genii-aroundExilant: You have the "Notifications" widget on your bar?00:06
Exilantsays "no devices available"00:07
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genii-aroundExilant: If you hover over it ( the lowercase i in a circle ) should say something like: "Notifications and Jobs" and under: "No active jobs or notifications"00:11
Exilantah, this. Yes, that's also present. nothing happens there if i plug in a device00:13
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xjjkhello, how is KDE 4.6rc1?01:03
xjjkdigiKam/marble are broken for me in my 4.5.5 install on 10.1001:04
xjjkwondering if I should just upgrade everything01:04
james147xjjk: why use rc1? rc2 is out :)01:04
xjjkjames147: aha01:04
xjjkwell, same question applies01:05
xjjkI remember trying one of the betas and being miserable with how much was broken01:05
xjjkpower management in particular01:05
Daskreechxjjk: rc1 sucked rc2 is where it's at01:05
james147whats broken about digikam?01:05
xjjkjames147: well, marble specifically01:05
xjjkand apparently the marble kpart01:05
xjjkmarble just crashes on startup, consistently01:05
DaskreechThere are still some bugs but over all it's pretty nice I havn't found anything horribly broken except resuming from Sleep but that's the kernel's fault01:05
xjjkdigikam if you try to view photo on top of OpenStreetMap01:06
Daskreechxjjk: With what error?01:06
xjjkdiigkam crashes01:06
xjjkno error, seg1101:06
xjjkI'm running some number of PPAs so I haven't bothered reporting a bug… I've had marble-related crashes before01:06
james147^^ sorry dont use that part of digikam :) but the rest of rc2 will stable enough to me...01:06
james147so might be worth upgrading to see, or you could try it in a vm01:07
xjjkmm, well the parts that broke for me before were power management01:07
xjjkwhich I can't test in a VM01:07
xjjkpowerdevil/whatever replaced it was very messed up in 4.6b101:08
Daskreechxjjk: run it from the konsole01:08
james147umm yeah :p... been running rc2 fine on my netbook though, havent had any problems with powermanagment on that01:08
xjjkDaskreech: run what, digiKam?01:08
Daskreechxjjk: marble01:10
xjjkDaskreech: http://paste.ubuntu.com/556714/01:10
xjjknot really useful...01:10
xjjkI could install the dbg packages but I don't think anyone cares since I'm using some odd mix of PPA packages01:11
DaskreechAn essential tile is missing. Please rerun the application.01:11
xjjkit's easier to upgrade to 4.6rc2 and try that01:11
Daskreechthat seems useful to me01:11
xjjkhrm, missed that01:11
Daskreechtry rebuild your map cache I would guess01:12
Daskreech(this is in no way trying to stop you getting RC2)01:12
xjjkyeh, just nuked .marble01:12
xjjkstill crashes01:12
xjjkwith same error01:12
xjjkand, nevermind01:13
xjjknuked the configs in .kde01:13
xjjkdoesn't crash anymore01:13
moses_is there a program that lets me turn off all the fancy effects for my kubuntu to save processing speed01:13
xjjkbut it still crashes digiKam, blah01:14
moses_or is there some kind of processing optimizer?01:14
james147moses_: system settings > desktop effects01:14
moses_i messed with those01:14
moses_but theres this program called kwin01:14
xjjkDaskreech: yeah it consistently crashes when attempting to use OpenStreetMap01:14
moses_and i cant open it01:14
xjjkdeleting my marble config apparently just reset the default map01:15
xjjkto the lame globe01:15
james147moses_: kwin is the window manager... it should already be running, if its not you have no control over your windows :)01:15
Daskreechxjjk: run digikam from the konsole?01:15
moses_but how can i make it minimal01:15
james147^^ desktop effects is handeled by kwin01:16
james147you should be able to just turn them off via that settings page01:16
xjjkDaskreech: same error about an essential tile missing01:16
Daskreechxjjk: in Digikam?01:16
xjjkDaskreech: yes01:16
Daskreechha. Might want to pop into Digikam and ask about that01:16
Daskreechsounds like a kwin issue?01:16
xjjkDaskreech: eh, I'm going to get told to upgrade01:17
xjjkwhich is why I'm asking about 4.6rc201:18
Daskreechxjjk: Doubtful but it's not a bad idea01:18
xjjk<#digikam> digikam 1.4, what? upgrade to 1.7!01:18
Daskreechxjjk: Rc2 should work fine but YMMV01:18
Daskreechit's really solid so far though01:18
Daskreechxjjk: To be fair many KDE devs are not like that unles they begged people not to use 1.4 for real work stuff01:19
xjjkDaskreech: can't hurt I guess, I'll ask01:19
Daskreechif it was known to be not the best release they will release it and say please find bugs.01:19
xjjker, actually01:20
xjjkit's not a digikam problem, it's a marble problem...01:20
DaskreechThat normally means a huge number of fixes between that and 1.7 so they will say please use that since we can't keep a track of all the fixes01:20
Daskreechxjjk: The marble problem crashes digikam?01:22
xjjkDaskreech: it appears so, yes01:22
xjjkselecting the OpenStreetMap map in either marble or in digikam's marble control causes both to crash01:23
Daskreechxjjk: oh then bug marble then :)01:26
Daskreech(so to speak)01:27
Daskreechwhile you upgrade to RC2 ;)01:27
xjjkdoes powerdevil/power management work with rc2?01:31
xjjki.e. can I suspend with krunner01:31
xjjkand does the plasma applet work01:31
xjjkthose were the main problems I had with b101:31
james147xjjk: is working here01:32
xjjkjames147: cool, I'll just upgrade01:32
xjjkand then debug from there01:32
DaskreechYou can take my Binaries but you can never take my Freedoom!!!01:38
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rtdoshow do i use kate to convert tabs to spaces? (the setting to convert tabs to spaces is ticked in the settings dialog but i already have a file that used tabs)04:25
valoriertdos, in the past I've just used the replace/replace all function04:36
valorietype in a tab, and in the other however many spaces you want04:37
valorieworks like a charm04:37
DaskreechYeah there is a space to tabs entry though04:42
rtdosi've got that ticked already daskreech but wasn't sure if it would convert tabs to spaces after the fact.04:45
rtdosthanks valorie04:45
rtdosi guess a ctrl+a followed by a ctrl+x followed by a ctrl+v does the same thing. amazing what you can find out by accident. :)04:47
luis_hello everyone i like to ask you about KDE i am readin for Kubuntu10.10 that is has been done with kde4.5.5 but now they are working on kubuntu10.10 with kde4.6 is this correct?06:29
luis_or they are just doing kde4.6 and then user will have to kubuntu10.10 choices?06:29
emonkeythey have the choice06:30
luis_like kubuntu10.10 with kde4.5.5 and also kubuntu10.10 with kde4.6?06:30
emonkeybut there will never be a 10.10 installation CD with 4.606:31
luis_so right now the one available is kubuntu10.10 with kde4.5.5 right?06:31
emonkeyyou've to install it after06:31
luis_so? how do you get kde4.6?06:31
emonkeyare the packages released yet?06:31
luis_there's a RC06:32
luis_available as of 2011-01-0706:32
emonkeythere will be accessible through a repository if they will be packaged for 10.1006:33
emonkeyjust like the packages fpr 4.5.5 http://www.kubuntu.org/kde-sc-4.5.506:33
luis_but how do you make an upgrade on kde?06:33
