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WhoopieHi, something is strange with my PPA. I uploaded a package, it built fine, but it's not published since ~ 10 hours. What could be the reason?08:16
kikoWhoopie, no failure-to-upload email?10:58
kikothat's weird10:58
Whoopiekiko: no, just stays in the PPA as pending11:10
mok0Just realized that when LP mirrors an svn repo, the revnos are different from the SVN revisions :-)11:41
shadeslayermok0: yep11:43
geserI guess I did something wrong when pushing https://code.launchpad.net/~geser/evince/fix_linking_for_gir as I get an OOPS when trying to view the contents (11:49
kikoWhoopie, sounds like a problem with the LP uploader or publisher12:22
mok0geser, seems to work now12:51
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gesermok0: I've deleted the old one and repushed again (without the --stacked-on=) as LP couldn't compute a diff for the merge proposal13:18
mok0geser, I see13:18
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Whoopiekiko: ok, should I open a bug report?16:09
geserWhoopie: I've similar failures in the recent past, but I don't remember if it's there is a bug for it and if it is fixed or not16:11
Whoopiegeser: how did you solve it? just upload again with a version bump?16:13
geserit wasn't for my builds, I just saw the problem discussed here. If you can wait, you could try to get an advice from the LP people in the next week (they're hard to reach on weekends)16:15
geserbut doing a fresh upload should also work16:16
Whoopieok, I'll wait then. thanks.16:20
serfusis it possible to add whole launchpad as a third party repository ?16:30
tsimpsonserfus: what do you mean exactly?16:30
serfusto actually add every PPA on launchpad16:31
serfusto make it a repository16:31
geserwhy would you want to do it?16:31
serfusi don't. i have been asked if it's possible and i don't know, so i'm asking16:32
tsimpsonit's not possible16:32
serfusokay, thank you16:32
maxbNot only is it not possible, it's not in any way something that anyone would want to do, even if it were16:41
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