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Quintasangood morning09:18
debfxgood morning Quintasan09:51
debfxyofel: no, could you push the fix to bzr and the ninjas ppa?09:52
Trouble`Congralutations Quintasan!! ...now where is 4.6.0 for Maverick ;-p10:26
Quintasanuploading to ppas :P10:27
Trouble`Someone give Quintasan a promotion!10:28
* Trouble` eyes up Riddell's job for Quintasan10:28
QuintasanLOL WUT10:28
shadeslayerapachelogger: i found a reliable way to trigger that full screen issue in rekonq11:08
QuintasanRiddell: Mind if  do kdenetwork?11:10
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shadeslayerhey :D12:30
shadeslayerRiddell: emacs question, when i do M-x replace-string oldstring RET newstring RET it only replaces the word in the current line12:47
shadeslayerany ideas on how to do it for the whole document?12:47
shadeslayeror does it only consider the buffer after my cursor12:47
shadeslayerso i just go to the top and use that 12:48
shadeslayerhmm ... looks like the latter12:49
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shadeslayerRiddell: do you have any 10.04 CD's left?13:20
shadeslayerneed to contact adawit too ...13:21
markeyapachelogger: currently Phonon-VLC (0.3.1) got really crashy with Amarok. it used to work without any issues for months, and then something must have changed14:47
markeyI have not updated it since 0.3.1 release14:47
markeynow it crashes about 3 times a day, in the middle of playing...14:47
markeynot sure what has changed, and what causes this...14:47
* apachelogger blames amarok14:48
apacheloggermarkey: whats the backtrace?14:48
markeyapachelogger: I don't think it's Amarok14:48
markeyKCrash: Application 'amarok' crashing...14:48
markeyKCrash: Attempting to start /usr/lib/kde4/libexec/drkonqi from kdeinit14:48
apacheloggertake a look at the enginecontroller again14:48
markeyanyway, I have lots of debug output14:48
markeyincluding Phonon debug14:48
apacheloggerbut I think you will need to run amarok in gdb14:48
markeywill do that14:49
apacheloggerthat sounds like an assert in some deep thing to me14:49
apacheloggerif drkonqi does not get started you are usually in deep shit14:49
markeyapachelogger: http://pastebin.com/g47REnCB14:49
markeynote: I'm not using PA, I have completly removed it14:49
markeythis is pure ALSA14:49
markeybut the crashing also happened with PA14:49
apachelogger[0x434fa60] main demux meta debug: using meta reader module "taglib"14:49
apacheloggermarkey: possibly a taglib bug14:50
apacheloggeror vlc14:50
apacheloggerIIRC vlc's taglig plugin is the crapy or something14:50
markeyapachelogger: weird14:50
markeyI have not changed anything. it's Kubuntu 10.10 with latest upgrades...14:50
markeyKDE 4.6 RC214:50
apacheloggerget a backtrace and talk to mr jim beam14:50
markeyI will try, yes14:50
markeyrunning in gdb now14:50
apacheloggerwell, maybe it is something in kdelibs that crashes14:50
apacheloggerrc2 definitely has no changes to phonon though14:50
markeyreally hard to tell14:51
markeygdb will tell us more, I guess14:51
markeyapachelogger: it really annoys me that Kubuntu uses libpulse, even without PA installed...14:51
markeyIMHO that's just wrong14:51
markeyI don't want to use libpulse14:51
markeySput argued, I should use Gentoo, because then I can completely remove it...14:52
markeybut that's not an option for me14:52
apacheloggerthere is nothing to use if no pulseademon is around, so it does not use libpulse14:52
apacheloggerit just loads libpulse14:52
markeyI love my Kubuntu14:52
apachelogger*daemon is not around14:52
markeyapachelogger: but I still get the crashing on exit...14:52
markeyfrom libpulse14:52
Sputmarkey: I just said that source-based distro give you the choice of features, that binary distros can't provide in principle :)14:52