luis_i am just finding out this06:33
luis_never knew it before06:33
luis_well anyway06:34
emonkeyit depends which upgrade do you mean ... just upgrade a program or kde to a newer version or the hole system ....06:34
luis_te newest is kubuntu10.10 right06:35
luis_so that would be the whoe system06:35
emonkeythe next will be 11.4 which will be released in april06:35
luis_to fast06:35
luis_well anyway06:35
luis_few days ago somebody told me that kubuntu10.10 is lighter and faster than the former one is this true?06:36
luis_cause i do still have hardy06:36
emonkeyhm ... good question.06:36
emonkeyand unfotunately for me it's now time to go to work ...06:37
luis_and the reason is cause the karmic and lucid are too heavy for my pc and it slow down all aplications06:37
emonkeysorry, I'll hope you find the answers, but I've really to go.06:37
luis_ok txs06:37
luis_so some one else?06:37
emonkeyoh yeah just one more thing: normally there not a lot of people awake in here on this time ... ;-)06:39
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luis_how do i know my hd capacity? can anyone tell mepls06:47
luis_i just found that that kubuntu10.10 requieres a video VGA graphic card so if my desktop don't have that it means it won't work properly???06:52
DarthFrogluis_: Kubuntu doesn't require that.  Your system requires video capability to boot.06:53
luis_what does that mean06:53
luis_i am looking at kubuntu10.10 requirements and it does says that06:53
DarthFrogIt means if you have a working system now, video wont'be a problem.06:53
luis_i have hardy06:54
DarthFrogYou'll be fine.06:54
luis_the reason why i haven't install the other ones ... well i actually did, but with lucid and karmic my desktop slows down a lot06:54
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DarthFrogAs for your hard dirve, use "Disk Utility" from your Menu/System.06:55
luis_that's why i am not using the newer ones06:55
luis_however someone told me that 10.10 is lighter and faster than the formers ones is this true?06:55
DarthFrogI don't know if Hardy had "Disk Utility" but it'll have something similar.06:55
DarthFrogI can't tell you that since my machine is has a 6 core processor and 8 gigs RAM.  It'll run anything fast. :-)06:56
luis_course it does :P06:56
luis_not mine06:56
DarthFrogWhat do you have?06:56
luis_i don't think we have that yet in here06:57
luis_i think is up to 3 core06:57
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luis_old old old desktop pentium intel 2.40 Ghz IGb hd and 512 Ram06:57
luis_that's my desktop06:57
DarthFrogAh.  That's ancient alright.  But in the '80s it'd be close to being a supercomputer. :-)06:58
DarthFrogCan you put more RAM in it?06:58
valorieheh, my 80s computer had 80k!06:58
valoriewho needs more than that?06:58
DarthFrogvalorie: Back then?  Or now? :-^)06:59
luis_well we are not in the 80's anymore06:59
luis_and OS are developing faster06:59
luis_and they do require more efficient machines07:00
head_victimGood afternoon, I will be attending a conference locally here in Australia and I was hoping to loop some promotional videos to showcase Ubuntu. To this end I was wondering if such a video exists for Kubuntu?07:00
luis_that's why my concern about installing kubuntu10.10 i don't know if my computer will be fast and reliable with this new kubuntu07:00
DarthFrogHave you considered trying Xubuntu or Lubuntu instead of Kubuntu?  Xubuntu uses Xfce instead of KDE and is much less demanding of system resources.07:01
luis_i haven't hear lubuntu07:01
valorieDarthFrog: I think it's in the attic!07:01
DarthFrog!lubuntu | luis07:01
ubottuluis: lubuntu is a project to create a derivative of Ubuntu using the LXDE desktop environment. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu . /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.07:01
valorieColeco ADAM07:01
luis_xubuntu i have had and i don't like it at all07:01
DarthFroghead_victim: Sorry, I don't know of any.07:01
valorieluis, can you boot to a CD?07:02
luis_mmm so that suppose to be lighter but also better than Xubuntu right?07:02
valorieor a USB?07:02
luis_yes i can07:02
head_victimDarthFrog: yeah I thought there would have been a few of each but I'm struggling to find many at all, they're all "howto" screencasts rather than promotional material.07:02
DarthFrogluis_: I've never tried Lubuntu.07:02
luis_me neither07:02
luis_i have never hear about it07:03
luis_first tiem07:03
head_victimluis_: Lubuntu is what I use on all my P4 machines and older. It's a good mix between features and speed.07:03
DarthFroghead_victim: I wonder whether it might be worth emailing Canonical and ask?07:03
luis_i see07:03
luis_sound nice07:03
head_victimDarthFrog: just have to find the right one07:03
head_victimemail address that is07:03
valorielike Canonical would make a Kub. ad!07:03
head_victimWell the ubuntu website has one of theirs but other than that I haven't been able to find anything really.07:04
DarthFroghead_victim: You can ask Riddell, either here or in #kubuntu-devel if you manage to catch him.  He's the head honcho of Kubuntu.07:04
luis_let me get this right, so base on what you just said Lubuntu is meant to be lighter but also with a nice desktop enviroment therefore lot better than Xubuntu?07:04
DarthFroghead_victim: But with you being in Oz and him in Blighty, I think you two might be out of phase.07:05
head_victimDarthFrog: I'll just leave a message07:05
DarthFrogluis_: What don't you like about Xfce on Xubuntu?07:05
head_victimRiddell: DarthFrog has volunteered you as someone who might know if any Kubuntu promotional videos exist that I can use at a conference to advertise Kubuntu. When you get this ping if you can please either PM any links you might know of or places that might be better to ask.07:06
luis_it won't take my keyboard media and also i don't see any diference like being faster than kubuntu and desktop is not nice as well07:06
head_victimluis_: depends on what you call "better". To me is a lot lighter so if you're after lighter then it is "better"07:06
DarthFroghead_victim: LOL!  Riddell doesn't know me from a hole in the ground.07:06
head_victimDarthFrog: well he might now ;)07:07
luis_xubuntu lighter than Lubuntu?07:07
DarthFrogluis_:  Well, it's like a lemon: you have to suck it to see if it's sour. :-)07:07
luis_perfect answer07:07
luis_txs a lot man07:07
luis_you are so right07:08
DarthFrogYou're welcome.07:08
FloodBotK3luis_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:08
luis_i am not flood07:08
luis_get a life flood07:08
DarthFrogluis_: You'll be banned, careful.07:08
luis_this guy always complain07:08
DarthFrogYou're arguing with a bot! :-)  You lose.07:08
luis_don't help don't do anything useful just complain07:08
luis_i wont'07:09
luis_i don't care aboput someone useless07:09
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luis_well anyway thank you very much for your help07:09
DarthFrogluis_: It's not a "someone", it's a program.  It defends the channel.07:09
luis_i will see what i can do07:09
luis_then that program is not doing right07:10
luis_i am not flooding and it always said that07:10
