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catphishyay, i managed to append the branch name in my http frontend, all working as it should now00:42
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jelmermaxb: please07:34
nilg`help!!! I've just done some bzr revert FILE by mistake, how can I de-revert?09:43
nilg`OK, found the answer http://stackoverflow.com/questions/815933/undo-bzr-revert09:44
taylanubbzr 2.2.2(-2 on arch) hangs with full CPU usage while creating the log file, if it is a symlink12:15
taylanubhrmm, arch apparently applies some python2.7 compat patches12:16
taylanuband it's extremely slow, but that might be the server i'm connecting to at the moment (bitlbee)12:20
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MuscovyI'm having some issues pushing to a new launchpad bzr branch.18:11
MuscovyI keep getting this error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/556888/18:11
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PengMuscovy: So, have you moved the target directory out of the way and tried again? :P18:38
MuscovyThat does that mean, Peng? Remaking the branch?18:41
PengWell, the specific error message is whining that a .bzr control directory exists at lp:opensearch but nothing's in it.18:41
PengAnd the error message suggests you remove said directory.18:42
PengTry using your favorite SFTP client, or hitchhiker, to log into lp:opensearch and remove the .bzr directory or rename it to backup.bzr (Launchpad doesn't allow you to rename it to whatever you want).18:43
Muscovy...how do I do that?18:53
MuscovyI tried googling how to use hitchhiker, but it didn't help.18:54
MuscovyI also tried deleting and remaking the branch, but it has the same error.18:59
MuscovyI figured out how to sftp in. One of the two problem branches had a .bzr. I removed it, but that branch still gives the same error.19:05
MuscovySome repeated attempts made one of the branches work.19:10
MuscovyThe other branch still shows no .bzr and gives the same error.19:11
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MuscovyOh, all good. :D19:37
MuscovyThanks for your help, Peng.19:37
maxbSubversionException: ('Commit failed (details follow):', 200014)22:32
maxbAnyone know where the details disappear to, when one of those is thrown in the bzr-svn testsuite?22:33

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