Sputthe alternative is rolling your own modified packages14:52
markeyAmarok user Sentynel has patched his libpulse, it works now without crashing14:52
markeya one-liner patch14:53
apacheloggermarkey: you just need to call xinit or what the name was in your main14:53
apacheloggerbefore doing anything14:53
apacheloggerthen you do not crash14:53
markeyapachelogger: in Amarok's main?14:53
markeyapachelogger: but then it needs to be special cased for Linux only14:53
markeyand... what happens with Wayland?14:54
markeyhow can I make  it so that it's only called with X11 present?14:54
apachelogger#ifdef Q_WS_X11 or somehting like that14:54
markeycool, thanks14:54
markeywill try that14:54
markeyapachelogger: so, what is the full call that I need to add?14:55
markeythe xinit() thing14:55
markeyis that all?14:55
markeyit sounds like a weird hack. does QtGui not do this automatically?14:56
apacheloggermarkey:    XInitThreads()14:56
apacheloggerno, qtgui does not do this14:57
markeyapachelogger: thanks :)15:01
afiestasagateau: ping15:10
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debfxis bug #634707 SRU worthy?16:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 634707 in kdebase-workspace (Ubuntu) "package kdm (not installed) failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-removal script returned error exit status 1" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63470716:55
debfx(it's impossible to purge the kdm package on maverick)16:55
Riddelldebfx: I would say yes17:26
Riddellshadeslayer: no 10.04 CDs are long since gone, 10.10 is where it's at now17:26
shadeslayerRiddell: can you send a box over :P17:27
shadeslayeralso ... i might just start a flamewar on the ubuntu-in mailing list with my mail :P17:28
Riddellshadeslayer: well I've been waiting for a week for pradeepto to give me an address in balgalore I can have them sent to17:28
shadeslayerah :D17:29
shadeslayerRiddell: mine is a different request ... these are going to another college tech fest17:29
Riddelle-mail infoshipit@ canonical.com17:33
shadeslayerwill do ..... 17:33
* shadeslayer has a shiny theme chooser on his android device17:34
debfxRiddell: ok, also the regression potential is low18:07
debfxcould you open the maverick task on the bug18:08
Quintasanshadeslayer: How about doing a KDE theme for Android? :D18:48
shadeslayerQuintasan: that would ... amazing18:49
shadeslayerbut ... sheytan is the right person18:49
shadeslayer->artwork n00b18:49
Quintasan>implying sheytan knows how to put a metamorph together18:49
Quintasandon't we already have all the artwork we would need?18:49
Quintasansheytan: ^^^18:50
shadeslayeri dont think so18:50
shadeslayerwell icons yes, dunnot about the rest of the theme18:50
ScottKkdelibs in trunk needs a newer hupnp than we have in Natty.  I tried to do a test build of kde4libs 4.5.95 against the newer hupnp, but got what appears to be an unrelated build failure.  Can anyone else build kde4libs right now?19:11
ScottK(newer hupnp is in my PPA if someone wants to fiddle with it)19:11
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: was your planned rework of the k-d-i threading schema something along the lines of this? http://gitweb.kde.org/libqapt.git/commit/cfd7ed5b41fa9173f3e6c82499adcc8a157e56cd19:19
JontheEchidnak-d-i seems to be invoking the find method with a QMetaObject::invokeMethod call atm19:21
ari-tczewJontheEchidna: sponsorship for my merges is actuall?19:22
JontheEchidnaari-tczew: I still can't build them with a new pbuilder. Do you have a PPA log handy?19:23
ari-tczewJontheEchidna: I didn't send them to PPA. I can if you want. However, we should find the solution for your case.19:23