luis_ok txs a lot guys again i'll take a look to Lubuntu and Kubuntu10.10 and see wich one fits better07:11
luis_take care07:11
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abc321How can i disable kdm?09:34
Peace-abc321: ?10:25
abc321disabling kdm for console login10:25
Peace-abc321: why?10:26
abc321I like to login from console10:27
abc321How can i disable it?10:27
abc321I was removed kdm but .........10:27
abc321I am trying to console login but it is hanging after message like : fsck from util-linux-ng 2.17.2 /dev/sdb1: clean 380060/4259840 files, 7192759/8514442 blocks10:27
Peace-abc321: guess you have to edit cat /etc/init/kdm.conf10:29
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Peace-abc321: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=147743910:30
Peace-abc321: sounds like a problem in the sdb110:30
Peace-hd ?10:30
Peace-you have to fix your hd10:31
Peace-i guess10:31
Peace-for that you can use the recovery mode10:31
abc321It start fine if installed kdm10:31
abc321Nothing work10:31
abc321Everything is hanging10:31
Peace-abc321: i have to admit i have ever thinked to disable kdm10:32
Peace-abc321: wait a moment10:32
Peace-abc321: http://kubuntuforums.net/forums/index.php?topic=310148810:32
abc321Even if i run fsck then it output only : fsck from util-linux-ng 2.17.210:33
Peace-abc321: i dunno man to me... for what i remember that means there are some problem on the filesystem10:34
Peace-so you have to fix with fsck with an unmounted hd10:34
Peace-after that or the hd is fixed and it doesn't hang anymore10:35
Peace-or there are a very huge problem , hardware speaking10:35
abc321Unmounted hardisk mean>?10:35
Peace-abc321: you have to run fsck un-mounted10:36
Peace-i mean10:36
Peace-you know when you attach an usb hd ? before you have to mount...10:36
Peace-abc321: i guess the best way would be with an live cd10:37
Peace-i guess10:37
Peace-but of couse i am not sure about he issue10:37
abc321Please me know to do it using livecd10:37
abc321how to do with livecd10:38
Peace-abc321: your language is ?10:38
Peace-!ru | abc32110:39
ubottuabc321: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke10:39
Peace-abc321: i guess you could find much more help on russian channel10:39
Peace-wher you can explain better your issue10:39
abc321Peace-, English is ok but this problem is making me mad10:39
naftilos76hi everyone, does anybody know why when copying one or lots of files into a flash memory i get the indication (abnormal according to my opinion) that the copy speed rate is 40Mbytes/s and it easily drops down to 1 or 0.5Mbytes/sec? I know that the average write speed for big files is 6-7Mbytes/sec and 3-4Mbytes for small files! Can anybody guess what is going on?10:40
Peace-abc321: but kid what did you do to the system ?10:40
Peace-naftilos76: mmm the files are very little?10:41
naftilos76it doesn't happen only in small files. It happens always.10:42
Peace-naftilos76: what i can say it's this : dolphin has a bug for little files (when coping lots of files)10:43
naftilos76it doesn't happen when copying small or big files to an external hard disk. it only happens on flash memories10:43
naftilos76well i am sure i have faced any problems with dolphin lately. i am using KDE 4.5.5 updated from backports10:44
naftilos76i am NOT sure10:44
Peace-could be dolphin10:45
naftilos76dolphin seems pretty stable...10:45
Peace-naftilos76: you could try to install enlightment10:45
naftilos76well i can't say for sure10:45
Peace-and try with it's filemanager10:45
Peace-i guess it's only 18 mega xD10:45
Peace-for a DE10:45
naftilos76this is a workstation in my business! there is no way i will spend time doing that extensive changes!10:46
Peace-abc321: i remember on the kdm widnows there are option10:46
naftilos76KDE has matured enough!10:46
Peace-abc321: i guess there is konsole login too10:46
Peace-i guess i didn't remember well10:46
Peace-naftilos76: yes but there are still some problems10:46
Peace-as one could aspect for a rewrited DE10:47
naftilos76Peace: i am sure there are and will be...I just hope that they will stay very well hidden that none will encounter them :-)10:47
abc321!option | Peace-10:48
Peace-abc321: there should be an arrow or something i guess there is konsole login10:49
Peace-but still i can't understand why you want a konsole login :S10:49
Peace-to check where kernels hangs i wll press ALT f1 when kenrel starts10:50
abc321Peace-, If you console login then you will see everything (debug)10:58
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ct529hi! I have installed ratpoison but it does not appear in the list of dm at login. any clue?11:09
rork!cn | lemonmi11:10
ubottulemonmi: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道:打字 /join #ubuntu-cn 或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-tw  或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-hk11:10
abc321lemonmi, 有人11:11
Peace-abc321: nope man11:13
Peace-abc321: press ALT F1 on the boot time11:13
Peace-after grub11:13
Peace-you will see11:13
etidhorhi everyone11:14
etidhorsehdy bjdyu iiodn11:16
rorkhello etidhor11:16
FloodBotK3etidhor: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:17
etidhoranyone can explain me how to use aircrack-ng step by step ????11:22
Peace-etidhor: we don't say  about crackin wifi11:23
Peace-because it's illegal for an imprope use11:23
ct529what is aircrak11:23
etidhoractually aircrack-ng it is named11:24
Peace-ct529: getting the wifi password from unknown wifi network11:24
etidhorusing it is illegal not hte telling how to use11:24
Peace-etidhor: actually you can't speak about that here11:24
ct529Peace-: thanks11:24
etidhoryou can say so11:24
etidhorhow to use it11:25
ct529I have installed ratpoison but it does not appear in the list of dm at login. any clue?11:25
etidhoruse terminal11:25
etidhorwrite ratpoison blabla11:26
etidhorand it will work11:26
etidhor Peace-  u r a**h**e11:26
ct529etidhor: your will be kicked out if you keep going this way11:26
Peace-i have to call someone ? etidhor11:27
etidhorcall micheal tyson11:27
Peace-etidhor: please read the topic or you will be kicked11:28
Peace-and respect that11:28
etidhorthe respect i am11:28
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) Hobbsee, Tm_T, Nalioth, Riddell, seth, imbrandon, gnomefreak, nixternal, ryanakca, mneptok, PriceChild, tsimpson, jussi, Pici, ikonia, genii, Mamarok, claydoh, maco, apachelogger, seele, Nightrose, JontheEnchidna, rgreening, or txwikinger11:30
ct529I know ratpoison can be used from command line, but I would like to have it as option in the dm list11:30
Peace-ct529: i gues you have to edit kdm.conf11:31
ct529Peace-: it does not seems to be there, the list11:32
etidhordownload it from software center11:32
ct529Peace-: I wonder why when you install it it does not get added to the list, as all the others (e.g. xfce or icewm)11:32
Peace-ct529: well it's a destkop that is not used so much11:32
ct529Peace-: do you know of any other dm that does not use the mouse?11:33
Peace-ct529: so... maybe packagers has not time to  set every de around the world11:33
ct529Peace-: every de?11:33
Peace-ct529: actually kubuntu is studied for kde11:33
ct529Peace-: what is a de?11:33
Peace-desktop enviroments11:34
