ErmottThis is the first time i've ever chatted on irc WHILE the install is running. You guys are amazing.01:02
knomeErmott, thanks. hope you have fun with your new installation01:03
ErmottI think I will, th this.is the latest 1010, I have 910 on another computer, this version is already hugely better. Thanks for all the work that went into01:04
Ermottand i see the poulsbo videocard issue has been dealt with, this acer booted with proper graphics, it always needed tweaking after with other01:09
Ermottversions of xubuntu before.01:09
knomemmhmm - things get better over time, especially with input coming in from users01:10
ErmottYou have no idea how absolutely satisfied I am with this version, and I've only just begun installing it. such an improvement01:11
knomegood to hear that01:11
Ermottgotta restart, thanks again everyone, from vancouver island bc canada01:12
knomehave fun!01:12
rtdos2 questions: what happened to xdm and is there a desktop similar to the one on MacOS?02:04
linuxman410will xubuntu run on asus eeepc with 512 ram and 4gig ssd drive03:12
bazhangI've run the full gnome on it03:14
linuxman410on a 70103:14
bazhangbetter to switch out the ram module for 1GB at least though03:14
bazhangyep, what I have03:15
linuxman410but it will still run with 51203:15
bazhangnetbook remix fits the screen better03:15
linuxman410r u running 10.1003:15
bazhangon the eeepc?03:15
bazhangnot used it for awhile so no03:16
bazhangprobably 9.1003:16
bazhang10.10 will be a huge improvement03:16
linuxman410have u ever tried jolicloud03:16
bazhangI run it with gnome, and then save everything to a usb stick. otherwise the ssd gets full too fast03:17
bazhangxfce4 will run fine though03:18
bazhangif you want really lightweight there is lxde and openbox (lubuntu)03:18
bazhangchromium is the default browser, and its tons lighter and faster than gnome/xfce403:18
bazhangthe problem with non-netbook versions is the original eeepc has such a weird/small screen resolution and size03:20
wo0fwhy should i keep using xubuntu over ubuntu for vm?03:41
wo0fsorry sorry03:45
wo0fwrong question03:45
wo0fshould i use 64bit for virtualbox vm?03:45
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pete_how do I search for files?10:20
ablomenpete_, Under Accessoires there's an application called catfish, you can use that to search files10:21
q_a_z_stevehey, all I need to do to move the grub menu order around is "sudo nano /etc/default/grub" right?12:27
q_a_z_stevebecause I'm not supposed to edit grub.cfg...12:27
ArMo3When I boot, I get the error message Analog out of range12:43
ArMo3somesuch like 60 Hz or whatever12:43
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Yutakaplease, o que falta aki http://paste.ubuntu.com/555778/13:44
YutakaO.o fail channel13:45
frenzzhello, i'm trying to umont flash card but it's busy, trying "sudo kill pid 2120" - process, but get "ERROR: garbage process ID "pid"."15:55
frenzzforget, need umount sde4, but get " device is busy ..lsof(8) of fuser(1)"15:59
frenzzhow trace process that need to kill ?16:00
ShootEmUphello everyone16:03
ShootEmUpfrenzz: ummm, what?16:08
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bigbrovarHI guys. Got a quick question. Does xubuntu come bundled with pulse audio?17:59
ubottuPulseAudio is a sound server intended as a drop-in replacement for !ESD - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PulseAudio for information and installation instructions18:00
n2diyCan you do a dual boot install from the alternate CD?19:26
charlie-tcaJust manually partition so you don't overwrite the existing partition19:28
skritehello all20:51
* rtdos is away: I'm away (gone at 19th Jan, 15:18:58)22:19
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charlie-tca!away > rtdos`away22:20
ubotturtdos`away, please see my private message22:20
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* rtdos`away is away: I'm away22:58
charlie-tcartdos`away: please turn off the away messages22:59
rtdos`awaysorry,  i just installed a script in xchat and i thought i had away announce disabled.22:59
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xGrindhow do I update xfce 4.6.2 to 4.8 on xubuntu?23:36
charlie-tcaat this time, run natty, the xubuntu development version23:36
wieshkahey there - what is default DISPLAY ID in Xubuntu ?23:47
wieshkaby exporting DISPLAY=":0.0" it returns23:48
wieshkathat it is unable to open display23:48
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bazhang!away > rtdos_AFK23:50
ubotturtdos_AFK, please see my private message23:50
charlie-tcabazhang: that's three warnings for rtdos_AFK today23:50
bazhangcharlie-tca, six actually23:51
charlie-tcaoh... three in here23:51
bazhangseven then, four in the last two minutes23:51
rtdos_AFKsorry guys, i was setting my xchat scripts up i thought i had announcements turned off.23:57
charlie-tcaIn xchat, Settings -> Preferences -> General23:58
charlie-tcauncheck "announce away messages23:59

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