JontheEchidnaI used this command to create the pbuilder:19:24
JontheEchidnasudo pbuilder create --distribution $(lsb_release -cs) \19:24
JontheEchidna        --othermirror "deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu $(lsb_release -cs) main restricted universe multiverse"19:24
stalcupcongrats Quintasan \o/19:32
Quintasanstalcup: Thanks :)19:32
QuintasanHow does one upgrade to maverick via kpackagekit?19:32
yofeloh right, congratulations Quintasan :)19:32
debfxJontheEchidna: shouldn't you use --mirror instead of --othermirror?19:33
JontheEchidnadebfx: dunno, I got the command off the ubuntu packaging guide, and I've not run into any problems with those sources not being available19:34
debfxmaybe it doesn't make a difference but the main repository should be in --mirror19:37
shadeslayerScottK: trunk as in ... KDE trunk or KDE 4.6 tarballs?19:39
shadeslayerbecause iirc we have a outstanding packaging issue with neon and hupnp19:40
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: invokemethod on an object in a different thread is indirect19:41
apacheloggerjava java java19:42
shadeslayerapachelogger: enough of java :P19:42
apacheloggerone cannot have enough java19:43
shadeslayerapachelogger: java makes you sane19:43
shadeslayeryou do not want to become sane19:43
shadeslayerflipping kdebindings19:43
apacheloggershadeslayer: if you see kronos, tell him that akunambol needs to be done ASAP19:49
apacheloggerruphy threatens to kill me19:49
* apachelogger would rather not die the hand of an italian19:50
apacheloggerfind the missing word!19:50
apachelogger10 launchpad karma points to the winner19:50
markey^ why the Open File dialog in VLC takes one minute to open20:04
markeyinteresting read20:04
sheytanQuintasan, shadeslayer: I have never done an androi theme. Need a device to test :) 20:18
sheytanBut i'm going to buy one in 2-3 months20:18
shadeslayersheytan: sure .. you can test on mine and Quintasan's :P20:18
shadeslayerjust send us the theme files20:18
Quintasansheytan: :D20:18
sheytanthinking of wildefire HTC20:18
shadeslayersheytan: nah .. get a Desire20:19
shadeslayerWildfire is slow20:19
sheytanwill take a look ;)20:19
sheytanNow need to spent money on my car20:19
sheytanneed to pay insurance etc20:20
sheytanthen a new car audio :D20:20
sheytanfor nice heavy metal music :D20:20
sheytanthen a new phone :D20:20
neversfeldedon't buy a motorola milestone/droid ;)20:22
sheytanwill not. Need HTC sense :D20:22
shadeslayersheytan: and after you use Sense, you'll move to CM20:27
neversfeldewhat's CM?20:29
sheytanshadeslayer ^ ? ;d20:30
shadeslayerits a pure AOSP build .... none of the HTC Shit ontop of it20:30
shadeslayerneversfelde: cyanogenmod.com20:30
neversfeldeAs of current time, CyanogenMod only supports the Verizon Motorola Droid NOT the GSM Motorola Milestone20:42
neversfeldemhh, why? I ever thought that there are not much differences20:42
neversfeldeanyway my milestone was send back to my isp, broken again20:42
Quintasanneversfelde: u kidding me? I have CM on my milestone20:44
neversfeldeQuintasan: this is from the official wiki20:45
Quintasanoh, kabaldan from XDA created a port of CM20:45
Quintasanit won't be 1.0 until moto releases 2.2.1 which should be apparently released in the upcoming few days since they already sent the instructions about the update20:46
neversfeldeQuintasan: you like your milestone? 20:47
QuintasanWell, yeah20:47
neversfeldeI send mine in two times now, not starting and I never used any mods or something20:47
Quintasanbut now if I could get a HTC phone I would sold it right away20:47
neversfeldemy bother has a HTC Desire, much better20:48
apacheloggerapparently the n9 is around the corner21:17
apacheloggerwith meego21:17
shadeslayerapachelogger: there is no n921:18