ct529Peace-:sorry, I callled them dm .... yes, but then it should be removed from the repository if it is unmanaged ....11:34
ct529Peace-: at the same time, it is useful to have at least one dm or de without mouse11:34
Jean1hello, if i want to share a partition on a kubuntu machine with a xp machine, what filesystem should i format that partition? thx11:36
Peace-Jean1: ntfs11:36
ct529Peace-: the other problem I have is that I cannot change the default desktop configuration (like wallpaper and so on) .... so if I create a new activity it goes back to ethais .... is it possible to change this default?11:37
ct529Jean1: or fat11:37
Peace-ct529: why you can't change the desktop wallpaper :S11:37
Peace-Jean1: fat is slower11:37
Peace-Jean1: and doesn't support big big big hd11:38
ct529Jean1: this can help you http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-general-1/could-i-create-a-fat-partition-that-both-winxp-and-linux-could-read-write-to-282002/11:38
ubottuTo view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE11:38
Peace-ct529: use the wiki11:39
ct529Jean1: that can help you for ntfs http://www.ehow.com/how_5937856_create-ntfs-partition-ubuntu-linux.html11:39
etidhorhow register channel to kubuntu irc11:40
ct529Peace-: because everytime you create an activity, you have to change desktop, and if you have tens of machines you want to have a common feeling with a common image11:40
Mamaroketidhor: you mean registering your nick?11:41
marxjohnsonor joining a new channel?11:41
ct529Peace-: the wiki? for what?11:41
Peace-ct529: locate kubuntu-default11:41
Peace-ct529: type this on konsole11:41
Mamaroketidhor: both what? Could you please talk in sentences to be more clear?11:42
marxjohnsonto join a new channel type (slash)join #channelname11:42
Peace-ct529: you wann set the default desktop wallpaper for every computer? and every uyse11:42
Peace-ct529: users?11:42
etidhorregisterin nick forever11:42
bazhangetidhor, #freenode for that11:43
ct529Peace-: and activity .... so when people create a new activity on their desktop they see the intended wallpaper11:43
ct529Peace-: yes, I located the defaults11:43
ct529Jean1: np11:43
ct529Peace-: but I do not seem to make much sense of it11:44
ct529Peace-: sorry, them11:45
Peace-ct529: mm really tou have to explain better what exactly you wanna do11:45
Peace-i mean ok the samedestkop \ activity for everyuser?11:46
Peace-i guess i catch the issue when you set a wall paper and you create a brandnew activity the wallpaper turn back to the default kubuntu's11:47
Peace-so you wanna change that?11:47
ct529Peace-: when a user creates a new activity, the wallpaper reverts to a default wallpaper. I want to set this default wallpaper so that all users, when they create a new kde activity have my wallpaper on it, not the present default11:47
ct529Peace-: exactly11:47
Peace-i had this issue too11:48
Peace-ct529: you have to manage the configuration files you can find in the kubuntu-default folder11:48
Peace-that has a lots of stuff11:48
Peace-like where the docks are11:48
Peace-and so on...11:48
ct529Peace-: do you know which one? there is like 40 files11:48
Peace-let me see11:48
Peace-if i remember something11:49
Peace-ct529: here there is the cube caps xD /usr/share/kubuntu-default-settings/kde4-profile/default/share/apps/kwin/11:50
ct529Peace-: yes, I saw that .... but do not seem to find the default wallpaper11:51
Peace-ct529: /usr/share/wallpapers11:51
Peace-shouild be there11:51
Peace-ct529: shopuld be air11:52
ct529Peace-: I think it is ethais11:53
Peace-ct529: could be11:53
ct529Peace-: but where is the configuration file that sets it????11:53
ct529Peace-: I cannot find it11:54
Peace-ct529: mmm i have to say i dunno i should find out11:54
ct529Peace-: don't worry, but thanks for trying to help ....11:56
ct529Peace-: I don't know, do not seem to be able to solve it12:11
ct529Peace-: I looked everywhere and googled everywhere12:12
Peace-ct529: mmm12:25
Peace-ct529: for now i will change the wallpaper like said before in usr share wallpapers12:25
Peace-then with time i will find the doslution12:26
Peace-ct529: i have asked here #kde12:28
ct529Peace-: thanks I have done the same12:36
mantas_Newbiehi, is it possible to have different panels for different desktops?12:41
mantas_Newbieas atm i can have only different widgets and wallpapers...12:41
PasNoxHi all12:41
PasNoxi'm having problem having vlc plugin mozilla working with chromium browser ( kubuntu 10.10 / 64bits )12:42
PasNoxany ideas?12:42
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Peace-mantas_Newbie: yes12:54
mantas_NewbiePeace, could u tell me what am i missing? why i cant find settings for this?12:55
=== Guest96308 is now known as stephen_
Peace-mantas_Newbie: kjust a second i was speaking with a dev13:00
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=== mren|off is now known as mren
jp_iehi all14:09
=== MuzerAway is now known as Muzer
GHHAfter install kdm it is working again15:36
GHHbut i want to remove completlly for getting console as login interface15:39
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=== Guest67776 is now known as Upwrite
Exposurei'm trying a dist-upgrade but I get a 404 on some of the packages... what to do?16:01
james147Exposure: you should try chaning your mirror16:02
james147changing ^^16:02
tsimpsonmake sure you run "sudo apt-get update" before going through the upgrade process16:03
Exposureok that works16:04
Exposureso the nl.archive.ubuntu.com is out of sync since yesterday16:04
GHHExposure, Can you help me for root login please?16:06
tsimpsonGHH: use "sudo -H -i" to get a root shell16:07
james147GHH: why do you want to login as root?16:07
GHHtsimpson, Not shell but from login window16:09
Exposurejust press ctrl-alt-f116:09
tsimpsonyou can't16:09
tsimpsonand shouldn't16:09
james147Never login to a gi as root16:09
james147gui ^^16:09
Exposurelets not decide that for him16:09
tsimpsonit's explicitly disabled16:10
Exposureit works for me16:10
james147Exposure: ^^ its a really bad idea... and there is NO reason for it other then to break your system16:10
Exposurebut maybe it won't once the dist-upgrade is finished :P16:10
tsimpsonif you think you need to login as root, you're doing something wrong16:10
* james147 agrees16:11
Exposurewell i really don't like this direction  (k)ubuntu is taking16:11
Exposurelinux has always been about giving free choice to users16:11
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GHHtsimpson, I need to configure something]16:11
tsimpsonyou can disable the restrictions, but that's just making bad things happen16:11
james147GHH: what? there are other ways of doing it16:11
tsimpsonGHH: why do you think you need to login as root for?16:12
james147tsimpson: is it disabled in kubuntu or kde by default?16:12
tsimpsonmost display manages disable it by default16:13
tsimpsonand if you enable it, root can't login by default anyway16:13
tsimpsonas it has no password16:13
GHHtsimpson, a lot of thing16:13
GHHI also set the root password16:13
GHHI can use su but i need minimum only for 1 time the root login16:13
=== MuzerAway is now known as Muzer
