hyperairhmm what's this canonical contributor agreement?02:37
spikeba bit of stomach turning legalese.02:37
hyperairit looks slightly dubious02:47
hyperairi mean it's not that i don't trust canonical to act responsibly, but i don't feel comfortable with clause 302:47
* spikeb isn't very comfortable with it either02:48
hyperair3. The term "Software" refers to all computer programs created as part of a Canonical programme listed at http://02:48
hyperaircanonical.com/contributors as amended from time to time (including, without limitation, all source code, object02:48
hyperaircode, and screen displays in the user interface) and related documentation including the copyright which I02:48
hyperairacknowledge is owned by Canonical Ltd ("Canonical").02:48
hyperair"as amended from time to time"02:48
hyperairwhich means it can be amended from tiem to time without my knowledge, and my signing of this agreement will automatically apply to the new projects added there02:49
hyperairi don't think i'm comfortable with that at all.02:49
spikebthere's already been an outcry on the internet over the contributor agreement and they canonical didn't budge, so you're basically stuck signing it or not contributing too much.02:50
* spikeb sighs02:50
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ionMeh. Inserting appmenu to unity-2d-panel’s list of indicators to be loaded causes it to crash.16:18
ion(I’m probably doing it wrong™.)16:19
ionkaleo: You said you have appmenu working in unity-2d. I take it it’s okay for panel/applets/indicator/indicator.c:380 not to have appmenu? const gchar *indicator_names[] = { "application", "messaging", "soundmenu", "datetime", "me", "session", 0 };16:27
nysosymhi there16:43
ionkaleo: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity-2d/+bug/70618317:00
Kaleohi ion17:16
ionHi :-)17:16
Kaleoion: the appmenu is supposed to be there and you should not have to touch the code at all17:17
Kaleoion: if it's not there it's a bug somewhere17:17
Kaleoion: it works for me on Maverick17:17
Kaleoion: are you on Natty?17:17
Kaleoion: (it was working on Natty last week but something might have broken it)17:17
ionNatty, yes.17:17
ionbzr get lp:unity-2d && grep -r appmenu unity-2d17:18
ionThe only place it’s even mentioned in the source seems to be the indocator_order array which doesn’t seem to be connected to what gets loaded at all.17:18
Kaleoion: it's in the appname applet17:19
Kaleoion: unity-2d/panel/applets/appname/17:19
ionAh, ok.17:21
ionWhere are the maverick packages for unity-2d? I could try them.17:23
ionAh, https://launchpad.net/~unity-2d-team/+archive/unity-2d-daily17:25
ionMeh, those are named and versioned differently than the packages in natty. The -default-settings package has a significantly lower version number in the PPA, and unity-2d is split into multiple packages in natty.17:28
Kaleoion: no you are reading things wrong17:34
Kaleoion: what you see on that webpage is the list of source packages17:34
Kaleoion: which is unity-2d and unity-2d-default-settings essentially17:35
ionAh, indeed, my bad.17:35
Kaleoion: the binary packages resulting from them are numerous17:35
Kaleoion: the content of the maverick and natty packages are quite synchronised17:35
ionFor instance, unity-2d-launcher in natty: 3.2-0ubuntu1; in the PPA: 0.4-0ubuntu1~bzr378. *That’s* why it wouldn’t upgrade.17:38
Kaleoion: upgrade?17:41
Kaleoion: what upgrade?17:42
Kaleoion: it's different version numbers but the content for now is mostly the same17:43
ionI just expected the PPA to have daily snapshots, i.e. most likely newer code than what’s in natty. Thus, i expected adding the PPA and doing an aptitude safe-upgrade to switch to the PPA packages. My expectations were wrong.17:43
Kaleoion: right17:43
Kaleoion: the ppa is for Maverick only atm17:43
Kaleoion: daily builds for natty will come soon17:44
Kaleoion: in the same ppa17:44
Kaleoion: unity-2d has been in Natty for 9 days :)17:44
Kaleoion: https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity-2d/+bug/706184 I replied there17:56
ionI’m not encountering that bug.17:57
ionAh, i see your reply to the other one. :-)17:58
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Kaleoion: you are welcome17:59
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vocxEto... this doesn't really concern Unity, but anybody lives in Europe, Germanay perhaps? I know there was a recent sprint in Dallas, TX, so I was wondering if somebody could talk to me about their experience taking a flight from Dallas or Houston to Germanay. I wanna go to Munich, specifically.19:07
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