djszapihackeron: did you figure it out ?09:26
djszapiWhich job is runfirst by upstart ?09:36
djszapi* run first, I would like to start an audit daemon asap.09:36
djszapiso basically the question is like that: "What is the job execution order by upstart ?".10:02
djszapiJanC ^ any idea ? :o10:36
djszapigrep -rni "start on startup" .10:51
djszapi./sysconfig-early.conf:4:start on startup10:51
djszapimmh this process k then ^10:51
djszapiThe primary event emitted by upstart is startup which is when the machine is first started (without writable filesystems or networking) -> But what is the last when poweroff, core_shutdown ?11:07
djszapiWhere can I communicate with an upstart developer ? I did not get any answer on the mailing list for more than 3 days ?15:10
djszapiJanC: do you have any idea how to implement this PID printing for those missing parts ?15:14
djszapiI would like to investigate more time in the patch if I can get any starting hint.15:14
JanCdjszapi: Scott is changing between jobs currently, so he might be a bit more busy than usual15:21
JanCjhunt should also be able to help you with the code15:21
djszapijhunt: please do15:22
djszapiI would like to implement a feature, to print out the shell PID of the pre/post-start/stop commands that were run from those sections.15:23
djszapiJanC: is upstart fully leisure time project for Scott ?15:23
JanCI think he could work on it during working hours too, but not all the time as he had other work to do too15:27
djszapiI meant whether some company pays him for developing upstart.15:28
djszapiseems a quite essential tool in order to get paid by a company.15:28
JanChe was paid by Canonical, probably will get paid by Google in the future15:28
JanCas Google uses upstart in Chrome OS15:28
JanCand they are his new employer15:29
JanChttp://netsplit.com/2011/01/11/leaving-canonical/ 15:29
jhuntdjszapi: does this relate to your "--verbose" issue?15:31
djszapijhunt: any idea where to start ?15:37
jhuntdjszapi: sorry - meetings :) so from the list mail you are unable to see pids for pre-start scripts for example? I don't fully understand - do you never see pids logged in /var/log/daemon.log?16:33
djszapiwhat do you mean jhunt ?16:34
jhuntkeybuk answered your first query. Your second related to "--verbose" where you are not seeing pids being logged for pre-start scripts for example?17:26
jhuntSo, after either specifying "--verbose" or running, "initctl log-priority debug" when you start a job, all script section pids will get logged to (by default) /var/log/daemon.log17:27
jhuntare you saying you get no output in daemon.log?17:27
djszapijhunt ping17:58
djszapisorry I was travelling.17:58
djszapifrom Nokia to home.17:58
djszapi'Your second related to "--verbose" where you are not seeing pids being logged for pre-start scripts for example?' -> Yup.17:59
djszapinever tried /var/log/daemon.log, keybuk said it should be in syslog, he has never mentioned this daemon.log.17:59
djszapiand a mount command is not a daemon for instance.18:00
jhuntwell, keybuk is correct in that syslog handles the logging, but on a stock Ubuntu system, it should appear in daemon.log.18:04
djszapiit is not Ubuntu, but Maemo.18:04
jhuntyou'll have to see how syslog is configured then. a quick grep in the log directory should show you. If that doesn't work, feel free to post further info to the mailing list.18:05
djszapidid not, posted.18:06
djszapinothing related and FYI: same by JanC.18:06
djszapibut it is a bit suspicious because keybuk has been quite strong minded about its working situation.18:06
djszapiI could not just speak with him since then.18:07
djszapiI did not even see him on IRC this week or mailing list.18:07
=== apachelogger is now known as releaselogger
djszapiso 1) To make sure it is not implemented 2) If not I can help and I would like.18:25
djszapibecause the situation got worse, auditsyscall kernel option is not supported on ARM :(18:27
djszapiand not a trivial solution to fix it and if it should anyway be in upstart as a feature it is better to deal with that for me.18:28

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