tsimpsonwhy do you need to _login_ as root?16:14
tsimpsonrather than just switching to root?16:14
james147GHH: what are you trying to do?16:14
james147GHH: also... its not advised to enabled a root password... if you need a root shell use "sudo -i"16:14
=== GHH is now known as abc321
abc321tsimpson, Even i do not know how to login as root from GUI window then what is the benefit16:21
abc321then should i not learn it?16:21
tsimpsonyou never need to login as root, that's why sudo and kdesudo exist16:21
james147abc321: what are you trying to achieve? we can tell you how you should be doing it ^^16:22
abc321thats mean, Impossible it for ever?16:22
=== Aranel_ is now known as Aranel
Exposureits not impossible there's just no good reason to do it16:23
james147abc321: ^^ and so we dont want to tell you with out a really good reason to as it is a really bad idea16:23
james147and there is a almost certinaly a better way to do what you want16:24
tsimpsonallowing login as root decreases the security of your system, and allowing GUI logins as root decreases it further16:24
abc321tsimpson, I know16:25
james147abc321: then what are you trying to do?16:25
abc321It will be easy for me to configure my some personal thing'16:26
tsimpsonyou're personal things?16:27
abc321It is not mean that i will login every time16:27
abc321Yeah it is personal16:27
tsimpsonwhat personal settings can you configure as root that you can't configure as your normal user?16:28
james147abc321: still dont see any reason for it... just use sudo and kdesudo16:28
james147Hello Merbo16:31
Merbohow to you upgrade kubuntu 10.04 to 10.10?16:31
Merboexcuse my english16:31
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade16:31
Merboit works for Kubuntu aswell?16:32
tsimpsonthere are Kubuntu specific instructions there too16:32
BluesKajMerbo,  you can upgrade thru the internet by: sudo do-release-upgrade , but make sure any ppas are removed from your sources.list or package manager16:35
tsimpsonBluesKaj: the upgrade manage will remove the PPA entries16:36
tsimpsonand any other 3rd party sources it finds16:36
BluesKajtsimpson, ok, but the update/upgrade manager has caused probs lately for some ...it's abit flaky16:38
james147^^ I thinkthat might be whenn you ahve a newer version of somethig then is in the version you are upgrading to16:39
Merboi get no updates, but I'm certain im on 10.0416:39
james147Merbo: you need to make sure you set it to check for normal releases and not LTS ones16:39
BluesKajMerbo, to find what OS version, lsb_release -a16:40
tsimpsonsee https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MaverickUpgrades/Kubuntus16:40
Merbo10.04.2 LTS codename lucid16:40
james147https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LucidUpgrades/Kubuntu  ^^ you mean16:41
tsimpsoner, no16:42
tsimpsonMaverickUpgrades is for upgrading _to_ maverick16:42
james147yeah :) noticed after i pasted it :)16:42
* james147 should read things before pasting tehm16:43
Merbothank you.16:43
Derek_RobertsHi everyone i am having trouble with my Ar5007 wifi card. It recognizes it but when i run lshw -C Network it says that it is disabled.16:47
Derek_RobertsAny help would be great.16:49
james147Derek_Roberts: make sure the hardware switch (if any) isent turned off16:49
Derek_RobertsOk how do i do that. the button that turns it on is blue meaning it is on.16:50
james147Derek_Roberts: then its.. probally... on   (though i dont trust those lights, mine if always on :D )16:51
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs16:52
Derek_RobertsWell that is the problem the light says it is on but my computer says it is disabled16:52
Peace-Derek_Roberts: hi there i am a wifi user16:52
Peace-Derek_Roberts: iwconfig16:52
Peace-in the konsole16:52
Peace-Derek_Roberts: ....16:52
Derek_RobertsPeace I have tryed iwconfig but all it does is tell me it is there.16:53
muraliPlease Help. When i try to type something, "*" comes automatically after the particular leter is visible continuously till i press Esc key.16:53
Merboi still cant upgrade16:53
Peace-Derek_Roberts: man i am an expert give me the output of iwconfig16:53
Peace-!paste | Derek_Roberts16:54
ubottuDerek_Roberts: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.16:54
james147!details | Merbo16:54
ubottuMerbo: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."16:54
Peace-james147: nice comand xD16:54
MerboIt "Can not calculate the upgrade"16:54
Derek_RobertsPeace for that it will take me a while as i am in Windows right now.16:54
james147Merbo: do you get any error? or just saying no updates avaible?16:54
Peace-Derek_Roberts: use ethernet?16:54
MerboAn unresolvable problem occured while calculating the upgrade16:55
Derek_RobertsI will but i need to reboot so i will be right back.16:55
Merbotrying to upgrade to maverick 10.10 from lucid 10.0416:55
muraliPlease Help. When i try to type something, "*" comes automatically after the particular leter is visible continuously till i press Esc key.16:56
Merboam i getting help or not?16:58
Merbobeing unable to update is annoying16:59
james147Merbo: sorry, disconencted ^^ missed anything you said16:59
MerboAn unresolvable problem occured while calculating the upgrade16:59
Merbotrying to upgrade to maverick 10.10 from lucid 10.0416:59
james147Merbo: can you pastebin the output of "sudo do-release-upgrade"?16:59
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.17:00
Merboi cant use sudo do-release-upgrade17:00
Merboi get "no updatess found"17:00
=== lonewulf is now known as Derek_Roberts
james147Merbo: and  lsb_release -a again :)17:02
Derek_RobertsPeace: this is from iwconfig lo        no wireless extensions.17:02
Derek_Robertseth0      no wireless extensions.17:02
Derek_Robertswlan0     IEEE 802.11bg  ESSID:off/any17:02
Derek_Roberts          Mode:Managed  Access Point: Not-Associated   Tx-Power=20 dBm17:02
Derek_Roberts          Retry  long limit:7   RTS thr:off   Fragment thr:off17:02
FloodBotK3Derek_Roberts: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.17:02
Derek_Roberts          Power Management:off17:02
Merbohold on, screenie of error coming17:02
Peace-Derek_Roberts: you neeed paste bin...17:03
Peace-Derek_Roberts: or you will be muted....17:03
Peace-Derek_Roberts: automatically17:03
Merbolike that?17:03
Peace-Derek_Roberts: anyway..  sudo iwlist wlan0 scan17:03
Peace-Derek_Roberts: always in pastebin..17:03
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.17:03
Merbo^ what i need help with17:04
james147Merbo: whats the output of  lsb_release -a ?17:04
Merbohold up17:04
Derek_RobertsPeace: http://paste.ubuntu.com/556861/17:05
Peace-Derek_Roberts: it's ok17:05
Peace-Derek_Roberts: do the same with :   sudo iwlist wlan0 scan17:05
Merboubuntu 10.04.2 LTS codename lucid17:05
Derek_RobertsPeace: http://paste.ubuntu.com/556865/17:07
Merbojames147: ubuntu 10.04.2 LTS codename lucid17:07
Peace-Derek_Roberts: lspci | grep -i Network17:07
Peace-Derek_Roberts: do the dame17:08
Peace-Derek_Roberts: do the same17:08
muraliPlease Help. When i try to type something, "*" comes automatically after the particular leter is visible continuously till i press Esc key.17:08
james147Merbo: try running "  lsb_release -a "17:08
