldline, you're missing the proper classes. Check the classpath13:40
flashingpumpkinhey guys. i'm having a hard time getting maverick server running inside a virtualbox - installation works fine, but on boot i always drop to initramfs13:40
bazhangne2k, lets move on please13:40
s3r3n1t7ne2k, no offtopic comments, please. They only inspire more to come.13:40
Dr_Willisskilz:  no idea.13:40
YankDownUnderGod forbid anyone say anything offtopic or exhibit a sense of humour here.13:40
ne2kYankDownUnder: IT'S NOT ALLOWED!13:41
sam-_-Goldline: are u using sun java?13:41
YankDownUnderne2k, Right. Just like in everyday normal IT support, it ain't allowed. Right. Oh, BTW, love your new Nazi SS badge.13:41
ne2kYankDownUnder: ;-) lolzers13:42
Goldlineyes sam13:42
sam-_-Goldline: is it the only java you have installed?13:43