ailotanders12: Hey..05:48
=== falktx_ is now known as falktx_bad_net
scott-workfalktx_bad_net: firstly, lol @ your name, secondly i posted in the ubuntu forums post15:08
falktx_bad_netyes, scott-work, I'm *trying* to reply...15:09
scott-workfalktx_bad_net: to help keep the post currently (and at the top of the list) and to help explain the concept/educate people would you like me to post some questions to which you can respond?15:10
falktx_bad_netscott-work: now or on the thread ?15:12
falktx_bad_netoh, post15:12
falktx_bad_netfalktx_bad_net: yes, ask anything you want15:12
falktx_bad_netlol, scott-work ^15:13
rexbronhey everyone17:25
scott-workhi rexbron17:31
rexbronhey scott-work17:31
scott-workhey, does anyone want to dig into why the ubuntustudio-video package keeps creating uninstallable binaries?17:31
scott-workif not i'll make time next week to check it out17:31
ailoscott-work: do you know which cause the problem?17:33
scott-workailo: i'm not really sure, i was going to first check to see if one of the individual packages was having trouble building, but that might not be the right path forward?17:34
scott-workailo: after that (just so i had done the most basic homework for it) i was going to ask in #ubuntu-motu for some suggestions17:34
scott-workof what to look at17:34
ailoscott-work: I still don't know anything about the build procedure. I'm pretty ignorant of how Ubuntu works on that level. I guess I would need to find out about some things before I could assist?17:37

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