Merbojames147: I did, what do you think that came from?17:09
james147Merbo: sory, copy paste fail : sudo dpkg --configure -a17:09
Merbojames147: Nothing happened. I'm on kubuntu, yet I'm getting Ubuntu errors.17:10
james147Merbo: the only difference between kubuntu and ubuntu is the desktop envroment17:11
MerboKDE and Gnome, I know17:11
james147Merbo: ^^ so beyond that they are teh same... as such kubuntu idetifies its self as "ubuntu"17:11
Merbojames147: is sudo dpkg --configure -a supposed to do anything? nothing happens for me17:12
james147Merbo: no output usualy means sucess17:12
Merbooh, ok17:12
Derek_RobertsPeace: http://paste.ubuntu.com/556872/17:12
Peace-Derek_Roberts: quote well my name or  i don' t notice17:13
Merbojames147: so how do i fix Mr. Retarded Computer here?17:13
Peace-Derek_Roberts: use tab to autocomplet17:13
Derek_RobertsPeace: sorry I got teenage drama taking place.17:13
Merboim new to linux, windows user all the way17:13
MerboI'm a C programmer though:D17:13
Derek_Roberts"Peace" sorry i am kinda new to this IRC did tha help?17:14
james147Merbo: ^^ what does do-release-upgrade say now? still no upgrades?17:14
Peace-Derek_Roberts: nope becasue it's the comand ... not the ooutput of the comand17:14
Peace-Derek_Roberts: to autocomplete my name write pea  then press button TAB17:15
Merbojames147: something's happening, were on a roll.17:15
Derek_RobertsPeace-: oh like that17:15
Peace-Derek_Roberts: ya17:16
james147Merbo: can you pastebin it17:16
Derek_RobertsPeace-: cool17:16
Peace-Derek_Roberts: so now ....           lspci | grep -i Network17:16
Peace-the output...17:16
james147Merbo: did you add any ppas to your system?17:17
Merbojames147: WTF?17:17
Derek_RobertsPeace-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/556873/17:18
james147Merbo: did you add any extra repositories?17:18
Peace-Derek_Roberts: :) well well well atheros like mine17:18
james147Merbo: what?17:18
Peace-Derek_Roberts: lsmod  | grep ath17:18
Peace-Derek_Roberts: doesn't need paste for that17:19
Merbojames147: i lied. I did not add new repo's17:19
Peace-Derek_Roberts: there is ath5k or ath9k ?17:19
Peace-i guess ath5k17:19
Derek_RobertsPeace-: Please tell me you have a working answer. here it is http://paste.ubuntu.com/556874/17:19
Peace-Derek_Roberts: of course i have17:20
Derek_RobertsPeace-: Sweet My Hero17:20
Peace-Derek_Roberts: now sudo ifconfig wlan0 up17:20
Peace-Derek_Roberts: now                     sudo ifconfig wlan0 up17:20
Peace-i mean xD without now17:20
Derek_RobertsPeace-: How do i test that one.17:21
Peace-Derek_Roberts: what it say if you do        sudo ifconfig wlan0 up17:21
Derek_RobertsPeace-: I got nothing.17:22
Peace-Derek_Roberts: now i will explain17:22
Derek_RobertsPeace-: Ok17:22
Peace-Derek_Roberts: the driver is ath5k17:22
Peace-Derek_Roberts: the wifi card is called wlan017:22
Peace-Derek_Roberts: to see if the driver works17:22
Peace-Derek_Roberts: sudo iwlist wlan0 scan17:22
Derek_RobertsPeace-: ok17:23
Peace-Derek_Roberts: if nothing is showed with that command there is something of wrong17:23
Peace-sometime that dirver doesn't work well17:23
Peace-i mean you reboot and it works17:23
Peace-sometimes doesn't17:23
Derek_RobertsPeace-: i got no results.17:23
Peace-Derek_Roberts: well i hope there is a wifi active on your area...17:24
Derek_RobertsPeace-: it works grate in windows17:24
james147Merbo: can you pastebin /var/log/dist-upgrade/main.log17:24
Derek_RobertsPeace-: i do my home network but it is like my system hates linux...17:25
Peace-Derek_Roberts: nope mann17:25
Peace-Derek_Roberts: mm ahteros should work17:25
Peace-Derek_Roberts: anyway...17:25
Peace-Derek_Roberts: it'0s a laptop right ?17:25
Peace-Derek_Roberts: there is a button on it ?17:26
Peace-to activate the wifi ?17:26
Derek_RobertsPeace-: yes a CQ50-110US17:26
Derek_RobertsPeace-: compaq the light is on like it is working but it does not work.17:26
Peace-could you test this?17:27
Peace-sudo iwlist wlan0 scan17:27
Peace-with the light on17:27
Peace-and always the same command with light off17:27
Peace-do output change?17:27
Derek_RobertsPeace-: nope17:28
Peace-Derek_Roberts: another thes17:28
Peace-sudo rmmod ath5k && sudo modprobe ath5k17:28
Peace-then again17:28
Peace-sudo iwlist wlan0 scan17:28
Merbojames147: http://paste.ubuntu.com/556877/17:29
Derek_RobertsPeace-: that gave me nothing.17:29
Peace-btw i have removed the driver , i have loaded the driver then again run scanning17:29
Peace-Derek_Roberts: it looks like the driver is not working17:29
Derek_RobertsPeace-:  i can tell17:30
james147Merbo: hmm, try "sudo aptitutde install -f"17:30
Peace-Derek_Roberts: i have the same device...17:30
Peace-Derek_Roberts: another test17:30
Merbojames147: done17:30
Peace-Derek_Roberts: rfkill list17:31
james147Merbo: and try do-rel.. again17:31
Derek_RobertsPeace-: i got 1: phy1: Wireless LAN17:31
Derek_Roberts        Soft blocked: no17:31
Derek_Roberts        Hard blocked: yes17:31
Merbojames147: same error, same place.17:31
Peace-Derek_Roberts: we got the issue :D17:32
Derek_RobertsPeace-: Ok17:32
murchadhHi all! One of my four desktops is now in Folder view and I can't get the menu to change it back to a desktop - the menu only allows me to change background. Am I missing something obvious. Any help appreciated.17:32
james147Merbo: ok, :) now remore kubuntu-desktop (sudo apt-get remove kubuntu-desktop) and try do-rel agan17:32
Peace-Derek_Roberts: just a second17:32
james147Merbo: (but dont reboot yet if it works)17:32
Peace-Derek_Roberts: try this17:33
Peace-Derek_Roberts: sudo rfkill unblock all && sudo iwlist wlan0 scan17:33
Merbojames147:same error.17:33
Derek_RobertsPeace-: i got wlan0     Interface doesn't support scanning : Network is down17:34
Peace-Derek_Roberts: now sudo ifconfig wlan0 up17:34
Merbo*HOWEVER* before that, i noticed it "Failed to read the mirror file". Could this be my reason?17:34
james147Merbo: can you pastebin the log again17:34
Derek_RobertsPeace-: oh no i got SIOCSIFFLAGS: Unknown error 13217:35
Peace-Derek_Roberts: ok man you had the same issue17:35
Peace-Derek_Roberts: your wifi will work xD17:35
Peace-Derek_Roberts: i have my blog to help you17:35
Peace-Derek_Roberts: read this17:35
Peace-Derek_Roberts: and do the voltage reset17:35
Peace-Derek_Roberts: http://nowardev.wordpress.com/2009/05/06/kubuntu-904-atheros-communications-inc-ar242x-80211abg-wireless-pci-express-adapter-rev-01/17:35
Merbojames147: http://paste.ubuntu.com/556881/17:36
Peace-Derek_Roberts: you could use madwifi17:36
Derek_RobertsPeace-: ok i will try. what worked for you.17:36
Peace-Derek_Roberts: but you can use ath5k like driver some time you have to do the voltage reset... what can i say17:36
Peace-Derek_Roberts: if you got isuee post a comment on the blog17:36
Peace-Derek_Roberts: i have to go now17:37
Derek_RobertsPeace-: cool me to thank here goes nothing.17:37
Merbojames147: http://paste.ubuntu.com/556881/17:39
* james147 is looking..17:39
Merboit says it failed to read from the mirror17:40
* james147 wonders if a reinstall would be quicker... 17:40
Merbothen it aborted17:40
james147Merbo: hmm, try "dpkg --configure -a && sudo aptitude install -f" again then do-rel again17:41