neversfeldeI read about nokia having a deal with MS, I'm not sure abot meego. Android and iphone OS are leader in the market. Will be hard for Nokia21:21
apacheloggershadeslayer: not yet21:21
Tm_Tneversfelde: it has never been easy21:22
neversfeldeyes, but Nokia made a mistake with using symbian for such a long time21:23
sheytanwill konversation quit when i hit the close button, or will it hide into message indicator like it does with systray icon?21:25
neversfeldeRiddell: would you have a look at bug 70640921:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 706409 in kid3 (Ubuntu) "kid3 new upstream release 1.5 and move to universe" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70640921:31
apacheloggerwho is up for skping with the markey and yours truely?22:12
neversfeldeno skype here22:14
* shadeslayer is too tired to skype22:15
apacheloggerneversfelde: install then?22:32
neversfeldeapachelogger: I do not use it with kubuntu because I have no working mic and my mobile phone is gone22:33
neversfeldeso no skype today :)22:34
apacheloggerpoor neversfelde :(22:34
neversfeldeyes 22:34
neversfeldechoqok's message indicator integration is very buggy. I think we should not activate it by default. Not sure if I mentioned it before.22:36
apacheloggeryou did22:40
apacheloggerlike 3 times22:40
neversfeldeok, to be sure. Message indicator support in choqok is broken, we should not activate it by default :D22:41
Quintasangood new22:49
QuintasanNeon is installable, now let me check if it's runnable :P22:49
ScottKshadeslayer: Trunk as in trunk.22:58
Quintasanapachelogger: this is alive23:13
apacheloggerQuintasan: skype23:13
apacheloggerright now23:13
QuintasanI haz no skypez23:15
Quintasanmore like, I has no microphone23:15
apacheloggernot even built in?23:17
Quintasandunno, I can listen only23:18
Quintasanamarok dailies coming tomorrow23:19
apacheloggerthat would be silly23:19
QuintasanY so?23:19
apacheloggerwhat is the point of listening23:19
QuintasanI can hear your babbering? :D23:20
Quintasanapachelogger: what's ur skype id so I add u23:22
* Quintasan will get a microphone23:22
apacheloggerQuintasan: you must do the answer23:27
Quintasanapachelogger: u calling me? wut why does it work23:27
Quintasanapachelogger: lol crashed23:29
Quintasanwhat a piece of crap23:29
apacheloggeryou broke it23:29
Quintasanor my phone is retarded23:30
apacheloggerQuintasan: are you working yet?23:33
apacheloggerdoes the mic work yet?23:33
apacheloggerdoes anything work yet?23:33
apacheloggerit is all broken 23:33
Quintasanlol no microphone23:33
QuintasanI need to buy one23:33
apacheloggerI demand mic23:33
Quintasanand I'm totally exhausted23:34
Quintasanapachelogger: try calling now23:34
apacheloggerQuintasan: does your phone not have a mic?23:34
Quintasanapachelogger: >implying it doesnt crash on my phone23:34
apacheloggerQuintasan: mic?23:37
Quintasanapachelogger: oh god I don't own one, its 37 past midnight here, I will get one tomorrow23:37
apacheloggerQuintasan: well you haz android phone23:38
apacheloggerandroid phone haz skype23:38
apacheloggeralso it has mic23:38
Quintasanapachelogger: it crashes ^_^23:38
Quintasanblame moto23:38
Quintasanmy phone restarted23:39
Quintasanapachelogger: wtf did u do23:39
apacheloggerandroid ftw23:39
apacheloggerI love java23:39
Quintasanapacheloggerz broke my phone23:39
Quintasanoh, it finally downloaded23:40
Quintasanapachelogger: be sure to ping me next time, I will have a mic by then23:41
Quintasanand hopefully PA will just work23:41
apacheloggerfix yer phone23:42
Quintasanapachelogger: I can't, the bootloader's signed :S23:42
Quintasanand motorola can't makes normal kernels23:42
Quintasangood night23:43

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