Merboi told it to select best mirror first17:42
Merbojames147: 50 Packages to be installed O.O17:45
james147:s only 50?17:45
BluesKajMerbo, run sudo apt-get clean17:45
james147from which command?17:45
Merbosudo apt-get clean didnt do anything17:46
fibresEvening all.17:46
* james147 notes that 'dident do anything' and 'dident output anything' are two completely different things17:46
Merboi am sorry, didnt DISPLAY anything.17:47
fibresI wonder if anyone could help. Im trying to install 10.10. Soon as the x server loads all I get on screen is millions of black and grey lines.17:47
james147fibres: what driver/graphics card?17:47
fibresGraphics card is a nvidia. I have not even been given option of selecting the drivers.17:49
BluesKajfibres, how old is your pc ?17:50
fibresIm talking about when x loads on the install cd.17:50
fibresThe pc is 2 years old ish. Its a intel quad core.17:50
BluesKajmaybe the burn was corrupted17:51
fibresWell I have now tried both the 32 and 64 bit versions of mythbuntu and now the 32 bit version of kubuntu and all do the same. Its really weird.17:54
=== AndrewMC` is now known as AndrewMC
Peace-fibres: could be a kernel panic17:58
Peace-fibres: as well as a bad iso image17:58
Merbofixed it myself.17:59
Merbothank yo17:59
fibresWell its weird. If I do a crtl-print scr-k the x server reboots, the screen goes blank for a few secs then it comes up same again. To me that says isnt a kernel panic.17:59
james147the open source nvidia drivers might not like your card ^^18:00
Peace-fibres: other distro have you tried?18:00
Peace-of course could be the open drivers18:00
fibresPeace-: I have had linuxmce which is based on ubunto 0810 I think working ok out of the box.18:01
Peace-fibres: just to know18:01
Peace-but you have installed the sytem on the hd?18:01
Peace-you have just tried the livecd?18:01
fibresPeace-: I cant even get the cd to boot to the point of being able to install.18:06
Peace-fibres: ok it's  a driver issue18:06
Peace-fibres: did you tried alternate cd?18:06
ubottuThe Alternate CD is a classical text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD.  Look for the alternate checkbox on the Kubuntu download page - See also !minimal18:06
fibresNo I havent tried that yet. Ok ill give that a go. I have also downloaded 10.04 to see if that is any different18:07
Peace-fibres: guess is the drive man18:07
Peace-but i am not pretty sure18:07
Peace-if you believe it's only a driver issue but the kernel is running18:07
Peace-i will try to install with altenate cd18:07
Peace-but... afterthat you could get the same problem18:08
Peace-but using the recovery mode you could get the konsole at least18:08
Peace-and try to install another video driver...18:08
fibresI think its the driver or its sending out wrong resolution/refresh rate. Just dont know how to change. Ill try 10.04 see if that has any more luck.18:08
Peace-anyway it's a pain18:08
fibresOk. I thought it would be pretty much plug and play. Never had issues with limux on this box before.18:08
Peace-fibres: if you can pick your old xorg.conf18:08
fibresUm not sure if I have that.18:09
Peace-fibres: locate xorg.conf18:09
Peace-on konsole18:09
Peace-should find out18:09
BluesKajfibres, or your cdrom isn't reading properly18:10
Peace-fibres: could be the iso image corrupted as well said from BluesKaj18:11
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows18:11
* james147 still thinks its a driver issue... he has seen similar things on some nvidia cards (mostly modile ones) with the new open drivers18:12
* james147 and suggests trying to install the closed ones useing jockey-text or installing nvidia-current from the repos on a tty, 18:13
james147^^ (assuming you have a net connection)18:13
james147hmm... rekonq dosent want to close :S (reopens stright away)18:14
james147thats better :)18:15
* Peace- use chromium but it's heavy18:15
Peace-james147: anyway... sudo apt-get install webkitkde18:15
Peace-and use konqueror xD18:15
* james147 switches between chromium and rekonq... prefures the kde intergration of rekonq but the better stability/polish of chromium... 18:16
Peace-james147: mmm have ytou a bug kde account?18:16
* james147 dosnt like konqueror for some reason18:16
* Peace- which one ?18:16
james147^^ kill it and it seems to be working now :)18:16
ubuntu_hello i need a litlle of help here, i need to install kubuntu, but always i did the partition with gparted, now here in kubuntu i dont know wichk program use to make a good partition???18:19
Peace-ubuntu_: :)18:20
Peace-ubuntu_: sudo apt-get install partitionmanager18:20
* james147 notes that you can still use gparted ^^ but that partitionmanager looks nicer in kde :D18:20
* Peace- james147 wt* gtk18:21
ubuntu_so then which is better gparetd o partiton magic?18:21
* BluesKaj decides to take a break18:21
james147ubuntu_: partitionmanager ^^ is basically kdes version of gparted18:21
ubuntu_ohhh ill try it thanks18:21
* james147 has never used partition magic... 18:21
Peace-james147: xD18:22
* Peace- note that partitionmanager is on system settings too18:24
james147^^ assuming its been installed18:24
* DarthFrog still has Partition Magic 1.0 from way back in his OS/2 days. :-) Great program at the time.18:30
* Peace- at the time ...18:32
isaiashi again, look in ubuntu and xubuntu i had the synaptic package manager, but here in kubuntu not, why?19:09
lagerimsithere is one in the system settings19:10
lagerimsiunder system administration19:11
isaiasdo you know the name?19:12
DarthFrogPackage Manager19:13
isaiasi got one called Kpackgekit, i dont think thats the one19:14
DarthFrogOr kpackagekit19:14
DarthFrogYes it is.19:14
DarthFrogPackage Manager is synaptic.19:14
isaiaspkpackagekit looks different from synaptic19:15
DarthFrogsynaptic is GNOME/Gtk, KPackageKit is KDE/Qt.19:16
isaiasother question ive just installed kubuntu 10.10 but until now there is nor messahe about updates, why is that19:17
Peace-isaias: on kde dock there is search19:17
isaiasi didnt know that about gtk and Qt19:17
Peace-isaias: well you have to go on kpackagekit check refresh19:18
Peace-and it should get the list of upgrades19:18
isaiaso yes  KPackage is like synaptic i can see now19:18
isaiasthanks to all, if i have a question ill ask again thanks ;-))))19:20
Derek_RobertsPeace-: Hey19:38
Derek_RobertsI am needing help with my Ar5007 wifi card19:39
Derek_RobertsMy computer recognizes it but it seems my driver is not working it is the ath5k driver.19:40
Derek_Robertsany ideas welcome i have tried almost everything19:42
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fibresCan anyone tell me how to boot the recovery console and remoce the nvidia drivers?20:09
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el2roHi, Is there some way to gain lost root access, when running from encrypted HD. I tried methods from https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LostPassword but shift does  not bring up grup / any boot screen?20:30
Guest384Hello people. whether in kde 4.5.5 to put an animation or video on your desktop (like windows dreamscene)?20:31
james147el2ro: you have lost sudo access or access to your acount?20:31
el2rojames147: lost admin group from my account20:32
james147el2ro: well, if holding shift dosent work, try holding esc, or tapping it :)20:32
DarthFrogel2ro: Boot from a LiveCD and edit the groups file.20:33
james147el2ro: if all else fails, boot a livecd and edit... ^^ what DarthFrog said20:33
el2rook, have to go with those.... thx20:33
YuraDocI had install kubuntu 10.10 on wmware player. I can't run desktop effects20:52
YuraDocdoes anybody know why?20:52
james147^^ that isn't surprising20:53
YuraDoci had set checkbox to use 3d accelarator in wmware20:54
Peace-did you try to activate them ?20:54
Peace-anyway i have to go20:54
james147can vmware do direct rendering? ... i know virtualbox can20:54
Peace-james147: guess it can20:55
Peace-i never used20:55
YuraDocso it's not possible run effects through wmware?20:56
james147YuraDoc: might be.. dont know... never used it, you could try virtualbox, i know that works20:56
james147^^ but vms have never been that great for hardware acceleration20:58
YuraDocok, but i thought that wmware is the most cool for vitalization20:59
james147^^ i like virtualbox better21:00
YuraDocXRender option works21:10
YuraDocbut how i could turn it on21:10
YuraDocI had change to Xrender and disable Vsync21:18
YuraDocdoes abybody now what is vsync?21:18
YuraDocit starts working in such config21:19
Tm_Tvsync means that drawings are synced with display refresh rate (yes, patience is virtue)21:21
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chris_osxhi ist there a kde app that is like picasa?22:12
james147^^ digikam... can even upload to the picasa site :)  though it dosent 'sync' with it22:14
dereinecool feature22:15
chris_osxthanks a lot guys22:22
SnowhogJontheEchidna: Thank you Jon. I doubt anyone has ever had a bug report replied to and fixed as quickly as you did.22:40
suqaCould somebody try to help me with some easy stuffs? Got to find out witch drivers who works and those who isn't.22:49
yofeldrivers for what device?22:49
suqaAll hardware in the computer.22:51
james147!details | suqa22:51
ubottusuqa: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."22:51
suqaLike windows "device manager".22:51
james147suqa: as far as I know there isent anything like that in linux... and its not as simple as that22:52
james147suqa: what exactly are you having problems with?22:52
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suqaI installed ubuntu (assume that its almoust the same as kubuntu) at my acer aspire 1362LC. Averything is slow and I think that the chipset isn't working as it is meant to do.22:54
g0thhow can I set individual backgrounds for each desktop instead of one background for all desktops?22:56
james147suqa: you might want to ask in #ubuntu  ... and say exactly what problem you are having... what is slow? describe it if you can... I dont see why it would be driver releated22:56
g0thwhen I watch a flash movie with firefox, the following can happen: whenever I switch to a different desktop I see a frame of the mentioned flash movie for about 2 seconds then the normal desktop "image" comes...22:56
g0th(those are two separate questions)22:56
james147g0th: 1) System settings > Workspace behaviour > virtual desktop > Check "differnet widget for each desktop"22:57
suqajames147: Yes, but I've tried to ask there but there is so many people writing there so they wont notice my question.22:58
g0thah thanks22:59
g0thyou mean windows behaviour I guess but it worked :)22:59
g0thany idea for the second question?23:00
james147g0th: heh, no i meant workspace :) but i am on kde 4.6, might have changed23:00
james147g0th: not sure... cant seem to replicate it here (well, with rekonq, dont use firefox)23:01
james147g0th: can you see if it happens with other browsers23:01
g0thI dont think so, but it is like once every 50 times23:02
g0thI dont have a way of reproducing it23:02
g0thonly by try and error23:03
james147g0th: you can also try changing the desktop switching animation23:03
g0thbut it is very very annoying, each time I switch the desktop I first have to wait 2 seconds for the image to disapear23:03
g0thhmm good idea I try23:03
g0thyeah that worked :)23:04
g0thmaybe it will fail again next time but it least it temporarly solves the issue23:04
g0thanother question: when I press alt + tab it does not consistently run through the windows23:05
g0thwhen I keep alt pressed ofc it works23:05
g0thbut if I press alt + tab, then again alt + tab etc23:05
g0thit does not go through everything23:05
james147g0th: holding alt+tab here cicles through the windows :S... as for missing windows, are the missing windows on a different desktop/screen?23:06
g0thdid you try to press alt + tab, then stop then press alt + tab again etc?23:07
g0thinstead of keeping the alt key pressed down23:07
james147g0th: o, that works as well23:07
g0thfor me it just switches between two windows23:07
g0thif I have more than two windows it doesnt work23:08
james147g0th: ahh, press alt+tab, then let go of tab and press tab again while still holding alt23:08
g0thyeah that works properly23:09
g0thbut if I let alt go then it doesnt for me23:09
james147^^ or it seems to work the way you want if you change the sortorder to "stacking order" rather then "recently used"23:09
g0thahh :)23:10
g0thI try to check where this settings is23:10
g0thit seems exactly like what I want (stacking order)23:10
james147on kde 4.6 its at system settings> window behaviour > task switcher23:10
james147g0th: ^^ from that window you can also chose to filter windows to "Current screen", "Current Desktop" ... etc23:12
g0thyes, thanks alot23:12
Derek_RobertsHelp with ar5007 wifi card please.23:27
Derek_RobertsIs there any Atheros wifi users in here.23:34
james147!ask | Derek_Roberts23:35
ubottuDerek_Roberts: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)23:35
Derek_RobertsMy problem is that my ar5007 card is registering as an ar5001 card in ubuntu. I believe that my driver is not working and i need to either reinstall or update. The driver is ath5k.\23:36
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Derek_RobertsMy computer is a Compaq CQ50-110US23:39
JontheEchidnaSnowhog: I beat my record of 1.5 hours with kde bug 259026 :P23:56
ubottuKDE bug 259026 in muon "Muon Software Center crashed when applying Adobe Reader install" [Crash,Resolved: fixed] http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=25902623:56
JontheEchidna*2 hours, yours was 1.523:56
JontheEchidnait was a pretty obvious/small mistake, once I saw where the crash was happening. a lot of it had to do with it being the weekends, and me being home at the time23:57
SnowhogJontheEchidna: :) I am greatly impressed. I already know your dedication to Muon, and to those who use it. I'm looking forward to when the updated package comes in.23:57
JontheEchidnaI plan on doing monthly bugfix releases for 1.123:58
JontheEchidnabtw, I would be curious as to the output of "apt-cache show linux-headers-2.6.35-25-generic"23:59
JontheEchidnafor curiosity's sake. dunno why it doesn't have a "supported" field showing how long the support period is23:59

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